Play Date







This is really, really fun, all of us lying on our tummies, been wriggly worms as we try to move about. It was really nice of him to allow all of us to do this, especially when he allowed Jenny to help him - that was really nice as well, and I'm sure she enjoyed it. Not that she needs the practice - she manages to get me tied up at least twice a week at home, but it’s fun when it happens somewhere else.

It's been a couple of weeks since those men stayed the night and played games with us, and since then Jenny and I have practised tying each other up the way that they left us. Actually, we practised the way they tied us up on each other - one time I wore my Belle outfit, and Jenny tied my legs the way hers had been, while another time she put on a pair of her pyjamas and I tied her legs as mine were. That time, she tried hopping round the way she had when the men left us alone, thinking that was how I had made it to mummy's bed.

Silly Jenny - I slid along the floor on my bottom to get to mummy and lie next to her. Anyway, after that Granny came down to stay for a few days, and we had a lot of fun with her - especially when she found something on the second day in my room....



When I looked over at Jenny, I could see she had no idea why Granny was shouting at us to come down from our room. As it was, we knew better than to argue, so we got up, put away the books we were reading and walked down to the living room.

Granny was sitting on the couch, smiling as we came in. I like Granny - she's a bit taller than mummy, and a bit tubbier, but she has a lovely smile and her hair is a pretty shade of grey. If she does have a fault, she likes to call us by our full names, and I really don't like been called Cassandra. I like it when daddy calls me poppet - Jenny says that's because when I was younger and I was asked my name, I used to say "Cassndre Poppette," but I'm not sure that's entirely true.

"Cassandra, Jennifer," she said as she sat there in her blue button up dress and shiny shoes, "I was cleaning up one of your rooms today when I found something, and I would like you to tell me what it is." She picked up from the side of the couch a white canvas drawstring bag, which both Jenny and I recognised.

We were busted. I looked at Jenny, Jenny looked at me, and we both swallowed.

"Well," Granny said quietly, "I'm waiting."

"They’re for the games Jenny and I play," I blurted out, "and we really like playing them, don't we Jenny?" I looked at my big sister as she slowly nodded, the colour fading from her face as she did so.

"Is this true, Jennifer," Granny said as she looked at Jenny. "It's true, Granny," she finally said, "but please, don't tell Mum or Dad, I don't know if they would be..."

"Angry?" Granny said as she watched Jenny nod. "Well, after what has happened to all three of you in the last couple of months, I think she would be a little angry, but - well, you treated those surprise visits as games, didn't you?"

We both nodded, and then I said "They were just games to me Granny."

"I'm sure they were, Cassandra - and I'm not going to tell your mum and dad. That's for you to do, when you're ready. You know," she said when she opened the bag and took out one of the lengths of rope inside; "I used to play games like this with my brothers when I was your age. It got a bit boring on the farm on the hot summer days, and we used to use binding twine and old neck scarves. What do you use?"

"Old bits of ropes, some of dad's old ties, and - well, those are the ropes from when we were all on the couch together."

"I thought your father disposed of these?"

"I took them out again," I said with a smile, "I liked how they felt on me."

"Hmmm," Granny said as she held one of the ropes in her hands. "Why don't you show me how you were tied up?"

"You want us to tie you up," Jenny said as she looked at me.

"As Cassandra was," Granny said as she turned and tied her hands behind her back. "Go on, I won’t stop you."

Well, how could we say no? Jenny took the rope from Granny’s hand and crossed her wrists behind her back, tying them tightly together, while I crossed her ankles and tied them with another length. I've got to be very good at this, as I pulled it tightly and then wrapped the rope between her legs.

"This was tight," Granny said as Jenny wound some more rope around her waist and pinned her wrists against her back, as mine had been, while I tied her legs together below her knees. When we had both finished, Granny tried to move, but only said "You two are good - I can't move at all. So, how did he keep you quiet?"

Jenny looked in the bag and took out of one of daddy's old ties. "They used Cassie's yellow scarf on her, but I'm going to use this," she said, "Open your mouth, Granny."

"Like thsssmm," Granny said as she allowed Jenny to put the tie in her mouth, pulling it round and making her cheeks sink in, before she took out the roll of tape from the bag and tore a few strips off, using them to cover Granny's mouth. I laughed as I heard her say "Tssrrllydswrk," while she tried to twist round and get herself free.

After a few minutes, she said "tssnfnw," and Jenny took the tape off her mouth, and then removed the tie.

"Well, at least I know why you both stayed calm," she said as we untied her. "Look - hide your stuff somewhere better. If you want, we can go into town tomorrow and I'll buy you a suitcase with a lock to keep these in. I won't tell your parents - all right?"

"Thanks Granny," I said as I gathered up the ropes.

"Oh, before I forget," she said as she rubbed her wrists, "The day after tomorrow, I need to visit an old friend. She has her granddaughters staying, as well as a friend of theirs, so I said you would come with me to play with them. All right?"


Granny's still with her friend, probably talking to the other man who came in. I look at Jenny, who smiles at me as she wriggles round, then at the others. The blonde haired kid smiles back, but as for the others...


So this morning, Granny insisted that both Jenny and I had to put on smart clothes. I didn't want to do this - I thought if we were going to play games, we might get messy - but Granny was very determined.

"We are visiting a friend of mine," she said as she cleared away the breakfast plates, "and I do not want my two granddaughters to be seen to be scruffy. I've laid out the outfits I want you to wear on your beds."

So we both went up to our rooms. On my bed was a pale blue short sleeved blouse, some clean pants, a floral print skirt and white socks, with my black shoes on the floor. I put my clothes on, and then went into Jenny's room. She was putting on a new black sleeveless top, which went to her waist at the front and then ran down to the back of her knees behind, over a white t-shirt and black trousers.

"Do you know where we're going today," I asked as I plonked myself on her bed and swung my legs to and fro.

"No idea," she said as she sat next to me and pulled on her shoes, "All I know is she's driving us there in Old Bessie."

Old Bessie was the name we gave to granny's car - a long, grey car with a funny "V" sign on the front, and the lights on which never went out when she was driving it, even in bright sunshine. Granny said it was because they built it in a country that is always very dark.

"Cassandra, Jennifer," we heard her call up, "It's time to go." We went down to where Granny was standing, putting on a pair of leather gloves. She was wearing a dark jacket and skirt over a dark yellow jumper, and she had her black pull up boots on as well. We all left the house, Granny locking the door behind us, and climbed into the car.

We must have driven for about half an hour before we pulled into a gap in a stone wall, and made our way up a tree lined road to a big old house of red stone. Parking the car, we all climbed out and walked up to the front door, which was open. There was another woman standing there, wearing a cream coloured jumper and cardigan with a tartan skirt and brown shoes.

"Miranda, how nice to see you again," she said as she and Granny hugged, "And these must be your granddaughters. I'm very pleased to meet you both."

She looked like a nice woman, as we walked into the biggest hallway I have ever seen. "Why don't I take you up to meet the other girls," she said as we walked to the staircase, a big spiral thing that went up and up, "They're looking forward to meeting you."

We climbed up and walked along a corridor to a door, which Granny's friend opened before ushering us in. "I'll bring some drinks in a moment," she said before closing the door, leaving all of us to look at each other.

It was obviously an old playroom, with all sorts of toys scattered round the side. There were three other girls in there, the youngest of whom came up to me and said "Hi, I'm Suzie. What's your name?"

"I'm Cassan... Cassie," I said as I looked at her. She had red hair done up in pigtails, and was wearing a pair of striped dungarees over a black long sleeved top, with white socks. She was about my age, and I knew I was going to like her.

This was more than I could say for Jenny when I saw the way she was looking at the second girl. She looked to be about the same age as her, with dark hair, and was wearing a black jumper and skirt with dark tights.

"Jenny Craig," she said in a strange voice, almost angry.

"Alicia," Jenny said, and I could tell she wasn’t too happy about the fact this girl was here. I began to wonder what was going to happen next, when the third girl walked up to Jenny.

She was a little older, maybe - what, thirteen, with short blonde hair. She was wearing a t-shirt with the words "Ladies love Patriots of New England" printed on the front, a pair of white knee length pants, and a pair of sneakers on her feet.

"Hi," she said as she hugged Jenny, "I'm Heidi, Alicia's pen friend from the US. I guess you two know each other then - school friends?"

"Not exactly," Jenny said quietly as she turned to talk to the American girl, "but it’s nice to meet you. How did you two get in touch?"

She sat and talked to Heidi, as I went over and chatted to Suzie. The other girl, Alicia, picked up a book she had put down and started to read it again.

A few minutes later, the door opened and Granny came in with a tray, drinks and biscuits lying on top of it as she put it on an old box. "It's nice to meet you, girls," she said as she smiled at the others. "Alicia, your grandmother and I are going to be talking downstairs if you or any of the others need us."

"Yes, Mrs Craig," Alicia said quietly as Granny turned and left the room. "So," Suzie said as she picked up a drink, "Granny said at breakfast that you were held hostage a few weeks ago."

Jenny nearly spat her drink out when she heard this, and I swear Alicia went slightly pale as she put her book down. Only Heidi seemed unperturbed, as she said "Really - what happened?"

"Some nice men in masks stayed the night with us, and played games with us," I said as I took a drink, watching how Jenny would react.

"Really - what sort of games?"

"We played Sorry, and then we had to let them tie us up and gag us before they left us to get some sleep."

"It was a bit scarier than that," Jenny said as she put her drink down.

"Yeah, I bet you cried all night," Alicia said without looking up.

"No, I didn't cry at all," Jenny said, and I heard something of Dad in her tone - when he is angry or upset with us. "Which is more than what I heard about you, Alicia, when you were robbed."

Now Alicia was the one who was angry. "Really? Who did you hear that from?"

"The nice man who tied us up after school a few weeks before that night," I said with a smile. "He told us that you were..."

"Wow," Suzie said before I could finish, "It sounds like I missed out on a lot when I had to cancel that visit. What's it like?"

"What's what like?"

"Been tied up - what does it feel like?"

Jenny shot a warning look at me, but come on - this was an open invitation. "Have you got any old skipping ropes in here," I said as I looked at the others. Suzie got up and went to an old box, opened it and took out several lengths of rope. "Here," she said as she handed me one and put her hands in front of her, "You show me."

"Suzie," Alicia said, "This may not be a good idea."

"Oh, stop fussing, Ali," Suzie said as she stuck her tongue out at her cousin, "Go on, Cassie - show me what happened."

"Put your hands together behind your back," I said, and as Suzie turned round I wrapped one of the ropes around her wrists, tying them together before taking the ends round her waist and securing them in front of her. "Hey, this isn't too bad," she said as she looked round at her arms, "Can you tie my feet as well?"

She sat down on the floor and watched as I tied her ankles together with a second length of rope, passing it between her legs to tighten it up snugly. "Oh," she said as he twisted her feet round, "I think this is really exciting. Come on, Ali - why don't you as well?"

"No way," Alicia said quietly, "I am not going to do that again."

"Oh," Jenny said with a smirk, "Chicken, are you?" She stood up and walked over to me, putting her wrists behind her back and crossing them. "Do your worst, Cassie," she said as she looked over her shoulder.

Well, who can resist such a challenge? Ten minutes later, she was sitting next to Suzie, her hands pinned behind her back and rope around her waist to hold them in place, her ankles crossed and bound, and rope around her legs below her knees. I didn’t do everything I normally would, but it was still fun to do that.

So much fun, in fact, that I said "I want to be tied as well!" I looked at Alicia, who was reading her book and peeking over the top occasionally, before Heidi walked over to me.

"Come on, squirt," she said with a smile, "I'll do you."

"You will? Do you play these games too?"

"I've been tied up a few times," she said with a smile as she turned me round and guided my hands behind my back. I felt the rope on my wrists and closed my eyes. She was good - better than me, as she tied my wrists together and then secured them round my waist, before letting me sit down on the other side of Suzie. She then put my ankles together before tying them tightly, as well as my legs below my knees, folding back my skirt which had come slightly too far up.

"All right," she said with a smile, "Let's see who can get free first." She picked up an old stopwatch from a shelf and said "Ready... Steady... GO!"


Well, Jenny started to try and twist her arms round, seeing if I had made any mistakes in tying her hands together. I hadn’t been as tight as I usually was, but with her wrists crossed it was not gang to be as easy for her as it was for my new friend Suzie - I had kept her palms together and not crossed her arms, so in theory it should be easier, even with the rope between her arms and waist.

When I looked at her, however, she was giggling, and only pretending to try and get her hands free as she moved her legs up and down. I knew right away I'd found a new best friend, as we both giggled and pretended to get free. As we both looked at Jenny, who was looking over her shoulder now, Alicia put her book down and walked over to stand with Heidi.

"You never mentioned in your letters that you knew how to do this," she said quietly as Jenny started to move her shoulders up and down.

"Didn't I?" Heidi said as she looked at the stopwatch. "I guess it's something I keep between my friends and family back home. It's just a game we play most of the time. When your gran asked my mum if I could come and visit, it just never occurred to me to mention it."

"A game? Have you ever been - well, ever been robbed?"

"A few times - but I coped with it each time."

"And you weren’t scared?" Alicia said as Jenny gave a satisfied grunt and the rope around her waist started to sag a little.

"Oh I was scared at times," Heidi said as she looked at Suzie and me, "but I got over it. You do in time; it's like riding a bike?"


"If you get hurt, you get back on and - we seem to have a winner!"

I looked over at Jenny, who had managed to get her hands free and was now untying her legs. I smiled as I watched - I knew she had been practising that trick as well.

"Seven minutes - not bad," Heidi said as she put the watch down and walked over to kneel beside us. "How are you doing, Suzie?"

"Not bad," she said as Heidi looked behind her back, then over at me. "You're pretty good at this, aren’t you?" She said as she looked at me. I nodded and smiled - I was enjoying this time playing.

"How did he stop you talking," Suzie suddenly said as she looked at me. Before I could answer, Jenny said "They put some stuff in our mouth and made it impossible for us to spit it out. Suzie, I don't think you would like that."

"Oh," she said as she started to frown, "but I want to know what it's like not to be able to talk."

I looked at Jenny, my eyes pleading, but she said "No, not all that - but we may be able to do something like it. Do you keep any coats and things here?"

Alicia looked up and pointed to the other side of the room. Jenny nodded as she walked to an old wooden cupboard and opened it, taking out two woollen scarves. "Open wide," she said to me, and I opened my mouth wide to let her tie it between my lips. I knew it wasn’t really going to stop me talking, but I wanted to play with Suzie a while longer.

"Tsssfnne," she mumbled as Jenny tied the scarf into her mouth, then went over and stood next to Alicia and Heidi. "So just how tightly did the gang tie you up," Heidi said in a matter of fact way.

"Tightly enough," Jenny said quietly.

"Would you like to show me? I can see your sister is good, and I get the feeling you've been practising with her right?"

Alicia looked at me and said "You're joking? You get held at gunpoint, terrified, and you then make it a game?"

"It is a game, Alicia - you have to make it that or else everyone gets upset. How did you really feel when it happened to you?"

She went very quiet at that, and walked back to where she had left her book. "I could do it," I heard Jenny say, "but I'd need more rope. Is there any more here?"

Heidi said nothing, but walked over to a large door in the wall. I watched as she opened it and drew out a canvas holdall. "I found this the other day," she said as she dragged it across the floor, opening it to reveal a number of coils of white rope. "I guess they must have used it for camping or something at some point - will these do?"

"Ltmmhhlpu," I mumbled through the gag. Suzie looked at me and nodded as well, to show she wanted to watch.

"You untie them," Jenny said, "and I’ll unravel some of these ropes."

"That was really fun," Suzie said as she rubbed her wrists after Heidi had untied her. "Yeah," I said as I stood up and walked over with her, "I love it when I can’t move properly. Maybe, if you want, we can do that to you later. You can watch my sister now and see what happened."

"Put these on your hands," Jenny said as she slipped off her shoes, then her socks and handed them to Heidi. I watched as she put them on her hands, and then stood in front of Jenny, her back to her as my sis crossed her wrists behind her back and used a length of rope to tie them together. As she cinched the rope, we could hear the front doorbell ring. Alicia looked up from her book for a moment, but turned back to it, although I caught her taking a sneaky look at Jenny as she wrapped another length of rope around her friend's waist and tied her hands against her back, passing the rope between her back and arms as well.

"That looks tight," Suzie said as she watched Jenny wrap more rope around Heidi's arms and body, pulling them into her sides as she wound it around her tummy and shoulders. "It is tight," Heidi said with a smile, "but it's not uncomfortable. You're good though - almost as good as my friend Natalie."

"I'll take that as a compliment," Jenny said as she helped Heidi to sit on the floor, before taking the longest length of rope she could find. I knew what was coming next - I had been there, after all, but Suzie eye's opened wider as Jenny crossed Heidi’s ankles and tied then together, holding the rope tight as she did so, and then took it up to just below her knees.

"They really did this to you," Heidi said as she watched Jenny pull her legs together below her knees, then run the rope up some more and bind her upper legs together as she bent her knees.

"They did," Jenny said as she tightened the coils, "I was lying down at the time, and couldn’t say anything - they had gagged us before that."

"Really - they did a thorough job, didn’t they," Heidi said as Jenny fed the ropes through her waist band, and then back down her legs. "What did they use?"

Alicia looked at her watch. "Funny," she said quietly, "It's almost lunch time. Wonder why Grandma hasn't come for us? Suzie, can you stay here while..." She looked over to see Suzie watching with me. "Never mind," she said quietly, shaking her head as she left the playroom.

"Well," Jenny said as she secured the ends of the rope back around her ankles, "They stuffed a handkerchief in our mouths, used a strip from a towel with a knot in the middle to hold that in, then wrapped grey tape all the way round our heads."

"Ooooh," Suzie said quietly, "I don't think I'd like that."

"It kept us quiet though," I said as I nudged her in the ribs, making her laugh as well. "How do you feel, Heidi?"

"Like a big fat sausage," she said with a laugh. "I guess I need to be gagged as well though - but what are we going to use? Suzie, can you go to the bathroom and see if there is a roll of plaster in there?"

"All right," Suzie said as she left the room, coming back later with what looked like a white pill box in her hand. "I can hear Grandma and Alicia talking downstairs," she said as she handed it to Jenny. She popped it open, and I saw it was actually some sort of brown fabric, wound tightly round a plastic centre.

"That'll do," Heidi said with a laugh. "Suzie, on the shelf over there is an old Guide scarf - the blue triangle. Bring it over here, and I'll let you put that in my mouth."

"Really," Suzie said as she clapped her hands. She ran over and brought the old cloth back, folding it as best a pad as she could.

"Push it right in," Heidi said as she watched Suzie, "and then, jenny, tear a strip off that roll - a big one - and put it over my lips after I close them. That stuff is virtually impossible to get off if you press it down hard enough, or say my Aunt Veronica says."

She opened her mouth and let Suzie push the cotton pad in, as Jenny tore a strip of the brown fabric off the roll. Closing her mouth, Heidi nodded as my sis pressed the strip over her lips. I watched as it seemed to stick firmly to her jaw, so that when Jenny stood up all Heidi could do was mumble "gddjb."

"Well, even I have to admit, that looks like a very good job."

We turned round at the strange voice, to see Alicia standing in the doorway with a man, not much bigger than her, standing behind her with his hand on her shoulder. He was wearing some dark trousers and a jumper, with a shiny jacket over that, and he had gloves on his hand. His blue eyes were sparkling, and he was smiling as he looked at us, but Alicia did not look happy. She looked scared.

Me? All I could see was the black thing over the man’s head, so that we could only see his eyes and mouth, and - well, I'm not ashamed to say I had only one thought at that moment.



"Hello," I said with a big smile as the man closed the door to the room, "Who are you?"

"Me? Oh, my friend and I dropped in to have a word with Alicia's grandmother here. He's still downstairs talking to her and - is the other woman your grandmother?"

I nodded in reply. His smile was so nice, and he looked so kind in his eyes. Alicia did not seem to think so - she kept looking up at him as he stood behind her.

"Alicia, why don’t you introduce me to the other girls here?"

Alicia swallowed and said "The girl who you talked to is Cassie, and the taller girl is Jenny. The one in the middle is my cousin, Suzie, and the - well, the other girl is called Heidi."

"A pleasure to meet you all," he said as he brought Alicia over to us. As he came closer, I could see a funny bulge in the pocket of his shiny jacket. "Now, I'm afraid I need to make sure you all stay in this room for a while. Normally, when my friend and I visit, we just lock girls and boys like you in, but there are a lot of you, and it does seem as if I have interrupted something." He looked at Heidi and said "Are you all right like that?"

"Ysthnks," Heidi said as she tried twisting her arms round.

"I take it you did this, Jenny?"

"Yes," Jenny replied as she looked at him. Suzie nudged me in the ribs and whispered "Who is he?"

"Can you tell us your name," I piped up to a funny look again from both Jenny and Alicia. "Oh, forgive me, Cassie," he said as he smiled back, "You may call me Mister Small. Tell me, Jenny, where did you learn to use ropes like that?"

Before Jenny could reply, I piped up "We've both spent the night tied up, when men who looked like you stayed the night. Actually, we both like been left like that."

"You do?" Alicia looked at Jenny, who looked daggers at me before saying "Yes, we do - it’s a game, Alicia."

"I bet you can't tie a rope as tightly as they did."

Now everyone was looking at me, especially Mister Small. "Is that so, Cassie," he said with a smile. "Well, let us see. Suzie, would you like to play a game with your cousin?"

Alicia looked at Suzie, shaking her head to and fro, but Suzie just stuck her tongue out at her again and said "What sort of game?"

"Here’s what we'll do," Mister Small said. "I want to see your big sister, Cassie, at work, and while she does that I'm going to do something I do not normally do - make sure you are both nice and secure."

Jenny looked at Alicia in a strange way, before blanking her face and saying "Do I have to?" At the same time, Alicia called out "No way am I letting her do that to me!"

"Would you rather," Mister Small said as he looked at Alicia, "My friend came and did it to you?" Alicia's face went white, before she said "All right," and looked at Jenny. "You can do it, but..."

"She has to do it as she did to Heidi here," Mister Small said as he looked in the bag of ropes, "or I may have to re-do it. Jenny, you start while I have a word with the two younger girls."

I watched Jenny as she picked up a length of rope, and walked up to Alicia. "Turn round and put your hands behind your back," she said, and as Alicia slowly turned and allowed my sis to cross her wrists, Mister Small took Suzie and me by the arm and walked us to the side of the room.

"This can be scary," he said as he looked at both of us, "So I have to ask if you are all right with what is going to happen."

Suzie looked at me, before saying "If Cassie can do it, so can I."


"Make it as tight as you can," I said as I turned and crossed my hands behind my back. Mister Small smiled as he took some rope and quickly bound them together - he was strong, but gentle, as he wrapped the rope around and between them, keeping it over the sleeves of my blouse. He then passed some more rope round my waist, pulling my wrists in before he passed it around them, then between my back and my waist.

Turning me round, he started to do the same thing to Suzie, binding her wrists tightly together behind her back. I watched as Jenny was taking some rope around Alicia's arms, pulling so that they were forced into her sides. She already had a white rope belt over her jumper and skirt, and now she had two more bands over her top, at her middle and shoulders.

Jenny had a very strange look on her face as she pulled each pass of the ropes, and then them behind Alicia before she wound them between her arms and body. It was almost as if she was enjoying it, but every time Alicia turned and looked at her she had a face of pure innocence.

A few days later, I asked her what she was thinking, and she told me that with each pass she was thinking "That's for the taunts at hockey... This one is for the paper ball in Science... This is for making me feel small in English..." It was as if she was taking revenge for something, but I never understood what.

Anyway, I felt my own arms been pulled in as the masked man tied them to my side around my tummy, making sure they were snug before he passed the rope between my arms and ribs. He did the same to Suzie, so that we were both standing there with white bands around our waist and tummies, but he had forgotten something.

"This isn't good enough," I said as I looked at him.

"Oh - what have I forgotten?"

"The ropes around our upper arms!"

"Cassie," Jenny hissed as Heidi had to stop herself from laughing. "Oh," Mister Small said as he slapped his masked forehead, "You are right, Cassie, and I am sorry. Forgive me." He took another length and wrapped it round my body, as Jenny helped Alicia to lie down on her back and bound her ankles tightly together, side by side.

"Are our grans all right," she said as she cinched the coils between her legs. Alicia nodded, saying "I think so - when I walked in, the bigger man was tying my grandma's wrists in front of her. I'm not scared, you know."

"Don't be," Jenny said as she took another length of rope around her legs below her knees, "We're all in this together, all right?" I didn’t know what she meant, and frankly I didn’t care - I was enjoying this too much, and from the "oooh" I could hear Suzie give she was as well.

"Why don't you girls sit down," Mister Small said, and Suzie and I sat on the floor, watching Jenny tie Alicia’s legs together above her knees as the man tied first mine, then Suzie's ankles together. "I've finished," Jenny said as we watched our legs been bound together as well, Mister Small tying my legs together below my knees, then over my skirt above my knees, while Suzie was lucky - she got her legs tied and cinched in all three places.

It felt really snug, and not at all uncomfortable, as we sat and watched him walk over and inspect Jenny's work. "Very good indeed," He said finally, "Now, let me take care of you as well."

"I want to be tied as tightly as Cassie," she said as she looked over at me. I smiled back - she’s a great sister.

It only took him ten minutes to tie Jenny up as we were - wrists behind her back and crossed, rope around her waist, tummy and shoulders, then around her ankles, legs and thighs as she sat down.

"Now then," Mister Small said as he walked over to check Heidi, before picking up the roll of brown tape, "I need to go and have a quick look in your rooms upstairs. While I do that, however, you need to stay in here."

"I can hop to the door like this," I said loudly, "I've done it before."

"I'm sure you have," Mister Small said as he walked over with the roll of brown fabric and two lengths of rope, "but I bet I can stop you. Cassie, Suzie, wriggle onto your backs and roll over."

We looked at each other before we had a race to see who could get there first. Suzie won, so he started with her. I watched as he pulled her legs up and tied the rope between her ankles, then pulled it and fastened the other end to the rope around her tummy before taking it back. He then took the fabric and wound it round her fingers, holding them together.

"See what you've done now," Jenny said in mock anger as he did the same to me. The fabric round my fingers meant I could not move them apart or bend them, while the ropes stopped me from trying to roll over and jump up.

"Still think you can hop to the door," Mister Small said as he helped Heidi to roll onto her stomach and tied rope from her ankles to the ones around her body. She had the socks on her hands, so he didn’t use the tape on her, but he did on Jenny and Alicia until we were all in a circle, facing each other.

"I'll be back in a few minutes," he said as he walked to the door, "have a nice chat."

"Hey," I called out after him, “we can still talk.” He turned and looked at me before saying "For the moment, Cassie, for the moment..."


As he closed the door, Jenny tuned and looked at me, a funny look in her eyes as she said "Well done, Cassie, Another fine mess you've got us into!"

Heidi laughed under her gag, saying "hcmnuknshwntdt" as she rocked from side to side. Alicia looked at me with a face as black as night, before saying "Another fine mess? Oh come on - you heard him say they don’t normally tie up kids, and now look at us - on our stomachs, legs tied god knows where, and you think it's a big joke? I tell you I'm..."

"Oh shut up Ali," Suzie said as she looked over her shoulder. "You heard him - his friend is downstairs with Grandma and Mrs Craig, do you think they’re having juice and biscuits? Besides," she said as she tried twisting her arms round, "This is fun! I don’t think I've ever felt like this."

"Yeah, Alicia, lighten up," Jenny said with a big smile. "At least this time you're with friends and you can talk - at least for the moment."

"What do you mean at least for the moment?" Alicia looked at us and then said "Oh no - not again. Please, don’t let him do that to me."

"I don’t think we can stop him, Alicia," Jenny said with a smile as she wriggled round. "What do you think, Heidi?"

"Gvvmmammntndltlu," Heidi mumbled as she looked over her shoulder, flexing her sock covered hands.

"Tell you what," I said brightly, "Let's all pretend we're worms wriggling on the ground and see how far we can get. That'll be fun, won't it?"

I loved the way he had left me - I could not move my hands and arms, or my legs, but I could still wriggle a little on my tummy. Jenny laughed as she tried moving as well, and within a few minutes we were all laughing and giggling, even Alicia - although she still looked scared. Even Heidi was laughing, as I watched her looking every so often at her hands.

Eventually the door opened and Mister Small came back in. "I've just been talking to your grandmothers," he said as he closed the door, "and I've told them you're all safe and well. They seemed to be happy to hear the news."

"What did Grandma," Suzie answered as she looked up, "When you told her how we were."

"Not a lot," Mister Small said with a smile. "Now, Girls, I'm afraid that I need to make sure you're just like young Heidi here - unable to call out for a while."

"Oh goodie goodie," I said, "Are you going to gag us like the last men?"

"What did they do to you, Cassie?"

"Stuffed our mouths, then tied cloths into them and then tape all round."

"Hmm," Mister Small said as he looked at the roll of brown fabric. "To be truthful, Cassie, I don't think I need to go quite that far to keep you all quiet, do I Heidi?"

"Mbent, btshwnrtst," Heidi mumbled as the fabric still held firm across her mouth.

"That’s right, I want to be gagged that way," I said as I looked over at him, my eyes pleading.

"Why don't you see how the others feel," was his reply as he took a handkerchief from his pocket and folded it into a pad. "Alicia, I need you to open your mouth now. I promise you it will not hurt."

I saw Alicia look at him, with water in her eyes as she said "Do I have to? I don't want to be gagged."

"Your grandmother," Mister Small said as he brushed her hair away from her eyes, "said that you were a very brave girl earlier. Do you want her to be disappointed?"

Alicia looked over at Jenny then, and something passed between them, before she slowly opened her mouth. I watched as he pushed the cloth in, and as she closed her lips he tore off a strip of the wide fabric plaster and stuck in over them.

"Ugtusdteet," Heidi mumbled as she saw Alicia try to move her jaw. Jenny was next, and as she looked at me she nodded as her lips closed over the stuffing, and the tape was smoothed over her mouth.

"I still want it round my mouth," I complained even though Jenny was smiling, her eyes twinkling as she looked at me. Next, the man knelt next to Suzie, saying "I'll put this in your mouth - it settles quickly so it won't be too uncomfortable."

"All right," Suzie nodded as he pushed the cloth in. "Put your lips together," he said as he tore another strip off, before he pressed it over her mouth and jaw. "Tsffrrtn - btns," Suzie said as she tried to move her jaw, but no real sound came out.

"Why won't you tape round my head," I said with a pout as he knelt next to me.

"Well, this will work quite well," he said, "and I don't want to hurt you. Tape will stick to your hair - even this stuff - and I don’t think a girl with such lovely hair as you should have it damaged."

"I don't care - I can always get my hair cut."

He looked at me and said "You really do like this, don't you?"

"Yes - and so do they," I said as I looked at Jenny. She nodded, as did Suzie, while Alicia and Heidi just looked at each other. "Any other gag I can get off - and I'll just push the tape off with the stuff you put in my mouth."

"Not this tape," Mister Small said, "but I tell you what - let me do this, and I can do something just as good, all right?"


"Scout's honour - and I was a very good scout." He smiled as he said this, which made me laugh as well before I opened my mouth and allowed him to push the cloth in. It tasted nice as it pushed my tongue down, and then he stuck the fabric on my mouth and chin. He was right about one thing - it was almost impossible for me to move my mouth as the fabric seemed to become a second skin.

"Stlthnklgttsff," I mumbled as I looked up at him.

"It does keep you quiet, though," he said as he suddenly tickled Jenny’s feet. She's very ticklish, so we all laughed as she desperately tried to get away from him - but with him holding her ankles, she had no chance.

"Pllssdndnntttt," she giggled until he stopped. "Back in a minute," he said as he left the room, returning with five long silken scarves. Putting them on the floor, he took a grey one and pulled it tightly over my mouth, forcing the tape over my mouth even more as he bound the ends together at the back of my neck. To my surprise, however, he then took a length of string, tied the end round the knot, and pulled it down to attach it to the ropes round my chest.

"Still think you can push that out," he said as he tickled the back of my knee. "ASTPPPTTTT," I mumbled out, as I realised the extra layer was not only muffling my voice even more, it was tied in a way that meant I could not easily get it off! I looked up and nodded, as he did the same thing to Jenny and Heidi.

"And what of you two," he said to Suzie and Alicia. "Do you wish to have the scarf over your mouths as well?" Suzie nodded immediately, but Alicia looked at all of us in turn, before slowly nodding in agreement.

The door opened and a second man walked in, dressed in the same way but much bigger. He looked as nice as well, though, as he smiled and said "You were right, Mister Small - a little outside our norm, but they seem happy enough."


The tall man looked at Alicia and said "Your grandmother is safe downstairs, my dear girl, as is yours." He looked at Jenny and me when he said this. "At any rate, we must be leaving now."

"Of course," Mister Small said as he patted the head of each of us. "Girls, it has been an experience," he said as he and his friend walked out. "Enjoy the rest of the day."

They closed the door, as Suzie looked over at me and said "wwnttrigglntflr?" I nodded, and the two of us started to wriggle like worms, moving ourselves across the floor on our tummies. It made my skirt move up a bit, but I loved it as we tried to see who could cross the floor fastest.

Behind us, Alicia lay still, and seemed to be exhausted as her eyes closed. Jenny was looking over her shoulders, I think to see if there was some way she could try to loosen the ropes, but if her fingers were as tightly taped as mine I knew there was no chance.

Suzie and I played for a while, before I heard someone say "Thnkgd - jne, cnumvvrhr?"


“Msrreeee,” Jenny said as she looked over at Heidi, “whtdddusaeee?” I was staring at her - somehow she had managed to wriggle the sock off one hand, and I had absolutely no idea how she had managed it!

“Smvrrhrndltmetrtnteeu,” Heidi said as she tried to move her head - but she couldn’t and it was funny to see the frustration in her eyes as she did so.

Jenny very slowly moved her eyes to look at me, and then she winked as she said “Mrreeehedeeeidntndrstdnu.”

To her credit, Heidi rolled her eyes as she looked at both of us, before she tried to find the knots with her free hand, her fingers desperately trying to feel along the ropes. Well, I could tell her it was no use. From what I could see of Jenny, the ropes were very well tied, and the very pretty knots were well out of reach of us, even if our fingers were free.

I rolled over onto my side and saw Suzie, happily humming to herself as she tried to bend and straighten her own fingers. The white ropes contrasted with her striped dungarees, although I could see how tight the ropes were.

“Hestgngsussee,” I said as I looked at her. Somehow, she managed to turn her head slightly under the scarf and say “tsgrrtffn - ilvt,” under her gag. I hadn’t tied to move my head, and I slowly tried twisting it from side to side. It hurt a little, and I could hear the tape over my mouth rasping against the scarf, but I could indeed twist my head a little, a very little from side to side, as the rope pulled at the knot.

It may not have been the gag I wanted, but Mister Small had done a fantastic job. He had been right about the tape - there was no way I was able to push it off, and it was still holding firm - but tying the scarf around my head at least made me feel as if my head was tightly wrapped.

I rolled over onto my other side just as Jenny rolled over onto hers. We looked at each other, her eyes sparkling, and I realised just how much I loved this!! We started giggling, but stopped when we heard “Whtrullllaffngt - wnedtgtutfhr!”

Rolling back onto our tummies, we all looked at Alicia, who had red eyes and dirty streaks down to the scarf covering her mouth. Her skirt had fallen down around her knees, and she was trying to kick her legs back and forth as she lay there, a strange sobbing sound coming from her.

“Clmmddwwaleessha,” I tried to say to her, “smmmnwllcmssnnn.” I was sure someone would come eventually - after all, Daddy had always come to untie us when we had been tied up by the men who came to visit. I didn’t want this game to end, and I was certain my big sis did not want to either.

As for Suzie, she just looked at her cousin and said “Dnntbscha bbe, leee,” before closing her eyes and humming to herself. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Jenny slowly sliding herself over to me, sliding across the carpet as best she could, the ropes rubbing against her trousers as the flaps at the back of her top hit her bottom.

“Hngnlshee,” Heidi said as she rolled onto her side, “ltmceeeficnhlp.” She moved like a snake, bending her legs and her waist to push herself across the floor, as she slowly slid over to her pen friend, rolling onto her other side as she tried to do something with the ropes holding her legs up.

That was when I heard Suzie changing her humming into something else, something different - something great!! She was singing!!

lltlluwhtewnt, whterllerlewnt
Stllmwhtuwnt, whturllyrllywnt

lltlluwhtewnt, whterllerlewnt
Stllmwhtuwnt, whturllyrllywnt
wnaewnaewnaewna, ewnarllyrllyrllywnazgazga

It was wonderful - she was so happy, her eyes closed, mumbling along to the song that I started to join in.


Suzie looked at me and nodded very very slightly as she allowed me to sing along with the chorus. It was a very funny sound, but hey - we were enjoying ourselves! As I glanced over to my side, I saw Jenny moving over to join us, as all three of us rolled onto our stomachs and started singing again.

Fuwnabmlvr, ugtagtwfmfrinds
Fuwnabmlvr, uhfgttgv
Tknstwesy, bttht'stwts

“Urllcrzee,” Alicia said as she looked at the three of us, rocking from side to side, our eyes closed as we kept singing.

“nnnn,” Heidi said as she rolled over and looked at her friend, “thrrntcra, thrhvnfn. Tscnbfnukn.” And then she sang along as well.


Alicia rolled her eyes as well, before grunting and joining all four of us in the last chorus.


“Tttsbtrrr,” Jenny said as we all finished, “Clshatcnbfn.” Alicia looked over at her, before slowly nodding and turning to present her back to Heidi, who was still trying to find some way of loosening the ropes with her fingers.

I had a better idea. Jenny was still on her side, so I slowly shifted myself round until my hands were within reach of her bare feet. I could not move my fingers apart or even bend them very easily, but I was close enough to run the tips of my fingers down her feet.

“hhhnnnnnn,” Jenny giggled as she felt me tickling her feet, but before she could get away I tickled her a little more again, making her close her eyes as I kept doing it as well as I could. She wriggled round, trying to escape, but I just tried to follow her.

Until, that is I felt my own feet been tickled in the same way and I suddenly let go of Jenny. She said “wlddnnszeee,” and I realised that somehow I had kicked my shoes off, and Suzie had wriggled round to a position where she could do to me what I was doing to Jenny!

“NNNPLLSSSSTP,” I called out, but Suzie was enjoying it too much to pay much notice to what I was saying. Even Alicia was laughing now, as Heidi said something that sounded very rude under her scarf.

“Srvsurgghtcssecrg,” Alicia said, and she really sounded as if she meant it in a nice way. I laughed again as I tried to roll out of the way, bumping into Jenny instead. “Wssshwhrugng,” she said as we rubbed cheeks.

“Srreee - cldntstpmslf,” I said as we both laughed. It was at this point that the door to the room opened, and we all rolled over to see who had come in.


“Miss Suzanne!! Miss Alicia!! George, I’ve found them – they’re in the old playroom.”

The woman who said this was a little younger than Granny. With her blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail that went down the back of her grey cardigan. She ran into the room, her long skirt swishing as she did so, and knelt next to Suzie, frantically untying the knot that held the scarf around her mouth.

“Hllmsbijes,” she mumbled as the woman managed to untie the scarf, only to put her hands to her mouth when she saw the strip of fabric plaster over her mouth. “Did those nasty men do this to you,” she whispered as she gently peeled the tape away, and then removed the soaking cloth from her mouth.

“Are all of you silenced in the same way,” she said as she looked over at Alicia. She grunted, the relief clear in her eyes as the woman started to untie Suzie, allowing her legs to fall to the floor before she stood up.

“Will you be all right for a while, Miss Suzanne,” she said, as Suzie shook her head. “I’ll be fine, Mrs Bridges,” she said, “but you need to free Alicia first.” As the older woman ran over to Alicia, Suzie turned and whispered to me “Mister and Mrs Bridges help Granny keep this house going. This was their day off – they usually go into town, see a movie, have lunch. You know, normal stuff.”

“Thanks, Mrs Bridges,” Alicia said as the final part of her gag was removed. “Those nasty men made us all lie down and tied us up like this, isn’t that right Heidi?”

Heidi looked over at us, before grunting “Thstwhthppnd,” as a grey haired man came in. “I’ve freed Her Ladyship and her guest,” he said as he looked at me and Jenny. “Your grandma’s fine, if a little shaken,” he said as he started to untie Jenny’s gag, “I’ll take you all down to the kitchen when you’re free. The police are on their way as well.”

“What did they take?”

“The coins and snuff boxes by the looks of things. Her Ladyship said they were very polite, but very insistent."

“I thought he was nice,” I said as the cloth was taken out of my mouth. “Cassie,” Jenny hissed as she straightened her legs out, “We can talk about this later...”



“I cannot apologise enough, Miranda. This was meant to be a day for our grandchildren to meet, and instead...”

Granny was putting her hand on the arm of Suzie’s grandmother when we walked into the kitchen. “Thank God,” Granny said as she stood up and hugged both of us. “We only had their word that you were all right. Did they hurt you at all?”

“We’re fine granny,” I said with a smile, “Both of us are. We just did what we did before.”

Alicia had taken Heidi off into a corner of the kitchen, and I could see they were talking in low whispers as Suzie sat on her grandma’s lap. “It was really exciting,” she said as she hugged the older woman, “What did they do to you and Mrs Craig?”

“The taller man,” her gran said as she returned the hug, “left Mrs Craig and I on two recliners. He tied our hands together in front of us,” she said as she crossed her wrists, “and then tied them to our waist and our legs. We then had ropes around our arms, our ankles and our knees.”

“And how did you stay quiet? We had sticky plaster over our mouths.”

“That explains the residue round your mouth,” Granny said to me as I rubbed at my face, looking at the funny gluey stuff that came off. “When you have had your drink, and the police have talked to us, you need to wash your face.”

“They tied a scarf in our mouths,” Suzie’s gran said, “so that we could not talk properly. Fortunately, Mister and Mrs Bridges came home early and found us, and then they found you. I’m just so glad you coped so very very well!”

“You can tell me what happened when we get home,” Granny said to me and Jenny. “I’ve called home to say we will be late, and I’ll get some tea for you on the way back. Let’s not tell your mum and dad about this just yet.”

Alicia and Heidi came back over, and I heard Alicia say “Every day, starting tomorrow” as they sat at the table.

“Well, that was an interesting afternoon,” Heidi said as she accepted a glass of squash. “I’ve got a lot to tell Cindy and the others about when they call tomorrow.”

“I never asked,” Jenny said as she took a sip, “How much longer are you here for?”

“A few more weeks,” Heidi said with a smile, “perhaps wean get together some time.”

“That, my dear young Heidi, is an excellent idea,” Suzie’s gran said as she allowed Suzie to stand up. “Miranda, you must allow me to make it up for you for the events of today. Will you allow the girls to come and play with your grandchildren at your house once a week? I can arrange for them to be dropped off and collected.”

“Must I Grandma,” Alicia said as she looked at Jenny. “I want Heidi to help me with a few things.”

“You can spare an afternoon a week,” the older woman said as she fixed Alicia with a hard stare. The other woman came in at that point, and said ”The police are here, Your Ladyship.”

“Very well then,” she said as she stood up, “Miranda, will you stay here with the girls until you are needed?”

“Of course,” Granny said as she watched her friend walk away. Suzie came and hugged me, saying “Can you teach me more of those games” as she did so.

I just smiled – this was going to be a fantastic summer after all! Only one thing bothered me - why did Alicia lie, and Heidi cover for her?






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