Practically Perfect Patty









Sitting at the table in my room, trying to think about what I was going to write in my English exercise book, I had to admit there was only one thing on my mind, and looking at the photo I had pinned to the corkboard Mum gave me to put things on, I realised that with all the friends I had, and all the fun things we do together, they had one thing I didn’t.


And that thing was a boy they liked who lived within walking distance!  I mean, think about it – Rachel only needs to walk a little way down the road, and there’s Charlie Williamson.  Louise walks a little way, and Frank Cottrell is there for her to talk to.  Fiona?  She goes in the other direction, and there’s Freddie.  Lady Cassie, Lisa, Suzie – all of them have their boys nearby or a short drive away.


And me?  I have the good fortune to really like this boy who lives miles away, and I’ve only seen for a couple of days since I got my very own bravery medal.  Oh Tommy, Tommy, Tommy...


It’s not that we don’t talk – we do, but it’s not the same, is it?  Not the same as been able to see them as often as they want.


I have seen Tommy a couple of times – back in Easter, he was one of the guys who helped keep us all occupied when we went to the Manor House on Good Friday.  And then there was the party day – but a heck of a lot happened in the time in between.


Putting down my pencil, I looked at the photo of the two of us at Easter, and started daydreaming.  There had been the sleepover at Louise’s house – where Freddie and Charlie had conspired with the Cottrell boys to sneak into the house when we were watching scary movies, and hold us all hostages in our own sleeping bags.  That had been an experience – especially when we had to cover up for them – but still...


If only it had been Tommy securing me that night...


The real kicker was I wasn’t able to tell him much about everything that had happened over the summer to all of us.  How we had all spent an entire weekend dressed in Victorian clothes and trussed up when Jay Edwards found us – again – and robbed Viscount Markson.


Now that was an experience – learning how to walk, jump, and generally live when you can’t breath as you normally would, because of this firm thing we all had to wear as part of the costume.  I glanced over to the wardrobe, where Mum had my costume which I was given later, covered in a plastic sheet, and smiled at the thought of jumping round while fully tied up in that.


After that, Mum and I went back north for a couple of weeks, visiting old friends, but it was a really quiet summer – livened up at the end when we were all invited to spend the day at Holderness Manor.


Well, invited might not be the right word – snatched by some of the boys, taken as a hostage to the manor house, sleeping with all the others in the cellar – and then been given my very own costume from The Awakening to wear!


Now that – that was the way to end the holiday, but I’ve been back at a school for a week now, and...


Rachel is looking forward to her new brother or sister, and so is Louise.  They’re both due around Christmas time or just after, and when I saw Mrs Rigg the other day she was beginning to show her bump.


I guess I’m always going to be an only child, but I look at David and June, and I think of them as my little brother and sister as well rather than my cousins.  Cassie and I were playing with them last weekend while Jenny looked after us with Colin – we even helped put them to bed, before Jenny made sure we were in bed as well, tied and tape gagged...


I vaguely heard the telephone ring downstairs, and Mum’s voice, so I decided I had better get this homework finished before she came up and asked why I wasn’t...




Putting my pencil down, I went to the door and called back “Yeah Mum?”


“It’s for you – can you come down please?”


Putting my pencil down, I came downstairs – still in my school uniform – and took the telephone from my mum’s hand.


“Hello?  This is Patty Pickering.”


“Yup, I guess you are Patty at that.”


I recognised the accent, and screamed “TOMMY?”


“Wow – you got louder or something Patty?”


“Sorry, sorry,” I said as I looked at Mum, who was just leaning against the wall, grinning.  “I wasn’t expecting to hear from you tonight.”


“Yeah, well – I thought I should ring you up and tell you something.”


I sat down, my heart going so fast my Science teacher would have had a heart attack trying to measure it, as I said “Yeah?  What do you want to tell me?”


“Well, apart from the fact I miss seeing you like crazy?”


“Me too,” I whispered.


“Well – Mum and Dad just told me we’re coming down to see Bobby and Suzie and the family this weekend.  So...”




“So – if you’re free Saturday, would you like to spend the day together?”


“Oh – I think I can do that,” I said, trying to remain as calm as possible.  “Let me just check – Mum, would it be all right if Tommy Jacobs was to come on Saturday, and we spend the day together?”


I looked at Mum as she stood, her eyes closed as she tapped her chin, before saying “I don’t know...”  I must have looked strange to her, because she laughed and said “of course he can, Patty.”


I took a deep breath, and said “that would be fantastic Tommy.  When will I see you?”


“I’d imagine about nine.  See you then Patty?”


“I’m looking forward to it already,” I said as he ended the call, and I handed the handset back to Mum.  She put it back in, and then looked at me as she said “three...  two... one...”




I started jumping up and down, then ran into the front room shouting and looking at the furniture, shouting “I need to move that, we can sit there, watch the television there...”




“FOOD!”  I ran past Mum and into the kitchen, looking in the cupboards and the freezer.  “We need to go shopping Mum get in a few things...”




I then ran up the stairs past her, looking in the wardrobe and thinking “What will I wear...”




I stopped and looked at mum as she said “Deep breath, little one.  It’s only Monday, and he won’t even get to Holderness until late on Friday.  So calm down and settle down.  We’ve got the whole week to get things sorted, right?”


“Right Mum.  Sorry, but I’m just so excited...”


“I can tell – so get changed, come down and have your dinner.  We can decide after that what we need to get.”



“So what are you going to be doing this weekend?”


“With all the homework I’ve got to do?  Probably spending the day at home working.  What about you Fiona?”


“Going into London for the morning with Mum and Dad, then back after lunch to get my work done.  Rachel?”


“No idea – what about you Patty?




I looked at the three of them and said “sorry  - what did you say?”


“Oh I think I know what young Patricia Pickering is going to be doing tomorrow,” Louise said as she put her juice bottle down.  “I think she will spend the entire day bored out of her skull...”


“No I will not – I...”


“We know what you’re doing tomorrow,” Rachel said with a giggle, “you’ve talked about nothing but what you want to do this weekend since Tuesday.  I expect none of us is going to hear from you before Sunday, if not Monday.”


“Well, what did you expect,” I said as I looked at her.


“She’s only joking,” Fiona said, “you can tell us all about it on Monday, agreed?”


“Monday...  Right...”


“And she’s off again,” Louise said.  Well, could they blame me?  I’d managed somehow to contain myself and now it was Friday – so nearly time...




“That you Patty,” Mum said as I came back in, and hung my coat up.


“Yeah Mum – I’m going to go and get changed.”


I ran upstairs with my bag, dropping it on the floor of my room and taking off my uniform, before I put on a pair of joggers and a t-shirt.  Coming back downstairs, I looked at the telephone, and wondered if I should call.


Well, you know me – I picked up the telephone and dialled the number for Wissenden Hall, tapping my foot as I did so.


Wissenden Hall – How can I help you?”


“Oh hello Mrs Boyle – could I speak to Suzie please?”


“One moment,” I heard their housekeeper say, and then a familiar voice say “Suzie Holderness.”


“Suzie, it’s Patty.”


“Yeah, I guessed it might be, and I can guess why you’re calling.”


“Is that Patty?” I heard Bobby call in the background, before Suzie said “Sorry, Pats – I think they’ll only just be picking him up now, and he won’t get here until later.  I’ll get him to call when he gets here, all right?”


“Yeah, all right – thanks Suzie.”


“Talk to you later,” she said as the phone went dead, and I went into the front room, turning the television on as I sat with my knees under my chin.


“Let me guess – you want Tommy to call now don’t you?”


I looked at Mum and nodded slowly as she sat next to me.


“I know – it’s awful when there’s someone you really want to see, and they’re just not there yet.  You just have to be patient, young Patricia – he’ll call when he can.  Now then, what do you want for your tea tonight?”


“Can we have fish and chips?”


“You can have whatever you want,” Mum said as she kissed my head and stood up, “except for Tommy Jacobs wrapped up in a pink bow and sitting in that chair.”


“Ha ha,” I said quietly as I turned the television on, hoping that watching that would take my mind off things.


Well, it helped a little, and so did eating, and so did sitting with Mum and watching a film, but I couldn’t stop looking at the phone every few minutes, and wondering why it didn’t ring...




“Come on Patty – it’s getting late.  Upstairs and into bed – I’m sure he will call in the morning?”


I looked at the clock, which said it was half past nine, and started to protest, but Mum gave me the look of command.  You know the look – the one that every parent has which says this is not a negotiable option.  So I took myself up the stairs, and washed my face, brushed my teeth, went into my room and changed into my nightdress, folded my glasses and put them to the side, heard the phone ring...


It was a close run thing as to who would get there first – me taking the steps down tow at a time or Mum walking, but it was Mum who picked up the handset and said “hello?”


She looked at me, panting on the second stair from the bottom, and said “Can you wait for just a second?”  Putting her hand over the mouthpiece, she said “calm down, deep breaths, all right?”


Nodding, I clamed myself down, and then took the handset from Mum, putting it to my head as I said “hello?”


“Hey Patty.  Sorry I’m late calling – the motorway was murder tonight.”


“Oh that’s all right,” I said, trying not to scream at the sound of his voice.  “You arrived safely, and that’s the main thing.”


“So...  Are you still all right if I come and see you tomorrow?”


“Oh yes, I’m looking forward to it,” I said with a smile. 


“Good – I’ll see you tomorrow at nine then.”


“Nine o’clock.  Right.  See you then.”


I handed the phone back to Mum, and walked back up the stairs, in a dream as I climbed into my bed and lay there, dreaming of the next day and what could happen.  I must have drifted off to sleep eventually – but what I knew nothing about was what happened at the other end of the call...



“So,” Bobby said as Tommy put the phone down, “you got everything planned out for tomorrow?”


“Planned out?”  Tommy looked at his cousin, before he said “well, I thought we’d sit and catch up...”


“Hmm – good.  What else?”


“And I’d tie her up – I really want do that, really do...”


“Okay,” Bobby said as Suzie stood in the doorway, “what else?”


“What else could I do?”


“Oh boy,” Suzie said, “you really have got a lot to learn, haven’t you Tommy?  Good thing we’re here to teach you.”


“Teach me what?”


“How to impress a girl on a date, and especially on a day out – Suzie, have you seen Mister and Mrs Boyle anywhere?”


“I think they’re in the flat upstairs – why?”


“I need to have a quick word with them – while I do that, you need to remind Tommy of what Patty really likes.


“Apart from being bound and gagged, that is...”


“Come with me, young one,” Suzie said as she took Tommy by the arm, “time to learn the wisdom you need...”





I was woken up by my alarm, wrinkling my nose as I reached out and switched it off.  Sitting up, I put my glasses on and saw it was six in the morning.


“Why on earth did I set the alarm this early,” I said to myself, and then I remembered why.  Come to think of it, how could I forget why?


So I walked quietly down the stairs, hoping I didn’t wake mum up, and went into the front room, spending the next hour or so arranging and re-arranging the furniture until I had it just the right way.


“So, do you think it’s ready for him?”


I looked at Mum in the doorway, who was shaking her head as she folded her arms.


“Right – let me cook you some breakfast,” she said with a smile, “and then you can start to get yourself ready, all right?”


“Okay,” I said as I came into the kitchen, watching as she got me a bowl of cereal, and then started to cook some scrambled eggs on toast – my favourite!


After I had eaten, I went upstairs and had a long shower, using some special shower gel Mum had got me for my birthday, and then went back into my bedroom, looking through my wardrobe and deciding what I was going to wear...


Eventually, I took out a dress that had a cream coloured top, with elbow length sleeves, and a skirt that changed colour from cream to brown as it went down.  The skirt came halfway between my knees and my ankles, so after I had put on my underwear and the dress, I found a pair of white socks and put them on, along with a pair of brown shoes that had a little heel.


I then put a little make up on, and went downstairs, sitting on the couch as I counted down the minutes...



The clock had just turned nine, and I could hear Mum doing her usual pre-shopping check when I heard a car pull up outside.  I stood up and looked out of the window, smiling as I saw Mister Boyle get out of the car and walk round.  My smile only got bigger as I saw Tommy get out, carrying something as he started to walk up the garden path, while Mister Boyle closed the door and went back to the car.


I made my way to the door to the hall, trying to calm myself down as I heard the doorbell ring.


“Can you see who that is pleas Patty,” Mum called out from the kitchen.


“Yes Mum,” I said as I walked slowly down to the door, and opened it, smiling as I said “Hello Tommy.”


“Hi Patty,” he said as he looked at me.  He was wearing a think jacket over a black v-necked jumper, grey trousers and black leather shoes.


“Won’t you come in,” I said as I stood to one side, watching as he came in.  In one hand he had a bunch of flowers, and in the other a box of Thornton chocolates.”


“These are for you,” he then said as he handed them to me, and I smiled as I said “thank you” and took them.


“Oh hello Tommy,” Mum said as she came out of the kitchen, “take your coat off and hang it up.”


“Thank you,” he said as I smelt the flowers, and looked at Mum.


“That was very nice of you Tommy – why don’t I put them in a vase for you, and the two of you can go into the front room.”


“Thanks Mum – come on in Tommy,” I said as we walked through, and sat next to each other on the couch.  Mum brought the flowers in, and put the vase on the table, before she looked out of the window.


“Is Mister Boyle waiting for you?”


“Yes he is.  Uncle Alex and Aunt Susan have said I can use the car all day.”


“Well that’s nice – and those chocolates look nice.  Let me go and get you both a drink, and then I need to go and do some shopping.”


“Thanks Mum,” I said as I opened the box, and offered Tommy one.  He smiled as he took one, and I did as well, both of us biting into it as Mum brought through two large glasses of Coca Cola.


“I can trust you two to behave while I’m out, right?”


“Yes Mum,” I said as I rolled my eyes, Tommy giggling as Mum put her coat on.


“Right – have fun,” she said as I heard the front door open and close, and then our VW set off.


I have to admit, I had felt really funny ever since he had given me the flowers and chocolates, so I said “so just how bad was the journey yesterday?”


“Oh, it was road works – nothing we could do about it.  I didn’t wake you up when I called, did I?”


“No no – so did you hear about what happened when we visited Markson Manor?”


“Mum and Dad told me about it – you haven’t bumped into him since then, have you?”


“Viscount Markson?  I saw him a few weeks ago – I got this wonderful dress.  I can show it if you...”


“Maybe later – but I meant Jay Edwards.”


“Oh – no, we haven’t,” I said with a smile.  “Though it’s funny, him holding us hostage again after I got the medal for the last time.”


“Well, that’s one word for it,” Tommy said as he took his drink, and we had another chocolate each.  “So what else have you been up to, apart from being held hostage again?”




And that was it, as I started to tell him about everything that had happened – the sleepover and what Charlie and the boys did, the holidays, everything, Tommy nodding and listening as we drank and ate and drank and ate...


“I really wish I’d been here for that sleepover now,” he said as I finally stopped.  “If I had been there, then I would have made sure none of you escaped.”


“Even me?”


“Especially you,” Tommy said with a smile as he looked at his empty glass.  “So, I have an idea for today – if you’re interested?”


“I might be,” I said with a smile, “what do you have in mind?”


“Would you like to go and see a film with me?”


I was bursting inside as he said this, and then he said “and would you like to watch it with me while bound and gagged?  I mean, I know it means no popcorn or drinks, but...”




“Yes to which bit?”


“Yes to all of it,” I said quietly.


He smiled, and then said “Well, can you get your coat and scarf?  It’s cold out there.”


I nodded as I went and got my padded coat and long brown scarf, and put them on the back of the couch, and then kissed him on the cheek.


“What’s that for?”


“I may not get the chance later,” I said.


“True – can you get your supplies?”


Like he had to ask...


I went and fetched my box, Tommy smiling as he opened it and took two sponges out.  “Let’s make this a good one,” he said as he handed them to me, and I gripped them in my hand, smiling as he started to wrap the duct tape round my hands.


“So what do you want to go and see?”


“I’m not sure,” I said as Tommy went behind me, taking my hands behind me as I felt the rope start to hold them together.  “The local paper’s there – you can have a look once you’ve got my arms tied.”


“Do they do a matinee at the multiplex down here,” he said as I felt the rope go between my arms, tightening the wrist binding before he took some rope around my waist.”


What, like a kid’s film?”


“Not always,” he said as I felt my wrists been locked against my back, and then the rope around my stomach and forearms, “sometimes they show films you might like again.  Comfy?”


“Very,” I said with a smile as I tried to move my arms, but the double figure of eight had them locked in place as well.  “Quiet time?”


“Quiet time,” Tommy said with a smile as he took a large washcloth from my bag and folded it into a pad.  Opening my mouth as wide as I could, I felt the cotton on my tongue as he pushed it in, and then a thin chiffon scarf with a knot tied in it was used as a cleave gag.


Then I heard the sound I love – the squelchy rip as the white tape was freed from the roll, and pressed to my cheek before it was wrapped round my head.  To my surprise, he then took the duct tape and added to the tape around my head, the silver band sitting in the centre of the white.  Finally, he folded a brown scarf and tied it over my mouth.


“Bobby told me,” he said in answer to the question in my eyes, “ready for the extra ropes?”


Whtt?”  I was in two minds, but then Tommy wrapped the rope around my arms and below my chest, and I sighed as I felt the arms drawn into my sides, and rubbing on my chest over my dress.  IT was nice, as was the next band he tied round my above my chest.  I wriggle round, smiling under the tape as I expected him to use two short lengths to cinch and tighten them.


So when he stood in front of me, with a longer length of rope, I looked at him and said “wtsstthffr?”  For a moment, I remembered the night we spent with Jenny and Alicia, and prayed this wasn’t going to be a repeat of that – but instead, he tied the end of the rope around the two bands under my right shoulder, between my arm and body, the bands coming together as I sighed.


He then did something that had never, ever been done to me before.   Once he had tied the rope off, he lifted the rope up and took it carefully around the back of my neck, moving my hair out of the way, and then down the other side, before he tied it between my left arm and my body.  It certainly tightened and cinched the ropes, but it felt more secure than before – and there was that nice funny feeling again...


I was as well tied as I had ever been – more so, in fact – so when Tommy picked up another length of rope, I looked at him curious as to what he was going to do.


So I felt him tie one end round my wrists, and then I could feel him taking it up my back, feeding it under all the other bands, and then I felt the ropes under my chest pulling up as he tied the other end to the band at the back of my neck!  I wondered where he had got this idea from – especially as I tried moving my wrists, and it made the ropes on my chest rub me, making me feel even more funny...


A car pulled up outside, and as I turned my head – and that made me feel funny too – I saw Mum getting out of the car.




Tommy quickly grabbed my coat and put it on me, buttoning up the front, before he tied my scarf round my head, covering the gag ad with the ends hanging down my back.


“Patty?  Are you and Tommy still here?”


“We were just going to go to the cinema, Mrs Pickering,” Tommy said as he put his arm round me, “if that’s all right with you of course?”


“Of course it is – will you come back for lunch?”


“No, we may get something afterwards.”


“Okay – have a good time Patty.”


I nodded as Tommy walked me out of the house, and to the car, Mr Boyle opening the door as Tommy helped me to sit in the back, and then got in the other side, fastening the seat belt over me.


“Where to, Tommy,” Mr Boyle said as he got behind the seat.


“The cinema please,” he replied before he turned and smiled at me.


I could see a few people out with long coats, and a scarf covering their mouths, so I knew nobody was going to look at me as if something was different while we drove to the Cineworld.  Even when Mr Boyle parked, and Tommy and I walked into the cinema lobby, nobody gave us a second look.


“Right then,” he said, “I take it anything like an action film is not going to be good, correct?”


I nodded as we looked at the other posters.


“These are all 115, so no good – so we have a choice.  Paddington, Big Hero 6 or BoxTrolls.  Which if these do you want to see?”


Well, I was given the choice, so I nodded at the poster with the bear on it.  “Okay then - wait here,” he said as he went over to the concession stand.  I wondered why he had gone there – surely he wasn’t going to get something to eat or drink for himself?


Then I realised – that was the only place you could buy a ticket if you wanted to pay cash! 


I smiled under the scarf as he came back over, and we made our way through to the screen.  It was already dark, but we managed to find our seats, and I sat next to Tommy as the adverts started to play.   I was really excited – we’d been to the cinema before when I had clear tape over my mouth, but never with a full gag, and never tied as tightly or as well as this.


I didn’t really want to lean on my arms, so I sat forward and watched as the trailers played, and then the film started.  I just felt so comfortable and safe and happy as I glanced over at Tommy, and then watched the scenes unfolding.


After a while, I started to get tired and relaxed a little, but it took me a while to realise I was leaning over, my head on Tommy’s shoulder as he put his arm round me.  I rubbed my cheek on him, and then shivered as the ropes rubbed on me.


I mean, I’ve had those extra ropes before, and it’s felt different at times – especially when I was wearing a corset – but the way he had tightened them was different this time, not to mention that extra rope rubbing on my back.  At one point, I got an itch there, and I found moving my wrists a little meant the rope rubbed and eased the itching – but boy did it make me feel all giddy and faint elsewhere...


Then there were the times Tommy decided it would be a good idea to tickle my ribs.  I’m ticklish anyway, but normally the coat would block that.  The way I was feeling...  I could feel it, and I jolted, almost giggling until Tommy put his finger on the scarf, over my mouth, and I quietened down.


Eventually, the film finished, and we sat for a moment as most of the rest of the audience left.


“Did you enjoy the film, Patty,” Tommy whispered into my ear as I sat up and nodded.  “Good – I thought it was wonderful, and I really enjoyed it as well.”


Now, I might have believed him, had I not caught him nodding off once or twice, but I was thrilled that he said that.




I nodded as we stood up, and he put his coat and scarf on.


“Come on then – let’s go and get something to eat.”


He escorted me back to the car, Mr Boyle holding the door open as I got in, and we drove off.




“Oh, it’s a surprise,” I said, so I sat back and looked out of the tinted windows.  I soon realised we were heading out of town, and onto the motorway – the one that led to Wissenden Hall.


So I wasn’t surprised as we drove up to the front door, and Mr Boyle opened the door while Tommy helped me out.  We walked up to the front door, Mrs Boyle opening it as Tommy hung his own coat and scarf up, but left mine on.


“Come and wait in here,” he said as we went into the front room, and he sat me down on a couch, “I’ll be back in a few minutes.”


I nodded and wriggled round, wondering just why this was starting to feel nice, when I heard Suzie say “oh my – aren’t you hot in that?”


I looked at her, standing in the doorway wearing an old cream sweatshirt and a pair of jeans, as she held Lucy in her arms.


Ltllbt,” I said as she sat down.


“Oh – let me guess, sore throat?”




She put Lucy down in her play seat, strapping her in before she came over and removed my scarf.  “Oh my – you and Tommy went out with you like this?”




“So I hope you went to the cinema?  What did you see?”




“And Tommy sat through it?  He must really like you,” she said as she poked me in the ribs, making me squirm round again as the ropes irritated and teased me...




“Oh come on – let’s see how he...”


“Hi Suzie.”


I looked past her to see Tommy standing there, with a basket in his hand.


“I hear you’ve had fun this morning,” she said as she winked at me.  “So where are you going with that pic-a-nic basket?”


“Into the woods,” Tommy said as he helped me stand up, “see you later.”


“Have fun,” Suzie said as Tommy took me out through the kitchen, into the back garden and then out into the woods at the back of the Hall.  I’d been here a couple of times, but not recently, and I looked up into the trees as we walked, the leaves starting to turn brown as the sun shone through them.


We eventually got to a little clearing, Tommy putting the basket down and taking a blanket out which he spread on the ground.  He then helped me to sit down, and took food and drink out of the basket.  He had chicken legs, sausage rolls, crisps, carrot and celery sticks with dips, little fruit pies – lots of lovely things, as well as a bottle of squash and two glasses.


“Now then,” Tommy said as he started to remove my gag, “this does look good doesn’t it?”


Ysstddss,” I said as layer by layer it was taken off, until the washcloth was taken from my mouth, “but I really need a drink.”


“Not a problem,” Tommy said as he poured some squash into a glass, put a straw in and then put it to my lips.  I took a long drink, and then said “Thanks – but how can I eat?”


“Oh I’m feeding you – just tell me what you want to eat first.”


“Well, in that case – I’ll have some chicken first,” I said as he picked up a chicken leg and held it so that I could take a bite.


“I remember seeing an old film once,” Tommy said, “where this girl in a Victorian dress had been held hostage?”


“Oh yeah,” I said as I swallowed the chicken, and smiled.  “What about it?”


“It’s just that they made her bite down on a chicken leg and use that as a gag.  If I tried that with you, I get the distinct feeling you’d chew through it within a minute.”


“Are you saying I’m a fast eater, Tommy?”


“No,” he laughed as he saw the scowl on my face, “merely that you would find a way to either spit it out and enjoy it, or just eat your way round it.”


“Well, if the chicken was as good as this, “I said as he let me take another drink, “I guess I would at that.  Can I have a sausage roll now?”


“Sure,” Tommy said as he held one for me, and one for himself.  “Maybe one day, you can wear that costume for me, and we can see if that really works or not?”




“Yup,” he said with a smile as he wiped my chin.


“No way – I might drool and get it messy!”


“I guess so,” he said as he ate some melon.  “So, you were telling me earlier about this sleepover at Louise’s house?”


As we ate and drank, I told him again about how we had planned to spend the evening watching some horror films, but instead Freddie, Charlie and the Cottrell boys had captured us one by one, hidden us around the house, and eventually done a reasonably full job on us in our sleeping bags – only for Charlie and Freddie to sneak back early the next morning and loosen my bonds so that I could get free before Louise’s parents woke up.


“Sounds fun,” Tommy eventually said, “but it took four of them to capture four of you.  I could have got you all by myself, and none of you would have known before it was too late.”


I looked at him, and smiled as I said “Oh yeah? I’d like to see you try that.”


As soon as I said that, I saw Tommy look at me in a strange way, and then the biggest smile spread over his face as he looked at me.


“Have you had enough to eat and drink?”


“I think so,” I said with a smile, “so what’s going to happen next?”


“Well, it’s going to be a surprise, so I’m going to have to blindfold you, just as soon as I’ve cleared everything up,” he said as he started to pack things up into the basket.  I sat and watched, wondering what he was going to do, before he took a black scarf out, folded it into a band and tied it tightly over my eyes.


“Tommy?  What are you going to d...


Do you remember your first kiss – you first real kiss?  Well, I do, because I was experiencing it then as Tommy pressed his lips to mine.  When I felt them move away, I gasped – and then felt a cloth as it was pushed into my mouth.  But I didn’t object – I closed my lips over the cloth and felt Tommy’s on mine again, before I slowly opened my mouth and let him tie the knotted cleave gag in.


I don’t remember much of the next few minutes, except the sounds and feel of the two layers of tape, then the scarf over that, and finally Tommy wrapping my scarf around the whole ensemble.  I just could not stop thinking of how nice it had felt when he kissed me, and how much I would love to feel that again.


And again.


And again...


“Come on,” he said as he helped me to stand up, and then walked with me, his arm round my body as I felt the ground under my feet become grass, and then the wooden floor.


“Hello Tommy – have a good lunch?”


“We did Mister Boyle – would it be possible for you to drive us back to Patty’s house, and leave us there?  If so, can I call you when I need a lift?”


“Of course,” I heard Mister Boyle say as we walked along the floor, then I heard gravel under my shoes before I was helped to sit in what I presume was the car.


Once I was strapped in, and we were underway, Tommy removed the blindfold and looked at me, smiling as he said “Would you like to know what I think we should do this afternoon?”


I nodded, and he said “Well...” and then whispered into my ear.  As he did so, my eyes opened wide, and then he looked at me.




I thought he was mad, if truth be told, but it sounded like a wonderful idea, so I nodded and smiled under the layers.






“Oh there you are – having a good day so far?”


“Yes thank you Mrs Pickering,” Tommy said as we came in, “we just need to collect something from Patty’s room, and then we’re going to go for a walk.”


“All right then,” Mum said as she went into the front room, and I walked up the stairs with Tommy to my room.


“All right then Patty,” he said quietly, “where do you keep the water pistols?”


I nodded to my chest of drawers, and then nodded again as Tommy found the right drawer.  Taking the toy gun out, he smiled as he put it in his pocket, and said “right – let’s go.”


We went back out, and walked the short distance to the house of my good, good friend Rachel Rigg.  As we got to the end of the street, Tommy said “Ready?”  He smiled as I nodded and watched while he walked up to the front door, and pressed the door bell.


“Hi Mrs Rigg,” he said, “is Rachel in?


“Oh hey Rachel – sorry to disturb you, but Patty asked if I could pick something up from you and take it round to her as a favour?  A school book?


“Yeah, I know – this is Patty asking for a school book.  Can I come in while you find it?”


I watched as he walked in, making a note to have words with him about what he thought of my academic work, while counting to twenty and then walking to the door, pressing the bell button with my nose and waiting.


Rachel opened the door, wearing a grey sweatshirt and joggers, as well as a pair of black felt boots on her feet.  “Patty?  What happened – got fed up waiting for...”


She then looked at me, with my coat on and the scarf round my head, not saying a word, as she slowly realised that I may just be tied up and gagged here.  I nodded as Tommy walked up behind her, grinning from ear to ear as he put his hand over her mouth.  Her eyes went wide open under her glasses, as I saw Tommy put the gun against her back, and say “surprise, you’re going to do what I say, all right?”


For a few moments, I wished it was me with his hand over my mouth, and wanted him to do that to me, but then Rachel nodded and raised her hands in surrender.  Tommy took his hand away as I walked in, and she closed the door behind me.


“Mum – we’re just going up to my room,” she called out, as we walked up the stairs to Rachel’s room.


“Where are your supplies,” Tommy whispered as he closed the door, Rachel nodding as she produced her box from under her bed and opened it. 


“There,” she said as she looked at me, “what are you going to do?”


“Take her coat and scarf off,” Tommy said as he looked at me, Rachel nodding as she took them off and then looked at me.  “Well, that’s different,” she said, “what do I do now?”


“Untie Patty – and lay the ropes out carefully, but the gag stays on,” Tommy said, sitting on her chair and watching as she carefully untied the ropes.  It was such a blessed relief when the chest ropes were loosened and removed – and yet, I started to want them back on me again!


“All right, Patty,” he eventually said, “tie your friend up as you were tied up.”


I nodded as I took two sponges from Rachel’s store and gave them to her to hold, and then wrapped her fists in silver duct tape.  I then pulled a clean pair of socks up her arms and taped them in place, before I took her hands behind her back and started to tie them together.


“What are you going to do with me, you fiend,” Rachel said as she looked at Tommy, while I tied the rope around her waist.”


“Oh you’ll find out soon enough,” Tommy said with a grin, as I tied the rope round her waist to lock her wrists against her back, and then started to tie the rope around her lower arms and stomach, using the double figure of eight to keep them in place.


“Okay,” she said with a grin as she looked over her shoulder at me, “are you going to tell me Patty?”


I shook my head as I tied the rope off, and then walked over to the bag, taking a cloth out as well as a strip of towel, and tied a knot in the middle of the strip.


open wide,” Tommy said with a grin, Rachel nodding and smiling as I started the process of keeping her quiet.  As she opened her mouth, I pushed the cloth in, and then used the strip as a cleave gag, before I started to wrap the white tape round her mouth.  Once I had that in place, I added the silver tap, Rachel nodding and trying to speak before I folded a grey scarf and tied that over the silver and white band.


Keeeugtmmm,” Rachel mumbled, “nwwht.”


I looked at Tommy, and he nodded at me, before he removed her glasses and put them to one side.


“It’s a surprise,” he said as he tied the black scarf over her eyes, and then stood back as I started to tie the bands of rope above and below her chest.  She giggled as I pulled them tighter, and then I looked at Tommy, who handed me the long piece of rope.


Whsstngnnn,” she mumbled as I took one end of the rope and tied it between her left arm and body, pulling the bands together, before taking it up over her left shoulder, around the back of her neck, and then tied the other end between her right arm and body.  Once I had tied the rope off, I watched as my best friend wriggled round and giggled a little – but I wasn’t done yet.


Tommy and I walked behind Rachel as he showed me how to tie the other length of rope between her wrists, and then feed it up her back, under all the other bands of rope, before I tied the other end around the rope at the back of her neck.  As I did so, I saw the way her wrists were pulled up slightly, and understood why it had felt different.


It certainly did to Rachel, who giggled, and then looked at herself in the mirror once Tommy had removed the blindfold.


Hmgdgd,” she said as she wriggled round, before Tommy said “Now – where are your coat and scarf?”


She nodded to the cupboard, looking at me as Tommy put her glasses back on, and then took her coat out, fastening it over her and tying a white scarf round her head to cover the gag.  He then took a zip tie from the supplies, used it to secure my wrists behind my back, and put my own coat and scarf back on me.


“Let’s go,” Tommy said as we looked at each other, and he escorted us down the staircase, indicating we should stand in the hallway while he went into the kitchen.


“Oh hello Tommy,” we heard Mrs Rigg say, “what’s happening?”


“Do you mind if I take Rachel over to the Cottrell farm?  Patty and I will take good care of her.”


“Of course you can – call me when she’s coming back.”


“Thanks Mrs Rigg,” Tommy said as he came out of the kitchen, and opened the door, the two of us walking out before he closed the door behind us.


Walking down the road, we could both feel the wind on our foreheads, but it was the way I could see Rachel wriggling under her coat as she walked along that was intriguing me.  I knew what she must be thinking, but when she looked at me, she nodded and I saw the smile in her eyes as well.


It didn’t take us long to walk through the woods and then across the field, the three of us approaching the farm where the Cottrells lived.  We passed Trojan, who was enjoying some time out in the field, raising his head and almost nodding as he watched us walk to the farmyard.


“Now comes the fun,” Tommy said with a grin as we walked up to the front door and knocked loudly, the two of us looking at each other.  When the door opened, was saw Mark standing there, dressed in a pair of blue coveralls as he looked at us.


“Hi Mark,” Tommy said, “I was wondering if you could do me a little favour.”


“Oh,” Mark said as he looked at us, “well, the others are out, and I need to muck Trojan out, but...”  He then looked more closely at us, and said “you’d better come in.”


“Thanks,” Tommy said as we walked in, and Tommy removed our scarves and coats.  Mark let out a low whistle as he looked at both of us, especially at Rachel.




“Listen, Mark,” Tommy said, “do you mind if Rachel stays here for a little while?  Patty and I need to go and do something, but we won’t be too long.”


“Are you going to tell me what’s going on here – just in case Mum and Dad get back early and see her here?”


“Well – trust me,” Tommy said with a smile, “it’s best you don’t know.”


“All right then – but I do have work to do.  Come in here.”


We walked into the front room, Rachel sitting on the couch as Tommy took two lengths of rope and bound her ankles and legs below her knees.  He then took a third length, and tied her ankles to the leg of the couch, while Mark turned the television on.


“We won’t be too long,” Tommy said as he put my coat and scarf back on, and we walked out of the front door, and down the road that led to the other houses – and I could see Tommy looking at one in particular.


“Shall we?”


I nodded as we walked along the road, and up to the front door.  I saw the brass plate on the front that said “Hobson” and waited as Tommy knocked on the door.  We both waited a few moments until the door opened, and Louise looked at us.  She was wearing a long grey sweater and leggings, as well as white socks and trainers.


“Well,” she finally said, “I thought you two were going to be doing something all day.  What brings you to my place?”


“Can we come in?  I’ve got something we both want to show you.”


She looked at me, and then said “sure, come away in.”  She stepped to one side and watched as we walked in, then closed the door.


“Need a hand taking that off Patty?”


I nodded and watched as she unbuttoned the coat, and removed it, me watching as she looked at my wrists.


“Okay, I take it back, you are doing something all day, right?”




“Oh no, you’re kidding me,” she said as she removed my brown scarf, and laughed as she looked at the band around my head.


“Oh she’s not kidding,” Tommy said as he walked behind Louise, and put the water pistol against her back, “and neither am I.  Hands up, please.”


“Oh great,” Louise said as she slowly raised her hands, “I should be glad Freddie isn’t here.  So what is this – a kidnap game?”


Kndeee,” I said under my gag as Tommy smiled at me.  “Your room – now,” he said, Louise nodding as we walked into their front room.


“Cut her wrists free,” he said as he closed the door, so I waited as Louise found a pair of scissors and cut the zip tie from my wrists.  He then looked at me, as he said “tie her up, the same way you did the others.”


“Others?  What others?”


Tommy just smiled as I got Louise’s box from her cupboard, took two sponges out and handed then to her, watching as she gripped them in her fists before I started to wrap them in silver tape.


“What are you planning to do, you fiend,” Louise said in a sing song voice as I tore the tape free, covered her second hand, and then pulled a pair of socks up and over them before taping them to the sleeves of her jumper.


I then took a length of rope from her box and crossed her wrists behind her back, Louise talking to Tommy as I bound her wrists tightly together with the cords.


“You are definitely getting better at this,” Louise said as I took the rope between her arms to tighten the cords – only to stop as we all heard a car pass.  Louise looked out of the window as it went along, and then said “that must be Fiona – they must have come back early.”


We all walked over, looking out as a car pulled up outside Fiona’s house, and her family got out.  Fiona was wearing a blue jumper and skirt, with black leather boots, as they all went in – and we heard Louise’s phone ring. 


“It’s Fiona’s number,” Tommy said as he picked it up, and put it to Louise’s head, “invite her over.”


She nodded as Tommy pressed the button to answer the call.


“Hey Fiona,” Louise said, “I was just about to call you.


“Oh yeah?  Well, I am at home right now.


“Of course you can come over – I’ll come down and open the door for you right now.”


As Tommy took the phone away, Louise smiled as she said “Fiona wanted to come over anyway.  So what are you going to do now, Mister Kidnapper?”


“Greet your new guest,” Tommy said as Louise looked out of her window, and saw Fiona come out of her front door, and walk quickly over, before we heard the knocking.


“Wait there,” Tommy said as he took Louise into the hallway, and I heard the front door open.  I heard Fiona say “hey Louise – what’s happen...  Oh, now I get it.”


They then came back in, Fiona coming first with her hands in the air, and then Louise with Tommy behind her.  “I’ll take care of her,” Tommy said as he closed the door, “you finish tying her up.”


“I was under the distinct impression these two were going to be lovey dovey all day,” Fiona said as Tommy taped her hands up, and then started to tie her wrists behind her back.


“Seems this is their idea of how to spend the day,” Louise said as I was tying the rope around her stomach.  “You should know by now Fi – this is a date for most of our friends.”


“Oh yeah – forgot for a moment.”


“So how come you’re back early?”


“Oh – they cancelled the show we were going to see, so we just drove back.  So, to coin a cliché, what are you going to do to us, you fiend!”


“Oh you’ll see,” Tommy said as he tied her arms to her sides round her stomach, “now, I need you to do me a favour, Louise Hobson.”


“And that is,” Louise said as I tied the rope over her upper arms and shoulders.


“Talk to your mother, ask her permission to go down to the farm with us.”


Nodding, Louise walked over to the door as Tommy opened it.


“Mum – Fiona and I are going to go up to the farm with Tommy and Patty.”


“All right – but don’t be too late back.”


“We won’t,” Louise said as Tommy closed the door, and then held a folded cloth in front of her mouth.


We soon had them both properly gagged, but unlike me or Rachel, Tommy instructed me to use the two short lengths of rope to tighten their arm bindings. 


“We’re going to need to borrow a couple of your coats,” Tommy said, “and a couple of scarves.  Are they in the downstairs cupboard?”


Louise nodded as he nipped out of the room, and then returned with two of Louise’s  coats and scarves.  He soon had them put on over Fiona and Louise, and the scarves tied over their layered gags, before he used a zip tie to secure my wrists behind my back, and put my own coat and scarf on me.


“see you Mrs Hobson,” Tommy called up the stairs, smiling as he escorted the three of us out of the house, the scarves wrapped round our heads, the coats covering our bindings as we made our way back up the road to the farmhouse. 


This time when he knocked on the door, it was Eric who opened the door, looking at all four of us with a big smile as he said “Mark asked me to hang around until you got back.  He didn’t say why though.”


“Is she still here?”


“Oh – she’s still here,” Eric said as he let us walk into the front room, Rachel looking at all three of us as she mumbled “Hggrrttlltgfrrgn.”


Nsstssutooorashl,” Louise mumbled as Tommy and Eric removed our coats and scarves, before both Louise and Fiona sat down.  “Any chance I can borrow some of your stash,” Tommy said as he looked at Eric.


“Sure – any  plans to get a certain Lisa?”


“Not today,” Tommy said with a smile.


“Fair enough – wait here,” Eric said as he went out, returning with a Perspex box.  Opening it,  he watched as Tommy cut my wrists free, and then handed me two sponge balls.





“There we go,” he said as he pulled the rope tight round my stomach, and then looked at the other three captives.  Smiling, he took our woollen scarves and tied them over their eyes, before he tied one end of a length of rope under my left shoulder, between my body and arm, and tightened the chest bands there.


I squirmed again as he took the rope up and around the back of my neck, and tied it between my right arm and my body, making the bands so nicely tight and irritating and oh god why the heck do they feel like this?


That feeling did not go away as he tied the rope up my back as well, making me sigh with each movement of my very well secured wrists, before he patted me on the back and sat me next to Louise.  I watched as he crossed and secured our ankles together, and then our legs below the knees, before he removed the blindfolds from the other three girls.


Keeee- whtsgnnn,” Fiona said as she looked at Rachel and me, and then at herself and Louise, “ndwwhurrppssdfrnt?”


“Ah, now that,” Tommy said as he looked at all four of us, “is a very good question...”


He sat down and looked at all of us, as he said “I told Patty earlier I could capture all four of you on my own – and here we all are.  You have to admit now, I’m the best of all the boys?”


I nodded at that, but wasn’t surprised that the other three shook their heads.


“Oh – well, I think you’ll agree soon enough,” Tommy said as he stood up and used three black scarves from Eric’s box to blindfold Rachel, Louise and Fiona, but not me.  Instead, he untied my legs, and then those of Louise, before he helped her to stand up and walked her out of the room.


Whtsshpnnngg,” Rachel said as she tried to look round – which was a question I wanted the answer to as well, so I stood up and followed him out of the room, down the corridor and out of the house.


Tommy turned to me and put his finger to his lips.  I nodded to show I understood as he walked Louise around the farmhouse, me following as he twisted and turned his way around – and then walked her back into the farmhouse, the three of us walking up the staircase as Eric watched from the top landing.


Tommy nodded as Eric opened the door to Frank’s room, and we all trooped in, Eric pulling the chair away from his desk before Tommy helped Louise to sit in it, and then used several lengths of rope to secure her to the chair itself as well as binding her legs.


“Have fun,” Tommy said quietly, Louise nodding as she wriggled round while we walked out.  Eric closed the door and nodded as we walked back down the stairs.


Whrdsslussegn,” Fiona said as Tommy knelt down and untied her legs.


“Good question – better one is where you’re going now,” Tommy said as I watched him help her to stand up, and he put her scarf and coat on, then put mine on.


“Keep an eye on Rachel for a few minutes please,” he whispered to Eric before the three of us walked out, and he removed the blindfold as she looked round.




“I’m taking you to her,” Tommy said as we walked back down the farm road with him, and towards her house.




“No – wrong way,” Tommy said with a smile as we turned and walked towards Louise’s house, and then we stopped.




“You’ll see – eventually,” Tommy said as he blindfolded Fiona again, and we started to walk to and fro again, before Tommy opened to the door to Louise’s house and we walked quickly up the stairs.


I nodded to the door of Freddie’s room, guessing what he was up to now, before he pulled a chair out and helped Fiona to sit down.  Opening Freddie’s cupboard, he found some ropes and secured her ankles and knees, before he tied her to the chair, and then led me quietly out.


We went out of the front door, and then walked back to the farm as I looked quizzically at Tommy.




Tommy nodded as we went back into the farmhouse, and untied Rachel’s legs, before we helped her to stand up and put on her scarf and coat.


“Thanks Eric,” Tommy whispered as we walked put, and headed to the field, just as I looked round and saw the Cottrell car pull up.  As we went through the fence, Tommy removed the blindfold and said “We’re going to go back to your house now.”


Lllrtt,” Rachel mumbled as we made our way across the field and back through the wood, and started to walk to Rachel’s house.  As we approached it, however, he quickly blindfolded Rachel, spun her round, and then we walked towards my house.


Opening our front door, I heard Mum say “is that you Patty?”


“We’re just dropping in for a moment,” Tommy said as Mum looked out from the kitchen, and saw us walk Rachel in, sitting her on the couch.


“Did Rachel get you two playing a game?”


“In a way, Mrs Pickering,” Tommy said, “can you keep an eye on her?  We’ll be back in a few minutes.”


“Okay,” Mum said as she shook her head, and we walked quickly out, and made our way to Cassie’s house before crossing the road, Tommy knocking on the Williamson’s door.


“I’ve got it,” I heard Lisa call out, and then she opened the door, wearing a red t-shirt and pants.  She looked at both of us, especially at me as she said “Oookay – what can I do for you two today?”


“Is Charlie home?”


“Nope – he went out with Dad, won’t be back for another hour or so.  why?”


“Perfect – can you help both of us with a little surprise for him?”


“Does it involved tying someone up?  Because I have a ton of homework to...”


“It’s not you – back in about fifteen minutes?”


“Okay,” Lisa said, “see you in fifteen.”




And so, fifteen minutes later, Lisa opened the door to allow me and Tommy to walk Rachel in, up the stairs and into Charlie’s room.  He put Rachel’s glasses on the table, then tied her ankles and legs before he secured her to the chair.  He motioned to both of us to follow him out, as we walked down the stairs.


“I don’t even want to know everything that is going on,” Lisa said with a smile as she looked at us, “enjoy the rest of your day, you two.”




As we walked back to my house, Tommy had his arm round me, as I felt the ropes still rubbing on me in that wonderful maddening way.  We walked in, and went into the front room, Tommy removing my coat and scarf before he slowly, carefully untied me, and then removed the gag.


“That was – wonderful,” I said with a sigh, before I took him by surprise and kissed him on the lips, then ran to the toilet before I went to the kitchen and got to drinks.


Putting them on the coffee table, I sat next to Tommy as he wrapped his arm round me, and then started laughing.


“Hey – what’s so funny?”


“I’m just picturing the look on their faces when they walk into their rooms and find the girls all there.  They are not going to be able to say anything!”


“The girls or the boys?”


“Any of them,” I said as I rubbed my arms.  “They’ll be after you for that.”


“They’d have to find me first – I head back north tomorrow, and Bobby can hide me until then.  Anyway, once they got over the shock and acknowledge I beat them all, they’ll forgive me.”


“I’m not sure the girls will,” I said as I looked at him.  “So where the heck did you learn those ropes?”


“You should know,” Tommy said with a smile, “you taught me most of them...”


“You know what I mean you doofus – the rope around my neck and down my back.”


“Oh THOSE ropes?  Bobby taught me them.  I don’t see the point of it, mind you, You couldn’t escape with your hands covered anyway.”


Well, that was true, but he then smiled as he said “still I guess it did make it tighter.  How did it feel to you Patty?”


Well, I looked at him, and realised he had absolutely no idea what it had done to me.  That drove the other question from my mind – if Bobby had taught him, had he done this to Cassie at some point – as I looked at him and said “how do you think it felt to me?”


“Well, I guess you really could not move your arms.”


He smiled as he looked at me, so I nodded and said “yeah, that’s right, I could not move at all.”


What I really wanted to say to him was “have you any idea just how much that made the rubbing worse – and how strange it really made me feel?”  Somehow, those words just would not come out,



“I will say this – it was worth it for the look on the faces of all the girls,” I giggled.  “But how could you be sure all the boys were out?”


“Oh yeah – I called them before I came to see you this morning, just to see where they would be.”


I looked at him, and said “you are a very devious young man.”


“I learned from the best,” Tommy said with a smile.  “So have you been to any good parties lately?”


“Not for a while,” I said as I looked at him.  “After everything that went on over the summer...”


“Yeah, but you didn’t have the Summer Ball this year, did you?”


“No we didn’t,” I said, “given everything else that was going on.  I wish Lord Holderness would hold one again – I loved the dancing and all the games there...”


“And waltzing while been tied up?”


“Yeah, and that too,” I said with a smile. 


“So you would love to wear a gown and have a dinner and dance, would you?”


I nodded as I closed my eyes, and imagined myself in Tommy’s arms, gliding across the dance floor.


“Let’s do it then.”


I opened my eyes and looked at him, as he said “Would you please put on your special Victorian dress, and accompany me back to Wissenden Hall for dinner?  Maybe we will have the chance to dance as well.”


“Oh I’d love that,” I said as I jumped up, “wait right there!”


I ran up the stairs and went to the bathroom, and then into my room, taking out two bags from my wardrobe.  One had my special dress in it, the other everything else I needed, so I stripped off everything and started by pulling the white chemise thingy over my head, making sure it fell nicely before I pulled on the funny pants.


I tried not to shiver as the door to my wardrobe closed, sending a draft down there, before I sat down and pulled on the stockings, and then laced up the black ankle boots.  I stood and looked at myself in the mirror, smiling and taking several deep breaths before I took out of the bag the stiff white corset.


Now, the first few times I had put this on I was helped, albeit the very first time with a masked gang of robbers watching over us, but since the weekend at Markson Manor I guessed I wasn’t the only one who had been watching videos on YouTube.  So I loosened the laces at the back, put the corset round my stomach and fastened it at the front, and then pulled the laces tight at the top with my hands behind me.


I slowly worked my way down, tightening more and more as I felt the stiff garment pulling my stomach in.  At the bottom, I tightened it one last time, and then tied the laces together – I was getting quite good, with the help of my mirror, at doing this, so that once I ad them tied off my stomach was flat, and I was getting used to the different way you have to breath while wearing this.


I also knew that, at least for the moment, bending over was right out, so I took out the large circle of wire loops, with leather straps connecting them, and placed it on the floor before I stepped into the centre.


“Okay Patty, you can do this,” I said quietly as I slowly bent my knees, squatting done as much as I could as I reached for the loop of wire in the centre.  Holding it in both hands, I slowly stood up, keeping hold of the loop as the cage slowly expanded, the hoops hanging on the leather straps as I put the hoop at my waist, and tied it into place.  Looking down, I saw the full camisole move from side to side, my legs covered in the pantaloons and stockings.


Smiling I took the first petticoat and put it over my head, watching as the white lace covered the cage, and then put the second petticoat on, the patterned cotton hanging down as my legs and feet were covered.  I then put on the dress, slipping my arms into the sleeves and fastening the dress at the front before I looked at myself in the mirror.


“Not bad – not bad at all,” I whispered, still getting used to the different feeling as I breathed in and out, and then picked up the bonnet, fastening it with the ribbons under my chin, and then putting on my white gloves.


As I walked slowly down the stairs, Tommy was watching, smiling as he said “You look truly wonderful in that, my lady Patricia.”


“Why thank you, kind sir,” I said with a smile as Mum came out. 


“Don’t be too late back,” she said as Tommy opened the door, and we walked out to where Mr Boyle was waiting by the car.  He opened the rear door, and I sat in, swinging my legs round and gathering my skirts around me while he closed the door, and Tommy sat next to me.


“Isn’t that going to damage the dress,” he said as he saw the way the skirts were held together.


“Oh they’ll be fine,” I said as we drove off...




As Tommy waited, and Mister Boyle opened the car door, I moved my legs and got out, the skirts expanding as the cage resumed the usual shape and the dress taking on the correct form.


Tommy nodded and then took my arm as he walked me in the house, Mrs Boyle standing inside the door as we came in.  She was dressed as if she was serving at a party, in a black dress with a white apron around her waist.


“Can you wait in here for a few minutes,” Tommy said as he walked me into the front room, which was empty, and then went upstairs as Mister and Mrs Boyle went somewhere else.  I wondered where everyone else was, as I walked round the room, taking care as I did so that my skirts did not touch anything.




I turned round, my skirts rustling, to see Tommy standing there in a black dinner jacket, a bow tie round the neck of his white shirt, smart trousers and highly polished shoes.


“You look very handsome as well, kind sir,” I said as I curtseyed.


“Thank you, my lady,” Tommy said, blushing as he stood to one side.  “Will you come with me please?”


I nodded as I took his arm, and we walked into the dining room.  It was lit by candle light, and as Tommy held out the chair I sat myself down, waiting as he pushed me in and sat himself down before Mrs Boyle started to serve dinner.


And it was a wonderful dinner – we had some salmon and salad, followed by roast beef with all the trimmings, and then ice cream sundaes, all served by Mrs Boyle while Tommy and I talked about our schools, our friends, and the sort of thing you would want to talk to your boyfriend about.


We were on our own, and it was an amazing feeling, an amazing atmosphere – I really felt like a grown up.  I did wonder if this as how Lady Cassandra felt when she went out with Lord Robert, but at the moment, in that time, I was just enjoying being with Tommy totally on my own.


Eventually, Tommy wiped his chin and said “Did you enjoy that?”


I finished my water and nodded as he stood up, and came behind my chair.  “Good,” he then said as he pulled my chair back, and took my hand.  “Come with me.”


We went back into the front room, and I saw that the coffee table and chairs had been moved to the sides.  As I stood in the centre of the room, he went over to the music centre, and turned on the CD player, smiling as he came over and took my hand.


“Shall we dance,” he said quietly as the music began, and he put one arm round my waist, holding my gloved hand in the other as we moved across the floor.


Now let me be the first to admit it – I am not a brilliant dancer, and in honesty neither is Tommy, but that didn’t really matter just then.  I was dancing with the boy I loved...


And in that moment, I realised why I hated it that we couldn’t get together as often as the others.  I mean, I could not feel his hand on my waist because of the corset, and at least he could not stand on my feet with my dress the way it was, but I wouldn’t mind of he did so – because I was in love with him...


As the music stopped, Tommy let go and bowed as I curtseyed, and then he said something really magical.


“How would you like to dance as if it was the July Ball?”


“Yes,” I whispered as I looked into his eyes.


“You’ll need to excuse me for a moment,” he said as he went upstairs, and I took the opportunity to go to the toilet, sighing as I sat down.


When I came back in, Tommy was holding two sponges in his hands, which he handed to me to grip in my gloved hands.  He then took the roll of tape and used it to cover my fists, and then pulled a pair of white socks over them.


I was expecting him to pull the socks up my sleeves, but instead he looked at my arms for a few minutes, and then opened my sleeves up, allowing him to pull the socks up over my bare arms, and then fastening the cuffs again over the socks.  He then wrapped the tape round my wrists, covering the cuffs, before he walked behind me and pulled my wrists behind my back.


I sighed as I felt him once again cross my wrists and tie them tightly together, and then felt the rope go between my arms.  Looking down, I could see him passing the next length of rope around my waist, and then around my stomach.  I could feel my arms secured in place, but once again I could not feel the ropes on my body itself, thanks to the corset.  I still can’t believe just how different it felt... 


And then the music started again, and Tommy put his arms round my waist, holding my wrists as he put his other hand on my arm, and we started to dance again. 


I kept looking into his eyes as we moved across the floor, loving every moment of it as we got faster, and my breath starting to come in short gasps.  When he stopped, he led me as I managed to get my breath back, before he kissed me again, and I mean REALLY kissed me.


When he stopped, I looked at him and said “wow...” – just before he pushed the folded cloth into my mouth, and then used a knotted length of towel as a cleave gag.


I should have seen it coming, I know, but it still took my surprise as he started to wrap the white tape round my mouth, and then added the layer of duct tape, before he tied a folded scarf in the same colour as my dress over the gag.  He then tied my bonnet back on – I’d taken it off for dinner, and left it on the couch – before he selected a length of rope, and went back to binding my arms to my upper body.


As before I couldn’t really feel the lower band of rope on my body – the corset took care of that, and my chest was forced up a bit by that anyway – but I could feel the rope on my upper chest.  It felt different, but not quite as annoying – even after Tommy used the long length of rope to tighten the bands between my arm and body, took it round the back of my neck, and then tied it round the other side.


Even when he tied a rope up my back, from my wrists to my neck, I could only really feel it at my neck.  But I was beyond worrying about that, as he started the music again, but his hand on my back and my arm, and we started to dance again.


My mind flew back to the ball two years before, when we had danced so tentatively- and I felt so much more confident now, as did he, as we whirled round the floor.


It wasn’t long before I was panting in and out through my nose, as Tommy looked at me, and I could see he was breathing hard as well.  Eventually, he stopped, bowed and turned off the music, before he said “we need to get you ready to go home.  Ready?”


I nodded as he started to untie me, and then removed the gag.  As he slipped the socks off and untapped my hands, I waited for a few moments, getting my breath back before I walked over, put my hands on his head and kissed him the way I really wanted to kiss him.


“Wow,” he said as I finally let go, “thank you.”


“You’re welcome,” I said with a little curtsey. 


“Look, I have something for you before you go.  Will you come upstairs with me?”


“Of course,” I said as we walked up the stairs.  As we went past Bobby’s bedroom, I happened to look in the open door, and saw Bobby on his bed, watching something on a laptop – and Suzie tied and gagged in a chair, looking at me as I walked past.


We went into Tommy’s room, me smiling as he picked up a wrapped parcel.


“I hope you like this,” he said as he gave it to me.


“May I open it?”


“Of course,” Tommy said as I opened the paper up, and took out a pink sweatshirt with a Newcastle United logo on it.


“I know you’re not a great fan of football,” he said, “but I thought you might like it.  At least, when you wear it, you can think of me – and it might annoy Bobby as well.”


“Good on both points – thank you Tommy, I love it,” I said as I held it, and then he kissed me again.


As we walked back, I heard Cassie say “hey Patty – had a good day?”


I looked into the room, watching as Bobby was untying her, and said “yeah I did – thank you both for helping Tommy set this up.”


“Hey a hint here, an idea there...”


“And thank you for teaching Tommy about that new rope Bobby.”


“New rope?  What new rope,” Bobby said as he looked at me and Tommy, Suzie looking at all of us as she said “what’s Patty talking about Bobby?”


“We really need to get going,” Tommy said as he took my arm, and we walked off.  It would appear young Lord Robert had only told Tommy that trick.


So far.






As we pulled up outside my house, I saw Mum open the door and stand waiting for us.


“I’m sorry we’re late Mrs Pickering,” Tommy said as he walked me up the path, “we lost track of time – the fault is entirely mine.  Thank you for letting Patty spend the day with me.”


“That’s all right,” Mum said as Tommy looked at me.  “I’ve got to leave early tomorrow – I’ll call you later.”


“Okay,” I said as he kissed me on the cheek, and then went back to where Mister Boyle was waiting.


“Have you had a good day,” I heard Mum say as I watched them drive off.


“Yeah – yeah I have...”


“Tell me about it in the morning,” she said as she closed the door, “bedtime.  Now.”


I walked up the stairs, stripped and put things away, and then put on my pyjamas before going to brush my teeth.  As I got under the duvet on my bed, Mum came in and tucked me in.


“Go to sleep, Patty,” she said as she kissed me on my forehead, “and I’ll see you in the morning.”


“Thanks Mum,” I said as she turned off the light, and I closed my eyes, still hearing the music in my head while I remembered Tommy dancing with me...




“Well, there you are sleepy head,” Mum said as I came into the kitchen, “have you seen what time it is?”


“Not too late, is it,” I said as I looked at the clock, and Mum handed me a bowl of cereal and some milk.


“Nope – but I was going to come and wake you in five minutes anyway,” Mum said as she stood drinking her coffee.  “What are you going to wear today?”


“I thought I’d put on my blue dress, if that’s all right with you Mum.”


“Okay,” she said as she finished her cup and put it in the dish washer, “I’ll lay it out for you before I get in the shower.  You finish your breakfast and then start the machine off before you come up and get ready, all right?”


“Okay Mum – can I have some orange juice before you go up?”


She smiled and poured some into a glass, leaving it with me before she went up the stairs.  I finished my cereal and juice, and put the dirty dishes into the machine, closing the door and turning it on before I headed up the stairs and into the bathroom.


When I came down, putting my glasses on, I was wearing the blue dress Mum had laid out.   It had elbow length sleeves, and a pleated skirt, and I also had on some tights and a pair of black shoes.  Mum was putting on her leather jacket over a black and red dress, smiling as she looked at me.


“All right then,” she said as she picked up the keys, “let’s go and join the others, shall we?”


The service was quite nice – nice songs, and not too boring in the Sunday School, but I kept going back in my mind to the previous day, the day with Tommy...


Once we left the church, we got into the car and drove off, me looking out of the window as we drove up the long tree lined road that led to Holderness Manor.  As Mum stopped the car and we got out, I saw quite a few people had already arrived, so we got out and walked towards the front door, where Mrs Bridges was waiting.


“If you would like to go through,” she said as we walked up the steps, “and through the dining room, everyone is meeting on the back lawn.”


“Thank you Mrs Bridges,” Mum said as she hung her coat up, as well as mine, and we walked through to where everyone was standing round, talking to each other.  Cassie and Jenny were with my aunts and uncle, while Suzie was talking to Alicia as David, June, Danny and Andrew were running round on the grass.


It seemed as if everyone as there – Colin and Frank Hampton, Freddie, Charlie, the Cottrell boys – everyone except Tommy...


“There you are!”


I turned to see Louise, Fiona and Rachel walking over, and then dragging me (in a nice way) over to the side.  All of them were wearing dresses, as Rachel said “so come on – spill.”


“I want to drink this Rachel,” I said as I held my glass up.”


“You know what we mean,” Fiona said, “just what did you get up to yesterday?”


“Well, you already know part of it?”


“A very small part – no thanks to you,” Rachel said with a giggle.  “So come on – what happened?”


“Well – he came early, gave me flowers and chocolates, and we sat and talked for a while...”


“Okay – I sense the hand of Suzie in that,” Rachel said, “then what?”


“He tied me up, gagged me, put on my coat and scarf, took me to the pictures...”


“And nobody noticed?”


“And nobody noticed Louise – anyway, we then went back to Wissenden for lunch, which is when we talked about the sleepover at your place Louise...”


“Oh... OH!  You mean that was the trigger for what happened after that?”


“Yeah,” I said as I blushed.  “Tommy boasted he could capture us all by himself, so we went back to my place, and collected Rachel first.  We took her to the farm, left her there, and then came to get you Louise – and Fiona kinda fell into our laps at the same time as well.  So we brought you to the Cottrell place, and then separated you, leaving you in the rooms.


“After that, we went back to my place, and Tommy asked if I’d put on my Victorian dress to join him for dinner.”


“Oh wow,” Rachel said, “did you manage the corset all right?”


“I managed – so I changed, we drove back to his place, and had a meal before we danced, me in my dress, him in a suit...”


My mind went back to that moment again, as I said “then he tied and gagged me, and we danced again...”


“Oh wow,” Fiona said, “that is so romantic...”


“Anyway,” I said after a moment, “what happened to you three?”


“What – after you left us bound, gagged, defenceless against anything a certain three young gentlemen would want to do?”


“Well – yes,” I said as I looked at them.


“Okay,” Louise said, “first up, we all agree on one thing.  Tommy is an evil and very clever young man – and that’s saying something when Charlie Williamson is within earshot.”


“Hey – that’s my guy you’re talking about,” Rachel said as she nudged Louise.


“Oh yeah – so what happened when he walked in on you.”


“Well, first up, I had no idea where I was...”


“None of us did,” Fiona said, “trust me.”


“So I heard the door open, and then I heard Charlie say ‘what the...’  I turned my head, wondering what Charlie was doing in my house, and then he untied the scarf you had tied over my eyes, looking at me as he said ‘So, is it Christmas already?’


“I remember trying to ask what he was doing in my place, and then I looked round, and it dawned on me I was in his room.  I could also hear giggling behind me, and I turned to see Lisa standing in the doorway, waving at me before she went back to her room.


“Well, he untied me from the chair, and we cuddled a bit, before he invited me to stay for dinner.  He allowed me to call home, and then – well, that’s our business.”


Rachel grinned as she glanced over at Charlie, before she said “what about you Fiona?”


“Me?  Well let’s see – I heard someone whisper in my ear, realised it was Freddie, and wondered what the hell Freddie was doing in my room...”


“I sense a theme building here,” Rachel said with a giggle.


“Anyway, he took the blindfold off, and then the gag, and we talked for a bit, all the time with me wondering how I had ended up in Freddie’s room – when we both heard a loud sneeze, Freddie walks over to his cupboard, and who should be in there but...”


All three of us looked at Louise, who blushed and said “there is a good reason, honestly...”


“Oh,” Rachel said, “and where were you left?”


“In Frank’s room...  I honestly thought you had taken me back to my place, and when I heard someone moving about, I thought it was Freddie.   They said nothing, and it’s the sort of thing he would do – so when I heard Frank whisper into my ear, I nearly jumped out of my skin.”


“Even though you were tied to a chair?”


Louise shook her head, before she said “anyway, eventually Frank walked me home, and then we saw Fiona in Freddie’s room.  That’s when he suggested we hide in his cupboard...”


“Back up,” I said suddenly, “Frank suggested that?”


Louise nodded and grinned as she said “Well – it was fun watching both of you, and as for the sleepover...”




“Ladies and Gentlemen,” Mrs Bridges called out, “Lunch is served.”


“Catch you later,” Louise said as she and the others went to join their boys, while I walked back and joined the others.


Was I jealous that they had their crushes there with them?  A bit, but I sat down with Cassie and Jenny while we ate, and we talked about all sorts of other things...



After lunch, I went to the toilet, and as I walked back I looked at the line of Holderness portraits.  As I looked at them, I yawned a little – too much nice food and fresh air, I imagined.


So when as I opened my mouth I was grabbed from behind, and a cloth was stuffed into my mouth as an arm went round my waist, I didn’t even get the chance to shout in surprise or for help.  The hand that went over my mouth didn’t help matters, as I was pulled into a room and the door closed behind me.


Whtssgnnn,” I mumbled as the hand was taken off my mouth, and then I was unable to stop whoever it was pulling my hands behind my back, as I felt cold metal and heard the click of a pair of handcuffs as they were fastened around my wrists, holding them together.


And then the cloth was tied over my eyes, and whoever was doing this pulled some cloth between my lips, as I felt the knot of material on my tongue.  Then came that squelching sound, and I felt the tape pressing on my cheeks as it was wrapped round my head, and then the ripping of what I realised was duct tape as it was wrapped round my head as well.


Whoever this was then took my arm and I was walked a short distance, before there was some pressure on my shoulder and I sat on what I realised was a stool.  I grunted as I felt the rope around my ankles, my captor taking it tightly around and between my legs, and then a second band drawing my legs together below my knees.


My ankles were then pulled to one side, and I realised they were tying them to a leg of the stool.  I then felt the cuff as it was released from my left hand, but then there was another click, and when I tried to stand up I realised whoever this was – and I had no idea – had fastened the cuff round the stool leg.


Something soft and squishy was pressed into my hand, and my fingers gently closed round it, before I heard the tape rip again – so whoever it was had covered my hands with tape - and sure as eggs is eggs, that was followed with a sock taped to my arm.


My right hand was released, and then made into a fist in the same way, before my wrists were crossed behind my back, and I felt the rope as they were secured tightly together.  This was followed by the rope around my waist, and then around my stomach, so that my arms were locked in place.


I wondered if, whoever this was, they would go further – and I got my answer when they started to wrap the bands of rope above and below my chest, the ropes rubbing in that infuriatingly nice way as they tied them.


They then tied some rope between my arm and body on my left side – but before I could move, they took that rope up and around the back of my neck, before the bands were tightened on the other side.  So it was someone who knew this rope – which screamed Bobby to me, and I began to wonder where Cassie was.


I wasn’t even surprised when he tied some rope to my wrists, fed it under all the other ropes and tied it to the neck rope, and I wriggled round, the ropes rubbed like crazy and I did not know whether to laugh or cry...


Lllrrtbbeeufhdurfnn,” I said as I wriggled.


“Bobby?  Who on earth said it was Bobby?”


I suddenly turned – and that made the ropes worse – as the blindfold was removed, and I blinked, unable to believe my eyes.




“Hey,” Tommy said as he took my glasses from his pocket and put them on me, “surprised?”




“Okay – I guess an explanation is in order...”


He laughed as I looked at him, and then said “we had to leave early because Dad was meant to meet someone for a meeting on the way home.  When we got there, however, Dad got a call, and – well, he wasn’t exactly happy when he talked to whoever it was.


“Anyway, when he finished, he told me and Mum that the ‘person’ he was meant to meet with had cancelled – and he was especially annoyed because we missed this.  Mum then suggested we call Aunt Susan and see if we could still come, and – well, here we are.”


Well, when he put it like that, I guess I could understand why he wanted to surprise me, as I nodded – and then regretted it as the ropes rubbed on me again.


“Have you eaten yet?”


I nodded again, without thinking, before Tommy said “Look, I haven’t had anything since breakfast.  Do you mind if I go and get something and then come back?”


Shaking my head, I watched as he knelt down and released my bound ankles from the stool leg.  As I stood up, I could see the handcuffs still attached to one of the legs at the back, but right now I was concentrating on Tommy as he said “Thanks – why don’t you hop over to the couch?”


Well, I could do that easily enough, but as I did so my wrists moved up and down, so the ropes...


You know, I need to have a word with Jenny and Cassie at some point about just how those ropes felt to me at that point.  I mean, I was just about used to now it felt to have the four bands of rope tied tightly, but with these new ways, it was...


I eventually got to the couch and sat down, before Tommy helped me to lie on my tummy, and he pulled my ankles back.  I was expecting him to tie them to my chest ropes, and I suppose in a way he did – except what he really did was tie them to the rope running down my back!


“See you in a few minutes,” he said as he went out, closing the door behind himself.  I nodded and tried to get comfy – and then I realised my problem.  Anything – ANYTHING – I did to move and try to get comfortable made those ropes on my chest move.  I tried to move my legs, but that just made the bands tighter as I wriggled round, and...


It is actually very difficult to describe exactly how I felt; I just don’t have the words to describe it.  I felt warm and tingly and upset and wanted to scream and wanted to laugh and...




I looked round to see Tommy come in, holding a plate of food and a drink.  Putting it down on a side table, he walked over and untied the hogtie rope, letting my leg fall slightly before he retied it.  He then helped me to sit up, with my legs under me and still tied to the back rope, before he removed the gag.


“Thanks,” I said as I tried to move my legs – and then stopped as the ropes started to work on me again.  As Tommy sat down, he looked at me and said “are you all right?  You look a bit flushed?”


“I...  I’m fine,” I said with a smile, as he started to eat.  “You sure I don’t want something,” he said as he looked at me.


“I’m fine thanks,” I said with a smile, “so, have you seen any of the others?”


“Well, I’ve seen Bobby and Suzie,” he said as he bit into a slice of pork pie.


“That’s not who I meant, and you know it – have you seen any of the girls?”


“Nope – if I’m being honest,” Tommy said as he swallowed his food, “I’m avoiding them.  I have this sneaking feeling they may want to get their own back on me – and as for Charlie, Frank and Freddie...”


“I think Frank may actually want to thank you,” I said as he put some rice salad on his fork and ate it.  I smiled and moved, and then felt all tingly again as the ropes rubbed on me...


“Want a drink?”


“Now that I will have,” I gasped as he held the glass to my lips, and I had some water.  We then talked again as I watched him eat, wondering if he had any idea at all how this was making me feel.


“Well,” he eventually said as he put his plate down, “want to go for a walk?”


“Like this?”


“Yup,” he said as he picked up the cloth, “open wide.”


I let him put the gag back, wondering what he was going to do as the cloth and tape went round.  He then untied the rope holding my ankles to my neck – which was the nicest thing he had done that day.  I mean, my wrists and neck were still connected by that rope, but at least I could move my legs out – and then watch as Tommy untied them, and put the ropes into a bag.  I watched as he walked out for a moment with the bag, and I waited patiently, twisting as I did so.


He came back in, and put his finger to his lips as he helped me to stand up and walked with me to the door, looking out and then taking me with him along towards the front door.


As we did so, he stopped outside the toilet, and looked at me.  “Promise you won’t try and get free?”


Prmss,” I said as I tried to smile at him, while he ducked into the smallest room.  As I waited, I looked round, and then I heard muffled giggles from the library.  Curiosity got the better of me, and so I walked over.


The door was partially open, and as I looked in I saw Charlie, Frank and Freddie, along with Rachel, Louise and Fiona.  They all had their backs to me, but I could see the three girls were bound and gagged – and I could see the boys tying ropes to their wrists, and then feed them up their backs to a length of rope at the collar of their blouses and dresses.


Something to talk to them about the next day, I thought to myself as I walked back, and Tommy came out.  “Ready,” he said, and I nodded as we walked out of the front door.  As we went out, I saw Tommy’s dad waiting by the car.


“Ready,” he said, Tommy nodding as he opened the back door of the car, and Tommy helped me to sit inside, before he closed the door and ran round, coming in beside me as his dad got behind the wheel.


“Did you talk to Mrs Pickering?”


“I did, and she gave her permission as well,” Tommy said as we drove off.




“Just somewhere to have some time to ourselves,” Tommy said with a smile as he looked at me, and I...


All right, I melted at his look, and relaxed, eager to see what was going to happen.





“Here we are,” Mr Jacobs said as we pulled up outside – my house?


“Thanks Dad,” Tommy said as he looked at me.  “Where are your door keys, Patty?”


I nodded down at the pocket in my dress, Tommy smiling as he fished my front door keys out and got out of the car, running up the path and unlocking the door.  As he opened it, he looked up and down the road and then ran back down, opening the car door as he said “sorry, Patty, but you’re going to have to run in.”


Nodding, I got out and sprinted for the front door, hoping to God above I’d get in before the ropes made me fall down – and I just about managed it.  I got into the hallway, but the way the ropes were rubbing on me as I ran in got the better of me, and I fell onto my knees in the hallway, gasping through my nose as I wanted to shout out.


“Are you all right,” Tommy said as he came in and knelt next to me.  I looked at him and nodded, unable to tell him what I was feeling, as he helped me to stand up and we walked into the front room.  I could see his dad driving off, as he looked at me and said “Dad agreed that I could bring you home, and we could have some more time together.  I hope you don’t mind?”


Fcrsnttt,” I said as I looked at him.  He smiled and helped me to sit down while he went and closed the front door, and then came back in, taking the ropes back out of the back and crossing my ankles as he tied them together, and then secured my legs below my knees.


“Now then,” he said as he looked at me, “how about I pick a film for us both to watch?”


Hgrrtt,” I said in a mocking tone, but when he selected Scooby Doo and Scooby Doo 2, I nodded in agreement as he put the disk into the player, then sat next to me, putting his arm round my shoulders as I put my head on his shoulder, and we both started to watch.


We watched both films, one after the other, before Tommy heard his mobile phone ringing.  As he looked at it, I looked at him before he answered the call and said “hey Mum – is it time?


“Okay – thanks. I’ll be ready.”




“I’m afraid so,” Tommy said as he started to untie me, “but I’m glad we got this extra time together.  Did you enjoy it?”


Hysss,” I said, nodding as the ropes kept rubbing on me, and then I turned round and allowed him to release my arms.  Once he had removed al the ropes, I waited for him to remove the gag and then uncover my hands before I turned round and kissed him on the lips.


“Be back in a minute,” I said as I ran up the stairs and into the toilet.  Well, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do...


As I walked back down, Tommy smiled as he saw what I had put on.  “It fits then?”


“Yes it does,” I said as I gave him a twirl to see the sweatshirt.  Which would have to be the moment we both heard a car horn sound.


Opening the door, we saw Tommy’s parents waiting in the car.  Gotta go – I’ll talk to you tomorrow,” Tommy said, before he gave me a quick kiss on the lips, waved and ran up the path, jumping in before he drove off.


I stood in the doorway, watching the car move off and sighing, and then saw Mum pull up in the VW.  She got out, looked down the road and then at me, before she said “have a good time?”


“Oh yeah Mum,” I said quietly, “I had a great time.”


“Okay then – you clear up, and I’ll sort some tea out,” she said as she hung her coat and mine up, and then went to the kitchen, while I went into the front room, clearing the ropes up and sighing at the wonderful time I’d had...







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