He was sitting in his front room, watching something inconsequential on the television when his mobile rang.  Looking at the number on the display, he pressed the button to answer.




“It’s me – I’ve got one for you.”


“Oh yeah?”


“Yup – a yank visiting for some business meeting.  Forty year old, classic MILF.”


“Hmm – that can go either way.  Send me a photo and I’ll get back to you.”


Putting the phone down, he turned his attention back to the screen.  A few minutes passed before the phone buzzed, and he opened up the message that had arrived.  There were two photos of a dark haired woman, one of her going up to the stage at a presentation, the other of her standing next to a man with his arm around her.  She was small and wearing glasses, but there was something in her eye that he liked.  Dialling a number, he leaned back and waited.


“Hi, it’s me.  Who is she?”


“Secretary to some business bigwig – she’s come over to help take minutes for a meeting.  Her name’s Debra Whitehead and she’s managed to get room 1216 – the one in the corner that doesn’t connect, and staying tonight and tomorrow.  There’s nobody booked in the nearby rooms tomorrow night, and I can make sure they get kept free.”


“I see – what sort of stuff is she carrying?”


“Big laptop bag, and I’ve seen her with an iPad and iPhone.  Jewellery, nice but discrete – big rings, good looking watch.”


He sat for a moment in silence, before saying “OK - let's do it. Usual time tomorrow, and usual cut.”


“Gotcha – see you in the bar.  She has a dinner reservation for her and her boss at 6, so you won’t miss her.”






Debra walked into the hotel lobby with her boss, glad that the day was nearly over.  She was dressed for business in a black dress with a box neckline, taupe hose, black 4” heel pumps and her rings on her fingers.  A small jewelled cross hung around her neck as she talked to her boss while they walked towards the bar.  A small group of people were there, sitting and talking, while a couple of men were at the bar nursing their drinks.


As she walked past, one dark haired man watched her going past, admiring the way her ass moved under the skirt.  “I’m looking forward to this,” he heard Debra say as they stopped for  a moment, “but it’s a hot bath and bed after the meal for me.   I hope he doesn’t sit talking too long.”


“Can’t promise that Debra, but we’ll see what we can do.”


“Roger, let me just go and take these bags to the room first – I’m not sitting with them by the table.”


“Nonsense – we’re paying good money for this hotel, and I intend to use it to the fullest.”  He watched as the man went to a house phone and picked it up.  “This is Mr Davidson – please send a porter to the restaurant.”  As he replaced the phone, the man watched him returning to Debra.  A few moments later, a uniformed porter came over and said “You called, Mr Robertson?”


“Yes,” Roger said as he took the bags from Debra and handed them to the porter.  “Please take these to Mrs Whitehead’s room – 1216 – and make sure they are left safely.”  As he said this, he took a twenty pound note and handed it to the porter.


“Of course, sir,” he said as he started to walk to the lifts.  “Let’s eat, Debra,” Roger said as the two of them followed the waiter to their table, not noticing the dark haired man drain his drink and follow the porter into the lift.  As the doors closed, the porter started speaking.


“Debra Whitehead, 40 years old, flew in from Toronto yesterday and leaving tomorrow on a BA flight.  She has an 8 am check out booked.  I heard her say she wanted to be upstairs by 9 so that she could call her husband, so you should have enough time.”


The lift doors opened and the two men walked to room 1216, the porter opening the door and carrying in the bags while the man slipped in behind him.


“He might be expecting that call..”


“From what she said, I don’t think he is, but it may be better to let her do that.”


“Right – I’ll see you later,” the man said as he watched the porter slip out.







Some time later, he looked at his watch – 8:30.  Taking a pair of leather gloves from his jacket pocket, he pulled them tightly over his hands and slipped into the bathroom, closing the door to and waiting.


“Well, gentlemen, it has been a wonderful meal, but I have to go now.”  As Debra pushed her chair back, the client placed his hand on her leg and said “Must you go?  Why don’t you stay a while longer gorgeous?”


She looked at him, then at Roger, before gently removing his hand and saying “Well sir I have to call home so I need to go to my room.  If you will excuse me?”  She stood up and walked over to the lift, passing the porter on the way.  As the lift door closed, he took out a mobile phone and sent a message.


In the bathroom, he took out the phone and read “On Her Way.”




As Debra walked out of the lift, her heels clicking on the tiled floor, she took her pass card out and slipped it into the door lock.  As she came into the room, she walked the short distance to the table and dropped her purse on the desk, before removing a pack of cigarettes and sitting down on the couch.  As she lit up, the man in the bathroom listened carefully as she picked up the phone.


“Operator?  I’d like to make an overseas call please - Canada 416- 784- 6695.  Yes, I’ll hold.”


As Debra waited for the call to connect, the bathroom door opened very slowly and the man walked out, his footfall muffled by the carpet while he listened.


“Hi Baby, yes I am beat, this jet lag thing is killing me, it is like 9 pm her but it feels like it should be like 4 in the afternoon.  How are things with you?


“Yes, well, we leave here at 10 London time, it is an 8 hour flight so touchdown is 6 pm London time so 1 in the afternoon there. Will take about an hour to clear customs so I will see you in about 20 hours.


“OH and I did get some new lingerie so tomorrow night you can...”  He heard Debra give a slight giggle, and realised what she was referring to.


“All right, love you too baby -  bye”


From his position, he could see Debra sit back and switch on the television, putting the cigarette to her mouth as she did so.  He could hear her going “No... No... Ah, that looks good,” before he could hear the Universal music playing.


Taking a deep breath, he walked into the middle of the room, stood in front of the television and said “Good evening.”


Debra looked at the man in the room, dressed in a suit and tie, but with a stocking pulled over his head and gloves on his hands.  Inhaling for a moment, she removed the cigarette and stayed looking at him, scared by the shock of him coming out of nowhere.  Eventually, however, she placed the cigarette in the ashtray, stood up with her hands on her hips and said “who the hell are you and what are you doing in my room?”


Me?”  He said as he pulled a pistol out of his pocket, “I'm the man who's telling you to shut up and sit down.”  Debra looked at the gun, before slowly sitting and crossing her legs.  “Also, I'm the man who’s telling you to keep quiet.”


“What... what do you want,” Debra said very quietly, looking at the gun the whole time, “Just take it and leave.”


Oh don't worry, I'll take all that I want, but first I need you to do something for me.”


Debra looked at the man, and said “what is that?”


 First, tell me your name.”




“Well, Debra, you can start by putting that cigarette out.”  He watched her as she crushed the cigarette out in the ashtray and then placed it on the coffee table.  “Now, move to the centre of this couch, and sit with your hands behind your back.”


“Ok,” she whispered as she moved over and put her hands behind her back.  The man leaned back against the desk, and she could see him smiling as he looked at her.


Now, Debra, I presume you would still like to make that flight I heard you talking about tomorrow?”


Yes - yes I do” she replied, and he could hear the fear in her voice.


Well then, you do exactly what I tell you, when I tell you, understand?”  Debra nodded slowly as he reached into his jacket pocket, took out a roll of red tape and tossed it to her.   Good - now, take this,” he said as it landed on the seat, and Debra slowly brought a hand out to pick it up.”


“Now, Debra, I want you to tape your ankles together.  Do it tightly.”


um, ok” Debra whispered as she took my hands from behind her back, picked up the tape and then very tightly circled her ankles, side by side, about 15 times, making a band of red pvc tape about 3" wide.  He could see the tape digging into her pantyhose legs as her ankles were held together by the tight, wide band and smiled again.


“Good, good.  Now, tear the tape off, smooth it down and give me back the tape.  Then put your hands behind your back.”


“You are a strange man,” she said as she handed the tape back and put her arms back behind her, holding her hands together.


“We've only just begun to get to know each other, Debra,” he said as he reached down and checked the binding.  Debra winced slightly as he pulled at her legs.  “Now, take this,” he said as he handed her a roll of white tape.  She brought her left hand out to take the roll as he walked backwards, the gun pointing at her the whole time.


“Now, tape your legs together, just below your knees, as tightly as before. When you are done, give me back the roll and put your hands behind your back.”  She continued to look at him as she taped her legs together, using about ten passes round before tearing the end off, smoothing the tape down and handing the roll back to the intruder, placing her hands behind her back once again.


You're very good at this, Debra,” he said as he checked the white band and stood back again, taking out a roll of blue tape this time and handing it to her.  “Now, same again above your knees if you don’t mind.”


“What are you doing this for?” Debra asked as she took the roll.  “Why don’t you just tape me up and be done with it.”  She looked at him as he stepped back, smiling again under the stocking.


“Just do it, Debra -  I'm enjoying playing this game with you,” he said as he watched her wrap the blue tape around her legs.  “Besides, I find it is more fun if my - victim takes part in the proceedings more fully.  Now, give me the tape and put your hands behind your back again.”


Very funny” Debra said as she sat back, her hands behind her back and her legs stretched out in front of her totally useless.


Yes, hilarious - now, a few questions.”


“Aren’t you going to bind my hands now?”


In a moment, Debra - let's not rush things. First I need the answer to two questions.  First question - what is the combination to the safe?”


Debra looked at him quizzically.  “It’s 7105, and you need my room pass card” she said as she looked at the gun and watched him with the 3 different rolls of tape, making something at the desk.  “What are you doing there?”


Oh, I will get that in a few moments, but I have another question for you.”  As he said this, the intruder held up the wide strip, made from the three rolls of tape, before laying it gently on the table.


“All right – what are your other questions?”


As he looked at Debra, the man could see she was not wearing her jewellery, but also noted the fear that was beginning to creep back into her voice.  Just one,” he said, “is that bag where you have put your dirty laundry?”


He pointed to a small holdall sitting on the case rest.  Debra looked at it and said “Yes, that is where I put my dirty laundry – why?”


Are your panties in there?”


Um um.”


Oh - where are they?”


“There are no panties in there, I came dressed for the meeting on the plane, so I was in a skirt suit yesterday with pantyhose, and I only brought a dress, a skirt and blouse and another business skirt suit so I only packed 4 pairs of pantyhose.”


Pantyhose - are you saying you have no panties?”


Debra bowed her head and said quietly “Yes I do not have panties here, I don’t wear panties when I wear pantyhose.”


The man smiled.  “You go Commando – I like that Debra.”  He opened the bag and started to look through the contents.  “Why do you want to know about my under gar...” she started to say but stopped short as she watched him take put the pantyhose she had worn yesterday.


Well, Debra,” he said quietly, “normally I get my ladies to re- use their panties, but in your case - take these.”  Debra saw an evil smile under the silk as he tossed the dirty pantyhose onto her lap and picked up the pistol.  “Ball them up, and put them in your mouth.”


Debra looked at them, and said “reuse my panties?  OH MY GOD please no there are clean hose in the suit case, still in the package please make me put them in the mouth.”  She pleaded with him, but fell silent as she watched him pull the hammer back on the gun.


Debra, I told you to do what I told you to do - and right now I'm telling you to ball that pantyhose up and put in your mouth. Unless you want the next call to your husband to be bad news...”


“Ok, ok” she said as she brought her hands from behind her back again and balled up the pantyhose as small as she could.  “I want you to taste them, so crotch panel against your tongue,” he said as he continued to point the gun at her, “and all the way in - I don't want to see any material sticking out.”  To her surprise, Debra managed to fit all the material in her mouth, closing her lips and noticing in the mirror there was no outward sign of the packing in her mouth.


“All right,” he said as Debra looked back mutely at him, “keep those lips closed and put this over your mouth.”  He handed her the wide strip, and as Debra put it over her mouth she pressed down on the centre of her pursed lips, smoothing the tape out to the sides and pressing firmly so that it stuck in place.  As she moved her hands behind her back, she could feel the tape pull back and weld itself to her mouth and cheeks, holding her dirty pantyhose in her mouth.


How does that feel, Debra?”  She glared silently back at the intruder who laughed a she picked up the white tape.  “Now, turn with your back to me and lean forward.”  Debra shuffled round as he sat behind her, grabbing her arms and forcing her hands together, the backs of her hands against each other and taping them together tightly.  He heard her say “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” as her wrists were forced together.


Comfy,” he said as he stood up.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmm” was the only response as she forced her to turn back round again and sit back.  She watched him kneel in front of her, checking the tape around her legs as he felt along her pantyhose.  I do so love a woman who cannot resist my charms,” he said as he moved his hands under her skirt and felt the inside of her thighs, moving towards her crotch.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm m ,” Debra mumbled as he moved his hands out, around her waist and up her back, before feeling her breasts in his gloved hands.


Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmm,” Debra said as she sat there, unable to resist and stop the man as he massaged her breasts, and yet beginning to feel a response in herself as well.  He must have seen something to, as he stood up and said “You know, I think you look a bit hot there Debra - let me help you to cool down.”


Debra’s eyes widened, tears welling as she felt him reach round and slowly start to unzip her dress.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmm - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm m” was the only response she could give as the zip was pulled down, the shoulders of her dress slipping down her arms as he continued to pull.  “Madfmamsdfmasdm fasdm,” was her shouted response as he reached the bottom of the zip and gently pulled her dress down at the front, revealing her tan bra.


OH hush, Debra, I'm sure this will be a lot cooler.”


Madmfmasdfmasdm fsmadmfsdasd” Debra said as she shook her head from side to side.  No? You do not know what I am going to do next, Debra,” the man said as he stood up.  He pushed her over onto her side and lifted her legs onto the couch, making Debra say “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmm.” 


You just lie there while I gather up a few things,” he said as he picked up the key card and walked to the safe.  As Debra lay there, watching him as he swiped the card and punched in the number, she was scared more than she had ever been.   Half exposed, trussed like a turkey and so well gagged she could not be heard across the room, let alone out of the room,  all she could do was mumble “mmmmmmmmmmm, as she watched the safe door open.


“Good girl,” he said as he looked over, “You gave me the correct combination.”  As she watched him putting her rings and jewellery into a small velvet bag, crying as he did so, she noticed a pair of scissors on the table, and began to hope there was a way to get out of this once he had gone.


The man stood up, leaving her passport in the safe as he walked over and placed the velvet bag on the table.  Oh come now, Debra - jewellery can always be replaced, and you will always have the memories,” he said as he picked up her laptop bag.  Placing the small bag inside, he watched Debra struggling on the couch, tightly bound and thoroughly gagged as she said “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmm -  mmmmmmmmmm.”  She hoped he was going to leave with her bag, but when he came back over and knelt in front of her other thoughts started to come into her mind.


He knelt down, stroking her legs as she lay there and listening to her saying “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.”  So Debra,” he said lightly as he felt her legs as she tried to pull them away, “just what are you thinking of right now?


“He is going to rape me and perhaps kill me before he leaves,” was what Debra was thinking, but she said nothing as he continued to look at her.  Well, it doesn’t really matter anyway - sit up,” was his response as he took her by the shoulders and helped her to sit up.  As she managed to get upright, he took hold of the top of the dress and pulled it down her arms and body, gently caressing her as he did so.


“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMm” she said as he removed her dress from her upper body, looking into his eyes even thought they were obscured by the stocking over his head.  As he pulled the dress down, her chest literally fell out with the bra barely holding her breasts in.


He could see the look of fear in her face as she said “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.”  You do have a lovely pair of breasts,” he said as he ran his hands down her back and under the straps on her shoulders.  As he pulled gently, Debra realised that at the very least she was going to be forced to pleasure him, and said “MMMMMMMMMMMmmmm mmmmm”


“Ah - I see you want me to carry on, Debra,” he said as he slowly pulled the bra straps down her arms.  “Well, I would not be a gentleman if I did not accede,” he continued as he pulled her bra down, despite Debra’s frantic shakes of her head.  As he cupped her bare breasts in his hands and squeezed, Debra closed her eyes and moaned, desperately trying not to respond to his touch in any way.  “You like that, don’t you Debra - I can tell,” he said as he moved one hand down and pushed the skirt of her dress up.  As he stroked her crotch, she let out a moan of  MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMm.”  “Oh yes, I can see you like this,” he said a she felt the warmth between her legs, while Debra said “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmm” and shook her head.


Oh yes,” he said as he stroked her between the legs with one hand and round her nipples with the other, “I can see you are beginning to enjoy this - so how can I refuse?.”  Debra let out a half moan, half protest as he stood up and stepped back.  


“Get on your knees, Debra.”


She looked up at him, eyes wide and saying “MMMMMMMMMM?”   I said, get on your knee,” he said again in a more aggressive tone, but Debra still sat there.  Picking up the gun, he took a pillow from the bed and threw it on the floor.  “Do I still need to use this, you little bitch?   Last chance - get on your knees.”


Looking at the gun, Debra wriggled off the sofa and managed to kneel on the pillow.  She watched the intruder as he slowly stripped off, leaving his clothes to one side as he did so, and seeing the size of his cock as he stood there.


Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” she said looking at the nude man with a huge hard on as he pointed the gun at her.


All right, Debra, here's what's going to happen,” he said as he looked at the woman kneeling on the floor.  “You have a choice to make. If you do as I ask, and play nicely, then when we are finished I will leave you with a way to get loose and raise the alarm. You can tell the police whatever you want, and you decide how much they know.”


As she looked at him, Debra thought “fuck you buddy I am going to bite that cock off when it comes to my mouth.”  She looked at his face and saw him smiling at her.


If, however, you play the hard bitch and try to fight me or carry on, I will have my way with you and then leave you so tightly bound you will be lucky if you see the next hour, never mind the next morning - and believe me, that will not be fun.”  Debra swallowed hard as she heard this.  “I don’t mind either way - the choice is entirely yours. I strongly recommend, however, you play nice.  I would hate to see you get hurt.”  He walked over and reached out for the corner of the tape covering her mouth,


“SO, what will it be Debra,” he said as he pulled the tape away and removed the pantyhose.  Debra coughed for a moment, and said “aaaaaaaahh hhhhhhhh um what do you mean be lucky to see the next hour let alone tomorrow just by tying me up?”


Do you know what it means to be hogtied, Debra?”  He watched as Debra silently shook her head.  “Well, imagine me leaving you with a rope from your feet, pulled back so that your heels touch the back of your legs, through your wrists and then around your neck.  If I did that, every time you tried to move your feet your neck would be squeezed...”


He watched the expression of horror as it became clear to his captive what he meant.  OH MY GOD I would hang myself and die.”  Nodding, he continued “Would you like that to happen, you little bitch?”  As she continued to stare ahead in silence, he knelt in front of her, raised her head to face him and said “Choose, Debra.”


“No I wouldn’t,” she sobbed as he smiled.  So you will play nicely,” he said, but as Debra started to answer he put a finger to her lips.  “Hush, I just want you to say what you are - a bitch and a slut.  Say it.”


As he stood back up, Debra bowed her head and whispered “I am a bitch and a slut.”


“And what is your choice, bitch?”  As he stood over her, Debra started to say “I choose to play nice with...” but at that point he stopped her.


 No,” he said as he held Debra’s head by the chin, “I said what are you going to do, you little slut?”  She held back the tears as she replied “I promise that I will not be the BITCH that I have been to you, that I will play nice, and I beg you to treat me like the dirty SLUT I am.”  He smiled as he heard the tone she used – one that indicated the fight had been driven completely out of her.


Good,” he said a she let go of her chin and stood back for a moment.  “Now open wide.”  AS he walked forward, raising his enlarged penis in his hand, Debra watched him before closing her eyes.  As she opened her mouth wide, he said “Take it all in” as he placed it on her lips.


Debra felt the organ on her rouged lips, and slowly began to lick the tip as it sat there, around the side and the bottom before she pulled the cock into her mouth, only the head at first but slowly pulling it all the way in as she started to suck.  He stood there, allowing her to bob her head as she sucked in, out, in, out, harder with each movement as he felt himself starting to throb and swell inside her mouth.


God that's good,” he said as he felt his penis against her tongue, the sensations growing as it teased and stroked.  “Keep going, keep going,” he said quietly as he started to move in motion with Debra’s head, thrusting harder inwards with every suck that she made.  She continued to suck as they moved, drawing him deeper and deeper in until he could feel the head against the back of her throat, the pressure slowly and steadily building inside.


Suddenly Debra rammed her mouth down on his cock, then slowly pulled off sucking a shard as possible as she came to the base of the head before drawing it back into her mouth.  The man could feel the pressure building inside the mouth, and to her horror Debra could feel herself responding as well, wanting it to continue as her mouth was filled. Her mouth worked him, drawing him closer and closer in as he grabbed her head and started to thrust forward with every movement, pushing harder and further against her throat as he did so.


“Take it all in, you little slut,” he said as Debra moaned at the increased throbbing, wondering what he was going to do as he pushed further and further against her lips with his scrotum.  He knew she could feel the increased, more rapid and strong pulsing as he swelled inside, while for her part Debra did not want him to cum at all, while at the same time hoping, praying...


“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM M” she said as he pushed further forward.  Don't you dare bite, or I will leave you breathless,” he said as the throbbing grew to an excruciating level, Debra sucking hard as he pushed forward.  MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMm” she screamed, and he felt the vibrations in his cock as he pushed forward harder still, thrusting in and out with increasing rapidity until suddenly he exploded, the rush coming suddenly, strongly, as he let it flow into her mouth and throat.  Debra swallowed hard, desperately trying not to choke on his cum as he continued to let it flow out, filling her throat faster than she could swallow.  Debra wondered how much more she could take before he suddenly pulled out, allowing her to take a big gasp of air as a dribble of semen flowed down her chin.


She stared straight ahead, unsure of what was happening as he said “You enjoyed that, didn’t you?”  As the cum ran down her face, and started to drip onto her breasts, he pulled her head up and looked at her.  “I said, you enjoyed that, didn't you?”  Debra looked up and said quietly “Yes I did.


Good,” the intruder said as he looked at Debra, “because we're not finished yet. Open wide.”  Debra opened her mouth, expecting him to put his cock back in, but instead her eyes widened as the pantyhose was pushed back into her mouth and the tape was smoothed back over.  As she watched him pick his trousers up, Debra said “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm” as he took a small silver square out of the pocket.


I want you to face the couch, slut,” he said, and with some difficulty Debra managed to spin round on her knees and face the couch she had been sitting on earlier.  She sensed rather than saw him kneeling behind her as his hands come round and stroked her waist.  His touch was soft, gentle and she responded with “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmm.”


As he reached up and pulled her dress down as far as he could, and began to unhook her bra and pull it down her arms, Debra moved in response, moaning softly as she did so.  His gloved hands circled round her nipples, and she was surprised at how hard they had become – and the shock that ran through her as he pressed gently down.  So,” he said as he began to gently massage her breasts, “let's see what else we can do, hmm?”  Debra put her head down and said “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmm” as his hands encircled her stomach, stroking her skin and moving around her waist.  She could feel his cock against her hose covered ass, already enlarging and responding to her moans, and was surprised at just how hard it was feeling.


She moaned as she felt his hands slipping under the waistband of her hose.  I have a lot of experience,” he said as he slowly pulled her hose down to her knees, “and I would like to share that knowledge with you now, bitch.”  As his hands moved between her legs, Debra bucked slightly and said  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmm” as she felt his fingers against her crotch.


Oh, you are moist, you little slut,” he said as he moved closer behind her, moving her hands gently as he stimulated her still further.  Debra could feel his cock against her ass, throbbing again as he started to move into position.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmm” was the only sound she made as she felt him slipping between her legs and move with her, his arm embracing her waist as he started to slip inside her.


“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMM” she said in response as they started to move as one, his hips with her hips, his body with her body as he moved further inside, feeling her grip and hold him in as he did so.  He gripped harder as he started to thrust forward, her body moving in response as she pulled him further into herself.


“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmm” she said as she tried to hold onto him, wondering what was going to happen as she felt his throbbing member start to withdraw.  She could feel by his touch he was wearing a condom, and had thought he was just going to rape her from behind.  As the throbbing intensified, however, she realised that he was not just going to rape her from behind – he was going to ass fuck her.  She tried desperately to hold him as he began to pull out, but failed as he quickly withdrew and rammed his enlarged cock into her anus,


“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMM” she screamed  into the gag as her body started to shake, responding to his thrusting from behind as the throbbing vibrated around her body.  He kept pushing, thrusting for as long as he could as he felt himself start to come again.


Debra felt her whole body shake as she realised she was building to an orgasm as well.  As he started to cum in her ass, she let out a loud and sustained scream.  “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMM” was the sound he heard as simultaneously he came in her ass and Debra came in front.


Both of them kept the flow going as long as their bodies would allow, before there was finally nothing more to give.  “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm,” Debra said as she collapsed forward, her head on the couch as her attacker withdrew.  Standing up, he left Debra where she was as he went to the bathroom.  She could hear the sound of running water for a few minutes, before he came back in, a sanitary towel bag in his hand.  She kept her face in the cushion as she heard him putting on his clothes, before coming back over to her.


Here,” he said as he helped her to lie on the couch, her head on a seat cushion.  She watched him as he put the jewellery into the laptop bag, and closed it.  “I said I would leave you a way out,” was his last comment as he placed the pair of scissors from the table on the floor, before heading for the door.  “Goodbye, Debra,” he said as he walked out of the room, locking the door behind him.


Debra lay quietly for a few minutes, listening for the sound of the lift arriving.  As she heard the ping of the bell, she waited a minute more before starting to wriggle off the sofa, knees first before she lay on the floor.


As he stepped out of the lift, he saw the porter waiting at the hotel desk.  Walking over, he handed the laptop bag over without a word, taking an envelope and walking out to hail a cab.  Five minutes had passed as he jumped in and gave an address, as Debra inched her way over to the scissors.


It took him ten minutes to reach his flat – ten minutes in which Debra had finally managed to get the scissors, and starting to try and cut away the tape from her wrists.  It took a further five minutes before her wrists were finally freed and she was able to remove the gag from her mouth.  AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH HHHHHHHH SUCCESS” she cried as she rubbed her wrists, and then started to cut away the tape around her thighs.


In the lobby, the porter glanced at his watch.  It had been over twenty minutes, and he was starting to get a little nervous.  Finally, he started to leave when the phone rang.  He reached over and picked it up.


“Front desk, Gregory speaking.”


 "Yes this is Mrs Whitehead Gregory I believe there is a package you wish to deliver to me at the front desk."


“Indeed, Mrs Whitehead, it arrived a few minutes ago.”


“You may bring it up now then,” she said as the phone went dead.


A few minutes later, Debra heard a knock on the door and wrapped the bath robe around herself.  As she opened the door, she saw Gregory standing there with the laptop bag in his hand.


Allowing him to come in, she watched as he silently placed the bag on the desk and showed her the laptop, the iPad and her jewellery.  “Yes, that’s everything,” she said as she picked up two plastic bags and her dress from the bed.  Debra smiled as she said “here is the tape sealed in a bag as you requested, the pantyhose and bra in another, and the dress which you claim will be back from the cleaners at 7 am?”


“As promised, Mrs Whitehead.  And the payment?”


She picked up an envelope and handed it to him.  “Twelve hundred pounds, as agreed.  The gentleman was perfect as always.  Thank you Gregory.”


“No, thank you Mrs Whitehead – a pleasure to serve you,” he said as he bowed and left the room.




He was just stepping out of the shower when the telephone rang.




Hi Daniel, Greg here.”


Hi Greg - everything all right?”


Yes -  took her almost all of the 30 min to get free.  She is very happy.  Have you looked in your envelope?”


I have - but I think for next time I may need to increase my fee - cost of living and all that.”


“Well, Mrs Whitehead will not be back in London for 6 months or more you knew that this time but there is a new lady, e- mailing you pics right now.”


“Really – does she come with a recommendation?”


“She is actually recommended by Debra, not sure how far she wants the sex to go, but she seems suitable.  She’ll fill out the usual questionnaire on the flight over.  She is from New York and she arrives here next Tues. for 3 days.”


As they were talking, Daniel started his e-mail and looked at the picture he had been sent.


“Where did she say they met?”


“She didn’t – her name’s Dorothy Carr but she goes by Dottie.   Do you think you can take care of her?”


Daniel thought for a moment, before saying “I’ll see if I can keep my calendar clear.  Talk to you later.”




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