A Pleasant Surprise









A nice suburban street, with lovely houses standing in gardens, cars parked in the driveways, and a gentle breeze blowing through the tress as the sun sets in the west – idyllic, yes?


I find it a perfect time to go about my business, as I looked at the house, and then made my way up the path at the side of the house.  I was dressed casually – t-shirt, denim jacket and jeans, with a rucksack on my back that had everything I thought I might need that night.  Nothing too conspicuous, nothing to draw attention t myself, as I pulled a pair of leather gloves on my hands and had a look at the kitchen door.


It was a simple Yale lock, in an old wooden frame – it took me all of thirty seconds to force the door open and then close it as quietly as possible behind me.  A quick look round the kitchen told me this family were reasonably well off – and it looked as if nobody was home, as I made my way into the front room.


Which, of course, was when I kicked a heavy iron stand on the floor, and said “SHIT!  That was the start of the fun that night – I heard a woman say “God DAMN IT PERCY” and then movement upstairs.  I literally just had time to pull my balaclava down over my head, and palm a pistol I had in my pocket, before I heard heels on the wooden staircase.  There was nowhere to really hide, so I stood back in the shadows and waited.


A small, well built woman came down, wearing a short black dress that I had to admit was probably a size or two too small, dark stockings and heels.  Her long dark hair looked as if it was still wet, as she stopped at the bottom of the stairs.  She didn’t look my way, but instead picked up a brown and white tabby cat and stroked it on its back.


“You’re a bad girl Percy - momma loves you but you're bad,” she said as she tickled the cat under the chin, and then went to put it down.  This was my chance, as I said “All right lady - just stay nice and still, and don't say a word.”


She stopped for a moment, then straightened up, the skirt of her dress barely covering her bum as she turned and looked at me, shrieking and saying “OH MY GOD!!!”  I was cool, calm and merely pointed my gun at her as she spat out “who are you, what do you want and you better get out of here my husband is a cop...”


“Damn.” I say quietly as I look at her body, her legs, her chest...  “I'd hoped  I could get in and out without you hearing me - guess I thought wrong.  I strongly advise you to shut the fuck up and sit down, lady - unless you really want me to hurt you.”


“Ok ok,” she said as she looked at the gun, and slowly sat on the sofa, staring at me the whole time.  I always prefer it when they are nice and obedient like that – it makes my enjoyment all the greater.  I smile as I say “Right - what's your name?”


She crosses her legs, giving me a shot of her pussy as she said “My name is Sharon, Sharon Miller.”


All  right Sharon - I saw her husband leave for his shift earlier, so I know what you said is a lie.  Were you going out?”  I can’t help but stare at her crotch, trying not to think of what I wanted to do right now...


“Yes,” she says quietly “I was going out with the girls...”


Smiling, I say as I reach for the purse on the coffee table in front of her “Well, I think you need to amend her plans - you're going nowhere.”  Opening the purse I take out a cell phone, toss it at her and say “Call them - make some excuse, but make it good, because you’re not going to meet them."


Before she starts dialling, however, I say “On second thoughts - you can text them.  Let me see what you write first"  I watched Sharon as she nervously pressed buttons, and then handed it back to me.


sorry honey but my monthly just started and I have cramps and feel like hell have to take a rain check on tonight say hi to Kat, Nadine, Nicole for me luv u


Good , “I say as I hand the phone over, “send it, then give me back the phone."   I watch as she sends it, then gives me the phone which I put to one side.  "Now, I'm here to take her valuables, and I need to keep you out of the way.  Understand?" 


The look on her face as I open my rucksack and take out my rope is priceless.  “Oh god,” she whispers, “please can’t you just lock me in a room or something.  Please don’t tie me up...”


I smile, and say “This gun says you do as I say, understand?  But I'm not going to tie you up - you are.”  Once again, I have to stop myself laughing as she stares straight ahead, her legs still crossed, her crotch still visible.


“What?   I am not doing that!!”


“Really," I say as I lean forward, and point the gun at her belly.  "I say you sit still, uncross those legs of hers, and keep her hands where I can see them, or I shoot you now.  Understand?"


That had the desired effect, as she stares at me and whispers “OK OK,” putting her hands to her side and her legs together.  "That's better," I say as her phone pings.  I look at the screen, then say "You've got a message.  Before you read it, take this and tie her ankles together, tightly."


I smile as she bends over and wraps the rope around her ankles, following my instructions to wrap it six or seven times around her legs and then pass the rope between them, tying it off with a square knot.


“Very good Sharon - you've done this before, haven't you?”  She doesn’t say a word, so I hand her a second length of rope and tell her to tie her ankles together, below her knees.  She does a good job of this as well – which makes me think, has she done this before?


“That's better,” I say as I hand her the phone, “now, what was the message?"


Sharon swallows and says “It says from my friend Nadja, If you want honey we can just come to ur place have some wine and watch movies.”


Tempting – but I was only in the mood for one tonight, so I said “NO - reply and say they can't come.  You've gone to bed."  I point the gun at her head as she hurriedly types.


Thats ok Nadja I am just going to take a couple of midol get a heating pad and go to bed, I am really uncomofrtable and you don’t need to be tied up with me like this all night trying to get help


For a moment, I contemplate telling her to change an obvious hint, but then I realise – who’s going to guess that?  “Very funny - send it.”  I can see the small glimmer of hope in her eyes as she sends it, and hands me back the phone, which I place on the coffee table.


“Right, stand up.”


I watch as Sharon slowly struggles to her feet, and then turns round at my command.  “Please you really don’t have to tie me up,” she says as she watches me take out more rope.


 "I said" I growl as I pull her hands behind her back with more force than necessary, "to do as I said, didn't I?"  I love the way she yelps and says “yes please don’t hurt me, as I pull the rope tightly round her wrist and force them together.  After several passes round, I cinch the coils and tie it off out of reach of her fingers – just as the phone pings.


“I’d better read that for you,” I say as I look at the message, and then burst out laughing.  “Oh this is priceless,” I say as I show you the message.


get better soon we will miss you sweety


Heh - her friend really didn’t get her message, did she?”  I love the way she drops her head as I kneel behind her, my gloved hands going down her bum and legs.  For a moment, I think she gasps, and then I am certain as I tighten the ropes around her legs, with a sharp tug.


aaaaahhhh,” she calls out, “please they are really tight.”


“I know,” I say as I tighten her ankle ropes, and then start to feel up her legs.  She looks down at me, and says “what are you doing?  Dont touch me!!”  She starts to struggle, which I need to stop, so I say “Don’t move,"  as I stand up and smack her bottom.


aaaahhhhhh.”  That was more of a moan than a complaint to my ear, so I say "It’s a lovely dress you’re wearing," as I grope her bottom, "Just the right length.”


“Fuck you,” she snaps back at me, “don’t touch me you pervert.”  My response?  I say quietly “Shut the fuck up bitch," and pull her head back by her hair.


She screams out again, as I take a hankie from my pocket and say “Now, what were you saying?"  Before the lovely Sharon gets a chance to respond, I stuff the cloth into her mouth, but not before noticing her breathing.  It was heavier, but not in a way that showed she was sacred – it was in a way that showed she liked it.


“You little slut," I say as I push the hankie right in, "Spit that out and you’re in big trouble"  Sharon looks at me with big eyes, saying only “mmmmmmmmmmm” as I take a long length of white cloth from my bag, tie a knot in the middle, and then force that between her teeth, tying it tightly round her head.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”, is all she says as I let go of her hair.  “Nothing to say now, eh," I say as I smack her bottom hard with the flat of my hand.  This time she opens her eyes and says “MMMMMMMMMM” at the smack – not a scream but almost a moan.


Could it be?  "Don't move a fucking inch," I say as I go into the kitchen, returning a moment later with a selection of wooden spoons and spatulas in my hand.  Going behind her, I select a spoon, lift your skirt and WHAACCCKKKKKK as I bring the wood down hard on her butt.


This time, there was no mistake as she closes her eyes and says “MMMMMMMM MMMMMM MMMMM MMMM...”


"You like this, don’t you slut?" I say, astonished that this time I have someone I can play with who will enjoy it.  I bring the spoon down again and again, and I see Sharon’s face flushing – not with pain but almost with pleasure at each smack.


"You really like this, don't you you little bitch" I say as I bring the spoon down hard on her bottom again.  She starts to wriggle her bum as I make contact, and moans out “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” as I caress her bottom for a moment.


"I asked a question!"  I say as I bring the spoon down hard again, making Sharon open her eyes and scream in pleasure - yes, in pleasure “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM  I set up a rhythm as the wood connects again with her bottom, and again, and again as I get a rhythm going.  With each smack Sharon keeps moaning, her eyes closed and her bottom wriggling  MMMMMM MMMMM MMMMM MMMM MMMM MMMMM MMMMM MMMMM.”


"You dirty little slut, this is turning you on, isn't it?"  this time Sharon nods as I bring the spoon down hard – and break it as she cries out “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM”


"Oh this is too good to be true - and yet you need better quality implements!" I say as I show her the broken head of the spoon.  A small “mmmmmm” escapes her lips as I push her onto the couch.


"Sit down and don’t move an inch!" I say as I head back into the kitchen.  Looking through the drawers, I say "Oh I am going to have so much fun here...", but when I come back in I see Sharon struggling to get loose, and moaning at the same time?


 "And just what are you up to, you dirty little slut?" I say from the doorway, smiling at the way she starts and pulls her ankles in to touch the base of the couch, her head down.


"Look at me Sharon!"


As she looks up, I see the thin spaghetti straps of her dress fall down, and I suddenly realise she has nothing on underneath.  “What are you," I say as I put my hand on her shoulder.




“I said what are you, Sharon - are you a dirty bitch?"  For a moment she looks at me with anger in her eyes, but then she bows her head and nods.  My god – I am in heaven.  A truly submissive bitch at my mercy...


"That's right," I say as I pull the straps of her dress down her arm, "and do you deserve to be punished?"  Once again she bows her head and nods.


 "That's right - and you enjoy the punishment, don’t you," I say as I pull the front of her dress down.  Sharon’s only response is to say “mmmmmmmmmmm as her large tits fall out over her dress, and I see how erect her nipples are.


"I can see you do, so don't lie to me," I say as I look at her, extending her legs as she nods again.  Fuck, it is so unusual to find someone so aware of her needs.


 "Well then, your punishment needs to continue," I say as I pick up another wooden spoon, and look at you.  Her eyes widen as I take her left breast in one hand, and stroke the back of the spoon down it with the other.  She almost looks eager for it as I bring the back of the spoon hard down on her nipple.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM” she calls out as I hit her left breast.


 "Does that feel good bitch," I say as I look at her, then bring the spoon down again, harder this time as she closes her eyes and moans.  I then hit her right breast, then her left, then her right, as with each blow she says “MMMMMMMMM”, her moans slowly ebbing as her breathing gets heavier, and I see a glimmer of dampness between her legs.


"You horny little slut - you love this, don’t you?"  I watch Sharon as she slowly nods, the damp grey patch in her gag growing larger.  "And you want to thank me, don't you?"


She nods again, so I pull the gag out of her mouth and say quietly "Say it!"


Sharon swallows, and whispers “spank me please sir, use me please sir.”


"And what will you do in return?"


She looks up at me, eyes bright, voice compliant, and says “what do you wish sir?”  I say nothing, but slowly unfasten and drop my pants.  She nods and says “yes sir” as she slides off the couch onto her knees and opens her mouth.


"Take it and make it good," I say as I place the tip of my hard cock on her lips.  I never thought there would be anyone in the house, let alone such a fucking S&M freak, but I’m not going to waste this golden opportunity.  As she starts to lick my member, I say “Very good, Sharon", grabbing her hair and saying "Continue..."


I watch her as she starts to kiss the head, gently nibbling at it, almost worshipping it as she slowly takes it into her mouth and sucks.  I close my eyes and moan at the sensation as I start to throb and then...


In, Out, In, Out, she continually sucks on me as I expand and push her tongue down, my grip tightening on her hair before she pushes my cock out, now twice the size at least, and looks up at me.


"OH that feels so good you little slut..." I moan when she pulls me all the way in, the tip of my cock touching the back of her throat, and then pushes me back out and looks at me with the most beautifully submissive eyes.


“If it pleases you, Sir, fuck my mouth,” she says before she puts her lips over the head again and forms a seal.  "IT would please me to fuck her mouth, and all of you, bitch," I say as I grip her hair and start to push into her mouth, holding her tightly as I feel my dick rub against he even more.  As she works her tongue around her tongue, and I start to throb even more, I groan and grip even more tightly.


Pushing farther in each time, I hit the back of Sharon’s throat, but this only seems to encourage her to suck and grip harder, as the throbbing grows more intense, more beautiful, and her moans the only other sound in the room.


Even as her nose hits my body, her lips hit the base of my cock, I keep going, pushing her tongue down, filling her mouth with a throbbing, pulsing deliverer that soon was going to give here everything I had.  I just keep pushing further, excited beyond belief at this little submissive who is doing this to me, and groaning even more...


AHhhhhhhhh,” I say as I feel myself start to cum, but she does not just swallow – she actually starts to milk me with my tongue, as the hot flow hits her throat and goes down, down.  I can feel her stroking along my cock, taking every last sweet drop in as I hold her, my scream of “YESSSSSS!" as I grip her hair, and then slowly let go, Sharon pushing me out slowly with one last pop as I leave her mouth.


“I hope she has pleased you Sir,” she says as I look at her through misty eyes “is there anything else this slut can do?”


“Many things - you can start by standing up."


She looks at me, then says “sir, I cannot stand on my own with my legs and hands bound.”  SO I reach down and lift her up onto her feet, looking into her eyes as I say “Hop - up to her bedroom."


“Yes sir,” she says as she starts to hop to the stairs, then sitting on the stairs and working her way up with me following.  At the stop, she looks at me and says “please sir, will you help me stand again?”


"Of course, Bitch," I say as I help her back to her feet.  "Now move."  She nods as she hops into her bedroom.  "Stand still," I say as I enter her room, and hold Sharon from behind, squeezing her chest as I do so.  "You want more, don't you?" I say quietly, hearing Sharon whisper “yes sir” in reply.


"I'm going to untie you, and you will remove her dress."


“Yes sir,” she replies as I untie her wrists, and then her legs and ankles,, watching her in her damp pantyhose and heels, her head down, her eyes closed – a perfect submissive.  “Look at me, Sharon,” I say, and as she looks up I grab her and start to kiss her hard, my hands pulling on the bottom of her hair.  I feel her kissing me back, moaning and then something else as I start to bite her neck, and her hair comes away in my hand...


"What the..." I say as I hold the wig in front of her face, looking at her short, almost boyish cut red hair.  "Explain, slut."


Sharon has a real look of fear in her eyes as she says “I was sick sir, to cure me the drugs made my hair fall out.  What you have was the length and style when they found the cancer - I am cancer free now but have still been wearing the wig until I am happy with my own hair again.”  She then starts to cry as she says “sir it is still too short and not feminine please can I have the wig back sir.”


I love the plea, but I say “No - make herself presentable," as I look to the make up on her dressing table.  Sharon hesitates for a moment, so I pull at her real hair and say "Didn't you hear me - Make herself fucking presentable!  Or would you rather I really hurt you" I say as I show you the gun again.


Suddenly, the submissive goes as Sharon glares at me and says “you bastard” before she moves to her dressing table and starts to brush her hair, followed by her putting on make up.


"You'll regret that," I say quietly as I start to look through her lingerie, then find something suitable and take it out.

 "Hurry up, you little bitch,” I say as I watch her finishing her make-up, brushing her hair before she stands up again and looks at me.  "Put this on," I say as I throw the pink lingerie at her, watching as she puts the bustier on and then looks at me.


“Take the pantyhose off,” I say as I then throw a pair of taupe stockings at her and say “Put these on.”  Sharon meekly takes off the hose, then slips the new stockings on, attaching the garters to the tops before slipping on the pink thong I found.


Walking up to her, I smile and say "Turn round for me."  Sharon slowly turns, then yelps and moans as I bring the fat of my hand down hard on her bottom.


"This is for her language earlier" I say as I smack her again, watching as he becomes the compliant submissive again.  I then rub her bottom, pick up a pair of white strapped shoes with five inch heels, and say “Put these on.”


Sharon takes them, and sits on the bed, putting them on her feet and moaning again as she stands at the end of the bed, and looks at me.


 "That's better - you look like a sexy bitch who wants everything that’s coming to her now.  And you do want it, don't you?"


Sharon looks at me, and says “I want to sit.”


“Sorry?"  I walk over to her and look into her eyes.


“Please these shoes are not for walking it...”


"Ask properly" I say as I walk behind her and smack her hard again.  Sharon closes her eyes and says “mmmmmmmmmm please may I sit?”


"Please may I sit who?" as I smack her, watching as she bows her head and says “please sir may I sit?”  I nod and say "Yes," I say as I caress her red bottom, then watch as she sits on the bed.


 "All right, bitch - on her back."  As Sharon lies down, I look at her and say “What are you?”


“I am a submissive woman sir.”  She says quietly, so I say “and what is it you desire" as I take something from her lingerie drawer.


“To serve sir.”


"Good - open her mouth."  I can see the look of lust in her eyes as she slowly opens her mouth, allowing me to push the wadded up g-string.  I then wind up a fresh length of cloth, tie a knot in it, and push that into her mouth, waiting as she raises her head before tying it tightly round her head.


Turning away for a moment, I am surprised when I turn round to find Sharon feeling herself up, running her hands over her tits and then down her sides,  her left leg bending up at the knee.


"What do you think you're doing, bitch?"  Her reply of “mmmmmmmm mmmmmm mmasdmfasmdf” is all she says as I grab her left wrist, tie one end of a length of rope to it, then tie it to the top of the bed.


 "I will decide what you feel - understood?"  She nods passively, but still moves suggestively on the bed as I grab her other wrist and tie it to the other side of the bed, then look at you.


 "I saw a bag in the cupboard - what’s in it?"


mmmmbmammasgdf,” is all she says as I grab her left leg and tie it to the foot of the bed, but to my surprise she then lifts her right leg and offers it to me to tie.


"Thank you, slut" I say before tying the rope round her ankle in front of her, then tying it to the last corner.  Going to the cupboard, I take out the leather bag, opening it and whistling as I look at her while she moans “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.”


 "My goodness, Sharon, you really a slutty bitch" I say as I take out a leather flogger.  "Now what shall I do with this, hmm?" I say as I draw it up the inside of her leg, and then bring it down on her pussy.


mmmmmmmmmm” is her response as her head swings from side to side, and so I bring it down hard again, then pull the front of her basque down to expose her chest and start to hit them with the leather paddle.  I can hear her breathing start to quicken, no other sounds from the gag, but her body starts to move as I hit her pussy and nipples again and again with the flogger.


"How much do you love this, bitch?" I say as she breathes harder, her eyes starting to glaze over as I hit her again and again and again.  A light sheen of sweat starts to form on her body and she moves more in the ropes.


“You fucking little bitch - you love this..." I say as I continue, light moans of “mmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmm mmm mmm mmm mmmmmm” after each strike, so I decide to move up a gear.


“Close her eyes, bitch,” I say, and as she does as I say I hit her a few more times, the moans continuing as I swap the paddle for a riding crop, and bring it down on Sharon’s very red nipples.


“MMMMMMMM” she says as her eyes open, and I bring the crop down again and again on her nipples, the swish through the air as I do so mingled with her calls of “MMMMMMMMMMMM,” her body starting to shake with each stroke and each moan of “mmmmmmm mmmmm mmm mmm MMMMMMM MMMMMMMM AAAAAH AAAAAAH AAAAH” as I hit her nipples and pussy, harder and harder and harder.


“God,” I think to myself, “it’s a good thing I gagged this bitch or the entire street would hear,” as I continue to flog her, harder and harder, swish and thwack, SWISH and THWACK.  I start to sweat, but it’s nothing compared to Sharon, who stops moaning and starts shaking, eventually after I smack her pussy arching and screaming “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!”


"You hot little bitch - you wanted that, and you want this" I say as I throw the crop away, and start to pull my pants down.  She looks at me, breathing like a mad woman and nodding as I pull her thong down, and then move between her legs, penetrating her slick wet pussy with incredible ease.


I reach down and pinch her red nipples hard as I feel her squirting over my cock, and then feel her cum against me as she grips me inside herself like a vice.


“Oh that is so good,” I say as I keep pushing in, feeling you start to milk me with her pussy as I reach down and start to bite on her nipples.  I love the way I throb as I push against her grip, not moving much but feeling you wanting me as I do so.


Sharon looks at me, eyes afire with lust and wanting as she twists in the ropes.  “You fucking slut" I moan out as we continue to move together, hearing her increasing moans of “mmmmm mmm mmm mmmmmm AAAAAHHHHHH” into her gag as the throbbing intensifies, your grip tightens, and suddenly I cum violently into you, feeling you cum as well as you milk me once more, this time with her pussy.


“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM,” Sharon says as she throws her head back, with my scream of “AAAHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAA Oh you fucking wonderful little slut...”


Eventually, the slut filled bitch lets me go, looking at me as I slowly withdraw and I see her cum leaking out.  I say nothing, but untie her right ankle from the foot of the bed, bending her leg and tying her ankle to her thigh, and then doing the same on the other side.  I then pick up a hand towel and start to wipe her pussy as she lies there, basking in the glow that a woman gets after cumming hard.


Once I have cleaned her, I pull her thong back up, then kiss her breasts, sucking hard as she closes her eyes and mutters “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.”  I then untie her wrists, and make her kneel on the bed, pulling her hands behind her back.


Sharon is a total submissive now, moaning “mmmmmmmmmmm“ as her head falls back, almost dazed as I kiss and bite her neck, tying her wrists together behind her back as she sighs and says “mmmmmmmm.”


"Ready for the next stage, slut," I say as I smack her bottom with my hand, and then tie her wrists to her back with rope sitting under her chest.  She continues to moan, then opens her eyes, wide open as I show her the wooden paddle from the bag.


I move behind her, caress her bottom with my hand, and then – THWACK.










“MMMMMMMMMMM” she moans as she starts , so I say quietly "Scream, bitch."




“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMAMAAAMAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH,” she says with her head on the bed and her ass in the air.  She starts to shake again with each hit from the paddle, screaming into her gag.


She keeps moaning, then stops as I take something else out, and she hears the swish of the bamboo cane.


“MMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMM” she cries out as the heavy wood makes contact with her ass cheeks, and I feel myself getting hard again at her reaction.  She shakes, screaming “mmmmm mmm.”


I lean over and whisper “Say it bitch" as my hands grope her red cheeks, and then for one last time... 

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” is all she says as I cane her, and I see her starting to cum again.  With one movement, I pull her thong back down, and enter her from behind, my hands reaching round and pressing hard on her breasts.  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” she says as I pinch her nipples and fuck her red raw arse, pushing hard into her as she allows me to.  She has become totally submissive, totally mine as I start to throb between her cheeks, and then slap them with a smaller paddle.


mmmmmmm mmm mmm” she moans as I fuck her, feeling myself pulse in there, and waiting for the right moment.  I wanted this little bitch to come one last time before I satisfied her.


Eventually she throws her head back and screams “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMM  as I grab her chest, press hard and release my load into her.


Sharon, the bucking bitch, just lets me do it, totally lost in her own little world as I give her everything and then pull out.


"You are fucking marvellous, bitch" I say as I withdraw from you and look at the clock.  I had come in just before seven, and it was only just after ten now.


Fnnkusr,” she mumbles as she turns her head and looks at me.


 "And what else do you say?"


eehpppepldsuu” she says, but her eyes are vacant, lost, ecstatic – I have taken her somewhere special.


"You did please me, slut - are you fulfilled?" She falls onto her side as I grope her arse, but I see her eyes have closed, her breathing calm, and she is out of it as I stroke her body.


I slip off the bed and dress myself, watching her as she sleeps, and untie her, removing her gag without her noticing.  I take one look at her, her thong pulled down as my cum leaks from her ass, her top pulled down, as she sleeps on the bed.  As an afterthought, I write a short note and leave it for you...


I wake up in darkness, looking at the clock it says 4:35. I turn on my lamp thinking it was a dream but as I start to move I realize that my wrists are sore and so is my ass and tits.  looking down I am still in my bustier stockings but my thong is missing and I still have on my fuck me pumps.


As I sit up my ass is really sore.  I then take off the shoes and get out of bed and look, there are no real new bruises, I take off the clothes put them in the hamper and go take a shower.


After showering I put on my robe and start to look around my house. Nothing seems to be missing, so I start to wonder - was I really robbed and raped last night or did I just dream it.   I then look at my phone and read the text messages, and in horror I see the messages I sent to Nadja along with one from 1:45 this morning.


great night out ruined came home to find I had been visited by a burglar, Nicole was too, Lucky Kathy wasnt and Lucky you were home.


In shock I go back to my bed,  going over what I can remember in my mind when I see a piece of paper on the nightside table.  I open it and begin to read...


Hello Sharon, I wanted to say thank you for last night - I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.  I decided not to rob you - but I found the addresses of your friends, and decided to visit them instead.  Having said that, I enjoyed our time together so much that I will call again - but I won't tell you when.  When I do, however, I promise you I will bring some of my toys with me.  I think you will enjoy them.


Until then...


I sit reading the letter in shock, and the worst part is, I played with hubby the night before this man in lack of better terms attacked me. So I can’t even go to the police. He is going to come again? OMG, as I start to think about it there is a desire to have him come again, but there is also a desire for revenge. I wonder if he found the toys Nadja has and if he did I bet he thinks she is a sub too.


 Perhaps I should talk to her, and have a signal set up, so the next time he arrives and I say I am going out I will text Nadja with some secret signal and she will come and see if he has a submissive side.  I smile as I tuck the letter away turn out the light and go to sleep...







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