Bargaining Chip - part 1




Friday, 4.30 pm

The black Rolls Royce pulled up outside the office building, parking in a designated space.  From behind the blackened windows, the driver watched as the girls left the front entrance, talking amongst themselves as they walked down the street.  He looked on as they passed, enjoying the sight of their legs as they passed by, be they boot clad or naked as their skirts whisked around them in the breeze.

As he sat there, he opened and checked the contents of his briefcase as it sat on the passenger seat.  He selected a number of times and took them out, placing them carefully in the glove compartment as he did so, before closing the case and glancing at his watch.  The dial said 5 pm – time to move.

Putting a pair of dark glasses over his eyes, he grabbed the briefcase and made his way out of the car, walking briskly towards the front door.  He passed the bronze plague that read “Kepple, Wilson, Shuster and Byrne” and pushed on the large glass doors.

As he expected there was a woman sitting behind the reception desk.  She was small – five foot tall according to his notes – and wearing a light cream coloured short sleeved jacket over a gold top.  She looked up as he came in and smiled at him, her clear eyes sparkling behind her glasses.

“Good afternoon,” she said, “Can I help you?”  As she spoke, she looked at the man who had come in – about six foot tall, well built and well dressed, with leather gloves on his hands and a pair of sunglasses over his eyes.

“I hope so,” he said as he placed his briefcase on the counter in front of her.  “I have a document for delivery to Mister Kepple – is he in at the moment?”

“I’m afraid not” the woman said, “He has already left for the weekend.  Perhaps I can help?”

“Ah,” the man said, “That is unfortunate.  My instructions are to deliver it to his hand, but I was delayed by some other business.  Perhaps I should come back on Monday?”

“No,” the woman said as she stood up, “I can sign for it – I’m Mister Kepple’s personal secretary, Anne Pray.  I will make sure it is sent on to Mister Kepple if it is urgent.”

“Well, that sounds like a reasonable compromise, Miss Pray.”  The man opened his case and took out an envelope marked “URGENT – FOR THE ATTENTION OF MISTER KEPPLE.”  As Anne took the envelope, she said “Actually, it’s Mrs Pray – now, do I need to sign anything?”

“Of course,” the man said with a smile as he passed Anne a form.  “If you could sign on the dotted line?”  As she picked up a pen and signed the slip, he continued “I wonder if you could do one more thing for me, Mrs Pray?”

“Of course,” Anne said without looking up, “What would that be?”

“Stand up, very slowly, and put your hands on your head.”

Anne looked up, and saw the man standing there with a pistol in his hand pointing straight at her.  Very slowly, she straightened up and placed her hands on her head, the sleeves of her jacket pulling back as she did so.

“Now, Mrs Pray, I know that you are the only person in the building, so I won’t hesitate to shoot if you do not do exactly what you say.  Do you understand?”

Anne nodded as he took the envelope and form and placed them both in the briefcase, closing the lid before taking it in his hand.  “Now, walk round and lock the front door, very carefully – we don’t want to attract attention, now do we?”

“No,” Anne whispered as she walked slowly round, allowing her arms to drop to her side, and closed the glass doors.   She turned and looked at the man.  “Now what?”

“Let’s go through to the back office – it’s that way I believe,” he said as he motioned with his gun.  “Hands back on your head as well.”  Anne slowly replaced her hands and walked ahead of him, allowing him to see the matching skirt she was wearing as it moved with her, the slit at the back revealing her stockings as they went up her legs, and the three inch taupe patent leather heels she was wearing.  A smile crossed is lips as they walked into a large office at the back.  The nameplate on the door read “Jonathan Kepple – Senior Partner”.

Inside were two desks, both made of heavy dark wood.  On the smaller one nearer the door was a nameplate that said “Mrs Anne Pray, Personal Assistant.”  He placed his briefcase on that table as he said “That’s far enough, Mrs Pray – stand perfectly still.”

“What are you going to do to me,” Anne said as she stood still, listening to the sound of the briefcase opening again.  “I want to invite you to help me with some business I need to conduct with Mister Kepple,” he said as he took something from the case and walked up behind her.  “I need him to do something for me, but so far he has refused all my perfectly reasonable offers – hence this action.”

“Look, you can take what you want from here, but please don’t hurt me.  My husband and daughter are expecting me home by seven and...”

“Your husband is working the night shift for the police tonight,” he said quietly, “and your daughter is not due back until later tonight.  Now, if you want, I could invite her to help as well...”  Anne stiffened and turned her head to look at the man.  “Oh my god, how do you...”

“I know all about you, Mrs Anne Pray.  I have a colleague watching your house, and if she returns and you do not co-operate he has instructions to – well, invite her to help as well.  Now, will you do exactly what I tell you to do?”

Anne shook with fear as she realised this man knew about her and her family.  “All right,” she said quietly, “What do you want me to do?”

“First,” he said as he walked round and held up the envelope Anne had seen earlier, “I want you to take off your jewellery and place it in this envelope.”

“If you think taking my jewellery is going to...”

“Mrs Pray,” the man said, “I need your jewellery as proof of intent.  I promise you, it will all be returned.  Now, we do not have a lot of time, so start with your crucifix.”

Staring at him the whole time, Anne reached behind her neck and unclasped the cross that hung around her neck, placing it in the open envelope.  The next thing she removed was the silver charm bracelet she had, a gift from her daughter, which also went into the envelope.

“Your rings as well,” the man said as he pointed the gun at her.  It took a little effort to ease her wedding and engagement rings off her fingers, but Anne placed them in the envelope as he had asked.  He smiled again as he placed it on the desk and drew a coil of white rope out of the briefcase.

“Thank you, Mrs Pray.  Now, turn round and put your hands behind your back – slowly.”

Anne slowly turned round and allowed her hands to drop to her side, moving them behind her back as she did so.  Looking over her shoulder, she watched as he passed the rope around her wrists, the cords going around and between until they were firmly secured together, ensuring the knot was out of reach of her fingers.

“Oh god,” she whispered as he took a second length of rope and passed it around her arms above her elbows, pulling them together so that they almost touched and forcing her chest out at the front.  Tucking the loose ends into the coils, he walked back to the desk and looked into the briefcase.

“Have a seat,” he said as he took Anne by the arm and guided her to a seat in front of her desk.  As she sat down, the man reached over and removed her glasses.  “Where do you keep these?” he asked quietly.  “There’s a case on the desk,” Anne said as she gulped and tried to make her arms comfortable.  She knew it was impossible to get out of the bonds, and was left wondering what was going to happen next.

As he placed the glasses in the case and shut it, the man looked up again at Anne.  “Do you have a purse, a handbag?” he said as he leaned over the desk.  Anne looked at him, wondering what it was he was planning to take from the office.  “I... I keep it in that top drawer, but I only have a little money.  Whatever you want, please, just take it and go.”

“Oh, I intend to,” he said as he took the purse out of the drawer, walked round and deposited both the purse and the glasses case in the briefcase.  He then took out a clear plastic bag, inside which was a clean white handkerchief.  As he removed it from the bag, and wadded it into a ball, he walked over and stood in front of Anne.  She could see the pistol on the desk, within reach of him, before looking back at her captor.

“Now, open wide,” he said as he held the pad in his gloved hand.  “No, please, I’ll be quiet,” Anne pleaded, but the man simply smiled and grabbed her chin.  “I told you to do what I said,” he slowly repeated, “now, open wide.”  The frightened woman opened her mouth, allowing him to push the cloth in as she closed her rouged lips over it.  Smiling, he walked back to the case and replaced the bag, returning with a small white round case in his hand.  Popping it open, Anne’s eyes widened as she realised what was inside.

“N, pls, dnt d tht" she mumbled as he tore a length of flash coloured sticking plaster off the roll, but it did not stop him taking the strip and covering her mouth, smoothing it in place so that the outline of her lisp was clearly visible through the tightly stretched material.  She continued to stare, wide eyed as the man went back to the case and took an old Polaroid camera out.

“A few pictures, I think,” was all he said as he took pictures of Anne as she sat there, staring back at him as he took pictures from various angles.  As each print came out, he set it on Anne’s desk as the print developed, and she sat there wondering what was going on.  “As I said earlier, Mrs Pray – or may I call you Anne – I need your help with some business with Mister Kepple.  I want you to come with me for a little while – just until he agrees to let me have what I want.

“I know how he feels about you – the gifts, the holidays with him and his wife, the sponsorship of your daughter’s college degree.  He thinks of you as her daughter – and what better way to persuade him to deal with me than to take his daughter.”

“O chrst, n – dnt d tss” Anne mumbled as he replaced the camera and took another item out of his case.  Her eyes widened still further as he opened the case and extended the lipstick.  “Now, sit quite still” he said as he pressed the lipstick to the tape over her mouth, tracing the shape of her lips as he drew on her gag.  Eventually, he stood up and showed her the stick.  “Your shade – I wanted to be sure we got this right,” he said as he stood up, and as Anne glanced at a small mirror on her desk she saw that it did indeed look as if her mouth was perfectly normal, at least from a distance.

“Well, it’s getting late,” the man said as he glanced at his watch, “and we need to get moving.”  Taking Anne by the arm, he stood her on her feet and left her standing as he walked over to a coat stand.  Taking a long black quilted coat from the stand, he quickly walked back over and draped it over Anne’s shoulders, fastening the coat up the front and tucking her sleeves into the pockets.  Placing the gun in the briefcase and closing it, he pulled the hood of the coat over Anne’s head.  Placing the now developed photos in the envelope Anne had seen earlier, he left it on the larger desk and took Anne by the arm.  “Let’s go – nice and casually,” he said as he led Anne out of the office, turning off the lights behind him.

As they reached the front doors, he stopped and let Anne go.  Walking to the alarm panel behind the front desk, he punched a sequence of numbers in, and Anne was startled to hear the warning sound of the alarm as it set itself.  Walking briskly round, he took Anne by the arm and opened the door, leading her out and locking the door behind himself.

“U kn alrm,” she mumbled as they descended the staircase and made their way to the waiting car.  “Enough talking, dear,” was his only response as he opened the passenger door and helped Anne to sit down, watching as she swung her legs into the foot well before he closed the door.  Placing the briefcase in the rear seat, he quickly walked round and let himself into the car.

“Comfy,” he said as he pulled the hood of her coat down, but Anne merely glared angrily back at him.  Opening the glove compartment, he took out the items he had placed in there earlier and placed them within his reach.  “Allow me,” he said as he took another rope and quickly bound Anne’s ankles together, before taking the seat belt and fastening it over her upper body.

“Well, Anne, we’ll be on our way soon,” he said quietly as he opened a second plastic bag, “but first some necessary precautions.”  Anne looked out of the window, desperately looking for someone to help her, but the blackened glass made it difficult to look out.

“Look at me,” the man said, and as Anne turned she saw he was holding a thin strip of plaster, attached which were two pads of cotton wool.  As she closed her eyes, knowing what he was going to do, he fixed the pads over her eyes and tuck the tape over the side of her head, before taking a pair of sunglasses and fixing them over the blindfold.  To anyone looking from outside, it was as if she was a normal passenger.

“One more thing,” he said as he took a pair of headphones and covered her ears.  Anne sat still as she heard the opening bars of Les Miserables, as the man started the car and drove into the evening traffic.  Whatever was happening, she could not stop it, so she tried to relax and resolved to deal with whatever was coming.



Friday, 9 pm

“When the beating of our hearts, echoes the beating of the drums,

There is a life about to start when tomorrow comes...”

Anne sat up as she felt the car stop, and the headphones were removed from her head, followed by the glasses and the blindfold.  As she blinked, she saw that the sun had set during the journey, and that they were parked in front of a log cabin, barely visible in the gloom.

“We’re here,” the man said as he took the key from the ignition.  “Sit still for a moment.”  He climbed out of the car and walked round the car, the sound of gravel crunching under foot reaching Anne’s ears before the passenger door was opened.  “Swing your legs out,” he said as he released the seat belt, and with some difficulty Anne manoeuvred her cramped legs out of the car, resting them on gravel as she did so.  The man took a knife from his packets and cut her ankles free, taking her by the arm and helping her to stand up afterwards.

“Come with me,” he said as he took Anne by the arm and guided her to the door.  There was a light shining inside, and as he opened the door and guided Anne inside she smelt the aroma of pine and the warm air hitting her.  He removed her coat and placed it on a rack near the door.

“Now, you are to call me Mister Black.  Nod if you understand.”  He watched as Anne slowly nodded, watching him the whole time.  “Excellent – this way,” he said as he led her down a corridor and past several doors, before opening one door and pushing her in.

Anne looked round as he closed the door behind them.  There was a wooden table and two chairs in the centre of the room, and to one side was a set of units with a small stove and various other things.  On the other side was a bed, with an iron headpiece and a smaller piece at the foot, and on the far wall was another door.

“Now, Anne, I’m going to remove your gag and the ties.  Please, stand perfectly still, and then speak only when spoken to.”  As she watched, he placed his briefcase on the table, and removed a pair of scissors with which he cut the ropes around her wrists and arms.  Replacing the scissors, he took the pistol out and held it in one hand as he carefully removed the tape from her face, the cloth wad coming out as he did so.  Anne stood still for a few minutes, licking her lips and rubbing her wrists as he went to the unit and brought over a bottle of water.

“Here” he said as he handed Anne the bottle, “Take a drink.”  She took a long, cool draft before saying “So, what are you going to do – hold me hostage until Mister Kepple gives you what you want?”

“Essentially, yes,” Mister Black said as he took the bottle back.  “As you might have guessed, we’re out in the wilds here, and the nearest cabin is three miles away, so screaming will not do you any good.  Besides, I’d hate to see you harmed – or your daughter join us.”

“You wouldn’t” Anne said with fire in her eyes, but Mister Black simply nodded.  “I am quite serious – if you do anything stupid, you and your daughter get hurt.  Now, I need you to do something for me.”

“Oh – and what’s that?”


Anne stopped rubbing her wrists and stared at him, wide eyed.  “I beg your pardon?” she said.  “I said, strip – put your clothes in the plastic bag on the bed.  They will be taken care of, I promise you.”

Slowly, her eyes on him the whole time, Anne unbuttoned her jacket and slipped it off, and then pulled her top over her head.  Both items went into the large bag.  She then turned and looked at him.

“The skirt and shoes next,” he said as he pointed the gun at her.  Anne gulped and continued, eventually standing there in a cream coloured bra and her pantyhose.  Mister Black merely smiled and said “All of it – everything into the bag.”

“Oh god, what are you going to do,” Anne said as she slipped her bra straps down and removed her bra.  “You’re perfectly safe so long as you do as you are told,” Mister Black said as she placed the rest of her clothes in the bag, standing there and hugging her naked body.

“Now, through that door there is a washroom and shower, as well as a chest of drawers.  The only way in or out is that door, and there are no windows, so don’t think you can escape that way.  Why don’t you go in and freshen yourself up – you’ve had a trying time.”

Anne stared at him as he waved towards the door, and slowly made her way over.  As she stepped in, she saw the chest of drawers he had mentioned, as well as shower, toilet and sink.  As she looked around the room, however, she realised this was more than just a toilet in a log cabin.

She took a moment to relieve herself, and ran some hot water into the sink.  As she reached for a bar of soap, a familiar aroma hit her nostrils, and she looked carefully at the bar, then the other toiletries on the shelf.  With a growing sense of fear, she then checked the range of cosmetics on the dresser, and slowly opened one of the drawers.  She gasped as she looked at the neatly arranged packets inside, taking one out and looking at it closely.



“Yes, everything is fine here – maintain surveillance and check in every hour.”

Anne came back into the room, having put on some make up before taking one of the new pairs of pantyhose from the drawer to wear and a bra that she had found.  Mister Black stared at her as she slowly walked into the middle of the room.

“Ah - I trust you feel a little better now?” he said with a smile.

“Better?  How the hell did you know what soap I use, what cosmetics – you even know what pantyhose I wear.  How did you know?”

“Oh, I know many things about you, Anne – my associate was just telling me that your daughter had arrived home.  That colour of t-shirt really suits her, even if it is a little tight.  Besides, if you are to be my guest here, I think it is important you have things you like.”

“Guest?  GUEST!!!  You bloody well kidnapped me – and you call me your guest?”

For the first time, Anne saw a frown cross Mister Black’s face.  He walked over and grabbed Anne by the arm.

“Yes, you are my guest, and I expect my guest to show some manners.  Now, there is something for you to wear on the bed – put it on.”

Mister Black pushed Anne towards the bed, where there was a clear plastic bag on the covers.  “Where are my clothes,” she said as she looked for the other bag.

“Being taken care of,” Mister Black said shortly.  “Get changed.”

Shaking, Anne opened the bag and took out a man’s shirt.  As she slipped it over her head, she realised that it was a little short, barely covering her crotch as she turned round.

“Beautiful,” Mister Black said as he walked to the table and picked up a length of rope.  “Now, we have to make sure you are comfortable for the night – we cannot talk to Mister Kepple until the morning anyway.  You will find a pair of red heels there – put them on as well.”


“Because,” Mister Black said as he stood in front of Anne, “I want you to do, and you will do whatever I tell you to do.  Now, put them on.”

Shaking, Anne sat on the edge of the bed and slipped the shoes on her feet, noting that he knew her shoe size as well and wondering how he had found out.“I thought you said we were in the middle of nowhere,” Anne said as she watched him unravel and double over the white hemp, “You don’t have to tie me up.”

“I do have to get some work down, and I need to be sure you can’t interfere.  Now, lie face down on the bed and put your hands under your head – or shall I make a call?”

“No – I’ll do as you ask,” Anne said as she got onto the bed, turned onto her stomach and lay still.  She offered no resistance as she felt he captor crossing her ankles and wrapping the soft nylon around them.  Anne tried not to cry as they were pulled tightly together, the rope running around and between them until she could not move them apart at all.  As she felt a second length pass around her legs, pulling them together below her knees, she tried to memorise as much as she could of the room – things in it, sounds, anything that may help later.  She grunted as the rope went around her upper legs above her knees, the feel of the coils rubbing against the hose coverign her legs not unpleasant while at the same time worrying her.

Put your hands behind your back,” she heard Mister Black say.  As she slowly brought them round, he grabbed then and crossed them in the small of her back, wrapping yet more rope around them to secure them together.  Anne expected him to start binding her arms to her side, but instead he left her alone for a few minutes, returning with something attached to a thin cord in his hand. 

 “You are quite a beautiful woman, Mrs Pray,” he said as Anne looked up at him, “and I hope that we will have some – interesting times this weekend.  For now, however, I have preparations to make, so I am afraid I must leave you for the moment.”  As he came closer, Anne realised the object was a small ring, with cords attached to either side.  She tried to keep her mouth shut, but this led to Mister Black pinching her bottom, forcing her to open her mouth and allow him to place the ring inside, securing the ends at the base of her neck.

Anne quickly realised the ring was preventing her from moving her lips, while allowing her to breath reasonably normally.  Mister Black walked round the bed, rolled Anne onto her side and re-checked all the ropes around her.  She lay still, unable to move and wondering what was going to happen next, before giving a muffled yelp as he passed his hand between her legs and stroked her crotch.

“Do you know, Mrs Pray, I’ve grown to appreciate you in the weeks that I have been watching,” he said as he gently stroked Anne.  “You may be small, but you have a beauty that I can see men admire.  You are a very lucky woman to have a loving husband and children who adore you.”  As he spoke, Dottie tried to speak, but the gag meant that all she could do was make some garbled noises.

“You need to learn, however,” he continued as he looked at his captive, “that for so long as you remain with me I am in charge, and what I say is the law.”  Anne continued to look at him, wondering what he was planning.  She could plainly see that he was been aroused by his actions, and she also could not help the feelings that she was experiencing.

“So, Mrs Pray, I suggest you do what I tell you in the next few minutes,” Mister Black said as he stood up and slowly unfastened his zip.  Anne’s eyes widened as she realised what he was planning, and she tried to move out of the way.  Her horror grew as he grabbed hold of her, forcing her onto her stomach and lifting her head up as he came closer.

“Now, suck,” he said as he inserted his erect penis into the ring, pushing it into Anne’s mouth as it moved over her tongue to the back of her throat.  She tried to fight, but he held her head as he started to move back and forth, and she felt the organ swelling and enlarging.  Wanting it to be over quickly, she tried to suck as hard as she could, feeling the throbbing against the roof and floor of her mouth as he moved back and forth, the throbbing increasing in intensity and speed until finally he released a jet of warm, thick fluid into her throat and mouth.

He held her head in place as he continued, forcing Anne to swallow the fluid as it continued to pour out.  It seemed like an eternity, and Anne felt herself starting to cry again, until he finally stopped and withdrew.  A thin line of fluid came out of her mouth, moving down her chin as he turned and walked to the bathroom, leaving Anne to roll back onto her side as she listened to the sound of running water.  After a few minutes, he returned with a damp flannel and carefully wiped her mouth and face

“I think you know who is in charge now, Mrs Pray,” he said, and Anne slowly nodded as she felt her eyes stinging.  She hoped that was the end of it, but to her horror he then pulled her ankles back, the rope tightening around her thighs in the process, and secured her ankles to her wrist with one last length of white rope.  “That was the stick,” he said as he leaned over and whispered in Anne’s ear, her eyes darting from side to side as he spoke, “and this is the carrot.”  He held a small, white object in front of Anne, about the size of a lipstick, before slipping in into her pantyhose and against her crotch.  As she felt the object start to vibrate, Anne gave out a muffled complaint as Mister Black walked to the door to the room.

“Good night, Mrs Anne Pray,” he said as he turned the light off and opened the door, the blackness growing as he closed it and shut off the light from outside.  Anne lay quite still, not sure how to respond to her predicament or the vibrations between her legs, and wondering what was going to happen when the morning came.





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