Bargaining Chip - Part 2




Saturday, 9 am

“Good Morning, Mrs Pray.”

Anne slowly opened her eyes as she heard her captor talking to her.  She tried to stretch out, before remembering how she had been left for the night.  Her mouth was dry, and there was a damp patch between her legs where the device was still slowly vibrating where it had been placed.   She looked up at the man standing there and tried to speak.


“Ah yes,” Mister Black said as he reached down and unbuckled the straps that held the metal ring in her mouth.  She moved her mouth around as her gag was removed, before taking the straw that was offered to her and drinking from the cold water bottle he was holding.

“Slowly, slowly,” he said as Anne took large gulps, “you’ll make yourself sick, and I don’t think you would like it if I had to clean up this morning.”  He held the bottle until Anne finally removed her mouth and whispered “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.  Now, I’m going to untie you, and then I suggest you clean yourself up.  You will find fresh clothing in the bathroom for after you shower and make yourself presentable.”

As he removed the ropes, Anne slowly stretched her legs out and exercised her cramped muscles.  She was sore from the night spent trussed like a turkey, and the taste of the previous evening was still in her throat, but she was determined not to let that be an issue.  There were bigger worries, such as what he had planned for her today – and what he was asking her boss for.

As the last rope was removed from around her wrists, Anne brought her arms round and sat herself up, rubbing her wrists as the shirt fell over her shoulders and down her arms.  “What are you going to do with me,” she said as she looked up at the young man now standing by the work area at the far side of the room.

“For now, I’m going to prepare some breakfast,” he said as he looked round with a large knife in his hand.  “Please, have a shower and clean yourself up – as I say, everything you need is in there.”  Anne stood up and walked slowly towards the bathroom, wondering how she was going to make it through the day.

A few minutes later she was standing under the shower, the warm water flowing down her and washing away the sweat and stains of the previous day.  Anne stood still, her eyes closed as she tried to work through the events of the last 18 hours.  She had been taken from her place of work, bound and gagged and driven god knows how far away, then forced to take part in an act she did not want to do – and all because this man, Mister Black, wanted something from Mr Kepple?  She wondered what her boss and friend had which was so important, so valuable that this man would go to these lengths to obtain it.

As she dried herself off, the smell of freshly brewed coffee wafted in from the other room.  She looked at the outfit that had been laid out for her, before pulling a dressing gown that hung on the back of the door around herself and walking back in.  Her captor looked up as she came in; looking her over before saying “I believe I asked you to get dressed?”

“I’m sorry,” Anne said as she fastened the gown around herself, “but it looks like you have the wrong size.  They look barely large enough to fit my daughter, never mind me.”  She looked at the man as he stood there, wondering what he was going to do, before he placed the knife on the work surface and smiled.  “Have a seat,” he said as he pointed to a chair at the table, “and I’ll bring you over some food.”

As Anne took the seat, he walked over and picked up a set of thin plastic ties.  “A necessary precaution,” he said as he knelt down and fixed Anne’s ankles to the legs of the chair, the rasping sound as the ties tightened round her skin only matched by the way they du slightly into her flesh.  He then secured her right hand to the back support, before pushing her in towards the table and placing a plate of sliced fruit in front of her.

“Eat,” he said as he went to pour some coffee, placing a mug next to Anne as he sat at the far side of the table.  Carefully, Anne picked up a slice of apple and placed it in her mouth, chewing it before swallowing and waking up to just how hungry she was.  For his part, Mister Black watched her devouring the fruit, before she picked up the mug and took a long, deep drink.

“Better?” he said as Anne placed the empty cup back on the table.  She nodded as the sound of his cell phone interrupted the talk.  “Excuse me,” he said as he walked round, looking at the phone as he hand gagged Anne in her chair.

“Yes?  No, no problems here.  So she returned home last night?  Fine – I don’t think you will need to bring her here, but keep watch.  Call again in one hour.”  Throughout the conversation Anne looked straight ahead, wondering who the other person was even as she realised that the girl they were talking about was her daughter.

As he turned off the cell phone, Mister Black pulled the chair back and sat on Anne’s lap.  “I thought we had a discussion last night about you doing what I told you to, Mrs Pray?  Did I imagine that, or did I not tell you to do exactly what I told you, when I told you?”

“Yyyyes,” Anne said in a shaky voice as he pressed his face close to hers.  “Exactly,” he replied as he picked up a napkin that was lying on the table and pulled back on Anne’s hair.  As she opened her mouth to yell, he stopped that by stuffing the cloth into her mouth until her lisp closed over the edges.  “now, I will have to remind you of what happens if you don’t do as I told you,” he said as picked the knife up and cut her legs and arm free.  Taking her by the arm, he dragged her over to the bed and pushed her face down on it.  Grabbing one of the lengths of rope that were lying on the bed, he pulled her arms behind her back and crossed them before tying her wrists tightly together.

“ps stp,” Anne mumbled as she felt her elbows been drawn together behind her back, forcing the front of her robe open as her breasts were pushed out by the effect of her shoulders been drawn back.  Mister Black ignored her, however, as he wound the rope between her arms and tied it off tightly, before rolling he rover and pulling her legs round so that he was standing at the foot of the bed holding them.

“Stay still,” he commanded as he let go with one hand and grabbed a length of rope, wrapping it around her left ankle and pulling her leg to one side as he secured it to one corner of the bed.  Repeating the process on the other side, he ignored Anne’s screams as he secured her other leg so that they were spread apart.  Walking round, he pulled her gown apart so that her body was exposed to the cool air before sitting beside her and stroking her legs.

“Now, how shall we teach you your lesson this morning,” he said as he stroked her legs, Anne lying perfectly still as she felt her body responding to his touch.  She screamed, but the muffled sounds that came from her mouth only seemed to encourage Mister Black as he moved his hand over her breasts, running his gloved finger around her nipple as she pushed her head back into the mattress.

“Unless you want your daughter brought here,” Mister Black said as he started to unbuckle his trouser belt, “you will not say anything and take your punishment.  Understand?”  Anne closed her eyes and lay still as she felt him caressing her body, and his kiss upon her breasts and stomach as he moved down.  The urges were growing stringer again, and she was trying desperately to think of ways not to respond, but she could not deny the way she was starting to buck as he stroked around her vagina, and the way she gripped as he entered her.

Hating every moment with every fibre of her being, and yet unable to deny the ecstasy that was flowing through every nerve, she moved with him as he grew inside, gripping in response to the throbbing that she felt, until there was an explosion in her body as he let forth with all that he had.  Anne lay still for a few moments, praying and hoping this would be the end, until she opened her eyes as she felt him withdraw.  Her cheeks stung from the tears that had flowed down during the last few moments as she stared at the man now standing beside her.

“You will stay there,” Mister Black said, “while I go and make some preparations, and then I will let you shower and change.  This time, you will put on what is in there – understand?”

Anne nodded as she watched the man walking out of the room, before raising her head to look down her legs at the ropes around her ankles.  Realising she was not going to be able to free herself, she got as comfortable as she could and listened to the sounds coming from another room elsewhere in the cabin.




1 pm

Anne opened her eyes as she felt herself been rolled over, and the ropes removed from her arms.  “Get up and get washed,” she heard Mister Black say, “Mister Kepple has asked to see you, and we have an hour before I make the call.”

As she stood under the shower for the second time that day, Anne steeled herself for whatever may lie ahead.  She knew from his tone that he had talked to her friend and boss, and knowing him he must have demanded proof she was all right – but what sort of call was he planning to make?  She did not think he had any sort of video conferencing facilities, but still...

Towelling herself off, she pulled on a pair of black stockings and held up the short green skirt that was on the door hanger.  As she pulled it on, she realised it barely covered the top of her stockings, but fear of what her captor may do next was stronger than how she felt she looked.  The white short sleeved top was also a size too small, but she managed to pull the zip fastener up enough to cover the cream silk bra she had put on.  There was a replica of one of her necklaces lying on the work surface, which she put on before picking up the heeled black sandals and fastening them on her feet.

As she left the washroom, she stopped short at the sight of Mister Black dressed literally from head to toe in black – including the balaclava over his head.  “That’s better,” he said as Anne walked into the room and leaned on a couch.  Picking up a pair of metal cuffs from the table, he motioned to her to join him.  “Don’t fight me on this, and you’ll get to see Mister Kepple,” he said as he turned Anne round and fastened the cuffs over her wrists.  She could feel the cold metal against her bare skin, but said nothing as he led her out of the room for the first time since they had arrived.

There was another door slightly further down on the opposite side, and as he opened it Anne saw that the room contained some bookcases and other work stations.  On a table was a laptop, while to one side was a video camera.  There was a simple black camping chair set in front of both the table and the camera, which Anne was led to and made to sit down.

As he guided her arms over the back of the chair, Anne began to see a glimmer of hope.  She knew enough about using video conferencing to know it could be traced, so with any luck Mr Kepple will have set things up to allow that.  This gave her some comfort as she watched her captor produce a long length of white rope and start to bind her legs together above her knees, pulling her knees so that her legs came slightly apart.

“When I make this call,” he said as he tied off the rope, “say nothing unless I tell you to, and do nothing that may tell him where we are.”

“That should be easy,” Anne said as she watched him wrap a second length of rope around her legs below her knees, “given I have absolutely no idea where we are either.”

“Funny,” Mister Black said as he pulled tightly on the rope, making Anne gasp as he tied that length off and pushed her ankles together.  “Keep that up and we will have fun later.”  The rope was passed around her ankles, pulling them tightly together, but he made no attempt to cinch the ropes by passing the ends between her legs.  “Is this just for show then,” she asked sarcastically as Mister Black walked to the table.

“No,” was his only reply as he showed her another length of rope.  This time he did pass it between her legs, tightening the loops of rope around her ankles before taking it up and around the bands below her knees.  She could feel her legs coming more tightly together as the rope went around the coils above her knees, and then between the two sets of bindings so that she could feel the rope digging into the flesh of her thighs.

“That hurts,” Anne cried out as he passed some rope over her head and pulled her arms against her chest, passing it above and below her breasts as he did so.  The top was already under strain, and as her breasts were forced forward she could feel the zip give slightly at the top.  “Now then,” he said as he checked his watch and switched on both the laptop and the video camera, “I want you to keep absolutely quiet and only answer when you are told you can do so.  Understand?”

“Yes,” Anne whispered as she watched the screen on the laptop coming to life.  The screen showed a set-up for a video call, with both screens blank at this stage, but as the video camera came to life Anne could see that one side showed the room, just to the side of where she was sitting.

“Right,” Mister Black said as he walked over and pressed some keys on the laptop, “Let’s talk to your good friend.”   Anne watched as the sound of ringing came from the laptop, before the face of Mister Kepple appeared on the other side of the screen.

“Good afternoon, Mister Kepple,” Mister Black said as he stood off camera, “I trust that there is nobody else there with you?”

“That’s what you wanted isn’t it,” Anne saw her boss saying in a short tone of voice.

“It was, but I want you to prove it.”

They watched as Mister Kepple picked up his camera and moved it round, showing his office much as Anne had left it the previous day.  As his face came back into focus, he said “Satisfied?”

“Entirely.  Please, do not bother trying to trace this call – I assure you, you will not be able to.”

“I kept my part of the bargain – now keep yours.  I want to see Anne.”

“Of course,” Mister Black said, and as he pressed a button in his hand Anne watched the camera move round to focus on her as she sat in the chair.  She could see Mister Kepple reacting as her face came into view on his screen.  “My god,” he said as his face went white, “Are you all right, Anne?”

She looked to the side at Mister Black, who nodded before she said “I’m fine, David – Please, just do whatever he asks you to do.  He says he won’t harm me so long as you do that.”  Anne knew this was a lie, but she wanted to spare her friend from the worst aspects of what had happened.

“I swear to you, black, if you’ve harmed a single hair on that girl’s head, I will come after you and...”

“And what, Mister Kepple?  I tried to reason with you, and you refused to discuss my reasonable requests with me.  So, in a way, it is your own fault that I had to resort to these measures.  So, the question is, are you going to discuss the matters with me now?”

Anne could see the indecision on her boss’s face.  “What guarantees do I have that you will not harm her?”

“Well, to be honest, just this,” Mister Black said as he walked behind Anne.  “Either you do as I ask you, or the lovely Anne Pray here is returned to you one piece at a time.”

Anne stared straight ahead, and from the reaction on David’s face she could see that he was frightened as well.  “Please, David, by all that is holy jsutddfdgdfg.”  Anne was helpless, unable to stop Mister Black pulling a knotted strip of cloth into her mouth, forcing her head back as he tied the ends together at the base of her neck.

“Fro god’s sake, don’t hurt her – I’d never be able to explain to her family how she got hurt when on business for me,” David screamed down the web link.  Anne shot a look at her captor, who simply smiled as he said “Then don’t force me to hurt her, Mister Kepple.  You know what I want – can you deliver?”

“Not quickly, it will take time.”

“Time,” Mister Black said as he stood by Anne, “is something Mrs Pray here may not have a lot of.”  As he said this, he started to pull down the zipper on Anne’s top, smiling as her breasts almost exploded out under her bra while the sides of her garment peeled away.  As he pushed the sides away to show her chest, David Kepple said quietly “All right - no more.  Just tell me what you need.”

“I want,” Mister Black said as he picked up a list from the table, “your records on the finances of the following people.  You might want to write this down.”  Anne listened as he began to read a list of familiar names.  “Steve Nash... Michael DeGroote... Frank Stronach...”

As he read the names, Anne slowly realised why she had been taken.  She was indeed a bargaining chip, a way for him to get information on clients that he could then use against them.  “Louise Arbour... Margaret Murray... Maurice Barel... Margaret Trudeau...”

“Nnnnn – dntd t.”

Mister Black paused and looked at Anne, who was starting to struggle and call out, her head moving forward as she tried to stop her friend and boss from complying.  “I thought I told you to be quiet, Mrs Pray,” he said quietly as he stood to the side of her and reached down.  Anne watched David as he stared at her while the front of her bra was pulled down, exposing her flesh to the cold air.  “Now shut up – where was I?”

Anne watched as David Kepple listened to the last few names “... Dalton McQuinty ... Stephen Harper.  You have six hours, Mister Kepple.”

“You have got to be joking,” David said quietly.  “There is no way I am going to release the private financial details of the Premiere and Prime Minister to a kidnapper and blackmailer.”

Anne looked to her side as a frown appeared on Mister Black’s mouth.  “I am truly sorry you said that,” he said as he picked up what looked like a pair of small paper clips connected by a chain, “because it means Anne here has to pay the price.”  He walked in front of her, one of the clamps open in his hand as he held her left breasts in his hand, and attached the metal to her nipple.  Anne screamed through her gag as he repeated the process on the other side, before turning and looking at the camera.

“The next thing I will do is to connect that chain to a battery, Mister Kepple.  Now, will you do as I asked?”  Anne screamed out “pls, frgdssk, stp” as she watched David slowly nodding.  “all right, all right – just please stop doing that to her.”

“Six hours, Mister Kepple – you know how to contact me, and remember – no police or your secretary pays the price.”  Pressing a button, he killed the connection before turning to Anne, picking her up from the chair and placing her on his shoulder before he carried her back into the bedroom.  The pain was growing excruciating as he dropped her on the bed and looked at her.

“And now, Anne,” he said quietly, “What am I going to do with you?”





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