Bargaining Chip - Part 3




6 pm

Anne opened her eyes as the aroma of Kun Po Chicken hit her nostrils.  Looking over at the table from her position on the bed, she saw Mister Black unpacking a box with containers from a Chinese restaurant.

“Good evening, Anne,” he said as he looked over.  “I will see to you in a moment.”  Anne grunted through the damp cloth that was filling her mouth to acknowledge that she had heard.  Following the call, he had picked her up and carried her into the bedroom, leaving her on the bed with her ankles tied to her wrists with a length of rope, and then left without a word.  At the time she had thought he was going to punish her, but instead he had just disappeared, leaving her to try and struggle until exhaustion had taken over.

And now, here he was, walking over and starting to untie the ropes as if it was the most natural thing in the world for him to do?  All Anne could do was say “Thank you” as the sodden gag was removed and she felt her wrists been loosened.

“I thought you might like something to eat,” her captor said as she sat herself up and rubbed her wrists.  “Why don’t you do your top up and join me at the table?”

Slowly, Anne got onto her feet and walked over to the table.  As with that morning, he secured her ankles and left wrist to the chair with plastic ties, before pushing her into the side and handing her a pair of chopsticks.

“I believe this is your favourite,” he said as he passed a container over, and as Anne allowed the aromas to flow into her nostrils she simply nodded.  Taking a piece of food, she slowly placed it in her mouth, watching her captor all the time as he sat down and started to eat from another container.

“Since you didn’t ask,” Mister Black said casually, “You will be pleased to hear that Mister Kepple has agreed to meet my more than reasonable demands.  Barring any unforeseen problems, you should be home safely with your family tomorrow.  Eat up – you look starved.”

“I don’t understand,” Anne said quietly as she continued to eat, “He gave in just like that?”

“Well, he did not want to see you hurt,” the man said as he put the container down, “so he proved more than willing to cooperate.”  Mister Black put down his chopsticks as he looked at Anne.  “In fact, I suppose I should thank you for trying to get him not to do it – that helped me to clinch the deal, as it were.”

“What are you going to do with the information?”

“Hmm?  Oh, I don’t think that is any of your business, Anne.  Let’s just say I have some business associates who wish to know a few things.  Anyway – eat up, you need to get ready for bed soon.”

Anne glanced around the room.  “And what do you wish for me to wear tonight?”

“A little less sarcasm, possibly – but you will find some clothing in the bathroom.  When you have finished, you can go, clean yourself up, make yourself presentable, and then come back in here.”


8 pm

Anne stepped out of the shower and towelled herself off, looking at the small pile of clothes sitting on the top of the chest of drawers.  “I hope it’s a warm night,” she said as she squeezed into the brief panties and started to pull on the dark stockings, attaching the garter straps to the top after she pulled the belt around her waist.  IT only took a few minutes for her to pull on the matching bra before sitting down and putting on her makeup.

Mister Black stood up from his seat at the table as she walked back into the room. “Make yourself comfortable on the bed,” he said as he pointed to the side.  Anne walked over and lay on her side, looking up as her captor walked over to the far side of the bed.  She could see several lengths of rope sitting on the top of the covers, but put her hand under her head in an attempt to show she was not afraid.

“Do you remember earlier today, Anne, when I said I would have to think about what to do to you?” he said with a smile as he sat on the bed and looked at his captive.  Anne nodded, before saying 2Isn’t holding me hostage punishment enough?  After all, you did say that my trying to argue clinched the deal for you?”

“Yes, yes I did – which is why I allowed you a few hours respite before beginning,” he said a she stood up.  “Now, you know you need to do exactly what I say, or I will hurt you?”  Mister Black picked up his hunting knife and twirled it as he said this, Anne watching the whole time as she slowly nodded.

“Good, lie face down and put your hands behind your back – it’s time for your punishment to begin.”

“Look, please, I’m going nowhere, can’t you just leave me alone for tonight,” Anne said as she looked up at her captor, but the glint in his eye told her more than any words could say.  Slowly, reluctantly, she rolled over and placed her hands behind her back.

“Better,” Mister black said as he picked up a length of rope and started to tie it around Anne’s right wrist.  To her surprise he did not force her arms together but instead wrapped it around her wrist and knotted it off, leaving a long length trailing to the side of her body as he repeated the process on the other arm.  This allowed her some flexibility, with a short length of rope between her wrists, but not enough for her to be able to do much.  She looked to the side, wondering exactly why he had left the two long ends from each arm.

“I told you, Mrs Anne Pray,” Mister Black said in a tone of voice that Anne recognised and made her shiver, “that I would punish you, and that starts right now.”  He grabbed Anne’s right ankle and started to tightly tie one end of a length of rope around it.  Anne buried her face into the covers, waiting for the feeling of her other ankle being pulled tightly against her leg, so when that did not happen she wondered what was going to come.  The yelp she let out as he pulled her leg up so that her ankle rested against the back of her thigh was the first indication she had as to what was to come.

The rope went around the top of her right thigh, digging into her skin as the garter straps offered little protection.  Anne bit her lip as she felt the rope going around and tightening, holding her ankle near the back of her leg as Mister Black tied the end of the rope off.

“That fucking hurts,” Anne screamed out as her binder stood up.  “That is the fucking point," he replied as he picked up another length of rope and walked to the other side.  Anne kicked her foot out, trying everything she could think of to stop him repeating the process, but the feel of clod steel against her throat and the hissed “Lie still you little bitch,” was enough to make her stop.

She could feel the thin strap of the panties biting into her rear as her left leg was bound in a similar way, her muscles already aching as her ankle was secured to her thigh.  The ropes were now cutting deeply into her flesh, but she feared what this maniac might do if he was angered even more, so Anne tried to keep quiet as she lay there with her ankles pulled so far back.

She also had another fear – he had already raped her that morning.  Was he planning a repeat, or something else – something altogether more unpleasant?   She turned her head away from him as he sat on the bed and gently stroked her thighs with his hands.

“I still think you are a beautiful, proud, brave and fiery woman, Anne Pray,” he said as she tried not to respond to his gentle touch, “and I respect and admire you for that.  If you don’t stop trying to resist me, however, those will be the words in your obituary, not something people say to your face.  Do I make myself absolutely, perfectly, one hundred percent crystal clear about that?”

Anne nodded as she felt his hands moving down the inside of her thighs.  His touch was gentle, and had it been her husband doing this she may have enjoyed it, but it wasn’t – it was a man who had kidnapped her, held her hostage, and now was turning her over onto her back so that he could gloat down at her.

She stared back as he took the two long lengths of rope and pulled them around her waist, tying them at her waist so that her hands were now pulled into the small of her back.  She knew she was helpless, unable even to contemplate trying to move out of the way as her weight fell against her wrists.

“Please, don’t do this,” she said as she started to sob quietly, “I promise you I won’t go against you again, but please let me be.”  Mister Black looked down, smiling as he stroked the side of her face, and Anne began to hope that he may be merciful.  “That ship, Mrs Pray, has long sailed,” was his only reply as he removed his hand and picked up a long length of cloth from the covers.  “I’ve heard enough from you now – open wide.”

Anne knew by this point that she had to do what he asked, so she allowed him to pull the cloth into her mouth, wrapping it around her head twice as he silenced her before securing the ends of cloth together behind her head.  She lay back, looking up mutely as he continued to stroke her body, fighting the feelings that were beginning once again to build inside her as her nerves responded to the touch of his hand.  She did not want to enjoy this, she was not wanting for it to even happen, and yet, and yet...

A soft moan came unexpectedly from her mouth as he began to feel her breasts while she lay there, his touch massaging the flesh as she felt her nipples starting to harden to the kneading.  One part of her brain wanted to scream at him to stop, to let her go, while another part seemed to be trying to tell her to enjoy the sensations, to let this cruel and hard man have her way.  Despite his manners, despite his care at times, Anne knew she was in danger with every second she was there, but she was starting to enjoy the sensation of his hands cupping and feeling her chest, tracing round her nipples as they started to fill out and harden.

Mister Black slipped his gloved hands under her bra straps, and once more Anne felt the cool air of the cabin as her breasts were exposed, felt the small shock as the air hit her nipples, and the even greater shock as Mister Black leaned over, gently taking each nipple in turn into his mouth and sucking gently on the teat.  Her head went back as she felt herself arching, particularly as his hand went down between her legs and felt her pussy as he continued to kiss one breast after another.

“You do like this, don’t you,” he whispered as she looked into Anne’s eyes, and to her horror she found herself moaning in pleasure as he continued.  She tried to shake her head, but it seemed impossible.  “Well, I need to do something now,” he continued as he stopped for a moment, straightening up and standing as she started to unbuckle the belt around his waist.  She shook her head as his pants dropped, the bulge in his boxer shots plainly visible to her.

“You don’t have a choice in this, Anne,” he said as he picked up another, wider piece of cloth.  He climbed onto the bed, straddling Anne around the waist as she felt his cock against her skin, and pulled the cloth taut in both hands.  For a moment, Anne feared this was going to be the end, so it was almost a relief when he leaned over and pulled the cloth over her eyes, blindfolding her as he raised her head to tie the ends together.

Only as her head went back into the mattress did Anne realise she was now truly, totally helpless, unable to see what was happening to do anything as she felt his lips against her breasts again, and then on her own mouth as she felt a throbbing against her waist.

“Don’t worry, Anne,” she heard Mister Black say as the weight went off her stomach.  “I’m not going to penetrate you tonight.”  She relaxed until she heard him continue to say “not from the front anyway.”  With that, she let out a scream as she felt herself been rolled over onto her stomach, her bottom raised and her legs pushed beside her stomach as she lay face down.  She felt her hands around her waist and chest again as he came behind her, moving behind her as she felt a moistness growing in her crotch in response to his touch.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god,” she kept thinking to herself as she felt herself respond to his movements, trying desperately not to lose control of herself as his fingers rubbed against her clitoris, making her moan and move even more in response as she felt his penis throbbing and enlarging behind her.

It was then that she felt the touch of steel against her bottom, and the sudden parting of material as Mister Black cut away the backstrap of her panties.  “NNNHGGGNNNNN” she screamed out as she felt rather than saw him pulling down his boxer shots and coming close behind her.

Anne definitely felt as Mister Black penetrated her anus and started to rock, pushing himself into her bottom as he went deeper and further in.  Anne had never experienced a sensation like it – she felt as if she was going to explode, and indeed could feel herself starting to cum as her attacker continued to push further in, holding himself closer to her with each rock forward and back.

Her moans continued, increasing in intensity and volume as she felt him growing larger and stronger from behind, and unable to stop the flow as she started to cum from in front in response.  It was unbearable, horrible, and yet also incredibly erotic and stimulating in a way that both frightened and excited her in differing proportions.  She raised her head up, crying out as she felt him starting to cum from behind as she continued to flow from in front, her fears been let out in one last long, incredible moan as she felt him cumming inside, the fluid flowing into her in a way she had never experienced before.

As she felt Mister Black finally start to come out, Anne also felt hot tears flowing down her cheeks.  As she let her head fall down, she knew she had been used, abused, and felt ashamed and angry.  She could not deny, however, the other feelings she had had – but at that moment what was overflowing her was a sense that she could not take any more – this was enough, this was  the limit.

“Enjoy your evening,” she heard Mister Black say as he rolled her back over onto her back, her bottom aching as she listened to the sound of the door closing as she was left alone.


Sunday, 6 am

It was the strange rustling noise that woke Anne up – the sound of something been unrolled, but what she had no idea.  She lay there, saying nothing until she felt the rope been removed from her legs.

“Sit up,” she heard Mister Black say, and she did as she was told without any complaint.  She felt a hand around her arm as she was helped to stand up and walked slowly across something that felt cold against her feet.  After a few minutes she was stopped as she felt the rope around her wrist been removed.

“You are at the bathroom door,” she heard Mister Black say.  “Do not remove your blindfold and gag until you are in the room.  Then I want you to shower and make yourself beautiful, put on some hose and then come back into the room.  Nod if you understand.”

Anne slowly nodded her head as she heard a door open and she was pushed in.  She stood there, waiting for the door to close before she reached up and untied the knots, blinking as she removed the blindfold first and then the gag.

The first light was starting to come through the high window as she looked at the deep red marks around her wrists and thighs.  Removing the bra and panties, she looked at the cut in the thin strap before dumping them on the floor and taking off her stockings.

The hot water seemed to revive her slightly as she stood underneath, sobbing and crying as the memories of last night came back.  The sweet scent of her shower gel could not mask how dirty she was really feeling, no matter how hard she tried to rationalise her plight.  Eventually, however, she turned off the water and started to towel herself off, before taking a pair of stockings that had been laid on the chest of drawers, unopened.

“These – these are like the ones I wore on Friday,” she said to herself as she opened the pack and pulled them on, before sitting and picking up the lipstick she had left there the previous evening.  She took her time, making sure she looked as normal as possible before standing up and walking into the room.

The first thing she saw was the plastic that had been laid over the floor, covering everything up to the bed.  The second was the laundry bag lying on the bed, and Mister Black standing at the table.

“Your boss has delivered the material,” he said with a smile, “so it is almost time for you to go.  Please, come over and put on your clothes.”

Anne walked slowly over to the bed, and opened the bag to reveal her top, skirt and dress that she has handed over on the Friday night.  There was also her bra, in a clear plastic bag, and her shoes in a second bag beside that.  She took her bra first, ignoring her captor as she put that on and removed her other clothing.

“What are you going to do to me now?” she said as she pulled the top over her head and picked up the skirt.  “Why, return you as promised,” Mister Black replied as he watched her putting her skirt and jacket on, before sitting on the bed and slipping her shoes onto her feet.  As she looked over she could see her handbag sitting on the table, again in a clear plastic bag.

“Now,” Mister Black said as he stood up, “We need to get you fully ready.  You’re not going to cause any trouble, are you?”

“no,” Anne said with her head bowed as she tried to avoid his gaze.  “Good,” was his response as he walked over and turned Anne round, taking her hands behind her back and tying them together with a length of cord.  She stood there passively as he tightened the rope between her wrist before turning her back round and holding up a handkerchief.

“Please,” Anne said as she looked up at him, “Don’t stuff my mouth.  I know you are going to gag me, but I will not try and call out.  Just do this one thing for me.”

He looked at her for a few moments, before saying “All right” and putting the cloth in his pocket.  He turned back to the table, picked up the roll of medical tape and came back, tearing a strip off and smoothing it over Anne’s mouth as she stood there, her lips pursed.  She felt the material pulling at her skin, but said nothing as he bound her elbows together again behind her back.

“all right, Anne,” he then said as he draped her long coat over her shoulders as before, doing up the front, “I’m going to take you somewhere and leave you for David Kepple to collect.  No funny business, understand?”

“mmm,” Anne mumbled as she nodded.  Taking her by the arm, Mister Black walked Anne out of the room, picking up her handbag as he did so, and guiding her down the corridor and out of the cabin to where the car was parked, the passenger door open.

Helping her to sit in, he quickly tied her ankles together and taped two cotton wool balls over her eyes, followed by the pair of sunglasses over the top.  Anne sat quietly as she listened to him climbing into the driver seat and starting the car.




How long the journey took Anne had no way of knowing – she was not wearing headphones this time, but there was very little noise from outside to give her any clues as to where they were.  Eventually the car stopped and she waited for the passenger door to be opened.

“You will need to hop a short distance,” she heard Mister Black say as he helped her to swing her legs out.  Standing up, Anne took short bunny hops for a few minutes as her captor held her arm, before she was turned round and made to sit on something cold and hard.

“All right,” she heard Mister Black say, “This is where I say good bye.  Someone will be along in a short while.  I will be watching, so don’t try and get free yourself.”  Anne nodded and heard him walk off, his footsteps crisp on something.  She then heard him come back and say “one more thing.

“If you tell anyone what has happened this weekend, then be assured I will call on you again – and this time I will bring a friend and make sure your daughter is at home.  You know what I am capable of doing – do you want your little girl to have the same attention?”

“NNN” Anne mumbled at this.  “Good – I hope we don’t meet again, Mrs Pray,” she heard Mister Black say before the sound of more footsteps, and then a car driving off.

She sat there, in silence, wondering where she was.  As her ears grew used to the lack of noise, she could hear birdsong in the distance, and felt a cool breeze against her skin, but no clue as to where she may have been left.  For what seemed like an eternity this continued before she heard a car coming closer, stopping as the sound of footsteps running closer came to her.

“Anne,” she heard her boss say, and she called out “Dqfd” as she felt someone helping her to her feet.  As the glasses were removed from her eyes and the blindfold taken away, she saw David Keppel standing in front of her.

“Are you all right?” he said as she looked into his ashen face, and Anne slowly nodded.  “He says I have to put you in the car like this and drive off – can you cope for a little while longer?”

“Yss,” Anne said as she was helped to half walk, half hop to the waiting Chevrolet, ducking her head as Mister Kepple swung her legs in.  He climbed into the driver seat and set off, as Anne began to recognise the park that she had been left in.

After fifteen minutes, David stopped the car and reached over, removing Anne’s gag.  “Thank you,” she said as she gasped, “are you all right?”

“Am I all right?  Christ’s sake, Anne – you’re the one I saw been tortured.  Are you all right?”

“I... I’ll cope – just get me home,” Anne said as she sat back, watching her friend and boss as he drove back towards the city.




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