Carol’s Quiet Night







How long have I been watching her for now, preparing, planning, considering every single possibility of our eventual meeting.  Her dark hair, her stature, her mode of dress - all of that had screamed out to me since I first saw her at the offices of Standard Central Bank - and tonight was going to be the night.


I found out her name very early on - Carol Maloney, married with two grown up daughters.  That was good - I like them mature, as it makes them more pliable, their experience adding to my own.  I had watched her, knew everything about her - her favourite coffee, the perfume she liked to use, the brand of hose she wore.


Tonight, I knew her husband was out of town - I had followed him in his taxi to the airport earlier today and seen him going through the gate.  Her older daughter was hundreds of miles away at college, and I had watched from outside her house as the jock had picked up her younger daughter, her overnight bag in her hand.  I hoped they were going to have fun tonight - I knew I was going to...


I love autumn evenings for this kind of visit as well - the darkness falls earlier, which makes it easier for me to gain access to the houses I visit.  This particular night, I slip quickly up the side of her house, and then use a heated screwdriver to force open the side door.  It opens without a sound, and I’m pleased to see that her daughter forgot to set the alarm when she left.  Careless of her, that.


Glancing at my watch, I see it is 7:30.  Good - she won’t have finished yet, as I slip my rucksack off my back and check my supplies.  Everything is there - and I have plenty of time to prepare.


Carol looked up at the clock on the wall and groaned inwardly - she could not wait for today to end.,  For some reason, her feet had been killing her all day, and for the umpteenth time she slipped her shoes off under the desk and flexed her feet.


She had worn the heels, and the grey dress, so that when she met with her clients she would come over as professional, as she had done so many times before, but today it somehow felt different.


It was probably when she caught Thomas looking at her through the glass front of her office, and she glanced down to see the hem of the dress had ridden up to expose her thigh.  The look he had given her had made her feel - well, dirty if truth be told, and he was much younger than her...


Her secretary showed in her last client for the day, and she stood up, smoothing down her skirt as she extended her hand.


I make my way from the kitchen into the front room, and look round in the dim light.  Everything here backs up what I thought of the family - tasteful furniture, ornaments and pictures, and there are signs that they have money as well. 


Not that such things were my primary concern - but it would be useful when she finally gets home.  I make my way round the other downstairs rooms, and then up the staircase.  I soon find her bedroom and smile to myself - perfect. There’s even a blanket instead of a door - much easier to make our way through,


Now all I need is Carol...


“I look forward to hearing from you.”


Carol surreptitiously slipped her shoes back on and then walked her client out, noticing the way Thomas was staring at her as she showed him to the door.  She sighed inwardly - she knew that he knew Jim was away, and he was notorious in the office for the way he came on to the older women, even those superior to him.  She knew she would have to slap him down - hard.


I glance at the clock - 8 o’clock.  She should be leaving soon...


Carol walked quickly back to her office, grabbed her purse and tried to get out before he had a chance to say anything - but as she headed for the exit, she heard Thomas say “Carole how about you and I go to my place for drinks, I know Jim is away and we could talk about what comes up and the stamina of a younger man"


She turned and smiled at him, a glint in her eye as she replied sweetly "Well Thomas I might just take you up on that but...”




She looked at his crotch and said “I am not sure anything could come of a man who has the anatomy of a Ken doll - good night."   She turned and walked to the exit, hearing some of the other girls giggling uncontrollably as she closed the door and headed for her car.  That had felt so good...


Looking out of the window, I begin to wonder what she may have for that night - she looked so hot in that dress when I saw her earlier today, and the way the hose looked so natural on those legs... She probably thinks she’s going to have a quiet night in.


As she drove through the streets, Carol worked in her mind through what she wanted to do. “Get home...  Strip out of this dress, this bra, and especially these heels...  Soak in the tub, with that new book and a very large glass of wine...  After that, we’ll see...”  The streets were quiet, and she made good time.


Ah - headlights.  I’d better get in position in case this is her now.  I’d hate to be out of place for the start of the festivities...


As she turned into her neighbourhood, Carol’s thoughts were on the bottle of wine, locking the door and relaxing.  Nothing was going to spoil her night for her - not even the lack of a bedroom door.


As she drove down her road, she dialled a number on her smart phone - silently thanking Jim once again for the idea of the automatic light controls.


What the...  Well, the sudden light took me by surprise for a moment, but no problem - it just makes it so much more interesting.   I push back as far as I can into the shadows, before I hear a voice confirming the lights had gone on.  For a moment, I thought I had done something horribly stupid - but the alarm was off, so I’m sure it’s just a nice feature of the setup.  Carol had money and taste - and soon she will taste something sweeter.


Pulling into the driveway, Carol turned off the car engine, stepped out and locked it, then grabbed the mail from the mailbox before she walked into the house. Putting her purse down with the mail on the kitchen table, she turned and locked the door behind her, then sighed as she looked at the fine layer of dust on the floor.


Guess these stay on for the moment,” she muttered as she walked across the wide kitchen, her heels clicking on the floor.


Calm yourself, control your breathing - she will soon be there.  Listen to the sounds of her heels - the rhythm of her step, the confidence she exudes as she does so.  Just a few more seconds - and there she is, in front of me, totally unaware of my presence in the room. 


She looks so perfect - her short hair, that dress that covers her legs just enough, the hose, the high heels.  I watch her as she looks round, and then heads for the staircase, unaware of me as I move behind her and prepare to grab her...


As she looked at the front room, Carol sighed and said “Damn - they’re still not done.”  Shaking her head, she started to walk to the staircase and to her bedroom - one step, two steps, three steps...


Her eyes shot wide open as she felt the strong left arm grab her round the waist, and smelt the glove on the hand that was pressed firmly over her mouth.  “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” was all she could say as she tried to raise her hands to pull the arm away, but they were pinned to her body.


She heard a rough voice behind her say Not a sound, lady, or it will be the last sound you make. Understand?.  Carol listened, breathing hard through her nose, and started to tremble as she slowly nodded her head.


Good, good - she is going to so exactly what I tell her to do, I can see that already.  Time to make her comfortable.


"Walk," she heard the voice say as she was both lifted and pushed towards the bedroom, offering her no chance of escape.  Carol tried to move her legs, but with only her toes touching the ground she was helpless to stop him taking her through the curtains and into her bedroom.


She felt as if her mouth was going to be crushed by his grip as she saw her bed, and the open rucksack on it.  As he set her down on the floor, his arm still tightly round her waist, she heard him say “I'm going to take my hand away. Don't scream, don’t move."   She nodded, her breathing hard as she wondered what he was going to do.


Whoever he was he was big - and strong - and Carol was too frightened to do much more than stand silently as an arm reached into the rucksack and pulled out a pair of panties.  “Right,” she heard him say, “You’re going to let me put this in your mouth, and you're going to keep it there, understand?”


“Please,” Carol said quietly, “don’t do thsssmmmmmmmm.”  Her pleas were silenced as he stuffed the cloth into her mouth, filling it and pressing her tongue down to the floor of her mouth.  There was a cold sweat on her back as he did this, and then said “Do not spit these out, or you will regret it, understand?”


Carol nodded as she tried to figure out what he had stuffed in.  She did not have any panties like these - only thongs if she wore anything - but they were silk, and she cloud feel the thin cords with her tongue.  She could also taste a musky something - as she realised he had taken them from someone else.


“Now,” the voice said again, “lie face down on the bed, head on your hands.”  Carol did as he had commanded, lying across the bed as she placed her hands on the back of her head, wondering what he was going to do next.


He reached into the rucksack as she buried her head into the cover, and took out a large roll of red electrical tape.  She heard the end of the tape being torn free, and then the voice saying “Now, do as I say, and I'll be away before you know it, all right?”


She nodded, hoping he would just tie her up and rob her, then leave her alone.  “Right,” he continued, “keep your head down, and put your hands behind your back.”  Carol slowly moved her hands behind her back, and lay still as he crossed them and started to tape them together, trapping the sleeves of her dress underneath as he did so.  She let out a moan of ”mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” as he did this, but he did not respond.


Instead, he smoothed the tape down on her wrists, and then moved his hands down her legs, stroking over the smooth hose as he did so.  Carol wasn’t sure what he was doing, but she didn’t like it, kicking her legs a little as she said “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


“Stop kicking," was his response as he grabbed her legs and held her ankles together, making Carol protest again with mmmmmmmmmmamdsfmdmf.”  She heard the tape tear again, and felt it sticking to the side of her legs as he started to tape her ankles together.


“What’s he going to do,” she thought, getting more scared the more helpless she became.  All she had wanted was to kick these heels off and relax, and instead some stranger is tying her up and probably going to take everything she had.


Her upset only increased as she realised he was passing the tape around her shoes as well, holding her feet together as well as her ankles.  Fcknggrrt” she moaned out as he let her legs go, feeling them fall on the bed, and then his hand on her bottom as he gave her a smack.


Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” was her response to this as she wriggled round, the packing starting to protrude a little from her lips.  “I told you to keep that in there,” she heard him say, and then his fingers pushed the packing back in - before she heard the tape ripping again.


“Just another little band,” she heard him say as she felt the tape gong round her legs, and for the first time she dared to look back.  He was a big man, his face covered by a scarf, and he was strong.  MSmmmmmm” she moaned as she felt her legs being forced together, and then his hand brushing down her thighs again.


“Now, are you going to be a good girl and do as I tell you,” he said again, and once again Carol nodded.  Feeling him kneel on the bed as the mattress dipped, she heard another rip of the tape, and then he said “Raise your head.”


Plslsjsttkkndg,” Carol mumbled, but he asked again, and as she did so she felt a strip of the red tape press down over her mouth.  Two more strips followed, and then he said “Lie down again.”


She did so, saying “mmmmpllssmmmm as she felt his hands travelling down her sides, her back, almost caressing her.  “You have a lovely body,” she heard him say, “and I would like to see more of it.”  She shook as she heard that, wondering if he planned to do more than just rob her.


Out of the corner of her eye, Carol now saw something that made her blood freeze - a large hunting knife, which he placed on the bed within reach of himself and in her eyeline.  “A little incentive to help you do as I ask,” he said before she felt the back of her dress slowly start to part.


MMmddmntntmmmmm” she called out as he slowly, carefully, pulled the zip down her back, the dress parting to reveal her off white silk bra.   She felt his hands moving down her body and gently squeezing her bottom, making her gasp out again before he said “I love this dress - but I think you look better without it, at least in part.”


She is so afraid - yes, she is protesting, but I can tell she is terrified, and that’s just how I want her to be.  Soon, very soon, she will realise what she is in for, and then she will be mine, completely, totally...


Mmmmgmgmdfmmddmmgmmggm” was all Carol could say as she felt his hands on her back, slowly massaging her shoulders as she lay there, too terrified to move or think clearly.  She had thought this was a robbery, but was something else going to happen?


“Roll over and sit up.”


Carol blinked as, with some difficulty, she rolled herself onto her side and shuffled along the bed.  She could see him clearly now, standing there, his eyes gleaming in the light from her table lamp as she slowly managed to get herself into a seated position, the tape tightening around her legs as her heels dropped towards the floor.


More worrying for her, however, was the fact that her dress started to slip down her shoulders as she sat up, exposing her bare flesh - and she could see the gleam in his eyes as he watched her.


Plslsjtstkmfgnsng,” she mumbled as she looked up at him, and then she felt his hands on her arms, as he pulled the dress down and exposed the top of her bra.  Carol recoiled at this, falling back onto the bed as she protested “Mmmmmmmmmmdmdmm” at the touch of his hand.


She then watched as he reached over and picked up the knife, moving it in his hand as he said “If you know what’s good for you, then sit back up - NOW!”


The sudden increase in volume, as well as the menacing tone in his voice, made Carol even more frightened, so she sat herself up, quietly mumbling “mmmmmmmgddddmmm” as he pulled her sleeves down still further, exposing her bra completely.  Closing her eyes, she felt his hands roughly groping at her chest, and began to fear what he may do next.  She felt the trickle of a tear down her cheek as she moaned in complaint - not just at his touch, but also at the way her breasts were starting to firm up against her wishes.


“Shuffle forward so that your feet are on the floor.”


Carol opened her eyes and looked at him, unsure of what he was saying.


“Do it, or...”


Seeing the knife in his hand again, she nodded and moved forward so that she was sitting on the bed, looking down as she felt his hands stroke down her bare arms.


The next sound she heard scared her even more, making her say “Mmmmmmmmmm” as she saw his pants dropping to the ground.  Slowly, she raised her head, and saw him standing there, naked from the waist down, his manhood fully exposed in front of her.


Ppllslssdnntn,” she complained as he lifted her head up with her hand.  “I’m going to take the gag off, and you are going to do exactly what I tell you.  Nod if you understand.”


Ohgodohgodohgod,” Carol thought to herself, and then she slowly nodded.  With luck, she could do what she thought he was asking, and then he would leave her alone.  She watched as he reached over and yanked the tape away from her mouth with one movement, and then pulled the soaked silk from her mouth.


“Please,” she whispered, “my money and valuables are in the safe.  I’ll give you the combination, but please...”


Shh,” he said as he placed a gloved finger on Carol’s lips.  She looked at him, standing in front of her with his cock hanging down, and knew what was coming.


“You have a beautiful mouth,” he said as he took his member in his hand and stroked the tip over her lips, “use it, and use it properly.”  Her eyes darted from his cock to the knife in his hand, and she slowly opened her mouth, enclosing it and then pushing it out with a soft “pop”.


She saw him smile and press it against her lips again, so she opened wide and took it in, feeling as she did so it press down on her tongue.  She slowly curled it around the base, sucking it in and out again, slowly at first as her eyes stayed fixed on the knife.


As she did so, she felt it growing larger in her mouth, and as he pushed forward she also felt a throbbing from it, that thrilled through her tongue as it was pressed down still more.  She could fill him filling her mouth now, as she sucked in and out, slowly drawing him still further in as she did so.


It was not the first time she had done a blow job, so she knew what to do, but the fear  seemed to add an extra edge to it, a desire not only to satisfy him by sucking him off, but also to get him out of her life as soon as possible.


Mmmmmmdmmmmm” she moaned as he pressed still further forward, and Carol was surprised to feel a warmth elsewhere in her body - a throbbing between her legs as she felt the throbbing intensify in her mouth.


“That’s right,” her captor said quietly, “Keep it up, you’re doing very well ahhhhhhhh.”  Carol felt almost encouraged by this, as she sucked him in and out, her tongue tasting the increased saltiness as the throbbing seemed to get stronger and stronger, the pressure in her mouth increasing rapidly with each suck in, each stroke of her tongue.


Mmmmmmgdplscm,” she moaned out as the man closed his eyes and moaned as well, that throbbing building and building in her mouth as he did so.  She could feel the pulse of his body now, hear her own pulse in her ears, as the sensations started to build to a crescendo of emotion, of fear, of enjoyment, of ecstasy...


Yesss, yesssss, YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!


The rush took Carol by surprise, hitting the back of her throat and almost making her gag.  She fought that feeling, realising he still had the knife in his hand, and swallowed, even as she felt a warmth that was most unwelcome between her taped legs.  As he kept shooting into her mouth, she struggled to breathe and swallow at the same time, the salty discharge hitting the back of her throat as he held her head in his free hand.


She could have bit down, but the fear was too great - and, despite her position, there  was something else happening to her that she did not want to.  It was a feeling she felt whenever Jim held her and loved her.  She didn’t want this to happen, it went everything she wanted to do that night - but as he continued to shoot into her, she closed her eyes and found herself moaning.


Eventually, he withdrew, Carol’s lips making a popping sound as he did so.  She sat there, gasping for breath, before she lifted her head and said “please - just take my things and go...”


“Who said I was here for your things?  Now open your mouth.”


Carol stared at him, unaware her mouth was open until he pushed the silk panties back in and smoothed three fresh strips of red tape over her lips.  Smiling, he forced her to stand up and pulled her dress down to her waist.


Mmmmmmmm” she moaned as he walked round her, making her turn with him so that she was facing the bed, and then walking slowly round her.  She followed him with her head, wondering what he was thinking, and why he had not pulled his pants up yet...  Oh no....


“MMM//MmMmmm” she moaned as he stopped and looked at her.  “You are truly a remarkable woman, Carol - I’m so glad I chose you.”


Carol’s eyes shot open as she heard this.  He knew her name?  What else did he know?  Who was he?


“I know what you’re thinking,” he said as he placed his hands on her breasts and started to massage them, Carol closing her eyes as she tried to fight the feelings that started to brew up in her body.  His grip was firm, and she could not deny the way her breasts were beginning to firm up under his groping, but who was he?


Plssdnnttmmmmmm” she moaned out as he squeezed her breasts, and she saw the smile on his face.  “I’ve watched you for some time, waiting for the right moment to meet you,” he said as he slowly started to move her bra up, exposing her breasts to the cool night air, “admiring you, your daughters, your husband - he is a very lucky man.  Now I am going to show you just how I treat a beautiful woman like you.”


Mmmmmmm” Carol moaned as he leaned over and kissed her chest, making her shiver - and not with fear either.  When Jim did it, it felt warm, gentle, loving, but his caress of his lips was rougher, more lustful than loving - and it was still having the same effect on her.


Pllssmmmdnnttmmmmmm” she moaned out, but he continued to kiss her breasts and nipples, making the fire that was starting to burn between her loins grow in intensity.  It had been a slow, simple thing, but now it was beginning to fan into something else, something different, something....


“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” she moaned out as he walked behind her, and whispered “You like this, don’t you?  I can tell,” as he pinched her nipples from behind, and then began to grope them.


Oh she is wonderful - I can feel her pressing against me, like all the others.  They all say no, they all want to fight, but I soon show them what they are missing, and they all succumb - sooner or later.


I mean, I like it when they fight, but still I anticipate the moment when I take them - and they realise what they are getting.  As her flesh firms under my touch, and her low, erotic moans reach my ears, I feel in power, in control - which is what I want.


“On your knees, Carol,” he whispered into her ear as he pressed down on her chest.  Carol could not help herself, as she slowly sank to her knees at the side of the bed, facing the opposite wall through eyes that were misty and faraway.  She did not want this to happen, she did not want him to do this to her - but at the same time, it felt so good...


He had even dropped a cushion on the floor, so her knees were protected from the wooden planks, but she felt him behind her, pressing against her as he continued to massage and grope at her chest, making her moan out “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


“Such a beautiful body,” she heard him say as he pressed her body against his, and then he pushed her forward, forcing her head into the covers as he lifted her skirt off to expose her bottom.


“Has Jim told you how beautiful your bottom is,” he said as she felt his hands caress her there.  He had done - many times - and he also knew how much she enjoyed his touch on her there.  But this man - this man - he seemed to know this too.  Had he watched them making love - and if so, how?  She could not stop herself moaning at his caress and squeezing.


Plssgddnntdtthtt,” she moaned out, but that only made him squeeze even harder, making her moan even more.  “I’ve seen him do this to you,” he said quietly, “but I want you to feel it even more.”


She buried her head into the cover as he pulled the straps of her bra down, and then his touch on her bottom, his caress, his knife on her skin....


Her eyes shot open again as she felt a gentle pressure between her cheeks, and then the hose parting, revealing her arse to the open air as it split down the seam.  “Very nice,” she hear d him say as he started to kiss her there, his hands reaching round and stroking her crotch under her skirt as he did so.


Mmmdmdmdmmmmmmm” she moaned out again as she felt his lips on her soft flesh, and the stroke of his hands warming her even more.  She knew what was happening, knew what he was going to do, and it was the last thing she wanted.  But still, the burning inside her needed to be quenched, and she said “PPLLSSMSMSMMMMMMMGDDDDD” as he moved slightly back, his hands caressing and massaging her bottom.


“Oh yes, Carol, I can tell you like this,” he whispered into her ear as his hand pressed against her crotch, and he felt the dampness against the sheer hose, “and I know you want me to do this, don’t you?”


“NNNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” she called out, raising her head and trying to shake it, but at the same time the burning in her, the dampness betrayed the way her body was feeling.  She closed her eyes as she felt his hands groping her bottom again, his lips between her shoulders, his finger slipping between the crack and...


“NNNNNNNNNNMMMMMSTPPPPPPPPPPPPP” she called out a s he felt him working his finger round her ring, and at the same time the flow between her legs suddenly increase in intensity and volume.  He wouldn’t...  He couldn’t....


“Oh you feel so warm there,” he said into her ear before he reached round from behind, his hands groping her breasts again as she felt his member against her crack.  It felt so large, so firm, and she could feel even then the throbbing.  Closing her eyes, she prepared herself, moaning at the massage as he did so.


Mmmmm....   Mmmmmmm...  Hgdddd.... NNNNNNNNNNNNNNN” she finally screamed out as she felt him start to move into her rear passage with his fat cock, pushing in as he slipped into the passage.  The pain as he did so was horrific - and at the same time, exquisite, as she felt the throbbing in her rear and pressed herself against the bed in front. 


That’s it - now you know just how much I want you...


Carol screamed out into her gag as she felt him push further in, but at the same time she felt herself start to throb inside her front passage.  He was doing something horrific to her, but somehow it was making her feel wonderful as well, something exquisite burning her up...


The necklace she was wearing jangled as he pushed forward, expanding inside her passage.  She felt as if she was going to tear something, as she closed her eyes and screamed “NNNNNNDNSDNNNNNNNNNNNNN” out as she felt that throbbing intensify still further.




Oh she’s a screamer all right - I love this.  I can feel myself building up to a climax now - I wonder if she is...


My god - she is soaking wet, and I can hear in her voice how close she is to a climax as well.  So I push firmer forwards, watching as she screams out again...


Carol could not understand what was happening - she was terrified, and did not want this, and yet as she threw her head back and bucked forward she could not deny that way this was making her feel.  She felt an explosion inside her as the flow came from between her legs, while in her rear passage she felt a sudden intensity, and then a hot stream as he came inside her, the hot cum shooting up into her.


“NN?GGGGGGGGGDDDDDDDDDHLLPPMMMMMMMMMMMMM” she screamed out as she closed her eyes and felt the climax in both places, sending her body into a shiver of delight as he held here tightly against him.  After what seemed an eternity, she felt him slowly withdraw, and turned her head to the side, panting as she watched him wipe himself down and then pull his pants back on.


“I hope you enjoyed that Carol,” he said as she looked at him, “I think you did.”


Dmnu...” Carol said as she looked at him.  Her body was weak and shaking, as if she had spent the night in Jim’s most exquisite embrace, and she did feel as if he had satisfied her - but to do it in that way...


“Now then - I must be on my way.”


MMMMMMmMMMM” she called out, hoping he would not leave her like this.


“Oh, I almost forgot,” he said as he looked in his bag, “I have a thank you present for you.”


Carol watched, then opened her eyes wide as she saw him take out a white bung.  As he pressed on the side, she heard a buzzing, and then he walked towards her.


NnnndddnntnnttNNNNNN” she called out as she felt him work it between her butt cheeks, and felt the vibrations inside her passage.  Taking the tape, he tore off several strips and taped over the device, sealing it into her buttocks before he reached over and kissed her.


“Have fun,” he said as he left her, kneeling and twisting in a vain attempt to either get that device out of her - or force it further in.


It was two hours later, in which time Carol had experienced wave after wave of torture and ecstasy, that she slowly turned her head to one side, and saw the roll of red electrical tape lying on the cover.  Turning her head the other way, she saw the gleam of light off the metal blades of her scissors, and slowly, slowly started to edge along the floor towards them...


Three months later


“Thank you for your custom,” Carol said as she showed the last client out, and looked across the room at the remaining staff.




The young man looked up from his desk, where he had been chatting up one of the younger staff, “Yes. Carol?”


“Lock up tonight,” she said as she grabbed her purse and keys, “I’m going home.”


On the drive home, Carol thought about that night when she had been visited.  She had told no-one, not even her husband, what had happened - once she had freed herself, she sat up all night, trying to figure what to do, how she felt about it, and in the end she had decided on a course of action.


The drive was uneventful, and as she pulled up into the driveway the lights were on, warm, welcoming.  She collected the mail, entered the house, locked the door beside her and kicked off her heels, unbuttoning her blouse as she poured herself a drink.


The house was quiet again - her husband was away, and her daughter was going to spend the night at her boyfriends/  Carol thought for a moment about getting into the spa, but then made her way to the bedroom, stripping off her skirt, her blouse, and her hose as she looked at herself in the mirror.


After a moment, she went into the wardrobe and took a small bag out.  Opening it, she removed a pair of pantyhose, black heels and her grey dress.  She had told Tim it had been damaged at work, and she had thrown it out.  A small lie, but a necessary one.


She started to tremble as she pulled on the pantyhose, feeling the cool air in the rent seam along her bottom, and then stepped into the dress, leaving the back undone for the moment.  Sitting on the bed, she slipped on the black patent leather shoes, and then retrieved the next object from the bag.


She turned the roll of tape round, then tore the end free, bending her legs until she managed to tape her ankles and feet together, as the man had done, then her legs below her knees. As she stretched her legs out, a thrill ran through her body, and she smiled to herself.


Placing a cushion on the floor, Carol knelt down, finding herself shaking at the thought of what she was doing.  From the bag, she took the silk thong, folded it into a pad, and then pushed it into her mouth.  Three strips of the red tape were smoothed over her mouth, before she took out the white bung, looked at it and switched it on.


It slipped neatly into her crack, a loud “MMMMMMMMMM£ coming from her gagged mouth before she wrapped the tape round one wrist, then as best she could round the other.  As the vibrations ran through her body, and she felt the warmth spread between her legs, Carol laid her head into the cover of her bed, reliving that night, with one thought in her mind.


“I wish he was here doing it again to me...”







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