In Dad's Footsteps




For Katherine White, it had been a good day.  She had taken the day off work, met her husband for lunch, and was now looking forward to a night alone with him when he finally came back from his job.  As she drove from the city centre back to their home in the suburbs, she felt as if nothing could go wrong for her – a good day indeed.

She had dressed up especially for the lunch as well – especially in wearing a new blue leather skirt that she had bought the previous week.  The skirt hugged her hips and legs, while the dark stockings that she had put on made her legs look even sexier – especially with the three inch black leather heels she was wearing.  In fact, the only way she could move was thanks to the short slits on either side of the skirt.  It was a cool day, so she had put on a grey zipped sweater with a black edged collar, while her short brown hair was curled around her head.

As she pulled up into the driveway of her house, and climbed out, everything looked as it usually did, with people moving around the street.  It was only two in the afternoon, so there was no reason for her to suspect that there was anything wrong.  She walked up to the front door, taking her keys out of her bag, and opened the front door, walking in and closing the door behind her.

Kat, as she was known to her friends, made her way into the kitchen and dropped her bag on the table, taking a bottle of water from the refrigerator and opening it before she took a long drink.  As she turned to make her way back into the front room, she failed to notice the kitchen window, which was slightly ajar, or the fact the door had been unlocked.  Her only thought was getting her shoes off and planning her evening.

So when she walked into the room, and saw a young man searching through the drawers of her bureau, she naturally stopped dead in her tracks and watched him for a moment.  He looked like a young man, in a light blue shirt and jeans, but it looked as if he had pulled one of her stockings over her head, as the dark material covered his close cropped blonde hair.

Kat finally shook her head, and said out loud “What the hell do you think you are doing?”  The young man stood up and turned round quickly, looking at Kat with an unmistakable look of surprise in his eyes.  She could now see the gloves on his hands, as he stood there stammering “wh... wh... What are you doing home?”

Kat stepped forward, saying “I asked you what the fuck you were doing in my home,” but she then noticed him looking over her shoulder, and felt something cold and metallic against her back.  “It’s all right son,” a deep voice said behind her, “I’m here.  There’s no need to panic – I’ll show you what to do.”

“All right Dad,” the young man said, and Kat slowly raised her hands as she realised there were two men in her house.  “Pick your gun up and point it at her,” the voice behind her said.  “As for you, young lady, you do exactly what we tell you, understand?”

As she watched the young man pick up a small handgun and point it at her, Kat slowly nodded and said “I understand – just take what you want and go.  I promise, I won’t get in the way.”

“I know you won’t” the deep voice behind her said as Kat felt the cold pressure in her back ease.  “Keep her covered Son – as for you, little lady, put your hands behind your back and don’t say a word.”

Kat slowly lowered her arms and felt the water bottle been taken from her hand, before whoever was behind her grabbed her wrists and held them firmly behind her.  She then felt what she could only presume was rope been passed around them, pulling them tightly together.  As she felt the rope going between her wrists, pulling the coils tightly around them, she looked up and said “What are you going to do with me?”

The young man looked behind her again, and she heard the voice say “It’s all right son – you’re going to do some on the job learning.  I know it’s your first time, but it’s good to get these things done early.”

Kat looked at the young man, and could see he was shaking slightly.  “I’m the first person you’ve robbed,” she said, and he simply nodded.  “I don’t know if I should be flattered or terrified,” was her response as she felt the pressure in her back again.  “Go and sit on the couch,” the voice said, and Kat slowly walked forward, stopping to turn round as she sat herself down.

She watched as an older man, who she knew by his looks to be the father, walked round and joined his son.  He had greying hair visible under the stocking that covered his head, and was wearing a white shirt and trousers.  “All right, son,” he said as he put a large bag on the floor next to both of them, “This is part and parcel of the life I lead.  Stay calm and in control – it’s not like she’s going to put up a fight.”

“All right dad,” the young man said as he put the gun down.  Kat looked at the two of them and gulped.  “Look – I’m not going to fight you two,” she said quietly, “If I tell you where everything is, will you just go and leave me alone?”  This only made the older man laugh, as he knelt down and took several lengths of rope out of the bag.  “All right, son,” he said as he passed a length of rope over, “You need to make sure our young lady friend here can’t get away.  What are you going to do?”

“Her ankles?” the young man said.  “Normally, yes” his father replied, “But this time I want you to start below the knees.  I don’t think she will give you any trouble, will you?” he said.  She contemplated kicking him for a moment, but stopped when she saw the older man picking up a shotgun and pointing it at her.  Instead, she watched as the rope was passed around her legs below her knees, the ends taken through the loop he had made in the centre and pulled tightly, forcing them together with a sudden jerk.  As he passed the rope around several more times, Kat looked from him to his father and back again, as the ropes were cinched between her legs and he looked up.

“Nicely done, son,” the older man said as he passed his son another, longer length of rope, “Now, above her knees, just as you practised at home.”

Kat could see him shaking slightly as he passed the rope around her legs, so she said “Look, I’m not going to struggle, I promise.  Just do what your father tells you to do.”  She tried to relax as she felt her legs been drawn together, hoping that been bound would be as far as it went – if she told them where everything was.

“All right, lady,” the father said as he watched his son binding Kat’s legs together, “where do you keep your money and jewellery?”  “Well,” Kat said nervously as she felt the young man feeling her legs as he passed the rope between them, “My purse is in the kitchen, and we keep some money in a biscuit tin in there.  All my jewellery is upstairs – we don't have a safe, you just need to OW!”

Kat looked back as the son pulled an even longer length of rope around her ankles, forcing them together with several more turns before he passed the ends around the loops between her legs, tied the ends off and stood up.  A small kitten wondered through the room, looking with mild interest at Kat before he continued his walk through the room.

“Right son,” the older man said as he walked over and checked the knots, “you’ve done a first rate job there.  You keep looking in here while I go and check the kitchen – and keep an eye on her.  I don’t think she will give any trouble, but you never know.”   Kat watched as the older man walked over, then looked at his son as he turned back to the drawers he had opened earlier.

“Is this the first time you’ve broken into a house,” she said as she watched him.  “yes,” he replied without turning, “It’s my 18th birthday, and dad felt it was time I got into the family business.”

“Well, it’s certainly not the first time you’ve tied somebody up, I’ll bet,” she replied softly.  Kat was formulating a plan – get the youngster on her side, and perhaps she can persuade him to let her go, or at least prevent his father from tying her even more strictly.

“No – I’ve tied my sister up a few times, and my girlfriend likes it when I keep her – secure,” he said as he stood up and turned round.  He stood there, looking at Kat as she squirmed slightly, the sound of squeaking as her skirt rubbed against the soft material of the couch.  “In fact, I like tying women up – but you’re the first stranger I’ve ever had to.”

“Well, you don’t have to make a career of robbing people,” Kat continued as she looked at him standing there.  “I’m sure you have a lot of skills that could be used elsewhere – why don’t you sit down with me and we can talk.”

The young man walked slowly over, his eyes fixed on Kat the whole time, and sat down next to her.  She turned to look at him, and said quietly “Listen, you’re eighteen, a man in your own right – you don’t have to do what your father tells you is the right thing.  You need to make up your own mind.”  As she said this, she could hear the sound of things falling on the floor in the kitchen. “If you let me go, I’ll swear your father made you tie me up, and you’ll be safe.”

“Tempting,” he said as he smiled at her and placed his gloved hand on her thigh, “but I have a better idea – we can sit here and you can do whatever I tell you to do.  Like I said, my girlfriend likes it when I do this – and I want to do this to you now.”

“What... what do you mean,” Kat said with a tremor as he started to stroke the inside of her legs, moving closer and closer to the hem of her skirt as he did so.  She sat back, in the couch, wondering what the look if his eyes actually meant, as he stood up and placed himself in front of her.

“Please,” she whispered as he reached down and slowly, slowly unzipped her cardigan, revealing a large cream coloured silk bra that covered her breasts as he unfastened and moved the two sides apart to each side of her body.  He knelt in front of Kat, stroking her legs again as he took hold of the hem of her skirt and pushed it up her legs, revealing her panty less crotch as he did so.  She looked at him, seeing a strange light in his eyes, and pushed herself even further back into the seat as he stroked the inside of her thighs. Moving forward as he moved his hands behind her, stroking her back as they moved up towards her chest.

“No, please, I’ll do anything,” Kat said more loudly as the young man moved his hands over her breasts, massaging them as he began to pant slightly.  To her own horror, Kat began to realise that this man wanted more than just her valuables, her jewels – she could see how he was responding as his hands slipped under the silk and pushed the material down, revealing her breasts to the room as he slowly traced his fingers over the nipples.  She could feel her body responding, but fought the feeling – even as he stood up and slowly started to unfasten the front opening of his jeans.

“No fucking way,” was Kat’s angry response as she realised what he was planning.  “What do you think I’m intending to do,” the young man said as he slowly unfastened his jeans and let them fall to the floor.  “I’m not going to rape you if that’s what you think – but I do believe I should have a birthday treat.  Now, you are going to give that to me, aren’t you? ” Kat’s eyes widened as she saw his penis, and she started screaming again.

“If you put that bloody thing anywhere near my mouth,” she shouted, “I swear I will bite it off and destroy your manhood.  Do you hear me, you little prick – don’t even think about it!!”

“Don’t even think about what,” she heard from behind, and turning her head she saw the older man standing in the doorway, the shot gun pointing straight at Kat.  “I was under the distinct impression I told you to do whatever we told you to do, right?”

Kat slowly nodded her head.  “Well then,” the father continued as he pointed the gun at her, “When my son tells you he wants to do something, you are going to do it, or else you will regret it.  Do I make myself perfectly, absolutely crystal clear?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Good – then you let him do this, and if I hear him yelp in any way related to pain,” he said as he cocked back the hammer, “I will shoot you right there and then.  Carry on, son, and happy birthday.”  Kat looked at the older man, then back at the son, and whispered “Oh god” as he pushed her over onto her side, stroking her legs again as she fell.

The older man stood, the gun pointed at Kat as his son came forward, holding his penis in his hand as it visibly grew in size.  Kat swallowed as he stroked her lips with it, before pushing it against her mouth.  She looked at him, then at his father, before closing her eyes and opening, allowing him to insert it as her lips closed around the throbbing organ.  This was not what she wanted to happen, but she started slowly to suck, drawing it further in even as she felt it start to throb and pulse.

She tried to swallow, but that only made the throbbing increase, and Kat felt the son start to move slightly.  Kat tried to fight, but as she opened her eyes and saw the gun pointing at her, she sucked him back in again, feeling the pulsing increase with each suck as he came deeper, deeper into her mouth and throat.  As her lips closed and pressed, and she sucked still more, he began to moan and push harder, the throbbing and pulsing increasing in intensity until finally he could contain himself no longer.

The stream hit the back of Kat’s throat, a salty thick taste as he ejaculated, with each throb more and more of the fluid coming into her mouth and down her throat.  Kat wanted to scream out, to throw up, to cry, but she was silenced, only able to try and swallow as much as she could while he stood there and pray it would be over quickly.  It just seemed to continue, however, wave after wave until finally she felt him start to withdraw.

Opening her eyes, she saw his father behind him, his hand on his shoulder as he said “Well done, boy.”  Kat coughed, a thin trickle running out of her mouth and down her chin as she felt a warm stream trickling down her cheek.  “Please,” she eventually said quietly, “Please, just take what you have and leave me alone.  I won’t say anything, I promise.”

“Oh, we’ll go – eventually,” the older man said as his son pulled his pants up.  “When you’ve got yourself sorted out, untie her ankles and legs.”  Kat’s eyes widened – what on earth were they planning to do now?  She felt herself starting to shake and she started to pray to herself as she felt the rope loosen around her ankles.

As the son helped her to sit up, and started to unbind her legs, Kat looked up and said “I promise I won’t raise the alarm, but please just leave me alone.  Your son did what he did – don’t make it any worse.”  She looked into the father’s eyes, hoping to see some sort of pity, of acceptance of her request, but instead he pointed the gun at her again and simply said “Stand up – we’re going upstairs.”  “Oh god, no,” Kat whispered as she was forced to stand up, her hands still secured behind her back.  “God’s not in charge here,” was the reply she got as she was pushed towards the staircase at one side of the room, the two men following behind her as the son picked up the bag.

It was difficult for her to walk as she was forced to climb the staircase – her balance was off, and she was starting to feel physically sick at what was happening.  As she climbed, however, Kat became determined not to show the two intruders just how scared she was, so she steeled herself as she was forced into the main bedroom.  She stood there, not sure what was happening as the son closed the door on the three of them.

It was starting to get dark outside, but as the younger man closed the curtains and switched on a bedside lamp Kat still had no real idea of what they were planning to do to her.  She hoped – no, prayed that all they would do was tie her legs again and leave her alone while they made their escape.  Even when the father told the son to untie her wrists, and she started to rub them as they were freed, she figured they were only to going to tie them again to the large iron frame at the head of the bed.    So when the older man pointed the gun at her again and simply said “Strip” she stared blankly back at him.

“I’m sorry,” she said as she looked at the two men standing in front of her.  “What did you say?”

“My father said strip,” the son said as he stepped forward, “or do I have to rip your clothes off for you.”  Kat wrapped her cardigan absent-mindedly around herself as what was been said slowly sank in, before silently shaking her head and pulling the top off her arms, letting it drop to the floor by her side.  Pulling her arms free of the bra straps, she then pulled it round and unclasped it in front of her, again letting it drop to the floor.

“Take your shoes off,” the father said, and as Kat slipped out of her heels she realised just how much taller than her the two men were.  “Now the skirt,” she was ordered, and as she unzipped the leather from behind she simply let it drop to the floor around her feet.  She stood there, hugging herself as the two men started to walk round her, admiring her body as she stood there with only her pantyhose on.

Suddenly she felt herself been pushed onto the bed, falling on her face.  Kat rolled over onto her side, covering her breasts as best she could while the older man opened the bag again and took out another length of rope.  “Search the room,” he said as he shook the length out, placing the gun on the bed where Kat could see it and he could reach it.  “As for you,” he said turning to Kat and climbing on the bed, “Lie on your stomach and put your hands behind your back.”

“If you do this, then will you leave,” Kat pleaded, but that just seemed to make the older man angrier as he rolled her over and sat astride her bare back, pulling her wrists round and lashing them tightly together with the rope.  As he moved round and pulled her ankles back, Kat watched the son pulling open the drawers of her furniture, tossing the contents around as he searched for more valuables.  She grunted as he pulled the rope tightly between her ankles, before allowing them to fall onto the red bedspread with a soft thud as he got off her and walked round to look down on her face.

Kat looked up, the tears starting to stream again down her cheeks as she pleaded “Please, just go and leave me alone, I’m not going to raise the alarm, I’ll be quiet, just...”  Her pleading turned to shocked silence as the father picked up the shotgun and held it one hand, pointing it at her as he slowly unzipped his pants.

“My turn now,” he said as he removed his own penis and moved towards Kat.  It was already enlarged, and Kat realised with a sickening feeling that she was going to have to do to him what his son had “enjoyed” earlier.  She swallowed and said quietly “If I do this, will you go then?”

“If you don’t do this, there will be no reason for you to worry about us going,” the man said as he waved the gun in Kat’s face.  The meaning was unmistakable.  “Now, you take this in your mouth and you suck until I tell you to stop.  Do you understand, you little whore?”  Kat nodded slowly as he stepped still closely, and closed her lisp around his penis as he thrust it into her mouth.

She could see his son continuing his search as she started to suck, slowly at first as she felt the organ swell, then harder and faster as his father stood there, forcing Kat to bring him to a climax.  She knew this was an act of cruelty, of degradation, and she did not want to do it, but she wanted to live even more.  So Kat continued, closing her lisp around and sucking harder as he thrust deeper and deeper against the back of her throat.  She continued sucking, pulling him deeper in as the throbbing began again in her mouth.  Hoping against hope that it would end soon, she continued until finally the explosion hit her throat, burning her as it slowly slid down.

“Keep going until I stop” he said as Kat felt the gun against her head, so she closed her eyes and sucked, keeping the stream going for as long as she possibly could as she tried to swallow.  It disgusted her, she felt sick again, but as she continued she knew she had little choice in the matter, so that when he finally withdrew she was simply glad that it was all over...

“Hey, Dad – look what I found in the cupboard.”

Kat opened her eyes and looked up, another sticky stream dribbling from her mouth, as she saw the con holding up what looked like a yellow tennis ball.  She blinked, wondering what it was that she had found, before realising that he had managed to uncover one particular box.

“Kinky,” the father said as his son held the ball up by the leather strap that was running through the middle of it.  “Can I?” the young man asked, and Kat watched as his father simply nodded.  The next thing she knew was the son sitting on her back as he held the ball in front of her mouth.  Knowing there was no point by now in trying to resist, she held out a silent prayer that this would be the end and allowed him to pull the ball into her mouth, opening wide and closing her lips around it as he fastened the straps together at the base of her neck.

“Listen,” the father said as his son climbed off the bed, “Why don’t you go and search the other rooms – I’ll be along in a few minutes.”  Kat watched as he left, closing the door behind him as his father sat on the bed by her.

“I’ve been wondering,” he said as he stroked the back of Kat’s legs, “how much you liked what has happened today.  Shall we find out?”   “Aht d u mn,” Kat mumbled as the man slowly moved his hand between her legs.  She hadn’t enjoyed it one tiny bit, if the truth be told, and she wondered exactly what he meant.  Nervously looking over her shoulder, she watched as his hand moved up and touched her crotch, and to her own shock and horror she felt a little electric shock running through her.

“You see,” the man said as he stood up, walked around the bed and pulled Kat round so that her head was facing the top, “I find in my experience that every woman is a whore at hard, especially when a man gives what he knows she needs.  Would you like to know how I know?”

“Nt sopshly” Kat said, but the man just smiled a she rolled her over onto her back, climbing onto the bed and sitting across her legs.  “I’ll tell you,” he said as he stroked around her nipples with his gloved hands, “because I can feel how warm you are between your legs, and I can see how much your nipples have hardened just by making sure my son and I are happy.”

Kat stared at him, before looking down her body.  He was right – her breasts did seem more erect, and as she moved her legs she also realised there was a damp feeling between her legs.  She had tried to block out her own reaction, but she knew her body was reacting in some way – and she had a horrible, panicking feeling about what might happen next.

“So, you little bitch,” he continued a she reached his hands around her waist, slipping his hands under the waistband of her pantyhose, “I see no reason why you should not feel as if you have not been fully fucked.  After all, my boy is only just starting out, but I have years of experience on how to treat bitches like you.  You don’t mind, do you?”

“MMGFDFFDKDFKAK” Kat screamed out as he pulled her pantyhose down, revealing her bare crotch to the air in the room as he forced the gusset down around her legs.  She struggled underneath him as he started to unfasten his trousers, but his weight on her was too great.  “PLSDNTDTHSILDNFNGJSTPLSDNTDTND” she screamed even more loudly as he pulled his trousers down, his penis already enlarged, and pushed her legs slightly apart with his own.  She felt her ankles hurting as the rope tightened around them while they were pushed together, but he paid no attention to her continued protests and screams as he repositioned himself and began to enter her body.

He had been right – she was damp, moist, warm in that region as he moved in, but she knew there was no pleasure as was the case with her husband, no foreplay, no intimacy.  This was more brutal and visceral – a man who knew she could not fight back as he raped her physically as she already had felt mentally.   As he penetrated, Kat felt her own body responding against her will, gripping him in her passage as he thrust further in.  Her screams of protest were turning into screams of arousal, from “omgdplsstpplsstp” to “mmmmngggmmm” as she slowly started to move in unison with his own body.

She did not want to do this, she felt she had to fight even harder, but whether the helplessness of her situation or the fact that she both hated and loved how she felt was uppermost tin her mind, she felt his penis throbbing even more as he thrust harder, faster, her body moving ever more closely and firmer against him despite her protests, until finally she felt him about to burst.

So when he withdrew and roughly turned her over onto her stomach, Kat just sad “nnnn.  Plsdntstp.”  She looked over her shoulder as he pushed her legs up, kneeling behind her as he moved back in, his member almost visibly throbbing, and she screamed “NNN”.  To no avail, as he came into her from behind and she felt a warm rush of fluid from herself before he came back in.

All Kat could do was close her eyes and moan in horror and pleasure as the father took her, entered her and forced himself into her, coming to a climax as they both moved as one, their bodies reacting and sharing in the sensations.  She could feel the hot tears coming from her eyes again, but she was broken, no resistance left as he fully came and she in turn responded, the stains on the dark red throw growing darker as he finished and released her.  Burying her head into the covers, she did not move as she felt the father climbing off the bed and pulling her legs back, before taking her hose and pulling it back up over her crotch.

As she lay there, she wondered what she could remember of either of the two men, but beyond their relationship and the stockings over their heads she found she could remember very little.  It was as if she wanted to lock out that afternoon, so that when she felt her legs been pulled back and the rope between her legs as she was hogtied, she just wanted it to end, for her to be left alone.  She closed her eyes and started crying, great sobs muffled by the hard plastic as they tried to escape her mouth and her tears stinging almost as much as her ass was.

She heard the front door of the house close, and lifted her head.  The room was in darkness, and as she lay there she could not here either man anywhere in the house.  Kat also ached – physically, mentally, emotionally, in every conceivable way.  She could feel the pain in her groin, in her ass, and n her face as her cheeks burned under her tear stains.  She started to struggle, desperately trying to free herself from the ropes around her, but they were too tight, rubbing her wrists raw while the bones in her ankles ached from the exertion earlier.

 As she rolled over onto her side, Kat tried to compose herself, remember as much as she could, but she felt a great weariness come over her, and no matter how much she fought it she could not help her eyes closing, relief in the form of deep sleep creeping over her.





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