Good Neighbour – Part 1






“No, no, no – I do not need this!”


Amanda Walker sounded the horn as she drove down the road, wondering what was causing the hold up.  She had a trip to take, and was eager to get started.  Wearing a grey blazer over her pink top and dark skirt, she also had on dark hose and a pair of black heels – her usual office attire.


But at this moment, she just wanted to get home, and as she pulled into the driveway of her home in her Ford Fusion she breathed a sigh of relief.  Getting out and locking the car, she looked to the side and smiled at her neighbour.


Mr Pickering – well, she and her husband knew him as Kev – had rented the house three months before, and smiled as he waved back.    He had short greying brown hair, and was wearing a white shirt and dark pants.


“Right,” Amanda said as she walked in, “enough delays, time to get my things together.”


As he watched her walk into her house, Kev smiled and turned round, wondering what had her so upset.  He looked at the bag he was packing, adding the last few items he knew he would lead, before closing it and placing it on the floor, and returning to the window.  He was expecting Amanda to call…


Ten minutes later, he watched as Amanda wheeled a suitcase out to her car, popped the trunk and put it in, and then closed it before she walked to the door.  A few seconds later, he heard the knock on the door, and smiled as he went to answer it.


"Amanda - you're leaving already?" he said with a smile as she saw her standing there, tapping her foot.


“Hi Kev,” she said as he looked at her, the top of her chest visible as her pendant fell down to it, with her short red-brown hair, “Well I wanted to leave an hour ago, you know what Friday traffic can be like on a long weekend and I just want to be at the border and across before it gets too busy - but the fools I work with kept me there damn it.”


Smiling, Kev stood to the side and said “Well, do you want a drink before you head off?  It’s never a good idea to drive when you’re upset, after all…”


Amanda looked round, before saying “I really should get going but…”  A ping made her look at her phone, as Kev watched her smile.


“Come on, one drink - it won't make much difference once you hit the highway after all…  Nice message?”


Amanda smiled as she looked up.  “Yeah - John just wished me a good trip says he loves me and will send me a text when the get to the boat.”


“Oh yes…  his out of touch fishing trip…”


“Yeah,” Amanda said as she put her phone in her handbag.  Ummm – you’re right, I will have a non-alcoholic drink - you know what border guards can be like.”


“I do indeed,” Kev said as he stood to the side, “and that was nice of him.  Come on in - I have some water in the icebox.”


As Amanda walked past him, she noticed he was checking her out, which somehow made her feel better.  Her heels clicked on the tiled floor as she said “Where shall I sit?”


“Oh sit anywhere – would you like some lemon in that water?”


“Yes – thank you,” Amanda said as she walked into his front room, her heels now hitting the hardwood floor as she looked at the pictures on the wall.  As Kev looked in, she saw him bending slightly over, smiling as he said “so where exactly is it you are heading” as he headed to the kitchen.


“I am going to Erie, down in Pennsylvania - no sales tax and they have a huge mall of America there and that makes me feel better.”  As she replied, Kev looked through again, smiling as he saw the top of her pantyhose.


“I've heard of that - never visited the mall, but I have been to that area,” Kev said as he put ice and lemon in a glass, smiling at the memory of his last visit.


Looking at the pictures, Amanda said “My you are so well travelled - do you get home often.”  She liked his English accent, soft, modulated…”


“Oh I get home when I need to, but my work does mean I travel a fair amount,” Kev replied as Amanda sat on the couch, and noticed the bag on the floor.  Her curiosity got the better of her, as she saw what appeared to rope sticking out of the closed top, as well as a pair of panties and a scarf.  Giggling, she said “so are you having a lady friend over later today Mr Pickering?”


“What makes you say that,” Kev said as he glanced in, and then softly put the glass down, picking something else up as he walked silently in.


Amanda did not hear him, looking at the bag as she said “well, there is a lady’s scarf and looks like silk panties on the couch.  They look nice - I just thought they might be a gift for someone.”


Kev nodded as he poured some clear liquid onto a cloth, and said “Well, you might say they are...  A very special gift but for the women I visit.”


“It’s just I have never seen a woman come here,” Amanda said as she picked up the scarf – and noticed a large knot was tied in the middle of the silk band.  Putting it down, she said “Women you visit?  You know my husband is a police inspector…”


He could hear the slight hint of fear in her voice as Kev said “oh indeed I do,” and then clamped the damp cloth over Amanda’s nose and mouth as he pushed her back against the couch.  Amanda’s eyes shot open as she inhaled the sickly sweet fumes and called out “amdmsfamdfmasfmasmdmfasdmfdmasmfasdmfmfasdm…”


“You're going to find out Amanda,” Ken said as he held her, making sure the cloth stayed clamped over her nose and mouth, “just relax and breathe deeply...”


As she inhaled, Amanda felt the fog entering her mind as her eyes started to flutter.  She called out “amdmsdfasmf..  maamsdafm…” but her voice grew more and more quiet as her struggles weakened, and her eyes closed


Smiling, Kev took the cloth away and walked to the kitchen, before he walked back and gently laid Amanda on her back, then rolled her over as he crossed her wrists in the small of her back.  Taking a length of soft rope from his bag, he made sure her hands were palm up before he tied her wrists together, working fast as the rope went around and between her arms, and then tying the ends together before tucking them in out of reach of his hands.


He was skilled, experienced, as he took a second length of rope and doubled it over, then secured her ankles together in the same way as her wrists – wrapping the rope round and feeding the ends through the centre, then pulling back and round her legs, before he tucked the ends in and separated them, taking the ends between her legs to tighten the binding, and then securing the ends.  As he did so, he stroked her bottom and legs, and smiled to himself as he heard her quiet breathing.


“I have a busy few days ahead,” he whispered into her ear as he brushed her hair to the side, “but they will be better for knowing I have you waiting for me...”  Gently, he sat Amanda up as her head rolled to one side, and took more rope, using it to secure her legs together below her knees as he had her ankles.


Tying the new binding off, he stood up and looked at her, smiling again as he picked up the panties and folded them into a pad.  Gently, carefully, he opened her mouth and pushed the panties in, making sure they were behind her teeth but not so far back they would cause a problem, and then watched as she closed her lips over it.  Picking up the scarf, he leaned over and gently kissed her lips, smiling at her soft moan before he eased the knot between her lips and tied the band tightly round her head.


Taking another length of rope, Kev knelt down and secured Amanda’s legs above her knees, in the same way as below her knees, before he stood and ensured she was breathing.  “You look beautiful,” he said quietly before he picked up her purse removing her car and house keys as he walked out.


Pausing only to open his garage door, he got behind the wheel of Amanda’s car, and reversed down her driveway, and then took the vehicle into his own garage, parking next to his Lexus before he turned the engine off, got out and left the garage, closing the doors before he walked to Amanda’s house and let himself in.


Kev took a moment to look round, admiring the décor and antiques before he walked up the stairs and into the main bedroom.  Opening the doors of the walk-in wardrobe, admiring her clothing as he looked round.


“You have good taste Amanda – if you had been richer, I would have been very tempted to visit you,” he whispered before he walked down to the door, punched in the code for the house alarm, and walked out again, locking the door and smiling as he heard the alarm engage.


Kev went back into his garage, opening Amanda’s car and taking the case out before he entered his own house through the kitchen.  As he did so, he heard a soft moan, and he put the case down as he walked into the front room.




Amanda moaned softly as her eyelids started to flutter and slowly open.  She tried to move her hands – and realized somehow they were fixed behind her back, as she tried next to move her legs.  But they seemed to only want to move together.


As Kev smiled and watched, Amanda slowly opened her eyes, looking down and seeing the bands of rope on her legs.  She tried to say something, but she only heard “amfmsdmfmasdf.”  Stopping for a moment to come to properly, she realised there was silk on her tongue, something pressing on her cheeks…


“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” she called out as she started to struggle, Kev nodding as he walked in front of her and said “Nice nap, Amanda?”


She looked at him, struggling in the ropes which held tight – and realizing it was tight, but not hurting her.  Her eyes opened wide as she looked at him, standing there and smiling, as she called out “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” and shook her head from side to side.


“Well you did ask how they were a present for the ladies I visit, didn't you?  I trust you are not too uncomfortable?”


Amanda stared at her captor – why had he done this?  What was Kev playing at – tying her up and gagging her?  She had to get to the border…  amfdasmmfasdmfsadmsfda” she called out as she continued to struggle, and looked at Kev as he shook his head.


“Well, that was a little too well heard, I think - wait right there.”  Amanda watched as Kev left the room, calling out “mmmmpppphhh???” and watching as he walked back with a long white scarf.


“Just sit still for a moment now...” he said quietly, Amanda shaking her head from side to side, but she knew she had no choice, as he tied the second scarf tightly round her head, covering the first one as she let out an even more muffled call of “mmmmmm,” realising she could barely be heard even from the door, only a few feet away…


“Now, how does that feel Amanda?” Kev said quietly, Amanda twisting round and looking at the clock before she said “amamsdfmasd…”  It was two thirty – there was still a chance…


“Good,” Kev said as he sat down and looked at his captive.  “You know, you never asked how I earn my living, did you?”


Amanda was still trying to process what was happening, and how this had happened, as she turned her head and shook it.


“Well, that's not really a problem,” Kev said as he opened her jacket up, “but I think you should know now.  Would you like to?”  As Amanda nodded and moaned softly, Kev said “Well, let me put it bluntly Amanda, because you deserve honesty.  I'm a high class burglar.”


“No shit, Sherlock,” Amanda thought to herself – the fact he had tied her tightly, but not in a way that hurt, and gagged her so well was a bit of a giveaway to her, but she just looked at him.  “And I have some business to take care of over the next few days.  the thing is, I like to relax after my work…”


Amanda looked at him as she mumbled “madmfsasmdasmdf?”


“Well, I'm glad you asked that,” Kev said as he opened the jacket fully, Amanda squirming and saying “ammdsmfsda” as she twisted round.  “I find you a very attractive woman, Amanda, and I want you to know that as well.  So, I am afraid your plans for the next few days have been altered.”


She looked at Kev as he sat there, and said “amdfmsdfm amsdmfmsd lldfsnasld” as she shook her head, wondering what he was implying.


“You’re wondering how I can do this, and won’t someone find you quickly.”  Putting his hands together, Kev smiled and said “Will they?  You said yourself you were going away for ten days, and you would not be contactable or able to contact anyone.”


Amanda twisted more as her jacket fell down her arms, exposing her bare shoulders, as she said “amfdmsamsdafmsafd amsdmfmsamfdmsa innnnasn masdmasdfn…”


“And your husband is going to be in the middle of nowhere as well, true?”  As Amanda slowly nodded, now looking intently at him, Kev smiled and continued “while you had a little nap, I made sure your car was locked in my garage.  And I locked your house, after turning the alarm on.  So when your husband comes to talk to me in - 22 minutes - he's going to find you have already left.”


Amanda was processing what he was saying as she mumbled “amsdmfmsadmmsadmffsdafmsdfm  madmsfamsdfmsdfamamsdf  mafdmsa…”  She was wondering what he meant by relaxing as Kev stood up and said “stand up Amanda.”


She stared at him, and then at her bound legs as he walked beside her and said “Please, do as I say.”  As she pushed herself up, he held for as she got her balance, and then walked behind her, slipping her jacket down to her bound wrists as his hands stroked her arms.


amsdfmasdmfa?” she said as she turned and looked at him as he held her arms, waiting until she was steady before he looked into the bag and took out some more rope.


“As I said,” Kev spoke quietly as he tied one end of the rope around her left elbow, “I have some work to do over the next few days.”  As he took the rope behind her back and started to tie it round her other elbow, Amanda looked down, seeing how her chest was thrust up and out as her elbows were pulled together.  “When I work, I build up certain - tensions, and they need to be released,” he whispered into her ear as he tied the rope off.


amdfmsamsdfmadsmfmdmfs???” Amanda said as she turned her head and looked at him.


“How do I release them?  I'm glad you asked, Amanda,” Kev whispered as he untied Amanda’s wrists, hearing her moan as her jacket fell to the floor.  As he picked up the jacket and folded it, she looked at the clock – fifteen minutes and her husband would be here…


madmfsmfmfsda” she mumbled as he came back in, and held her arms before putting her hands behind her back.


“you, Amanda have kindly volunteered to help me release those tensions,” Kev said with a smile as he used the rope to bind her wrists tightly together, hands back to back.  As the rope pulled her wrists together, Amanda wondered what he meant – she was going to be tied up a lot, but why?


“I have to say, I am looking forward to seeing you in some of your favourite outfits - I presume they are in your case, along with plenty of hose?”  Amanda nodded as she said “massmfdmfmfasmdmasdam,” nodding as she looked at him.


“Well, you will have plenty of time to wear them - and to enjoy them,” Kev said as he gently stroked her arms, “and to enjoy my attentions.”


As he kissed her bare shoulders, the realization of her situation suddenly hit Amanda as she struggled and screamed “MMMFMDMDMMFFMD,” then yelped as she felt Kev pull the zip of her skirt down, and saw it drop to the floor.


“Ah - you understand now, don't you,” he said quietly, Amanda nodding as she looked down, standing in her pantyhose and strapless top, and heels – and nothing else.  “And you're not going to give me any problems, are you?” he continued as he put his hand on her bottom, “because if you did, I would have to - punish you,” before he smacked her bottom hard.


She moaned “masdmfammfsadmdsfa”, and then yelped as Kev pulled her head back by her hair, looking seriously at her as he said “was that a complaint Amanda?”


Mmmnmmnnmmm,” she said as she tried to shake her head.


“Good - I do not like to be rough, but be assured, if I have to be, I will be,” Kev whispered as Amanda moaned “amdfmamsdmfsmdfmsadmsadsdfmfmdsa…”  Glancing at the clock, he said “ten to – your husband will be closing soon.  Sit down, Amanda.”


As he gently pushed her onto the couch, the motion and the landing made her top slip slightly, exposing more of her breasts as she looked up at him.


“I am going to talk to him, and assure him you got away on time,” Kev said as he looked in the bag, Amanda watching as he did so.  Her eyes widened as he produced a handgun, smiling as he said “When he comes, you are going to sit very quietly, and not try to raise the alarm, aren't you?”  She nodded as she thought of what this man may have done.  Burglar?  Kidnapper? Rapist?




As she whimpered and shook her head, Kev smiled and said “That's right,” as he gently pulled the top down, releasing her breasts from the cups.  “Because if you do, I will kill him, and then I will kill you,” he whispered as he stroked the barrel of his gun over her exposed breasts.


“Do we have an understanding, Amanda?”


She slowly nodded, realising he had her hostage, the only thing covering her body now her top, her thin pantyhose…


“Good,” he said quietly as he tucked the gun into the waistband of his pants, behind his back.  “By the way, do you always go without panties Amanda?”


She was surprised at the comment, as she nodded, and then heard the doorbell ring.


“Good thing I keep a plentiful supply – not a word,” Kev said as he left the room, closing the door as Amanda sat there, too scared to move or call out as she heard her husband talking to her captor.


“Of course she got away on time, I waved her off.  She even told me about your text,” she heard Kev say as she twisted round – and then she watched as the bag fell to the floor, squealing as it hit with a dull thud, and then praying there was no other sound…


“That?  Oh that was just my cat – it must have knocked something over.  You go only our trip, have a good time, and catch one for me.


“Of course I will, see you in ten days,” she heard him say as the door closed, and then he walked back in, looking at her and at the bag.


“Well now, I shouldn’t have left that bag there, should I,” he said as he looked at her, watching as she slowly shook her head.  “Clumsy of me – and of you to squeal like that, but it was understandable.”


Amanda relaxed and mumbled “asmdfmdsmfamsdfmmfmfsadmf” as she watched Kev looking out of the window as her husband drove off.


“If you try that again however…”  He looked at her, before smiling as he said “You never did have that drink - would you like it now?”


She slowly nodded, noticing the bulge in his pants as he walked off, and returned with the glass, a straw in it as he set it on the table and sat next to her.  Gently removing the over gag, he said “now, we need to establish a few ground rules.  You will call me Sir, and only speak when you are asked to speak, understand?”


As Amanda nodded, Kev smiled and said “You will do what I tell you to do, without complaint.”  As he loosened the knotted scarf, he continued “If you do not, I will punish you.  Understand?”


She slowly nodded and said “mamdfamsda” as he eased the knot out of her mouth, and then pulled the panties out, the wet knot landing on her chest as she whispered “thank you…  Sir.”


“When I am out, you will be secured upstairs, and you will not attempt to escape.  When I am here, you will do as I say.  If you misbehave, I will make sure you never do it again - okay?”  Amanda nodded and whispered “yes Sir” as Kev smiled.


“But do as I say, and come Sunday your husband will come home to find you at home, bound, gagged but very much alive.  So, want a drink?”


She looked over, the resignation clear in her eyes as she nodded and said “yes Sir.  Thank you Sir.”


Kev lifted the glass up and put the straw to her lips, Amanda taking it and sucking greedily on the clear liquid.


“Take it easy – sip it slowly or you might be sick.”


Amanda nodded as he took the glass away, and said “how much of the time will I be tied up like this Sir?”


“Like that?”  Kev smiled as he said “Well, that is a fair question - tied up like that, a short while longer.  Is the drink good?”


ummm no Sir,” Amanda said quietly, “I meant over the next ten days how often will I be tied up?  How will you keep me in terms of dress - I feel very exposed like this, um Sir…”


“I think you look very nice like that,” Kev said as he put the straw to her lips, and she took another drink of what she realised now was not water, but a very large and perfectly made gin and tonic.


“I will make you a deal - while I am out, you will be tied up and gagged, and most of the time when I am here as well, but in different ways and sometimes clothed more fully.  I trust I got the drink right, by the way.”  As she nodded, he continued “How often depends on how well you behave, Amanda - understand?”


“Yes sir,” she whispered as she looked at him, trying not to look at the growing bulge in his pants.


“You really are very beautiful Amanda…  I have to go out in a while, to pay a visit on a certain family - but how shall we pass the time until then?”


Amanda remained silent, trying not to look down, not to wonder what it looked like…


“Am I doing something to make you interested Amanda?” Kev said quietly as he put the glass down.


“No Sir,” she whispered.  She knew the way this conversation was going, and she knew she did not want to answer, and he could make her…


“I think you're fascinated by something,” he said as he came closer and smiled, “What is it Amanda, tell me?”


She tried to move to the other end of the couch, not wanting to answer as she said quietly “Nothing Sir…”


“I asked a question Amanda,” Kev said quietly as he leaned over and suddenly squeezed hard on her chest, Amanda biting her tongue before she said “the bulge in your pants sir, and I remember you said I would relieve your tension…”  Looking into his eyes, she whispered “I am scared Sir.”


“Scared?  Scared of what? What are you scared of Amanda” Kev asked as he noticed the way her legs were moving, and a small damp patch between her legs as he massaged her chest.


Amanda closed her eyes, letting a soft moan out as she whispered “you’re going to make me fuck you, aren’t you Sir?”  She could not deny how sexy Kev looked, as he massaged her chest, playing with her like a finely tuned instrument, as he said “how does this make you feel Amanda?”


She wanted to lie, to say it was doing nothing, but as he squeezed her breasts she said “it feels very nice sir…”


“Then I will continue – tell me, Amanda - why do you always wear nylons and heels?” he whispered as he gently squeezed her hard nipples.






“I…  I love the way the nylons feel on my legs, and if it is pantyhose against my crotch and ass, they make me feel sexy and I feel a little powerful and naughty…  When… when in stockings and garters I have on the tiniest thong, and in pantyhose just the thin nylon over my intimate parts.  Heels… I’m short and 3 or 4 in heels make me taller and they make my legs and ass look good Sir.”


“They make you look good as well.”


Amanda could not stop herself smiling as she said “I guess…  I guess it’s a fetish sir.”


“Well, that succeeds Amanda - I like it.  Tell me, how do you like to satisfy your husband?”


“Sir?  What do you AHHHHHHHHHH” Amanda said as he pinched her hard nipples.


“When your husband makes love to you, how does he do it?”


She looked into his eyes, and whispered “umm I give him blow jobs sometimes just to make him hard… Sometimes till he makes me gag on his cock and cums in my mouth and throat sir…”


“And after that,” Kev whispered as he squeezed harder.


“AHHHH  I find it most sexy when he has me like this…  Tied up at his mercy in hose and heels if they are stockings… My panties or his cock in my mouth… pantyhose…  Oh god… something like tape or some other type of gag… my pantyhose ripped open and him fuckin me hard and I can’t…  I can’t stop him…”  She opened her eyes and looked into his eyes as she whispered “there is one more thing” as he cheeks reddened.


“And that is,” Kev whispered as he pinched harder, “Tell me Amanda…”


“I love it when he is very rough, I’m bound and gagged and he fucks my ass sir it so dirty but its ok because I can’t stop him…”  She was telling him her most intimate secrets…


“I see – and if I did that…”


Looking at him, she whimpered “Please sir stop…  You’re turning me on… Did what sir…”


“I know,” Kev said quietly as he stood up, pulling his zip down as his large cock sprang out, “I know I am turning you on Amanda…”


“What did you mean Sir…”


“I mean, if I was to ask you to do what your husband does,” Kev said quietly as he leaned over and kissed her nipples, Amanda opening her eyes as she said “Please Sir…  NO!”


Kev pulled Amanda off the couch and made her kneel down, holding his cock in front of her mouth as he whispered “Kiss it Amanda…”


“No sir, please,” she whimpered as she tried to back away, but yelped as he grabbed her hair with one hand and forced it back, the tip of his cock against her red lips.


“Open wide…”   As he rubbed the tip across her lips, and tightened the grip on her hair, Amanda opened her mouth, unable to stop herself as he slipped into her mouth and she said “amdfmamsdamsd…”


As she closed her lips over it, Kev took her head in both hands and whispered “Go on Amanda – do it.”  She looked up at him, kneeling in her undress, and slowly nodded as she started to gently suck him, and run her tongue over his cock.


“Ah that’s good…” he whispered as she started to play with him, sucking him in and pushing him out with her tongue, feeling him expand in response and the throbbing on her tongue as she continued…  She realized what se was doing, but she wanted to do this, she wanted him to cum in her, to fill her throat as he grew larger and larger…


Kev could feel himself responding, filling her mouth as he pulled her head forwards, her lips now touching his crotch as the tip of his engorged cock hit the back of her throat, hearing her muffled groans as the throbbing grew stronger and stronger, her lips now forming a seal on the base of his cock.


Amanda knew what was happening - he was now not just making her blow him off, he was fucking her face, and she should resist, she should stop him, she should…


She suddenly stopped and pushed his cock out with his tongue, Kev looking down at her as he said “did I say you could stop Amanda?”


“No sir…  But…”




She looked at him, the submission clear in her eyes as she said “fuck my mouth sir like the dirty slut I am” and then took him back in, sucking more strongly as he gripped her head and said “keep going Amanda…”


She could feel a heat inside her as well, sucking on her captor as he groaned slightly, feeling the intensity of the throbbing on her tongue increase as he hit the back of her throat again and again, humming “masmdfmasdfmfsadm amdsmfmasdmasdfm amdmfmsadmasdfm” as he whispered “oh yes…”


He could feel the pressure building inside him, as she thrust her head forward, kissing his crotch as he felt the pressure building in intensity, getting closer, closer…


Amanda kept going, sucking, drawing him in, working him – until she felt him suddenly jump in her mouth, and then it came – the hot, sticky, sweet flow as it hit the back of her throat and she started to swallow, taking everything down, wanting to make sure she pleased him as he held her head, still sucking as the flow continued…


amdfmasmdfam  mamfmdsmfa  mmmmm,” she mumbled as she worked him, Kev responding with a soft “Aahhhh…” before he let her head go, Amanda’s lips making a soft pop as he slipped out, her head bowed as he said “thank you Amanda.”


“May I make a request Sir?”  As she looked up into Kev’s face, Amanda said “I was pleased to suck you hard, Sir – now, can you tape my mouth shut, rip the crotch out of my pantyhose and fuck me hard?”


Kev nodded as he knelt down, and took out a penknife from the bag, smiling as he held the crotch of her hose and then cut it away, feeling the dampness as he said “open wide Amanda.”


“OH God yes – thank you Sir,” she whispered before she allowed him to push the damp nylon into her mouth, tasting her own juices as he took a roll of white tape from the bag, tore a strip off, and pressed it firmly over her mouth.


As he did so, he watched as the shape of her lips was visible under the tape, and then leaned over as he sucked hard on her nipples, eliciting a loud cry of “amdfmasdmmasdmfdsamsdfm mmmmmmmm” as she closed her eyes and twisted round.


Kev looked at her as he passed his tongue over her nipples, and then bent right over, kissing her damp and exposed slit as Amanda moaned “mamdfamsdfmdsma…”  Looking up, he helped her to sit down and untied her legs, Amanda opening her legs wide and inviting him to move in, his tongue over her clit and pussy making her moan even more loudly…”


She opened her eyes as he stood up, noticing he had already started to recover, to grow larger as he took her by the arm and helped her to stand up.  “Walk,” he said quietly as he frog marched her to the stairs, Amanda walking in front of him as they made their way to the bedroom, the ropes in one hand as the other gripped her bottom.  She smiled under the tape at the feeling as they walked in, and she saw the double bed…


And then, without warning, he pushed her to the bed, making her bend over as her face was buried in the covers, and she felt him suddenly take her from behind, her eyes opening as she groaned “HHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGHHDDDDDDDDD” as she felt him inside her.


“I said you would be rewarded if you pleased me, Amanda,” Kev whispered quietly as he thrust forward, reaching round and grabbing her bare breasts from behind, massaging and working them as he moved in and out, Amanda nodding as she was pushed onto him as he did so.


MMMMmmmmmmmmmmm  hyyssssplssmmmmmmmmmmm” she groaned as she felt him expand inside her, and felt the fire between her legs as well, her moaning growing louder as she hoped he would be able to hold on until just the right time…


“Oh gooooddddd….”


She could feel the throbbing again, intensifying as she tried not to cum herself, wanting to hold on…


“Come on Amanda – let yourself goooooooYEESSSSSSSSSSS,” Kev suddenly called out as he came to a climax, shooting off as Amanda threw her head back and screamed in pleasure, her own orgasm coming at the same time as he held her tight.


When the waves finally subsided, she collapsed on the bed as he withdrew himself, and lifted her legs, turning her on the bed before he secured the at her ankles, as well as above and below her knees.  She lay there, too elated to move as he pulled back her ankles and tied them to the rope around her elbows, and then walked round to look at her as he adjusted his own clothing.


“As I said, Amanda, I have a family to visit,” he said quietly, “so you remain here until I come back, all right?”


As she nodded slowly, Kev smiled and kissed her forehead as he said “there’s a good girl.  I’ll bring some Chinese back with me.”


As she watched him leave, Amanda relaxed, knowing she was going nowhere, yet strangely satisfied – and wondering what was going to happen next…







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