Indecent Proposal - Chapter 2




Thursday, 9 pm


As Chase sat on the couch, her legs crossed, she looked round the small room he had called “the parlour”.  He had made it an exact replica of the room in which, years before, she had modelled for many of the shoots she had undertaken, and she had to wonder how he had got the reference so accurate.


For his part, Mister Black was looking over the woman sitting here, her long coat covering the outfit he had selected, and he felt as if he was the luckiest guy in the world.  Mind you, he had to pay for it before he could arrange this deal...



He had seen her again today, when he had visited his advisers – walking down the corridor, a concerned expression on her face.  This time he had a name – Susan Proud, the other woman had said.  But where had he seen her before?  No matter – he was alone in the office now, and he had time for personal pleasure.


He took a memory stick and plugged it into his computer, opening the encrypted files and looking for something to watch.  Yes, his company had rules about this sort of thing, but he was the boss – and he set the rules.  It was as he clicked on a file and sat back to watch that he recognised the woman he had seen so many times recently.


He sat, transfixed, before picking up the phone and dialling a number.


“Clark?  Get in here – there’s someone I need you to run a check on.  Full details, and quickly.”



“So, Chase, are you satisfied? Some more wine?”


Chase turned and looked at Mister Black, standing there with the bottle in his hand.  “Please,” she said as he filled her glass.  She could see on the couch nearby hanks of green rope and some flesh coloured plaster, and knew what was coming.  She hoped to stall as long as possible, but held out little hope.


This particular bottle is from my collection - if you please me, I promise there will be more like this.”  As he sat down, he watched Chase saying “Thank you Master,” with a little twitch that he had not noticed before.  “Tell me,” he said as he sat down, “why did you stop working as a model?”


I had a circulation problem that with drug therapy went away, but it took some time.  Almost 18 months and by then my daughters...”


“Your daughters?”


“Yes, especially the oldest - she was 10 1/2 when I had to stop modelling but by time I could work again she was 12 going on 13.   You cannot tell a teenager to go to bed at 8 or 9, and they give you no privacy.”


“Yes - I do not have children - but my sister does, and she says much the same thing.   Of course, I value my privacy.”


Chase smiled as she continued.  “Well, then James got promoted, 3 times in 8 years, and I got a new job at the bank.   I am good at what I do and I have been promoted several times and until this great bear market we didn’t need the money.”


“I do not doubt that, and I have seen your husband several times on the television.  There is, however, one small thing.”


Chase frowned for a moment.  “What is that?”


Much as I appreciate the situation you are in as Susan, are you Susan now?”


“No, master”


“Indeed - you are Chase, and you are to be Chase until we are finished. Finish your wine.”  As he said this, Mister Black stood up and walked over to the couch.


As Chase sipped her wine, she saw him pick up a length of rope, and downed the glass in one, sighing as she did so.  “Did I do something wrong, sir,” she said as she turned to face him, and he noticed this time there was no twinge.


I forgive you, Chase, but I do need to punish you for this - and for not calling me by my name.  Who am I?”


“Master,” she said with her head bowed, but Mister Black could not help noticing the twitch again.


Stand up and turn round,” he said as he doubled the rope in his hands.  As she stood up, Chase said again “Yes Master,” her face twitching as she turned her back to him.


Put your hands behind your back,” he said, and as she did so he pulled her wrists together and wrapped the tape around them.  Chase held her lips together and let out an “mmmmmmmmmm” as she felt the rope tighten over the cuffs of her coat.


“Does it bother you to call me master, Chase?” he said as he wrapped the rope around.  As she looked over her shoulder, Chase said “Master, if I am to answer that you must let me be Susan for 2 minutes while I do, and if you promise not to hold it against me I will tell you.”


Very well - Susan,” he said as he tied the ends off and tucked them into the loops of cord, “why does it bother you?”


Chase swallowed and said “Mister Black, calling you master is de- humanizing to me, while calling you Sir, or Mr Black is a sign of respect.  I do respect you Sir, and I thank you for the opportunity to please you in return for James and I keeping our life our social status and our reputations as well as the reputations of our daughters.”


I see.”


I have and will continue to be your play object for your pleasure sir.  I will do as you want and command, and I will do my best to please you including calling you master if you wish but I cannot make myself like it.”  She bowed her head and said “Susan is finished Master.”


Mister Black nodded.  Very well, Chase - you may call me Sir as long as you continue to please me. I do not want to cause you undue distress.”  Chase smiled as she said “Yes Sir.”


“Now, I want you to go back to the bedroom and come when I call you.  I remember your walk from the clips I have, and I find it incredibly sexy.”


“Very well, Sir, but if I may make a suggestion?”


You may.”


“Opening the jacket will give you full effect, you may close it when I am there but I think you will enjoy it more.”


An excellent suggestion. Please, come with me,” he said as he escorted her to the door.  He opened the front of her coat, and smiled at Chase.  “Wait by the door and wait for me to call you in,” he said as he turned to go.


“Before you go Sir, might I inquire and make a request of you sir?”


“Of course you may.”


“Will I be dressed to the nines and bound all 5 days I am here or will there be some down time during the day Sir.  The reason I ask is my cover at the bank is 5 days of fun and sun with the girls on the med coast of France, might look funny if I do not comeback with a bit of a tan.”


Mister Black thought for a moment.  I think we can arrange some free time for you. Of course, you may not leave the chateau without me, but my pool is well lit and you can relax there.  Let us say mornings and evenings are playtime, while afternoons are relaxation.  Now, wait for my call.”


Chase nodded.  “Thank you Sir, my time and my body is yours.”  She stood in the doorway and waited until she heard him say “Come in, Chase.”


She stepped forward, making sure he could see almost her whole leg first, before she stepped through the doorway.  He was standing in the middle of the room, watching as she walked slowly and deliberately towards him, one foot directly in front of the other, her swaying more than usual because my hands are bound.  She made it more obvious, seeing the smile of appreciation on his face as she did so.


Her heels clicked LOUDLY on the floor, also done deliberately as most men are driven wild by a woman’s heel striking a hard floor, and she also wet her lips before she walked in so that they are crimson and shiny.  None of this was lost on Mister Black, who held his hands out and said “Come to me Chase.”


She walked right up to him, her head slightly down but he could see her eyes looking directly at him as she walked.  I love the sound your leather outfit makes as you walk to me, the slight squeaking of the material,” he said as he held her.


Chase was thinking of how she could arrange things so that he only forced her to blow him, and nothing else, but there was something in his look that told her that was unlikely.  Instead, she smiled when he said “You look beautiful tonight, Chase...”


Thank you Mr Black,” she said in her sexiest voice, “I dressed like this and walked like that especially for you Sir.”  He smiled as he said “And it pleases me that you did.  You seem to be shivering, however – allow me to fasten your coat.”


“Thank you Mr Black,” Chase said as she bowed her head, “I would have done it myself but I seemed to be a little tied up at the moment.”  She watched as Mister Black fastened the top of her coat, admiring the way it stretched across her chest.  He walked round her as she stood there with her head bowed.


“I like this subservient attitude,” he said as he stood in front of her.  “Thank you Sir - is this the attitude you would like this time sir, sorry for asking sir but you give me so little direction on how to behave.”  He smiled as he held her head up.  “I want you to react as you see fit, Chase, but you may continue to act his way.  For now, I want you to sit down on the arm of that lounger.  I am afraid you have been a naughty girl.


Chase walked over and half sat, half leaned on the arm of the lounger.  As she did so, a white cat wondered into the room and jumped behind her as she spread her legs, showing her crotch slightly.


If I have been naughty, sir, I am sorry and I will not let it happen again Mr Black.”  “I know you won't,” he replied a she picked up a length of rope, “but you need to be punished.”  He knelt at Chase’s feet and ran his hand down the inside of her legs.  “Put your ankles together,” he ordered Chase, who simply said “yes sir” as she did so.


Taking the rope, he wrapped it around her ankles, pulling them together as Chase bit her lip and tried not to say anything.  Her shoes squeaked as they rubbed against each other, which seemed to excite Mister Black as he cinched the bindings between her ankles.


“A lovely sound,” he said as he picked up another length of rope.  He heard a small grunt from Chase as he wrapped the rope around her legs below her knees.  “Sit still,” he said as he pulled her legs tightly together, white lines appearing on the hose underneath as he passed the rope around and pulled tightly.  “Thank you sir,” she said as he ran his hands up and down her legs, listening to the sound of the leather as she squirmed round and moaned to his touch.


Are you enjoying me, sir,” Chase said as she moved round.  I am starting to,” he said as he looked up, “but I need you to be quiet, Chase. Can you do that?”  As he said this, he reached under her skirt, and Chase moaned as his fingers brushed her crotch.


“I... I have never been one to be quiet sir when I am bound and played with, I have always required assistance in that matter,” she said before moaning again.


Really", Mister Black said as he stood up.  “Well, I think we need to do something about that.”


“Yes sir,” Chase said as she calmed down, but the look on her face changed as she saw him pick a roll of flesh coloured tape.  I think this will do the job nicely,” he said as he pulled the end loose.  “This is Elastoplast - it will keep you quiet, without the need for extra packing.  Now, purse your lips.”


Chase felt the material hugging her lips and skin as Mister Black smoothed the tape over.  As he applied a second strip, she felt it pulling slightly, but it afforded little or no movement of her lips and mouth.  “Now,” he said as he stood up, “what do you wish to say Chase?”  She tried to speak, but all that came out was a low “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mm” – a deliberate sound, which she knew from letters in the past was the sound any man into bondage wanted to hear.


“That's nice,” he said as he stood in front of her, “but you must be getting hot in there, Chase.”  As she looked at him, she could see his eyes fixed on her chest, and she simply went “mmmmmmmm.”


She nodded, and he reached down, saying “Let me help you to cool down,” as he unfastened her coat.  She moaned louder and louder as he unbuttoned the front, opening her coat out and looking at her black bra top as he did so.  MMMMMMMMMmmmmmm mm” Chase said as she looked at his eyes, looking at her lustfully.


Well now,” he said as he knelt in front of her, staring at her top, “that is a beautiful body you have.”  He reached up and took hold of her breasts, making her say “mmamfsdm uuu” as he began to massage them.  Chase moaned as she stood up and continued to feel them, his hand massaging as he did so.


This is a beautiful top,” he said as he moved his hands over her chest.  “I love the way it feels in my hands,” he said as he continued to move them over as he stood up, and Chase threw her head back and moaned more loudly.  “I know what would be even better, though,” he said as he slipped his hands under the cups, feeling how hard her nipples had become as he eased her breasts out and slipped the bra top underneath her chest.


Mmmmmmmmmm,” Chase said in response.  Mentally, she wanted him to stop now, but physically her body was starting to react and respond.  The last thing she wanted to do was cum, but she wasn’t sure how she could stop herself.


Well, well,” Mister Black said as he circled her nipples with his fingers, “you are a naughty girl Chase.”  She nodded as he kissed her nipples gently.  Then I need to punish you still further,” he said as he reached behind her coat and stroked her back up and down.


MMMMMMMMMMmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmm,” she moaned as Mister Black helped her to her feet.  As he continued to nuzzle her chest, he felt down her back until her found the zip to her skirt, and pulled it slowly down.  Allowing it to drop to the floor, he kissed her neck, her body shuddering as he did so and starting to respond.  “Fubb mme,” Chase moaned as he grabbed her bottom and held her close to him, “fub mmeee eeeeasasas MMMMMMMMMmm.”  She moaned more as she physically lifted her over her skirt, kissing her neck as he did so.  She could feel he was also responding, by the feel against her crotch.


I want you,” he said as he let go, “to turn round Chase.”  As he said this, he reached up and started to unbutton his shirt, removing it as she did little hops on her bound feet to turn.  Now I want you to kneel down,” he said as he grabbed her elbows and helped her to fall onto the floor, facing the lounger.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” she said as she heard the sound of his trousers falling, and then felt his body behind her as he continued to stroke her nipples and nuzzle her neck.


As he moved his hands down between her legs, she let out a loud moan as he felt how damp she was.  You like this, don’t you, Chase - I can tell from the way you are reacting,” he whispered in her ear, and Chase nodded.  “Well then,” he said as his hands reached to the top of her pantyhose, “let your punishment continue.”   He slipped his hands inside and pulled her pantyhose down to her knees, Chase moaning all the time, and then felt between her legs as he moved closer in.  “Tkmnw” she moaned as he felt the dampness in her crotch, and allowed her head to fall onto the cushions as he came closer behind, lifting the tail of her coat over her head as he did so.


“MMMDDSAGMGMG” she said as she felt him entering from behind, her grip on him as he came in tightening and holding him in place.  As he rocked back and forth, she let out increasingly loud moans of delight, her body moving in time with him as he throbbed inside.  Her grip tightened as she said “plsdntstopmmmmmsf” to his movement, feeling herself starting to cum as well as the intensity growing for him.


Eventually, however, she let out a moan of “MMMNMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm” as he exploded inside her, the fluid flowing strong and hard as she came in front as well.  They held each other for a few minutes, letting the liquid come out until he finally withdrew.  Looking over her shoulder, she saw him slip a condom off, and offered a silent prayer of thanks as he started to pull his trousers up.


“Thank you, Chase,” Mister Black said as he helped her to her feet and pulled her pantyhose up, before sitting her on the couch.  He removed the ropes from her legs and arms, and watched as she pulled her bra top back up and removed the tape from her mouth.


“Thank you, sir,” Chase said in return.  “Will there be anything else tonight?”


“Not tonight, no – but may I offer you a night cap?”


“Thank you, sir,” Chase said as she followed him back into the bedroom.  There was a tray on the bureau when they walked in, with two brandy glasses sitting on it.


“Your very good health, Chase,” Mister Black said as he handed her a glass.  “And yours, sir,” Chase said as she sipped the brown liquid inside.  “A very fine...” she started to say before the room began to swim before her eyes.  She watched Mister Black take her glass as she sat on the bed and fell silently over onto one side.






Friday, 7.30 am


“Good morning, Miss.”


Chase slowly opened her eyes and blinked, wondering what had happened.  She found that she was under the covers of the bed, and that the grey haired man she had seen the previous night was opening the curtains, a steaming coffee pot on the table.


“What... what time is it,” Chase said as she rubbed her eyes.  “It is seven thirty in the morning, Miss,” the man said as he opened the wardrobe and took out a white silk dressing gown.  “If you would care to put this on, I will pour a cup of coffee for you.”


Chase looked under her covers, before saying “Thank you,” as the man turned and went to the pot, keeping his back to her the whole time.  As she slipped out from under the covers and pulled on the gown, she said “How did I get to bed last night?”


“My master helped you,” the man said as he turned and offered her a cup.  “My name is Jayes – I would have introduced myself last night, but you were somewhat indisposed to talk at the time.  I am Mister R... Mister Black’s personal gentleman, and for the duration of your stay it will be my pleasure to serve you as well.”


“A servant?  All right, Jayes – but only if you call me Susan.”


“Perhaps we can agree on Miss Susan,” Jayes said with a slight bow.  “Now, if you will excuse me, I shall draw a bath for you while you drink your coffee.  The master has asked that you join him at 10 am, so I will bring you some breakfast directly.”


“Has he told you what outfit he expects me to wear?”


“I have my instructions, Miss.  If you will excuse me for a moment?”


Chase watched as Jayes walked to the bathroom, closing the door behind him.  “Nice man,” she said as she sipped her coffee, wondering what her master had planned for her this morning.  After a few moments, Jayes reappeared.


“If you would care to refresh yourself, Miss, I will arrange the clothing that had been requested for this morning.”


As she walked into the bathroom, she turned and said “It’s Susan, Jayes, Susan.” 


“As you wish, Miss,” he said as he closed the door behind her.  Chase removed her clothing and allowed herself to immerse in the hot, scented water, letting her eyes close as she remembered their first meeting.



Good afternoon, Mister...”


“Call me Mister Black,” he said as he sat in the seat Susan had shown.  “Thank you for taking the time to see me today, Mrs Proud – I know that you are a very busy woman.”


“Well, it is always a pleasure to meet one of our more distinguished clients, although for the life of me I do not know why you asked to see me.  I’m afraid the department I run has little or nothing to do with your line of interest.”

“That may be so, Mrs Proud,” he said as he sat back in the chair, “but, if I am been honest, it was you I actually wanted to meet.  I’ve been an admirer of your work for some considerable time.”

Susan blushed.  “I’m flattered, Mister Black, but I fail to see how that attracts your attention.  Banking is not exactly a glamorous profession.”

“I was not talking about banking, Mrs Proud – I was talking about your previous line of work.”  Susan looked up at the man sitting opposite her, her pen in her hand.

“I’m sorry?”

“I said, I know who you are, Mrs Susan Proud, and I know who and what you used to be.”

“You have me at a disadvantage, Mister Black.  What are you talking about?”

He leaned forward.  “I know you used to work under the name of Chase.”  At that, Susan put her pen down and sat back, her face pale.

“How do you know?”

“Not important – but I have a proposal for you.  One that will solve your problems and fulfil my dreams.  Do you want to hear it?”

“My problems?”


“As I say, I know all about you.  I know about your mortgage difficulties, and the fact you have very little time to deal with it.  I want to offer you enough money to solve that and more besides, in exchange for one thing.”




Mister Black smiled as he leaned forward.  “Some time with you, Chase, some time with you.”


Chase opened her eyes as she heard a knock on the door.  “Forgive me, Miss,” she heard Jayes say, “but I have laid your outfit on the bed, and left some breakfast for you.  The master says he will expect to see you at 10, so I will call for you then.”


“Thank you, Jayes,” Chase said before lowering her hair into the water.  If this was the start of the day, she reckoned, then it would be as she wanted it to be.


Ten minutes later, she emerged with a towel around her hair and a white robe on.  On the bed was laid out a grey dogtooth dress coat, with black trim and brass buttons, a black bra, dark hose and a pair of black patent leather three inch heel shoes.  “Business dress, then,” she said to herself as she towelled off her hair.  Looking in the mirror, she saw that it had frizzed slightly.  “Perfect,” she said to herself as she removed her robe and picked up the hose, “let’s hope he likes this.”




“Good morning, Sir.”


As she entered the room, Chase looked round.  It was another replica, this time of a kitchen she and her husband had in an old house, where a few of the shoots had been performed.  The floor tiles, the table, the chairs – all were as they had been, or damned close to it.  Mister Black was sat at the table, dressed in a dark sweater and slacks, and smiling.


“Good morning, Chase – I trust you slept well?”


“Yes, thank you Sir, I slept very well.  May I ask what your wishes are for this morning?”


“This morning, Chase,” Mister Black said as he stood up, “I wish to recreate one of my favourites of your shoots.  I will leave in a few minutes, and you will be the hard working woman who has returned home from her office in the early evening.  We will see how things progress from there.  Do you understand?”


“I understand, Sir”, Chase said as she stood still.  She remembered the scenario, the outfit – and what had been implied before.  She knew that this time there was no way of avoiding it without refusal, and that would invalidate the contract.  Swallowing, she watched Mister Black as he stood up.


“Very well then, Chase, I shall leave you for a moment.  You may begin as soon as I close the door on you.”  He walked out of the room, closing the door as Chase looked round.  “Right,” she said as she headed for the fridge door, “I might as well have a quick drink while I’m waiting.”


As she opened the bottle, Chase walked over and sat at the table, her back to the door as she took a sip.  There was a magazine on the table, which she started to idly flip through as she sat there, wondering when he would start.


The leather gloved hand that went over her mouth told her that the “playtime” had begun.  “Whtfck,” she mumbled as she reached up and tried to pull the hand down, but he was too strong and started to pull her head back.


“Not a word, do you hear me,” she heard Mister Black say as he held her tightly.  “Not a word unless I say you can speak, all right?”  Chase nodded as she heard him whisper “I’m going to take my hand away.  If you scream, I will silence you right now.”  Again Chase nodded as he slowly removed his hand.


“Stand up and turn round,” Mister Black said.  As Chase stood up and turned, she saw that he had pulled a balaclava over his face as well, and there was a small starting gun in his hand.  She raised her hands, before saying “Who are you?”


“That’s not important, but you can call me Sir,” Mister Black said.  “Politeness is a virtue after all.  What’s your name?”


“Chase, sir.”


“Well, Chase, I wasn’t expecting anybody to be home just yet, so I guess this is my lucky day and your unlucky one.  Now, do exactly what I say, understand?”


“Yes, sir.”


“Good.  See that chair you were sitting on?  Carry it over into the centre of the floor and put it down.”


Mister Black watched, licking his lips as Chase picked the chair up and carried it a short distance, putting it on the floor and slowly turning.  As she did so, she kept her head low, but he watched as her hips swayed with each step.


“Very good, Chase,” he said as he stood there.  “Now, sit down and relax – I’m not going to hurt you.”  He watched as she sat down, her body against the leather back and her head still bowed.  Walking towards her, he lifted her head with his hand against her chin, turning it from side to side. 


“You are a lovely looking woman,” he said as he let go, allowing Chase to turn her head to the left.  “Thank you, Sir,” she said as she glanced over at him, hoping the look of fear she was trying to project was working, “but what are you going to do with me?”


“Well,” Mister Black said as she watched Chase cross her legs, revealing her crotch as the front of the dress parted, “I’m going to rob you, but I can’t keep an eye on you and do that, so I need to make sure you can’t get in my way.”  Chase nervously crossed and uncrossed her hands as she said “Please don’t hurt me, I’ll stay where I am sir...”


“I can’t take that risk,” Mister Black said as he drew a length of white rope from his trouser pocket.  “Put your hands behind the back of the chair and sit still, Chase.”


“As you wish sir,” she said as she slowly moved her hands behind the chair.  She bit her lip again as she felt the rope going around her bare wrists, her arms been pulled back as Mister Black secured them together, tying the rope so that it acted like a pair of handcuffs.  As the rope tightened, she uncrossed her legs and put her ankles together, moving them under the chair as she suppressed a murmur of delight from coming out.  “He knows what he’s doing,” she thought to herself as he tied the rope off between her wrists, leaving the knot out of reach of her fingers.


“I hope that is not too uncomfortable, Chase,” he said as he walked round.  She raised her head, looking at him and using her knees to push her dress open slightly at the front, before saying “It is tolerable, sir.  Please, stop there, I will be a good girl, I promise.”


“I know you will, Chase, but I need to be sure,” Mister Black said as he looked at his captive.  The way her arms had been pulled back meant her chest was thrust to a little, and he could see the way the front of her dress was straining.  “For now, however, Chase, you need to be silent.”  Reaching into his pocket, he drew out a clean handkerchief and wadded it into a ball.


“Open wide, Chase,” he said as he walked behind her.  Chase decided to test the waters, as she kept her mouth shut and shook her head.  “He‘ll forgive this refusal, if it is in character,” she thought to herself as he tried to stop her head shaking.  “As you wish,” he then said as he reached over and held her nose.  After a few seconds, Chase had to open her mouth to breathe in, at which point he stuffed the wad of cotton into her mouth.


She watched as Mister Black took a thin dish towel, white with a green edge, and rolled it into a band.  “Pls dnt,” she mumbled as he walked behind her again, and pulled the band of cotton into her mouth, he red lips closing around the cloth as he knotted the ends together at the base of her neck and the corners of her mouth pulled back.  “Anything to say now, Chase,” he said as he walked back round, and Chase looked up at him.


“Mmmmnnsr,” she mumbled as she watched him kneel in front of her, stroking her legs as he gently moved them apart.  She looked down, noting the way her dress was parting as her legs were spread, before Mister Black took her left leg and placed it against outside of the chair leg.  Shaking a length of rope put, he started to tie it to the chair leg, wrapping several loops around before passing it between her leg and the chair to tighten the binding.  As she felt the rope constricting her leg, Chase let out another low moan, only for a louder one to follow as he moved her right leg to the other side and bound it in place.


“I don’t think you’re going anywhere, Chase,” he said as he stood up and knelt over his captive, his hands stroking the inside of her legs as he did so.  Chase closed her eyes, saying “MMMNMMM” as she tried to fight the feelings starting to build up again. 


“Do you know,” Mister Black said as he stood up, “I think I may take a little break before I steal your valuables.  What do you think, Chase – a little fun first?”  Chase looked down at her legs before saying “mmmplsdnmmmm.”


“So glad you agree,” he replied a she reached up and unfastened the top button on her dress.  “NNNN” Chase screamed through her gag as he pulled the front of her dress slightly open, revealing the top of her bra.


The second button was undone, and as he pulled the front of the dress further open Chase closed her eyes and said “mmmmmmm” when he touched her breasts.  He pulled the dress as far open as he could, before saying “You have a wonderful chest, it seems such a shame you have to cover it up.”


“Dntstpmm” Chase mumbled as he unfastened the final bottom and threw her dress to either side, the material falling over the back of the chair and revealing the bra and pantyhose she was wearing.    Mister Black sat on her lap, looking at her from the slits of his mask as he said “I think I know what you really want, Chase, don’t you?”


“Yssssr,” she moaned as she felt his hands on her breasts again, and felt them respond as they had before, the nipples hardening under his caress.  As his hands slipped under the straps, and pulled the material off, she threw her head back and moaned, both in fear and also in pleasure as she felt the way he was responding in her lap.


His lips touched her nipples, eliciting a cry of “MMMMmmmmm” as Chase tried to call out through her gag.  She looked up at him as he stood up, and walked over to a drawer by the skin.


“Scoot forward, Chase,” he said as he returned with a pair of scissors.  With some difficulty, Chase managed to lift her arms over the back of the chair and move forward in her seat, the dress falling further down her arms as she did so.  She closed her eyes and moaned again as Mister Black continued to caress her legs, the ankles held back as she had come forward, and feel around her crotch.  “Mmmmgdfdsmmmm,” she moaned as she felt herself moving to that touch, and saw his smile as he looked up.


“I knew you liked this,” he said as he held the scissors in front of her.  Chase closed her eyes, trying to fight the thought that this was not James as well as feeling that she had to give in to the way she was feeling now.  So, when she opened her eyes and watched him as he cut the front of her pantyhose, she steeled herself for what she knew was going to happen.


Mister Black placed the scissors on the table and slowly unbuckled his belt.  “You deserve this, Chase,” he said as he dropped his pants and boxers to the floor, stepped out of them and walked towards Chase, slipping protection over himself as he did so.  She looked at his erect penis, and as he sat down and began to kiss her neck again she moaned at the feel of his member against her legs.


“MMMplstkmnwmmmmsntstp” she moaned again as he caressed her body, her breasts squashed against him as he pulled her towards himself.  As he touched the lips of her vagina, she bucked and moaned even more loudly, imagining in her mind’s eye that this was James who was starting to move in.


“MMMMMMM” she called out as she felt him slip in, filling her as he started to move back and forth, holding her with him so that despite her restrictive position she began to grip on him a swell.  She pulled him even closer, the throbbing inside growing with each movement as he was expanding, and she started to call out.


“MMMMMM...   PLSGDKPGNG...... GGDDDDDD!!!” she screamed through the gag as she felt him starting to throb even more, the strength of his erection as it pressed against her making her grip even more in kind, trying to hold him back until finally...



“AAA?YSSSSMMMMMM” she let out as she felt him coming inside her, bursting forth as she held him in to milk him as much as possible.  For several minutes they stayed together, until finally Mister Black let her go and she slumped back into the chair.


“Now, you stay there while I help myself to your valuables,” Mister Black said as he removed the condom and placed it in the bin, before pulling his pants back on.  Chase closed her eyes as she heard him leave the room, her mind going back to a few weeks ago.,..


“He knows what you used to do?  Well, I suppose someone someday had to recognise you?”


James handed his wife a drink before sitting down.  Susan had told him of her meeting with Mister Black, and what he had said.  He was only one of two other people who knew everything about Susan’s previous work – he had shot most of the photos and films, after all, when he was a constable, but they had both used aliases and false addresses to protect their identities.


“So, what did he say he wanted?”


Susan looked up at James.  “Some of my time – a long weekend to be exact, with me as his.., his plaything.” 


“No way – no freaking way,” James said as he slammed his glass down.  “I will not allow anyone to do that to my wife, anyone!”


“In return for which,” Susan continued, “He would pay one and a half million pounds – half up front, half at the end.”


James stared at his wife as she drained her glass.  “No – no, it’s unthinkable.  There has got to be another way we can raise the capital, there has to be...”


“I don’t think we can do it in time, James.  I’m not exactly happy with the idea, wither, but it may be the only way out.  Think of the girls – think of yourself.”


“I’m thinking of you,” James said as he came over and sat next to Susan.  “A complete stranger having you for that length of time, and not been able to do anything about it – how would you cope?”


“I don’t know, James.  He told me what he wanted – me to wear outfits that were business or formal clothes, and then he would re-create some scenarios.”


James sat back, lost in thought.  “I don’t like it,” he said, “but it is a way out.  I think we need to talk to someone else, though.”




“Dave.”  James stood up and walked to the telephone in the hallway, as Susan sat back, her empty glass in her hand.



“Thank you, Chase.”


Chase opened her eyes to see Mister Black standing before her, the balaclava in his hand.  “Thnkusr” she mumbled as he knelt down and started to untie her legs.  As they came loose, she stretched them out in front of her and sighed as he removed her gag.


“Did I please you, sir,” she asked as she brought her hands round and rubbed her wrists.


“You did, Chase, thank you.  Do you wish some help?”


“No, thank you, sir,” she said as she stood up and pulled her bra back into place, then her dress coat.  As she fastened it, she said “Is there anything else you wish to do now, sir?”


“Not now, Chase – but join me for lunch by the pool.  You will find something on your bed for you to wear if you so desire, and Jayes will come to show you the way at one.  That should give you enough time to clean yourself up and prepare.”


“Thank you, sir,” Chase said as Mister Black opened the door and escorted her back to her suite.  As she walked in, Chase saw that a variety of swimsuits, bikinis and other swimwear had been laid out on the bed.  Stepping out of her heels, she walked over and examined each of them in turn, looking particularly at a g-string and small bikini top in shocking blue.


“All my size as well,” she said to herself as she took off the dress coat and left it on the bed, heading for the shower.




At one precisely, there was a soft knock on the door.


“Come in,” Chase called out as Jayes opened the door.


“If you are ready for lunch, miss?”


She tightened the silk belt around her short robe and nodded.  “Jayes,” she said as she walked down the staircase with him, “Where are my clothes?  I noticed they had gone again this morning after my shower.”


“Ah, forgive me for not mentioning it earlier – they are been cleaned and pressed ready for when you depart.  If you will step this way, miss?”


Jayes held open a large glass door, and as Chase stepped through she found herself in a walled garden, at one end of which was a large swimming pool.  Mister Black was already lying on a sun lounger, but he stood up as Chase came closer.


“Did you see the present I bought for you, Chase?  I know I stipulated the outfits for our games but I am allowed to suggest clothes as well if you find them agreeable.”


“Yes, sir, it was a most generous gift,” Chase said as she sat on the second lounger, while Jayes brought over some plates of food.  “But I must ask your forgiveness for my choice.”


“Why would I need to forgive you,” Mister Black said, but his question was answered when Chase unfastened her robe and let it fall open, the rays of the sun falling on her naked body as she lay back.


“I... I think I can forgive you for that, Chase.  Please, relax, enjoy lunch.  Dinner will be at seven, so you are free to do whatever you please until five.”


“Thank you, Sir,” Chase said as he picked up a sandwich and lay back, while Mister Black looked at her.




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