Indecent Proposal - Chapter 4






Saturday, 3 pm


“Oh come on – do you really think I would have let myself get into this situation if I did not believe I was covered.  I admit, I lost my temper, but...


“Well, yes, I can see that, but...


“You’re serious?  That could really happen?  Don’t sugar coat it for me Alan.


“All right, all right, I get the message.  Let me think it over and get back to you.”


Mister Black put the receiver back into the Bakelite telephone set and stood up, walking over to the large patio doors and looking out onto the pool area.  He had been so sure, so confident in himself – but he had been so angry as well.  Even with that, surely he had not broken the contract?


Yet, that was what his lawyer was saying – the way the papers he had signed had been worded, he may indeed have crossed a lien that was better left undisturbed.   The soft knock on the door revived him from his thinking.


“Come in?”


The door opened and Jayes walked in.  “Forgive me, Sir, but Miss Chase is calling – rather loudly actually.  If you are to seek a rapprochement, then...”


Mister Black could hear the shouting from upstairs, and slowly bowed his head.  “All right,” he said quietly, “I need to talk to her.  If you are needed, I will call you.”


Slowly climbing the stairs, he could hear Susan calling out “JAYES - Please come and get my bags.”  The sound of the door closing reached him before he reached the top of the staircase, where he paused and took several deep breaths.  Walking to the white door, he raised his hand and knocked.




“May I come in?”


He listened for a moment before there was the short, sharp response of “No.”


“Listen, Chase, I only want to talk to you for one minute. After that, if you wish I promise I will leave you alone and, if you still wish, I'll have the car brought round.”


From behind the door came “The contract clearly stated that I was to provide all clothing, and that I would not suffer any "punishment bondage".  In addition, if you supplied clothing I would only have to wear it if I agreed. I did not, nor did I agree for you to butt plug my ass and leave me tied on my tiptoes for over an hour. And MY NAME IS SUSAN.”  The last part was screamed out more than spoken, making Mister Black step back slightly.  Swallowing again, he came back to the door.


You're right, and I was wrong. Actually more than that - I was a complete asswipe and I know it.”


“Yes you were - and I am not sure I can trust you for another 48 hours, and I am sure that when I tell James he is going to want some kind of satisfaction from this.”


Swallowing again, Mister Black said “I... I misread the situation, and I took advantage of you. I know this is going to sound totally inadequate, but I'm sorry, and I want to try and put things right.”  There was silence, before he heard Susan say “You may enter.”


Opening the door, he said “Thank you,” as he came in and saw Susan standing there in a black dress, with taupe pantyhose and black six inch heels.  A string of pearls was around her neck, and he could also see her suitcase on the bed.  The stains on her cheeks were still visible, as was the black storm behind her eyes as she looked at him.


“Susan,” he said quietly, “I have no excuses for this morning, and I don't want to offer any. I'm the one who was totally at fault, not you.”


Susan looked at him, as if he was a rat that had crawled out from her dustbin, before saying “Yes - and your point is?”


I'm sorry that I hurt you, sorry that I humiliated you, sorry - sorry that I did not treat you as a human being. I understand if you want to leave, and I won't stand in your way if that is what you want, but I would prefer to find some other way to make it up to you.”


Susan looked at the man standing there, who had treated her like dirt that morning.  In some strange way she felt sympathy for him, but on the other hand – he had hurt her, and she was going to make sure he knew what that meant.  Although she was small, she had a drive, a passion and ruthlessness at times that had helped her to climb to her position in the banking world – and had supported James in his climb as well.  Looking at Mister Black, she felt he had to learn something of that as well.


“I see,” she finally said as she looked at him in a way that made it clear she did not trust him one inch, “What do you suggest?”


“May I sit down?”


Chase nodded as Mister Black sat on the Chaise Longue, his hands clasped in front of him.


Well, first of all I'm not going to ask you to forgive me for the events earlier - I know you won’t do that, so I'm not asking you to. What I would like to ask is that - well, we start afresh. I will do nothing - nothing that you do not wish to do.”


“I see,” Susan said as she stood there.  “And what are you offering to make me start afresh?  Because just a few words can be an empty promise and in an hour and a half I can be home with another £ 750 000.  As the contract states, if I break it I do not get the other half but if you do I do get the other half and if I tell James - well he could ruin you.”


“I am well aware of that,” Mister Black said as he looked up.  Susan, I am placing myself and my own future liberty entirely in your hands. If you wish to leave now, then you may go with the money as the contract says, and James may do as he sees fit. If you choose to stay, however, I am prepared to - oh lord, this is going to sound awful...”




“Susan - if you agree to stay for the remainder of the time, I will increase the payment to one million pounds. In addition, I will allow James to keep the information he has as security - if you tell him what has happened, I will not stand in his way if he chooses to use it.”


Susan stared silently at him, making him shift nervously.  Eventually she said “Give me a phone Mr. Black.”


Of course, but may I ask what for?”


“Because,” she said as he handed her his Blackberry, “I will not give James any details - just inform him that you have made a contract violation.  I’ll tell him nothing that would require him to use all the information or the money he has but something that needs to be compensated for, then  I will pass your offer on to him as he worked out the agreement and write the contract.”


Watching her look at the phone, Mister Black continued as Susan said “He may wish to give you a counter offer, he may tell me to accept the current offer, and he may tell me to get on a plane and go fuck yourself black. And before I call him, where were you planning to take me tomorrow Jayes let it slip there is a trip planned for tomorrow afternoon.”


“Tomorrow – I had hoped we could go to Nice for the afternoon.  There is a delightful little street I thought you may like to visit - buy some presents, see the sights.”  Susan looked at him as she dialled a number and put the handset to her ear.


“Yes is Commander Proud at his desk?”  Mister Black watched nervously as Susan looked down at him.  “Is he in the building?  I see, can you page him, it is Mrs Proud his wife.


“Oh Teresa I didn’t recognise your voice, I am doing well.”  The look Susan gave him as she said that made Mister Black feel even smaller.  “James is in the board room, is he alone?


“Ok great put me through to him there.”  As she stood there, Mister Black was wondering what was going to happen in the next few minutes – and how he would respond.”


“Hi Baby how are you,” Susan said eventually.  “No no I am fine, but the reason I am calling you is we have had a contract violation – two actually.   I wouldn’t consider them major, but they are not minor either.


“uuummmm hmmm


“Yes - oh I totally agree.  Yes, some kind of compensation is needed, if we are to continue with the agreement.


“No we do not have to go that far.”  As he heard this, Mister Black felt a cold trickle of sweat on his forehead.  “Well if I stay I assume four more sessions if he continues his routine, and tomorrow I am being taken to Nice to shop, an addition 250,000 pounds.


“That is why I love you, damn you are a wonderful man, do you want me to say it. OH by all means.”  She handed the phone over to Mister Black as he stood up.


Good afternoon, Commander.”


“Afternoon Black.  Well my wife tells me you took some liberties that you were not supposed to.”




“I do not want details of what you did, I just want to know if you agree that you broke the contract on 2 separate occasions.”


Yes - yes, I did, and I am wholly to blame for it.”


“Have you said you were sorry?”


I have said I am sorry, but I have not asked for forgiveness.”


There was silence on the end of the phone for a moment.  “Well, Susan has accepted your apology.  She is willing to stay, however these are my terms for her staying.”


Go on.”


Jennifer has a mortgage on her home, there will not be one on Monday by the end of business.

Rachel has been accepted to Oxford her 3 years will cost £100,000 - it will be paid for.”


Mister Black looked over at Susan, who was standing impassively looking at him.  Anything else?”


“When you visit Nice tomorrow, Susan gets to spend what she wants tomorrow up to £75,000.  I don’t want the additional money, but if I hear another complaint from my wife again...”


I see - I agree to your terms. I will arrange for my lawyers to take care of things, if you send me the appropriate information.”


“Very well, Mister Black.  When she is returned on Monday you will show me proof of what I ask and I will return all of your information as well.  I will have the information e-mailed to you within the hour.”


As he looked at Susan and slowly nodded, she allowed herself tor relax slightly.  “It...  In which case, you have my guarantee it will be taken care of.”


Black you will treat her with respect for the rest of the weekend or I promise you the person who will be in bondage when you land on Monday is you.”


Of course - I promise it will not happen again.”


“My wife, if you please.”  Handing the handset back to Susan, Mister Black watched as he sat down.


“Yes honey?  Ok I will be fine – what did you agree to?


“OH REALLY, should I get something for you and the girls or YOU ARE SO SPECIAL I love you bye!!”  She switched the handset off, handing it to Mister Black before bowing her head and saying, “I am again your chase Mr Black.”


Thank you, Su... Chase. Is there anything I can do for you now?”


when is dinner?”


“Well,” he said glancing at his watch, “I shall ask for dinner to be served at seven.  I would also like you to – wear the outfit you have on now.  I have a scenario for which this is perfect.”


“Very well Sir – may I sunbathe again until then?”


“Of course you may Chase – may I request, however...”


“Yes, Sir?”


“Remove your clothing her and walk naked to the pool in your heels.”


He watched, transfixed, as Chase slowly removed her dress and laid in on her bed.  Stepping out of her shoes, she pulled the pantyhose down and off her legs before stripping the shoes back around her ankles, then unfastening her top and laying it on the bed.  She walked to the door, opening it as Mister Black followed her down.


Jayes was waiting at the foot of the stairs.  “Miss Chase has decided to stay for a while longer Jayes - see to her clothing and bags, will you?”


“Very good, Sir,” the older man said as he bowed.  Looking over, Chase could swear she saw a smile on his lips, but as he stood up any trace had disappeared.  Mister Black watched as Chase headed for the doors to the pool.


“Oh, and Jayes - bring some shaving equipment to the poolside, will you?”  Chase turned when she heard that, a funny look on her face, before turning and walking to the pool.  As she lay on the lounger, she watched Jayes carrying a tray and laying it on the table, Mister Black walking behind.


“I hope you don't mind, Chase, but I have a favour to ask.”


“Yes, sir?”


May I - May I shave your hair there?”  Chase could see where his eyes were looking, and allowed herself a slight smile.  “I would understand if you said no, but I think it would be much better if I did so.”


It is up to you sir.”


“Thank you,” Mister Black said as he sat beside her.  Chase lay still, enjoying the sun and trying not to think of where the razor was been applied, until Mister Black wiped her and simply said “Thank you Chase - that does look better now.”


“Yes sir,” Chase said as she turned to look at him.  “Are you going to sit out here again?”


Sadly, no - I have some business that needs to be taken care of, so I will leave you to enjoy the sunshine. Jayes will inform you when it is time to dress for dinner.”  As he stood up and walked to the doors, Chase said “Sir I was wondering if you would let me know when 50 min is up, I will then swim for 10 then do my back for 50 swim for 10 then I will dress for dinner.  That should allow me sufficient time to prepare for dinner.”


“Certainly - I will have word sent when fifty minutes have passed. Please, enjoy yourself Chase.”


“Thank you sir,” Chase said as she lay back, her eyes closed as she started to relax again.  Mister Black looked at her before turning and entering his home, the telephone ringing in the background.”





Saturday, 8.30 pm



“Another excellent meal – thank you Jayes?”


“Thank you Miss,” the butler said as he cleared the coffee cups away.  Chase had redressed in a black silk blouse and knee length skirt, with taupe hose and four inch leather shoes, and was sitting beside Mister Black, her lips rouged and the aroma of her perfume filling the air.


“If I may ask, Sir, what are your instructions for tonight?”


Mister Black was wearing an open necked shirt and dark trousers, and a pair of leather gloves was on the table where Jayes had laid them.  “Tonight, Chase, you will be what you usually are, a bank executive who comes home to find – somebody who wishes to do business with her.  Do you understand?”


“Yes, Sir,” Chase said as she stood up.  “May I be allowed a few minutes to prepare myself?”


“Of course, Chase – make your way to the suite.  I will join you shortly.”


Chase stood up and made her way to the bedroom, wondering how she was going to be treated this evening.  If truth be told, she was still a little sore from earlier, but she was also excited by the prospect of what he may do.


She was staring at the floor, thinking of nothing in particular, when she felt a leather gloved hand over her mouth and her head been pulled back.  “Good evening, Mrs Smith,” she heard Mister Black say in a quiet, polite voice, “I must ask you not to struggle or make any loud noises.  That pressure you feel in your back is a pistol, small but powerful enough to cause you quite considerable hurt if you force me to.”


“WHTDSDFASFD” Chase mumbled as the glove stayed clamped over her mouth.  “I assure you, no harm will come to you, but you must do exactly what I say,” he continued.  “My associates need some information from you concerning your bank, and then I will make sure you cannot raise the alarm for some time.  Now, will you behave yourself?”


Chase felt the pressure on her back increase, so she closed her eyes and mumbled “Yssr.”


“Very good,” Mister Black said.  “Now, I am going to remove my hand.  Say nothing.”


As Chase felt the hand been removed, she started to say “Whoarugdgsgdag,” but was stopped from progressing further as a pair of panties was stuffed into her mouth.  A long white silk scarf was on a recliner next to her, and she watched as it was picked, up, taken behind her and then pulled tightly over her mouth and jaw, pressing on her lisp as the ends were secured together behind her neck.  Chase could sense that Mister Black was trying to be firm and gentle at the same time, so she simply said “mmmmmm” as she felt her hands been pulled behind her back.


“Don’t move,” she heard Mister Black whisper into her ear as she felt the soft rope snaking around her wrists, pulling them together behind her back as it went round and between her arms.  From the way it felt, and the way the material of her jacket was constricting around her wrists, Chase could tell he was trying to keep it off her skin as much as possible.  “Thnku,” she mumbled as she felt her arms against her back.


“One moment,” she heard him say as the string of pearls was removed from her neck.  “All right, Mrs Smith,” she heard him say next as the pressure against her back returned, “Let’s go into your bedroom.”  Slowly, Chase walked forward to the door to her bedroom, wondering what else he had in store for her.


“Sit down,” she heard him say as she was pushed towards an old oak chest.  Turning round, she saw him standing there for the first time, dressed as he had been for dinner with the addition of a black balaclava over his head, and the gloves on his hand.  Sitting herself down, she watched as he reached into his back pocket and drew out a skein of rope.


“Whru,” she mumbled as he knelt in front of her and raised her legs up onto his knee.  “I’ll explain later,” was all he said as he crossed he rankles and wrapped the rope around them, making sure it passed between her legs as the coils tightened around her hose covered ankles.  “There now,” he said as he let her bound ankles drop to the floor, rubbing his hands up the inside of her legs as he did so, “Comfy?”


“Mmmmmmm,” Chase said as she closed her eyes, feeling his hands against her skin as they gently stroked.  Opening them again, she watched as he lashed her legs together just blow her knees, cinching the rope before standing back. 


“Now then, Mrs Smith,” he said as he sat on the edge of the bed, “My associates intend to rob your branch of the bank tonight, but to do so they are going to need the access codes to the vault.  That’s why I’m here – I’m going to ask you to give me the access codes and you are going to give them to me.  If you do, I promise you this will be a – pleasurable night for you.  If you don’t it will be less pleasurable.”  He showed Chase the gun he had pressed against her back earlier as he said this.


“Plsdnthrtm,” she mumbled as her eyes widened while she looked at him.  “Oh, I don’t intend to hurt you,” he said as he walked over and stroked her cheek, “not unless you force me to.” His hands moved up and opened slightly the top of her blouse, looking down onto her breast as he did so.  Chase squirmed slightly, saying “MMDSFGM” as Mister Black said “If you are very lucky, we may have some fun later as well.  For now, however, just sit still while I make a phone call.”


As he picked up a cell phone, Chase looked down to her legs, twisting them round and remembering a conversation she had a week before.




“The South of France?  You get some cushy numbers, mum.”


Jennifer took the glass from her mother, watching as Susan sat down next to Rachel.  The older sister by four years, she felt protective of Rachel, especially with her acceptance at Oxford earlier that month.


“I hardly call an important business meeting with important clients fun, Jenn – but I am looking forward to the trip.”  Susan took a sip from her glass as she looked at her daughter.  “I’ll only be gone for four or five days – and I will be back for your engagement party, on that you have my word.”


“You’d better make it, mum,” Rachel said with a laugh.  “The only excuse we will accept is that you are physically unable to make it, and we have the ransom photos to prove it.”


“Let’s hope that doesn’t happen,” Susan said as lightly as she could.  Rachel had hit a little close to the mark – a little too close...”



“All right, Mrs Smith – on your feet.”




“Yes you can – stand up and hop over here.”


Chase stirred herself and manoeuvred her ankles so that they were no longer crossed, before forcing herself onto her feet and making her way over to the bed, taking short bunny hops and stopping to steady herself after each one.  She could hear Mister Black breathing as he watched her finally make it to the edge of the mattress,


She offered no resistance as Mister Black pushed her back onto the bed, lifting her legs up as she was forced to lie on her side.  As he laid her legs down, he moved them up and down her legs, the leather passing along the soft silk as small electric shocks ran through her.


“You seem hot,” he said as Chase looked up, “Let me get some air to you.”


“Mmmmgfgmm”, was all chase could say as he slowly unbuttoned her blouse, moving it to the side to reveal her black bra.  She looked up at him as he cupped her breast in his hand.


“Now, I’m going to remove your gag and ask you a question,” he said as he gently kneaded her breast, “and I wan t an honest answer, or it will not be good for you.  Understand?”


“Mmmmm,” she replied as she closed her eyes.  Reaching behind her head, he untied the scarf and removed the cloth, before saying “Please tell me, calmly and clearly, the access codes for the safe.”


“All right,” Chase said as she felt his hand running down the back of her legs.  “Please, please just do this.”  She rattled off a list of numbers, which Mister Black repeated into the phone.  “Very good, Chase,” her said as his hands moved between his legs, “Now, we just wait a moment while my associates check.  How do you feel about that?”


“Oh....  Please....” Chase said quietly as she felt his fingers touch her crotch.  “You need to be quiet,” Mister Black said, “Are you going to be quiet, Mrs Smith?”


“I cannnnnn,” she moaned as he stroked the lips of her vagina.  “Oh dear,” he said as Chase watched him slowly unfasten his pants, “I need to do something about this.”  He let his pants drop as he moved Chase closer to the edge of the bed.  “Take it,” he said as he stroked her lips with the tip of his penis, and as Chase gently stroked it with her tongue she opened wide and gently drew him in.


As she felt him responding to her touch, his member enlarging in her throat as she drew it deeper in, she started to moan in response to the throbbing against the roof of her mouth.  She lingered, sucking and pulling back in equal measure, as she felt the pressure growing within himself – and herself, as she felt the moisture starting to grow in her crotch.


As he exploded into her mouth, she drew the hot fluid into her throat, knowing that this time he was being gentle, and she was in charge in a way.  He was allowing her to control this occasion, and she was determined to enjoy every second of it.


Eventually she allowed him to withdraw, his member still throbbing as he looked down on her.  “Are you all right, Mrs Smith,” he said as he helloed her to sit up and held a glass of water to her lips.  “Yes 0 yes, thank you, Sir,” she said quietly, “But please let me go now.”


“Not yet, Mrs Smith,” he said as he picked up a pair of panties and wadded them into a pad.  “I’m not finished – open wide.”


“Please be gentllfdlgdflg,” Chase said as the wad was pushed into her mouth, before the white scarf was pulled over her mouth again.


“Whtrudng,” she said as he gently pulled the sleeve of her blouse down, leaning over to kiss her shoulder a she did so.  “My friends tell me the codes worked, and I feel you deserve a reward.  What do you think, Mrs Smith?”


“Mmmmmdsfm,” Chase moaned as he pulled the other sleeve of her blouse down, kissing her shoulder again as he did so.  Helping her to stand up, she closed her eyes and said “Mmmmddmsasdmmm” as he passed his hands around her and stroked her back, kissing her neck as he did so.


“Stand still,” he said as he moved down and passed his hands under the waistband of her dress, slowly unfastening it and allowing the skirt to drop to the floor as he did so.  This revealed a black garter belt, which he passed his hand sunder and gently removed.  Pressing his body close to her, Chase could feel his penis against her crotch, enlarging again as he gently massaged her bottom.


“MmmmMMDSAMDSAMMMMM,” she moaned as he moved his body with hers, her hips swaying in unison with him as she felt her crotch getting warmer with each movement and sway,


“Please, relax.” Mister Black said as Chase felt him slip between her legs, his penis filling her vagina as she closed around him.  “NNDNSGNSDNGDNSG” she moaned as she closed her eyes and held him there, feeling him getting stronger as they continued to move together.  Mister Black started to push forward, filling her more with each move as she gripped and drew him closer in.


Once again she wanted to scream out, letting him know how good it felt to have him there, and at the same time wishing once more it was James instead of him.  “NGFDNGGNDASFDNG TK?M, TKM NW,” she screamed as she felt him growing stronger, the throbbing growing more and more intense until finally she felt the explosion within herself, both from Mister Black and from herself.


“Uhhhhh,” he said as he withdrew himself, allowing Chase to fall exhausted down onto the bed.  As he dressed himself, Chase looked up and said “Thkny.”


“No, thank you, Mrs Smith,” he said as she fell over onto her side.  “for now, however, I have to make sure you cannot raise the alarm.  I’m going to untie your hands – don’t move.”


Chase lay there panting slightly and staring ahead as she felt her wrists been untied, and then re-tied as her blouse was thrown to the top of the bed.  She then felt her elbows been drawn together as Mister Black passed the rope around them, pulling them together as much as he could and forcing the cups of her bra to move down and off her breasts.


Good night, Mrs Smith,” she heard him say as the door closed behind her.  Turning round, Chase could see that she had been left alone, and rolled onto her back before forcing herself to sit up.


“HLP... HLPM,” she called out, struggling to free her hands and arms, but to no avail.  A few minutes, later, the door opened and Mister Black re-entered, saying “Police!  Mrs Smith, are you in here?”


“VRHR!!!” she called out as Mister Black ran to her and untied her hands and arms.  As she pulled the gag from her mouth, Chase said “You were very gentle tonight, Sir, very – reserved.”


“I know, Chase, but after this morning I was unsure how far I could go,” he said as he released her legs.


“Thank you, Sir,” Chase said as she rubbed her wrists.  “I think, however, you can return to your usual plans in the morning,”


Mister Black smiled as he stood up.  “Very well, Chase,” he said as she stood up.  “Tomorrow morning, I will arrange for an outfit to be laid out for you.  Shower, prepare yourself and dress, and then come down for breakfast.  After all, we need to allow time for a trip in the morning.”


“Very good, Sir,” Chase said quietly as she bowed her head.  “Good night, Sir.”


“Good night, Chase,” Mister Black said as he turned and left the room.





Sunday, 8.30 am


As she sat at the dressing table, applying her lipstick before adjusting the straps on her cream silk bra, Chase felt relaxed and happy again.  “A good night’s sleep was just what I needed,” she said to herself as she leaned down and pulled her red heeled pumps onto her pantyhose covered feet, before standing up and picking up the long navy blue skirt that lay on the chaise longue.  She adjusted the waist, making sure the slit on one side lay against her leg, before taking the red blouse and putting it on. 


Taking one last look in the mirror, she left the bedroom, walking down the staircase and calling out “Jayes?  Are you there?”


There was no response, so Chase assumed he was in the kitchen.  She had seen the direction he walked from to the dining room, so she decided to surprise him.  “Jayes?” she called out again as she walked into the large room, but there was nobody there.  In fact, there was no sign of anyone even preparing food.


“Jayes?  Mister Black?”  She looked round, wondering where everybody was, but there was no sign of either man.  “All right, this is getting weird,” she said to herself as she turned round, only to scream as she saw two men, in boiler suits and with black balaclavas standing in front of her.


“What the hell,” Chase said as she stared at them, before she recognised Mister Black as he said “I thought you said this place was going to be empty?  Who the hell are you?”


“I...  I’m Anne, the housekeeper,” Chase said as she stared back at the two men.  “Who the hell are you?”


“We’re the men who are going to kill you if you don’t shut up,” Mister Black said as he pointed what looked like a sawn off shotgun at Chase.  “Oh god,” she whispered as she raised her hands.  “Please please don’t hurt me.”


“Just shut the fuck up,” Mister Black said as he handed the gun to his silent partner.  “Now we have to waste time keeping her out of the way.  Sit down,” he said as he pointed to a filing cabinet Chase was standing in front of, “and then hold your hands up in front of you.”


“I’ll do whatever you say,” Chase said as she sat down, making sure her skirt covered her legs as much as possible.  ”Just please, don’t hurt me.”


“I said to shut up,” Mister black said as he took a length of rope from his pocket, doubled it over and passed it around Chase’s wrists, tying them tightly together and passing the rope between her arms before pulling her hands up and securing the ends of the rope around the handle to the top drawer of the filing cabinet.


What are you doing,” Chase said quietly as Mister Black took a strip of white towelling and tied a large knot in the centre of it.


“For the last time, shut up,” he said as he pulled the strip taut and held the knot in front of her lips.  The silent partner stood and watched as Chase slowly opened her mouth, grunting “Plsdnt,” as the ends were pulled tightly around her head and secured together at the base of her neck.


“Go and search the rest of the house,” he said as he took the gun from the silent partner and laid it on the table, kneeling next to Chase as he did so.  So why are you hiding your legs,” he said as he pulled her skirt back, revealing her hose covered legs up to her knees.  Chase watched as he pushed her legs together, his latex covered hands stroking her legs as he crossed her ankles.


“You should not hide these, Anne,” he said as he passed more rope around her ankles and pulled them tightly together, “You should celebrate the way your legs define you.”  Chase closed her eyes and said “Mmmm” as she felt her ankles been drawn together, her red lips moving around the knotted gag as she felt his hands stroking the back of her thighs, moving up to wrap more rope around her legs below her knees.


He stood back and watched as Chase squirmed on the floor, feeling the ropes rubbing against her legs through the pantyhose and the way her legs rubbed against each other.  Her arms were beginning to ache slightly, but as she moaned through the knotted towelling she felt herself responding to her movements.


As the warmth started to spread, she opened her eyes to see Mister Black kneeling in front of her.  He began to slowly unbutton her blouse, opening it up as he did so to reveal her bra.  As his arms passed down her side, she said “mmmfmgmmm” in response to his stroke.


Mister Black set himself down to face Chase, his legs straddling hers, as he passed his hands behind her and stroked her back.  She arched her back in response, and as he leaned over and kissed her neck she began again to moan through the cloth.  “Ngggmmmgg...  sgd,” she mumbled as she felt his hands move down and around her breasts, kneading them gently as he continued to nuzzle her neck.

“Don’t deny that you are enjoying this,” he said as he straightened up and stared into Chase’s eyes.  “Mmmmmm,” she responded as he slipped off her legs and removed her shoes from her feet, stroking the soles of her feet and watching her throw her head back.


“PLSTKM,” she called out as she opened her eyes, watching as he released her hands from the filing cabinet.  Chase raised her hands to her mouth, saying “iwnttsku,” but she stopped as she saw Mister Black shake his head.


“Oh no, Anne,” he said as Chase watched him smile, “I have something else entirely in mind.”  She looked up, surprised at his response, but sat quietly as he knelt next to her and reached round behind her.  She heard the zip that held her skirt up slowly been pulled down, and moved to allow him to take her skirt away, throwing it to one side as she straightened her legs out.


“whtrudng,” she said as Mister Black pulled her wrists down and laid them on her knees.  As she sat there, she started moaning again as he stroked her legs, feeling the shocks running up her body and relishing every moment.  He took the loose ends and wrapped them around her wrists and legs, before taking the ends down and tying them to the rope around her ankles.  Moving his hands up and between her legs, from her knees towards her crotch, he watched Chase close her eyes.


Time for you to enjoy yourself, Anne,” he said as he massaged her crotch, Chase responding with a “MMFDGMGDFMG” as he removed his hands again.  Taking some more rope, he passed it around her arms and chest a couple of times


“Tkmenwsr,” she called out as he walked behind her and kissed her neck and shoulders, massaging her breasts as he did so.  “All in good time, Anne,” he whispered into her ear as he moved his hands under the cups of her bra, stroking her nipples as he did so.


“Mgdsffgdfsdffcm,” she moaned as he gently circled her nipples, pulling the material down so that he could massage more her breasts.  This made her buck slightly, moaning more and more loudly as he moved his hands down her stomach and between her legs again.  As she felt him stroking her vagina, she moaned again, saying “MMMMMGDMMMMM” as she did so.


She closed her eyes as Mister Black moved her onto her side, moving his hands up and under the waistband of her pantyhose and gently pulling to down from her hips.  She felt his hands moving back between her legs, and felt the moisture between her legs as he continued to massage both there and her breasts.


She felt him lying behind her, his cold skin and his member against her buttocks, and as he moved her onto her knees he placed a chair cushion under her forehead.  She felt him leaning against her, the throbbing against her muscle, and went “PLSDDSMSDADMSDAMSDAM” as she felt him moving against her hips.


He slipped slowly move in, filling her as she gripped him, and thrust forward against her hips as she bucked in response.  Mister Black continued to kiss her neck, his hands on her breasts as he pushed forward harder and harder.


“DNTSTP!!” she screamed as he grew inside her, and she felt the moistness grow around him and within her.  “I’m not going to stop, Anne,” he whispered as he continued to push forward, filling her more and more as her moans grew louder and louder.  She gripped him tightly, not wanting him to stop as he moved against and with her, until finally he let go and the hot, sticky fluid flowed into her and down her crotch.


“”Mmmmmmm”, Chase said as she felt him withdraw, and then pull her pantyhose back up.  Laying her back on her side, she heard him say “All done?  Right, let’s go,” before the door closed and she was left alone.


A few minutes passed, before the door opened.  As Chase opened her eyes, she saw Jayes standing there, a bathrobe in his hand.


“Good Morning, Miss,” he said as he knelt beside her and started to remove the ropes around her arms.  “I thought you wish to wear this before going to your room.  I will prepare a light brunch to serve in half an hour’s time.”


“Jys,” Chase mumbled.  “Oh, forgive me Miss,” he said as he removed the soaked towelling strip from her mouth.  “Jayes, were you the other man,” she said quietly as he helped her to sit up.


“I did play that part, Miss – Mister Black said he would need my help.  I trust you enjoyed your time with him?”


“I did, thank you – am I to join him for brunch?”


“If you would miss – I have taken the liberty of laying out a summer outfit for you, for your time in Nice this afternoon.  If you will allow me to release you, you can go and wash immediately.”


As Jayes removed the bonds from her body, Chase allowed herself a small smile.  After the events of the previous day, she had a feeling she was more in charge than Mister Black realised – and she only had one more day to go...









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