Indecent Proposal - Chapter 5






Sunday, 4 pm


As Chase sat at the outdoor table, looking at the people walking past her on the Quai des Etats-Unis, she smiled to herself.  She was wearing a pale blue silk short sleeved blouse and matching linen skirt, and her eyes were covered by a pair of large sunglasses.  The warm Mediterranean sun was beating don on her as the waiter appeared by her side.


“A further drink, Madame?”


“Yes, thank you,” Chase said as he quickly refilled her glass.  It had been an exciting couple of hours – after the brunch, Jayes had driven her and Mister Black to Nic.  There, he had taken her to the Rue Paradis and Rue de Suede, where she had looked over the most exclusive fashion and jewellery stores she had ever seen in her life.  Her master had been as good as his word, allowing her to pick what she wanted and to purchase a few gifts for James and the girls as well.


She had wondered how she was going to explain to her daughters how she had been able to afford such things, but decided that “the bonus” would be as real an excuse as any.  Now, as she set her glass down, she saw both Mister Black and Jayes walking towards her, the latter a few paces behind the former.


“Enjoying yourself, Chase?” Mister Black said as he sat down and signalled to the waiter.  As he was brought a large glass of lager, Chase resumed her role and said “Thank you, Sir, I have enjoyed the brief taste of freedom you have given.”


“Well, we are not in a particular hurry,” Mister Black said with a smile as he sat back and sipped his drink.  “We have an hour or so before we have to head back to the chateau.  Tell me, Chase, how do you feel right now.”


Chase looked over at Mister Black.  “I feel relaxed, sir, and ready to serve you in any way you desire.”


He smiled at this response.  “Well, as I say we are in no hurry.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy your drink, Chase.  Jayes had already deposited our purchases in the car, and he will come and collect us in a little while.  I need him to run a couple of small errands for me first.”  He turned and looked at Chase as she sat there.  “I would be honoured, Chase, if you would join me tonight for a formal dinner.  If we say seven thirty?  I think this would be a suitable occasion for your ball dress.”


“As you wish, Sir,” Chase said as she sipped her drink.  “I will need a little time to prepare, however.”


“Everything you may need is in your room,” Mister Black said as he leaned forward.  “I promise you a very special evening.”  Chase looked at him as he said this, wondering what he had planned as the people walked past.




Sunday, 7 pm


Chase sat at the dressing table, looking at herself in the mirror as she applied the deep red lipstick to her lips.  Her hair was swept back from her forehead, and the sweet scent of her perfume filled the air around her.


She had bathed and shaved especially for the evening, and on her bed was the right dress for the occasion – made from red leather, it was strapless and hugged her figure like a second skin.  Chase turned round in her chair and leaned over to put on the pair of black open toed sandals that were sitting on the floor, fastening the straps around her ankles and standing on the three inch heels as she walked towards the bed.  In a rare concession, she was wearing a pair of very small black briefs, but the black lace suspender belt that kept her sheer black stockings up made it less obvious to others.


She picked up the dress and stepped in, pulling the leather up and over her lightly talcumed body.  As she pulled the front panels up, there was a discrete knock on the door.


“Come in Jayes,” Chase said without looking round as the manservant came in.  “Good evening, Miss,” he said as he closed the door behind him.  “Mister Black has asked me to come and see if you would wish to join him for an aperitif in the main room.”


“I would be delighted to, Jayes,” Chase said as she looked over her shoulder, “but I may need a little help first.  If you could?”


“Certainly Miss,” Jayes said as he gently raised the zip, securing the back of her dress as it nestled on her breasts.  This dress had been a present from James, and as it hugged her figure it left her shoulders and upper back bare, the deep tan that she had developed over the last few days starting to show.


“If I may say, Miss, you look particularly alluring this evening.”


“Jayes,” Chase said as she turned round, “How many times do I have to tell you to call me Susan?”


“Not too many more, I fear Miss,” Jayes said quietly as she walked over and opened the door.  “If you would care to follow me?”


As she descended the staircase, Chase could hear a string quartet playing in the room.  Jayes opened the large ornate doors and bowed as Chase entered to see Mister Black standing by the fire, dressed in a dinner jacket and black trousers with a bow tie perfectly placed around his neck.


“Good evening, Chase,” he said as he offered her a glass of champagne.  “Thank you for joining me on this most special evening.”


“Thank you, sir,” she said with a slight smile as she took the glass.  She could now see the quartet in the corner of the room, and the table laid for a large meal.  “Do what do I owe this honour?”


“Does there need to be a reason, Chase?  This is to say thank you, and to provide you with a taste of the hospitality I may have been somewhat lacking in.  To your very good health.”  He raised the glass and clinked it against the one in Chase’s hand before taking a sip.


“Again, thank you sir,” Chase said as she took a sip.  “I am pleased that I have pleased you these last few days.  Is there anything you would like me to do now?”


“Just to join me for dinner, to enjoy my company, and to talk,” Mister Black said as he took Chase’s arm.  “Later, we can dance and we can see what happens after that.  I hope you like the meal – I have invited a local Michelin starred chef to cook for us, and I do not believe he will disappoint...”




Sunday, 9.30 pm


Mister Black had not been joking – the meal was magnificent.  A starter of lightly seared scallops with an Asian salad, a clear broth that was scented with lemon grass, and then Filet Mignon with a béarnaise sauce, small new potatoes and fresh vegetables. 


Now Chase was watching the chef as he expertly prepared the Crepes Suzette, flipping the pancake into quarters and pouring the brandy over before setting light to it.  The blue flame danced in the candle light, before he served the dessert and handed it first to Chase, and then to Mister Black.


Jayes refilled her glass as she ate the dessert, the rich red colour of the Bordeaux reflecting the yellow light.  She left the glass for a moment, not wishing to ruin the taste of the wine with the dessert, before finally laying her spoon down on the plate.


“Thank you, Sir,” she said as she raised the glass to her lips, “I do not believe I have ever had such an evening.”


“You deserve it Chase – every single little part of it.”  He laid his napkin on the table and walked round, sitting next to Chase as she sipped her wine.  “Would you care for some coffee, or perhaps something stronger?”


“Thank you, no, Sir,” she said with a smile as she replaced the glass on the table.  “I feel I have had enough for now.  Is there anything else that I could do for you?”


“Perhaps,” Mister Black said as he offered Chase his hand, “You would care to dance?”  As Chase stood up, he nodded to the quartet, who began to play a Viennese waltz.  He took his guest by the arms and started to dance, holding her back as they glided across the room while Jayes watched.


“You dance very well,” Chase said as they moved around.  “Thank you,” Mister Black said with a smile.  As the waltz continued, they kept dancing, looking at each other until the tune stopped, clapping in appreciation of the quartet as they stood there.


“Jayes,” Mister Black said, “I think we have had enough for tonight.  Please ensure the musicians are taken care of – I wish to show Miss Chase something privately.”


Chase felt warm inside – whether because of the food, the wine or the day, she was not sure, but as Jayes discreetly moved the musicians out she knew it was time for another role-play.  If truth be told, she was looking forward to this one – she actually remembered the original shoot of it.  Whether or not she was right to feel this was not on her mind at this time – this was part of the contract, and she had agreed to see it through.


As Jayes left the room, she stood in the doorway that led to the office of Mister Black and put her hands on the door frame, smiling coquettishly as she did so.


Is there something I can do for you to say thank you, sir,” she said as she watched Mister Black walk over, slowly unfastening the bow tie as he did so and unbuttoning his shirt.


“I think there is something you can do for me, Chase, if you are willing?” he said as he stroked her cheek with his hand.  “It is not a question of if I am willing, Sir,” she said as she looked at him, “but I do wish to please you.  What would you have me do?”


She watched as he opened a drawer in a table by the doorway and drew out a length of white rope.  “Put your hands in front of you, as if you are praying,” Mister Black said as he doubled the rope over and held it in his hands.


“What am I praying for, Sir?” Chase said with a smile as she held her hands out.


“For whatever you want,” he said as he gently wrapped the rope around and pulled her wrists together.  Chase let out a sigh as she felt the rope encircling her wrists, holding them firmly together as he passed the cords around and between them.  Finally, he tied the ends off and left about three feet of rope dangling in front of her.


Taking Chase in his arms, he gently kissed her on the lips before taking her hands and raising them above her head.  As she looked up, she saw a hook that had been fixed into the door frame, and watched as he passed the rope through the eye and took it back down, holding her arms in place above her head as he secured the ends back around her wrists.


“I trust you are not uncomfortable, Chase,” Mister Black said as he went to the drawer and drew out two more lengths of rope.  Chase looked up at her arms, before saying “I only live to serve you Sir – please carry on.”  She saw him smile as he knelt at her feet and pushed her legs together, passing the longer of the two lengths of rope around her legs below her knees and pulling them together.  Chase closed her eyes and groaned as she felt his hands on her stocking covered legs, stroking the back of them as he securely tied them together.


“Ohh....” she moaned as she felt him running his hands down the back of her legs, pushing her ankles together and securing them with the second length of rope.  Chase looked on as he passed the rope between her legs, before standing up and looking into her eyes.


“Thank you Sir,” Chase said as she closed her eyes and felt his lips brushing her neck, eliciting another low moan.  “I need you to be quiet, Chase,” Mister Black said as he stood back, “We still have some visitors in the house.  Can I trust you to be silent?”


“I do not know, Sir,” Chase said as she smiled and looked at him, “I cannot say that I can.  You may need to do something about that.”


Mister Black smiled in return as he went back to the drawer, taking out two handkerchiefs and a long white silk scarf.  Chase closed her eyes and opened her mouth, saying “Fnkusr” as he pushed the two square cloths in, before pulling the scarf between her rouged lips and securing it tightly at the base of her neck, the ends of the scarf dropping down her back as he did so.


She opened her eyes and watched as Mister Black stepped back to look at her.  “It seems I have you captive, my dear Chase,” he finally said, “and it would be wrong of me to leave you like this.”  He walked forward and turned Chase slowly round so that she faced into the office, and held her from behind.  She could feel him pressing behind her as his hands stroked her chest, and she said “strpmsr” through the gag.


Turning her back the other way, Mister Black pushed Chase gently to one side as he came behind her.  She closed her eyes as she felt his lips kissing her on the shoulder blades, moaning softly as she felt rather than heard the zip slowly been pulled down behind her.  As the front of her dress fell forward, the sweet smell of talcum powder hit her nostrils as she threw her head back and let out a deep “Uhhhhhhhh” from her mouth. 


Mister Black could see her breasts as the dress fell, bare to the open air, and held them from behind for a moment in his hands.  “You have an amazing chest,” he whispered into Chase’s ear, “and I think we need to show it to the best advantage for tonight.  I’m going to let your dress fall to the ground – don’t move.”


As she heard the leather fall to the floor, Chase let out a “mmmmmmmmmmm” as Mister Black gently lifted her up and out of the garment.  Jayes stepped forward, picking up the dress and bowing before leaving the room, as Mister Black looked at Chase in her stockings and suspender belt.


“Now then,” he said as he turned Chase to face the side of the doorframe and walked past, “stay right there.”


“Suwshhmstr,” Chase mumbled as she looked over her shoulder, watching as he took a long length of rope from the drawer and closed it.  He walked back over to Chase, turning her back to face the now darkening room as she heard the rope hitting the heavily carpeted floor.


 Stroking her stomach with his hands, Mister Black smiled as he picked up the rope, doubled it over and passed it around Chase just below her breasts.   She could feel the cool rope against her skin as he pulled it tightly; passing the rope around several times and making sure it was tucked underneath her breasts.


“Ngggfdgfnnn” she moaned as he took the rope around her back, and then passed it over her left shoulder.  She watched him as he walked round and carefully took the rope under her breast, passing it back up and over the same shoulder as it pulled her breast up and forward.  “Nggfggdsfdfasdd” she mumbled as she felt him taking the rope through the first pass at her shoulder blade, around the back of her neck and over her right shoulder, repeating the process on that side so that both her breasts were suspended in a rope cradle.


As she felt the rope tightening at her neck, Chase let out another moan as Mister Black passed the rope around the top of her chest, before securing the ends behind her back.  “How does that feel,” he said as he leaned over her arms and massaged her breasts gently, making Chase buck as she felt his touch on her skin.


“Plsskpgngsrr,” she moaned as his fingers encircled and stroked her nipples, and his lips brushed her shoulders.  She twisted round as he gently massaged her, her legs firmly held but her body swaying from side to side as it brushed up against her captor.  Chase looked up, hoping this was having the desired effect on Mister Black, and the soft moan she heard him give reassured her of that.


“You move like an angel, Chase,” he said as he turned her round and placed his lips over her nipples.  As he gently sucked, Chase let out a “MMMMMmmmmmmmm” as she felt herself responding.  Moving her back round, he started to stroke her stomach, moving down her legs as his hands caressed her stocking covered limbs.  She moaned again and twisted round, leaning her body against the door frame as he stroked the inside of her thighs, moving up to feel her crotch.


Standing up, he pressed his body against hers, letting her know that he was beginning to respond as well.  Chase could not deny how she was feeling, the fire that was beginning to burn again within her, so she said “Tkmnwsr” as she threw her head back.  She felt his hands stroking her crotch, bucked at the touch on her cunt, and then moaned even more as his hand slipped into her garter belt and slowly moved it down her legs.


“I know you really enjoy this, Chase,” Mister Black said as he fingered her vagina, the juices that were starting to flow making it moist as he gently stroked.  Chase closed her eyes, picturing again James as she felt him turn her round and clasp her to him, her crotch against his.  Opening her eyes, she nodded slowly as he reached down and started to unbutton the flies of his trousers, letting them fall to the floor as his lips touched her nipples again.


“NGDSGGOFDSDFFDSFTKMMM!” she screamed through her gag as he moved her closer, his erect penis stroking at the lips of her passage as she felt the urge growing ever stronger, ever more violent.  Placing his hands on her rear, Mister Black began to knead her buttocks and kiss her neck as he moved into position.  Chase closed her eyes again, moaning even more loudly as she felt the end of his dick against her vagina, making her want to pull him in and take him there and then.


“TKMNWSRRRR” she screamed as she felt him move in, his member filling her as it throbbed and she gripped it tightly with her body.  They moved as one, Chase swinging to and fro as Mister Black held her close to her and thrust forward, the throbbing growing larger as he did and the urge to pull him growing ever more strong.  She could feel herself starting to cum as he thrust forward, but wanted to hold off as long as possible before she allowed him any release.


“HGDHGDHGDHGD,” she screamed out as he pushed forward and held her even closer to her, before she felt the explosion between her loins and the stream that came forth, both from him and from her as he let everything go.  As Chase felt him holding her, and flowing in her, she was amazed at how the romantic setting had somehow made this real, acceptable – and how much she was missing James, wanting to feel him as she felt Mister Black now.


As he slowly withdrew, Chase opened her eyes and mumbled “Fnkusr.”


“No, thank you Chase,” he said quietly as he pulled his trousers up.  Reaching up, he released her hands from the hook and allowed them to drop, catching the exhausted woman in her arms and lifting her off the ground.  Chase closed her eyes as she was carried out of the room, up the stairs and into her own room, before been gently laid on the bed.


“Do you wish to be released from your bonds?” Mister Black said as he removed her shoes.  Chase nodded slowly as he released her legs first, and then her wrists.  As he went to roll her over, however, she shook her head and looked at him.


“You want me to leave the rope bra on,” he said as he reached over and untied the scarf from behind her neck.  As he removed the cloth, the deep stain where it had been between her lips clearly visible, and drew out the handkerchiefs she said “If it pleases you, sir, I wish the bra to remain in place tonight.  I enjoy how it feels.”


“As you wish, Chase,” Mister Black said as he drew the covers over her.  “I will see you in the morning.  Good night, Chase.”


“Good night, Sir” Chase said as she watched Mister Black go to the bedroom door, turn the light off and exit the room.  As the door closed, Chase slowly hummed to herself as she fell asleep, the rope bra rubbing against her skin in a way she was enjoying.







Monday, 10 am.



Chase slowly opened her eyes and looked around the room.  Sunlight was streaming through the window, and a tray with coffee and croissants was on the table opposite.  As she sat up, she removed her stockings and looked at the ropes around her chest.


“I’m going to need some help to remove those,” she said to herself as she walked to the bathroom.  Five minutes later, the sound of running water accompanied her opening the door, a short white dressing gown around her body.


Her intention was to get a cup of coffee, but instead she was grabbed from behind, and she heard Mister Black saying “Don’t move a muscle, lady.”  “What do you want with me,” she stammered, realising her last role play had begun, but to her surprise she saw a cloth in front of her eyes, and then nothing as she was taken back to the bed.







Monday, 2 pm


As she stepped out of the shower, Chase sighed.  That morning had been a surprise, as Mister Black tied her spread-eagled to the bed, and proceeded to force her to give him a blow job before gagging her with tape.  Eventually, he had released her and removed all the tape and ropes, telling her not to remove the blindfold until he had left.


Chase smiled as she saw Jayes packing away the last of her clothing.  He looked up and say “Forgive me, Miss, I was just taking care of the last of your packing.”


“That’s all right Jayes – thank you,” Chase said as she finished towelling her hair.  She saw two other cases on the floor beside the bed, and looked at Jayes in a quizzical manner.


“Forgive me, Miss Susan - I have taken the liberty of purchasing the extra cases for your purchases yesterday.  I trust you are happy with that.”


“Very happy, thank you Jayes.  So, what would Mr Black want me to wear for our final time or am I allowed to choose - I was hoping to wear one of the items home.”


“Well, Miss, he has furnished a suggestion - he mentioned the dark jacket and skirt with the white camisole top. I do, however, wish to convey that in my opinion, you should choose. As I understand it, that would be best.”


Chase looked at Jayes.  All weekend he had been there to help her, and not once asked anything for himself.  For him to raise an opinion now was unexpected – and welcome.  “I will do as he suggests and the usual under garments,” she finally said.


“Very good, Miss.”  Jayes indicated the outfit laid out on the bed, and then closed the last case.  “You will find your garments from earlier today in a clear plastic bag in the top of this case.”  He stood up and coughed slightly.




“May I take the liberty of saying one more thing?”


“Of course you can – so long as you call me Susan again!”  She had noticed the word earlier, but had said nothing, merely welcomed him finally doing so.


Jayes blushed slightly.  “Despite the - slight unpleasantness, I have enjoyed serving you these last few days, and would like to wish you good fortune.  Will there be anything else, Miss Susan?”


“Thank you, Jayes,” Chase said with a smile, “and I am sorry that you had to look at a 39 year old body that has seen better days.”


“Forgive me, Miss, but I found your body most attractive.”


Chase smiled as she said “thank you,” before putting on a white front hook bra and the camisole top.”


“If there is nothing else, Miss?”


Chase pulled on her last pair of taupe pantyhose and looked at the manservant.  “No, thank you Jayes,” she said quietly, but as he turned to leave she suddenly stood up.  “Yes, sorry, one more thing” she said as she ran up and gently kissed Jayes on the cheek.  The older man stood for a moment, touching where her lips had brushed before whispering “Thank you very much Miss.”  Turning, he walked out and quietly closed the door as Chase pulled her dark skirt up around her waist.  Slipping the jacket over her shoulders, she sat back down and slipped on the sling back open toe pumps, before looking at herself in the mirror.


“My god,” she said to herself as she saw her legs, “This hose is way too dark.  I didn’t realise I had got such a tan – at least I look as if I have been here.”  Sitting down, she took one last look around the room that had been her home since Thursday, thinking over the events that had passed.  By the time of this morning, Chase had been getting bored, just wanting to kiss James and enjoy an evening alone in his arms.


A knock on the door brought her abruptly out of her reverie.  “Come in,” she called out, and Mister Black walked in, Jayes a few steps behind.  “Good afternoon, Chase,” he said pleasantly as Chase stood up.


“Good afternoon master,” Chase said as she bowed her head and crossed her hands in front of her.


“How are you feeling, Chase?”


The question took her by surprise, as she considered it for a moment.  “Well, a little sore, a little tired, well used, surprisingly well rested - and excited to be going home, Master.”


“Well, I certainly feel as if we had a good time.  I hope you got something out of it as well.”


Chase was surprised to find herself smiling.  “Yes, master, I did.”


“Well, it is time - Jayes, will you please take the bags to the car? We will join you shortly.”   They watched as Jayes picked up the suitcases and walked out of the room, before Mister Black turned back to Chase.


“May I just say thank you for the last few days. I know I was - stupid, but I have enjoyed your company.”


“You were not stupid sir, you made a mistake, you owned up to it, you made amends for it and I also surprisingly enjoyed my time with you, all of my time with you.”


“Thank you for that - You are too kind, Susan. Please, turn round and put your hands together behind your back.”


Susan was slightly taken back by the change in tone.  “Susan? Mr Black?   If I am Susan again why do I have to put my hands behind me?”


“Well,” Mister Black said with a smile, “I wanted to thank you and not Chase.  We have an agreement, however - you are to be returned as you were delivered. Of course, if you would prefer to be treated as you were when you arrived, that can be arranged as well, slut.”  She saw the smile on his lips as he said this, and realised this was part of the deal.  “I was trying to be nice, after all,” he said as he picked up a roll of white tape.


“You bastard,” Susan said as she slowly put my hands behind her back, “I have to remain Chase until we get home?”  Mister Black noted the tone, and accepted it.


“Yes, I know - but if you wish to return the money...”


“That is not necessary,” Susan said, “but you do remember the terms of the agreement?”


“Oh, I do.  So, Chase, are you ready?”


“Yes I am, master” Chase said as she looked over her shoulder, “and I see you are going to be a bastard to the end, palm to palm or crossed.”


“Crossed, if you please,” Mister Black said, and as Susan crossed her arms she heard the familiar ripping and the tug on her skin as the tape went around her wrists.


“I assume I will have my mouth stuffed and taped before we leave Black,” Susan said as she felt her wrists been taped tightly together.


“Of course,” Mister Black said as he tore the end of the tape free and smoothed it down.  “I want you to feel as comfortable as possible.  Now, open wide.”


“Does it have to be so tight now that we are at the end, Mr Black” Susan said, but as she was turned round her eyes widened at the sight of the two large handkerchiefs in his hand.  “OH MY,” she exclaimed, “why so much packing?”


“Let’s call it a last hurrah, Chase - but I won’t tape your elbows unless you want me to.  Now, open wide and say ah.”


“Please no,” Susan said, but as the cloth went in she started to say “AAAHHHHmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmm.”


“That's better,” Mister Black said as he tore off several strips of tape, smoothing them in turn over Susan’s mouth.  She looked at him, saying “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm” and wondering how she was going to leave the room.  “Let me have a look at you,” he said as he walked round Susan.  She stood there, wondering what was happening when to her surprise he reached round and squeezed her breasts.


“MMMMMMMMMMMmm “ Susan called out.  She had thought the games were over, and yet here he was feeling her up.  “Your legs look lovely, by the way. Now, shall we go?”  He took Susan by the arm and walked her down the staircase to the main door.


Remember, the contract says no sexual acts involving you - and I will keep to that.”  As Mister Black walked her down the stairs, Susan said “mamfmasdfmasdm bobobboa madfmamsd” as she tried to talk to him, but he just smiled as they walked into the sunshine and saw Jayes standing by the door of the Rolls.


As he helped her to sit in the rear seat, Mister Black smiled and said “It does not mean I cannot play with you, however - I checked it the other day after our chat with your husband.  I hope this is not a problem?” As Jayes closed the door and Mister Black walked round, Susan realised that he was right; he could “play” without actually taking her.


As he climbed in and placed his hand on her thigh, Mister Black simply said “To the airport, Jayes.”


“Very good, Sir,” was the reply as the car smoothly set off, Susan looking at Mister Black as he stroked the inside of her legs. As the car made its way into the hills, she realised that was why he had chosen this particular outfit – the front hooked bra.  She looked at him, and as if she had asked clearly he simply said “I promise you I will not do anything to you in that way.  Ah, here we are,” he said as the car turned into the private airfield.


Susan looked at him as the car stopped, saying “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm” as she saw a look in his eye she did not like.  She knew he was planning something – something that was close to the edge of the agreement without actually crossing it and costing him his livelihood.  Feeling her up and taking some photos may be all, but she could not shake the feeling something else was coming.


As Jayes opened the door, Mister Black walked out and came to her side of the car.  Opening the door, Susan waited as the two men helped her out and stand up.  Taking her by the arm, Mister Black walked Susan to the waiting door of the private jet.


“Bring the cases, Jayes,” he called out as Mister Black helped Susan climb the short set of stairs.  The cabin was as she remembered it, as he helped her to sit down and picked up another roll of white tape.  As Jayes carried in the suitcases and stowed them away, Mister Black crossed Susan’s ankles and started to tape them tightly together.


Closing the hatch, Jayes turned and bowed silently to Susan.  She nodded her head in return, unable to thank him again as he turned and left the plane.  Looking back at Mister Black, she let out a low “mmmmmmmmm” as he passed the tape around her legs below the knees.  More tape went round above her knees, as he pushed her skirt up and opened her jacket slightly.


“Sit back and relax,” he said as he buckled her into the chair, before taking his own seat on the opposite side of the cabin.  As the plane slowly started to move off, Susan turned and said “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” as she looked over to him.



As the plane reached cruising altitude, Mister Black unbuckled his seat belt and walked over to Susan.  She looked up at him, saying “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” as he pulled the front panels of her jacket to the side, and then raised her camisole top up to reveal her bra.  As he reached down and started to stroke her legs, she closed her eyes and shook her head, saying “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmm” before she felt his hands unclasping her bra.


Opening her eyes, she saw him gently kneading her exposed breasts again, and said “mamdfmasdmfmasdf masmdfmasdmfmasd” as she tried to move out of the way.


“I want you to have a last moment of enjoyment with me,” he said as he circled her nipples with one hand and reached between her legs with the other, causing Susan to say “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm” in response to his touch.


“But, I did promise I would not commit any sexual act on you, so I have a present.”  As he stood up, Susan looked at him, saying “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmm” as he reached behind the chair.  When she saw the large white object he produced, her eyes widened and she almost screamed “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.”


Susan shook her head, but was powerless to stop Mister Black pulling the front of her pantyhose up and out and slipping the vibrator between her legs.  “Allow me,” he said with a smile as he pressed a button, and Susan felt the vibrations against her crotch. 

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmm,” she screamed out as she desperately tried to work it free, but her legs were too tightly bound together, and the pantyhose was keeping it firmly in place.  Looking at Mister Black, she could see the effect her squirming was having on him.  The way that was making her feel, the way her nipples felt, and the way she saw him reacting as he loosened his pants to allow them to drop to the floor....


“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” she called out as she watched Mister Black reach between her legs.  “Thank you again,” he said quietly as he started to masturbate, the throbbing growing between her own legs as he began to stoke his penis.


“Oh, that's good,” he said as Susan desperately swung her feet up onto a table, trying as hard as she could to get some leverage to free her from the throbbing.  “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” she said as Mister Black moved faster – she could see he was getting harder as he continued to jerk off, but the way the vibrator was positioned between her own legs meant she was getting all of the stimulation and none, absolutely none of the relief that came afterwards.


As he closed his eyes and gasped, Susan screamed through her gag, her eyes wide as she saw him coming.  “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm m” she called out as he smiled, and opened his eyes.


For his part, Mister Black could see the frustration and anger in her eyes, and realised how this made her feel.  He was about to come over when the pilot came over the intercom.


“Thirty minutes to landing sir,” he said, and Mister Black looked again at Susan as she sat there.


“Damn,” Mister Black exclaimed as he wiped himself, depositing the tissues in the bin before pulling his pants up.  Susan looked at him, with a look that said “You Bastard” and a voice that simply went “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmm”


“I am truly sorry, Susan - perhaps I may be able to do something to make amends,” he said as he removed the vibrator and switched it off.  Susan looked at him, saying “MMMMMMMMmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmMMMMMMMM MMMMMmm” as he adjusted her pantyhose and straightened her skirt.


Replacing her bra and pulling down her top, Mister Black fastened her jacket with a smile, and said “Not long now,” as he moved her feet onto the floor.  Susan wriggled round, saying “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm" in sheer frustration as she still felt the fire between her legs.


As he fastened her seatbelt and sat back down in his own chair, Mister Black leaned over and said “Again, thank you Chase,” as the plane started the descent.





The Daimler was sitting at the airstrip, James Black waiting impatiently behind the wheel as he saw the lights appearing in the sky.  Glancing at his watch, he noted the time.


“Right on time,” he said as the sound of the engines came through the clear night air.  As the plane taxied to a halt, he sat still, waiting to see what would happen when the door was opened.



“We have arrived sir,” the pilot said as Mister Black unbuckled and got up.  Walking over to Susan, he smiled as he unbuckled the belt and allowed her to sit up.  The pilot came through and started to remove the cases from the storage area.


“So, ready to leave?”


Susan nodded as she wriggled her feet, hoping she would be allowed to walk off.  As Mister Black took a pair of scissors and cut the tape away from her ankles, she moved them side by side and let out a sigh, thinking that she would indeed be able to walk off.


So her scream of frustration as he then taped her ankles together, side by side, would have been heard by her husband – had the pilot not been walking down the stairs at that point.




James opened the  driver’s door and got out as he saw the man approaching with three suitcases.  “What the...” he said to himself before walking to the rear of the car and opening the boot.  The pilot came closer and nodded as he placed the cases on the tarmac.


“Why three cases and where is the woman?” James said as the pilot started to load the cases into the boot.  “She is coming in a moment, sir,” was the polite reply as he placed the second case in.






Susan kicked her legs up and down before looking at Mister Black.  “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmm” she continued to say as he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder, making her call out again “MMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMM” as he carried her to the door.




“I believe she made some purchases during the visit, sir – the additional luggage was supplied for her.”


James sighed, before mumbling “Leave it to a woman.”  Closing the boot, he looked up and saw Mister Black at the top of the stairs, his wife over his shoulder.  “Thank you for your help,” he said to the pilot, who saluted as the two men walked to the front of the car. 


James stood by the car, watching as Mister Black descended and started to walk towards him.  It had been a long five days for him, and now Susan was coming home.  He wondered what had happened, but curiously did not feel jealous,.  If anything, he wanted her more than ever.


As he passed the pilot, Mister Black said “Bring the briefcase, please," as he carried Susan over.  She was moaning, saying “MMMMMMMMMMM2 as she felt more humiliated at been carried over.  Stopping by the car, he stood Susan back on her feet, but facing him rather than her husband, making her call out “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMM” in frustration at not seeing him.


“Good evening Mister Blue.”


“Good evening Black,” James said as he went into character again.


“As promised, I have returned the merchandise on time. Would you care to inspect?”


“Did the woman please you?”


“Oh yes - she exceeded my expectations in every way.”


“And you are prepared to pay the other half for the woman’s services?”


For Susan this was worse than before – she could hear James, wanted to see the man she loved, but could not.  Letting out a “MMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMM”, and feeling dirty at the way she was been described, she tried to move round on her heels.


“Ah, ah, slut - stay exactly where you are,” Mister Black said as he grabbed her by the shoulders and stopped her moving.  “To answer your question, yes I am prepared if you are satisfied she has been returned as requested.”


Susan looked ahead, saying “MMMMMMMMMMMMMM m” in a high pitched, almost whining tone.  Mister Black merely smiled as he said “So, if you are ready?”


James walked round the side of the car and looked at his wife, her eyes wide as he looked for any obvious bruises.  As he did this, the pilot returned with a briefcase which he handed to Mister Black.


“I am sure I do not need to remind you we agreed she is the slut until our business is concluded?”


“You don’t” James said as he lifted her skirt, looking more closely for anything other than the slight rope burns he had seen on her legs.  “I need to inspect the slut more closely.”


“Fell free,” Mister Black said, and Susan sighed as James walked over and lifted her skirt.  She felt like piece of meat again, made for display as her husband opened her jacket and checked her chest.  He glanced up at her and saw the deep tan on her face, and the smile in her eyes as they finally saw each other properly.  Allowing himself a small smile, he said “Did you service Mr Black well slut,” noticing the light growing as she simply nodded.


“So, Mister Blue, are we satisfied?”


“One moment, Mister Black.”  James looked straight at his wife.  “Did Black use you contrary to the contract in anyway other than the day you called to inform me and we re-worked the contract.”


Susan shook her head.  “Are you ready to return to your normal life rich slut?”  As she nodded her head, she saw James smile. 


“And you know if you tell anyone about this weekend you will disappear for ever correct slut?”


Once more Susan nodded, and James turned back to Mister Black.


“I am satisfied Black - Now I believe you owe me the balance of our agreed fee, correct?”


 Certainly - would you like to place the slut in your car first?  Or shall we complete our business first?”


Susan looked at the two men as they talked, wondering what was going to happen next.  She knew James was playing a part again – at least, she hoped she was – but she wanted to get home and return to a normal life.


“I’ll put her in the car – she does not need to hear this,” James said, and he walked over to pick Susan up.  Taking her to the passenger side of the car, he opened the door and placed her inside.


“Leave her as she is,” Mister Black said as he saw James take a pocket knife from his coat.  “I wish to have her left as that until she is fully returned.  Just put her in the car”  As he said this, he placed the briefcase on the bonnet of the car.


Susan went “mMMMMMMMMMMMM” into her gag as she looked at James, pleading to be cut free and hugged, held, loved.  Seeing his wife sitting there, James leaned in and said “Baby I don’t have the other half of the money yet and it is your money you earned it. Just let him have his quirk even if it means you stay tied up until we are home – it will be worth it.”  Susan nodded as she looked at him, before he helped her to swing her legs into the front of the car.  He kissed her gently on the forehead before closing the door, walking round and saying “What do you want to talk about that could not be spoken of in front of her black?”


I wanted to say thank you to you, and make an additional request.”


James smiled.  “Oh – and what would that be Mr Benson.  Yes, I know your real name.”


Mister Black raised an eyebrow.  Well, Commander, I wonder what plans you had for when you return home with Chase?”


“Plans?   I plan to ask if she is ok, then honestly after she has a shower, and if she is not feeling too sore, I intend to make deep and passionate love to her.  Why – have you left her too sore?”


“No, no, she is fine - I just wondered if Mister Blue would want to make sure she is fully satisfactory before she was released.  Oh, and do check the money, James - I want you to see it is all there.”


James looked at his wife, then back to Mister Black as a smile played on his lips.  “Oh – OH!   I see what you mean.   You would like me to take her as Mister Blue, to rudely fuck her instead of take her home and gently make love to her.  It poses an interesting idea,” he said as he looked at his tanned and incredibly well gagged wife.  “What is in it for me Benson if I agree?”


Susan looked at the two men, talking as she wriggled round and said “mmmmmmmmmmmmmm mm.”  She wanted to get the exchange over with, get home and get untied.


James opened the briefcase and started to run the money through the counter.  “You know Benson,” he said as he looked back at Mister Black, “I have the camera still installed in the car, and in the bedroom at the house as well as the glasses. So I am sure you can watch it live from your plane and your auto, and your home in the south of France -  yes I know where you took her - while I use her as Blue.  So I get those lovely electronic toys as an extra fee and what?”


Mister Black smiled.  “Of course you may keep them.  As for incentive, well, this envelope contains a small additional fee.”  He showed a brown manila envelope to James as the money counter let off a soft ping.


“Everything seems to be in order,” James said as he closed the case and took it to the back seat of the car.  Susan looked at her husband as he opened the door.


“MMMMMMMMMMMMMM M,” she said as she looked at her husband.  “I will be just a few more minutes baby,” he said as he placed the briefcase on the seat and picked up a sealed envelope.  “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMm” she squealed as she started to struggle.


“Calm down you sexy bitch,” James said as he looked at his wife.  “you probably spent the better part of 5 nights and 4 days tied up what is an hour or 2 more, hm?”  “MMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmm  mmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmm” Susan called out as James closed the door and walked back to Mister Black.  An hour or two – what did he mean by that?


 “I believe you have something for me,” Mister Black said as James came back to him.


“Tell me Benson,” James said as he handed Black a sealed envelope, “Do I get to ask Susan if she wants to participate or do I just have to do it?”  He looked in the envelope Mister Black handed him and raised an eyebrow.  “That much?”


“Half a million – I sort of owe her a favour after the trip back.  I think she may wish to take part anyway, but let's not tell her about the rest of this.”


“All right, Black - I will ask her to go along with it when I get in the car before I turn on the cameras.  If she nods then I will get out wearing the sunglasses, and I keep the money, if she uses the safe word during the rest of the play the feed will be cut off and I will deposit half the money into an account you can e- mail me the details of.  Do we have a deal?”


Susan said “mmmmmmmmmmmmmm m” as she watched the two men.  Mister Black had been good, but James was better, and she wanted him so badly.  She tried to get out of the tape but with little avail as she saw Mister Black nodding.


Deal,” Mister Black said, and he extended his hand.  As James took it, he grasped it firmly and looked into Mister Black’s eye, realising the way Mister Black had grasped his hand in return and knowing what it meant.


“Ah,” he said quietly, “this is an oath between brothers, it shall stay with us and what transpired is between us and us along on our sacred oath brother?”


“Indeed, Brother - we are square?”


“We are now,” James said as he let the hand go.


Susan watched her husband and Mister Black as they both looked at her and smiled.  As James walked back to the car, Mister Black turned and walked to the plane, stopping at the foot of the stairs as James climbed in.




“Susan, Black has a proposition for us, and it is a bonus of a lot of money if we accept, I can’t give details but to say you will remain this way all the way home and perhaps a while at home you sexy bitch, if not shake your head now and it ends now.”


Susan thought for a moment, and then looked at her husband, seeing the look of lust in his eyes, and then the smug look on Mister Black’s face at the plane.  She so wanted to shake her head, to say no, but this was her man looking at her in a way she knew all too well.  She nodded, looking at him as he smiled in return.


Reaching up, James touched a button on the dashboard camera before opening the car door.  Climbing out of the car for a moment, he called out “Black we have an Accord.”  Smiling, Mister Black watched as James put on the sunglasses and returned to the car, before he climbed the stairs and allowed the door to be closed.


“Home sir?”


“Home,” he said as he switched on a monitor, seeing Susan as she looked into the camera in James’ glasses.


 “So you made him happy did you slut?” James said as he looked at his wife sitting there, seeing her nod.  “And you want to be home with your family soon, right,” he continued as he started the car and drove off.


Susan nodded again, wondering where this was leading.  “Well, SLUT, your husband is not dropping off your ransom until midnight tonight, by the time I pick it up, count it and then set your release point It will be 2 am or more.”  Susan looked at her husband as he placed his hand on her thigh and moved it under her skirt.


“So,” he said as he felt her hose covered legs, “You can look after me till then slut.”  He turned and looked at her, his eyes hidden by the shades, and saw his wife’s eyes widening as she realised it was only six o’clock.  For her part, she was feeling a mixture of surprise, concern at the enforced extension of her confinement – and anticipation of what James was going to do to her.


“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMM” Susan screamed as the car drove into the darkening sky, the lights from it and the plane fading as the countryside returned to silence...





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