Interview For A Kidnapping






The clock on her office wall showed it was 10.20 as Patricia Roung looked up from her laptop.  She nodded, completed typing out the last sentence of her e-mail and sent it off, before logging off her computer and sitting back.  This was a very important day for her, and she did not want anything to go wrong.


She lifted the receiver on her phone and pressed a button.




“Yes Mrs Roung?”


“I will be leaving in a few minutes to attend a meeting at the International securities office.  I don’t know exactly how long it will take, but I may not be back today.  If anyone calls, tell them I am out of the office and will call them back tomorrow.”


“I understand Mrs Roung.  What if it is your husband or other family?”


Patricia sat in thought for a moment.  “Unless someone is actually dying, then don’t contact me.  All right, Dee?”


“Yes Mrs Roung,” the female voice on the other end of the line said as she hung the phone up.  Patricia stood up and looked at herself in a mirror for a moment.  She hadn’t even told her husband yet about the job interview – if she got it, and she expected she would, it would be a massive promotion and increase in both wages and benefits.  If not – then nothing was lost, she still had a good job now.


As she looked in the mirror, checking her hair and makeup, she tutted to herself about the length of the skirt.  It was a little short for an interview, but she had spent most of the morning with Mr Caldwell – and he was her biggest client, as well as one of the most lecherous men she knew.  For that purpose, her salmon pink jacket and dress were perfect, and the white sandals she wore over her stocking clad legs added a certain something.  In business, Patricia had found on occasion, show a little leg to a male client and he would agree to anything...


Nodding, she picked up her purse and walked out of the office, passing Dee as she made her way to the lift to the car park.  It was a ten minute drive to the International Securities office, and she wanted to get there fresh for her meeting with Joanna Tring, the head of the department.




As she stepped out of the lift, Patricia looked along the corridor, listening to the quiet hum of activity from behind the office doors.  She walked towards an office at the end of the corridor, with “Mrs J Tring” embossed on the glass.  The door was slightly ajar, so Patricia pushed the door open and walked in.


The room was empty, so she stepped back and knocked on the door next to it, expecting to see a secretary.  When she saw that this too was empty, she returned to Mrs Tring’s office and walked in.  It was a large room, with a door that probably led off to a more private office at the far side.  There was a large office desk, with two chairs in front of it and a large leather armchair behind, a conference table with six seats set around it, and against a wall an old and rather dilapidated sofa.  “Must be very comfortable to still be here,” Patricia said to herself, before calling out “Mrs Tring?”


She was surprised to hear a male voice call out “One minute", and then the door to the inner office opened.  A tall, dark haired man in his late twenties, smartly dressed in a dark suit, white shirt and tie walked in, closing the door behind him.


I’m sorry,” he said as he stood and looked at Patricia, “Mrs Tring was unexpectedly called away. Is there something I can do for you?”


“Yes,” Patricia said quietly, “My name is Mrs Patricia Roung from national bonds & securities division.  I have an interview with Mrs Tring for the open international securities position.”  The man stood and looked at her for a moment, before walking forward with his hand extended.


“Of course,” he said as he shook Patricia’s hand, “I'm James Clark from Personnel. Joanna asked if I could take care of the first part of the interview before she returns - if you are agreeable that is?”


Patricia smiled and said “Yes of course Mr Clark.”  He smiled in return and said “Please - take a seat on the couch, let's keep this informal.”  This surprised Patricia, who was expecting a more formal process taking place at the desk or conference table, but she did as James suggested and sat herself on the old seat.  She watched as he picked up a file from the desk, looking at the contents and her in turn, before he came and sat next to her.


“Now,” he said as he sat down, “you are applying for the open position. Tell me, what sort of experience do you have so far?”


“Well I started with just the regular banking division in my 20's however I took all the courses recommended and moved to the Price/Waterhouse national bonds securities and mutual funds 6 years ago.  My fund that I manage has had excellent return on investment, my client list has grown to the largest in the central division of the country in the last 3 years and I feel that a new challenge of international banking would be a welcome change.”


James nodded as he listened to Patricia.  “Yes - your record speaks for itself. I see you are married?”


“Yes I am - I have been married for almost 20 years.”


“Any children?”


Patricia could hear a strange noise coming from the inner office, which was distracting her slightly, but she shook her head and said “Two - both girls.”


“Excellent,” James said as he looked back at the file.  “It says here you have undergone the usual tests, but as you will be aware working in international securities carries not only additional responsibilities, but additional risks. Do you feel you can cope with that?”


Patricia smiled for a moment.  “Well yes I do feel I can cope with the added stress. Also now since my youngest girl has graduated high school and is gone to college I do have extra time to devote to my career.”  She heard again a strange noise from the other office, and looked towards the door before turning back to James.


“I see - well, Mrs Roung, I was thinking of not just the stress with the workload, but the additional security issues that might arise. This is a very high risk business.  You never know when the unexpected may occur, and you need to be able to stay calm in those situations.”


“Well, if I do my research as I have in the past I will not make undo risks,” Patricia said, before she stopped and looked again at the door.  She had heard it again, a sound like somebody kicking the wall, and a strange mumbling.  She turned to the young man and said “Mr Clark, what is that sound next door.”


“What that sound,” James said as he closed the file, “that will be Mrs Tring.”


“Mrs Tring,” Patricia said quietly as she turned her head while still sitting on the sofa, her legs crossed.  “Why wouldn’t she just join us?”


Yes - Mrs Tring. I'm afraid she isn’t able to join us just at the moment - she's a little tied up.”


Patricia looked at the door again, then back at James as he stood up and placed the file on the desk.  “Tied up... What do you mean...” she started to say, as James reached into his jacket pocket.


“I mean she's unable to join us,” he said with a smile as he drew something out, “and I need you to just stay sitting for a moment.”  Patricia looked at his face, then his hand and the small gun that he was pointing at her, before she said “OH MY GOD what is the meaning of this?”


“Hush, Patricia, hush. Keep quiet and keep your hands where I can see them.”  Patricia sat still, too afraid to move as James leaned against the desk behind him, his gaze fixed firmly on her.  “I've been hired to obtain some information, and Mrs Tring and her assistant were helping me just before you arrived. Rather regrettable, but there you are.  Would you like to see them?”


Patricia stared at the young man, uncertain of what it was she had walked into.  “Not really,” she eventually said, “I would like to leave.”  “OH, I don’t think I can allow that,” the man called James said as he stood up and looked at her.  “Stand up – slowly, I don’t want any sudden movements from you.”  As Patricia rose from the seat, he continued “I want you to do exactly what I tell you, understand?”


Patricia nodded and said in a small voice “Yes” as she stood there.  “Good - no calling out or screaming, all right?”  She simply nodded as she watched James pick up a roll of red tape that was sitting on the table.


“Excellent - turn round and put your hands behind your back.”  As Patricia slowly did as she was ordered, she said “you don’t have to tape me up” as she moved her hands behind her back.


“Well, I'm afraid I ran out of rope, so if I'm going to make sure you behave yourself it will be this tape. Hold your hands together and stay quite still.”  As Patricia heard the sound of the tape been torn free from the roll, and felt it sticking to her left wrist, she could also hear more thumping and mumbling from behind the other door.


She stood still, not moving as she felt her wrists been brought together and tightly secured behind her back, the tape wound around and between them as her palms faced outwards.  She was scared, wondering what was going on in the other office and afraid she was going to suffer a similar fate to them.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she called out as the tape was secured to her wrists, going around and between several times before James tore the end free and smoothed it down.  “There now,” he said as he stepped back, “that looks nice and secure. Turn round and look at me.”  As Patricia turned round, she saw a ball of silk cloth in his hand.


“Now, I'll take you to see them in a minute, but first open wide.”  Patricia shook her head, saying “Please you don’t have to gMMMMMMMMMMM mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm.”  Her calls were silenced as James pushed the cloth into her mouth, forcing it past her teeth and all the way in so that she could close her rouged lips together.  She watched him tear another strip of tape off, and stood still as he pressed it down on her mouth and smoothed it over her lips.  “Good Girl,” he said as he pressed three more strips over her mouth and jaw, covering them completely and sealing the cloth into place.


“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmm” Patricia said as he finally stepped back and walked round her.  She had never felt so helpless, but something was telling her it was going to get worse before it got better.


“Let's test that,” he said as he suddenly slapped her hard on the bottom.   Patricia’s eyes opened wide as she let out an “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmm”, but that only seemed to please her captor.  “Now, let's take a look at Mrs Tring,” he said as he took Patricia by the arm and walked to the door to the inner office, opening it before he led her into the office.


“Here they are,” James said as he brought in Patricia, “Mrs Joanna Tring and her lovely assistant Cathy.”  Patricia stared, saying “mmmmmmmmmmmmmm m” as she looked in, and hearing “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm” from two of the other three ladies in the room.


The third lady stood up from her position on the floor and walked over to join James, putting her arms around his neck and kissing him.  “Patricia, this is my assistant Penelope,” he said as she stepped back.  She was in her early twenties, with long blonde hair and a pair of large spectacles covering her blue eyes.  Her blouse was white and tight, while her skirt was a size too small for her, but she had a look around her that showed that she meant business.


“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMmmm,” Patricia said as she looked at the woman, and then at the other two.  Lying on the floor was a girl no more than twenty years old, dressed in a white blouse, a knee length black skirt and knee length black leather boots.  She had been placed in a strict hogtie, her arms secured at her wrists and elbows next to each other behind her back while her ankles had also been tightly bound, the white rope clearly visible over the leather which squeaked as she moved her legs.


She looked up at Patricia, saying “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm m” through the thick white cloth which filled her mouth.  Patricia could see from the way her cheeks were filled out that something else had also been pushed into her mouth, and noted that her bound ankles had been secured to the knot that held the cloth in place by another length of rope so that she could touch the heels of her boots with her bound hands.


Now, Cathy here was kind enough to let us wait for Mrs Tring, while Penelope made her comfortable,” James said as he leaned down and pulled on the rope holding her heels to her gag.  Cathy lifted her head and said “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” as the top button of her blouse popped open, making Patricia say “MMMMGGPPHHDSAA” in return.


“Of course, when Joanna Tring finally arrived, she was more than happy for me and Penelope to secure her - isn’t that right, Joanna?”


Patricia looked from the secretary to the other bound and gagged woman, who was sitting on the floor next to the wall.  She was wearing a white silk blouse under a dark jacket and skirt, with black patent leather shoes on her feet, but she was in no more of a position to talk then Cathy or Patricia.


Her wrists were obviously tied behind her back, while brown hemp rope was visible around her ankles and legs.  The rope had also been used to pull her arms tightly into her side, wound around her body above and below her breasts and then around her neck and under the bottom loop between them.  This had the effect of pushing her breasts up and out, and as she looked up at Patricia her eyes were wide with fear.


Her mouth was covered in sliver duct tape, as her auburn hair fell down her face.  “Mrstrngggg,” Patricia said as she looked down at the woman, who mumbled “msrrrptfcamsrr ymmmmmm” as she looked back up at her.


“Oh, don’t feel too bad, Joanna” James said, “after all, Penelope is taking very good care of you, aren't you Penelope?”  The other woman looked at Patricia, before saying “She looks lively, James - do you need some help with her?”  Patricia could see her licking her lips as she said this, making her call out “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmm” as her eyes widened.”


“No, I think I can manage,” James said, and Patricia could see the other girl look disappointed.  “If you are all right in here, I will make her nice and secure while you keep looking for what we want.  Who knows – you may be able to have some fun with these two before we leave.  How does that sound?”


Both Joanna and Cathy started moaning “NNNNNNNNNNN” as James guided Patricia back to the door.  “This way, Patricia,” he said as he led Patricia back into the outer office.  She was getting very scared, as she started running his conversation with his assistant through her mind - something she said was not sitting right with her, and it was scaring her more than what this man may be about to do.


“Sit down,” he said as he took her back to the couch.  As Patricia sat down, she was uncomfortable with how high her skirt was riding.  She was also regretting telling Dee about not bothering her for any reason as she said “MMMMMMMMM” in protest as the man knelt in front of her and pushed her thighs together.


“Now, don't move,” James said as he started to tape her thighs together.  As he did this, his hand stroked the backs of her legs, making her protest “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mm” as he did so.


“Nice hose,” was his only comment as he felt her legs again, stroking them down her calves as he started to tape them together below her knees.  From the inner office, she could hear low moans now, which seemed to be growing in intensity.  “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” she said as James tore the tape free and smoothed it down, looking into her eyes as he massaged the backs of her legs.


“Patricia, I think you are going to be very important to Penelope and I,” he said as he continued to stroke her legs.   Patricia’s eyes widened again, as the possible import of what he was saying hit her, but at that point the door opened and Penelope walked back in.  Through the open doorway, she could see Cathy and Joanna lying on the floor, the fronts of their blouses open.


“Yes, Penelope?”


I have found and downloaded the information we need, James. I'm getting bored, though – the ladies in there are no fun.”


“Mamdfsmfmasdfma sdmfasdm” Patricia said in what sounded like relief, hoping this would be the end of it and she would be left with the others.  James smiled as he said “OH, that's a shame - I don't want you to be bored. Do me a favour, Penelope - look out of the door and see if the way to the service elevator is clear.”


Patricia looked at him with very curious eyes, saying “mmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmm” as James grabbed her ankles.  He looked at Penelope as she left the room, then at his captive as he started to tape her ankles together.  She let out a low “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmm” as Penelope came in and said “Way's clear - what do you have in mind?”


“Go and call the elevator, there's a sweetie.”  As he said this, James passed the red tape around Patricia’s feet, the tape sticking to her white leather shoes as they were held tightly together.  “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm” Patricia said as she watched him stand up and walk to the inner office.


Wait there,” he said as he looked at the other two captives.  “We'll be on our way ladies - but Patricia is going to take a little trip with us,” she heard him say, and she started to struggle, shaking her head and saying “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmm” as she sat there. 


“Just some extra security,” James continued, “do nothing to alert the authorities for the next six hours, or your colleague may regret your haste.”  He closed the door and walked towards Patricia, picking her up as if she was a rag doll and throwing her over his shoulder.


“mmmmmmmmmmmmm NNDSDNDNNTL}VS” she heard as she was carried towards the office doorway.  “Oh hush Patricia - this will be fun,” James said as he slapped her bottom, making her go “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmm” as he carried he towards an open service elevator, where Penelope was holding the door open.


“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm” Patricia tried to call out as she wriggled on his shoulder, but when they stepped in he simply said “Straight down, I think - and Patricia - stop struggling or I will make you stop.”  She shook her head, saying “amdfmasdmfsmadm fasdmmfasdmf”, but he simply said “Shh, shh” as the elevator headed down.


As the doors opened, Patricia could see a black SUV parked nearby, which Penelope quickly walked toy and opened the rear door of.  “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmm” Patricia said as she was quickly carried over and deposited in the rear, James saying “In you go, Patricia,” as he did so before climbing in after her.


“Amdsfmamasdfmas dmfmasd “ she protested, but James simply patted his pocket and said “Now, are you going to behave yourself or do I have to stop you?”  She shook her head before he continued “SO you are going to be a good girl?”  As Patricia nodded, James smiled and said “Good - Penelope, take care of our guest.”


She watched the blonde approach with a black sack held open in both hands, making Patricia go “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmm” as it was placed over her head.  As she lay there, she felt her legs been pulled back and then found she was unable to move them after a few more minutes of the sound of tape been ripped free.  In the darkness, she felt the vehicle start to move, and somebody stroking her  legs and chest as they moved off, but she had no idea who it was.  There was a faint scent of perfume in the air, but was that a hangover from when she was in there earlier, or was she the one doing the stroking?


“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmm,” she continued to moan as she heard James say “Oh we have great plans for tonight, Patricia, great plans.”  As she felt the bumps in the road, Patricia kept struggling to free herself, but to little avail as the tape bands held firm.  Every so often, she let out a low “mmmmmmmmmmmm”.


“Enjoying the trip, Patricia?”


She looked over and said “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm m” through the tape and hood.  “Soon be over,” she heard James say, and to her surprise she felt the SUV start to slow down, start again and then slow down.  “Lights?  We’re in an urban area?” she thought to herself as the vehicle eventually came to a complete stop. 


Patricia lay still, listening to the sound of car doors opening and closing, and then silence.  As the minutes passed, she wondered what was going to happen next.  Was it a joke, and had she been left alone in the car somewhere?


Finally, she heard the rear door open, and heard James say “Would you like to know where we are, Patricia?”  She nodded her head frantically as she felt the tape holding her legs up been cut, allowing her to stretch out and say “Mmmmahhhhh” as she did so.


“Well, not just yet,” she heard James say as she was lifted up and carried somewhere.  She could feel cool air on her body as she was been transported, letting out another “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mm” as she was eventually sat down.


“Show our guest where she is, Penelope.”


The darkness was lifted from Patricia as the hood was pulled off, and as she blinked she saw that she was in a normal, rather run down house, with a naked light bulb swinging from the ceiling fixture.  The man called James was standing in front of her, leaning against a table, as Penelope went round pulling the blinds down over the windows.


She looked at him, falling over so that her head was leaning on the arm of the couch she was on and saying “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” through the gag.


“So, how do you like our little home from home?” James said as he squatted down in front of her, seeing the fear in Patricia’s eyes as she said “mmamdfamsdfmasdm f” and tried to twist out of the tape.


“Well, I guess you're wondering why we brought you here?”


Patricia nodded and watched James as he continued “Well, remember when I said we were asked to get some information from your company?”  She nodded again, watching him all the time as he stroked her cheek.


“We got that, but when I saw your resume we decided to take a little extra. Partly, you're our insurance policy to make sure we have time to get away.”  Patricia’s eyes widened as he said this, letting out a frightened “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmm” as her fear levels rose.


“Partly,” he continued as he knelt next to her, “you're here because we see a way to obtain more from your company - Penelope is a quite competent hacker.”  Looking over his shoulder, Patricia could see the blonde haired assistant starting to boot up a laptop on the table.


“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm” Patricia said, trying desperately to get James to take off the gag.  Her mouth was dry, and her jaw ached, but he pretended not to notice as he said “And finally...” putting his hand on her legs as he did so.  She squealed again, saying “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm m” in a higher pitch as she realised what he was implying.


James stood up and said “Well, we can come to that later. For now, you just do what we tell you, when we tell you, all right?”  She nodded as she looked round the room, noting she was currently on an old green fabric couch with a blanket thrown over it.


“We'll be a few minutes, so why don't you just relax.”  As he said this, James lifted up her legs and laid her on her side on the couch, rubbing the back of her legs as he did so.  She tried squirming out of the way, saying “mmmmmmmmmmmmmm” as she tried to move away from his touch.  As he walked over to stand with Penelope, Patricia started to wriggle round again, desperately trying to free herself from the red tape binding, but it was far too tight.  In fact, all she managed to do was work the front of her top open, showing her bra to the couple as they watched.


“Well now, do I see a matching bra underneath,” James said as he walked back over and looked directly into Patricia’s eyes.  She turned her head away, saying “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” as she watched her captor looking at her.


“Well now - you look a bit flushed, Patricia. Is there anything I can do for you?”  As he said this, James started to move his hands up his captive’s legs, stroking as he moved under her skirt, as Patricia shook her head violently and said “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmm.”  “Are you sure,” he said as he pulled the front of her jacket slightly to one side, revealing more of her bra as he did so.


He saw Patricia looking over his shoulder, and turned to see Penelope signalling to him.  “One moment, Patricia,” he said as he walked over and stood in front of the laptop.  Patricia forced herself into a seated position, twisting her wrists round as she did so, and struggled even more.  This time, however, all she succeeded in doing was slipping off the couch, and she found herself kneeling facing the couch, struggling mightily.


“Patricia, Patricia, how kind of you - that is exactly what I was going to ask you to do.”


As she heard this, she let out a mighty “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMmm” as James knelt behind her and started to unbutton her jacket.  As he pulled the front panels back and started to place his hands on her breasts, Patricia screamed “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMmm.”


“Now,” he said as he started to massage her breasts, “Penelope has managed to access the company system for your company.”  As he pressed on, Patricia closed her eyes and said “amsdfmmasdmfasd masfdmasmdf”, not worrying about the company but about what was happening to her at that point in time.


“The problem is, we need to access the account information,” he continued as his hands moved down her front, making her say “mmmmmmmmmmmmmm” as she threw her head back.


“And that means we need the password.”  Patricia shook her head from side to side as James continued to stroke her belly.  “You won't tell us the password,” James continued as he reached down and pulled up her skirt, “or you don't want me to stop,” as his hands moved down towards her crotch.


Penelope nodded and said “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMM” as she felt his touch between her legs.  “I'm not sure which it is - what do you think, Penelope?”  She looked at the blonde as she stood up, pleading with her eyes for help.


“Let's try this again,” he said as he moved his hands down, making Patricia say “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mm MMMMMMMMMMMMMM M” as he stroked her vagina.


“Will you give us the password?” he said, and Patricia shook her head again.  “I see - admirable sentiment.  By the way - no panties. Nice.”




“Language, Patricia. Penelope, dear, I think we need to persuade her.”  Patricia let out another “mmmmmmmmmmmmmm” as James took her by the arm and made her stand up, balancing precariously yon her feet.  “One last chance, Patricia - the password?” he said as Penelope walked round and stood in front of her.  Patricia stared at them both and very slowly shook her head from side to side.


“As you wish,” he said as he walked behind Patricia, before reaching round and pulling the left cup of her bra down, circling her nipple with his finger.  “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” Patricia said as she closed her eyes, trying not to show the way her body was starting to respond to this – with little success.


“Patricia, you have been holding out on us - I can feel how much you are enjoying this.”  As he said this, James pulled the other cup of her bra down, reaching round and playing with both nipples.  Patricia felt something like an electric shock running through her as she said “mmmmmmmmmmm” as she shook her head.


“Oh, I think you are, what do you think Penelope?”  Patricia looked up as the blonde walked in front of her, feeling her jacket been pulled down her arms and saying “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmm” as he started playing with her breasts again.  As Penelope took her chin in her hand and lifted up her face, stroking her cheeks as she did so, she let out another “nmmmmmmmmmmmmmm m mmmmmmmmmmmm” as her eyes glazed over while she tried to resist the sensations.


“Now, I prefer to use pleasure with those I need help from. Penelope, on the other hand - well, she prefers a different angle.  So,” James said again as his hands moved down towards Patricia’s skirt, “I'm going to ask once more - the password?”  Again Patricia shook her head, and watched Penelope as she slowly knelt in front of her while she felt James kneeling behind her and moving his hands down.  She tried to move out of the way, but instead hit something with her hands, and realised just how much James was enjoying his game.


“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm” she said again as she felt four hands moving up and down her legs, stroking her as they did so.  As she once again shook her head, James stood up and started to unfasten her skirt, as Penelope continued to play with her legs.  “Are you sure you won't reconsider, Patricia?” she heard him say, but as she refused again he unfastened her skirt and let it drop to the floor.  As Penelope stroked the back of her legs, she said “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm m =mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmm” as she stood, nude from the waist down except for her pantyhose.


James moved his hands round her waist, moving her pantyhose down slightly before going up and unhooking her bra.  As he did so, Penelope’s hands moved up between her legs, and she threw her head back again at the feel of her touch.


James started to stroke her nipples again, as Penelope stroked her legs.  Patricia could feel her bra and jacket bunching up behind her as she closed her eyes and could not help herself moving in response to the touch.


“Now, Patricia, if you give me the password, then Penelope will leave you alone. If not - well, it could be a very unusual experience for you.”  As she heard this, Patricia also felt his kiss on the back of her neck, and let out a low “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmm.” As she nodded.


“So you are ready to tell us?”  Patricia nodded again – she did not want the feeling to stop, but she needed to stop what was happening.  “Excellent,” James said as he reached over and pulled the tape away from Patricia’s mouth, while Penelope continued to stroke her legs.


Patricia tried to spit out whatever he had stuck into her mouth hours earlier, but was having little success.  “Allow me,” she heard him say as he gently pulled the cloth pad out, but as he held it up her eyes widened as she recognised what it was.


“OMG,” she said, “You bastard - gagging me with another woman’s panties.”


“Yes - the woman who was going to interview you actually. Now, Patricia, unless you want them stuffed back in, the password?”


Patricia glared at them both as Penelope stood up, and then said “rebecca92.”  James looked at his assistant, saying “Penelope?”  As she stood up and walked back to the laptop, he continued to play with his captive’s nipples.


“Please stop,” she said weakly as she watched the blonde woman type.  “Oh come, Patricia, you say you don't like this?” she heard him say as she wriggled her hands round, trying to get more comfortable.


“Fuck you,” she exclaimed as she watched Penelope look up and nod.  “Excellent idea,” she was shocked to hear him say as he turned her round, “Get on your knees.”


“Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnoooooooooooo ooo please,” Patricia said in a small voice, but James merely picked the pistol up from the table and quietly whispered “I said, get on your knees.”  As she sank to her knees, looking up at him the whole time, he said “While Penelope is busy, I think you deserve a reward.”


“Oh god,” she whimpered as he slowly unbuckled the belt around his trousers and allowed them to fall to the ground,  “I’m not God, Patricia,” he said as he stood there.


“Please don’t do this,” she pleaded as she watched his hand move to the waistband of his boxers.  “Shh - I said there was another reason for you been her tonight,” was all he said as he dropped his boxers, revealing his erection to her.  Penelope looked over at Patricia as tears started to stream down her cheeks, when James said “Do you know what to do, Patricia?”


Please don’t make me suck your cock,” she pleaded, but as she felt the cold barrel of the gun against her head and heard James say “So you know what to do?” she slowly took the tip of his cock between her lips, kissing it before sucking the tip in and licking the head, then letting it go again.


“That's better - carry on,” James said as Patricia drew it further in, licking the shaft on one side, then the other as she started sucking.  She felt his response instantly as he stood there, watching as she drew him in and let him out again, a little deeper each time.


She could feel the throbbing starting against the roof of her mouth as he enlarged within her, and she responded by sucking harder, drawing him still further in as the throbbing grew stronger and stronger.  Despite herself, she could feel she was responding with her body as well, trying desperately not to moan as he pushed further in with his own body.


She sucked harder, moaning as she felt the throbbing growing stronger and stronger despite herself, as James pushed in so that the tip of his member was touching the back of her throat.  As she pushed out slightly, she could feel the intensity increasing, and wondered if this was going to be the limit as she felt him starting to cum.


To her own surprise, she could also feel a warmth and dampness between her own legs as well, and mumbled “HGDDDDDD” as she felt him starting to cum in her mouth.  The surprise continued and turned to fear as he suddenly withdrew, her lips making a loud popping sound as he did so, and said “Face down, on the couch, now.”


He picked her up and turned her to face the couch, and knelt behind her, pushing her head down with one hand as he reached into her pantyhose with the other.  “OHGODPLEASEDOBNTDOTHIS” she called out as her pantyhose was pulled down to her knees, and she felt him entering her vagina from behind.  Her body jolted with the shock as she felt herself gripping him tightly, the throbbing growing ever more intense as he thrust against her pelvis.



“FCKM” she screamed into the seat cushion as he continued to thrust inwards, her grip growing stronger on him as she felt herself and him starting to cum together.  This was not what she wanted to happen, but her physical responses had taken over completely from the mental ones, as she felt him throbbing ever more intensely as he pushed harder and harder.


“FCKM.... FCKM... FCK?GGGGGHHHHHHHHH” she screamed out as she finally felt him cuming, the hot fluid bursting out and into her as he let out a loud moan in response.  She held him tightly as the flow continued, until she felt him stopping and withdrawing from her.  As he did so, she felt the cold sweat on her forehead, and kept her head in the cushion, feeling shame and – pleasure, definite pleasure.  She felt her pantyhose been pulled back over her crotch.


“That wasn’t so bad, was it Patricia,” she heard James say as he stood up and pulled his pants back on.  “How are we doing, Penelope?”  She lifted her head and looked round as he walked back over to his assistant.


“You fucking bastard,” she finally said, “You didn’t need to do that to me.”


“No,” James said as he looked over, “but I wanted to.  I’ve wanted to all afternoon.  Are we nearly finished?”  Penelope looked up and nodded, as James said “Well, Patricia, we will be on our way soon, but there are one or two things we need to do first.”


“Like what?”


“You’ll see,” he said as he picked up a bottle of water.  “You must be parched – do you want a drink.”  Patricia had to admit her mouth was dry, and she wanted to get rid of the taste of his dick, so she nodded and said “Yes, I do.”  James walked over and sat on the couch as she straightened herself up, holding the bottle as she took a long drink of the clear water.


“So what happens to me now,” Patricia said as she released the bottle.  “They’re going to trace what you have just done to here.”


“Not for an hour or two,” James said with a smile, “which gives us time to prepare you and get out of here.”


“Prepare me?”


“Prepare you,” James said with a smile, “which is Penelope’s speciality.  Are you ready dear?”  Patricia looked over her shoulder to see the blonde pick up a canvas bag and walk over, a smile on her face.


“Before she starts, however,” James said with a smile, “open wide.”


“Whmgmfmgmg” Patricia said as he pushed a small sponge ball into her mouth, and then tore a length of white tape off a roll.  As he smoothed it over her lips, Patricia said “Whtrudgndtd” through the layers he applied.


“Not me – Penelope,” he said as he stood up.  “I’ll see you later.”  Patricia let out a moan of relief as she felt the tape been cut away from her wrists, as her jacket and bra fell to the floor behind her, leaving her naked except for the pantyhose.  She was then helped to sit on the couch by Penelope.  The blonde stroked her cheek as she gently peeled away the lengths of red tape and started to massage Patricia’s arms and wrists.


“Thnku”, she said, but then stopped as Penelope took a length of white rope and crossed Patricia’s wrists in front of her, winding the rope around and between them as she did so.  “Whtrudng,” Patricia asked as she felt her hands been pulled up over her head and behind her, and then saw the rope been passed around her upper body under her armpits, fixing her wrists in position as her arms were bent either side of her head.


As Penelope helped her to stand up, Patricia started trying to move her arms, with little success.  Her arms were already starting to hurt from the position they were forced into, but she had no way of stopping or relieving that.  She watched as Penelope took a length of white rope and smile as she made a lasso in one end.


The reason for the smile became clear as she looped the rope over Patricia’s left breast, pulling it around the base so that the flesh was forced out.  She squealed as she felt the rope tightening, and even more so as it went round her right breast.  She closed her eyes, fighting the feeling as the rope went round one after the other and crossed between them, before it was tied off. 


“MMMMMMMMMMDMDMMM” was her response as she felt a pair of lips kissing her nipples, and as she opened her eyes she saw Penelope lightly kissing each of her breast sin turn, massaging the nipple of the other as she did so.  This gave Patricia a feeling she had never quite felt before – intense pleasure even in the pain of the ropes.


She opened her eyes as the kissing stopped, and watched as Penelope helped her to sit down again, before removing all the tape from her legs and feet.  “AHHGGHH” she sighed as she finally stretched her legs out, but the feeling was short-lived as she was made to stand up again.


She watched her tormentor take a very, very long length of rope and walk behind her, wondering what she was planning to do with it.  She felt something been tied around her wrist again, and still had little idea of what was in store.  Even when she heard the rope drop to the floor, Patricia was kept completely in the dark.


So when Penelope walked in front of her, picked up the rope and pulled it through her legs, forcing it up into her crotch as she did so, her response was a “NGDDDDDMMMSMMSSMS” as she felt the rope rubbing between her legs.  Penelope pulled it through the bands below her breasts, over her left shoulder and round her neck, before dropping it down her right shoulder and securing the ends between her already erect breasts.


Patricia could feel the pressure between her legs, and thought that was tight, but when Penelope took her by the legs and led her into another room she thought she was going to explode as the rope rubbed deep into her crotch.  “Hfck” was all she could say as she found herself in another room, facing a white stool that was set in the centre of the floor, “uwntmtstndt?”


She wanted her captor to say no, but she merely nodded as she dragged Patricia over and helped her to sit on the stool.  As she did so, the rope dug still further into her crotch, making her moan more loudly as she sat down.


“Plsstpthsmmmmmmm” she moaned as she felt her ankles been tied to the front legs of the stool, the soles of her shoes resting on the crossbar.  As she opened her eyes, she saw James standing there, the laptop in a bag over his shoulder.


“I reckon we have an hour before they come here,” he said as he walked into the room, “so just try and enjoy yourself until then.  I see Penelope has thought of a way for that to happen.”  What Patricia wanted to say was “You sick bastard, just let me go,” which would have come out as “usckbstrdjstltmg.”


What the two captors heard instead was “MMMSmsdamfmdsmmfmdemsmsdfm” as Patricia felt the rope rub with each twist that she made, each attempt to relive the pressure eon her arms, each move to lessen the tightness around her breasts.  As she opened her eyes, she saw Penelope walk forward with a small red chain, that had a clip on each end,


“A parting gift,” James said as Penelope opened one of the clips.  “NdntdNNGGGGG” Patricia screamed as the clip was fastened over one of her already erect and enlarged nipples.  As she fastened the other end to the other nipple, the chain hung between her breasts, as Patricia threw her head back and shouted “PLLSSSSLTMMGGGGGGGF”


“Have fun, Patricia,” she heard the two say as they left her on the stool, alternatively screaming in pain and in pleasure as the shocks ran up and down her body from all directions.  She sat there, listening to the sound of a car driving off, wondering what her next move should be.


The clamps on her nipples, combined with the ropes around the base of her breasts, meant she was aching in front, in a way that was arousing her more than she wanted to admit if she could talk.  Instead she had to moan, shaking from side to side as the chair between her breasts rattled.


Her squirming also increased the rubbing between her legs, as the ropes went over her crotch.  These feelings were given her different problems – she liked them.  She liked them a lot, and she wanted to feel it more, despite the fact she was bound and gagged.  She took a good look at herself, trying to think what to do next, as she tried moving her arms up to give them some relief.


As the rope moved between her legs, however, she said “MMMGGMDDDDDDD” at the sensation the rubbing was giving her.  Patricia closed her eyes, wondering what the hell she could do to distract her, when a thought occurred to her.  She slowly moved her arms up and down, feeling the ropes against her crotch as it rubbed back and forth, and she let out a low “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” as her body started to respond to the motion.  She knew it was wrong, but if her predicament could lead to some pleasure, any pleasure, then it would be something worth doing.


Patricia moved slowly, acutely aware of the risk of her toppling over if she overbalanced, but in time managed to attain a steady rhythm of movement of her arms up and down, the rope rubbing against the lips of her vagina through her pantyhose and arousing her, the warmth spreading as she said “Mmmmmmm   MTHTSGDDDD    MMMMMMDSDDDDMMMMMMMMMM” through the sponge and tape gag.  She could feel the sweat on her brow, and the pain in her breasts only seemed to add to the feeling as she kept rocking her arms.


“Nnngggggg....      mmmsasmddsmsmadadmmdmmmmm ....    HGDDDDD.........  SMBDTKM........”  Her muffled cries louder and louder as she felt the jerks of her body, the ropes continuing their slow, patient stimulation of her as the rubbing went to and fro, back and forth, up and down...


“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMYSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” Patricia screamed as she felt herself cuming, unable to stop herself as she sat still, feeling the dampness spreading as she tried to take slow deep breaths through her nose.  She looked down at the growing damp patch between her legs, as the pain from her breasts seemed to subside slightly in the euphoria.


As she regained what composure she could, Patricia could hear what sounded like sirens, quiet at first but getting louder with each passing second.  As she sat still, there was the sound of car doors slamming and doors opening.


“Mrs Roung?  Are you in here?”


Patricia raised her head and called out “NHR!!!! MNHR!!!!”  The door to the room opened and she saw an armed officer looking in, his gun pointing towards her as he looked round.


“Are they still here,” he said as he looked at the bound and gagged woman, frantically shaking her head from side to side and calling out “”PLSHLPM!”   “She’s in here – I need a female officer and medics,” he called over his shoulder, as Patricia felt tears starting to run down her cheeks again.




“I’m really, truly sorry that had to happen to you, Patricia.  How are you feeling now?”


Patricia looked over the desk at Joanna Tring, pulling on the cuffs of her jacket as she did so to hide the still visible marks on her wrists.  “Physically, I’m fine.  Otherwise – well, if you will forgive the wording, I refuse to give the bastard the satisfaction of thinking he won.”


Joanna smiled for a moment.  “I thought we were roughly treated by that woman, but – at any rate, I would still like to offer you the position, with a raise and benefits.  If you still want to come and work for me, that is.”


“Do you promise any more events like last week?”


“I cannot promise it will never happen again – but I think the chances are small.  Why?”


It was Patricia’s turn to smile.  “No particular reason – I would be delighted to join your team.”


The two women stood up and shook hands.  “I’ll have Cathy arrange all the details,” Joanna said as she walked Patricia to the door, “Welcome to the group.”


“Thanks,” Patricia said as she left the office and walked towards the lifts.  As she walked she felt the rope rubbing against her crotch as it lay underneath her skirt.  “Ahh,” was all she said as she turned and waited for the lift doors to close.




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