Late Withdrawal




As she watched the counting machine work its way through the last batch of notes, Katherine Green stifled a small yawn.   It had been a long week working at the bank, so when her supervisor had told her she had “drawn the short straw” and had to man the payday loan outlet on the west side, she had not been the happiest of people.

It wasn’t that this was a bad area – there were far worse districts – but that the building was really just a converted house.  The front room had been turned into a customer area; while in the back where she was sitting were a computer, a small kitchen and an area to relax in, as well as the safe.  It looked rather incongruous standing there, a great metallic box with a display on the front next to the keypad, and the only really modern thing here.

Even the security system was ancient – a pair of cameras hooked up to the computer and a panic button under the counter outside.  She and others had pleaded with the bank to increase or replace the security, but “there was never enough money” as the manager tended to say.  As she was only five foot two, and not the strongest of people, Kat never felt a hundred per cent safe there.

So here Katherine, or Kat as she preferred her friends to call her, was, watching the last of the takings been counted and entering the amounts onto the files.  She was wearing a white blouse, red swing skirt and matching pumps, with spice coloured pantyhose and a red silk bra underneath her blouse.  She packed the final batch of notes into the bag and placed them in the safe, closing the door and listening as the electronic locks sealed shut.  Walking back to the computer, she checked the total.  “Always a large amount on pay day,” she said as she looked at her watch.  Seeing it was nearly eight, she walked into the front area of the shop, intending to lock the door.

Kat was therefore surprised to see someone trying to enter the banking area.  A tall man, broad with close cropped grey hair, in a long coat over a t-shirt and jeans.  “Fuck this, Kat said to herself as she stood in the doorway, blocking his entrance.  “Sorry,” she said in a tone that was meant to show she was annoyed.  “We’re just closing now.”

“I know,” was all the man said as he reached inside his coat and pulled out a sawn off shotgun.  “I cannot help you tonight,” Kat continued, “but if you come back tomorrow morning we can.... OH MY GOD” Her eyes fixed on the gun as he levelled it at her chest.

“Now,” the man said quietly, “Get back in and lock that fucking door.  Move it!”  Kat slowly stepped back into the store as the man walked in behind her, turning and watching as she closed and locked the front door.  “Right,” he continued as he waved the gun in front of Kat, “turn the fucking lights off and get in the back – MOVE!!”

Kat was shaking as she reached for the switch and turned off the lights in the front area, the armed intruder watching the whole time.  As the room went dark, he pushed her towards the light that was shining through from the rear area, making her stumble as she walked towards it.  As they approached the doorway, he simply said “get in” as he pushed her in the back, following her through and closing the door behind them.

As Kat stood there, holding herself, the man looked her up and down.  “Right, bitch,” he said, “do exactly what I tell you, when I tell you, got it?”  Kat slowly nodded and whispered “yes”, wondering what was going to happen next.  The panic button was behind the door, and the door was behind him.  She hoped that he would just take the money and go, and the security footage would then help catch him.

The man looked round and saw the computer chair by the desk, with the monitor still on.  “Sit down over there,” he said as he waved the gun towards the chair, “and put your hands in the air.   Move, bitch.”

“Bring up the takings for today,” he said, and Kat started to type on the keyboard, looking at him the whole time.  As a spreadsheet came onto the screen, she turned back and raised her hands again.

“Please,” she said quietly as she sat there, “just take whatever you want and go.  I promise I won’t give you any trouble.”  To her growing horror, the man just smiled and said in an even tone “I'm going to take whatever I want, you little whore, and you're going to do whatever I tell you, capiche?”  Kat slowly nodded, realising that he was not going to just go away and fearing what may be coming next.  The terror that had been growing in her had also made her forget one tiny little fact as she stared back at him.

“Right,” he said as he walked towards Kat, “don’t move.”  As he came closer, he grabbed her wrists and pulled it behind the back of the chair, turning her round as he did so.  The movement was so fast and hard that Kat could not stop herself from shouting out as he grabbed her other wrist and yanked it down, holding both together in one hand as he put the gun down and reached into his pocket.

“Sit still, bitch,” he snarled as he took a roll of white tape out.  Pulling the end loose with his teeth, he stuck it on Kat’s wrists and proceeded to tape them together, pulling tightly as he did so.  “Listen, “she said as he wound the tape round, “You don’t have to do... Oh god, that is so tight.”

“Yes I do,” he said in a more angry tone, “and if you speak out of turn again, I will make you regret it.”  He tugged on the tape before tearing it loose and smoothing the end down.  Kat winced and said “AAAHHHH” as he walked in front of her, knelling down and placing the gun where she could see it.

“Put your ankles together,” he barked, and as Kat slowly moved her legs he took the tape and started to secure them together, pulling just as tightly as before.  As he looked up at her, Kat sobbed “Do you have to do that so tight?”  He looked at the small brunette sitting there as a cruel smile appeared on his lips.  “Yes, I do,” he said as he pulled still tighter, “After all; nobody is going to come in...  You always keep the lights on for a couple of hours, so why should they think anything is wrong?”  “No,” was Kat’s quiet reply as he started to tape her legs together below her knees.  He had obviously been watching the store for some time, so she felt she had to answer his questions honestly.

“Right answer – and I thought I told you to shut up, you little whore,” was his response as he pulled her thighs together and taped them above her knees.  Kat sat still, trying not to sob out loud as her legs were painfully secured together.

“But you asked me a question,” Kat sobbed as he stood up.  “So I did,” he said as he picked the gun up, “Now, we’re not going to be disturbed by anybody looking for you, are we?”  As Kat, shook her head, he stroked her cheek and continued “Good, then we can have a nice peaceful time together, right?”  There was something in his tone, his manner, that was starting to terrify Kat again, but as she tried to pull away he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back.  “I said, Right,” he snarled as he stared directly at Kat, his breath making her want to retch.  “Right,” she whispered in pain as he let her head go.

“Now then,” he said as he looked at the screen, “It says here you took over $10,000 dollars today.  Where’s the money?”

“In... In the safe,” Kat stammered as she watched him, tears starting to flow down her cheeks.  Her arms and legs were sore where they had been bound, and she was afraid of what else might happen.  He looked over at the metal box and said “It’s locked – what’s the combination?”

As Kat recited the combination, she watched as he punched in the code, slowly remembering a special feature of this safe, but too terrified to say anything in case he attacked her.  As it was, when instead of opening a soft bell could be heard and the display showed a timer, he turned round and screamed at her “What the hell – Is that bloody thing time-locked, you little slut?”  Kat pushed herself back in the chair, horrified at his reaction but managing to whisper “Yes.”  She watched as he kicked over the waste basket in anger, picked up the gun, pointed it at her stomach and snarled “How long?”

“Please,” Kat sobbed, “Don’t hurt me.”  “I won’t hurt you,” he said very quietly, “if you tell me how long.”  “It takes five minutes for each hour until it is mean to open, “I think it’s going to take an hour,” she said as he looked back at the display, which read “58:50”

“Fucking hell – an hour?” he said as he looked down at the rubbish stream over the floor, something catching his eye.  “Well then,” he said as he looked up, “I guess we’ll need to find a way to pass the time, won’t we?”  Kat could see a gleam in his eye, and said nothing as she watched him looking at her.  She knew he would be there for at least an hour, and was terrified of what might happen.

“Nice hose you’re wearing – new on today?”

This was not what she had expected to hear, so Kat looked up at her captor in surprise.  “Yes,” she said, “how did you know?”  “Because,” he said as he reached down, his eyes fixed on Kat the whole time, “You threw these into the bin.”  He lifted up a pair of discarded pantyhose, a run clearly visible in one leg.  “I threw them away earlier,” Kat whispered, “What of it?”

“They smell of you,” he said as he put them to his nose and inhaled deeply.  “I wonder if they taste of you as well.  What do you think, whore?”  Kat winced and found herself saying “That’s disgusting,” immediately regretting it as he walked forward with the hose in his hand.  “Oh, is it?” he said, and Kat replied as she watched him roll them up “Wha... What are you going to do with them?”

“Open up, bitch, I’ve heard enough from you,” he said as he came closer, and Kat tried to turn her head away.  “OH GOD NNNNplsmmmpghtfhs” she mumbled as the material was pushed into her mouth, the man forcing everything in behind her teeth.

“That’s better’” he said as he stood up and walked to the fridge.  Kat watched as he turned his back to her, before trying to reach the telephone on the desk with her feet, hoping to raise the alarm that way.  “Shit,” she heard him say from behind the door, “You don’t have any beer?  How the fuck do you people relax?”  She placed her feet on the desk, trying to reach the phone, but as she almost got there she heard him saying “What the bloody hell do you think you’re doing, you little whore?”

He knocked her feet back onto the floor and ripped the phone from the wall.  “Get this straight;” he said as he pulled her head up by the chin and stared at her, “Help is not coming, all right?”  Kat nodded as she stared back, wondering what he was going to do next.  As she said “mmmmy”, the man let go and stared at her.  “Well now, how am I going to keep you occupied enough to stop you thinking of things like that, hmm?” he said as he placed his hands on her shoulders.  He started to massage them as Kat stared back, terrified of what might be next.

As he moved his hands down her arms, he leaned over and looked into Kat’s face.  “You seem a little tense, bitch,” he said with a cruel smile, “Let me help you to cool off.”  Grabbing hold of the front of Kat’s blouse, he pulled hard and tore it open, buttons flying off in every direction as she screamed “NNMMMMPFFSDFFG”.    She shook her head, trying to stop him as he pulled her blouse down and exposed her chest.

“Well now,” he said as he sat astride Kat, “This is very nice, isn’t it?”  He looked at her face, tears coming down her cheeks again as he put his hands on her breasts.  As he started to massage them, she moaned into her gag as he said “Such a pity you tried to hide this lovely body – everybody should see it.  Don’t you agree?”  Kat shook her head and said “mmadmsfmasmfasdm” as he continued to massage her breasts.  “You like this, don’t you?” he said, but Kat shook her head violently.  “Oh, I think you do, cum dump, and you're going to enjoy this.”

As he reached behind her, his hands moving down her back, Kat tried to stop him, but to little avail. She felt his hands moving down her back and under her skirt, but with him sitting on her there was little she could do.  Eventually he stood up and looked at the display, which showed 45:00

He picked up the gun, pointed it at Kat and said “Stand up, Bitch.”  With some difficulty, Kat got to her feet, but as she did so she realised what he had been doing as she thought he had been feeling her back.  Her skirt slowly dropped to the floor, leaving her in her blouse, bra and pantyhose.  The intruder looked her up and down as she stood there, saying "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM“as she looked down at herself.

“Oh, you saucy little whore,” he said as he put the gun down, “You like the feel of pantyhose, don’t you?”  HE walked behind Kat, moving the chair away as he did so, and put his hands around her waist.  “So do I” he said as he started to feel Kat from behind.  She stood there the only sound coming from her “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmm” as his hand moved down her body.

“Oh yes,” he said as he moved his hands around, pulling her closer as Kat tried to protest, only mumbled sounds escaping from her taped mouth.  She wriggled round, trying to break free from his grasp, but he was too strong as he held her with one arm and moved the other to her crotch.  “Oh, keep struggling, bitch,” was all he said as he felt her crotch, kissing her neck as he did so, “It just makes it more interesting.”  Kat was terrified by this point, as she realised there was a real chance he was going to rape her and realising there was nothing she could do about it.

“Let’s go somewhere more comfortable,” he said as he let her go, “hop over to that couch.”  Kat turned her head and looked at him, saying “mmmmmm” as she shook her head.  “You heard me, slut,” he said as he picked the gun up, “hop over there and do as I tell you, or would you rather not see tomorrow?  Well?”  Turning her head, Kat started to take small bunny hops, trying not to fall over on her heels as she did so.  It took a few minutes, but eventually she made it as he watched, looking at her breasts as they bounced with every hop.

As Kat fell onto her knees, her shoes slipped off her feet and fell to the side.  “Oh, did that hurt?” the captor asked as he looked at her.   He knelt down and started to sniff her covered feet as Kat protested through her gag.  “All right,” he said as he stood up, “I want you facing that couch, so get over there.”  Kat shuffled forward on her knees until she was facing the couch, trying not to cry as the gag made her breath through her nose.  She stared straight ahead as she heard him kneeling down behind her, pulling her blouse down so that her shoulders were exposed and kissing them as his fingers went under her bra straps.

“mamdsfmasmdfmsdmfamsfmsad” was all Kat could say as he stopped kissing her shoulders.  “Oh, you like that, do you?  You want me to carry on, whore,” he said as he pulled her bra straps down her shoulders and reached round to the cups covering her breasts.  Kat could only moan as he pulled the cups down, exposing her breasts to the cold air as she knelt there while he kissed her neck and shoulders.  As he stroked her nipples, feeling them harden under his touch, he heard her try to protest, but only said “Yes – I know you do” as he continued.

Kat had never felt so helpless, so unable to do anything about her situation as she knelt there.  So, when she heard him say “So, you little whore, are you ready?” her eyes widened as she frantically shook her head.  This only made him angrier, as he grabbed her hair and pulled her head violently back. “Oh,” he said as Kat screamed “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM”  “I said, are you ready?”  She looked up into his face and nodded, mumbling as she did so.

“Better, you little bitch” was all he said as he pulled Kat against him, moving his hands around her waist as he did so.  She could feel that he was getting aroused as well, and knew that there was nothing she could do to prevent what was about to happen.  She started to sob again as he took his hands away and started to unbuckle his trousers.  “Face on the cushion, bitch” he said, and Kat slowly did as he asked, not wanting to see what was about to happen and moaning in her gag as she did so.

He put his hand back round her waist and under the waistband of her pantyhose, pulling it down as he did so and brushing her crotch with his fingers.  She moaned, loudly, as he said “That’s better, whore.”  Pulling her pantyhose down to the tape around her legs, he reached back around and pulled her towards himself, moving his hands between her legs as he did so.  He reached over, kissing her neck and shoulders again as he started to massage her crotch with his hands.  Kat found herself unable to stop moaning as he did this, feeling her own body reacting despite her deepest wishes not to.

“there now,” he said as he continued to finger her, “I told you we would have some fun, didn’t I?  You can’t help yourself, can you whore?”  Kat mumbled in her gaga, her head down, not agreeing but also in a way that suggested she was not protesting.  “Oh don’t deny it,” he said as he pulled Kat closer to him, “I can feel it – can you?”

Kat wanted to say no, but she could now feel how he was responding to her, and tried desperately to show him her wedding ring, hoping he would stop.  “It’s too late for that,” he said as he kissed her neck and stroked her crotch, “I told you I would get what I wanted tonight.”  With that, he moved closer and started to penetrate her from behind.

Kat screamed into the cushion, feeling his member going in and trying to stop him, but at the same time she could feel herself responding as well.  Her screams were of frustration, of fear, of... of pleasure, she realised as she heard herself starting to moan.

“You do like this, don’t you, you little bitch,” he whispered in her ear as he started to rock her back and forth.  Despite herself, Kat realised she was raising her head and nodding slowly as she felt a warm, strong feeling spreading in her vagina.  “Come on,” he whispered in her ear as he continued, “Feel free to respond.”

Much as she wanted not to, Kat realised she was powerless to prevent herself as she moaned and started to rock back and forth with her captor as he pushed further in.   She started to grope him as he continued to stroke her, trying desperately to stop herself from cumming in response to his movement, but feeling herself losing that battle with each passing second.

“Oh yes, I can feel you warming,” he whispered into her ear, “Do you let your husband do this to you, whore?”  Her eyes widened as Kat realised he had seen the ring, but had carried on anyway, and hot tears started to flowed down her cheeks again.  As he continued to push further in, she moaned more loudly, trying desperately not to lose control but feeling herself start to respond in turn.

“Come on whore,” he said as he gripped her more tightly, “let yourself go,!” his penis was growing larger, stronger inside as he heard Kat moaning louder and breathing heavier, gripping tighter as he moved as one with her.  “mfasdmfamsdfmasmdfmdfmasmdfasmdfmasd... mmmamsdfmmasdmfmsadfm...” she said as he pushed still further in, saying “How does it feel, my little bitch.”  Finally, Kat could contain herself no longer as she creamed into her gag, and he felt a hot spurt of liquid around his cock.  “So you are enjoying it, my little cock dump,” he said as he pushed still further in, moving more and more quickly with her as he continued to fuck her.

Kat could feel him moving faster, harder, his cock engorging and throbbing with each pass and unable to do anything about it.  She just wanted him to stop, knowing he had forced her to cum once already, but as she looked forward she realised that he was determined to continue.  She could feel her body gripping him as he moved, making him throb all the more as he continued.

“Not yet, bitch, I’m not ready yet,” he said as he continued to penetrate her.  “I want to hear you scream for me,” he continued as he panted, holding on for as long as he could and pushing harder, faster, the throbbing in her passage making Kat moan more and more as she realised that her cuming once was not enough for him.  She tried to wriggle free, to force him out, but that only made him grip her all the more tightly as he threw his head back and moaned.

Eventually he could contain it no longer and Kat screamed as she felt the hot, sticky fluid flow inside her, the feeling continuing for several minutes as he held her tightly.  To her horror, she also felt herself cuming again in response, and let her head drop into the cushion as she let out a moan of despair.

Eventually, the intruder let Kat go as he withdrew, and she said “tootamfasdl;fasdoiruweqfrasdlkfja” as he stood up and looked at the display.  “I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch that, bitch,” he said as he saw there were ten minutes left.  As he pulled his pants up, he looked at Kat kneeling there, feeling the fluid dribbling out, and said “Is there something you want to say to me.”  As Kat looked up and said “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM”, he looked at her and simply said “Was that a thank you?”   Kat moaned in response, as he sat down to face her and pulled her head up.  Looking into her tear stained eyes, he slowly said “Was that a thank you, whore?”  Kat stared back with red eyes and slowly nodded.

“Better,” he said as he stood up, Kat watching him the whole time.  Looking at the display, and seeing it was saying five minutes, he turned as he heard Kat trying to speak.  “Is there something you want to say to me, bitch,” he said quietly to Kat, looking at him with a look of pure terror.  Kat simply nodded, so as he sat down he started to peel the tape off from her mouth, saying “All right bitch, what is it?”  Kat stayed silent as he pulled the pantyhose from her mouth.

“Can you please dress me before you go,” she whispered as she looked up at him.  He stared back at her before saying “on one condition.”  “What is that,” Kat said as he stood in front of her, noticing how his member was engorging again.  “Suck me,” he said as he pulled his zip down and produced his penis.  Gulping, Kat opened her mouth and allowed him to put his cock in, placing her lips round it and sucking as she felt it growing larger.

She felt she had been humiliated enough, but said nothing as she felt him throbbing more and more strongly, playing with it with her tongue as she kept sucking.  She heard him moaning as he pulled him and out, feeling it growing stronger and stronger until eventually there was an explosion of sperm in her throat, making her gag as she was forced to swallow.  Eventually he withdrew his cock, a small pop sounding as she closed her lips, and he looked down at her, crying and broken.

“All right,” he said, “I’ll put some of your clothes back on you.”  Kat knelt as he reached down and pulled her pantyhose back up to her waist, and then her red bra back into place, followed by her blouse back over her arms.

“Better,” he said as he looked at Kat.  She looked own and whispered “what about the rest of my clothes?”

“I’m sorry?” the man said as he looked at her.

“My blouse and skirt – can you put them back on properly as well.”

“No – No, I don’t think so,” he said as he stood up.  “For one thing, you have no buttons on your blouse, and for another I don’t want to.  Do you have a problem with that?”  As he said this, he picked up again the gun from the floor, and looked at Kat, who screamed “NO – NO!!”  “Good,” was his response as he picked up the sodden pantyhose, “open wide.”  Kat looked at the gun, then at the intruder, before opening wide and allowing him to push the cloth back into her mouth, and then to cover her lips with more tape.  “Any other requests, slut?” he said as he looked at her, but Kat shook her head and merely moaned.

“Fine,” was all he said as he put the gun down, walked behind Kat and grabbed her under the arms.  She offered no resistance as he pulled her back towards the computer and laid her on her side on the floor, as the locks on the safe began to whir to open.

He left Kat on the floor as he picked up some money sacks and walked to the safe.  She watched, saying “madmfmasdfmasdmfmasdmfmasdfmasdmfmasdmfamsd” as she watched him taking the money and filling the sacks.  “Don’t move” was all he said as he emptied the safe, but Kat was in no mood to move.  She was sore, violated, and scared out of her wits, so she knew she was not going to do anything else to antagonise him.

As he picked up the gun and tucked it back into his coat, the intruder looked at Kat lying there.  “Don’t move,” he said as he picked up the bags and started to walk to the door.  She watched him, hoping he was finally going, but she could not stop herself screaming as he turned and walked back toward her.

“Almost forgot,” he said as he stepped over her and removed a disk from the CD drive.  “I’ll keep the security tape for tonight,” he said as he pocketed the DVD and went back towards the door.  “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” was all Kat could say as he truned and looked at her.  “Night night bitch,” were his last words as he turned the lights off and walked away, leaving Kat writhing and struggling on the floor as the room plunged into darkness, save for the light from the monitor and the open safe.






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