Tales From A Small Town - 1






As I shake the realtor’s hand and close the door, it begins to hit me like a wave on the shore.  This is really it – I’m saying goodbye to the last fifteen years in St Jeromes and moving back to the big bad city.


The house just seems so empty now, with Jennifer at college and Rachel married.  Besides, since David passed away last year something big has been missing, and I need to change things.


It’s nothing against the town, lord knows – I love the place.  It’s so old fashioned, in a nice way – a town where you can still leave your front door open, and where the neighbours watch out for each other.  The sort of place where everyone knows everybody else, their children, their secrets...


Well, not all the secrets.  Having said that, some years ago there was something most of the women, and a fair few of the younger girls in the town knew about.  As I sit myself down on the couch, and pick up the deeds of sale that have been left for me, I find myself going back to just after David and I first moved here with the girls.


They had settled well into the school, and we had made friends with some of the local families.  David still worked at the precinct house in the city then – he moved us here to get us away from trouble.


One particular friend of the girls was a young boy called Micky.  He had always been polite when we met him and his mother, but we never saw much of his father.  David said there were a few “domestic issues”, but never went very far at first.  I didn’t know what he was capable of until a few months later.





Terri Smith was sitting at her desk when the front door bell rang.  She looked up, glancing at the clock and wondering who was calling at the moment.  As the soft patter of rain on the window continued, she stood up and adjusted her white blouse, before walking down the stairs and opening the front door.


Standing in the doorway, shivering slightly, was an eleven year old boy, dressed in a t-shirt and shorts with dirty sneakers on her feet.  Terri looked up and down the street before turning her attention back to the young man.


“Hi Micky,” she said with a smile, “what can I do for you young man?”


Hi Mrs Smith - are Jennifer and Rachel home?”


I am sorry, Micky, but they have gone out with their dad to their grandmas, I would be gone too but I have to show the Hanson house to a prospective buyer this afternoon.”  Terri could see the rain getting thicker as she looked over the street.  “How did you get here Micky?”


He looked down, his face drooping.  Aww - I was hoping they would play with me. I walked over specially.”


Terri frowned at this – the rain was getting heavier and heavier, and she did not want Micky to catch a cold.  I see,” she eventually said.  “Well, you live four blocks away and with this rain starting, I think you should step inside before you get all wet.  I will drive you home as soon as I am done with my coffee, ok?”


Micky’s smile returned as he followed Terri in.  She was wearing a white blouse with a red sweater, a tartan kilt with black pantyhose and flat shoes – a typical outfit for when she had to conduct business in her current job.  Thanks, Mrs Smith - I won't get in the way, promise,” he said as Terri closed the door, and then followed her up to the bedroom where she had been working.  As she sat back down at the desk, Micky sat on the edge of the bed and swung his legs to and fro.  Eventually, he looked up and asked “What are you doing?”


“Sorry, Micky.  I am just looking at some listings that are for sale - I have a new couple who want to move into our little town and I need to find them a house.  I won’t be long,” she said as she took off her sweater.  Micky looked through some magazines, before standing up and walking to stand beside Terri as she took a sip from her coffee mug.


Mrs Smith?”


“Yes Micky?”


“Would you play with me?”  Terri put down her mug and turned in her chair to look at the young man.  “Well, Micky, what do you want to play, what were you planning to play with Rachel and Jennifer?”


He smiled and blushed a little before saying “Oh, we were going to play cops and robbers.”


“Ok,” Terri said as she looked at the young man, “and what were you going to be?”


 I'm going to be the robber, who breaks into the house and...”  He stopped and looked up at Terri, his brown eyes wide.  She looked at him before saying quietly “and what Micky?”


Well, when we play one of them is the cop, and the other is the one who is at home when I break in, so I... Well, I...”


“You what Micky?” Terri said quietly, a smile on her face as she began to suspect what he was trying to say.  “What do robbers do when they break in on the lady of the house?”


He gulped before whispering “Well, they stop them from raising the alarm, and then the cop gets them free.”


“Micky, are you asking me to play cops and robbers, and are you asking me to be the lady you break in on?”


He raised his head again before saying “The lady who I rob.  I’ve seen it all the time on television.  If you would, that would be great.”


Terri sat back and thought for a moment.  She knew kids played games like this – she had a few encounters of her own as a teenager – so it wasn’t that great a surprise.  Still, she wanted to be sure, so she said quietly “So - you want to tie me up?”


Micky smiled and said “I promise, it would not be for long.  If you would let me?”


Terri sighed.  She had the work to do, and an appointment to keep, but she could see the way his eyes were lighting up, so eventually she said “Micky what time does that clock say?”


“Midday, Mrs Smith.”


“All right, Micky, I will be the lady of the house and you can be the robber until the clock says 12:50, then you have to become the police man and save me because I have to take you home and be at the Hansons place by 1:15.  OK?”


Thanks, Mrs Smith,” Micky said as he backed away, “you're the best.”  As Terri turned back to her books, she shook her head and wondered what he was going to do.  After a minute, she heard Micky in an attempt at a deep voice saying “All right, lady - stick them up!”


OH OH MY,” Terri said as she turned in her chair and raised her hands.  “Please, Mr. Robber, don’t hurt me.”


I won't hurt you, lady, but I need to make sure you're kept out of my way. Have you got any rope or tape or something?”


“No, no I don’t,” she said as Micky looked at her over the bandana he had tied over his lower face.  To her surprise, Micky sat on the bed and took his sneakers off, removing the laces and holding them in his hand.


These will do,” he said as he stood back up, “turn round in that chair, slowly, and put your hands behind your back.”  Terri could hear him giggling as he said this, so kept up with the game as she turned in the chair and put her hands behind her back.


“Oh, oh, just please don’t hurt me,” she said as she looked over her shoulder.  Micky said “Cross them behind the chair, lady,” and Terri watched as he held her wrists together and tied them loosely with one of the laces.  “Please just take what you need and go,” she said as she pulled on her wrists.  They were held together, but not too tightly, and Terri felt she could get them free quickly if she wanted to.


Oh, I will, lady,” Micky said through the scarf, “Now,  Turn round.”  Terri slowly turned herself round in the chair, and put her ankles together.  As Micky passed the second shoelace round them and loosely tied them together, she had to stop herself from giggling.


“Right, turn round and face the wall - I want to have a look round.”


Terri spun round to face the wall, remembering the time her brothers had held her as “hostage” in a game at home.  “Boys haven’t changed at all,” she said to herself as she heard Micky say “Don't move” and his footsteps on the wooden floor.  Turning so that she could look at the table again, Terri began scanning the page she had turned the papers to before the game had begun.


As she heard Micky come back in, she didn’t look up to watch him.  “I thought I said don't move,” she heard him say, “This time, don’t move until I tell you.”


Terri kept looking down as she said in a scared voice “I thought you had left - why are you still here.  You have my jewellery and my money -  just go!”


I need to be sure you can’t raise the alarm,” she heard Micky say.  “Open wide.”  Thinking he had found a bandana or some other scarf while he was looking round, Terri opened her mouth expecting to taste cloth as it was pulled between her lips.  As a result, when she saw a hand come round with a scrunched up yellow sponge, which was then pushed into her mouth, her surprise was complete.


“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmm,” she tried to say as she felt the lace been taken off her wrists.  Close your lips and keep them closed, lady,” was all Micky said as she felt something sticky been pressed to her wrists, and heard a ripping sound from behind her.  Too late, Terri realised her wrists were now been taped tightly together with something,


She tried to scream at Micky, both in anger and frustration, but all that came out was “mmmmmmmmmamsdfma smdfasmdfmasdfm” as she was spun round to face the young boy.  He looked at her, his eyes wide as he said “Please, Mrs Smith, you promised...”  Terri looked at him and at the clock, realising she was not going to get her wrists free without help.  He seemed to realise what she was thinking a she said “I promise you will be free by 12:50 - scouts honour!”  She looked at him again, saying “mmmmm” as he said Can I keep playing?   Please?”


Terri knew he was only a young boy, and there were issues at home, before wondering what other harm he could do.  She nodded as Micky said in his attempt at a deep voice “Thanks, now stay still lady.”  Crossing he rankles, he started to tape them together with what Terri now saw was a roll of white duct tape that David had used for some repairs recently.


Terri closed her eyes, letting out a low “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm m” as Micky moved up and started taping her legs together below her knees.  She tried moving her legs round, but realised very quickly just how tightly he had taped them, letting out an angrier “mmmmmmmmmmmm” as she realised just how helpless she was been made.


Micky looked up at her, and Terri could see from his eyes he was enjoying this.  She had almost decided to forgive him when he took hold of the hem of her kilt and flooded it slightly up, before sticking the tape to her leg above her knee.  As she heard the tape rip off the roll and he stuck it to her thighs, she noticed him trying to look between her legs without her seeing him.


Her eyes widened, and she tried to start to spit the sponge out of her mouth.  To her growing horror, Terri realised that the sponge has expanded as the saliva in her mouth had been soaked up, and it was almost impossible for her to use her tongue to force it from between her lips.  She looked at Micky, realising that he had probably known that would happen, and shook her head, screaming "MMMMMMMMMMM” as he tore a long strip of white tape off the roll.


Don't spit that out lady,” Micky said, “I'd just push it back in. Now keep those lips closed.”  With that, he smoothed the tape over Terri’s lips, sticking it down tightly as she said mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmm.”  A second strip followed as Terri kept shaking her head, before Micky stepped back and surveyed his work.


 That should stop you raising the alarm,” Micky said as Terri twisted round in the chair.  She had thought it would be a harmless game, a pretend tie up, but instead she was firmly bound and gagged, the only sound she could make a muted “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmm” as she pulled on her wrists and legs.  She looked at Micky, realising there was no way she was getting free without his help, but instead of him coming forward he seemed to be enjoying the sight of her struggling.


See you around Lady,” he said as he ran out of the room and closed the door to, leaving a tiny crack through which he could watch.  Terri screamed out “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm” as she tried desperately to free herself, looking at the clock on the table the whole time.


From behind the door, Micky watched, the scarf removed from his face as he watched Terri twisting round.  He enjoyed this part of the game most of all, the feelings the view generated in him ones that he enjoyed greatly.  As she heard Terri saying “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmm”  again, he glanced at the clock and remembered that he had made a promise.  In his normal voice, he called out “Mrs Smith? Mrs Smith, it's the police.”


Terri looked to the doorway and screamed out “mmmmmmmmmm.”  As Micky opened the door, she shook her head and motioned him towards her saying “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm m” as she did so.


Oh god, stay calm Mrs Smith.”  Micky ran over to her as she nodded, saying “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmm” as he took the corner of the tape over her mouth and gently peeled it away.


“Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh hhhhhhhh” Terri said as Micky removed the tape and pulled the now soaking sponge from her mouth.  Who did this to you?” he said as he watched Teri working her jaw.


“Oh god, thank you for coming - this awful man tied me up,” Terri eventually said.  “He was not that tall but he had a ladies nylon on his face so I don’t know what he looked like.”


All right - let me find a pair of scissors.”  Seeing a pair on the desk, Micky went and collected them before starting to cut the tape away from Terri’s arms and legs.  After a few minutes, he gathered up the various lengths as Terri rubbed her wrists.


“Thank you - thank you officer,” she said as she stood up, but then her voice changed as she said “Now, officer Micky, we have to go.”


I know, Mrs Smith,” he said with a big smile on his face, “thank you for playing with me.”


“Don’t thank me yet, Micky - you and I do need to talk with your mom after my open house today, ok?”


“OK,” the young lad said with his head bowed, “Did I do something wrong?”


“Yes, Micky - I agreed to play but not for you to use tape on me, and you’re lucky you didn’t put a runner in my nylons young man.  Now let’s go.”


Ten minutes later, Terri pulled up outside Micky’s house and let the young man out.  “I will be over to see your mom at 4:30, ok?”



OK,” Micky said as he waved after Terri.  Skipping up to the front door, he opened it and went inside.




At 4:30 precisely, Terri knocked on the front door of the house.  Micky opened the door and said “Hello Mrs Smith.”


“Hi Micky where is your mom?”


She's in the front room, Mrs Smith. Would you like to see her?”


“Yes, Micky, I would like to see her,” Terri said as she came into the house.  There seemed to be no noise, not even from a television, but as Micky led her to the front room she could hear a slight moaning noise.


“Pearl, it’s Terri,” she said as she walked into the room, only to be stopped short by the sight that greeted her. 


Pearl was sitting on a rug in the centre of the room, wearing a leotard with white, pink and black wide stripes going at a diagonal down the outfit.  She was also wearing a pair of heeled white sandals, but the things that took Terri by surprise were the white cords that had been tied tightly around her ankles and legs.  Her hands were behind her back, and a length of cord had been tied around her waist and between her legs to her back.  A thick black scarf was tied between her teeth, as she looked up at the visitor with her blue eyes.


“PEARL,” Terri screamed as she ran into the room and saw how her wrists had been crossed and tied behind her back.  “MICKY DEEN - what did you do to your mother,” she said as she pulled the cloth out from between Pearl’s lips, letting it hang around her neck as she eased a folded up handkerchief from her mouth.


“She likes me doing this, don't you mum?”  Terri looked at Micky, surprised at how easily he said that, but as she bent down behind Pearl his tone changed to a frightened “Stop doing that, Mrs Smith.”


Pearl,” Terri said as she looked at Micky’s mother, “why can’t I untie you, David will have a fit if he knows what his son is doing.”


I know, Terri, but please - leave me alone. It will be worse if you do untie me.”




Won't it, Micky,” Pearl said as she looked over at the eleven year old.  He nodded as he looked at his mother.  Terri was amazed at what she was hearing – Pearl was not going to punish Micky for this, because something worse might happen? 


“Micky,” she said quietly, “please go to your room so I can talk with your mom.”  Micky looked at Pearl, before saying “Only if you promise not to untie her.”  Terri looked from the young boy to Pearl, who nodded before saying “Go to your room, Micky - Terri will just talk to me.”  As the two women watched Micky walk slowly out, closing the door behind him, Pearl sat with her back against a couch as Terri sat opposite her.


“Terri,” Pearl said quietly, “Micky told me what he did this afternoon.”


“Oh did he?  Dammit Pearl, he used duct tape on me – and what is all this nonsense anyway?”


“I'm sorry about that” Pearl said quietly, “he's only doing what he sees Jim doing.”


“If he had not lived up to letting me go I would still be taped up on that chair!!”


I know, I know - but you have to understand how things are here. The fact he did let you go shows he kept to your rules.  Just as he has to keep to the rules here...”


Terri sat back in the chair, wondering just what was going on.  “I see,” she eventually said, “What are these rules and why does he see Jim tying up women?”


Pearl blushed.  He... He walked in on us one night, and Jim told him it was just a game. He likes to be in control, and I do as my husband asks.  Well, ever since he’s wanted to play that game - I'm just glad he did not walk in later.”


Terri looked at Pearl as she sat there, her legs in front of her.  “What were you dressed like when he walked in?”


Jeans and a jumper that time.  I had to make him promise that if he tied me up, I had to be dressed. Today I have just come back from an aerobics class.”  Pearl looked up at her visitor.   Terri, please - let us deal with this. I promise you, he will not go unpunished.”


Terri looked again at Pearl, realising from her expression and her tone that something else was going on here.  “All right,” she eventually said, “I will let you two deal with this, but  I need some answers.  Why do you have to stay like this until Jim gets home, why will it be worse if you’re not tied up, and why are you glad he walked in on you when he did and not later?”


Pearl looked round the room before saying “Promise not to tell anyone?”


“Well, if I tell anyone then I will have to tell them how the shrewd real estate lady was tricked by an 11 year old boy and spent an hour totally helpless”


To Terri’s great relief, Pearl laughed at that comment.  True - look, Jim likes to play - rough. Micky walked in when he had just started - the next stage would have been to remove my jeans.  Do you want me to go on?”


Terri nodded – despite her anger at earlier, she was interested in why Pearl was in this predicament.


“My hands were tied to the headboard, spread eagled, and I had a cloth stuffed in my mouth. Ten more minutes, and Jim would have my feet secured to the bottom of the bed and ripping my panties off.  If Micky had seen that...”


Terri nodded.  “I see -  so Jim likes to play rape play games and you enjoy being the victim.”


Pearl slowly nodded.  Yes - as it is, I'm counting my blessings Jim had the sense to stop it and make it just a game that time. But now, Micky likes to play the game that way.”


Terri sat still, thinking over some of the gossip she had heard around the town.  “Pearl – I’ve heard rumours of Jim, and he does seem to visit Lois a lot.”  Lois was a mutual friend – a woman in her late fifties, who tried to look and act like a thirty year old.  “Does he...”


“Jim likes to be in control, Terri – and Micky does what his father tells him to.  I know Micky had called on Lois as well as Jim.  Lois has told me about the times Micky has come – those have been harmless fun, and I don't want Jim mad at him.  When it’s Jim – Terri, I love my husband, and I will do anything he asks me to do, even if it means ignoring some things.  Do you understand?”


She could see Terri was thinking this over, so she continued  “Terri, the older women - as long as they agree to it, and Micky does not harm them, I allow it. Some of them actually enjoy it.  Tell the truth - how did you feel?”


Terri sat forward.  I have to admit Pearl it was fun, I was scared when he got out the duct tape and I realized I was not getting free unless he untied me.  It was exhilarating in a strange way.”


She got up and walked around the room for a moment.  “Pearl, I think I understand what you’re telling me.  To the boy it is all harmless fun, and to Jim...”


“To Jim it is a release – and I think it is to the ladies as well.  I don’t want to lose him, Terri – can you understand that?”


“I’m not sure I can, but I won’t interfere.  If in your mind, Jim takes care of other ladies who have this need it is ok as well - but how many other has he done this to?  Jim and Micky?”


Pearl sat herself up and thought for a moment.  “After today?  Micky - I know of six. Jim - I don't ask.  However, I think Micky plays games with some of the girls around here as well.”


Terri turned and looked at Pearl.  “He came to my house looking for Rachel and Jennifer.  Does that mean...”


Pearl nodded.  They're the same age roughly, aren’t they?”


“All right Pearl – I’ll leave Micky to you two, and I won’t interfere.  If you ever need to talk, however...”


“Thanks, Terri,” Pearl said as Terri picked up the handkerchief.  “Well, anyways, open up Pearl – Oh, and make sure if he is going to tie a lady up she is not wearing 25 dollar Wolford pantyhose when he uses duct tape.  All right?”


lllrghteffdsiw l” was all Pearl could say as Terri stuffed the gag back in, before pulling the cloth between her lips.  She nodded as Terri then picked up a roll of duct tape and smoothed several strips over her lips and lower jaw.


“If he had run them,” she said as she put the roll back down, “You would be buying me new ones.  Just tell him to keep out of trouble, all right?”


“Mpfgwel,” Pearl said as Terri walked out of the room, closing the door behind her.  “Bye, Micky,” she called up the stairs as she left the house and returned to her car.  She knew she needed to have a word with the girls that night, but wouldn’t tell Dave.


After all, what harm could it do?




“What harm could it do,” Terri said to herself as she looked around the room.  As it was, it was another year before she started to discover just what harm it could cause...





“Girls, will you keep the noise down please!”


“Yes mum,” Rachel called up from the basement as Terri returned to her book.  Ever since she had talked to Pearl, she had been looking through some of the books in the “romantic fiction” section of the lending library, and this one had caught her eye by AEW Mason – At The Villa Roma


It was  a warm evening in late summer, and Terri was wearing a white t-shirt with a little heart shaped hole at her chest, a brown sweater over the top to keep out the chill that was starting, a blue cotton skirt and dark hose.  On her feet was a pair of tan heels that she had on to take some trash out and not bothered removing.  She was engrossed in the unfolding tale when the doorbell rang.


Setting it down, she walked to the front door and opened it to see Pearl standing there with Micky, a bag in the hand of the young boy.


Pearl?  What’s wrong?”  Pearl was dressed in a pale blue frock dress with white trim, with a pair of sneakers on her feet, while Micky was in his usual t-shirt and jeans.


“Hi Terri.  Listen, I need a favour - Can you look after Micky for a couple of hours?  I've been called into work, and Jim won’t be back until ten tonight.”


Terri hesitated for a moment.  It may have been a year, but she still remembered last time Micky was in her house with her.  Um, um well I guess so,” she finally said.  “David is at work - damn I will be so glad when he finally transfers here.  So will it by you or Jim coming to get him?”


Probably me,” Pearl said with a look of relief, “but I'll let you know if it is Jim.”


“Ok, well you take care.”


Thanks a lot Terri”, Pearl said as she half pushed Micky into the house.  “He won’t be any bother I promise.  Micky, do what Mrs Smith tells you, all right?”


“I’m sure he won’t be any bother,” Terri said as Micky waved his mother goodbye.  Closing the door, Terri turned and heard Micky say “Are Jennifer and Rachel here Mrs Smith?”


Yes Micky they are downstairs in the rec room.”


“Would it be all right if I joined them?”


“Of course it is - go ahead Micky.”


“Thank you Mrs Smith,” Micky called out as he ran down the stairs.  Terri went in the opposite direction, up the stairs to her bedroom, where she removed her sweater and sat on the bed to take her heels off.  As she wriggled her feet round, she looked round for a pair of slacks to put on, but decided instead to keep her skirt on. 


Going back to the main room, she could hear laughter from the room downstairs.  Happy the kids were all right, Terri returned to her book and continued reading.  The story revolved around an elaborate scam to rid an heiress of her treasure, using a fake medium, but at the point she had reached Lady Susan was being tied tightly to a chair by the villain.


As she glanced at the clock, two things were clear to Terri.  One was that an hour had passed since Micky had arrived.  The other was that it was now very quiet downstairs.  She returned to the book, reading on as the villain started to slowly strip the heroine and fondle her, arousing her as he did so....


The silence was beginning to bother Terri, so she picked up a pair of mules that were on the floor beside her seat and slipped them on.  Slowly, quietly, she walked down the stairs as she heard Micky say “Now, you two are going to stay still, aren’t you?”


From the stairs, she could see Rachel sitting in an armchair, still in her red t-shirt and blue denim shorts.  Her arms were behind the back of the chair, and Terri could see silver tape holding her wrists together and her waist to the chair back.  Her ankles were stretched out in front of her and taped together, and strips of silver tape covered her mouth.  From the look of her eyes, Terri could see she wasn’t in any distress, and was enjoying what she was seeing.


Micky was sat on the floor with Jennifer, tickling her as she giggled.  Her blonde hair was pulled back in a plaited ponytail;, and she was in the jeans and pink t-shirt she had also been wearing earlier.  Her wrists were tied behind her back with what looked like twine, and her ankles were secured in the same way, over her white socks.


Young Mr Deen, what is going on here,” Terri said as she walked down the remaining stairs.  Micky looked up and said lightly “OH, hi, Mrs Smith, we're just playing kidnap.”  He picked up a long length of rope and tied it loosely around Jennifer’s arms.


“I see,” Terri said as she stood there with her arms folded, “and how is one girl supposed to free the other?”


Well, I'm holding the heiresses hostage, and they have to find a way to free themselves.”


“I see.  Rachel are you ok?”  Her older daughter looked over at Terri and said “ysmm.”  “And are you ok playing this?”  She saw Rachel nod her head, and then turned to her younger daughter.


“Jennifer are you ok and are you ok playing this?”


It's all right mum - we play this game all the time.  I'm getting very good at getting out.”


Terri looked at the two girls, before saying “I see.   Well I am going back up to my book  -don’t make too much noise.”


“they won’t, Mrs Smith,” Micky said, and as Terri climbed the stairs he said to Jennifer “Open wide.”  She looked back to see him pulling a length of white towelling between Jennifer’s teeth, and shook her head as she returned to her book.


Micky waited a few minutes, before putting his finger to his lips and saying “You girls be quiet” to Jennifer and Rachel.  They both nodded as they watched him taking a toy gun out of his bag before carrying it silently up the stairs.


Terri was sitting in the chair, half watching the television and half imagining herself as Lady Susan.  So when Micky said loudly “All right, lady, hands up and don't move,” and she saw him in the doorway pointing the toy gun at him, she was taken completely by surprise.


Her first instinct, after last year, was to stop the game there and then.  As she looked at him, however, another thought occurred to her, one that told her she might enjoy it more this time.  She looked at the young boy and said “I will play Micky but NO TAPE.”


I promise, Mrs Smith, no tape.”


Smiling, Terri put her hands up and said “Please don’t hurt me, and don’t kidnap me”


That's just what I'm going to do lady,” Micky said, “I have your daughters, and now I have you.”


“Oh no please, Terri said as she got on her knees, “I beg you I cant pay their ransom if you kidnap me to my husband is away on business.”


I'll find a way to contact him,” Micky said as he watched Terri put her hands together, “pleading will do you no good.   Put your hands behind your back, side by side.”


As she watched Micky put his bag on the chair, Terri slowly turned on her knees to her side and moved her hands behind her back.  As she did so, she realised she was feeling a little tingle of sexual excitement.  “I’ll let him tie me up,” she thought as she watched him take out a ten foot length of white rope, “fantasize that I am lady Susan, then when he is gone home use my little toy to... Hmmmm....”


Now, don't move,” Micky said as he walked behind Terri.  She looked over her shoulder, saying “Oh just please don’t hurt me,” as he doubled the rope over and passed it around her wrists.  Micky took the ends through the central loop and pulled tightly, taking Terri by surprise as her wrists were jerked tightly together.


“Aaaahhh your hurting me you beast,” Terri called out as she felt the rope pass around her wrists several times.  It wasn’t all play acting either – the ropes were tight, and she could feel the cords on her skin as he passed them between her arms to cinch the binding.


“I told you to shut up, lady,” Micky said as he tied the ends off and tucked the trailing lengths into the loops around her wrists.  Terri tried to move them, discovering to both her horror and her amusement that she really was securely tied.


"Micky, why are you tying me up so tight,” she asked as she watched the young man walk back to the bag.  He looked over at her and said “Because you're more likely to try and get free, lady.  I promise, Mrs Smith, I won’t hurt you.”


Terri heard the way he said this, and decided to trust him a while longer.  Slipping back into character, she said “please Mr. Kidnapper don’t do this at least let my girls go free.”


Oh no, I get more ransom for all three of you. Now, I need to keep you quiet, and I have the very thing in my bag.”  Teri watched a Micky took out a long white scarf and tied a knot in the middle of it.  As he walked back over, she turned her head away and said “Please don’t gag me!”


I can't take the risk you won’t call out. Now, are you going to open your mouth?”


Nodding, Terri opened her mouth, but instead of hearing herself saying “No,” she heard “nommmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmm” as Micky pushed the knot between her teeth, pulled the ends of the scarf around her head and tied them together at the base of her neck with a triple knot.


Terri knelt there, surprised at how effectively Micky had bound her wrists and gagged her.  She wriggled slightly, enjoying both the helplessness and the simplicity of her predicament, as she watched Micky take another length of rope out of the bag.


Now for the next bit,” he said as he knelt behind Terri and pushed her ankles together.  As she felt his hands on her hose covered legs, Terri let out a small moan, imagining herself as Lady Susan as the villain secured her on her seat.


As she felt her ankles been pulled tightly together, Terri thought to herself “only an hour like this and I am starting to get on fire down there.  I am going to have to have David do this to me.”  As Micky tied off the knots, she let out a low “ mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” as the young lad stood up and walked in front of her.


“You look nice like that,” he said as he walked back round and checked the knots.  Terri felt again his hands running up and down her legs, and called out “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” in protest as the clock struck nine.  On the television set, a re-run of an old Vegas episode was starting.


Micky walked round and knelt in front of Terri.  Tell you what, lady,” he said as the clock showed 9:15, “I'll let your daughters go. I think you'll raise a fair sum on your own.  Don’t move now.”


Terri merely said “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmm” as Micky smiled.  When he said “ Would you like that?” she nodded and watched him going down the stairs.  She heard both Rachel, then Jennifer, and realised he was untying them.  “You haven't?” Rachel said, to which Micky replied “I have - do you want to see?”


mmmmmmmmmmmpppp pphhhhh,” Terri said as there was a rush of feet on the stairs, and both Rachel and Jennifer came into the room.  Oh wow mum - he did a good job on you. Didn’t he, Jennifer?,” Rachel said as the two girls looked at their helpless mother.  Terri nodded, then looked sternly at the girls, to the clock and back to the girls.


Rachel looked at the clock and her mother, before saying “Yeah - you're not going anywhere in a hurry. Do you want us to get ready for bed now?”


“”MMMMMBRSTH”, Terri said as Rachel took Jennifer by the hand.  “Come on Jennifer - let's get changed and then we'll kiss her good night.”  As the two girls went to their bedrooms, Micky sat on the floor and watched Terri as she wriggled round on her knees. 


“Are you all right, Mrs Smith?,” he asked, and Terri replied with a “Mmmmm” and a nod as the girls came back in their pyjamas.  “Good night mum,” Jennifer said as she hugged Terri and kissed her, and Rachel did the same before they both hugged Micky.  “You’d better let her go in a few minutes,” Rachel said as she looked at their mother, “before she gets mad with you.”


“Don’t worry, I will - see you tomorrow?” Micky said as the girls waved and went to their beds.   Terri looked over at Micky, who smiled as the telephone started ringing.  “Shall I answer that for you?” Micky said, and before Terri could respond he had got up and lifted the receiver.


“Smith residence. Hi dad.  Uh- huh.”  He looked over at Terri.  “She's a little tied up right now, can I take a message?  Yeah... yeah...”  As Micky looked back over at Terri, she saw a smile begin to appear on her lips – an evil smile that she was not sure she liked the look of.


“Right, I'll tell her. Bye Dad,” Micky eventually said as he replaced the receiver.  Walking over, Terri expected him to start to untie her, so when he said instead “All right lady, on your side,” and started to push her over Terri responded with a surprised mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm m.”  Her surprise only grew as he quickly rolled her over onto her stomach.


As Terri watched Micky walk to his bag, she closed her eyes and wondered what had just happened.  She felt Micky pulling her ankles up, and said “mamdfsmasdmf wwwhhaa dddididi uuuurrrrrr dddddddaadadddd aaaayayyayya” as she opened her eyes.


That was my father - he told me to tell you two things,” Micky said as he stroked Terri’s legs with one hand and held her ankles up with the other..


mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmm”


The first is that mum's been held up at work, so he is coming to pick me up.  The second was that I was to do something to you. It’s my dad asking, Mrs Smith,” he said almost apologetically.  Terri started shaking her head, saying “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmm” and wondering what was happening as Micky managed to tie one end of a length of rope around her ankles.  Terri remembered the conversation she had with Pearl last year, and knew she did not want Jim to find her like this, but as she tried to stretch out her legs she found instead that Micky was passing some rope around her wrists, and then back around her ankles, holding them perpendicular to her body as he tied the ends off under her feet.


 “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMM", was all Terri could say as she felt Micky stroking her legs again.


I'm really sorry, Mrs Smith - but if Dad asks me to do something, I do it.”  As he said this, Micky started to walk towards the bedrooms.  “Don’t go away - I'll be right back,” he said as Terri called out “mmmmmmmmmm miiiiiibbbyyyyyy y” after him.  She squirmed round, desperately trying to get herself loose even as she felt a warm tingle starting to grow within her.  She had never been so helpless, and yet somehow it felt – good.  Shaking that thought off, Terri called out “mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” as she wondered where he had learned to tie so tightly and so well.


“You look so good, like that. Mrs Smith.”


Terri opened her eyes to see Micky kneeling next to her.  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmm” was all she said as he loosened the knot at the base of her neck and pulled the knotted scarf out of her mouth.  Terri took several deep breaths, before saying “Micky you have to untie me NOW.”


I can't, Mrs Smith,” Micky said, and she could see a small tear in his eye, “Dad wants you like this when he comes, and I have to do what he says.  He wants something else too.”


Micky I don’t care what your dad say you let me gomasdmgmasdmfmd mmfmgasdmgfasdfm sad.”  Terri was powerless to stop Micky pushing a pair of dirty pantyhose into her mouth, stuffing it before he pushed the knot back between her lips and tightened the knot at the base of her neck.


I'm really sorry, Mrs Smith,” Micky said with a yawn as he climbed onto the couch she had been sitting no and laid down his head.  Terri twisted round, saying “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm m” as she watched Micky’s eyes slowly closing.


“Good night, Mrs Smith,” he said as he closed his eyes, lying there looking perfectly innocent as he fell asleep.   MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MM” Terri screamed as she looked back over her bound body, noticing how her skirt and t-shirt had ridden up.  As the minutes ticked away, she rolled over onto her side, trying desperately to move her legs up and down.  As she did so, however, she also felt a warmth between her legs, and in her mind she began to imagine again she was Lady Susan, left in the mercy of the villain’s treacherous plans.  She saw herself in the darkened cellar, screaming as the wolves slowly entered the chamber and began to circle round her, helpless and unable to call for help.


The clock struck ten as there was a sharp knock on the door.  “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmm,” she called out as she struggled on the floor, looking up to see a six foot tall, broad shouldered man in blue jeans and a denim jacket looking down at her.  Well hello, Terri,” Jim said as he squatted next to her, lifting her skirt up and examining the way that Micky had tied her.  She looked up at the new arrival, wondering what he was going to do and saying “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM M.”


My boy does a really good job, doesn’t he?” Jim said as he checked the knots again.  Terri closed her eyes, saying “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmm” as he felt the ropes and knots, and then “MMMMMMMMMMMMMM” as she opened her eyes wide to his touch on her legs.


He gently stroked her legs and then patted her bottom, eliciting a “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mm” as he stood up.  Let me just get Mickey out to the car, and I'll be right back,” he said as he stood up and picked the sleeping boy up in his arms.  “Mamdsfmsdfmasdm fasd ,” was all she said as she watched him carry Micky out of the house, before coming back in and closing the door.


“I hope he didn’t cause you too much trouble, Terri,” Jim said as he reached down and stroked Terri’s legs again.  She closed her eyes, saying “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm m” as she tried to ignore the small electric shocks that were running up and down her body.  Trying to squirm out of the way, she said “madfmasdmf asdmfasdlf joosduaoif amfsdmf” in the gag, not quite believing what was happening.  David was a cop, for god’s sake – what did Jim think he was doing?


 You know, Pearl told me what happened that afternoon when Mickey first played with you,” Jim said as he moved his hand between Terri’s legs, noticing her slight bucking as he pressed down on her thigh.  Terri had felt the response her body made t the touch, closing her eyes and sighing “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm m” as her breathing started to get heavier.  There was also a touch of fear as well – she was helpless, unable to stop him stroking the inside of her legs as his hands moved towards her crotch.


So, Terri, you know I drop in on Lois and some others on occasion - would you like to know what I do to them?” he said as he continued to stroke her, seeing her move despite herself.  Terri shook her head, but at the same time wanted to know.


“Oh, it's just a game I play with them, and Mickey is a great help at times.”  As he said this, Terri let out a low “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmm” despite herself.  Well, I play the man who fulfils their fantasies - the one who finds them unable to resist as they are gently aroused.”  As he said this, he started to stroke her hosed covered pussy, eliciting a “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mm” as Terri closed her eyes.


 Oh, Terri, no panties? You little slut you,” Jim said with a mock surprise as he pushed her skirt further up her body, a tear coming out of the corner of her eye as she fought to hide how she was really feeling.


“They feel appreciated when I am finished, wanted, appreciated - and they like to keep it their little secret,” he said as he stroked her crotch again, making Terri call out “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM M" as he did so.  She did not want this to happen, and yet... and yet...


Now, I think you might like to play as well, hmm?” Jim said as he kept stroking.  Terri could feel a growing urge where his fingers were touching, but this was wrong, and she shook her head to show she did not agree.


“Shh, shh - you don't want to wake the girls up, do you?” Jim said as he stroked faster, probing with his fingers.  Terri let out a “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm m,” hoping the girls would wake up and come and see what was happening, then call their father.  “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm m,” she said as Jim continued.


You see, you have to ask yourself how they would react - and how Mickey would feel if I had to punish him for this.” 


 mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmm   mmmmmmmmmmmmmpp pppppppppppphhhh hhhhhhhhhh,” Terri moaned as she fought even harder what her body was telling her.


Now, if you were to tell your hubby about this, and I was to get into trouble - Pearl and Mickey may not like what would happen.”  He reached down and started to pull her t-shirt up and over her chest.  “Now, you don't want them to get into trouble, do you?” he said as he looked into her wide open eyes.


“mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmm” Terri said as she stared back, thinking over what he had said.  Micky would end up in child services and pearl’s reputation destroyed –did she want that on her conscience?  Was this why nobody else had spoken out?”


Now Lois - Micky usually ties her nice and tightly and leaves her on the couch before going to play with her daughter,” Jim said as he pulled Terri’s bra down and began to stroke her nipples.  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmm” she moaned as she closed her eyes, enjoying his touch on her body despite herself.


She likes to wear nice shorts and a skimpy top.  Billie - oh now she likes to pretend she has been caught in her bed,” Jim continued as he massaged her nipples, making Terri moan loudly “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmm.”  She knew she was becoming aroused, despite the fear, and to her own surprise she did not want it to stop.


She usually puts on some pyjamas, or a nice short nightie.  Mickey leaves her on her bed, hogtied like this.”  Jim took hold of Terri and helped her onto her feet.  As she sensed rather than saw him kneel behind her, she said “masdfmasdmfmasd mfmsdamfmsdafmas dmfmasdfm” and closed her eyes again.


As for Carol - she likes to be surprised when she comes in from the bank.  She’ll come in, all smartly dressed, and then change into t- shirt and shorts before the burglar surprises her.  She keeps her hose on as well - as does Kate, but she likes to wear a strapless top with her denim shorts.”


As he was saying this, Jim was reaching round and stroking Terri’s nipples again, noting with pleasure the way they were firming up.  Terri had noticed this as well, her moans becoming deeper and louder as she started to move herself.  As Jim reached back down between her legs, she let out a low “MMDMSADMSDMDDMSA” as his touch passed over her moist crotch.


“And now there's you, Terri - three sexy babes who like to be casual and dream of been surprised and aroused.   I see the book you were reading - it's very popular around here, you know.  But you - you’re the only one I know who doesn’t wear panties.”


“HGDMMSADFMPLS,” Terri said as she bucked slightly.  “So, you want to know what happens next?”  Jim stood up and walked in front of Terri, his hands on the waistband of his jeans.  She looked up at him as he slowly unzipped the pants, allowing them to drop tot eh floor, followed by his boxers.  She could see him standing there, not wanting what was going to happen to occur and yet not wanting it to stop.


mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmm,” she said as she saw him look to the couch and pick up a small, cylindrical object.  Switching it on, he smiled as he looked at Terri.  “Would you like this,” he said, and as Terri closed her eyes and nodded he slipped it between her legs and into her crotch, the vibration sending wave after wave of shocks through Terri’s body.




Terri nodded, her eyes closed as she felt the knotted scarf been pulled from her lips and the hose taken from her mouth, replaced by something large, throbbing and with a slightly salty taste.  She knew what it was, pushing back with her tongue as it circled the tip and her lips passed over the smooth skin.


As she drew it back in, the warmth between her legs growing with each vibration, she could feel the throbbing starting to grow stronger as she played with it with her tongue.  Opening her eyes, she could see Jim in front of her, his eyes closed as he felt the effect on him with each suck and push from her.


“Mmmmmmm,” Terri moaned as the throbbing grew more intense between her legs, pulling Jim in with her mouth and sucking gently as he grew inside her.  She could feel the pressure at the back of her throat – not unpleasant, but more stimulation to her as she sucked in and out, in and out, hearing both Jim and her moaning, trying to keep it as quiet as possible and noting him doing the same.


How long this continued for she did not really know – all she knew was despite her situation, despite her fears, she was actually enjoying every second of this as she got more and more into sucking and kissing, teasing and licking his member as it grew bigger, the throbbing more intense, the dampness in her crotch growing with each movement, each second...


Finally it happened – an explosion of hot, sticky fluid in her throat that she had to swallow, pumping out with each throb as Jim discharged into her mouth, the taste making her want to gag.  Terri swallowed as best she could, trying not to let any dribble out as Jim pushed forward, then slowly began to withdraw.  He stood in front of Terri, watching her as her eyes closed and she panted.


“So, do you still think you don’t want to play?” Jim said as he pulled up his pants.  Before Terri had a chance to reply, he picked up the pantyhose and stuffed it back into her mouth, but this time her merely picked up the scarf and laid on the couch.


“You don’t have to say anything,” Jim continued as he helped her to lie on the floor and removed the rope that was holding her in a hogtie.  “In fact, I don’t want you to say anything to anyone.  You don’t want Pearl or Micky to get into trouble, do you?”


“Nnnng,” Terri groaned as she stretched out her legs, the vibrator still working in her crotch.  Jim walked into the kitchen, and returned with a pair of large scissors which he left next to Terri’s hands.


“Good night, Terri,” he said as he walked out, closing the door behind himself as he left.  Terri lay still, listening as a van drove away, and then moved to take the scissors in her hands.




Terri looked back down at the hard wooden floor, a tear forming again in her eye.  The day after that, she had talked to Lois, and to the others eventually.  They told much the same story – a conspiracy of silence to protect Micky and Pearl.


As years passed, however, things continued and visits were made – not to her too often, but to the others.  As for Micky, he started to grow up a bit – as we discovered to our cost eventually.




To Be Continued...





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