Tales from a Small Town 3









Looking out of the window again, I can see some of the families returning home from school and colleges.  With my family grown up, I’m stuck in the period between seeing your daughters leaving and the grandchildren coming.  Of course, with Dave no longer here..,


Turning round, I decide to take one last turn upstairs before I lock the door for the last time.  All that thinking about Micky, however, took me back to the day everything exploded – and it was a day that started so quietly as well…


“Thanks for inviting me along, Terri,” Pearl said as Terri pulled up outside Alex’s house.  “It’s not too often I get out of the house now.”


“So I heard,” Terri said with a smile.  “Still, you need the break – even with Micky keeping an eye out for you.  Has he…”


“Please Terri,” Pearl said as she put her hand on her friends, “let’s not talk about him today.  I just want to have a chat and a drink with friends.”


“All right – but you know where I am if it comes to that,” Terri said as she got out.  She was wearing a black dress with white dots, which buttoned up the front and was open to the top of her chest, taupe hose and a pair of taupe shoes with a two inch heel.  Pearl was wearing a blue blouse over a red roll neck sweater, blue jeans and short boots.


Walking up the front path, Terri knocked on the door and waited for a moment.  “She did say she would be home,” Pearl said as she looked at Terri, running her hand through her greying permed hair.


“Yeah – hang on,” Terri said as she tried the door, turning it and watching as the door opened inwards.  “Alex?  It’s Terri and Pearl – are you in?”


She heard a voice in the kitchen, and then Alex called out “I’m in the kitchen – why don’t you come and join me?”


“So long as you have the coffee brewing, that’s good,” Terri said as she led the way through, and then stopped as she saw Alex sitting by her kitchen table.  The blonde haired woman was sitting on a kitchen chair, the seat upholstered in red leather, but her wrists were tied to the back of the chair with white rope, the cords holding the sleeves of her white blouse tightly in place.


“I’m sorry, Alex, whoever it was…  Oh, hi Mum, Mrs Smith.”


Terri looked at the sixteen year old boy, dressed in a lumberjack shirt and jeans.  His hair was short and slightly curly, but her stood five foot ten now, and his smile was genuine.


“Oh dear,” Pearl said, “if this is a bed time, Alex, we can come back…”


“Nonsense,” Alex said with a smile, “Micky can play the game with all of us – it will make a nice change.”


Terri looked at Pearl, before she said “just a game, right Micky?”


“That’s right, Mrs Smith,” he said as he pulled out two more chairs, setting one opposite his mother and the other between them.  “Why don’t you both take a seat and get comfortable?”


Terri sat down and smiled, crossing her legs as the dress slipped between them.  Micky picked up a length of white rope, knelt next to Terri on her right side and guided her arm down, holding it against the back leg of the chair as he tied it tightly to the wood.  He made sure it was wrapped around the joint where the back and leg met the seat, Terri looking at him as he stood up.


“This is new,” Terri said as he walked round and tied her other wrist in place, puckering her lips as she tried to move her arms.


“Not for me, he’s tied me this way a few times,” Pearl said as her son took her wrists and tied them to the back of her chair.  “It helps me to relax, especially if Jim is in one of his moods.”


“His moods?”


“Never mind,” Pearl said as Micky stood up.  “Right – I was about to keep Alex quiet,” he said as he picked up a headscarf and a long blue scarf.  “Once I’m done, I’ll take care of both of you.”


“I’d like that,” Terri said with a smile as she watched Micky push the folded cloth into Alex’s mouth, and then wrap the scarf round her head, pulling it tight as he knotted the ends at the base of her neck.  Folding a second cloth, he then picked up a white scarf and walked over to Terri.


“Open wide, Mrs Smith.”


Terri smiled and did as Micky asked, feeling the cloth as it pressed down on her tongue, and then her tied the white scarf over her mouth, tying the ends under the fringe of her short hair.


“Comfortable,” he said as he looked into her eyes, Terri nodding as he said “Fnksssmckee.”


“Just stay there now,” he said as he gagged Pearl, using a black scarf, and the picked up more rope.  He knelt in front of Alex, the women watching silently as he bound her legs together at the ankles, and below and above her knees, the hem of her leather skirt folded back.  He then walked over to Terri, who was looking at him with her ankles crossed in readiness.


“No,” Micky said quietly as he took her left ankle and held it against the front leg of the chair, tying it tightly to the wood.  He then took a longer length of cord and tied her thigh to the chair, smiling as Micky looked at her, and the way her dress parted at the front.


As he pulled her right leg to the opposite leg of the chair, Terri sighed and said “thssttht”, feeling the ropes holding her firmly, yet gently in place as Micky applied more ropes to her right leg, and one more to her left, so they were held in place at her thigh, below her knee and her ankle.  “There,” he said as he stood up, stroking his hand up the inside of her leg, “Don’t move now, Mrs Smith.”


Terri nodded and moved her head back, closing her eyes as she heard Pearl moaning at her legs being bound.  When she looked back, she saw that Micky had tied her legs at the ankles, knees and thighs, and pulled them back, tying her ankles to the back of the chair.


“all right Mum,” Micky said as he went back to the table, “Ready to be alone?”


Pearl nodded and said “cuultrldees” as Micky folded a second black scarf into a wide band.  Picking up some cotton wool balls, he placed them carefully over Pearl’s ears and then tied the scarf over her eyes, muffling her hearing as well as she sat there.


“Good,” Micky said as he looked at Alex and Terri, “Mum can’t hear or see us now.  That way she would not be embarrassed at what I do – or what you do.”


Alex and Terri looked at each other, Terri watching Micky as he stood behind Alex and started to massage her shoulders.  “Mmmssgddd,” Alex moaned as she closed her eyes, and Micky started to run his hands - his large hands, Terri realised – over her chest and breasts.


As Terri watched, Micky took more rope and tied it round Alex’s chest, above and below her breasts and holding her against the chair back.  Terri looked at him, her eyes wide and questioning as she said “Mmtt?”


“You too, Mrs Smith,” Micky said with a smile as he pulled the chest ropes tight on Alex, and then walked over, smiling as he started to massage Terri’s shoulders, and then her chest, Terri groaning at his firm, gentle touch.


“Mmssmsrlllgd,” she said quietly as Micky took the lengths of rope and tied them to hold her chest to the chair back, the ropes rubbing above and below her breasts as she tried to suppress a moan.  Even with Pearl gagged, blindfolded and deafened, she did not believe she would hear nothing.


Micky walked back to Alex and started to massage her chest again, the woman moving under her ropes a he slowly opened her blouse and pulled it to the side, revealing her white bra as Micky started to kiss her neck, his hands caressing her breasts.  Even from her vantage point, Terri could see how excited Alex was getting, especially when Micky eased the bra cups down and started to kiss her firm, large breasts.


Terri listened to the moans of pleasure, feeling the warmth between her own legs as she watched the tall, handsome young man bringing her friend to a high state of arousal.  She twisted as much as she could as Micky pushed Alex’s skirt up, and started to stroke between her legs, smiling as she put her head back and let out a long, deep moan of pleasure as his kisses and stroking brought her to a climax of pleasure.


As Micky stood up, he said “Forgive me, Alex, but it is only fair I see to Mrs Smith as well.”  Alex looked up and slowly nodded, Terri watching as Micky walked over to her, smiling as he said “You look flushed Mrs Smith – would you like to cool down?”




“Oh Alex doesn’t mind, do you?”  Alex shook her head, watching as Micky slowly started to unbutton the front of Terri’s dress.  As her bra was slowly exposed, Terri felt each tender kiss from Micky’s lips, on her neck as the cool air from the kitchen circulated round her.  She could feel her nipples pressing against the fabric of her bra already, and the warmth between her legs, even before Micky knelt in front of her and started to press gently into her chest with his arms.


“Mmmmsggdddd,” she moaned as she tried to push back, but the ropes were too tight, holding her firmly in place as he then pulled her top back and down her arms, revealing her hose and the bra covering her chest, the nipples pressing against the silk.  Micky smiled as he started the massage again, increasing the strength of his fingers as Terri moaned out “mmmmmmmmm…   mmmsgdddddddddd…… hmckkeeursgddths…”


“Thank you, Mrs Smith,” Micky whispered as he looked at Alex, her eyes smiling, and then at his mother who was sitting perfectly still, not moving, lost in her own world.


Terri was losing herself as well as Micky kissed her neck and pressed against her nipples, feeling the dampness between her legs as he said “I love the way you respond to my touch, and I love the fact you appreciate it.  You do, don’t you?”


“Ysss,” Terri moaned as she looked down at her chest, then back at Micky.


“Do you want me to?”


Terri nodded as he unhooked the clasp between her breasts, and they fell down, free of the constraint of the bra as he took them in his hands and gently massaged them.


“Mmmggmmmmm,” Terri moaned before she threw her head back and gasped, the feel of his lips on her already sensitive nipples making her scream out “MMggMGmmmmmm” in response.


“Pllslsssmmmmmmm” she called out again as he started to gently suck and nibble her flesh, making her push her body up as much as she could as she lost herself in the sensations she was feeling.  Damn it, Dave did this to her and it felt wonderful, but Micky – Micky was damned close, as she felt the burning in her loins.


“You love this, don’t you,” Micky whispered as his hand stroked up her crotch, pressing against her damp clit as she struggled not to scream at the way she was being treated.  It proved futile, as she said “MMGDDDDDMKMMCMMMM.”


“That is my intention,” Micky whispered as he continued to kiss and stroke her, her moans growing deeper as the fire built inside her, before she could take it no more, and she screamed “YSSSSSSSSSS” as she had an orgasm.


“There – better,” Micky said, but then he turned as there was a noise in the yard.


“I’ll be back in a minute,” he said as he went to the back door and opened it, Terri and Alex looking at each other and then over to Pearl.


“Well, well, well – what do we have here?”


The two women suddenly looked over, their eyes wide in fear as they saw Jim, Micky’s father, standing in the entrance from the front room, grinning at them with his stubbled chin.


“Jmmm – nnnn,” Alex said as she started to struggle in her chair.  Terri was scared, but knew she was unable to move as Jim walked in, the signs of his drinking obvious in his unsteady gait.


“Oh look – little Pearl doesn’t know I’m here,” Jim whispered as he looked at his wife, and then walked to Alex.  “But you know, don’t you,” he said as he groped her breasts, Alex holding back the scream for fear Pearl would hear.


“And you know as well,” he said as he turned and walked over to Terri, taking a pocket knife from his jeans, “with you no knickers attitude, so inviting.”


Terri closed her eyes, waiting to feel the blade as it sliced through her hose, but instead she heard a strangled gasp.  Opening them again, she saw Micky behind his father, his arm round the older man’s throat as he said quietly “Not this time, Dad – this time you walk away and you leave them alone.”


“You don’t tell me what to do you miserable little brat,” Jim snarled as he tried to turn round, but Micky pulled his father’s arm up his back, and pushed him out of the kitchen, the women listening as the front door opened and closed.


“I’m sorry,” Micky said as he removed the gags from Alex and Terri, “I’m really sorry ladies.  I’ve never seen him this drunk before.”


“Untie us, Micky,” Terri said quietly, “and let us get dressed again before you untie your mother.”


“Of course,” Micky said as he released the two women, and the walked into the front room, thanking God the blinds were drawn.


“I’m glad he came back,” Alex whispered as she looked to the kitchen, “but no way should they go back to their house tonight.”


“I agree,” Terri said as she fastened her bra, and started to button up her dress.  “We need to get them out of town – are you free tonight?”


“Are you?”


Teri shook her head and said “I can’t – I have a dinner tonight with Dave once he finishes his shift, and the girls are at their boyfriends.”


Alex nodded and said “Right – I’ll take them to the next town, see a film, but then dinner – a thank you to both of them for today.  With any luck, Jim will have sobered up by the morning.”


She looked round as M<icky and Pearl came in.  “Right you two – I’m taking you to dinner and a movie.  My treat.”




“Because you both need to be thanked for today,” Alex said as she looked at Micky.  “Let me get my coat.”


Once they were safely on their way, I drove back to the house – this house – and had a long, hot shower.  It was starting to get dark when I finally got out and started to get ready for Dave coming home.


The start of the final nightmare…


Terri stepped out of the shower and dried her hair, before looking at the long wig that was set on the stand.  She knew Dave wanted her to wear it tonight – and if truth be told, she liked it as well, as she slipped off her bath robe and fastened the strapless bra around her body.


“This is going to be a very special night,” she said to herself as she fetched a new pair of hose from the drawer, opening the packet and shaking it out before she sat on the bed and pulled it up over her legs and pelvis.  Picking up the white slip, she stepped into it and pulled it up, letting it sit around her waist as it sat just above her knees.


“The girls are away, the house is empty – just me, and Dave when we get back from the dinner,” she said to herself as she looked into the mirror, and picked up the long brown wig, putting it over her head and adjusting it until it was sitting in just the right place.


“Perfect, she said to herself as she picked up her lipstick and started to apply it, not paying much attention to any noises that were coming from downstairs.  Even the creaking sound passed her by, as she examined her reflection.


“Dave, you are so going to be happy tonight,” she said as she put the lipstick down, and looked around the floor, finally locating the silver backless sandals she had selected.  They had a two inch heel, and with the grey strapless dress she had hanging in the wardrobe, she knew she was going to be sensational.


Turning, she made her way to the wardrobe, not hearing the heavy footsteps as someone came up.  Instead, she muttered to herself “where is it, where is – ah there it is.”


“Hello Terri.”


She stood ramrod straight and slowly turned, to see Jim standing there, still in his jeans and shirt, but now holding a rifle as he pointed it at her.


“What the…” she whispered in shock as she watched him pull back the safety and level the gun at her.


“Be a good girl, Terri, and step over here, where I can see you,” Jim said as he motioned with his finger, pointing the rifle in front of him.  Terri slowly walked over, the heels and soles of her feet sounding on the floor in the quiet.


“Jim, look, if this is about this afternoon…”


“Terri, shut the fuck up,” Jim said angrily, “I get enough shit from Pearl, and now my son – my own son, for fucksakes, defies me, so just shut the fuck up, all right?”


Terri nodded slowly as Jim reached into his back pocket and took out several lengths of rope, throwing them onto the bed.  “Hands in front of you,” he said in a quiet, menacing voice, “You and I are going to have fun, Terri, to make up for all I missed out on today when that little shit of a son threw me out.”


Terri nodded, holding her hands out and watching as Jim laid the rifle, within reach, and tied her wrists tightly together, making sure the rope went around and between her wrists.


“Get on your knees, bitch.”


“Jim, please…”


“I said,” Jim growled as he produced a hunting knife and waved it in front of her, “get on your fucking knees.”


Terri slowly lowered herself, shaking as she watched Jim standing in front of her.  “That’s better,” he said as he held the blade of the knife against her throat, “now open the zip, and take my cock out.”




She felt the pressure increase against her neck, and slowly pulled his zip down, easing his member out and gently holding in her hands.


“You know what to do, bitch,” Jim said, so Terri slowly started to stroke her hand down the organ, trying not to cry as she avoided Jim’s eye.


“That’s good, that’s good,” Jim whispered, “but you can do more.  Kiss it.”






Slowly, Terri put her lips against the tip of his cock, gently kissing it and then using her tongue on the tip.  She had done this before, but somehow this felt different – it felt as if he was ready to kill her if she did not comply.


“Keep going,” he said, so she took the tip between her lips, stroking her tongue over it and then pushed it out.  This only made him push it back towards her, so she slowly started to take it in, bringing it deeper and deeper into her mouth with each move as she felt it engorge in response, pressing down on her tongue as she found herself unable to do more than moan “mmmmmmm.”


“Keep going,” Jim said as he pressed the blade of the knife against her, making her go “MMMMMmmmm” as she felt the throbbing on her tongue, growing stronger and stronger with every movement in and out.  She knew she had no choice, she knew if she did not do this he would hurt her – or worse.


“Oh yes…” he moaned as she continued to suck on him, saying “MmmmmmMMMMMMmm” as she did so, feeling that throbbing increase more and more as her mouth was filled, feeling the pressure on the back of her throat and praying to God she would not be forced to throw up.


“Mmmmmplssdnttdthsmmmmmmmm” she called out as the throbbing changed to a pulsing; a pulsing no her tongue and throat that she knew only too well the significance of.  “Don’t stop,” Jim growled as he put the knife on the bed, and wrapped his hands around her head, holding the back of her neck as he pushed himself forward, his groin rubbing against her face.


“MMmmmmmmmmMMMMMGDDDDDD” she suddenly called out as he came, the hot salty fluid hitting the back of her throat without any warning.  Terri swallowed as much as she could, knowing her would not let go of her head until he had finished, however long that might take…


Eventually, he did let her go, and Terri breathed in, coughing slightly as she said “Please, Jim, enough…”


“I’ll say when it’s enough, you little bitch,” he said as he forced her to stand.  Seeing her discarded hose from earlier on the floor, he picked it up and held the knife against her throat again, saying “Eat it” as he held the gusset in front of her mouth.  Terri nodded as she allowed him to push the soiled nylon in, saying “plssdnhrtmm” as he tied the legs around her head and between her lips.


“I told you to shut the fuck up,” Jim said as he picked up a red scarf, and tied that round Terri’s head as well, covering the hose as it went from her nose to her chin and trapping her hair underneath.  She looked to the side, seeing the rifles on the rack there, but then heard Jim say "If you even try, I cut you open right there, right then, understand?”


Terri nodded as she saw the knife and gun on the bed, and then felt Jim’s hands as he reached round and started to roughly press into her chest, making her moan “HGgdddmmmmm” as she felt her nipples hardening despite herself, the feel of his unshaven chin brushing against her skin as he kissed her – not gently, but roughly, almost as if he was seeking to devour her.


“You are one sexy little fuck, and I wanted to do this so much today – and now there’s nobody here to stop me,” Jim whispered as he pushed further into her chest, and Terri pushed back despite herself, feeling the dampness between her legs as she shook her head and said “Nnddntntndffssbcksnn.”


“Your fucking husband?  I got a friend to send him out of town on a wild goose chase – you’re gonna miss your nice little dinner, and your nice little night out, and his nice little fuck – because I have you now.”


Terri looked to the side at him, as he roughly grabbed at her chest, and then slipped his hand under her slip.  “NNNNNmmmmmm” she said as she felt his hand against her crotch.


“Oh you little slut – you’re damp already,” he said before he forced her to kneel at the side of the bed.  “IT’s just a pity I’m not taking you there.”


“HHNNNNNNNN” Terri called out as he forced her head forward, burying her face into the coverlet before she felt her slip being lifted up, and the hose part over her bottom.  “Hgdhgdhgdhgdhgd,” she mumbled to herself, feeling his lips on her butt cheeks and then his fingers as he eased them into her crack.  The sensations running through her at this point were like electric shocks, her whole body shaking as she felt the dampness between her legs even more.


“PlssjmmfrthlfgddddntMMMMMMMMMMMMM” she screamed into the nylon and scarf as she suddenly felt him penetrate her from behind, the pain searing through her as he started to move back and forth.  “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMm” she called out, panting into the damp foul tasting hose as he moved in and out, pushing her hard into the bed as she felt that throbbing again, only where she had never felt it before.


“First time, bitch,” Jim growled as Terri moaned again.  “Mmmmmmmm mnmnnnnnnnnnnn mmmmmmmmmnnnnnn NNNNNNNNNNN”


She could feel her cheeks parting, her rear passage responding to the pressure and the unnatural intrusion with waves of pain, but she could not help the feelings of pleasure it was creating in her as well, as she panted even more.










He last cry came as for the second time that night, Jim came within her, this time the fluid flowing in the wrong direction as he thrust her so hard against the bed the metal pressed into her cunt.


“HHMGMGMDDMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” she screamed out as he pulled roughly out, and then slapped her bottom hard.


“Better,” he rasped, “more the way a little whore should behave and talk.”  Grabbing Terri under the arms, he dragged her to the back of the bed, laying her down on the wooden floor on top of a blanket as he stared down at her.


“Whht..  mmmmmmmmmmm.   Mmmmrdn?”


“What am I going to do to you,” Jim snarled.  “Well, Pearl has disappeared, as does that little bint Micky likes so much, so I guess you get to have all three shares of me tonight.”


Terri looked up as he stood behind her head, mumbling “plssnmrmrmmmmmm” before he walked round and grabbed her left ankle.  Picking more rope off the bed, he lashed it tightly to the green metal at her ankle, the rope bating into her as it pressed the back of her leg against the metal.


“Plslssttppp,” Terri moaned as Jim pulled her hands up and over her head, leaving them against the wood as he lashed a length of rope to them, and then fed it out of the bedroom door, securing it to the railings outside.


She squirmed round, placing her free foot against the mattress to try and make it more difficult for him, her bottom throbbing, but it was no use – he grabbed her right ankle and tied it just as tightly to the foot of the bed, spreading her legs wide open and above her as she looked at him.


“Betcha wondering why I did this, aitncha you little bitch,” Jim said as he looked down on her.  Terri could only mutely nod as she stared back into his hate filled eyes.


As she stared up he picked up the knife and slipped it under her bra, Terri shivering at the touch of the cold metal as he parted the material like a hot knife through butter.  “Mmmmmmm” she moaned out again as the cold air hit her nipples, making them even harder as he leaned over her and devoured them, his hand grabbing her crotch and roughly pressing down as she felt his lips.


“Mmmmgmmdmmmm” she moaned out, unable to stop her body responding to the assault once again, praying he would stop soon as he pushed her slip up, and placed the knife between her legs.


“If I was you, I’d stay still,” Jim growled as she felt the nylon part up her clit, and then his rough finger as he pushed them into her damp passage, her body shaking as she twisted round in response to this.


“Hfffmkkmdmmmmmdmmdmdmddnnntntntn” she called out as she felt the orgasm coming again.  “Enjoy it,” Jim whispered into her ear as he pushed his fingers in still further, “because when you’re ready, I’m going to take your husband’s nightstick, and I’m going to ram it in there.”


“NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN” she screamed as she opened her eyes and shook her head, at the same time squirming and trying to ignore what was happening to her.


“OH yes, that’ll teach you to make me look a complete idiot – and when that brat comes back with my slag of a wife, I’m going to….”




Terri watched as Jim suddenly disappeared from view, and as she looked back she saw Dave had wrestled him to the floor, his arms up his back as he reached for his cuffs.


“I don’t know what the fuck you think you’re playing at,” he shouted as he fastened the heavy metal around Jim’s wrists, “but I’m arresting you, fuckwad.  You may choose not to say anything, but be assured I’ll see you in prison for the rest of your life.”


“Come on Dave, I’m just having a little fun,” Jim said as he looked at Terri, “Aren’t I?”


“This is rape, you bastard,” Dave said as he kicked him in the side, and then knelt beside Terri, easing the scarf down.  “Shit,” he said as he saw the nylon, and then stood up, fetching a pair of scissors and cutting it away.


“OH thank God, thank God,” Terri called out, “I thought he was going to kill me…”



Well, of course there was no way this was going to be kept quiet.  I managed to get Dave to at least hold off on talking to Pearl and Micky until the morning, but Jim was taken to the station house – and he was never seen again in the town.


The women rallied round Pearl, and supported her during and after the trial, while Dave had a man to man talk with Micky.  He was satisfied at what he said, but made it very clear the games had to stop, and he had to shape up and support his mother.


After that, life seemed quieter – and then Dave was killed in the line of duty, and now…


Taking one last look round the room, I walk down the stairs, and pick up my purse.  “Goodbye,” I whisper, but as I open the door I see someone about to knock.  He’s tall, broad shouldered, and wears the dress uniform of a soldier.  From the three chevrons and maple leaf on his cuffs, I know he is a Warrant Officer, and the medal ribbons show his campaigns.


But it’s his face I’m looking into as he removes his cap and says “Hello, Mrs Smith.  I hope this is not a bad time.”


I look again at him, and say quietly “Micky?”


“Warrant Officer Micky, I suppose,” he said quietly, “May I come in?”


“Of course,” I said as I held the door open, and he came in.  “When did you come back to town?”


“This morning – Mum told me of what happened, and I came to pay my rather belated respects.  Your husband was a good man – especially to us after what happened.”


“Where have you been anyway?”


“Afghanistan, then a year in the States – I’m afraid I was a little difficult to get hold of, or I would have come back for the funeral.”  He looked round, and said “So you’re moving on?”


“That’s right – with the girls going away, I think I’m going back to the city.”  I looked at him, before saying “I miss those days, you know – the games.  If only your father…”


“I don’t talk about him,” Micky said quietly, “except with Mum.  Still, those were good days.”


He looked at her, and then said “Mrs Smith…”


“Terri – we’re both adults.”


“Terri,” Micky said with a smile, “I just wanted to wish you luck when you go.  I’d better head back and…”


“Micky – this is going to sound awful, but can we play one more game – for old time’s sake?  Besides – I miss a man being with me.”


He looked at me, and said quietly “Are you sure?”


“I’m sure – consider it a goodbye present for me.  I’ll let you change, and the back door will be unlocked – surprise me later, all right?”


“All right, Terri – I’ll see you later,” Micky said as he left the house, and I closed the door behind him.





IT was about seven when I was sitting at the kitchen table, flipping through a magazine.  I had put on a black dress with a white fern pattern on it, a pair of black pumps and a fawn coloured top, as well as a bra and hose.


So when I was grabbed from behind, one hand on my chest and the other over my mouth, I was taken completely by surprise, but I calmed down again as I heard Micky say “Not a word lady – just stand up.”


I pushed the chair back and stood up, his hand clamped over my mouth as he whispered “Not a sound, not a movement unless I say so.  Now, put your head down on the table, and your hands behind your back.”


I did as he asked – not that I had much choice, given how strong he was, as he crossed my wrists behind my back and taped them tightly together.  “Stand up,” he said, and as I did so he slapped a strip of the tape over my lips, before turning me round and pushing me towards the front room.


It felt so good to be under his control – far better than I had remembered, and although he was commanding and in charge, his voice was gentle, kind – loving, almost.


He walked me into the front room and made me sit down on the couch, and said “Sit down and look at me.”


I did so, and got my first good look at him.  He was dressed in black, and had an Arab scarf tied around his head as well as a pair of dark glasses.  Removing the scarf, he smiled as he said “I know your husband is not coming home, is he?”


“Nnnn,” I mumbled, the tape holding firm over my mouth as he knelt down, and put my ankles side by side.  I now saw that it was a roll of wide green tape, but it certainly held my legs firmly together as he taped them side by side.


“You are a beautiful woman,” he said as he taped my legs together below my knees, and I admit I blushed at that, letting my head move to the side to hide my red cheeks.


Taping my legs together above my knees, he then stopped and put the roll down, looking at me as I sat back on the chair.  “Do you know what I’m going to do now,” he said as he looked at me.  I know what I wanted him to do, but I just shook my head, playing along as he smiled at me.


“Move forward – I want you to sit on the edge of the seat,” he said as he helped me to shuffle forward, his strong hand stroking down my back and then across my chest as he knelt down.


“Whtrudng,” I mumbled through the tape as he started to stroke his hands down my side and over my chest, and the he started to grope my chest, his fingers gently massaging around my nipples as I started to moan in response.  “Such a sensitive body,” he said quietly as he leaned over and kissed the side of my neck, his hands pressing more firmly into me.


“Hmmgddthsflssgdd,” I moaned, and then said “Mmmmmm” as he kissed me again, and then looked into my eyes.


“I want you,” he said quietly, “but first you must have me.  Do you understand what I mean?”


I nodded, not afraid of him as he pulled the front of his trousers open, and showed me his manhood.  It was larger than I expected, but as I eyed it I knew exactly what he wanted me to do.


“I will remove the tape from your mouth, and you will not speak or scream, understand?”


“Ysssrrr,” I mumbled as he peeled the tape away, and I looked at his cock, licking my lips.


“Kiss it,” he said, and as he held it in front of me I gently placed my lips on the tip and kissed it, my tongue moving over the very edge of it as Micky moaned.  “Go on – I know you want to,” he said with a smile as I put my lips over the very end of his cock, and then pulled back, smacking them as I did so. 


“Fnkusrr” I said as I continued to slowly draw him into my mouth, pushing him out with my tongue and then sucking him back in again, enjoying his moans as I slowly sucked and pushed, sucked and pushed, in and out, in and out, feeling it engorging more with each suck in and my tongue pressed further and further down…


What’s more, I could feel his throbbing against my tongue, as I finally drew him in and wrapped my tongue around it, tasting the saltiness and relishing it as I began to suck harder and harder.  Micky held onto my head and moaned as he started to move in and out as well, my lips forming a tight seal as I drew him deeper in each time.


“Mmmmmmmmmmm” was about all I could say as the throbbing grew stronger and stronger, each time making me want to draw him still further in, gripping my hair more tightly as that throbbing grows more and more intense.



“Keep doing that,” Micky said as he pushed further forward, his cock now filling my mouth and pressing against the back of my throat.


“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” I moan out as I feel him gripping me, and gasping, knowing that moment is drawing closer.  This is not like it was with his father, when there was an overpowering sense of fear – this is different, more gentle, more – loving almost, as he finally lets go and I start to swallow his hot salty cum, flowing down the back of my throat.


“OH MY GOD” Micky called out a is continue to suck him dry, using my tongue and lips to make sure I take every little drop I can before I finally let him go, looking into his eyes as I do so.


“Did I do well, “I finally say when he has recovered enough to speak.


“Very well,” he whispered as he removed his pants, “and you must be rewarded.  Open your mouth.”


As I did so, he used a cloth to wipe any mess away, and then pushed it inside, waiting until I closed it before he taped it back over again, the band running from ear to ear.


“Fnkusrr,” I said again as he knelt in front of me, and started to slowly unbutton my top, kissing my neck as he unfastened each fastening.  His lips felt so good on me, as I started to moan again in thanks and agreement.


“Tfflssggddd,” I whispered through the layers of tape as Micky opened my top up, and started to kiss my neck as his hands grasped and gently kneaded my breasts under my bra.  “HHYSSSS” I called out as he did this, loving every little detail of his teasing as his hands sank into my soft flesh.


He then stopped for a moment, and put his hands on my legs, slowly drawing them up the hose as he passed over the bands of green tape, and then put his hand between my thighs, feeling the dampness that was between my legs.


“HMMGDDD” I called out at his touch, then saw his smile as he said “Lie down.”


I rolled onto my side, and then onto my back, watching as he pulled my top open and then started to caress my throat and neck in soft kisses, his hand slipping between my legs and then stroking slowly up my crotch.


“HHFSKSKKKSSSGDDD” I moaned out at that, as he started to move his hand up and down, pushing my skirt up and out of the way as he did so.  I closed my eyes and moaned “mmmmmmm  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm     mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” with each sensitive touch.


As he looked into my eyes, he said “I know what my father did to you, and it was wrong – but I want to know if you wish me to do the same to you?”


I nodded and rolled over onto my side, looking to the back of the couch as I felt my hose parting at my backside, and then Micky’s fingers gently massaging my bottom, as he applied some cream between the cracks.


“I want you,” he said as I moaned at his fingers moving between my butt cheeks, “To lie face down and draw your knees in.”


“Ysssrrr,” I said as  I rolled onto my stomach, looking at him as I drew my knees in and raised my bottom into the air.  I could feel the cool air on my exposed crack as Micky knelt behind me and reached round, starting again to massage my chest as I moaned out.


“Thsfflssgdddd…” I said quietly, “WhnrruuggnntttOOOOOOOO”



I felt his hard cock slipping through the torn hose and between my cheeks, moving in and out as he fucked my arse.  It felt so good, so smooth, and I started to moan and say “Hysssrrfkkmmgdd” as he pushed further in, my passage gripping him in response as I felt the throbbing anew.


“HHFFKKYSSSSS” I heard myself call out as I pushed back against him, encouraging him all the more as he groaned behind me, grasping my chest in his large, firm hands and making me moan even more.  I wanted to cum, I really needed to….



“YYYYYYYYYYASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” I screamed out as I felt myself cumming, and felt him shoot inside me as well, holding me close to him before he finally let me go, climbing down as I slowly slid my legs back and panted into the seat.


“You are an amazing woman, lady,” Micky said as I slowly turned my head and looked at him, “but I am not finished yet.”  He gently rolled me over, and then unhooked my bra, opening it to either side before he started to kiss and suck on my bare nipples.


“HYSSSS kppddngtthsss” I called out as I closed my eyes and moved under him, feeling the dampness even more between my legs as I wriggled round.  “Kppddngtthsspllsss”


He then slipped his hand between my legs again, and smiled as he said “You are an amazing fuck as well – and I want to make sure you know that.”  I nodded as he opened my hose over my crotch, and then leaned down and kissed me between my legs, his tongue searching against the petals of my passage.




“Do you like this?”


I looked down and nodded as he continued to use his tongue in ways I had never experienced, licking my juices and at the same time making me feel twenty years younger as I moan along in appreciation. 


He then lifted me onto the floor, and straddled my legs with himself, smiling as I looked at how much he had recovered already.




I nodded and closed my eyes as his hands grasped and pressed into my chest, and then I felt him move into me, smoothly, without pain or fear, only the muffled gasp of “YSSSSS” in the room as I gripped him and felt him move in and out.


“Hffkkkmmmmmsggddddd” I moaned out again as I moved in time with him, planting my taped feet on the ground and moving up and down as he pressed further into me, feeling that throbbing inside me as he built to a climax – and started to edge me towards another orgasm as well.


Micky looks down on me and smiles before he arches his back, and I scream again into my gaga, feeling my body gripping him as he gives once more, wanting the moment never to end, wishing against hope that this would not end…




Soon, however, it ends, and as Micky withdraws I collapse to the ground, exhausted, sweating, dripping – but more fulfilled and happy than I have been since Dave died.


Micky stood up and pulled his pants on, before he knelt again and gently removed the tape from my mouth.


“Thank you,” I whispered softly, “for doing that for me.”


“It was a pleasure and an honour,” Micky said as he cut me free, and helped me to stand.  “Perhaps I can come and see you in the city?”


“I would like that,” I said quietly, “I would like that very much…”







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