Teaching the Teacher – Part 1








2.30 pm


“Johnny – a word before you go to your next class please?”


Johnny nodded to his two friends and waited as the rest of the class went out, before Anne McVey closed the door.  Even at the age of sixteen, he towered over the five foot one tall teacher, who was wearing a red coat dress with long sleeves and a knee length skirt, natural hose, red heels.


Even though she was – short – Johnny could see she was well built, with her short red-brown hair.


“Johnny,” Anne said as she stood by the desk, “I need to talk to you about your last three English assignments.”


“What about them Mrs McVey,” Johnny said as he stood holding his books.


“Where are they?”


He looked at her, before he said “I haven’t done them – why should I, I’m not going to need it when I play College Ball…”


“Yes you are, Johnny,” Anne said quietly, “because you are in danger of flunking my class.  And if you do, I have to inform the coach.”


“You wouldn’t dare…”  Johnny looked down at Anne, who just looked right back and said “if those assignments are not on my desk on Monday, and they are not to the required standard, I can and I will.  Consider this your final warning.”


She looked at the teenager, as he smirked and said “we’ll see” before he walked out of the room.  Sighing, she sat down and began to mark the work there…




5 pm


“She’ll get you kicked off the team?”


“Yeah Pops,” Johnny said as he stood by the side of the truck, his father’s legs sticking out from underneath.  “No way I can do that work in that time.”


“Then we need to find another way of persuading her son,” he said as he reached out and picked up a ranch.  “You know where she lives?”


“Yeah – why?”


“Go home, pack some things for the weekend – we’re going hunting…”




7 pm


Anne closed the door to her house and threw the keys into the bowl by the door, sighing as she put her case down.  The house seemed so empty, even though a year had passed since her husband had died, and this gnawed at her.


Sighing, she walked up the staircase and into her bedroom, wondering if she could be bothered changing before she had something to eat.  Somehow, it seemed so unimportant…


It was the creak that she heard first, but before she could react she was grabbed from behind, a leather gloved hand clamped over her mouth as she tried to call out.  “Don’t say a fucking word,” a deep male voice said behind her, as a young man walked in front of her and smiled.


JHnneee?  Wththhfckkk.”


“Language Mrs McVey,” he said with a smirk, “Pops and I want to talk to you about your demand.”


Anne wriggled round, trying desperately to break free of the strong grip, but when she heard the deep voice say “I told you to keep quiet bitch – my son is talking to you.”


“Are you going to forget about my assignments?”  Johnny watched as Anne stared at him, and then slowly shook her head.  “Okay Pops – we need to do what we planned.”


“Sit down,” the voice growled as Annie was pushed over to her bed, looking at both of them as she did so.  Pops was wearing grey overalls, while Johnny still had on his jeans and sweatshirt from earlier.


“Put her hands together Son,” Pops said as he reached into his pocket, and took out a roll of white tape.  Anne shook her head and said “no…” trying to back away, but Johnny simply grabbed her wrists and held then together in front of her as his father wound the tape tightly round them.  “What the hell are you doing,” she shouted as the tape was torn free – and then she felt the palm of Johnny’s hand as he slapped her, and said “Respect your elders – that’s what you keep saying Miss.”


Anne looked down as Johnny noticed the way her chest was heaving, before Pops knelt down and taped her ankles tightly together, the tape sticking to the hose and pulling it slightly.


“Look, Johnny,” Anne said as the tape was pressed down, and she looked up at him, “this is not the way to resolve this.  Cut me free, and you and your father can talk to me.”


“Time for talking has passed,” Pops said as he tore a strip of tape from the roll, “either you agree now to not report my boy, and let him play, or we keep going.”  Anne looked up at him, and shook her head, before he pressed the tape firmly over her lips, pressing three more strips over the top of it to keep her lips sealed.


He then knelt down again, and taped her legs together below her knees, Anne staring defiantly at Johnny as he stood behind his father and smiled.  Thsssntthwe,” she mumbled as Pops stood up and looked at her.


“No – we need to persuade this little lady we’re right,” Pops said as he pushed Anne back, making her lie on her back with her hands raised, and then knelt over her on the bed, his legs on either side.  “You, me and the boy have all weekend to discuss this,” he said quietly, “but we can have fun as well.”


Whttddummnnn,” Anne said – and then she closed her eyes and groaned as she felt his large, rough hands on her chest, pressing down and digging his fingers in as he smiled at her.  She was taken completely by surprise, the fear that she felt as he groped and squeezed her slowly replaced by something else…


She could feel her chest firming despite her mental screams not to, as his fingers continued to sink into her chest.  There as something else however, as she felt his cock growing and getting harder on her crotch as he leaned over and leered at her.


“Wow – what are you doing Pops,” Johnny said as he stood to the side.


“Showing this stupid sow who’s boss here now,” Pops said as he got off, lifted her legs onto the bed and made her face the wall, “I need to go and fetch something – show her how much you want her to enjoy this Son.”


Anne dared not turn as she heard the heavy footsteps walk off, and then felt Johnny lie behind her, his arm reaching over and massaging her chest again as she felt his body pressing against hers.


“You do smell nice,” he said as he kissed her neck, and Anne felt something else pressing on her back, her eyes opening wide as she felt the zip slowly been lowered on her dress, the material pulled down her arms before she was rolled over, and she saw Johnny astride her, looking down as he stared at her chest, and then pressed firmly down.  The groan that escaped was involuntary, but wasn’t to her surprise and shock one of pain – but of pleasure.


“Let’s see just how good they look,” Johnny sneered as he pulled her bra down, Anne noticing the way her nipples stood proud – and then closing her eyes and screaming into the gag as he pinched them between his fingers.


“Oh you do love this, don’t you,” he crooned as Anne closed her eyes, too frightened now to do anything as he leaned down and sucked hard, drawing her nipples into his mouth as his tongue danced round them.  She wriggled round, and then stopped as she felt the lump between Johnny’s legs.


“Yeah – I’m enjoying this as well,” Johnny grinned as he pulled his pants down, Anne’s eyes widening as he saw the size of his cock as it sprang forth.  She shook her head from side to side, afraid of what he might do – and then her eyes opened wide as a damp, sweet smelling cloth was pressed firmly over her nose and taped mouth.  She tried not to breath in – and then her eyelids fluttered and slowly closed.


“Later son,” Pops said as Johnny climbed off the bed, “later…”






8 am


As Anne slowly opened her eyes, the thumping headache behind them started to ease off.  She had a vague memory of getting home, then been surprised, and then…


She suddenly sat up – and immediately regretted it as the room seemed to shimmer and move in front of her eyes.  Closing them, she took several deep breaths, calming herself, before she slowly opened her eyes and looked round.


“Where the hell am I,” she thought to herself as she looked round the room, a curtain hanging down over the windows, and then the memory of the night before came flooding back.  “Fuck,” she said to herself as she stood up, and looked in the mirror.  She wasn’t wearing her dress from the night before any more – instead, she was wearing a black vest top, held up by thin straps that went over her shoulders, a pair of grey shorts, hose and black heeled sandals.


“Fuck fuck fuck,” she repeated to herself as she looked at the window, and then she heard Johnny say “well, y’all are awake now Mrs McVey – ready to do what we asked you to?”


“Johnny,” Anne said as she turned round and looked at him, “what have you done?  Kidnapping is a serious…”


“And I am a serious man,” Johnny said, Anne watching with eyes wide open as he cocked the shotgun he was carrying, “and if you will not withdraw your threat, I will need to teach you what it means to obey a serious man.”


“Johnny…  You don’t want to do this…”




Anne looked at the young man, and then shook her head from side to side.


“Okay then – class is now in session teacher.  Face the wall, and put your hands behind your back.”


Looking at the gun and at Johnny, Anne slowly nodded as she faced the wall and moved her arms behind her.  As he put the gun down, Johnny picked up a length of rope and folded Anne’s arms behind her, before he tied her wrists tightly together, making sure the rope was pulled tighter with each pass.


“That hurts,” Anne cried out as he made sure her arms were secured together.


“So?  I gave you the opportunity, and you refused it,” Johnny said as he lulled the rope round and tied the ends off.  As he stood back, he saw the way her shorts were sitting, the tops of the hose showing, and he gave her bottom a hard squeeze.


“HEY!”  Anne shouted more out of surprise than anything, as he took her arm and frog marched her to the side of the old bed.  “Sit down – there’s more like that to come if you’re a good girl,” he said with a thin smile as Anne looked up at him.


“Johnny – you can still stop and let me go, I won’t say anything…”


“No - Pops said we need to teach you a lesson, and we will.”  Kneeling down, he grabbed Anne’s ankles and held them together as he passed a loop of rope round them, pulled it tight, and then secured her ankles by taking the rope around and between her legs, Anne biting her lip as the ropes rubbed on her flesh.


She then watched as he took another length of rope, and secured her legs together below her knees, once again taking the rope around and between her limbs.


“Okay…  Okay, you have me tied up,” Anne said, calmly, quietly, trying to retain control of the situation.  “Let’s talk about your work, and how I can…”


“Not yet,” Johnny said as he took another, longer length of rope and tied it round Anne’s waist, leaving the long ends lying in front.  She stared at them, wondering what it was he was planning to do, when he pushed her onto her back and rolled her over, so that her face was pressed down on the green duvet.


“Johnny, what are you – oh god, no,” Anne called out as she felt him move his hand between her thighs, and then pull the rope up, making it press on her crotch as he pulled it more, and then secured the ends behind her back as well.  She felt him leave the bed and rolled over, trying to sit herself up – but that made the ropes rub between her legs, as she started to feel slightly giddy, slightly strange.


“Why…  Why did you do that,” she panted as she finally sat up, looking at him as he stared back.


“To make sure you do as you’re told – stand up.”


Slowly, the ropes subbing all the time, Anne stood up – too afraid to do anything but as she saw something in her student’s look, something in the way he was staring at her.


“You’re a fine looking woman, Mrs McVey,” he said as he stood in front of her, “I’ve always thought that.  Always dreamed of what I would do, given the chance.”


“Johnny – AH!”  The sudden gasp was because Johnny had grabbed her chest in both hands, squeezing as hard as he had done the previous night, his fingers sinking into them as he started to massage them, kissing her neck at the same time.




“Oh I can see you like this,” Johnny whispered into her ear as he squeezed her chest again, “Pops thinks you’re a sow, but I disagree – I think you’re a fine pedigree horse, and you want to be ridden.  Don’t you?”


“Johnny…  Johnny please…”


“Of course I will,” Johnny said as he pulled down the straps on her chest, revealing her bare breasts, and then started to kiss them, sucking on her nipples and roughly playing with them with his tongue, as he pulled on the rope between her legs.  Anne groaned, unsure of what to do – she was his captive, but what he was doing, the way it was making her feel…


When he stopped, she looked at him and whispered “please don’t…”


“Oh no – I think we need to make sure those beauties are real prominent,” Johnny said as he picked up a longer length of rope, and wrapped it around her arms and body, forcing them into her sides as the bands dug into her flesh.  She tried to move, but the rope between her legs moved as well, and that feeling, that strange faint feeling…


Johnny took the rope above and below her chest, but then he walked in front of her and pulled the rope tight around the base of her left breast, making her gasp even more as it was forced out, constricted at that point.  He then took the rope around her other breast as well, before taking it round, over her shoulder, under the lower band and back up.


As she felt him securing the rope behind her, Anne looked down at her chest, her breasts forced up and out, her nipples prominent, and then tugged more as her wrists were secured even more.  The way she was bound was something she had never experienced before, and something about it…


“Johnny…  Please, what do you think this will…”  As he stood in front of her, Anne looked at the young man, at the bulge in his pants, and then at his cock as he unzipped and lowered them.


“I think you should be quiet now,” he said as he looked at her, “and I want you to give me a treat.  Kneel down.”


“No – for the love of god, no…”


“I said KNEEL,” Johnny shouted as he pushed down on Anne’s shoulders, making her drop to the floor as he stood in front of her.  “You ever done this before?”


Anne shook her head from side to side as Johnny grinned.  “Neither have I, but I read a lot on the computer.  Kiss it.”


“You don’t have to…”  Anne gasped as Johnny pulled back on her hair, and said “I said kiss it.”  She whimpered as he let go, and slowly leaned forward, lacing her lips on it and gently pressing them on.


“Oh that is good, keep doing that Miss,” Johnny said, Anne moving her lips along his shaft and then gently kissing the tip.  He gasped as she did that again, and placed his hands on her head as she slowly opened her lips and kissed it once more, her tongue on the tip.


“OH….  Keep doing that, take it in,” he said quietly as Anne placed her lips over the tip, and then moved back, her lips making a soft popping sound as she did so.  He pulled her head forward, and once again she placed her lips over his cock, feeling it throb as she moved it further into her mouth.


The response was instant, as she felt it growing larger with her movements, the throbbing intensifying as she started to use her tongue on the base, licking and caressing it as he held her head in place.  Slowly, slowly, reluctantly at first, she began to suck, her tongue stroking him as well as her lips formed a seal round his member.


“OH yes,” Johnny whispered as he held her head in place, and Anne felt the throbbing increase, intensify as he swelled and grew larger.  She felt she had no choice, as she moved her head to and fro, making him grow larger still inside her mouth, her tongue now pressed down to the floor of her mouth as she felt the throbbing change into something else.


She could hear his groans, and as he reached down and started to pull on the rope between her legs with one hand she wriggled and groaned as well.  Whatever was happening to Johnny as she continued to kiss and suck, moving her head to and fro, there was a fire growing inside her was well, fanned by the way the ropes were rubbing on her, the warmth, the dampness increasing between her own legs.


“What the hell is happening to me,” she thought to herself, her mouth now packed with his throbbing cock, as she tasted the saltiness of something in her mouth, but she kept going, too afraid of what might happen if she…


It started suddenly, without warning, as the hot salty cum exploded into her mouth, and Johnny cried out, stopping what he was doing with the ropes and holding her head in both hands.  Anne had no choice but to swallow, the salty hot liquid hitting the back of her throat and moving down, as she tried to take in as much as she could. 


She could not describe how it felt, even if she wanted to, the shame of the fact one of her students had forced her to do that…


Eventually, Johnny let go and stepped back, smiling as he said “Thank you Mrs McVey – now, will you withdraw your threat?”


Anne could not speak for a moment, as she stared at him, and then whispered one word.




“Fair enough – class continues,” Johnny said as he picked up a yellow ball – one with two thin leather straps attached to either side.   “If you won’t talk, you stay quiet.  Open wide.”


Anne did the exact opposite – clamping her lips shut and shaking her head from side to side.  “Nice idea – let’s see if it works in practice,” Johnny said as he stood in front of her, and then pinched her nipple hard.


She had not realised how sensitive they had become, or realised how they had been rubbing on his legs before – but the shock and the sensation made her open her mouth, and gave Johnny the opportunity to push the ball into her mouth, taking the thongs around her head and tying them together at the base of her neck.


“You liked that didn’t you,” he said as Anne looked at him – and then he pinched both nipples at the same time, Anne closing her eyes and screaming out – but the sound was muffled, and in the pain was something lose, something that made her move her body round, the ropes rubbing even more on her…


“OH you hot little minx – you get off on this don’t you,” Johnny said as he looked at her, Anne saying nothing as he pushed her onto the bed, and she lay on her side.  Walking to the side of the room, he picked up a leather strap, and stroked it over her chest, Anne watching him the whole time.


The first stroke on her chest made her grimace, but to her growing horror she realised he was right – something about this was exciting her, and making her feel so fucking horny…


She grimaced again as he brought the strap down on her chest, the burning running across and through her body as she twisted round, the ropes now rubbing on her shorts as Johnny saw the dark damp patch growing over them.


“You like this, don’t you?”  Anne could only nod mutely as he brought the strap down again and again, each stroke making her groan even more, feel even hotter, wanting it rather than dreading it…


“Let’s try something else,” he said as he rolled her onto her stomach, and pulled her ankles back, his hand caressing her bottom before he secured her ankles to her chest ropes.  Her nipples ere red, hot, and as she squirmed on the duvet they seemed to become even more sensitive, even more…




The first stroke of his hand made her raise her head and cry out, but the second one made her moan.  The third one made her groan more than moan, and with each subsequent snack, each caress of her bottom after that, she felt more and more aroused.


Why?  Why did this make her feel this way? As he smacked and caressed her, she began to feel a different desire – she wanted someone to fuck her, to fuck her so badly…


As he rolled her over ad looked at her, she stared back, and whispered “whtrrugnntdnnwww,” before she closed her eyes and groaned as he slipped his hand under her crotch rope, into her shorts, and she felt him fingering her damp, sensitive, warm clit…


She groaned even more as he leaned over and started to kiss her chest again, his fingers slipping inside her as his lips enclosed and sucked on her chest, and she pushed her hips up to meet him, her animal instincts overriding her rational brain as she ground against his hand.  She felt his teeth as he bit her, and screamed out, the juices starting to flow freely as she felt an orgasm coming on.




When it came, it took Johnny by surprise as well as he felt the dampness on his hand, Anne writhing on the bed and then collapsing onto her side.


“Well now, I see you have a lot to teach me as well,” he said quietly as he withdrew his hand, and licked his fingers.


“Where are you boy!”


“Coming Pops,” Johnny said as he smiled and pulled his pants up, Anne watching him as he walked to the door.  That was not what she had expected – and she had never…


“Well now, Teach,” his father said as he looked in, “guess it’s my turn now…”







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