“And that was the sound of The Eagles on WKDG, continuing our celebration of their music.  We’ll be back in a minute after these messages...”


Alex smiled to herself as she drove along the dark road.  It had been a good day, and she had enjoyed the party in the tavern afterwards to celebrate meeting their quarterly target.  It was part of her management philosophy to build her team socially as well as professionally, so she had been happy to host this for them.


It was a warm spring evening, and she was wearing a red coloured coat dress, the hem coming down to above her knees, natural hose and red heels.  The dress had short sleeves, but given the temperature she hadn’t felt she needed a coat or anything else to wear.


As she pulled up outside her house, she was looking forward to a nightcap, and a good sleep.  With her back to the window, she didn’t notice the slight twitch in the curtains...


“Home again,” she said to herself as she walked into the hallway, throwing her keys into the bowl by the door before she turned and locked the entrance.  Looking at herself in the mirror, she saw her short red hair, and sighed as she walked into the front room.  It took her a moment to register what was going on, before she said “what the...”


“Hands in the air, bitch.”


The man was over six foot tall, and at least three foot across the chest, and was dressed all in black – including the gloves and the mask that covered his head, showing only his eyes and the thin, cruel mouth.


“You heard me,” he said again as Alex stared at the handgun he was pointing at her, “hands in the air!”


She quickly raised her hands, her mouth open as she said “who are you?”


“None of your fucking business,” the man said as she saw him reach into a canvas bag, and draw out a length of rope, “turn round, and put your hands behind your back.”




“Because I fucking told you to, bitch – now do it!”


Too scared to do anything other than comply, Alex turned round and moved her hands behind her back.  She felt his grip on her wrists as he roughly yanked them behind her, and place her hands back to back, before the rope pulled and rubbed on her bare flesh.


She bit her lower lip, afraid of speaking as the nylon rope rubbed on her wrists, the masked man pulling it tightly and then taking it between her wrists to make it even worse.  As he gave one last pull, and tied the ends off, he said “what’s your name?”


“Alex,” she replied as she began to cry.


“Wrong, it’s bitch, what’s your name?”


He stopped herself from screaming as her head was pulled back, and she looked into his cruel eyes as she said “bitch...”


“That’s right,” he said as she caught a glimpse of something in his hand, and then had to stop herself from retching as a dirty rag was pushed into her mouth, keeping her tongue forced down and muffling any sound she may make.  Alex barely had time to get used to that taste before she felt the corners of her mouth been pulled back, as the intruder used one of her stockings as a cleave gag, the tin band cutting into the soft flesh there.


She felt him tie the stocking off at the back of her neck, as she looked up, wondering what was going to happen next as he walked round her.


“Sit down, bitch,” he finally said as he indicated her grey upholstered couch.  Alex walked slowly over, aware of his watching her every move, and started to lower herself down – only for him to say “Not quick enough, cock sucker” and then feel his hands on her shoulders as she was pushed violently into the seat.


“You expecting anyone else, fucker?  Because we could have a party here...”


Alex shook her head – her husband was away on a trip, and nobody was going to call on her this late...


She watched as he pulled more rope from the bag, and then knelt in front of her, wrapping the rope around her legs above her knees and pulling hard as they were forced together.  The hose offered little protection, as the ropes hurt her the way they were tied.


She looked at him as he reached for more rope, and said “whtdduwnnt?”


“You’ll see,” he said with a cruel smile as he lashed her legs together below her knees, and then tied her ankles together as well.  She closed her eyes and called out in pain as the last rope was pulled tightly between her legs, as well as in frustration – he was in charge, and something in the way he talked...


“Stop crying, you stupid bitch,” she heard him say before he slapped her, Alex reeling in shock and surprise as she closed her eyes and tried to calm herself.


“Plslsdntnthhtmmm, lttnfnnn...”


“Yes, you fucking well will,” the man said as he stood in front of Alex, and she saw another of her stockings in his hands.  Instinctively, she closed her eyes, and then she felt the pressure as he used the nylon as a blindfold, tying it tightly over her eyes.


She sat there for a minute, wondering what he was going to do next, and then he felt his hands pressing down on her chest, squeezing her breasts so hard she let out a muffled “Pllssnnnn.”


“Did I say you could speak, bitch,” the man growled as he pushed her over, Alex grunting again as she felt her head hit the cushion.  She then felt his hands on her legs, stroking down them as he lifted them and left her lying on her side.


It was the cold metal pressed against her neck that made her shiver, as he said “You’re going to do anything I say, right bitch?”


“Yssss,” was all she could say as she heard the sound of a zip been pulled down, and then felt the cold metal as the flat of the blade was stroked over her cheek.  She breathed heavily as she felt his gloved hand pat her cheek – and then something rub over her red lips.




“Did I say you could talk, bitch?  Kiss my fucking dick.”


Alex knew what it was she was been asked to do, and what it meant, but she had no choice, as she gently kissed the organ, tasting the sweat and other things as she did so.


“Very nice, you’re a fucking obedient little cock sucker aren’t you?”




She felt the tug on the thin nylon band as it was pulled from her mouth, and then the rag pulled from her mouth, as she gasped and said “please don’t make me do this...”


“You wanna die, bitch?”


Alex shook her head as he pressed his cock against her mouth.


“Then do whatever I fucking tell you to do, and right now I’m telling you to suck my dick – so do it, and be a live cock sucker rather than a FUCKING DEAD ONE!!”


She felt the hot breath on her eyes as he spat out the last words, and nodded as she slowly began to kiss his cock, taking her lips up and down it before she felt the tip press on her lips.


Slowly, fearfully, she opened her mouth and kissed the tip, her tongue pressing on the end.


“All the way – and do a good job bitch, then I may not kill you.”


Alex nodded as she slowly wrapped her lips round the tip, hearing his sigh as she stroked over his member, and then opened her mouth wider, drawing it in as he gripped her hair.  She could hear his sigh as her lips closed over it, her tongue running over the base of his cock as it started to throb.


“Keep going you fucking cock sucker.”


Alex nodded, which made him sigh as well, before she began to suck, using her tongue and lips to push his cock out, and then to feel him push it back in even harder.  As this went on, she was aware of the increase in pressure, his cock swelling and throbbing as she drew him in deeper and deeper.


“Desthpllsuummmm,” she moaned, fearing what his response might be.


“You’re good at this – I like that.  Keep going,” he whispered, Alex nodding as she felt the pressure growing, heard his groans getting stronger, his grip on her hair hurting more and more.


She wondered how long this was going to take, how long he could possibly hold on, as the throbbing grew, the puling making her feeling very strange as well...


And then it happened – the hot, salty flow forcing itself against the back of her throat as it entered her throat.  She wanted to cough, to gag, but the knife at her neck, the tight grip on her hair, meant she had no choice but to swallow as much as she could.


Eventually, she felt the grip loosen and he pulled out, a thin line of white semen falling from the corner of her mouth before the rag was shoved back in, and the thin nylon strip pulled back between her legs.  She lay on her side, panting, struggling to regain her composure as she heard the man walk out of the room and up the stairs.


“Please, please God, let that be all he does,” she said to herself as she heard him searching in the bedrooms, feeling a mixture of shame and something else, something she wasn’t sure she wanted to admit.





She didn’t hear the masked man as he walked quietly back in, looking at her as she lay on her side, her bottom moving as she shook in fear and cold.  He walked over, Alex suddenly stiffening as she felt his hand moving the skirt of her dress up, and starting to massage her bottom.  When her husband did this, it always made her feel special, and as his fingers massaged her butt cheeks she was ashamed to feel the same pleasurable feelings.


“Oh you like this, don’t you, you little fucker?”


Alex could only nod as she felt him continue the massage, feeling a warmth start inside her despite her situation.  As he stopped, she wondered what was happening while he looked her up and down.


“Get up bitch.”


Alex slowly moved her legs off the couch, taking several breaths before she managed to get herself into a seated position.  That was when she felt his lips on hers, kissing her roughly as his hands grabbed her chest and started to massage her breasts roughly.


“Pllsssdnnddthsss,” she moaned, unable to see or stop him as his fingers sunk into her soft flesh, and his lips moved down, kissing and sucking hard on her neck as a strange warmth began to grow inside her.  A nice warmth, which was completely at odds with what she felt she should be facing this situation.


“Whtruddngttmmm,” she called out as she felt her breasts firming up, and he continued his pressure on them.  Then she felt him suck hard on her neck, and as she gasped she felt him start to unfasten her dress, pulling it open button by button as she tried to wriggle away.


“Did I, or did I not say that you were going to do whatever I say, you little cunt?”




“Then stop the fucking wriggling,” she heard him growl as he pulled her dress open, revealing her white bra – and the fact she had no panties on.


"Oh now they are fucking magnificent,” she heard him say as his hands pressed down on her chest again, and he continued to kiss her neck and throat as his fingers probed deeper and deeper.


“Hmmgsssshwwhshpnntmmm,” Alex moaned, as she involuntarily pushed herself into his hands, feeling a strong desire to feel him press even more firmly against them, despite her position.


As his fingers dug into her flesh, she opened her mouth and called out “Hmmmsswwtgdgddssssgddddd!”


“Yes it is, bitch,” she heard him say, and then she felt him pull the cup down off her left breast.  The cool air hit it, as she realised how firm her nipple was, and then she felt his hands on it again as he roughly probed and squeezed, her groans softening as he did so.


 “Hffkkkk,” she said as the other breast was released, her dress pulled back and the bra straps pulled off her shoulders as she felt his lips on her neck and shoulders , his hands squeezing, his fingers probing as she started to wriggle round.




She wondered why he had stopped – and then she felt his lips on her chest, travelling over her breasts.


“Hmmmsnsnssss,” she said as she felt his lips cover her nipple, and then the pressure as he sucked, the sensation as his tongue stroked over her.  The fear was been replaced by something else, something she knew, something she feared given who was causing it...


She lay back, panting heavily as he continued to kiss and suck on her chest, and then she felt his hand between her legs, stroking over her clit as he sucked particularly hard. 


“Hmmm – you feel so nice there.  I’m going to take a closer look bitch – you don’t mind do you?”


“WhddumnnSHHTTTTTT,” Alex said as she felt him pull her hose down, and then his fingers stroking over her mound, her petals, her suddenly very damp and sensitive clit as she shook.




The latest gasp came as she felt his hands on her chest again, but his arms were raised, and she felt his lips on her sex, his tongue probing and playing with her as the petals parted without her conscious thought.


“HSWTGDDDDFKKMMMMMM” she called out as she felt the tip of his tongue push into her, her passage damp, sweet, welcoming...


She grunted as she was pulled off the chair and onto her back, as her hose was pulled down to her knees and she felt his lips kissing, his tongue probing, heard the zip lowered and the sound of pants been pulled down...


“Plssjstddtt,” she moaned quietly, knowing what was going to happen, no longer afraid or wanting to resist, so hot was she feeling, so desperate for the end to come...


She felt his hands as he pulled her les down, and the his body as he straddled her – and then the touch of his dick on her sex, before he pushed himself in.




“That’s right you fucking little bitch – it’s time for your reward.”


“Hggdddplssudnthhfftt...”  Alex was stunned into silence as she felt him force his cock into her passage, filling it, pressing against her walls as she felt the throbbing inside her.  It was wrong, he was forcing himself on her, and yet her body wanted it.


“Hsshhtttt” she mumbled as she felt her body push against his, and then she gasped as he grew inside her.


“Oh yes – you are tight, and you are good,” she heard him say as she screamed out – in pleasure this time, as the throbbing increased inside her, and she pushed against him.  She wanted him, her body needed him, even as he pushed more roughly into her...




“Oh I intend to,” he said as he kept pushing forward, filling her, his motion making her groan more and more as she opened her eyes and looked at him.




He smiled as he pushed in again and again, Alex raising her hips to push against him as the pleasure overwhelmed any remaining inhibitions, any lingering fears.




She had become primal, almost an animal as she gripped him and he gasped – and that was the signal, as she felt him sum inside her even as she reached her own climax.




She heard him grunt as well as she milked him, draining him before he pulled out, and pulled her back onto the seat.  She sat there, her head back as he pulled her hose back up, panting, trying to process what had happened.


It took her a while to realise he had put something else in when he pulled her hose up, something that was buzzing, annoying her as it sat there.





“You are a good little fuck, bitch,” the man said.  “Your old man must be really happy...”


“Whhh...” she said as she leaned forward, that action and the vibrations making her slowly fall to the left.  As she lay on her side, her legs outstretched as she felt another orgasm starting to build, she wondered what he was going to do next.


“Now, I should say something, bitch...”




“I’ve been watching you for some time,” the man said as he moved her legs back and rested them on the seat.  “I was going to hold you hostage, just that, before I take you to the office in the early hours and make you open the safe.”


Alex couldn’t respond – the vibrator inside her was driving her crazy now, as she gasped and shook.


“But you looked so beautiful, so fuckable, that I decided that for tonight you would be my fuck toy.”


“Whhhh...  Whttdduseeee,” she panted as she was rolled onto her front, and her knees bent, her bottom pushed up as he threw her dress over her head.  She wondered what he was going to next, and then she felt the nylon of her hose part as he used the knife to make a slit along the gusset line.


“Whtrru... hggddnnn, nntthttt!”


She felt his hands as he massaged her bottom, and then moved round, cupping her breasts and squeezing hard.




“Did I say you could speak, fucker?”


His hands gripped tightly onto her swollen breasts, making Alex yelp – and then she felt him force himself into the rear passage, her head suddenly rising as she felt his cock where it was not meant to be, and the vibrator start to arouse her again.  She involuntarily gripped him and tried to push back – which only forced her against him and drove his cock further in.


The pain was excruciating, the throbbing intense both from him and from her, and the feelings, the way it made her feel, the way she was grunting as he pushed further and further in.




“I knew you would like this,” she heard him say as he pinched her nipples, making her scream even more as he did so, and she felt him growing inside her, the throbbing and the pain in front and back driving her crazy as she wriggled round, making him stronger, the throbbing even more intense...




“Fucking your arse, bitch,” the man said as he thrust further in, and both of them screamed at the same time, shaking as they both experienced the ultimate pleasure.





“Time to get up bitch,” she heard him say.  Alex slowly opened her eyes, wondering why she could not see, and then she remembered – the pain, the shame, the ecstasy...


“You’re an amazing fuck,” the intruder said as he removed the blindfold, and she blinked, looking down at her almost naked body, “but  you’re going to go and get changed, and we go.  Questions?”


“Nmmsttrrrr,” she said with her head down, as she felt him smack her bottom, and slowly walked to the stairs.








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