The Club – part 2








Anna had to admit to herself, it was a very nice room, as she ran her hand over the silk sheets on the four poster bed.  Sitting down, she took a few moments to gather her thoughts about the day so far.


She was in a foreign country, far from home, and had agreed for a substantial sum – a very substantial sum – to essentially be a fuck toy for one of the richest men in the world for three days.  Not that she had much of a choice, given the gently expressed but very real threats made by the man who brought her here.


On the other hand, the way she had felt just being made to walk into the house, with the knotted rope rubbing against her, and then the way the Count had made her cum as she hadn’t for so long a time…  She lay back on the bed and put her hand between her legs, remembering the touch of his lips there, and how it had felt…


A soft knock on the door made Anna sit up, as the maid from earlier came in, carrying a pair of shoes and a clothes bag.  “His Excellency wishes you to wear this outfit, and then to accompany me,” she said as she laid the clothes bag out on the bed, and then went over to the chest of drawers.


Anna opened the bag, and took out a silver grey dress with thin spaghetti straps.  “Well, I can’t fault his fashion sense,” Anna said to herself as the maid brought over a fresh pair of grey hose, as well as a pair of black pumps with three inch heels.


“If you will change,” the maid said as she laid the clothes out, “and prepare yourself, I will take you to where His Excellency will meet you.”


Anna nodded as she slipped out of the robe and put on the hose and heels, before slipping the dress on.  It was a perfect fit, as the skirt slipped down half way to her knees.


Sitting at the dressing table, Anna looked at the makeup and perfumes, before turning and saying “How does he know so much about me?”


“I cannot say,” the maid replied, “save that when he entertains a visitor such as yourself, we are given specific instructions as to what to purchase and have available for you.”


“I’ll bet you do,” Anna said as she picked up her lipstick and carefully applied it to her lips, and then fixed her face before she said “All right – where are we going?”


“This way,” the maid said as she opened the door, and led Anna along the corridor, pausing at a door which she opened.  Walking in, Anna was amazed to find herself in a replica of the television room of her house, complete with the corner settees, and the television set with the Monopoly set underneath.


“If you will wait here,” the maid said as she left, closing the door behind her.  Anna walked round the room, looking at everything and wondering to herself just how often they had been in her house.


“Hello Anna.”


She turned to see Petr Kellner standing in the doorway, dressed in a black sweater, trousers and shoes, with a video camera in his hand.


“Your Excellency,” Anna said as she looked at him, “thank you for inviting me.”


He smiled at her comment, and said “thank you of the courtesy – please, sit on the footstool.  I would like to talk for a short while, if I may.”


“Thank you,” Anna said as she sat astride the stool, her skirt rising up as she crossed her arms under her chest.  “May I first say, thank you for what you did earlier.”


“It, as is I hope what happens over these next few days, is entirely my pleasure,” he said as he sat opposite her.  “You were informed of – forgive the phrase – the terms and conditions?”


Anna slowly nodded, and then said “The man who brought me here made very clear the arrangement – on both sides.”


“Ah, I see the businesswoman in you in that statement,” Petr said with a smile.  “But I also see the model of old.  Will you pose for me?”


“Of course – I am here to serve you,” she said as she crossed her legs in front of her, putting one arm behind her and looking at the camera.  “What do you wish to know?”


“Tell me about yourself, Anna.”


As Anna talked to the count, describing her life, her job, her feelings about the slime ball she called her boss, she began to relax and smile more.  He was a good listener, and he was considerate, allowing her to move round the room before she sat back down with her hand between her legs.


“Do you miss him?”




“Your husband?”


Anna closed her eyes and nodded.  “I do – but I didn’t realise how much and in what way until…”  She opened her eyes and look at him.  “Until last night.”


“I understand,” he said as he put the camera down.  “Shall we begin?”


Anna nodded and said “What do you wish me to do?”


“Lie down on the footstool, if you please, with your hands on your stomach.”


Nodding, Anna moved so that her legs were bent in front of the footstool, and her arms on her stomach, looking up at the ceiling.


Petr stood and looked down at her from above, as he said “Be calm, I promise you will not be hurt.”


He watched as Anna nodded, and then said “slowly, move your hands either side of your head.”  He watched her do this, while he opened a drawer and took out several lengths of soft white rope.


Moving the camera so that it looked at her face, he knelt beside her, Anna watching as he tied one end of a length of rope around her left wrist.  Smiling, he said “move your feet back,” straightening her arm at the side of the stool and then tying her wrists securely to her left ankle.


Anna tugged slightly on the binding, as Petr moved round and started to tie the end of a second length of rope to her right ankle.   She gasped as her right arm was moved down and then tied to her ankle, before she felt his hand lightly stroking up the inside of her legs.


“Hmmm that does feel good,” she said as she closed her eyes, and then felt him turning her round on the stool, before she rested her head on the seat cushion.


She looked up as he rolled up a white scarf, and then said “Open wide.”  Anna nodded and allowed him to pull the scarf between her lips, closing them over the material before he tied it tightly round her head.


As she looked up, she saw Petr looking between her legs, before he knelt in front of her and started to stroke his hand down her legs, her eyes closing at the feeling of his touch.  She then moaned “Hmmmmmehwttudng” as his hands stroked down her sides, and then started to gently massage her chest.


“Mmfmmdmggdddd” she moaned out again as her breasts firmed to his touch, and he continued to caress her, tease her, arouse her feelings with his hands.  She gripped the rope around her right wrist and pulled on it as she moaned out, wondering what he was going to do next. 


As she looked up, she saw hm standing over her, and she could see the bulge in his trousers as his hands worked on her body.  “Mmmmmmmmsmmm” she moaned out as she looked down at him, and then watched as he unfastened and let his pants drop to the floor, the size of his member filling her with feelings of joy.


“Do you like what you see,” Petr said as he looked at her, his hand slipping between her legs and gently stroking up the seam of her hose.  Anna let her head fall back and said “hhgdgdsyysssss” at the touch on her clit.


She felt him pull her slightly away, and then remove the scarf from her lips, as she said “what is your desire?”


“Kiss it,” Petr said as he stood over her head, watching as she raised her head and gently kissed the tip of his cock.


“Oh that’s good,” he said quietly, before he stood astride her and looked down at Anna.  “Keep going.”


“Yes, sir,” Anna said as she gently caressed the tip in her lips, and then opened slightly, allowing her tongue to stroke over the tip and hearing the appreciative moan as Petr closed his eyes.  It was large, and as she slowly opened her mouth and took it in, watching as he slowly lowered himself and she ran her tongue around it.


“OH yes,” he moaned out as he stood slightly  and then allowed her to draw him in more, her tongue wrapping round the base of his cock as she felt it pressing down firmly on it.  She sucked gently, and then pushed it gently out with her tongue before drawing it back in again.


She continued to gently arouse him with her lips and tongue, feeling his body respond as his cock grew larger in her mouth, the throbbing against her tongue growing stronger and stronger as she moaned in appreciation.  She forgot the camera was still running as she sucked harder, and felt him push in harder.


“Hmggmddddd” she moaned in response as that throbbing intensified, looking up to see Petr with his eyes closed, moaning quietly as he pushed in further and further.  She could feel the throbbing with every fibre of her being now, as he said “Oh dear lord, that is SOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOODDDD.”


“Fnkussr,” Anna moaned as she felt the throbbing building to a crescendo, and he held her head in his hands, her lips forming a seal now as she sucked harder and harder, her face pulled up against his sac as she felt the climax approaching.


IT was making her happy as well – the warmth between her legs as she brought up to a climax was growing, and she prayed for a sweet release when he was satisfied.


“HMMMGGMGMMMMMMMM” she called out as she felt him suddenly pulse, and then he released his load, the salty flow hitting the back of her head as he held it, keeping her lips closed around him as she was forced to swallow every salty drop of the semen.  She swallowed, loving the taste, loving the attention as he held her, before he said “You may let go now,” and she opened her mouth, gasping as he withdrew and moved off her.


“Thank you,” he said as he picked up a cloth and gently wiped her mouth, “now open wide.”


Anna nodded and felt the cloth pressing down on her tongue as he gently placed it behind her teeth, and then picked up the scarf, winding it twice around her head and between her lips as he tied it off.


He then kissed her neck, Anna moaning as his hand slipped between her legs again.  “You want this, don’t you,” he whispered quietly, Anna nodding as she saw him stand and select some more rope.


Slipping the rope under the stool, Anna lay still as he used it to tie her body down to the stool, the rope holding her arms to the side of the stool around her elbows.  He then tied the end of another length of rope above her wrist, fed it up and around the first band, and then tied it to her other arm.


Anna closed her eyes as she felt his hand on her legs again, saying “mmmmm” as he stroked up the inside of them, and then felt his lips on her legs, her moans changing to a low hum of “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”


She then looked up as she felt the hose parting, and saw the thin blade in his hand as he said “I hope that did not hurt you?”


Shaking her head, she watched as he walked round and knelt by her head, leaning down and kissing her lips and then her neck.  “Wmfmffssggddd” she moaned as he then slowly slipped the shoulder straps of her dress down her arms, easing her dress down and exposing her chest.


She felt his hands caressing her and moaned again, the palms pressing gently down as his fingers sank into her breasts, massaging, probing, teasing as she felt them firm in response to the touch.


“That’s right,” he whispered as he rhythmically moved his hands over her, gently teasing, gently prodding to ensure she was feeling every movement, “allow yourself to become aroused, my dear.  I wish to satisfy you in every way possible.”


“Hmmurdngthtt,” Anna said as she looked at him, and then returned the gentle kiss he placed on her lips, before he moved down and enclosed one of her nipples, his tongue stroking over it as he kissed first the one side, then the other.


“Hstmjssjshsggddd” Anna called out, closing her eyes as he drew her nipples out, his hands supporting her breasts as he worked with his tongue and lips.  She even suppressed a scream as he slowly nibbled her flesh.


“How fucking long has it been since I felt this,” she thought as he continued to massage and tease at her breasts, loving every scintillating second of the attention, the shocks that were running up and down her spine making her tingle.  She could feel the heat within her again, and she wondered what he would do to quench it this time – or perhaps he wished to stoke the fires even more.


She raised her head as he stood up and walked to between her legs, and then closed them again as he knelt, and ran his finger up the seam of her hose, feeling it where he had cut the stretched material before he put his finger to his mouth and licked it.  “So nice,” he said as he slowly sucked on the outstretched index finger “I must have more.”


“WhdummnnnNNNNNNNNNNN” Anna screamed as Petr placed his head between her legs, and gently kissed her mound.  As her head fell back, and she let the feeling subside, it built again with his lips there, and then moving up and down her crotch, seemingly finding every little trigger point that he possible could.


“Hswttjsjsss,” she called out as he kissed her again, this time allowing his tongue to gently run up the line.  She quivered at that, feeling the dampness grow as he started to use his tongue, probing gently as she twisted and moaned out.


“Msmssggddddd,” she moaned quietly, and then opening her eyes she saw him stand between her legs, moving her down so that her crotch was over the edge of the footstool.  What was more, she could see how erect he was, and moaned again as he stroked the tip of his cock over her damp, moist lips.


“How long has it been since a man has loved you, Anna.”


“Frrttlng,” she moaned as she closed her eyes.  She knew what was coming, knew what he would do, but she craved it, needed it – desired it, and nothing was going to stand in her way.


“Are you ready?”


Anna closed her eyes and nodded before letting her head fall back, and feeling him slip into her passage.  She reacted instinctively, gripping him as he came out and back in again, and for the first time in what seemed an eternity she felt the throbbing of a man inside her, slowly moving in and out as he expanded and grew.


She knew what to do by instinct, gripping him inside her as he moved, feeling it against the walls of her passage as it sent messages to her brain, and she groaned, pushing back as much as the ropes would allow her.  She could not close her legs around him, but when he was in there, she could clamp as tightly as possible, and she screamed into her gag as his motion made her throb with pleasure as well.


He was throbbing too, pulsing as he pushed in and out, and she screamed “MMMMMFFFFFFFFFFFFMMMMMMMMMMMM” at the sensation, the burning in her as he expanded, filled, throbbed.  She could hear her own heart in her head, thumping away as inside and between her legs Petr pushed harder, stronger, faster…


“MMMGGGGGGGGGDDDDDDDD” Anna screamed out, pushing as much back as possible while Petr pushed forward, holding as hard as she could as she felt her own climax coming, praying lie mad she could hold it together.




IT came suddenly, the wave of euphoria washing and sweeping over her as she threw her head back and screamed, gripping the man so hard he had no choice but to cum as well, to give all her could to her, the hot fluid flowing in as he kissed her chest and neck. 


“NNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGFNNKKKKKKKKKUUUUUUUUUUUUU” she screamed in the end, and then relaxed, shivering slightly as he slipped gently out and kissed her again and again and again.


Standing up, he looked down at her, and then continued to kiss and caress her, as she twisted round on the stool. 


“Whhttnnnw,” she eventually said as she felt the ropes around her body being loosened and removed, and Petr lifted her off the stool, placing her on her knees, but with her wrists still tied to her ankles.


He knelt in front of her, looking into her eyes as he said “I know I can never replace what you have lost, but for these few days, allow me to fill the void you have felt.”


Anna nodded slowly as Petr started to kiss her neck and shoulders again, his hands caressing and squeezing her bottom as he did so.  She started once more to moan, wondering what else he could possible do to her on this one night.


Standing up he removed again the scarf that was gagging her, and said “I want you to prepare me again.”


Nodding, she said “I want to say something first.”


“What is that?”


“Thank you,” she said before she gently placed her lips on his shaft, her soft kisses along the length of it as she licked the residue of herself from it making him smile as well.


“That feels good,” he said as he started to massage her shoulders, feeling the remaining tension easing away as she licked and kissed him.  There was no fear now – he was a man, not a monster, and he was gentle and kind, Anna thought as she kissed the end of his member, and then enclosed the organ in her lips, pushing it back out with her tongue as she made a soft popping sound.


“Hmmmm” he said quietly as she repeated this, feeling him firm up already as she continued the long, slow kissing and teasing.  She was pleased when she sensed the throbbing once more, and enclosed the whole organ in her mouth, running her tongue along the base and gently sucking on him.


He increased the pressure on her shoulders, feeling himself firm and harden in her mouth, before he said “Enough, that is not what I wish to do.”


Anna opened her mouth as he kissed her gently on her forehead and cut through the shoulder straps with the knife, letting the dress fall to the ground, before saying “Turn, and put your head down on the seat.”


“Yes, your Excellency,” she said as she shuffled round, and leaned over, feeling him behind her as his hands enclosed her breasts and started to massage them again.  This time he was stronger, and she gasped as she felt her body shiver once more, and respond to this touch, the dampness swelling between her legs as she felt his lips travelling down her spine, his fingers pinching on her firm nipples.


“Hmmmmsweetmeerccyyyyy,” she moaned into the seat as she buried her head into it, feeling each sensation as he travelled back up her spine, and then felt her hose been pulled down, before the hands returned to her chest.


She knew then what was coming, knew what he intended, but she said nothing, offered no protest, instead smiling into the seat before she felt the tip of his once more firm cock along her bottom.


“Have you experienced this before,” she heard him say, so she nodded and said “Yes, yes I HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”


She felt him easing between her butt cheeks, the sensation ripping through her as he gripped her tightly, both hands squeezing as the mixture of pain and pleasure flowed through her like a mighty river.


“OHFUCKKYESSSS” she called out as he started to push further in, the juices flowing once more between her legs as she felt the throbbing behind her, inside her, coursing through her nervous system as she leaned over more, allowing him freer access, feeling him as he throbbed and grew in her rear passage.  “OHMLORDFUCKMMEMTAKEMENOW” she roared into the cushion.


“That is my intention,” she heard Petr say, and she smiled, allowing him to fuck her ass as he drove forward, not caring what anyone else heard or thought.


“DONTSTOPSONTSTOPDONTSTOP” she called as she felt the throbbing change, and knew what was coming, what would be next.  She arched her back and screamed “FUCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK” as he suddenly exploded again inside her, grabbing his as firmly as she could before she screamed in orgasm again, drinking every sweet succulent moment of the experience.


Eventually, she collapsed onto the couch, hr body glistening with sweat, her aching she never knew she really had satisfied, as Petr stood up and put on a bath robe.  Kneeling behind her, he gently untied her wrist and ankles, and helped her to her feet as the maid came in with a robe.


“Take Mrs Roy to the bathroom,” Petr said to the maid, “and prepare a bath for her.  When she has finished, take her to her room, allow her to change and to sleep.  I will see her tomorrow.”


“Of course your Excellency,” she said as she placed the robe over Anna, and led her away, back to the bathroom.  Anna herself sat on the stool, still remembering the experience as the maid ran a hot bath, the pungent bath salts filling the room before she helped Anna to sit in the aromatic waters.


“I will wait for your call,” the maid said as she stepped out, Anna slowly returning to a state of awareness as the salts soaked into her body.


“Holy…” she said quietly to herself, before she relaxed, allowing the warm water to take her back to how she was before.




“I’m ready,” Anna finally said as she stepped out of the bath, a towel around her and one over her hair.


The maid opened the door and escorted Anna back to the room she had been allocated.  Lying on the covers was a blue silk nightgown, with thin spaghetti straps for the shoulders.


She looked at it, towelling herself off before she put it on, and then dried her hair.


“My name,” the maid said, “is Anya.  Sleep now – I will bring you breakfast later.”


“Thank you Anya,” Anna said as she slipped under the satin sheets.  “How long may I sleep?”


“I will wake you at the appropriate time, madam,” Anya said with a smile.  “Good night.”


She left and closed the door, Anna laying down with her head on a pillow.  Warmth went through her as she reached up and turned the light off, sleep coming immediately…






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