The Utility Man






Lisa McGregor stood by the kitchen sink, finishing the washing up as she glanced at the clock on the wall.  This was one those rare days when she was away from work during the week, and on those days she liked to meet up with friends at the local coffee shop and talk over the matters that concerned them - money, men and makeup, in that rough order.


She was wearing a white blouse, the top button open and the front open at the neck, with a taupe skirt.  A pair of dark tights covered her legs, and as was usual with her she had on no panties, just a plain white bra under her blouse.


Putting the dish towel down, Lisa walked into the front room of the house and sat down, reaching for a pair of leather three inch heel shoes in the same colour as her skirt as she did so.  She had just managed to put the second shoe on when the front doorbell rang,


She walked to the door, putting the safety chain on before she opened it, and saw a tall, well built man standing there, in a dark blue denim shirt and dark blue trousers.  He had a baseball cap on his head, and in his hand was a clipboard.


"Mrs MacGregor?" he said as he looked at Lisa peering round the door.  "Yes", she asked as he showed her a card.


"I'm from the local water board, Mrs MacGregor.  We've had reports of drops of water pressure in the area, and we're running checks to see if there is a problem."


Lisa looked at the card, before looking at her watch and saying "will this take long I have a coffee date with the girls."


"If I may come in, it will only take five minutes," he said with a smile.  Lisa stepped back and closed the door, removing the chain and opening it wider to allow the man in.


"Ok, well that wont be a problem," she said as she closed the door behind herself.


"Thank you," the man said as he looked round.  "Can you show me the main kitchen faucet please?"


Lisa pointed to the kitchen sink, and watched as the man turned on the tap and looked at the stream of cold water.  "That seems to be in order", he said as he turned the tap off.  "Do you have any other large taps in the house?"


"Just the bathroom upstairs of course", Lisa said as she looked at her watch again.  "IF you could show me?"


"Sure I guess," she said as they walked up the stairs.  She had just time to show him the door when the cell phone rang downstairs.  "First door on the left upstairs," she called out as she went back down and answered the phone.


"Hi Nadja," she said as the inspector went into the bedroom, coming back down as Lisa was still talking.


"Yes I wont be long, guy from the water dept here, just checking out water pressure, so ten more mins then I am on the way take me about 15 to get there so see you ladies in half an hour


"Great luv you too sweety," she said as she switched off the phone and looked at the man standing there.


"That seems in order, Mrs MacGregor. I just have one more question."


Lisa looked at him and said in an exasperated voice, "Yes?"


"Please, don't make any noise as you put your hands up," he said as he produced a pistol from behind the clipboard and pointed it at her.  Lisa looked at the gun, then at the smiling man, before saying "OH MY GOD" as she slowly raised her hands.


"I said to be quiet, Mrs MacGregor - or do you mind if I call you Lisa?"  Lisa stood there, not saying a word as the man put down his clipboard.


"Good - Now, do exactly what I tell you," he said as he reached into his pocket.  Drawing out a pair of stockings, he handed it to Lisa and said "Take these and wad them up."  


He watched as she slowly wadded them into a ball, before saying "Now, put them in your mouth, all the way in."


Lisa shook her head, saying please "no what is this about, just take what you want and go, I wont tell anyone, and please these are dirty."


"Lisa, I said put them in your mouth. I don't care if they are dirty - in they go."


He watched as she slowly opened her mouth and pushed the wad of stockings in, seeing her grimace as she tasted the soiled clothing before closing her lips over the edges. "All the way in," he repeated as he pointed the pistol closer to her face.  Lisa whimpered as she pushed the rest of the material in, watching as he produced a long white scarf from under his shirt.


"Now," he said quietly, "Take this scarf and tie it tightly over your mouth, I want to be able to see your lips under the material, Lisa."  He watched again as she took the scarf, folded it into a 3" band and tied it over her mouth, knotting it behind her head.


Taking a length of rope out of his pocket, he said "Turn round and put your hands behind your back."  As Lisa slowly turned, he pulled her hands together behind her back, crossing her wrists as he wound the rope tightly around them.


As he pulled the rope, Lisa said "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" as she felt the rope digging into her wrists.  "Now then", the man said as he tied the rope off, "I have a message to leave for your husband, Lisa, and you are going to come with me."


Lisas eyes opened very wide as she shook her head and said "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM", trying to struggle as he tucked the ends of the rope back into the coil.  He then reached up and tightened her gag still further, her lips clearly visible under the material as he tied the knot again.


She watched as he placed an envelope on the coffee table, saying "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" as she felt the cotton pressing against her lips.  As he walked behind Lisa, the man pinched her bottom, making her say "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" in a quiet muffled voice.


He opened the front door and looked out, before saying "Let's go," as he took her by the arm and led out of the side door towards a car that had been reversed up the driveway.  As he walked Lisa towards it, he used a remote to pop the boot, the lid rising as they came closer.


She shook her head as her captor said quietly "Get in Lisa", pointing the gun at her as she sat on the lip of the trunk.  She wasnt sure what to do next, but when he said "Allow me" and grabbed her ankles, swinging them round, she slowly tipped in, saying "MMMMMMMMMMmmm" as she landed in the trunk.


She watched as he picked up a second length of rope and lashed her ankles together, saying "MMMMMMMMMM" as the rope cruelly bit into her ankles.  Satisfied, the man looked at Lisa as he put his hand on the lid of the trunk.


"Now, you just stay nice and quiet, and enjoy the ride. Understand?  Youll be just fine if you do as I say."


Lisa shook her head, saying "amdmamsdmfasdmfasdmfasdmamsdf" as he closed the lid down, plunging her into darkness.  Running back into the house, he collected Lisa's phone and purse, putting them with him in the front of the car as he closed the door and started the engine.


Lisa tried to move, but there was little room as she felt the car bump onto the road.  "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" she called out, but there was no reply as the car bumped over the road, leaving her wondering where she was going - and why she had been taken.





How long passed, Lisa could not say as she lay in the trunk, feeling the bumps on the road as the car moved along.  There was a broken taillight, allowing a little view of the shops as they drove past.


"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" was all she could say as she tried to move round, but there was no room for more than the tiniest wiggle.  In frustration, she called out "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" and kicked the side of the car as she saw the shops disappear, but eventually she gave it up as a lost cause.


She kicked out at the side of the car, hoping someone would hear above the noise, but there was no siren, no response, so as she felt the car turn and she saw trees along the side of the road she sighed "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" in frustration, then "mmmmm mmmmm mom mmm" as she was bumped up and down on the increasingly rough road.


Eventually the car stopped, and Lisa heard a door open and close.  The trunk opened, and she stared at her kidnapper, saying "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm".  She was very scared now, as she had seen his face - and she had heard that if you see your kidnappers face they usually kill you.


"Nice ride?" he said as he stood there, gun in hand, and Lisa moaned "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" in response.


"Im going to lift you out of the boot - promise me you'll struggle?"


Lisa stared back at him, twisting round and saying "mamdfmasdmfmasdmfsdamasdfmasdm" as he pushed the gun into his belt and lifted her out, sitting her on the trunk rim.  She stared back at him, eyes red as she said "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm."


"Now listen, Lisa - I can untie your ankles and let you walk or I can carry you. I suspect you would prefer the first choice, but if you are going to cause me any trouble I will carry you over my shoulder. So, do you want to walk?"


"Fub uuuuuuuu aaaaaaaa ooooolllll."


"I'm trying to be nice here, Lisa," he said as he removed the gun from his belt.  "I'll ask again - do you want to walk?"  He watched as she nodded, then knelt down and untied her ankles.  As he helped her to stand up, he half supported, half dragged her to the door of a nearby cabin, catching Lisa as she stumbled on the gravel.


For her part, Lisa was wishing she had made him carry her to the door, but as he opened her and pushed her in, saying Inside as he did so, she let out another exasperated "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm."  There was a short hallway, which he walked her down and into a bedroom, with a bed against the wall and a blanket box to one side.


"Sit down," he said as he pointed to the wooden box.  As Lisa sat herself down, he stood in front of her and looked her up and down, before saying "Well, Lisa, I guess youre wondering just what is going on here?  Firstly, we are in the middle of a forest here, and miles from the nearest road, so believe me when I say help is not coming."


Lisa said "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" as he continued "So long as you do what I say, and don't try anything stupid, we'll get along splendidly, all right?"  He watched her as she nodded the fear real in her eyes, before saying "Now, I think your throat must be dry after that journey. Would you like some water?"


She was surprised at this, but as she nodded she watched him walk to a cool bag sitting in the corner, and take out a bottle of water and a straw.  Walking back over and standing in front of Lisa he said "I'm going to take that gag out - don't shout or scream, understand?"  She nodded as he put the bottle beside her, then reached round her head and untied the scarf, placing it on the bed.


"Open your mouth," he said, and as Lisa opened wide he drew out the now soaking pantyhose, placing it on the floor as he did so.  Lisa worked her jaw for a few minutes before saying "aaahhhh thank you, but why are you being so nice?  My husband is a cop, I know what youre going to do to me when you get whatever it is you want, youre going to kill me, and I have seen your face."


To her surprise, she saw the man smile as he placed the straw to her mouth.  "Here, drink this," he said, and as Lisa put the straw to her lips and sucked the cool water up he watched carefully.


"Now, let me say one thing right off the bat - I'm no killer, so you are not going to die.  Lisa looked at him as he said this, unsure if he was telling the truth or not.  You have to trust me on this, Mrs Lisa MacGregor - today is not the day you die, and so long as your husband does what he's told you will be home by the end of the day."


Lisa released the straw before saying "What do you want from him, he is just a cop."  The man reached down and brushed her hair away from her eyes before saying "Actually, I dont want anything - I've been brought in to, well, persuade your husband to do something for the people that have hired me.  I'm sure he loves you very much, doesn't he Lisa?"


Lisa looked down as she said "Yes he does but..."  She looked up and stared at her captor, her eyes wide with fear.  "OMG the angels have hired you - what do they want from him?"


He smiled again before replying "It was all explained in the letter I left for him - I believe they need him to look in the right direction later this afternoon for a few minutes. Not my business really - I just deliver the messages and give the incentives.  More of a utility backup man, if you will."


Lisa continued to stare at him as she said "I see - and are you just going to let me go, no mask, knowing who my husband is, you know I will give a description, and kidnapping is as bad an offence as murder."


"You won't find me - I'm from out of town, way out of town, and by the time you talk to him about that I will be long gone."  Lisa saw him look at his watch as she looked down and said "I see."


"Actually," he said as he sat next to Lisa, a cell phone in his hand, "You may get to talk to him any minute now."  Lisa looked at him, saying "really?"  The cell phone started to ring, and the man smiled as he said "Indeed", before reaching round and hand gagging the frightened woman.  Her only response was an "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" as he looked at her and said "Now, not a word until I say, all right?"  Lisa nodded as he answered the phone.


"Good afternoon, Officer MacGregor - you got my note?"


"I did - where is my wife if you even have her..."


"Oh she is here, right next to me. She enjoyed our little trip."  He could feel her lips moving under his hand as he said this, and looked at her with another smile.


"If you have harmed her or I do not get her back you know I will kill you."


He smiled again as he looked at Lisa.  "She is not harmed, and will not be if you do what you have been asked to do,"


"Let me speak to her."  He placed the phone next to Lisas ear, saying "just tell him you are safe and well, and to do what he is told, understand?"


Lisa nodded, and as he took his hand away she said "MARK, I am ok but I am tied up - hands behind and ankles and he stuffed pantyhose in my mouth.   Please just do as youre told."


"Good," he said quietly as he removed the phone.  "So, are you going to be a good boy, Officer? "


"I will send my patrol officers to the other side of my Division into Milton, at 4:25 but if what happens is what I think is going to happen they will be all back in Georgetown 8 minutes later and I cant do anything about that."


"Not my concern, Officer, and it need not be yours. Just make sure they are out of the way, and then wait for instructions.  Any last words for your husband, Lisa?"


The voice on the other end of the call spoke up.  "Listen, I am not stupid, I know your people are at war with the Banditos, our intelligence says that the Banditos leader is going to have a sit down with the Angels, I know you want my cops on the other side of my division so you can gun him down. But as soon as the bullets start flying every cop at work in the region all 116 of them will be coming in at high speed, so I suggest you have your boys hold up a store or something in Milton about 5 min before they do what they do."


"Smart thinking, officer - Ill be sure to pass the word on.  Your wife would like a quick word."


He released his grip over Lisas mouth and placed the phone next to her again.  She gulped, then said "I love you Mark and I am sorry I pray I see you soon" then "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" as he put his hand over her mouth again.


"You will hear from me when 3 hours after it is done with instructions on where to find her.   Goodbye, Officer."  He switched the phone off and tossed it into a corner, looking into Lisas eyes as he did so.  She, in turn, was looking at the clock on the wall, which showed the time at just before 1:30.


"So now, Lisa, we have some time to kill. Would you like some more water?"  He watched as she nodded, then picked up the bottle and placed the straw to her lips, saying here, as he did so.   She took a drink, then said "I can see it is 1:30 I know you told Mark 4:25 and you said you would contact him 3 hrs later and you kidnapped me at 11 am."


She took another sip of water, but as she felt his hand on her thigh she said "MMMMMMMMMMMM," not knowing what his intentions might be.


"Very astute - As I said, we are far from any help, Lisa."  As he said this, he started to stroke Lisas thigh, and she looked at him with frightened eyes.  She was going to be his captive for seven hours - even if he left and drove west, John will not inform other police what happened, he is going to come himself so he will be at least an hour getting here.


"NO STOP THAT," she said loudly.


"Stop what?"


"Stop feeling me up.  You said you wouldnt hurt me or kill me well feeling me up is hurting me."


She watched him smile as he said "I said I wouldnt kill you, and I said I would not hurt you if you did what I told you to do."


"Feeling me up is hurting me emotionally," Lisa said quietly, trying to use Marks techniques to make him see her as a person and not an object.  For a moment, she thought it was working as he stood up, but when he turned round and said "Open your mouth," Lisa knew it wasnt going the way she wanted it to.


Opening her mouth, she watched as he picked up a clean white cotton cloth and folded it into a pad.  "Now, I am going to put this in your mouth, and you are going to keep it there, all right?"


She nodded and allowed him to push the cloth in, as he said "Good girl, Lisa," before picking up the scarf and tying it tightly around her lower jaw again.  "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm", was all she could say as he opened a bag and took several lengths of rope out.


"Now, walk over to the bed and sit on it," he said, and as Lisa stood up and walked over she watched him the whole time, wondering what he would do.  As she sat down on the side of the bed, he knelt in front of her and passed a length of rope around her ankles, pulling them tightly together as he started to bind them.


"Mmdmsfdmfdmdfm," she mumbled as the rope bit into her legs, but he carried on pulling the rope tighter, keeping them side by side before securing the binding.  As he looked up, he ran his hands up the back of Lisas legs, making her go "MMmmpplslndntn" as he did so.


"Why shouldnt I feel your legs," he said as he stood up, "they are very beautiful, as are you."  As he selected another length of rope, and passed it around her legs just below her knees, Lisa watched as he bound them tightly together as well, his hands stroking her thighs as he did so. 


She wasnt sure what to feel - his touch was light, almost delicate, and there was a slight tingle in her body when he stroked the outside of her hose, but this man had kidnapped her at gunpoint, held her hostage, and was now tying her up - what the hell was she meant to do, give in?  She tried twisting her legs out of the way, only for him to slap them as he said "Sit still, Lisa - dont struggle.  I dont want you to start choking."


"MMDSMSAMMMASMMMMQQQMM," she called out as he pushed her gently over onto her side and moved her legs onto the bed, her face buried into the duvet as he did this.  She turned her head slightly and watched him as he walked behind her and sat on the bed.


"We have a few hours to pass, Lisa," he said as he lay down behind her and put his arm around her waist, "and I think we should find a way to pass the time more quickly, dont you?"


"Mmmmmmmmmmm" she moaned as she felt his hands stroking her stomach, his body pressed up behind her as he did so.  As he brushed over her breasts, she felt the fear rise again, uncertain as to what he was going to do.


"Relax, Lisa," he said as he let her go and rolled her over onto her stomach, let me help you to ease the tension away.  Her face in the covers, she moaned   

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" as she felt his strong hands moving up and down her legs, stroking the backs of her calves with his hands as he went from her knees down to her feet.  The tingling was starting again, but she also felt the muscles in her legs relaxing as he moved down.


"Vrbnamssr," she mumbled as she sighed in response to a knot been released in her calf muscle.  "Mmmmdsmsgdgdgdd", she continued as he moved his hands up to the tops of her legs, moving them down to her knees as he gripped them firmly.


"I can tell youre enjoying this," he said quietly as Lisa felt him straddling her lower legs, the slow, careful massage of her legs continuing as his hands moved from the backs to the sides.  It took her a few minutes to realise that, with each downward stroke, his hands were starting a little further up her legs, moving under her skirt as she lay there.


"Whtrudng," Lisa said as she felt his hands moving up her skirt, stroking the back of her hip as he moved her hands round and down her legs again.


"Dont you like it," he said as he carried on.  Lisa didnt exactly not like it - the way her legs felt she could lie there forever - but she knew where his hands were going, and that worried her more than the fact she probably would no t be able to walk for a few hours.



"Mmmmdsmfmdfmmmmm" she moaned again as he moved up her legs, and then climbed off her.  She moved her legs up and down, amazed at how much more relaxed they felt, and said "fnkunplslvmln."


"Oh no, Lisa, were only just starting," she heard him say as he rolled her over onto her side and lay behind her again.  This time she felt his hands around her waist, slowly pulling the hem of her blouse out and moving his hands under the cotton to touch her bare skin.  "Mmmmmmsmf", she moaned again as she felt him stroking her belly, his fingers stroking her skin as he kissed her on the neck.  It was like a buzzer going off in her as she closed her eyes and said "pls...  plsssdntmtmmmmmmmm."


"Shh, Lisa, shh," she heard him say as he pulled the collar of her blouse down and kissed her neck again, before bringing his hands round and slowly squeezing her breasts, the flesh yielding to his touch as she closed her eyes and moaned again.


She looked down and watched as he pulled her blouse up, rolling her over onto her back and kissing her belly as he climbed over her legs again.  Lisa looked up to the ceiling and let out a low "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" as she felt him kiss her belly button, before he sat over her waist and looked at her.


"Lets see what we have under here," he said as he slowly unbuttoned her blouse.  "Mmmmasmfmsadmfmdmdmfsamdmf" she called out as she moved the fronts to each side, and slowly pulled the cups of her bra down underneath her breasts.   As he bowed down and kissed her nipples, she closed her eyes and called out "Mmmmdsmgsmgfmammadfgmmmgdddddddd," feeling them harden under his caress.


She opened her eyes to see him straightening up, and grabbing her breast with his hands, slowly kneading them as he watched her eyes.  This time she could not deny it, as she looked up and moaned "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm" at the touch on her flesh, as she felt her body beginning to respond to his touch.


"Thats better," he said as he looked into Lisas eyes, you just let yourself enjoy this.  He continued to knead her breasts, as Lisa saw with her own eyes the way his body was starting to react.


She felt rather than saw him climb off her again, and opened her eyes to see him knelling across her legs, the bulge evident in his pants.  "Sit up, Lisa," he said, and taking her under the arms he made her sit on the bed, her eyes widening as she watched him slowly undo his pants.


"NNNNNPLSDDNNNNT," she screamed out as she watched them drop to his knees, but he only smiled as he came towards her, sitting across her waist as he reached up to her mouth.  Lisa looked at his engorged penis, hanging there as he pulled down the scarf and removed the gag from her mouth.


"Please, dont," she started, but as he put his hand underneath his cock and started to stroke her lips with the tip she found herself kissing it in return, opening her lips slightly to kiss it as he pressed it against them.


"Oh god," she said quietly as she enveloped the tip in her lips, kissing it again and withdrawing before opening her mouth and taking it in, sucking and pushing it with her tongue with a soft pop.


"Take it again Lisa," the man said, and she opened her mouth, willingly sucking his cock in as he felt her tongue licking the base.  She felt as if she had no choice, and was hoping this was all he was going to do as he pushed forward, the member enlarging in her mouth as she sucked it gently and played with it with her tongue.


"mmmdmmfsfmsmdmfmdsmmfdmfm" she moaned as he pushed further, his engorged cock pressing down on her tongue now as the tip tickled against the back of her throat.  She could feel the steadily growing pulsing, as she sucked in and out, feeling it growing as she dreaded the moment when he would explode into her.


To her surprise, however, just at the moment when Lisa thought he was going to cum he pulled out, smiling as he said "no, thats not what I want to do."  Before she had a chance to react, he jumped off Lisa, rolling her over and kneeling behind her as he pushed her skirt up and pulled her pantyhose down around her knees.


"What the hell do you think youre dogngnfgdmfgmdmfgmdfgmgmf," Lisa called out as her attacker pushed her face into the pillows, holding her head down with one hand as he moved in behind her.  Lisa opened her eyes wide as she felt him entering her from behind, screaming NNNndsngngngnsnngnnn as she felt him pushing hard in, his pens engorged and throbbing in her.


"Mmmmdsmggsdgdsgafdmggsdfmgmmmmmm," she moaned as she felt him expand in her, his body pushing against hers as he pushed hard against her hips.  Lisa had no way of reacting, save to keep her head buried in the pillows as she started to moan in response to the movement against her hips.

plsdntsts, she moaned, but as she felt him starting to throb even more intensely she felt her own body responding, the aching as she involuntarily gripped him as he pushed her against her making her want him to cum inside her more and more.


"nnnndnfnfsmgmfmdfmmgmsfdmmmsfmfdmg," she screamed as she felt the throbbing building to a crescendo, the intensity unbearable until she felt him explode into her, filling her passage as she pumped out his sperm into her body.  She screamed into the pillows as she felt the flow going, her own body producing the fluids as well.


How long it lasted, she wasnt sure, but eventually she felt him withdraw from her body, the fluid spilling between her legs as he knelt behind her and started to pull his pants up.


"You bastard," he heard Lisa say as she turned her head to the side, "you didnt have to do that."


"Lisa, I had to - you were too beautiful not to do that to," he said as she fell over onto her side, looking at him as he stood off the bed and fastened the belt back around his waist.  "and you enjoyed it as well - dont deny it."


Picking up the cloth, he knelt on the floor next to Lisa, saying "Now, open up and well just spend some time together."


"Are you going to rape me again?"


"If you dont open your mouth now, Lisa, I wont be responsible for my actions."


She looked at him noting the glint in his eyes before slowly opening her mouth and allowing him to gag her again.  "Mmmmmmmm," she moaned as he helped her to sit up, re-tied the white scarf over her mouth and then lay her down again, rolling her over onto her side.


Lisa stared at the wall, wondering what he was going to do next as she felt him lying behind her, his body pressed close to her.  She felt his arm coming round her, stroking her stomach as it moved over her body, stroking up towards her breasts and slowly circling her nipples with his fingers.


"Mmmmdgmsmdmgm," she moaned as she felt her nipples hardening under his touch, her breasts firming in response to the gentle, seductive movement.  This was not what she wanted to do, but she was helpless, trapped by him as he moved his other arm under her body, grasping at her breasts and gently kneading as she felt him kissing her neck again.


As time passed, he kept this massage up, Lisa slowly feeling her own body move and rock with him as her breasts filled and responded to his movement.  She could also feel warmth between her legs as well, and started to pray that he would not notice it either.


As his hands moved down her body, however, she realised that her wish was not going to be answered.  As he moved his hands under her hose and gently stroked her cunt, she closed her eyes and moved her head back, saying "mmmfgmmmmmmm" as she felt the stroking against her vagina, and felt her own body responding to the touch as well.


"mmgdgdgdddd," she moaned as her body responded to this new touch, the warmth and throbbing within her growing exponentially with each movement of his fingers between the lips.  "mmmmdsamfmdsmamfmmfdsfm," was all she could say as she closed her eyes and pushed her body back, feeling with a mixture of surprise and pleasure the firmness of his cock against her backside.


As he continued to tease and arouse her, Lisa found herself getting lost in the emotions and feelings she was experiencing.  She moaned
"MDMDSMMASDMGDSMMMSDFGM" even more loudly as her body started to buck, to ache for him to enter her, so when she felt him pulling her pantyhose down again she started to smile under the scarf gag, saying "mmmmmmmmmmmmm" as she felt his hands move from her cunt.


Something smooth was inserted between her rear cheeks, and Lisa opened her eyes as she felt the lubricant been applied.  Before she had a chance to say anything, she felt him move smoothly in behind her, her eyes popping as she said "MMSAMDMMDMMMFDFAMDSMSDGGDFFSDMGMGMG" at the pressure in her rear passage.


She also felt an explosion between her legs, as she started to cum in response to his movement behind and inside her.  As she felt him starting to throb again, she gripped tightly as she screamed into her gag, feeling the fluid flow fast and hard inside her passage as she spurted out and forth, and she did likewise.


"MMSADMAMMMMDSMGMDFMGDFDFMGMDDSMMDSSAFKMMMMMM" she screamed as the flow continued, and she felt him pressing harder and harder against her pelvis.  She wanted it to continue despite herself, so when the cell phone rang it wasnt a release, more a frustration as she felt him pull out and heard him stand up.


Rolling onto her back, she watched him as he spoke into the phone.




"It has passed successfully?  Excellent - and the diversion?"


"Well, Im sure they will forget it," he said as he looked at Lisa.  "The money has been deposited?"


"Yes, I understand, I know what to do."


As he ended the call, he dialled another number, looking at Lisa the whole time.


"Officer McGregor?  Thank you for your co-operation.  Im going to text you the co-ordinates - your wife is waiting for you."


As he ended the call, and punched on a few keys, he looked at Lisa and said "Everything has gone according to plan, Lisa, and your husband will be here eventually.  Im sorry I have to leave you, but I have a present for you before I go. "


"whtttt," Lisa said as she looked at her captor.  Her eyes follwoe3d him as he came over, pulled her pantyhose back up, and kissed her on the forehead.


"Thank you for this afternoon, Lisa McGregor," he said as he slipped something under her pantyhose.  Lisa could not see what it was, but as the vibration started between her legs she knew what it was.


"Mmmmsdfmsdfmgmsfdmmfdsmg," she moaned as she watched him walk out of the room, smiling as he left her on the bed, the vibrator stimulating her as he left her for her husband to find.







"OH MY GOD - he left you alone like that for three hours?"


Lisa nodded as she looked at Nadja across the coffee table.  A week had passed since the kidnapping, and this was the first time she had had a chance to meet up with the other girls.  Shed had to spend a night in hospital, under observation, but apart from a few bruises there were no physical signs of the ordeal she had undergone.


"He did - but Mark found me eventually.  He kept his word - led him right to me."


"But how did he tie you - what was it like?"


Lisa looked at Nadja and the other two girls, sitting round in her front room, and said "He tied my arms behind my back, like this."  She turned her back to the others and crossed her wrists in the small of her back, showing how she had been secured. 


"My goodness," Mary said as she put her hands to her mouth, "why didnt you call for help?"


"Because, Mary, he made me stuff a pair of dirty pantyhose in my mouth at gunpoint to gag me, and then tie a scarf over it as a gag.  Bit difficult to call out when youre trying not to throw up."


"And he took you in the boot of a car?"  Sarah held her mug in both hands as she said this, looking at Lisa the whole time.


"Thats right - I could see through the broken taillight, but he had tied my ankles and gagged me with a scarf."


Nadja looked on, a mixture of horror and excitement in her eyes.  "How scared were you?  He had a gun, after all."


"I was petrified - he threatened me, said he would kill me if I didnt do what he told me to, and even...."




"Put a vibrator against my crotch when he left me - that was probably the worst torture of all.  All I could do was go MMMMDASMDMMMM as loudly as I could."


Lisa looked at the three friends, seeing the looks in their faces.  She wasnt going to reveal much more of what happened that day, but for now she was enjoying the attention they were giving her.


For her part, she was grateful for two things.  The first was that she had emerged alive and relatively unscathed.  She still hurt between her legs a little, but even that was fading fast.


The second was more complex - she was beginning to remember the way he had treated her, however roughly, with some fondness.  She may not have enjoyed the way he did it, but she had enjoyed the feelings his attack had generated within her, and she wondered if Mark would be amenable to role playing it again.


If not, she still had the final gift he had given her - and plenty of washing line...


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