Unexpected Return









As she looks at me, I check the ropes, and then go downstairs, returning a moment later with her mobile phone.  Looking through her contacts, I say “It was Nadja, wasn’t it” before I compose a message and send it to her.


“I just told her she has to come over,” I say as I put the phone down, “It’s an emergency.  Now, do I stay to should I go?”  I look in your fear filled eyes, enjoying the feeling of control as you lie there.  On a whim, I pick up a second scarf and tie it tightly over her eyes, watching her as she squirms round.


Fuck - he’s called Nadja?  What if she comes - what if he’s still here when she comes?  I start to thrash round, desperately trying to free myself, get the gag out of my mouth, get the blindfold off.  Anything, anything to stop what I fear might happen...




Twenty minutes later, I watch as the other woman from today gets out of her car.  She’s not dressed in the clothes from earlier, but instead is wearing a more traditional summer dress, pale blue with a white pattern, dark hose and heels.  It shows off her body as she walks to the garage door, licking my lips.  As she opens it and goes in, I take a coin out of my pocket.  Heads, I go and she finds Angela.  Tails, I head back in.


I watch the tail as it spins in the air, wondering which way it will land...


Catching in the air the coin, I put it down on the back of my hand and look at how it has landed.  After a moment, I look in the rear view mirror as the long haired lady opens the garage door and heads in, before I open the car door and get out...


I hear the sound of footsteps on the stairs, and Nadja calling out “Angela?  Where are you?”  Stopping myself for a moment, I call out through the gag as loudly as I can, hoping she can hear me.


“Angela, are you - OHMYGOD!!!”  It is Nadja, and I almost want to shout for joy as I hear her running towards me, her voice saying “Who did this to you?  What happened here?”


Hlpmm,” I call weakly out as I feel her hands on my head, and then - nothing, except for her muffled gasp.


“Well hello Nadja,” I say as I hold the woman in my arms, my right arm around her waist as my left hand is clamped over her mouth, “Angela said you would come, and come you have.  Now, why don’t you behave yourself, and then we can have some fun, Hmmm?”


Looking at Angela, lying on her side on the bed, I can see the tears starting to run down her cheek, the dark stain coming from under the cloth over her eyes, as I pull Nadja out of the room. “Hruuu,” she mumbles as I do so - well, she’ll find out soon enough...




When I came back into the house, I picked up some washing line from the kitchen, and as I drag Nadja into the spare bedroom, her legs kicking and her mouth moving under my hand, I take the rope and throw it on the bed.  “One word out of you,” I say as I show her my hunting knife, “and it will be the last thing you say.”  Her eyes widen as she sees the blade gleam in front of her, and she slowly nods her head to show she understands.


“Angela was good to me earlier,” I say as I lick her ear, “so I hope you will be as well.  Now, I’m going to take my hand away, and I want you to remain very, very quiet, and very, very still, all right?”


Mmmsyssss,” she mumbled as she nodded, so I took my hand away and pulled her hands behind her back.  Wh... Who are you, and what did you do to Angela,” she said quietly as she looked over her shoulder watching as I cut a length of the line free, crossed her wrists and lashed them tightly together with the cord.


“Me?  Just a man on the street,” I replied as I took the rest of the rope and wrapped it round her arms and chest, passing it above and below her chest as I pinned her arms to her side.  “Now, unless you want your friend to get hurt, you’re going to do exactly what I say, all right?”


Nadja turned and looked at me, a real sense of fear in her eyes as she said “Please, don’t hurt us.”  I could hear Angela in the next room, and I loved the feeling their voices was giving me, as I said “Just behave yourself, and everything is going to be all right.  When are you expected home?”


“Not... Not for a while.  I told my husband I’d call him when I was on my way back.  Please, what are you going to do to me?”


“Make you happy - now turn and face the wall.”


As she turned, her three inch stiletto heels clicking on the wooden floor, I looked at her hose covered legs, the feeling that I knew what to do grew again.  I reached around her, my hands embracing her chest as I started to squeeze her breasts, making her gasp as she said “Wh... What are you doing?  Please, take my purse, there’s money in it, but please us alone.”


“Hush, Nadja,” I whisper into her ear before I kiss the back of her neck, making her jump as I do so.  “I want you to kneel on that blanket over there, and stay absolutely still.”


“All... All right,” Nadja said as I walked her to the side of the room, and helped her to kneel on a blanket that was covering a thin mattress.  Obviously Angela had plans for this room - but then, so did I.  I slipped her shoes off and set them to one side, stroking the covered soles of her feet as I did so, and getting a slight giggle as she curled her toes.


She turned and looked at me as I stood by her, before saying “Please, I have children, I have a family, don’t...  Don’t hurt me.”


“I’m not going to hurt you,” I said quietly as I knelt behind her and started to massage her chest again, “I’m going to make you happy.”  As my fingers pushed gently into her breasts, I heard her gasp, and saw her close her eyes, as she let her head drop slightly.


“No...” she whispered as I pressed firmly against her body, “Please don’t do this to me.  I.... she sighed again as my lips touched her neck, and I realised something about her.


“How long has it been since your husband treated you like this,” I said as my hands moved down her stomach, and pulled her skirt up to her waist.  “Too.... Oh god, too long,” she sighed again as my hands stroked her between her legs, and I felt her response, her dampness.


“Then he is a fool,” I said as my fingers stroked her rapidly moistening pussy, “and he deserves contempt.  You like this don’t you?”


“Oh yes,” Nadja whispered as she closed her eyes and pressed her body against mine, feeling how I was responding as she gasped again.  I smiled as I stood up, walked round in front of her and dropped my pants.


“What - what do you want me to do,” she said, her eyes wide as saucers as she saw my cock hanging between my legs.


“Blow me,” I said quietly.


“And then you’ll leave us alone?”


“And then I won’t kill you.”  She understood what I meant, so closed her eyes and felt the tip of my cock as it rubbed against her lips.


Oh God, oh no - he's making her pleasure him now.  I'm crying again - tears of frustration, of fear of anger, of every emotion rolled into one, but mostly of shame that she has walked into this.  I only hope that’s all he does - but somehow that seems a false promise.


As I watch, Nadja opens her lips and kisses the tip of my cock, sucking it in a little and then letting go.  “Keep going,” I say as I press it against her mouth again, and this time she opens wider, allowing it to enter as she closes her lips around it and starts to play with the base of my cock, her tongue stroking against it.  It’s obviously not the first time she’s done this, as I feel myself responding, her calls of “Mmmplssddnt” drowned in my ears by the blood rushing in them.


I felt the throbbing start as I pushed my cock further in, her tongue stroking and embracing it as she made some strange gurgling noises.  Whatever she was doing was working however - and not just for me, as she pressed her face against my crotch as the tip reached the back of her throat.  I put my hands around her head and massaged her long greying hair as she kept sucking, pushing my member in and out as I pushed forward as well.


It was growing in size and strength with each suck and push, as I felt the throbbing turn into a pressure within me.  Plsdntstp,” Nadja moaned to my surprise as she licked the base of it, and I felt the pressure growing more and more intense inside her mouth. I even allowed myself to moan out loud as I realised how quickly she was making me cum in her mouth.


She pushed my cock out and looked at me, droll running down her chin as she said “Was Angela as good as this?”


“Did I say you could stop,” I whispered as I pushed my cock back in, and she sucked hard.  That was all that was needed, as I felt myself give forth, the hot stream hitting the back of her throat and making her eyes open wide.  Despite that, she kept sucking and swallowing, draining every last drop out of me as she somehow managed to swallow it all.


Eventually, she let me go, and sank onto her bottom, drawing her knees up to her chin as she looked at me, an oddly satisfied look in her eyes.  “Wow,” she eventually said, “I don’t know whether to thank you or scream at you.  Now will you go and leave us alone, please?”


Well, I knew what the answer was going to be to that, but I said nothing, instead knelling in front of her as I stroked her legs and moved her skirt up.  She closed her eyes and gasped again as I felt her wet hose, and then said “I need to do a few things first.”


Standing up, I picked up the rest of the rope and cut it in half.  Taking one length, I wrapped it around Nadja’s left ankle and then pulled her leg straight, tying it around a heavy lamp stand in the room.


Bending her right leg so that her foot was against her left knee, I then used the second length of rope to secure her foot to the other leg, her leg resting on the ankle as I wrapped the rope around her knee and ankle and cinched it between them.


She looked at me for a moment, as I picked up her hand bag and untied the thin purple scarf that was tied around the shoulder strap.  “What... What are you going to do with that,” she said as I folded it into a small pad.


“Wait and see,” I said as I looked at her, “I’ll be back in a minute.”


I hear his breathing and his heavy footfall as he comes back in, and strokes my bottom.  “Your friend gives great blow,” he whispered into my ear, “I wonder what else she is good at?”


“USCKBSTRD” I call out, but he only laughs as he leaves me alone again...


Kneeling next to Nadja, I hold the folded scarf in my hand and say “Open wide.”


“No, please, donmmmpppg” she said as I pushed the cloth in, then tore a strip of the white medical tape off the wide roll and smoothed it over her lips.  Uddnthvtdts,” she mumbled as she looked at me, before I left the room.  I needed to collect a few more things before I returned.


I allowed her ten minutes, and then walked back in, a selection of items been placed on the floor as I knelt behind Nadja.  “Time for some fun,” I said quietly as I untied the rope around her arms, my hands rubbing her arms as I did so.


“Fn?” she mumbled through her gag, but she understood what I meant as I reached round and unfastened her belt for her dress, kissing her neck as I made my way down the front of her dress, one by one unfastening the buttons and slowly opening it up to reveal the white bra that was covering her large chest. 


As I moved her dress off her shoulders I started to kiss the side of her neck and her arms, and I could literally feel the electric shock running through her body as she suddenly tensed up.  “Nunn, pls dny rp mmm” she moaned as I pulled the dress gently down her arms, exposing her breasts to the cool air as I lay her gently onto her back, and my lips embraced the front of her throat.  As I moved her dress down, my lips touched the top of her bra, and she closed her eyes and moaned as I started to gently knead her breast as my lips kissed the top of them.


Nnnnn,” she gasped through her gag as my hands felt her nipples hardening, and I smiled again as I said “It really has been too long, hasn’t it?”  She looked at me, eyes half wide with fear, half wide with a look I knew, as she nodded and arched her back, pushing her breasts out.


Slowly, carefully, I eased the cups of her bra down, and embraced her nipples with my lips, sucking gently on them as I massaged her breasts.  Hmmgddtssgddd,” she called out as she closed her eyes, literally pushing her chest into my face as I moved from side to side, kissing and teasing her as she moaned and twisted round.


I can tell what’s happening, and there’s not a damn thing I can do to stop him doing to Nadja what he did to me.  I only hope she can survive it...


I find it hard to believe, but she is definitely coming on to me as well, as I move my lips down and kiss her belly button.  “PLSSSNGGGM,” she calls out, and I do something I very very rarely do on my visit - I stop and peel the tape away from her mouth, and remove the stuffing.


She looked up at me, her eyes wide as she said ”Kiss me and tease me.”  I put my lips on hers, and feel her tongue playing with mine as I slip my hands between her legs, under the hose and stroke her crotch.  “YSSSSSSSS” she called out through my lips and hers as she raised her hips to meet my stroke, and I knew I was on a winner.


“Sit up,” I said as I let go of her, and helped her into a seated position.  Untying her wrists, I pulled her dress off, leaving it on the mattress as I took her hands in front of her and tied them tightly together, her hands in little balls as I did so.  “I know it’s wrong, and you’re going to rape me,” she whispered as I looked at her, “but do it please - I need to feel a man so badly...”


“I need to gag you again,” I whispered, and she nodded as I picked up a white silk scarf I had collected from Angela’s room, rolled it into a thin band and pulled it between her lips, watching as she closed them round the material and I tied the ends over her hair.


As I came round, and untied her legs, she actually mewled and rubbed her cheek on my arm.. I looked at her, and kissed her neck again before bringing her legs together in front of her and tightly bonding her ankles, and then her legs below her knees.


Picking up her heels, I slipped them back onto her feet before bending her knees, and then tying her wrists to them, the rope going around her legs just above them.


Btiwntutfkm,” Nadja said as she looked at me.  “I’m going to,” I whispered into her ear before I kissed it, and tied a second scarf over her mouth, this time keeping it over her lips as I covered the first gag and tied the cloth in place.


She then gasped as I rolled her over, her face turned to the side as her bottom stuck up n the air.  Whtrudnng - ,mmmmmmGDDDDDDDDD

” she called out as I put my hands on her butt and started to massage it, kissing her back and sides as I did so.  She closed her eyes and moaned out loud at this, rocking to and fro gently as I moved my hands around her bottom and waist, then reached under and pulled her pantyhose down to her knees, along with her knickers leaving her bare flesh exposed to the air.


I started to kiss them, as my hands went round her waist and started to stroke her crotch, feeling the dampness as I stroked her clit.  Mmmmsggdddddd” she moaned as my fingers stroked her clit, playing gently with her as she moaned and began to rock more vigorously.


Plsdntstp,” she said as I slipped my fingers inside her, stroking the walls of her passage as I pressed my body up against hers.  She could feel how hard I was, and that seemed to excite her even more, as she pressed her bottom against my crotch in response.


Leaning over her back, I kissed her neck again and said “I have something of Angela’s you might like.”  Nadja looked at me, wondering what it was, but she soon found out, as I used the white rubber bung I had found previously and slipped it between her butt cheeks, twisting it round and from side to side as I did so.


“NNNNNNNNN” Nadja called out, her eyes wide open as she realised what I was doing, and at the same time I felt her juices on my fingers, the sticky sweet scent filling my nostrils.  I smiled as I continued to tease her at both sides, feeling her juices flow as I did so.  Taking my finger out, I held it to her nose, watching her inhale before I licked my finger, and then said “Brace yourself.”


FrwhttOGGDDDDDDDDDDDD” she screamed through her gaga s she felt my very firm, very hard cock entering her rear passage, and with my fingers I felt a sudden surge of her juices coming from her passage.  She gasped out loud as I thrust forward, and then moaned even louder as she realised she was responding as well, pushing herself back against me as I thrust forward.


“MMGMMMMMMHLLPPPPSLLLLLSSSTPPPMGGDDDDD” she moaned in one continuous burst as she felt the throbbing behind her, and I teased her passage between her legs, throwing her head back as she started to orgasm and gripping my cock like a vice in her ass.   It must have been a long time, as I felt her trying to milk me as I made her scream and pant at the same time.


I let my head hang again - the fucking bastard is doing to her what he did to me, and now I don’t know what to do.  All I can do is hope she is left in one piece, and that she can call for help when I cannot.


I feel myself coming to bursting point as well as she orgasms again and again, pushing hard back against me as she grips so much it hurts.  At the crucial moment, however, she screams “YSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” as she feels the hot spurt of fluid into her rear passage, and she grips me tighter, milking me more than she did when she blew me, and I feel her flow doubling in strength between her legs.


Eventually, after what seems like an eternity, she lets me go and I slip out, watching as she literally falls onto her side and looks up at me.  Shldihturlvu,” she mumbles as she watches me pull my pants back on, and then lean down, stroking her sweaty hair away from her forehead.


“Do whatever you want to, Nadja,” I said as I kissed her on the forehead, “but thank you.  I’ll make sure someone knows to come and free you and Angela.”


Pls,” she pleaded as she looked at me, “ptmwfhr.”  Nodding, I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom, laying her next to her friend.


What the?  I just felt him lay what I hope is Nadja beside me.  I can hear muffled panting, but what has he done to her?


I feel myself being rolled over, and then the blindfold is pulled off my eyes as I see Nadja lying there, her eyes wide open over the scarf gagging her.  One look at her state of dress tells me what has happened, but I can also see a soft glow around her - almost as if it had not happened in a long time.


Looking up, I see the man who has raped both of us standing there, as if he was proud of what he did.  “I’ll make sure someone comes,” he says as he leaves the two of us there, both exhausted, both drained, and both wondering what we should do next...











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