Visitor from A Small Town








“And you’re listening to W-TOR at 6 pm on the 30th of November.  After the news and headlines, we have some more from The Boss and Debbie Harry...”


As she drove down the main road, Terri Smith was looking forward to a nice, quite night at home.   The problem with the firm she worked for was, owned as it was by a McLeod, he insisted on this day in the year his staff dressed in an appropriate way, so today she had on a white blouse under a red cardigan, and a red tartan kilt held to the side by a pin.  Her usual dark hose and instead of her preferred heels, a pair of grey laced brogues.


This was not how she felt a realtor should dress, but she liked McLeod, so she played along for this one day.  They didn’t need to know the other reason she preferred to be alone tonight – the anniversary of her husband been killed.


As she pulled into the driveway of her house, she sighed before getting out, retrieving her bag from the trunk of the car and then walking into the house.  Turning the light on, she put her bag down and then checked her messages.


“Hey Mum – just calling to make sure you are all right.  If you need to call me, you know where I’ll be.”


She smiled as she listened to her daughter, but she knew it was a courtesy, nothing more.  They had a rule to spend this night alone – so she went to the kitchen and took a bottle of wine, pouring a glass and then standing there for a moment.


“I really wish you were here,” she said quietly as she took a sip, and put the glass down – then gasped as a large leather gloved hand was clamped over her mouth, and she felt a small metal disc pressed into her back.


“Don’t scream, don’t shout,” a deep male voice said behind her, “do exactly what I say, and you won’t get hurt.  Nod if you understand.”


Hrrruuu,” Terri mumbled as she slowly nodded her head up and down.


“Never mind that – we’re going to go to your bedroom, and you will do what I say, all right?”


She nodded again as he said “I’m going to take my hand away – are you going to scream?”




“Good,” he said as the hand was taken away.  “Walk in front of me.”


“Who are you,” Terri whispered as they walked up the staircase, wondering how the intruder had got in.


“Don’t speak,” was his only response until they walked into her bedroom, and she sat on a chair by the bed, taking a look at the intruder.  He was tall – at least six foot six, and dressed head to toe in black.


Literally head to toe – a black balaclava covered his head, only allowing his bright blue eyes and thin lips to be seen, leather jacket, jeans, sneakers, gloves.  He also had a pistol in his hand, and a black rucksack on his back.


“Sit, relax,” he said as Terri crossed her legs.  “Do as I say, you’ll be fine.”


“What is this, a robbery?”


“You’ll see,” he said as he took the rucksack from his back, opening it and taking out a roll of white tape, “take off your cardigan please.”


As she slipped the red cardigan off, she wondered what his intentions were, what was going to happen to her, so when he said “put your hands behind your back, “ she knew at least what the first thing would be.


He walked behind her, Terri looking straight ahead as she heard the sound like wallpaper been taken off a wall, and then the pressure on her wrists as he tightly taped her wrists together.


“Good,” he said as he turned her round and knelt down.  Terri put her head back, accepting the situation as he crossed and taped her ankles tightly together.


As she felt him move her skirt, he said “you are a very attractive woman – what’s your name?”




“All right Terri,” he said as she felt him wrap the tape round her legs below her knees, securing them tightly together, and then her legs above her knees, “Don’t be afraid – as I said, you do as I say, I’m not going to harm you.”


Terri lifted her head and nodded as she watched him look through her drawers, taking her jewellery boxes out and looking through them.  He then took a white cloth from his bag, folded in neatly and said “I need you to be quite now Terri – open your mouth.”


“You don’t have to gag me, I’ll be...”


“Hush,” he said quietly, “and open your mouth.”  Terri knew she had no choice, as he pushed the cloth into her mouth, waiting as she closed her lips and then smoothed several strips of white tape over her mouth.  She looked at him as he smiled, and then said “Well, Terri, I hope you are ready for a fun evening.


Whtddummnnn,” Terri mumbled as she watched him kneel in front of her, his gloved hands gently stroking her legs as he opened her skirt up and moved it to the side, the smile growing on his lips as he saw her hose over her body.  He then stood up and slowly opened her blouse, her ivory bra revealed little by little as she closed her eyes, wondering why she was feeling the way she was as he did this.


Hmmgdddd,” Terri mumbled as he removed her skirt, letting it hang down from the back of the seat, and then he kissed her cheeks, Terri turning her head away out of fear as to what this could lead to.  She then felt his gloved hand on her cheek, turning her head back as he gently pressed his lips to her taped mouth.


She was unable to stop herself from moaning as he did this, old feelings stirring in her as he lifted her legs onto the bed, and then pulled her blouse down her arms.  The feel of his hand as his finger stroked up her crotch was also just as exciting, as she let her head fall back and he heard her moan.


“You like this, don’t you,” he said, and Terri had to nod as his lips started to caress her own neck, the top of her chest, his gloved finger still stroking her clit over the hose, and he could feel how damp she was getting. 


Terri knew as well, despite the way she was, as she felt her chest firming to the touch of his lips, and then the touch of his hands, as he slowly, carefully began to stroke and caress them.  There was a fire building inside her, one she knew so well, but he was a masked intruder, dare she...


Hmmmflssgddd,” she heard herself say as he began to press gently on her chest, and then she felt him ease the cups of her bra down, one at a time, and the feel of his lips on her erect, firm nipples.


Hswetlrrdd,,mmmmmgmggggmmmmmmmmmsgddddddddddd,” she moaned out loud as she closed her eyes, the fire suddenly igniting on her as she wriggled to his touch, his caress – even when he started to run his tongue over her nipples, and even when he gently nibbled on them, it only seemed to add to the excitement of her situation, and the desire, the longing, the aching...



“You are a very naughty girl, do you know that Terri?”


She slowly lifted her head and nodded as the man said “stand up.”  She managed to uncross her ankles and push herself up, watching him as he looked for something in the bag.


“Bend over the bed.”


As she leaned over, she glanced over to the side, and her eyes widened as she saw the leather paddle he took out.




“Ah, but you have been a naughty girl, so I must,” he said as he brought the paddle down hard on her bottom.  Terri gasped and then moaned as she felt his hand caress her bottom, then cried out again as he smacked her again.


“A very, very naughty girl,” he said as he continued to smack and caress her, Terri’s yelps of pain slowly turning into long, deep moans of pleasure as he continued to smack and caress her.  How long this went on for she wasn’t sure, but she knew she was getting incredibly turned on by this.


So when he put the paddle down, and she felt him pull her hose down, she wondered what was going to come next, the feel of his gloved hand on her warm, red, throbbing bottom?


Instead, she heard a zip being pulled down, a pair of trousers drop, and then his hands as he reached down and pressed hard on her chest, kneading her breasts as they firmed up, feeling him as he rubbed against her bottom, and just how hard the organ he was rubbing against her was...




Terri screamed into her gag as he pinched her nipples, and at the same time forced himself into her rear passage, the pain passing as she felt the throbbing inside her rear passage while he began to thrust in and out. 


She was under his total control now, unable to do more than respond with her own body as she felt the throbbing intensify, and she moved in time with him.











She screamed out as she felt him growing larger and larger in her, and she also felt the fire between her own loins, the feelings as he pinched and pulled on her nipples, his lips on her neck and shoulders, the pressure, the growing, insane, wonderful pressure....






She felt him cum inside her as she had an orgasm, her body shaking as the juices flowed from between her legs, the fire enveloping and consuming her as she felt the pleasure, until she collapsed on the bed and rolled over.


She watched as he pulled up his pants, and said “don’t move.”  Terri nodded slowly, watching as he went to the bag and removed several lengths of rope, as well as a yellow ball with two leather straps running from it, and a pair of scissors.


The masked intruder smiled as he placed them on the foot of the bed, and then rolled he rover onto her stomach, cutting the tape away from her wrists and pulling her blouse and bra off before he reached for a length of white rope, and bind her wrists tightly together.  She was still covering from the reverie of what had happened, as h lashed her wrists tightly together, taking the white cords around and between her arms before he tied the ends off, and then eased her hose back up over her sex.


She felt the tape part as he cut it away from her ankles and legs, and then lifted her legs up and removed her shoes, the rope pulling her ankles together as he applied it as tightly as the rope around her wrists.


She lifted her legs up and down as he walked to the other side of the bed, peeling the tape away from her mouth and removing the soaking wet cloth from her mouth.


“What do you wish to say to me Terri?”


“That was...  Was...”


“My pleasure – and now I want you to say thank you in the appropriate way.”


“And that is...”


Terri looked up as he unzipped his trousers, and eased his cock out again, surprised to find herself licking her lips as she looked at how large and strong it was again.


“You want me to...”


The masked man merely nodded as he stood in front of her, watching as he began to gently kiss the tip and side of his member.  He had cleaned himself, so it tasted of soap and water, but also of something else, in particular when she kissed the tip again.




She opened her mouth and took the tip in, moaning “utsstswt” as she looked at hm.


“Thank you – continue.”


Terri nodded as she placed her lips round the tip, stroking with the tip of her tongue as she tasted him anew, and then slowly slid her lips down, taking him into her mouth as she felt his cock on her tongue.  She started to work it round him, feeling the slight throbbing as it expanded.




“Hmmm,” the intruder said as she pulled her lips back, making them pop as she let him go, and then looked at him as she took him in her mouth again, this time forming a seal as she gently ran her tongue over him.  She could feel him expanding now, pressing down on her tongue, the throbbing intensifying as he grew in her mouth and he placed his gloved hands on her head.




“I am Terri, but keep going.”


Yssmstrrr,” she moaned as she felt him expand more and more, the throbbing intensifying as she licked and sucked, pushing him in and out of her mouth as her lips formed a tight seal around him.  It was as if she wanted this more than anything, as his caressed her hair and she moaned “hmmsswtlrdddmmmmsgsddddcmmmnnnn


“Patience...  Patience...”


The throbbing was incredible as he felt the pressure start to build, and as Terri wriggled round she felt the fire starting to burn within her as well, making her groan as she wondered how long it was going to be, how much more she wanted to taste his sweet and salty fluid in her mouth, how much she wanted to give him pleasure.




It happened suddenly as she heard him gasp, and then the flow began, hot, sticky, and so good as it flowed down her throat and she tried to swallow everything, milking him for everything he had as she drank deep.  This was right, this was good, and it didn’t matter at that moment that he had tied her up, that he had forced her to do this – the thing was, she was enjoying every single second of it.


Eventually, she felt his hands move, and she slid her mouth off, her lips popping as she looked at his smile in the balaclava.


“Thank you, Terri.”


“No – thank you,” she said with a smile, and then she opened her mouth, her eyes focusing on the large yellow ball.


“Of course,” he said as he eased the rubber ball between her teeth, Teri closing her eyes as she willing submitted herself to being gagged as the straps were taken round her head, and knotted together at the base of her neck.  As he rolled her over, and knelt astride her, she looked up as he began to kiss her neck again, moving down as his lips enclosed and gently sucked on her firm and sensitive nipples.




He said nothing, instead using his tongue and his lips to pull and force her nipples out, making her groan and moan even more, as she felt the fire once again in her crotch, inside her passage.


He seemed to sense this as he slipped his hand into her hose, and she felt his gloved finger directly on her damp clit, stroking on it as she moaned “Hmmffkngggdgddmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


“You like this, don’t you Terri?”


She took a moment with her eyes closed to try and remember she was bound hand and foot, and gagged with a yellow ball held in place by two leather straps round her head – but as he gently pressed on her mound, that flew out of the window as she said “Hgdddddddddddddddfkkkkkkkkkmmmmmmmmmmm


“Soon, soon – the anticipation is part of the fun,” he said before he returned to contusing his assault on her nipples, giggles and moans of pleasure escaping from the ball as he slipped her hose down, and then he nibbled on her.




He looked up and smiled as he made his way down, kissing her belly and licking round the little indentation with his tongue, before he eased her legs apart, and she felt his lips kissing her lips between her legs, gently teasing, gently pressing...




She pushed her hips up to meet his kiss, his caress, his tongue, his tease, and as he made her open up and her petals part, she felt the fire in her as his tongue slipped inside, stroking, easing, teasing...




“Is that what you want Terri?”


She looked at him with misty eyes and nodded as she saw him pull his pants down again, saw his erect, form, large, engorged cock as he moved between her legs, and then slipped in.


She was ready, her passage moist, her petals open and inviting as he entered her, filling her as she felt him on the walls, sliding in and pressing on the most sensitive spots as she pressed herself up and gripped him inside.




She smiled over the gag as she knew she had him, and she moved up and down, feeling him respond as well as he pushed harder in, making her scream with the way he made her feel as he expanded, the juices starting to flow for her as well as she felt the orgasm build inside.




The masked man slowed down, still pushing as hard, but helping her more and more as she started to pant and moan, pant and moan, louder, louder, louder...





When it came, it came in a way that completely overwhelmed her, as he gave all he had inside her as well, Terri using her muscles to milk him as dry as she had with her mouth.


He gasped as well as he gave all he had, before Terri collapsed onto the bed and he slipped out.


Fnkuuu,” she whispered as he rolled her over, pulled her ankles back and tied them to her wrists with more rope. He then wrapped some rope around her arms at her elbows, securing them as well as she panted out.


“Now, I want you to wait there,” he said as he pulled his pants up again, and fastened them.  Terri nodded, wondering what he was going to do as he collected her jewel boxes and left the room.


After a few minutes, she rolled onto her side and lay there, listening to the sounds downstairs – the sounds of someone setting a table, and then opening and closing a door.


A few moments later, she rolled onto her stomach and looked up as the masked intruder came back into the room.




Terri smiled and nodded as he smiled in return.


“Good – I’ll untie you, and you can ungag yourself.”


Terri nodded and waited until he had released her, before she went to the bathroom.




As she came down the stairs, wearing a white dressing gown, she saw the Chinese food laid out on the table, a bottle of white wine opened as the man poured it into two glasses.  He had removed his gloves and balaclava, as he looked at Terri, smiled and said “you wore the outfit.”


“I thought you might appreciate it – after all, it was similar to what I wore that first time – Micky.”


The soldier smiled as he passed her a glass.  “IT seems – well, it was a lifetime ago,” he said with a smile, “but I hope I made tonight special.”


“You did – thank you,” Terri said with a smile.  “Do you go home?”


“To see my mother, yes – why?”


“I’m heading up to see the girls in a few weeks time – will you be there?”


“I need to check my orders,” Micky said, “but you never know.  Right now – let’s eat.”


Terri nodded as she sat down, and they started to talk of St Jeromes...







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