The Hostage Weekend - Part 1




Friday, 7 pm

“Will you please stop worrying, dear?  The girls have left with my mother, Bessie is going to pop round tomorrow morning for coffee, and I’m sure I can look after myself until you get back on Monday night.

“All right, I promise I’ll call you tomorrow night.  Now get back to your friends – I know what these fishing weekends are like.”

As Anne put down the telephone, she was looking forward to a nice quiet weekend on her won – no family, no distractions, and a time for just herself.  She’d had a hard day at work anyway, and just wanted to wind down for the rest of the evening.  As she walked through to the room that acted as her home office, she paid little attention to the news that was playing on the television.

“In other news today, three prisoners have escaped from the County Jail.  The four men, who had been convicted of the 5th Avenue bank raid, are thought to have been part of a work detail, and managed to slip away unnoticed before the group were returned to the jail.  The police have warned people no tot approach them if they are spotted, and to call their local precinct office immediately – the men are not armed, but are considered to be extremely dangerous.

“Now, here’s Jack with the sport...”

Running her fingers through her short brown hair, Anne sat at the table and started to flip through the catalog that lay on the surface.  She had not even changed from her work outfit of a fawn coloured suede blouse and black skirt with a white floral print as she sat there, flipping through the pages and noting a number of items mentally.  So engrossed was she in this she failed to heart the quiet footsteps behind her.

“Take this,” one of the men whispered as he handed his colleague a roll of green electrical tape, “and shut her up before she hears us.”

The first that Anne knew of the new arrivals was the hand that was clamped over her mouth as an arm encircled her upper body and held her firmly against the chair back.  “Shut up, don’t struggle and do exactly what we tell you,” she heard a gruff voice say, but she started to struggle.  This made her mystery assailant hold her all the more tightly, pressing his hands against her breasts as he did so.  Eventually, Anne stopped struggling and just nodded.

“Stand up, and put your head on the table,” the voice said as he pulled Anne back in the chair.  He removed his hand from her mouth, and as she stood up she said “Please, don’t hurt me; I’ll do whatever you ask.  I’ve got money if you want it, but please...”

“I told you to shut up,” the voice said as she felt a hand grab her arm and pull it behind her back.  To her growing horror, the next sound she heard was a ripping as he took the roll of tape and started to bind her wrists tightly together, crossing them in the small of her back as he did so.  She tried to keep her wrists apart, but the mystery intruder proved too strong as he wrapped the tape around.

“Up you get,” he said as he pulled Anne up and tore another strip of tape off the roll.  “You need to mind your words,” he said as he held the strip in front of Anne’s mouth.  “Put your lips together, and you’ll get through this.  I’m not alone here, and my friends are rather less patient than I am, so let’s just get on with this.  All right?”


“Who are you,” Anne said quietly, but that was the last thing she said as the tape was smoothed over her lips.  “Come on,” the man said as she roughly turned Anne round and pushed her towards the door, “You can meet my friends now.”  He pushed the frightened woman towards the corridor, and made her walk the short distance to the front room.

There were three other men in the room, helping themselves to her husband’s whisky and smiling as Anne came in.  “Well, well, the lady of the house gets to join us,” one of them said as he sat down.  “Lou, make the lady comfortable will you – we’re going to be here for a while, after all.”

“Sure thing, Jed,” the man behind Anne said as he pushed her towards a couch that sat in the corner of the room, and made her sit down.  Anne took a good look at her four invited guests – tall, strong, unshaven and wearing blue overalls with the letters “DOC” on the back.  The one that had been called Lou knelt in front of her and pushed her ankles together, wrapping the green tape around them to hold them firmly together.

“First time you’ve been tied up, doll?” Jed asked, and Anne shook her head as she watched Lou wrap the tape round.  “Didn’t think so – you look like someone who has had this happen to her before,” Lou said as he watched and looked at Anne.  In her late thirties, small and a bit large, but there was a fire in her eyes as she looked at him that made him wonder what else could happen here.

“She looks like she could be trouble, Lou – put some more tape over that mouth of hers before you do anything else.  Andy, Cal – see if you can find something to eat.”

The other two men nodded as they walked out of the room, leaving Lou to press the end of the roll over Anne’s pantyhose clad legs and tape them together.  “Here’s the deal, doll,” Jed said as he took a drink.  “The boys and I need somewhere to crash for a few days before we move on, and we think this is just the place to do it.  Are you on your own here?”

Anne nodded as she winced from the tightness of the tape.  “Nice family you have,” Jed said as he picked up a photo from the table beside him.  “Any of them around this weekend?”

“Nnnn,” Anne grunted through the thick layer of tape as Lou pulled her legs further together with more tape above her knees.  “That’s nice – it means you get to keep us company for a few days.  Just do as you’re told, and you’ll be just fine.”

As Lou continued to use the tape, Anne looked at him.  He must have been in his early twenties, with short cropped black hair and five day stubble on his chin.  Jed was older, less muscular but clearly the leader of this little group.  She hadn’t had much of a look at the other two – Andy and Cal he called them – but she knew she was in a lot of trouble.

“Now, if anyone calls, you just leave the phone unanswered.  I’m sure we’re going to get along just fine doll.  Aren’t you?

“Hey, Jed,” she heard the other two call from the kitchen, “There’s plenty to eat here.  Why don’t you come and join us?”

“In a minute, boys - I want to make sure our host is comfortable first,” Jed said as she stood up and walked over.  “Why don’t you lie down and take the load off your feet,” he said as he pushed Anne onto her side, lifting her legs up and placing them on the seat. As he did this, he noticed the way her skirt rode up, and said “Hey – you don’t like wearing panties, do you?  Something to remember if we decide to play some games later.  Leave her alone, Lou – she’s not going anywhere at the moment.”

Anne lay there, listening to the two men laughing as they walked into the kitchen.  The television was still playing, and her heart started racing as she heard the announcer say, “Finally, we have been asked to repeat the warning about the four escaped convicts.  If you see them, do not approach, but instead call your local precinct office.”  On the screen were police mug shots of four men – men Anne recognised as the four who were now eating in her kitchen.

“Shit,” was the thought uppermost in her mind as she lay back.  She recognised the four now – the robbery of the bank on 5th Avenue had made headline news a year or so ago.  Four men had broken into the house of the bank manager, held him, his wife and their two daughters hostage for a weekend, before forcing the manager to open the bank vault on the Monday morning.  She knew there was something more to the story, something about the way they had forced the manager to cooperate, but what that was she could not remember.

She tried to move her legs apart, but the tape was too tightly wound round her legs.  This was not the first time she had been in this position – in her younger days, Anne had earned some extra cash modelling for a certain clientele – but this was different, it was not under the control, and she wondered what was coming next.  She had understood what Jed had said about staying a few days, but she hoped she would not be held like this for the next few days.

“Hi there.”

She looked up to see Lou standing there, watching her from the doorway.  “You’re a very pretty woman,” he said as he walked over and rolled Anne onto her back, “I want to see what you look like under those day clothes.”  With that, he leaned over, the scent of whisky on his breath filling Anne’s nostrils as he undid the buttons of her blouse and pulled it open.  “Very nice, very nice indeed,” he said quietly as he looked at her white bra, “You are a very natural woman.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen a woman like this...”

Anne trend her head away as he reached over and pulled the front of her blouse out and over her arms, revealing her breasts.  He then pulled her skirt up, revealing her hose covered crotch.  “You don’t mind me doing this, do you?” Lou said as he looked at Anne lying there.  “It’s just a pity to have you lying there and not enjoying yourself.  Are you enjoying yourself?”

Anne closed her eyes, fighting the feelings that were starting to grow in her.  In truth, she was a little turned on by being bound and gagged, and she could feel warmth between her legs that was familiar from her past work.  Those times, however, her husband had been present – well, apart from that one time a few months ago.  This time, she opened her eyes to see Lou taking a knife from his pocket.  He opened the blade, and Anne squirmed and tried to call out as he leaned over her.

Don’t panic, doll – I just want to make you more comfortable,” he said as he slipped the knife under her bra, between her breasts, and cut through the material, pulling the cups to both sides so that Anne’s breasts were fully exposed.  “Wonderful,” he said as he took them in his hands, massaging them as Anne started to move in motion with his caress.  “You have a wonderful chest, little lady – forgive me if I take a moment to enjoy this.”

As he continued to move his hands over her breasts, moving them out to caress her body, Anne could not stop herself from responding by moving with him.  As she did so, Lou moved one of his hands down and felt between Anne’s legs, gently stroking her crotch as she started to moan in response.

“You are warm, little lady,” Lou said as he quickened the pace of his stroking, moving one hand in a gentle circle over her nipples while the other stimulated her in the crotch, “I can see you like this.  Would you like me to carry on?  I know your body wants me to...”

Anne wanted to scream at him to stop, but the urge, the desire was growing, and she merely groaned as Liu pressed his lisp against her breasts.  She saw him pick his knife up, and as he moved it towards her crotch she clamped her legs together, fearing what he might do and at the same time wanting it, as...

“Lou!  Not tonight – we have other things to be getting on with.”

Anne opened her eyes to see Jed standing there in the doorway.  “We have the whole weekend ahead of us – right now I need you to help Cal with his searching while Andy checks the car out.  Go on.”

Lou took one look back at Anne as he stood up and walked off, although Anne could see his crotch throbbing as he walked away.  “You be patient, doll,” Jed said as he sat down and watched Anne, “We have the whole weekend ahead of us.  For now, I’m just going to watch you as you stay there.”

Anne closed her eyes and rolled over onto her side, feeling a mixture of shame as to what had just happened, mingled with pleasure, but also fear – just what was going to happen this weekend?  More to the point, how could she warn Bonnie not to come in the morning?  As the television continued to play, she felt herself drifting off to sleep....



Saturday, 7 am

“Good morning.”

Anne slowly opened her eyes to see the man that had been called Andy sitting watching her.  She saw that the tape that had covered her mouth had come loose and was hanging onto her cheek, but the other binding was still firm.

“I’m glad you’re awake, “Andy said as he stood up, walked over and checked the tape.  “Jed will be down soon.  If we’re going to spend the weekend there, we should know your name.  What is it?”

“Anne,” she croaked.  “Can I have a drink please?”

“Of course,” Andy said as he walked to the kitchen.  “Once you’ve had that, we can start to work out what’s going to happen today...”





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