The Hostage Weekend - Part 2




Saturday, 9 am

As she sat at her dressing table, applying red lipstick, Anne thought about the last two hours. As he brought the drink back, the young man called Andy had also brought a set of kitchen scissors, which he used to cut the tape from her body.  She had spent a few minutes rubbing life back into her arms and legs and sipping her water before Jed had come in and told Andy to “make sure she got cleaned up.”  Despite her wish to be alone for a few minutes, that was not going to happen – during the night, they had forced their way into her husband’s gun cabinet, and Andy had followed her with a loaded shotgun all the way.  He at least had the courtesy to watch from outside the bathroom as she showered and shaved her legs, but that was as far as it went.

“Come on,” Andy said from his position on the bed, “The others will want breakfast.”

“Oh, So I have to cook for you now?”

“Yes – you do.”

Anne looked at the lad as he sat there – he could not be much over twenty, and yet he had eyes that seemed dead to most things.

“All right,” Anne said as she stood up and smoothed down the front of her dress, “If you are to be my guests, I can at least fix you some bacon and eggs.  Let’s go.”

As she walked into the kitchen, Anne saw the three other men sat round the table.  “You look nice,” Lou said as he eyed her up and down.  “I like my eggs sunny side up.”

“Andy,” Jed said as Anne walked towards the cooker, “Make sure Anne here gets no funny ideas about using knives for anything other than chopping.”

“Don’t worry,” she said as Andy stood by her, “I’m not that stupid.  I’m only one woman – it was two before, wasn’t it?”

“Oh, so you know who we are – but you don’t know the full story.  Have patience, Doll – you’ll learn.”

It took time to cook breakfast, but eventually Anne sat in a chair some distance from the table and watched as they ate.  Jed looked up and watched Anne as she sat there, her legs crossed.

“Nice dress.”

“Thanks.”  Anne had put on a simple black frock dress with white polka dots, which buttoned up the front and a pair of light fawn leather shoes over her pantyhose. Jed kept looking at her as Lou spoke.

“You seemed awfully calm last night, lady.  That your first time?”

“No – I was robbed a month or so ago.  He tied me up too.”

“Lot of dangerous people out there,” Cal said, and the others laughed at the joke.  The laughter stopped abruptly when the telephone rang.  Jed sprang up and ran to Anne, grabbing her and gagging her with his hand as the answering machine kicked in.

“Anne, It’s Bessie – I’ll be round at 11 for coffee.  See you then.”

As the line went dead, Lou looked down at Anne.  “I see we have to set some new ground rules, Anne, but first we need to make sure we’re not disturbed.  Now,” he said as he looked round the room, “do you have any washing line?”

“We keep some in the store room,” Anne said as he removed his hand.  “Why?”

“You’ll see – Andy, go and look, and bring me a carving knife.”



10.30 am

“Bessie?  It’s Anne – I’m sorry I didn’t answer the phone earlier.  I’m afraid I was in bed with a stomach bug.

“No, no, I’m sure it’s just a 24 hour bug or something, but I’m not up to visitors today.  Do you mind if we take a rain check on coffee?

“Yeah, my throat is a bit sore.

“No, seriously, better if you stay away.  I’ll see you later in the week.

“Bye, Bessie.”

Anne sighed as the telephone handset was taken from her ear, and the knife removed from where Jed had held it against her throat.  As Cal took it back to the main room, Jed said “Well now, we can’t have that happening again.  Any other callers we should know about?”

“My husband is going to call at six, and if he does not hear from me or think something is wrong, the whole police department will be here in five minutes.”

“Well, we can’t have that, can we,” he said as he walked round and looked at Anne.  Before he had forced her to make the call, he had cut a length of rope and used it to secure her wrists to the rear of the chair she was sat in, tying them against the back where it met the seat and passing the rope through the seat against her back.

“Mighty pretty pearls you’re wearing, by the way.”

“Thanks, I gmmpoh.”  Anne was surprised to have a pair of panties from her laundry basket stuffed into her mouth, before one of her white scarves was pulled across her lower face, silencing her as it pressed against her lips.

“Hush now, Anne,” Jed said as he cut some more lengths of rope, “We need you to be just nice and still.  Why don’t you let your legs drop and Cal here will take care of them.”

Anne looked down as the red-haired man grabbed her left ankle, pulled it against the chair leg and used a length of the washing line to secure it in place.  A longer length was then used to tie her knee against the chair, passing it above and below her knee as she felt it being forced into place.

The cords were tight, but bearable, even when Cal pulled her free leg against the opposite chair leg and secured it in the same way.  The most discomforting thing to Anne, in her state of enforced silence, was the fact the front of her dress was opening up as her legs were separated.

It took a few more minutes for Cal to take the remaining length of rope, and pass it around Anne’s chest, passing it above and below her breasts as he secured her against the chair back.   He stood back and joined the other three as they watched Anne struggling, her eyes closed as the top two buttons on her dress came loose and the opening between her legs grew larger.

“All right boys,” Lou said as he turned towards the door, “Let’s go and clean up, and maybe get a change of clothes.  I’m sure the little lady will cope for a while without us.”  Anne watched them leave her alone, before closing her eyes and screaming in frustration.

“Hi, Anne.”

She opened her eyes in shock to see Andy standing there, wearing a pair of her husband’s shorts and staring at her.  “You look like a lovely captive sitting there,” he said as he stepped forward, “but you’re definitely getting hot.  Why don’t I help you to cool down a bit?”

Anne watched as he reached down and slowly unbuttoned the bottom of her dress front, moving the panels aside as he did so to reveal her nylon covered crotch.  She could see him sweating slightly, and wondered what was going to happen next.

“Here, let me help you with that,” he said softly as he unbuttoned the rest of her dress, pulling it wide open under the restraining ropes and forcing the dress back and down her arms.  She looked down at the cream coloured bra she was wearing, and then back at the young man as he stood there, rubbing his chin.

“I get the feeling you like the way Cal tied you, Anne,” he said as he looked at his captive sitting there.  “In fact, I get the feeling you may have been tied up more than once before.  Am I right?”

Realising he was serious and also wanting to keep the trust of at least one of them, Anne slowly nodded.  “Lou and the others are searching through the office in the back of the house,” Andy said as he looked in a set of drawers nearby, “So I don’t think we will be disturbed for a little while.”

To her horror, Anne saw a pair of large kitchen scissors in Andy’s hand as he turned round and walked towards her.  She looked down again at her chest, knowing that she could feel her nipples hardening against her own will, and worried about what he would say if he pulled the cups down.  It therefore came as an even bigger chock when he used the scissors to cut the bra away between her breasts, the cold blade making her shiver from both feeling and fear as it pressed against her skin.

“My god, you have beautiful breasts,” Andy whispered as the silk fell either side of her chest.  Putting the scissors down on the table, he gently pressed his hands against her breasts, moving and pressing as he massaged and made Anne feel both scared and exhilarated.

“It has been a long, long time since I held a woman’s breasts like this,” Andy said as he stepped back.  “I can see you like it too.”  With that, he sat on Anne’s lap, his breath in her face as he continued to move his hands against her skin.”

“Oh yes, you are liking this,” he moaned as he bent his head down and encased one of Anne’s nipples between his lips.  As he sucked, he continued to massage her other breast with one hand as his other slipped between her legs.  “And you are getting very, very warm,” e said with a giggle as he released the first breast and began to suck on the second.  Anne tried to resist, but again she allowed a soft moan to escape as she closed her eyes, her hips moving in what little way they could with his breast sucking.  For his part, Andy started to move in unison with her, pressing further into her body as he released her breast and began to kiss her neck.

“Oh, oh, oh,” he moaned as Anne felt the pressure growing both against her beasts, where Andy’s chest was now firmly pressed, and also between her own legs as she realised Andy was responding in kind.  To her relief, she thought he was unlikely to actually rape her, but she could feel the pressure building, the moistness growing and her own body beginning to move back and forth as well as side to side.  Despite herself, she moved with him as he grew faster and faster, firmer and firmer, his kisses stronger against her neck until finally...

Anne let her head full back and screamed as Andy stood up, looking at her and at himself.  “Thank you,” he said as he turned and walked out of the room, leaving Anne to open her eyes and look down at her own crotch, the stain spreading on her pantyhose.  She looked to one side, again feeling a mixture of both disgust and exhilaration as the clock slowly ticked in the back ground...



2 pm


“I must have fallen asleep” was Anne’s first thought as she felt the gag been removed from her mouth.  She opened her eyes to see Lou standing there in her husband’s shirt and trousers, Andy standing behind him.

“I understand Andy here may have been a bit personal with you earlier,” Lou said.  “I hope you understand he was a mite frustrated, and missing a woman’s trust.  We’re going to untie you now, and let you button up your dress.  We need your help in your office, and if you do as we ask we won’t tie you up again until after your husband calls.”

“Can I have a bath before that,” Anne whispered as she rubbed her wrists, and Lou nodded.  “I assure you, Anne, I will keep an eye on the boys from now on.”




6 pm

“No, honey, I’m fine, and it was wrong of Bessie to call you.  It’s just a 24 hour bug – I’ll be fine, I promise.  How has your day been?

“Well, it is your training weekend.  I thought you would be enjoying the time without me nagging you!

“Yes, I miss you too.  We’ll make up for it on Monday, all right?  I’m really looking forward to seeing you then.

“Yeah, I heard them too – I’ll let you get back to the barroom brawl or whatever it is.  I’ll talk to you tomorrow – I need to have an early night.

“Love you too – bye.”

Anne switched off the telephone handset and handed it to Cal, who smiled as he took it to the receiver.  The others had been watching her as she talked to her husband, the remains of a Chinese takeout around the table.

“Well done Anne,” Lou said as he stood up.  “Why don’t you go and have that bath now – Cal can keep an eye on you.  He’ll tell us when you’re ready.”

Twenty minutes later, Anne allowed herself to slip into the steaming, heavily scented bath water, and let her limbs soak in the warmth.  The marks from earlier that day were starting to fade, but she still felt stiff from been made to sit in the same position for so long.

Through the frosted door, she could see Cal standing, the rifle in his hands as he whistled softly.  “One day down, two to go,” she whispered as she closed her eyes, trying to remember what she had read about the bank robbery they had been convicted of

She knew they had kidnapped the younger daughter from school, and then took hostage the other women as they returned home before the husband came back.  The full details of what happened had never been revealed – only that on the Monday they cleaned the bank out and that police had found the three women trussed up and gagged in their house when the alarm was raised.  From her experiences over the last 24 hours, Anne knew these four were capable of many things, but what exactly had happened.

“Time to get dressed,” Cal said as he tapped on the window.  Anne pulled herself out of the bath, wrapping a dressing gown around herself as she opened the door.  “I guess you’re going to watch as I get dressed,” she said to Cal, who nodded as h stood to one side and let her go into the bedroom.



7.30 pm

As she applied the lipstick, Anne looked at herself in the mirror.  She had put on a fresh pair of pantyhose, a black bra and a white slip nightdress, but as she stood there looking at her reflection she wondered how long she would stay like that.

“You’ve been holding out on us, Anne.”

She turned to see Lou standing there, with a box in his hands.  He reached in and pulled out several rolls of coloured tape.

“We’ll discuss this further tomorrow, but for now we need to get you ready for bed.  Go over there, lie face down and put your hands behind your back.”

“Please, be gentle,” she whispered as she lay on her bed, looking over as he took a roll of yellow tape.  “A little variety, I think,” he said as he took her wrists, crossed them behind her back and quickly taped them together.  As he tore the tape off, Anne realised she still had a pair of heels on her feet, and tried to kick them off.  “No, keep them on,” Lou said as he pushed her legs together, wrapping the tape around her ankles, before he took it over the soles of her shoes, securing them to her feet as tightly as her ankles were taped to each other.

“All right – roll over and sit yourself up,” Lou said, and As Anne managed to get into a seated position he knelt in front of her.  “I promise I will keep an eye on the boys tonight,” he said as he taped her legs together above and below her knees.  “Nothing will happen to you without me knowing.”

“I guess I should thank you,” Anne said as Lou stood back up.  “Don’t thank me yet,” Lou replied as he tore a length of tape off the roll.  “I’m going to have a look at your computer files with Andy, and Jed will come to watch you.  Purse your lips and don’t struggle.”

Anne nodded as he smoothed the tape over her mouth, repeating with more strips as she sat still.  Watching him leave, she tried to find some give in her bonds, before stopping herself smiling as her small cat came in and curled up behind her on the bed.  “I wondered where you had got to,” she thought to herself before she heard a cough and saw Jed standing there.

“Well now,” he said as he stepped over, the smell of whiskey on his breath and a roll of white tape in his hand.  “You look real nice, but I can help you to look nicer.”  He put the roll next to the yellow one and drew a switchblade out of his pocket.  Leaning over Anne, she closed her eyes as he pulled the straps of her nightdress off her shoulders and pulled the garment down around her waist.  The snikt of the knife opening was followed by a cutting sound as he slit through the front of her bra, pulling it down towards her wrists.

Andy was right – you have a lovely pair there,” Jed said as he placed his rough chin next to Anne’s breasts, rubbing them as he did so.  “It think I can make them look even nicer, though.”

Taking hold of the white tape, Jed ripped an end loose, before placing it against Anne’s body next to her left breast.  As he let more of the tape out, he used his other hand to press her breasts together, encircling both with the tape and forcing them to stick out more prominently in front.  Passing the tape around and between them, Anne had to stop herself from crying as the tape pulled on her skin, while at the same time noticing how much more prominent her nipples were becoming.

“Yeah, that does make them look nicer, eh?” Jed said as he put the roll of tape down.  “Tell me, Anne, how does it feel when I kiss them now?”  He bent down and kissed her left breast, sucking with his lips as he did so.  Anne realised she was moaning – when her husband did this to her, it was always a great encourager, and it made her feel wonderful, but the fear was also starting to build in her.  He had tried to do something last night – and the others were further away this time.

“Oh, yes,” Jed whispered as he picked the tape up again, “I need to preserve this.”  Tearing as trip off, he pressed it down firmly on Anne’s left nipple, repeating the process quickly so that a white cross went over her breast.  The pain from the tape pulling on her engorged nipple was more than enough, but as Jed repeated the process on her right breast, she could feel the tears starting to flow as he pushed her over to lay on her side, causing the kitten who had come out to see what was happening to jump off the bed and run away.

As Anne lay on the red cover, wondering what was going to happen next, she saw Jed pick up the yellow tape and walk over, rolling her onto her back and pushing her legs up.  “My turn now,” he whispered as he used the tape to secure Anne’s legs into position, taking the tape from her ankles over her thighs and back again.  “It’s been a long time for me as well.” He said as he smoothed the tape off, “So I hope you enjoy it as well.”

For her part, it was not the most uncomfortable position she had ever been in, but Anne was all too aware of the warm feeling in her own crotch as she tried to get free, never mind the sensation from the tape pulling constantly on her nipple.  She had a vague inkling of what might happen next, especially as she watched Jed pull his pants down, the member growing larger before her eyes as he did so.  She could not help herself anticipating what it might feel like as she rolled onto her back again.

“No,” Jed said as he pulled her back over onto her left side, “I do this my way.”  Anne wondered what he meant by that, before she realised as she felt the switchblade on her bottom, tearing a slit in the back of her panty hose.

“NNNNN” she screamed out as she watched Jed put the blade down and walk round, before the aroma of a Vaseline hit her nostrils and she felt it been applied behind her to her cheeks, both outside and inside.  The warmth spread as she felt his body behind her, saw his hands come over and pinch her taped nipples, and felt the way he moved against her.  It was not the first time this had been her experience, but it had always been consensual before then.  Now, as she closed her eyes and felt the insertion behind her, feeling the throbbing and moaning as she too began to move with him, she closed her eyes, determined to say or do nothing to antagonise him further.

The movement became faster harder, more painful and yet more exhilarating until Anne felt a warm gush flowing through her behind, and a sigh as Jed let his full package be released into Anne’s rear passage.  As she opened her eyes, she saw Lou standing in the doorway.

“I said I would keep an eye on my boys, and they would do nothing to you without me knowing,” he said as he looked down on her.  “Count yourself lucky – this time it was just me.  Last time, I had two young daughters with me watching their mother.

“Get cleaned up Jed – you’re on first watch tonight.”

Anne lay still, weeping as she watched the man walk round and out of the room, pulling his pants up as he did so.  “Good night, Anne,” Lou said as he reached for the light switch, “Tomorrow, we can talk about what we found on your computer.  Seems you have a few stories to tell – it should be quite a day.”  She closed her eyes, determined not to show them her feelings as the light was turned off and plunged the room into darkness.





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