The Hostage Weekend - Part 3




Sunday, 11 am


“Good morning, Anne.”

Andy watched as Anne slowly opened her eyes and stretched out – a surprise to her, given she had fallen asleep balled up in white tape.

“We cut you free during the night,” he said as she stretched out further, “and kept a watch over you.  After all, we did not know we were in the home of a celebrity.”

“Me?” Anne croaked as she slowly sat up.  “So, you’re still here?”

“Two of us are – me and Lou.  He sent Jed and Cal out to take care of something, and they won’t be back for a while.  Listen, you get washed up and dressed – we want to talk to you.”

Anne slid off the bed sheets and walked to the bathroom as Andy held the door open.  “I’m real sorry about Jed,” he said as Anne stepped in, “but what can I do?”  She stared mutely back at him before taking off what was left of her night clothing and stepping into the shower.


“Ah, Sleeping Beauty has joined us,” Jed said as he looked up from the table to watch Andy bringing Anne in.  She had put on a long sleeved white blouse to cover some of the red marks from the previous evening on her arms, as well as a blue wrap round skirt with a kimono dragon design in gold and a tasselled hem.  She had washed and dried her hair, and put on some make up as well, but the look in her eyes as she stared back at Jed was unmistakable.

“You made them watch,” she said slowly, and Jed nodded.  “You must understand, Anne, we needed to let them know we were in control.  After that, the two girls did whatever we wanted, I can assure you.  Anyway, I have a question for you?”

“Oh- what’s that?”

“Do you prefer Anne or Chase?”

Anne looked at the two men, and then at the monitor on the computer screen in the next room.  “Ah,” she said quietly, “You found out my little secret.  Well, not really a secret, but I am retired.”

“Even so, if you knew how the men inside – well, anyway, I am truly sorry we have been such an inconvenience to you.”

“Why me?”

“I’m sorry?”

“You never said – why me?”

“Truly, Chase, the luck of the draw.  It could have been any of the houses around here.”

“Huh – and it is Anne.  Chase was my professional name”

“Very well,” Lou said as he stood up.  “Let me fix you some breakfast, Anne – this is a day of rest, after all.”


6 pm

Anne sat back and lit another cigarette.  The other two had returned to the house two hours earlier, but this time they had not bound or gagged her as they sat talking on the other side of the room.  She had talked for some hours with them, telling them at their request about her past as a bondage model, and in return they had not secured her while they discussed their plans for the next day.  She could over hear little things, like “tomorrow morning” and “what about” but not a lot else.

When they had talked earlier, she had managed to learn a little more about them as well.  Jed and Lou were the two leaders – older, more experienced and certainly more dangerous.  Cal had obviously been the strong man, but he also had some obvious experience – at least in tying women up, although he had not harmed her as such yet.  Andy was somewhere in the middle, but to her that made him the most dangerous of all – the most unreadable.  When she’d asked Lou what part he had played in the robbery, her just said “He looked after the younger girl” and left it at that.

Anne looked up as Lou came over.  “All right, Anne,” he started to say when the doorbell rang.  He looked over at the other three, who grabbed the rifles they had by them and took position behind the door, then hissed to Anne “Get rid of them” as he grabbed her by the arm with one hand and picked up a hunting knife with the other.  She gulped as Lou forced her over to the door, standing behind as she slowly opened it to reveal a local policeman standing there.

“Hi, Anne,” he said with a smile as he touched his hat brim, “Sorry if I disturbed you.”

“Hi Dave – what brings you here tonight,” she said as she felt a prod in her side.

“Just checking the neighbourhood – those four crooks are still out there, and I know John’s not around this weekend.”

“Yeah – he’s due to call in a few minutes, actually.  Everything’s fine, so if you don’t mind?”

“Sure, sure – tell John I dropped by, will you?”

“I will Dave – and thanks,” Anne said as she closed the door.  She stood there, listening to the footsteps echoing on the front porch, before Lou came and stood in front of her.

“Very well played, Anne,2 he said as he pressed the knife to her throat.  “Now, let’s get that phone call out of the way – the boys and I have things to do, and you have a long night ahead of you.”

She stared at the man, wondering and fearing what he meant by the last comment, as the phone started to ring.




7 pm

“I swear to you, John, everything’s fine – I’m just a bit tired.  Call Dave if you don’t believe me – he was here checking on me as well.

“Oh, you did, did you?  No, it wasn’t a problem, just a surprise.  Get back to whatever you were doing, and I’ll see you tomorrow.  Believe me; I’m looking forward to it.

“You too – bye.”


Anne put the phone down and stared at Cal as he stood over her.  “Now what – another bath and bed?”

“Not exactly,” Cal said as he took her by the arm.  “Upstairs – Lou’s waiting for you.”

He marched up to the bedroom and pushed her forward, so that she fell forward face down on the bed.  Looking to her left, she saw Lou standing there, a length of white rope in his hands.  “You know what to do,” he said as he pulled the cord taut, and Anne sighed as she placed her hands behind her back.

“Just be gentle, please,” Anne pleaded as he pulled her wrists together, but Lou said nothing as he wound the rope around and between them.  She could hear Cal in the room, breathing heavily, but not a lot else for  a while.  As he crossed her ankles, leaving her white strapped wheels on her feet, and lashed them together, she was surprised to hear herself say “what exactly are you going to do to me tonight, then?”

“Wait and see, Anne, wait and see,” Lou said.  “Roll over and sit yourself up.”  With some difficulty, Anne managed to sit herself on the end of the bed and watched as Lou tied her legs together with more rope above her knees.

“All right,” he finally said as he looked at Anne, “I need to do a couple of things, but Cal here will take care of you.  One more thing – purse your lips.”

“What, nothing in my mouth?”

“Not yet,” Lou smirked as he tore a strip off a roll of tape and pressed it over Anne’s mouth.  As he pressed a second strip on, he looked over her shoulder and said “All yours, boy.”  Anne looked up to see Cal standing  in front of  her.

“You’re a pretty lady,” he said as he reached down and slowly started to unbutton her blouse.  As she looked down, Anne could see that her skirt had become trapped under her bottom, the sides open wide to show her legs, but that wasn’t her big concern at the moment.  What was was the fact that, as Cal pulled the front of her blouse open to reveal her cream bra, he had the large hunting knife tucked into his belt.

“Very pretty,” he kept mumbling to himself as he looked at Anne, her head bowed.  Taking the knife, he pressed the cold blade against her shoulders and upper chest, Anne trying to say “Stop” as he did so.  Placing the knife next to her, he gently pulled her blouse down over her arms, and then slipped his fingers under the bra cup and stroked her nipples.  She shook as his hands passed over her nipples, coming under the material and lifting the bra up and over her breasts.

As he knelt over and kissed them, Anne felt his stubble on her skin and the touch of his lips and tried to look away.  This seemed to excite Cal even more, as he reached down and unfastened her skirt.  “You’ll enjoy it more without this,” he said as he pushed Anne onto her side, her skirt falling under her onto the bed as he did so.  “You won’t need these either,” he said as he unbuckled and dropped her shoes on the floor, stroking her legs through the pantyhose as he did so and moving to come behind her on the bed.

She had a feeling she knew what was coming next, especially as she felt Cal’s hot breath on her shoulder as he came up behind her.  What she did not expect was for Andy to come in and watch from the door as Cal started to move himself behind Anne, stroking her body as he did so.  She looked up at him, moaning as much in a request to him to help her as to Cal to stop – she could feel her body responding, and after the previous night was not exactly sure she wanted that to happen again.

“Is she all right, Cal” Andy said as he looked over his shoulder.  The younger man nodded, and then said “Why don’t you grab a piece?”  Anne’s eyes widened as she watched Andy nod, and slowly unbuckle his pants.  She could feel a bulge growing against her bottom, and see the same thing happening in front of her as Andy allowed his jeans to drop to the floor.

“I never got to finish what I started yesterday,” he said as he came closer, stepping out of the material and standing in front of Anne.  “Now, you’re not going to scream are you?”

Anne winced as the tape was torn from her mouth, but before she could say “No” Andy had pushed his throbbing penis into her mouth just as Cal cut a slit in the rear of her pantyhose and started to penetrate from that direction.  She started to moan as he body reacted to the rear entry, but that only made her lips close tighter around Andy as his member grew larger and stronger.  The two men started to talk to Anne, encouraging her to continue as she began to give in to the primal urges that were growing in her, sucking in time to the motions from behind as both men started to come to a climax.

As she started to swallow the warm, sticky fluid, she could feel a flow from behind her as well, not to mention the warm stickiness there was between her legs.  As he withdrew his penis, Andy said 2You really liked that, didn’t you?” and Anne could only nod slowly.  “Let’s see if we can keep that going then.  Cal?”

Anne gasped as she felt a length of rope passing under her waist, which Andy fed through the middle loop in front of her and pulled tight.  He then took the ends down between her legs, saying “I can see you liked it” as he pressed against her crotch, and handed the ends to Cal.  He pulled tightly, causing Anne to gasp, and secured the loose ends to the rope behind her back as Andy re-gagged her with more tape.  She lay there, her eyes closed as she felt the fibres robbing against her clitoris, and enjoying every second despite herself.

She barely felt them rolling her onto her stomach, and bringing her ankles up before securing them to her wrists.  As she tried to lower them, it only made the rope rub more against her crotch, continuing and increasing the warm feeling there.

“We have to go now,” Cal said as the two men left the room, “but Lou will be up later to look after you.”




10 pm

“Do you feel better after your shower?”

Anne looked at Lou as she finished towelling herself off.  He had released her from her hogtie a few minutes earlier, allowing her to clean herself up.  As she allowed the towel to drop to the floor and picked up a fresh pair of pantyhose, she turned and looked at him.

“Is that what you did the entire weekend – raped the three women?”

“Not exactly – the younger one was only forced to pleasure Andy.”

“There’s a difference?”

“Small, but yes.  The older daughter and the mother – well, let’s just say they eventually enjoyed it.”

“You’re disgusting, you know that,” Anne said as she lay on the bed, her hands over her breasts as she watched Lou.

“Actually, I’m the gentleman of the group,” he said with a smile.  “Anyway, we need to make you comfortable for the night.  Please, get onto your knees and put your hands behind your back.

“What,, no nightshirt, no covers?”

“This is my time with you, Anne,” Lou said as he walked round to stand behind her, “and you will do exactly what I say.  Understand?”

“Yes,” Anne said as she got onto her knees and placed her hands behind her back.  She looked to the side as he lashed them together again, before pushing herself up at his request as he tied her ankles over her dark hose.

“So what are you going to do to me,” Anne said as she sat back on her legs.  “Bugger me, make me suck you dry, put pegs on my nipples...”

“Tempting,” Lou said as he walked to a box on the table, “but I’m an old-fashioned guy, Anne, and I like to do things the way my daddy did them.  First, though, we found this in a box in the basement.”  Anne smiled as she watched him hold up a large yellow ball, which had a thin leather strap fed through the middle of it.

“Well, that brings back memories – go ahead,” Anne said as she opened her mouth.  As Lou pushed the ball in, she closed he teeth around it and grunted as he fastened it behind her head.  She fell onto her side, looking up at him as he stood there.

“Nope – that’s no good,” Lou said as he helped Anne onto her feet and held her in his arms.  “I like to do it my own way.  Move with me, Anne,” he said as she started a CD in the player that was in the room.  As the music played, he half hopped, half carried Anne around the room, holding her close as he did so and kissing her on the neck and shoulders as their bodies moved together.

Anne had been held captive a few times, and in her career had been involved in some strange scenarios as part of professional shoots, but she had never been in a position where a man who was clearly going to rape her was arousing himself by dancing and kissing like any normal person.  The strange thing was, after all that happened over the previous 48 hours, she was actually relaxed about this, and as he continued to kiss and caress her naked upper body she found herself responding to his touch, and even grunting some encouragement as he moved her down on the bed.

“I’m sorry if this is uncomfortable,” he said as he moved her legs apart, her ankles twisting in the rope a she did so, and moving her pantyhose down to expose her crotch.  He moved his hands up and down her body, enclosing her nipple sin his mouth and sucking gently as he did so, and Anne started to moan in pleasure at what he was doing to her.

As he straddled her and started to pull his own pants down, Anne tried to move her legs as far apart as she could given the rope around her ankles.  She also relaxed when he produces a small silver square from his pocket.  “I found it in your husband’s drawer, he said as he leaned down and kissed her between her legs, causing her to yelp and moan even more loudly, before slipping the condom over her erect penis and penetrating her.

He moved up and down, Anne gripping with each pass as they both built their feelings and reactions, each pass making him grow larger and her moan more and more.  As she felt him throbbing in her passage, Anne moved and ground her buttocks into the bed, building herself as well as himself to a climax of ecstasy in an attempt to make it seem a normal, as natural as possible.

Eventually, and after an explosion of delight and bodies, Lou moved back and pulled Anne’s pantyhose back up.  Helping her into a seated position, he passed some rope around her neck and upper legs, pulling them up slightly and leaving her sitting there and looking at him.

“Thank you, Anne,” he said as he walked towards the shower, “for everything.  I’m going to clean myself up – don’t go anywhere.”

She listened to the sound of the water starting to run, before closing her eyes and wondering how she was going to explain the events of the last few days to John when he returned.  As she opened them, she saw Jed standing and watching her.  “NNN” she screamed out as Lou walked back in.  “Down, Jed,” he said as he pulled on his pants.  “You’re on guard duty tonight, and only that, understand?”

“Yeah,” Jed said as Lou released Anne from the rope around her legs and neck and helped her to lie on her stomach.  As he passed some rope around her elbows, securing them together without actually pulling them to be side by side, and then placed her in a hogtie, she realised that he really was the most gentle of the four – and knew why he was one of their leaders.

“Sleep well, Anne,” he said as he kissed her on the forehead.  “Had we but met in different times and ways...”

Anne watched him leave and Jed sit nearby, watching her as she allowed her eyes to close....




Monday, 6 am

Anne opened her eyes to see Jed still there, watching her as she slept.  She grunted to him, and as he came over and removed the ball gag she simply said “Thank you.”

“You’re to come straight down to the kitchen,” Jed said as he started to untie her, “Lou’s waiting for you there.”

“When are you four actually going,” Anne asked as she picked up a white dressing gown and pulled it over her body, wrapping a wide towelling belt around her waist to fasten it in place.

“Later – don’t worry, you won’t be left in any doubt,” he said as he pushed Anne in front of him, down the stairs and into the kitchen to the rear of the house where she had been captured on the Friday night.

As he closed the door behind him, Anne looked round and then stared at Jed.  “Well,” she said as she stood there, the belt coming undone and hanging in front of her, “where is your boss?”

“Oh that,” Jed said as he picked up the shotgun from the table, “I lied.  I’m spending some time with you now, bitch, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.”

Anne blanched as she pulled her dressing gown tight around her and re-fastened the belt.  “What – what are you going to do,” she said quietly.

“Just turn round  and put your hands behind your back – I’m going to enjoy this,” he said with a grin as he picked up a length of rope.  Anne slowly turned round, looking over her shoulder as the cords dug into her bare wrists.  He showed no mercy, pulling as tightly as he could before picking up a large dish cloth.

“That’s dirty,” Anne protested, but she was powerless to stop him stuffing it into her mouth, and it was all she could do to stop herself from retching from the taste of dirty dishwater.  Jed then took a roll of white bandage, and quickly wrapped it around her mouth and neck, sealing the cloth into place and very effectively silencing her.

“Now,” he said as he pulled a large pink bandage over the white one and taped it in place, “Let’s see them hear us while I have my fun.”  Taking the shotgun, he started to push the front of Anne’s gown apart, her squeals of protest muffled as he did so.  He forced her onto her knees, and then onto the floor, the cold floor causing her to start as the front of her dressing gown opened and her bare breasts touched the tiles.

“I’ll show you who the real boss is,” Jed said quietly as he quickly tied her ankles together.  “After all, Lou may be the gentleman, but I’m the brains of the group.”  Anne lay still, whimpering as she felt the cold metal running up and down her leg.

As she felt the back of her gown being lifted up and her legs secured together around her knees, Anne was scared for her life – she felt as if he was going to use that gun for something terrible, and the thought occurred to her it was more than just to shoot her.  She raised her head to look at Jed as he walked round in front of her.

“Not so proud now, are you bitch,” he said as he walked around her, pulling her legs back and placing her in a hogtie.  “How does it feel to be staring death in the face?  Well?”

Anne screamed as loudly as she could, watching Jed as she rolled onto her side and he pointed the gun at her.  Say goodbye, bitch,” he laughed as he aimed at her face, and Anne closed her eyes...


Anne opened them to see Lou taking the gun forcibly from his partner, before punching him in the stomach and watching him double over.

“We rape, yes.  We steal, yes.  We terrorise, yes.  But we never, NEVER kill – got that?”

“Nggg,” was all Anne heard.  “Please, Anne, I’m sorry this piece of dirt went this far,” Lou said as he placed  the gun on the table.  “Stay there for a while until I deal with him.”  She watched Lou drag Jed out of the room, closing the door behind him, and groaned, the wet patch between her legs growing larger as her body reacted to the fear.




10 am

“Please, just go and leave me alone.”

Anne was sitting on the bed, having showered and cleaned herself up after the events of the morning.  One of her husband’s shirts was over her upper body, and a pair of red shoes on her feet.  Although she had put on fresh makeup, she still felt dirty.

“We’ll be going soon, Anne, but we need to make sure you cannot raise the alarm,” Lou said as he pulled a box he had found earlier from her wardrobe.  “Thank you for the hospitality.”

“Huh – you forced yourselves on me, and now you thank me?”

“Yes – after all, you were a very special host.  Now, what are you reading?”

“This?  Nothing,” she said as she put the book on the floor, but Lou saw “My Secret Garden” on  the cover and nodded.  “For the last time, Anne,” he said as he watched the way the shirt fell from her front as she lifted her leg, “Lie face down and put your hands behind your back.”

As she did so, she watched Andy and Cal come in.  All three had taken some of her husband’s clothes, and now she watched as each took a length of rope from the box that Lou had placed on the bed.

“Where’s your other friend,” Anne asked as she felt Lou begin to tie her wrists together, while Andy took her ankles and Cal her legs.

“He’ll take no further part in this,” Lou said as he pulled the rope tight.  “In fact, he won’t be playing a part in anything for some considerable time.”  Anne wondered what he meant by that, but shelved that thought as she felt her legs been tied above and below her knees.

“So, Anne,” Andy said as the three men stood up and she rolled onto her side, “How does that feel?”

“Comfortable, actually – compared to what else you have done to me this weekend,” Anne said as she closed her eyes.  “I don’t suppose there is any chance of you leaving me like this?”

“I’m afraid not – besides, we have one last thing to do,” Cal said as he picked something out of the box.  “And for that, you need to wear this.”

Anne opened her eyes and pushed herself up into a seated position.  “My god,” she said softly, “I thought I had thrown that out.”  The front of her shirt was starting to come undone as she said this, the top of her bra peeking through as she moved back.

“Well, we found it,” Jed said as he took the rubber ring from Cal.  “Now, open wide.”  As Anne opened her mouth, he pushed the ring gag into place, taking the straps behind her neck and fastening them together as she tried to close as much of her mouth as she could round it.

“S wht r u gng t d nw?” she mumbled as she looked at the three men, standing in front of her.

“When we robbed the bank, we left the three women nude, trussed like turkeys and heavily gagged in the back of a camper van,” Jed said as he helped Anne to move back on the bed.  “You, we want to treat better.  Andy, you take care of her legs while I fix her in place.”

Anne watched the young man as he tied the end of a length of rope around her crossed ankles, and then fed it down and tied it to the metal footrest of the bed.  At the same time, she was surprised to feel herself been pushed forward and her wrists released.  The relief was short lived however, as Jed and Cal took a wrist each and pulled her arms wide against the metal headboard, lashing each wrist to one side.  As they pulled her arms apart, the front of the shirt came fully open, revealing the last clean and usable cream coloured bra she had over her breasts.

“h mgd,” Anne mumbled as a thin saliva stream fell from her mouth.  Andy sat next to her and quickly removed her bra, her breasts firming as the cool air hit them.  Cal looked at Anne.  “Do you know, Lou, this is the first time I remember our host wearing knickers and stockings”, he said, and Anne had to stop herself from laughing – and then shaking.

“Don’t worry, Anne, they are staying on,” Lou said as he climbed onto the bed and sat across her legs.  “We thought we would give you a goodbye present, each of the three of us.  You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”  Anne looked at the three men, and nodded slowly as Lou cupped her breasts in his hands.

“I knew you would agree,” he said quietly as he started to stroke her body, kissing her on her neck as the other two watched.  Anne moaned, the moans growing louder as Lou caressed and kissed, the bulge in the front of his trousers growing, and Anne knew what was coming.  She pushed her head back, and as Lou got onto his knees and started to unbuckle his belt she wondered how long it would take for all three to have their way...





5 pm

“Anne?  Where are you, love?”

John closed the front door and dropped his kitbag on the floor, looking around the room as he did so.  He had seen the lights on as he drove up, and had thought Anne would be waiting in the front room for him.  When nobody answered, he walked into the kitchen, and stopped short.

The rifles left on the table were enough to tell him something was wrong.  “Anne?” he called out in a louder voice, and this time he heard the moans from upstairs.  Taking them two at a time, he burst into the bedroom to see Anne on the bed, her legs drawn up towards her bare chest by the rope that went around them and down to her ankles.  “What the hell...” was all he could say as Anne looked up at him with tear stained eyes, trying desperately to talk to him through her dried out mouth.

At the same time, the body of a tall, thin man was found in nearby wasteland.  He had been beaten and kicked to death, and the police soon identified him as one of the four escaped prisoners, Jedediah Calhoun.  Of the other three, no sight could be seen after they had left their hostage at about three that afternoon.



One month later

“Are you Mrs Anne Pray?”

Anne looked up from her desk at the blonde haired woman standing that.  “Yes – can I help you?” she started to say, but then she stopped and stood up.

“You know who I am, don’t you?”

“Yes – yes, I do.  I’m sorry.”

“Me too,” the woman said as she hugged Anne.  “Can we talk – I need to know if they treated you as...”

“Come with me,” Anne said as she took her jacket, “Let’s find somewhere private.”  The two women walked off, the blonde putting her arm around Anne as they talked quietly of their experiences.





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