Dominated by DNA - Part 1











For Sara, it was just another Monday, going to work. Dressed in her usual knee length black skirt, black pantyhose, shoes and white blouse, she looked like any other secretary/lab assistant. At the stop, she checked her face in the mirror, just in case the red lipstick had run. She looked at the 40 year old, five foot three, shoulder length blond-haired, blue-eyed woman staring back.


Not the catch that I once was. Oh well, no need to worry about it. Maybe I’ll meet mister right some day. Sara drove on when the lights changed, and in a few minutes, pulled into her parking space at GEN-DAWN. She walked across the parking area and entered via the front door.


“The secretary’s late again.” said Jane, the brown-haired, brown-eyed receptionist. “So you need to fill in for her until she arrives.” Oh joy. She’s probably been humping the boss’s son again. Sara went in and typed the various letters and memos that the secretary was supposed to do. Finally, the secretary turned up. Sara rose from the chair and said “Good morning, Angela. Sorry to hear about your trouble playing up again.” The old coitus directorius!


“Oh yes, it does flare up occasionally.” Angela replied.


“Anyway, everything is up to date and in order.” Sara now walked out of the door.  You could always try something radical, like having a cold shower. Sara strolled along the corridors until she finally got to the ‘lab room’.


Some lab room, it’s really just a storage place with some computers, desks, chairs and old fridges.


Sara sat down at her desk, which was just steel tubing with a glass top, switched on her PC, and got down to work. Just the same old work, inventory alterations to type into the computer, which is nothing special. I just wish my days would be more interesting.


After half an hour, the black haired and green eyed Anthea entered the room. “Same as usual, is it?” she asked.


“The same old rubbish, Anthea.” answered Sara. Anthea now sat at her PC.


“Oh,” said Anthea “there was something amusing sent over for storage from R&D.”


“What is it?” asked Sara, aflame with curiosity.


“They sent in this stuff to enrich female orgasms, but they had problems making it work. The items have been stored in fridge No. 1.” Andrea answered “They have the pills that they made, plus the concentrated DNA source. I think that they have put the project on ice at the moment.”


The two girls settled down to work, entering requisitions, filling in stock reports, all the exciting things that make office life wonderful.


Eventually, Anthea said “It’s lunch time. I’m going out for an hour. Is there anything you need?”


“No, Anthea. I’m just staying in and browsing the net, as usual.” Sara answered.


“Okay, see you later.” Anthea then left the room. After about five minutes, Sara went to the fridge to have a look at the new items. There were about ten boxes of pills, plus a bottle with a screw-in bulb pipette. She read the information on one of the boxes of pills before putting it in her black purse, and picked up the bottle.


“I wonder what this is supposed to do?” Sara picked up the bottle with her right hand, opened it, and then sniffed the contents inside.


What Sara didn’t notice was the single drop of liquid on the upright pipette in her left hand, running down and then dripping off, onto the bare skin of her hand. It had landed on a small cut that Sara hadn’t even noticed, and the virus inside the drop entered her body.


“Doesn’t seem like anything special.” Sara closed the bottle and then put it in the fridge. She then went back to her desk and continued her browsing.


The lunch break ended, and Anthea waltzed back in. The day went on as usual, the same boring work. This carried on until the day ended. Then it was time to shut down and leave.


“Goodnight Anthea.” Sara said as she left the office. I’m glad it’s another day over. Sara drove back to her one-bedroom apartment in the local housing complex. Then she went through the usual, eat a meal, take shower, watch the television and then going to bed. She had already taken one of the pills, but it didn’t provide any extra oomph when she pleasured herself.


Disappointed, Sara went to sleep, unaware of the virus in her bloodstream that was rewriting her DNA.


The next day was the same as usual, come into work, fill-in for Little Miss Late, and then go to the ‘lab’. Anthea was already there this morning.


“Hi Anthea, how are you this morning.” Sara asked.


“Okay, except for a little backache from my boyfriend.” Anthea answered.


“You should stay on your feet more often.” Sara joked. She then got back to work on her computer.


After what seemed like ages, lunch time came around, and Anthea left for lunch, leaving Sara alone in the room.


After about two minutes, a man walked into the room with a bag. “I need to check your computer, I was sent in to make sure that it is working okay.” he said.


“Both computers are fine, and I would have been told if there were any overhauls.” said Sara. Something is definitely wrong here. Plus I don’t recognise you. “I’ll just check to make sure that everything is okay.” She turned toward the telephone on the desk.


Suddenly, the man ran at Sara and grabbed her hands. “Sorry to do this, lady.” he said pulling her hands behind her back.


Sara suddenly felt very weak as if she could do nothing to stop him. “Please, let me go.” I feel like I’m paralysed, and not with fear. What is happening to me?


“I’m after information on your computer systems and this room was the most unprotected. You will have to be put in a situation where you are no threat to me.” He pulled her back over to where his bag was.


“You don’t have to do this.” Sara begged “I won’t do anything to stop you.”


The man reached into the bag with his right hand and took out a roll of gray duct tape. “I have to stop you from being a threat.”


Sara now felt her hands being placed palm to palm and tape now being wrapped around her wrists. Then, she noticed that her elbows were pulled together, and they were firmly taped as well. “You’ve tied me up enough now, please stop.” she pleaded.


“I have to tie you up securely so that you are no danger to me.” the man said. He then put her ankles together and wrapped tape around her legs, from her ankles to her knees. Threat? How can I be a threat to him. I’m totally tied up!


The man then placed Sara at a corner of the desk, in front of one of the tubular steel legs. He then taped her legs to the tube at her ankles and her knees. “Please,” Sara said “just take your information, I cannot stop you.” She watched in horror as the man tore off a strip from the roll.


“That mouth of yours is a great threat to me. I must do something about it.” he said.


“Don’t, please don- MPH!” Sara’s cries were stifled as the tape was firmly placed over her mouth. Somehow, now that she was gagged, Sara finally found the strength to struggle, but she was bound firmly by the tape. There was no possibility of escape. Okay, now go to the computer. Get you information and leave, so that Anthea can rescue me!


The man looked at the computer, and then sniffed the air. “You are no threat to me now, so I can give you what you want.” he said walking up to and behind Sara.


What’s he doing? I thought that he was after information. What can he possibly want to do? Sara shrieked through her gag as she felt his hands tightly holding her breasts.


“I will give you what you want now. You want me to mate with you, and I will, seeing as you cannot kill me and are no longer a threat. I will pleasure you when I mate with you.”


The true horror of Sara’s situation began to sink in You can’t, please. You can’t want to do that. No, NO, NOOOOO! Sara shook her head, screamed through her gag and struggled, all to no avail.


Then, to add to her horror, she noticed the strong flame of desire burning in her womanhood...





Sara struggled helplessly as the man continued to fondle her beasts. Stop it! You can’t do this to me! However, she sighed through her gag, almost as if her body was developing a will of its own.


Gentle, soft kisses were being planted on her neck now, and at the same time, her blouse was being unbuttoned, slowly from the top down. Please let me go! I don’t want this! Soon, her blouse was unbuttoned and the intruder pulled it back from Sara’s body and down to her elbows.


Sara could now feel kisses on her upper back and shoulders. “You have such a sweet beautiful body. It deserves to be kissed and caressed. I will ensure that you are pleasured.” The intruder now gently caressed Sara’s shoulders and arms.


No, please! You are not making love to me, this is not making love! Again Sara struggled, but like before, her efforts were in vain. Then she felt more kisses on her neck. Oh, that is so good- Oh God, I’m letting his actions get to me! Sara then shook her head, trying to point out that she did not want this to happen.


NOOOO! The poor bound lady screamed as she now felt the front clasp of her bra being unhitched, and then the garment was pulled back and down to her elbows. I’m topless! He’s made me topless! She now gasped and writhed as he started to caress the mounds of her breasts. It’s almost like I cannot control my body and my feelings.


The kisses that landed on her neck were deeper and more passionate now, along with a gentle circling around Sara’s nipples by the man’s fingertips. Oh, please, yes. Oh no, I’m doing it again. It’s like I can’t help myself.


Sara now leaned forward, pressing her breasts against the intruder’s hands, and moaned as she felt him caress, rub and squeeze her now erect nipples. She realised that her womanhood was hot and moist from the desire that she felt. That cannot happen, it’s almost like I now want him to enter me and take me! Sara struggled again, but the intruder just ignored her.


“OMPH!” The captive cried out now, as her upper body has pushed down onto the desk. She again protested through her gag at her behaviour. Please you can’t actually want me, just take the information and go! Sara struggled as her black skirt was lifted up and tucked into the top, and then her pantyhose and panties were pulled down.


Oh no! He’s actually going to do it to me, and there’s absolutely nothing I can do to stop him. She now cried out as his engorged manhood gently entered her womanhood, which was now seething with desire.


He thrust into her, very slowly and gently at first, causing the powerless Sara to writhe and moan at the pleasure building within her. This was at odds with her mind, which was still wanting it all to stop. “MPH!” she screamed repeatedly as he carried on, ignoring her pleas.


His thrusts grew faster and harder now, making her both moan with pleasure and cry out in protest. Her body writhed and thrust in unison with his, needing the release that her womanhood now desperately wanted.


This is insane! I want him to fulfil me now. I must have been driven mad by the whole situation. That can be the only explanation.


The thrusts became quicker and more intense, taking Sara closer to the climax that her body craved, but which her mind rejected. No, please stop. Finally, Sara now realised that even her mind was now desiring him to carry on. It won’t be too long now. Please satisfy me and take me over the edge! She now hoped that the intruder would complete what he was doing.


He finally thrust into the captive Sara as fast as possible, with her shouting out every time. I’m nearly there now. Please don’t stop. Oh my god. Oh My God! OH MY GODDDDD-! Sara had now achieved orgasm, which was unlike any she had experienced before. Her whole body convulsed from the feelings emanating from her womanhood and spreading outward to every inch of her...


Very soon though, she noticed him sorting himself out and making himself presentable. Couldn’t you at least cover me up! Look how you’ve left me! Then she looked at the man and noticed the look of horror on his face. Hardly surprising, given what you have done to me. Even tying me up and stealing the data wouldn’t have brought you a long sentence, but this, this could get you twenty years.


A terrible thought came to Sara’s mind. I can identify him! What if he’s planning to kill me? My mouth is already sealed, and all he would have to do is tape up my nose and i would be dead in five minutes. Sara started to scream as loud as possible and struggled insanely to escape her bonds.


The man however, wasn’t moving any closer to her. “I can’t stay here. If I do, you’ll kill me and eat me! I have to run!” He then left everything without even accessing any information, running out of the door and pulling it shut behind him, leaving Sara still securely bound and gagged.


He’s left me like this and he didn’t even get his data! I have no way of getting free from this and it’s so humiliating! Sara looked up at the clock. I still have half-an-hour before Anthea gets back. I have a chance at getting loose in that time. She now started to softly pull and writhe with her hands, hoping to work herself loose before Anthea returned from her break.


Now, if I gently use my tongue to lick the edges of the gag covering my lips, I might even be able to call for help. Sara started to work on freeing her mouth as well now.


Time went on. Sara had no luck with her wrists but had succeeded with freeing her mouth partially, making a gap to breathe through. That’s better, I can breathe clearly through my mouth and call for help now. “Help me! Somebody please help me!” Sara cried out. These walls are probably sound proof and we are nowhere near others. These rooms only get checked after the shift ends. “Help me please!”


Sara looked up at the clock again Thank God! Anthea should be here any moment. I will be free at last! A few minutes later, Sara heard the door open.


Anthea! Help, please help me!” Sara called. Anthea opened the door and stared in shock at the bound and exposed Sara. “Someone broke in and did this to me.”


“I should call security, what if he’s still here?” Anthea said, closing the door behind her.


“He ran off after he did this to me. Just get me untied, I’ve been like this for nearly an hour.” Sara replied.


“I’ll just get some scissors.” Anthea ran over to a draw, and took out a pair of emergency scissors. She ran back over and cut the tape that bound Sara’s legs to the table. “Thanks, at least I’m free of the table. Now, could you remove this tape from my mouth.


“Yes.” Anthea said “Just give me a moment.” Suddenly, Anthea stopped and sniffed the air, almost like she was smelling something. Anthea then removed the piece of tape from Sara’s mouth.


“Thanks, Anthea. I’ve had that on for nearly an hour, and I’m glad to have it removed.” Sara said gratefully.


“Would you say that if you had some cloth stuffed in your mouth, that you would still be tightly gagged?” Anthea asked.


“Well, yes.” answered Sara. “I wouldn’t have been able to use my tongue to lick the tape. Why do you ask-?” Sara suddenly watched in shock as Anthea bent over and suddenly cut Sara’s panties free from her legs. “Anthea, what are you doing?” Sara asked as she watched Anthea roll her panties up into a little ball. “Anthea, put them dow-, MPH!” Suddenly, Sara’s voice was cut off as Anthea stuffed the panties into her mouth.


Sara watched helplessly as Anthea tore off a long strip of tape and sealed Sara’s lips with it. Then Anthea took off two more strips, and securely taped Sara’s mouth.


By this time, Sara was in a state of shock. I’ve been gagged now with my own panties, and Anthea’s done it! What is she doing?


Sara gave out a muted cry as Anthea now embraced her. “Now that you cannot hurt me, I can provide you with what you desire. I want to please you by mating with you.”


Anthea, have gone mad? You’re as hetero as they come! What is wrong with you?


“I can sense it from your body, Sara. You want me to mate with you.”


Sara struggled and screamed as she was kissed on her gagged lips by Anthea...




No Anthea, STOP! Let me go! Sara shook her head and struggled against her workmate’s advances but like before, she was powerless to prevent anything from happening to her. Anthea was now kissing Sara’s neck and caressing her body, causing Sara to writhe and moan against her will. I can’t even tell you that I don’t want this to happen to me. My body gives every indication that I like this.


“Those breasts of yours need attention, my beautiful princess.” Anthea now started to caress Sara’s breasts and gently kiss her nipples. Sara felt the fire arise again in her womanhood, as the soft touches continued. Anthea continued to caress Sara’s breasts while she kissed Sara’s shoulders and upper arms. Please let me go, please, Anthea.


Anthea now concentrated on gently sucking and biting on Sara’s nipples, while her hands were now softly caressing Sara’s thighs and bottom. Sara again shook her head, which ended up as another futile action, but she also sighed and moaned at Anthea’s touch.


Sara squealed as Anthea now gently caressed her womanhood, and she pressed her body against Anthea’s, even though she protested against what was happening. “I know that you love this, my Sara. Every inch of your body tells me so.”


A though then entered Sara’s mind. Did that guy use some sort of drug on me? I remember going weak when he tied me up. It could have been some sort of experimental chemical, which backfired, and which is now affecting Anthea. I’m going to have to just get through this, but I hate to think how Anthea will feel.


Anthea was caressing Sara’s most intimate area, when she suddenly stopped. “I think I need to make you more secure.” Sara now found herself being forced to sit on the floor and her knees were brought up to her chest. She squealed as Anthea now picked up the gray tape and then proceeded to tape Sara’s legs to her body. Anthea wrapped the tape around Sara’s legs and body five times before lying Sara down on her right.


“Now I can finish pleasuring you, as you are immobile.” Anthea now continued to caress Sara’s womanhood. Sara whimpered at her situation. I can’t even move an inch now. Plus, I could easily be missed when they search the offices at the end of the day, lying on the floor like this.


The speed of the caresses and their intensity grew and Sara again started to moan and writhe, even in her restricted situation. “See Sara, you love this!” Anthea continued with this, taking Sara closer and closer to orgasm. Just a bit more, please just a bit more!


A few minutes later, Sara was taken over the edge. Oh , YESSSSSSSSS! Sara was awash in the pleasure that was enveloping her very essence...



Sara looked up after her bliss had ended, and now realised that Anthea was looking at her in horror. “You’re- you’re going to eat me! Please don’t, Sara! I can’t let you do that to me!” Anthea then ran to the door, opened it, went outside and shut the door behind her.


Not you as well, Anthea! Now I have no chance of getting loose. It’s probably half past one, and this place doesn’t finish until five o’clock. When I don’t sign out, someone will go and look for me, and find me like this. I’m going to have to resign myself to discovery and embarrassment.


Sara lay there helpless on the floor, trying to rest as best she could, even though the position she was placed in made her miserable. I can’t even move an inch and this is very uncomfortable. Time passed in Sara’s prison of tape as she tried to doze, hard as it was...


“Reception! Call 911 and call for the police and ambulance. Tell them that we are dealing with a serious assault on a woman.” Sara had been jolted awake by this shout and looked up into the eyes of a very worried uniformed security officer.


“MPH! MPH!” Sara screamed through her nose, before she started sobbing with relief. He’s not trying to do anything to me. Thank goodness for that!


By the time that the police arrived, Sara’s gag was already removed and the security officer was cutting away most of her bonds. Before any of the police officers opened their mouths, the security man said:


“There is no way on Earth that I am allowing you to keep this woman tied up for five hours while you perform your investigation and wait for your photographer! I took some pictures on my cell phone first, you can take that as evidence if you want.”


When the ambulance people arrived, the security officer helped Sara out of her clothes and into a white overall. After a preliminary interview, she was taken to hospital, and went through the usual procedure for this kind of situation, so that forensics could be gathered. Then she was taken to the police station for a full interview, where she was told that Anthea had been arrested, and in fact they already had the intruder arrested when he tried to leave the business at lunchtime.


“Apparently, he was talking gibberish about some woman trying to eat him. Five minutes ago, someone told him that you were in the building and he jumped out of his chair and it looked like he was trying to claw his way through the wall. It seems that even the thought of you being near terrorises him.”


Sara was stunned. This thing is terrified of me? After all that he did to me, tying me up and then-. I just wish I was in the same room as he was!


“We actually have a full confession ready, based on your statement. I think that if we have you in the corridor outside, we can get him to sign it and there probably won’t even need to be a full trial. Is that okay.” Sara nodded.


The police officer then led Sara to the other interview room, and the door was opened. The moment the intruder saw Sara, he screamed in absolute terror, jumped up and hurled himself against the wall.


“She’s going to eat me! Don’t let her kill me and eat me!”


The door was closed and Sara was escorted to a guest room, with tables and chairs. Five minutes later, an inspector walked into the room. “We now have a signed confession. He’s even agreed to plead guilty so as to not go to court and have you in the same room. Also, your workmate is in that interview room now, and she seems just as scared as he was.”


Sara now told the inspector of her theory about the intruder having used a chemical that made her weak, and that Anthea may have been affected as well. “We should put this to the test. If I walk in and she reacts the same way, we will know that she had no choice.”


The inspector nodded and led Sara to the interview room where Anthea was. As soon as Anthea saw Sara, she screamed, tried to claw her way through the wall, and then huddled in a corner crying. “Please don’t eat me, Sara!” she kept repeating over and over again. Sara rushed out of the room, unable to see her workmate suffering like this.


“Does she have to be prosecuted?” Sara said “I mean, she is hardly in her right mind in there. Whatever he used on me had a side effect on both of them. Anthea hates and loathes the idea of sex with another woman.”


The inspector thought for a moment. “If what you say is true, then we could send something to the District Attorney’s office, and get them to drop any charges against her. If you are prepared to give a sworn affidavit as to your workmate’s normal behaviour, we can argue that she was essentially drugged and not in control of her faculties.”


Sara was taken by the inspector to another room, where she provided a sworn affidavit for the benefit of her friend. Anthea was then subsequently released without charge.


After all of this was over, Sara was escorted home by a female police officer. She was accompanied up to her flat, at which point, the police office said goodnight. Sara now went into the small kitchen and filled a glass up with water. It was then that she noticed that he answering machine was on. It was her employer, conveying his deepest sympathies and telling her that she could take off as much time as she needed.


Sara now decided to take a shower, to try and wash the day off her, but all she could think about was the ordeal that she went through at work. She felt so tired after her shower, that she decided it would be best to go to bed immediately. Sara made her way to the bedroom, got into bed and immediately fell asleep.


Sara had unusual dreams during the night. She dreamt that people chased after her and tied her up. Then they had sex with her, before she broke free and then devoured them. Sara now had Anthea in her grasp and was about to eat her, despite the terrified look on Anthea's face...


RING! The alarm went off as usual. Sara awoke in a cold sweat, shivering at the thought that she was about to enjoy eating her workmate alive. She got up, made herself breakfast, and sat down to watch television. Looks like a long day watching television. At one point during the morning, Sara ended up watching ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ re-runs, which included the sexy ‘Deborah Barone’ episode where Patricia Heaton wore the boots, leather mini-skirt and red top which she was nearly falling out of.


During the afternoon, while Sara was just resting, the phone rang. It was her best friend, Simone.


“Hi Sara, this is Simone here. Are you able to talk?”


“Sure Simone, what is it about? You don’t normally call this early.”


“Well Sara, I was hoping to catch you as soon as you came in. James is grounded, and his father and I have to go out tonight. Could you come over and keep an eye on him. I know that it’s very short notice, but-“


“Don’t worry.” Sara assured “I am free for tonight. I take it that all ‘electronic toys are off-limits, as usual.”


“That’s correct. Thanks so much for your help. The unusual thing is, he asked for you, rather than just any babysitter. So I’ll see you at half-past seven then, if that’s okay.”


“That’s fine, Simone. I’ll see you then. Bye for now.” I know precisely why you want me to come over, you little rascal, rather than a random babysitter. I haven’t been your sitter for a year and a half, and I bet that you are using this as an excuse to get me over there, now that you are eighteen. Now, what should I wear for tonight? Maybe I should arrange an all black ensemble. Black underwear, with a strapless bra. Then some nice fishnet stockings, along with some black patent, high heeled calf length boots. Also, a black, strapless mini-dress with buttons on the front. And, because I know you James, a pair of elbow length opera style gloves. I think that will be okay for tonight, but It always seems that your mother is a little ‘overprotective’ of you.


Sara waited until she got closer to the time, went for a shower, and then dressed in her clothes for the evening...




It was nearly 7 o’clock now. I don’t want to arrive too early. What I need to do is arrive just as they’re leaving, so that they can’t make a fuss about my clothing.


Then the phone rang. It was Simone again “I’m sorry, but we’re going to have to leave in five minutes. We’ll be back at about eleven o’clock. Could you come over now?”


“Sure, Simone. I’m ready now, and it’s only a ten minute drive to your house. I’ll head over right away. Bye now.” Sara put the phone down, picked up her handbag and left her apartment. Then she got to where her car was parked and drove over to Simone and Andrew’s house, a standard detached, white picket fence suburban dwelling.


She noticed that their car had already gone, so she parked in the driveway. I can drive the car out when they come back. She then walked up to the door and knocked twice.


“Come in, it’s open.” came a voice from within. Sara opened the door and entered the hallway, closing the door behind her. Then she walked from the front door into the living room, which only took a few steps as the living room door was opposite. Sara looked around the room, noticing that it had changed very little from when she had been there nearly a year and a half ago.


James was sitting in a chair, writing on a notepad and looking through some books. Sara saw how different he looked. He was nearly 6 feet tall, and no longer thin. She noticed his brown hair, brown eyes, and handsome features, and then noticed that his trousers, socks and trainers were black, with only a white shirt for contrast.


You look the catch of any teenage girl James. It’s just a pity that you’re so shy. Sara sat down on the couch. James then looked up at Sara for a moment.


“I’m sorry, I’m being a bad host auntie, can I get you something?” James asked.


“Don’t worry, I know where everything is, you just finish your work. Also, there’s no need to call me auntie, Sara is fine. I’m not even related, remember.” Sara answered. She then put her bag down, got up and walked into the kitchen, made herself a coffee, walked back into the living room, sat down on the couch and proceeded to slowly sip from her cup.


I wonder when you’ll pounce, or even if you want to pounce. Sara remembered the game James always wanted to play, and it usually involved her getting tied up, although it wasn’t a worry because she found that she could always escape easily. I think that’s why James gave up on those games, I could get out of whatever he put me into. Now that he’s eighteen, he may not even want to try.


Sara picked up a book from her handbag and started to read. I don’t think that he’s really noticed how I’m dressed, perhaps because his head is half buried in those books. She also took occasional sips from her cup of coffee...


“I’ve finally finished that homework, auntie- oh, Sara. Please forgive me if I still get that wrong.” Sara looked up from her book and noticed that it was now after 8 o’clock. James was putting his books and notepad away on a shelf in the corner of the room. He then looked back and it was almost like his jaw fell off.


“Auntie, you look incredible!” James exclaimed.


Sara blushed and smiled. “No, I don’t, and the name’s Sara, remember? I’m just a washed out 40 year old, dressing like a tramp.”


“No, you’re not. You are beautiful, attractive, and sexy.” James replied. Thanks James, I could always rely on you to make me feel good, especially after what I had to go through yesterday. Your game was always nice, because you paid so much attention to me and make me feel like I was the centre of the universe.


“Thank you, James.” Sara rose up off the couch and did a 360 for James, turning to the right before sitting back down.


“That is a wonderful outfit you have on, auntie, Sara.” James said.


Sara blushed again. “Thank you. I thought it might be too trampy.”


“You are very sexy in it. Where did you get the idea from?” he asked.


“Well, I was watching an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, and Deborah Barone walks down the stairs in a very sexy outfit. I just thought that I had to wear something similar tonight. I must look silly.” Sara said.


“You do not look silly. I would have thought that your real worry would have been kidnapped on the way here.” James commented.


Well, that’s the first base passed. He’s always used that line. “Who would want to kidnap me. I have no money.” I’ve set the second base up.


“As you are such a beautiful woman, they would want to kidnap you to keep for themselves, or sell you to an Arabian Sheik.” James replied.  And straight though the second. Now to set up the third.


“But I’m just a plain, trampy dressed woman. No kidnapper would waste their time on me.” She mentioned.


“You are stunningly beautiful, very attractive, you have a wonderful personality, and you look sexy in whatever outfit you wear. The big question should be, why haven’t you been kidnapped. You could even get kidnapped on the way home.” James said.


James has just passed number three. Now to set up the final base and if he passes that, I know that we will be playing his game before long.


“There’s no chance of me ever getting kidnapped without escaping anyway, I’m even willing to bet on it.” Sara claimed.


“You’re on then, aunti- Sara. What is it you want.” James said in return. The final base has just been passed. The game is on.


“If I don’t get kidnapped, or manage to get free quickly, I have your prized possession for the rest of the week, which I believe is your laptop.” That’s a big prize, I wonder what he’ll want in return? “So, what do you want, James? You can have anything you want, but I don’t have much.”


“Well, if you can let me have whatever I want from you without question, then it’s a deal. If you get kidnapped and cannot escape in, how about twenty minutes.” James said.


“It’s a deal.” Sara said in response.


The game is really on now, and I can’t pull out because I’ll look like a cheat. I wonder when I’ll be kidnapped then. James has never held me helpless for more than a few minutes, unless I didn’t try to escape. It’ll be an easy bet to win, and I’ll give him back his laptop.


Sara now sat down and continued to read. I know that he won’t break any of the major rules of the game, he has never done so before. He’ll have five minutes to tie me up. Should I fail to escape, he has the right to keep me captive as long as he wants, or until I can get free myself. That has never happened. I have to keep quiet while being bound, or he has the right to gag me and he still has a full five minutes. Only non-elasticated cloth or rope is used. Those were the important ones. He must be getting the stuff ready right now.


Sara got back to reading her book, and sipping her coffee, waiting for James to make his move. He never ties my hands very well, that’s his main problem. He just wraps a cloth item around my wrists and ties a sloppy knot on it. It only takes a minute or so to pull my hands free.


“Stand up and put your hands in the air!” Sara looked up and dropped the book. She saw James holding a bag and a toy gun, which was pointed at her.


“Please don’t hurt me, I’ll do whatever you want.” Sara squealed as a mock captive. She stood up and put her hands in the air, turning her back to James.


“Now sit on the couch turned to the right, put your hands together behind your back palm to palm, and stay quiet.” Sara now sat down on the couch, turned to the right, and then placed her palms together behind her back. this is going to be an easy win again. Sara watched as James put the bag down by her feet. It was opened to reveal a whole lot of thin multi-coloured ties which probably once belonged to James’s father.


Sara now felt one of the ties being wrapped around her wrists before being tied. The tie is even looser than usual and he hasn’t used more than half the tie. This is going to be easier than expected. Then she felt her elbows being pulled together and the same binding being done on them. You’ve never done that, but it will still be easy to escape from.


James now knelt on the floor, took a tie and then tied Sara’s ankle in the same manner. That’s not going to hold. Then James sat on the couch behind Sara and took hold of the loose tie ends of her wrist bindings. Next, he quickly took one end of the tie and wrapped it between Sara’s wrists and around the wrist bindings. He then took the other end and wrapped it around in the opposite direction.


The two ends were then pulled tight, and Sara suddenly discovered that far from being loose, her wrists were bound like never before. James then tied several knots on top of the wrist bindings, away from her prying fingers. It feels like that tie is all around my wrists now, gripping like iron, instead of the way it was before. James then quickly finished the bindings around Sara’s elbows in the same way. Sara now felt that her wrist and elbows were securely bound.


“How did you manage to learn-, oh Damn!” Sara realised that she had just given James a full five minutes again, plus the right to gag her


“Open your mouth and close your eyes, Sara. You know the rules of the game.” Sara did so and expected to end up being cleave gagged with a tie. Instead, she felt a plastic ball with holes, in her mouth, pushing her tongue back. She felt James tie the gag firmly at the back of her head, before James said “Thanks, auntie Sara for the full five minutes.”


James then finished off Sara’s ankle bindings in the same way as her wrists and elbows, before tying and cinching Sara’s legs, just below the knees. Sara quickly found herself being made to lie on her left side on the couch, facing the couch’s back. Then she felt the end of another tie being tied to her elbows. Sara now felt her feet being pulled to her bottom, and the tie being looped around the ankle bindings. James pulled hard on the tie, forcing Sara’s back and legs to bend slightly back. Then he tied the other end of the tie at Sara’s elbows. I should have never let him know how flexible I was. Now, all the give I have is taken away.


Sara now felt that her ankle bindings were right above her wrist tie. James then picked up a final tie and then bound her wrist and ankle bonds together firmly. This is way beyond anything James has ever done to me before. He then turned Sara so that she was lying on her stomach.


“Okay, aunt- Sara, you now have twenty minutes to escape.” James put down an electronic counter on the coffee table, set it to twenty minutes, and started it. He then sat down in the chair.


Twenty minutes! It may as well be twenty years. I think I’ve got a real struggle on my hands.


With a sinking feeling, Sara realised that James was very probably going to finally beat her...



Sara struggled as much as she possible could, which in this situation was very little. With her ankles tied on top her wrists, she couldn’t even reach a single knot. James has done something incredible with this. I can hardly move, let alone untie anything. My only hope is to keep my head and slowly try and wriggle out of it.


Sara calmed herself down, and then started to slowly writhe and twist her wrists, hoping that she could work a hand loose, or cause a knot to come undone.


“You were going to ask about how I tied your arms and legs earlier, weren’t you Sara?” James asked.


Sara nodded her head. Yes, that’s what caused me to end up getting gagged and then giving you more time to bind me.


“Well, that way of tying is called cinching. It is when you wrap rope or cloth around the horizontal binding causing more of the material to press against the skin. That creates greater grip and friction, as well as taking out any give in the bonds. Finally you can tie a knot out of the way of prying fingers. As you can see Sara, it can be a little effective.”


A little effective? It’s like wearing handcuffs or being tied up with tape, you have no chance. My bonds are gripping so well that I can barely turn my wrists. Plus the way you have tied my arms to my ankles is very restrictive.


Sara now tried to pull on the tie that was wrapped around her wrists and ankles.


“That is called a hogtie, and so is the tie binding your elbows to your ankles. It’s named after when they tie animals by binding their fore and rear limbs together. It helps immobilise the captive a little.”


A little? You really are underestimating about what you can do. I am completely immobilised like this. I’m not sure that I can even roll onto my side.


“I’ll make a guess about another question that you have. ‘What is thing doing in my mouth?’” James said.


Sara nodded again. I can’t close my mouth and this ball is pressing on my tongue.


“Well, aun- Sara, that is called a ball-gag. It is made from a small wiffle ball with a thin tie threaded through it. The ball forces your mouth open and presses on your tongue, stopping you from speaking properly. It is much better than a cleave-gag, which is just a piece of cloth wrapped between the lips. Also, as you can feel, you can end up drooling a little as well.”


Sara blushed as she could feel a small amount of saliva build up in her gag. This gag can also be embarrassing to the wearer as well. How did you learn all of this stuff? Sara looked questioningly at James and tried to mouth:


Hoph diph yoph learph?”


James looked at Sara, a little sadly. “There was this 18 year old female student from France, who had recently arrived in America. She was a beautiful, gorgeous red-headed student, who everyone else stayed away from because she was French. I felt that was unfair, so I made friends with her. One night I went over to study with her while her parents were out. During our studies, I asked her why she allowed me over when she was on her own, wasn’t she worried that I could be some dangerous kidnapper or something.”


“Her response was incredible. She simple put her hands behind her back and then said ‘Kidnap me.’ I took two scarves out of her closet and tied her hands and feet like I used to tie you. It took her about five seconds to escape, and I actually felt embarrassed. She then said ‘Do you know how to tie someone up?’ and I answered ‘No’. Then she said ‘As you are so kind in helping me with my studies, I will help you to become an expert in jeu de ligotage’. That afternoon, I learnt how to cinch my tying and what a hogtie was.”


“Every time we studied together, I would help her with her studies, and she taught me about bondage. I was shown all sorts of ways of tying someone up, and many different types of positions. Soon, she even ended up being bound and gagged during our studies, which she loved immensely. That’s what led to our downfall on Saturday.” Now James looked very sad.


“My parents were just going out to a party, when my girlfriend arrived. There was going to be a little studying that night, so I set to work placing her in tight bondage. Before long, I had her bound and gagged in the same position that you are in now, except that she was lying on the floor facing the doorway.”


“I was giving her feet a good tickling when the front door was opened, and my parents walked in on us. Needless to say, they were not happy. I had to untie my girlfriend, and she was then made to leave. To cut a long story short, my parents grounded me and forbidden me from even speaking to her again.”


“I thought tying you up might have cheered me up, but it seems to have had the opposite effect.” James looked at the timer, which now only showed a few minutes left.


I knew James’s parents were vanilla, but that was a dreadful overreaction. What about the poor girl? She must be heartbroken. I’m going to end up being James’s captive tonight, but his wellbeing is now my number one concern.


Finally, the buzzer on the timer activated, showing that Sara had lost to James. “I know you lost, Sara, but I was a little deceitful in not letting you know how much I had improved. So, if you want to be free, just nod your head. If you want to keep to the agreement, shake it.”


How can I possibly ask for my freedom and let James down now. I would be breaking my promise, in a way. I have to stick with what I agreed, come what may. I made my bed, and now I have to lie in it. Sara slowly shook her head, indicating that she would remain James’s captive.


James got up and went over to Sara, and then gave her a gentle hug. “Thank you Sara, I thought you were going to back out for a moment. Wait a moment, I’ll just remove your gag.” James then untied the cloth at the back of Sara’s neck and took the ball out of her mouth, with a little saliva being stretched out.


“This gag really does make someone feel helpless.” Sara said. “Before we discuss anything else James, could you please remove this hag,- er, hogtie and allow me to sit up on the couch.”


James removed the tie holding Sara’s ankles to her wrists, before removing the other tie that bound her elbows to her ankles. Sara sighed with relief as she straightened her legs. “That’s much better. Thank you James.” James then turned Sara onto her right hand side before bringing her legs out, and then getting her to sit up on the left side of the couch.


“I’ll just get you a drink of water. James walked out into the kitchen and brought in a small plastic bottle, full of water, with a drinking straw in it. He sat on Sara’s right and held the bottle and straw up to her face. Sara took sips of water out of the bottle until she had taken enough.


“I think that’s enough for now.” Sara said after letting go of the straw. James then put the straw down. “If I remember rightly, the deal was that I I couldn’t escape then I can let you have whatever you want from me, without question, is that correct?” As if I can’t guess what you are after from me, but I am not going to break my word. Even if this does lead to where I think it will.


“Yes.” said James. He leaned in closer and sniffed the air by Sara. “That’s very intoxicating perfume that you have on. It almost makes me want to ma-, oh never mind.”


Sara felt herself very weak at James’s last words. It can’t be, I thought that was finished at the research centre. It can’t be happening again. No, wait, he still has the gag with him. If he had acted like the others, I would now be gagged, and he would be taking me. So maybe it’s just my imagination. Sara sighed with relief.


“What were you going to say, James.” Sara said. James now looked a little uncomfortable. “Come on, out with it. Look, what’s so difficult about talking to me? I’m bound and helpless, and you had me ball-gagged and hogtied until a few minutes ago. What can be worse than that.


“Okay, I’ll tell you, but don’t get mad at me please.” James took a deep breath. “I was going to say ‘It almost makes me want to make love to you.’”


Sara suddenly felt a burning and desire grow stronger in her womanhood. That’s how I felt with the others, it’s happening again, except it’s affecting James now. There is one major difference though, James is controlling himself.


“Just want to? No ‘You have to secure me and make me helpless, so that I cannot kill you and eat you, and then you can make love to me?’” Sara asked.


“No, nothing like that, it would be weird, I just had the feeling of wanting to make love to you. Maybe it’s just teenage hormones, as usual.” John answered.


Sara felt her desire and need grow more, and had visions in her head of John loving her while she was bound and helpless. It may not be affecting him in any real way, but it’s certainly affecting me! It could very well be that he’s only 18 and not a full adult, so there could still be chemical changes going on in his body. If I’m left tied up like this all evening without relief though, I’ll probably go mad.


“Okay James, what is it that you want from me?” Sara asked.


James took another deep breath and said “You Sara. I want you. But I want to take it slowly and carefully because, well.” James became hesitant.


“That’s okay, James everyone has to start somewhere. I will keep my promise to you, don’t worry.” This is going to be a weird night. I’m about to be a sex therapist in bondage to my best friend’s eighteen year old virgin son...




“So,” said Sara “How do you plan to start?”


“Well, I was just thinking of putting you on my lap and cuddling you at first.” James said. And maybe then a bit of gentle kissing and caressing.”


You are an eighteen year old boy? You sound more like thirty eight. If someone gets hold of you, they’d better not let go.


James now gently pulled Sara onto his lap, so that she was facing to his right, and then he embraced her, softly and warmly. This is nice, I’m completely helpless and at his mercy, but right now I’m being cuddled. Sara now snuggled into James’s arms, wriggling a little as she did so.


After a little while, Sara felt James run his fingers softly through her blond hair, and then planted a few gentle kisses on her right cheek. Sara blushed a little, not because he was kissing her, but because she didn’t expect a kiss like that. Boys his age were usually like vacuum cleaners on overdrive, almost sucking your tongue out, yet James seems to want to make this slow and soft.


Sara now felt caresses on her right shoulder as she experienced soft sweet kisses on the right side of her neck, which caused her to let out a soft moan. You’ve never done this to a woman before? You must have, no eighteen year old I ever knew was this good. If this is your first time, you’re a natural at it.


James was now planting sweet little kisses on Sara’s shoulders and exposed parts of her chest as her left side was softly stroked. She emitted another sigh, brought out by his gentle touch. “That’s wonderful James, please don’t stop.” Sara now found that her desire had grown with the caresses on her helpless body. The kisses moved back to Sara’s right cheek. He hasn’t even kissed me on the lips yet, is he too shy to do so, or is he waiting for permission from me?


A new action by James made Sara gasp now, as she felt his fingers softly glide over her left thigh, before moving to the right. That was just incredible! He really has a great touch! Instinctively now, Sara closed her eyes, parted her lips and turned her head to the right. Her body felt electrified by the soft lips that were pressed against hers, and she writhed slightly in James’s hold.


The kissing and caresses by James went on for a while, and Sara was finding this all very pleasurable. James hasn’t gone any further with this, though. Maybe it’s like when he kissed me on the mouth, he waited for a signal from me.


Sara pulled back a bit, causing James to stop kissing and caressing her. “Have I gone too fast?” he asked looking worried.


“No, not at all.” answered Sara “What you were doing to me was lovely. If anything, you weren’t going any further. You see, it’s hard for me to move this along as I’m all tied up, and unable to take the initiative.”


“But what if I go too fast?” he asked.


“I’m sure you’ll know by my reactions, James. You are doing very well so far. So, shall we get back to the kissing?” Sara closed her eyes and pressed herself to James. Within moments, she felt the wonderful caresses on her body, and the soft sweet kisses on her lips.


A few minutes later, she felt James’s right hand touch the top button of her dress. She nodded slightly, her lips still connected to James’s, to show that she approved. James then unfastened the top button, and slowly unbuttoned the rest of Sara’s dress from top to bottom. Then he stopped kissing her and pulled back before gently pulling the dress away from Sara’s body.


“You have a wonderful body, Sara.” James said, prompting a blush on Sara’s cheeks.


“Thank you, James. But you are being too kind. I don’t have a good body.” Sara replied. “I’m a forty year old who’s past her prime.”


“I disagree, I want to kiss that wonderful body of yours.” he said. Oh James, you are so kind to me about my body. I think you really do want to kiss it. Sara lay back in James’s arms, giving him access to kiss her abdomen.


James started to kiss Sara just below the bra, and slowly worked his way down her stomach. He still held her with his left arm and with his right hand he softly caressed her body, except her breasts and womanhood. I feel so aroused right now, with all of these kisses on my body.


Sara now felt her navel being softly kissed, which sent shivers down her spine, and then the kisses went all the way down to her panties, stopping just above. Then he pulled Sara back up to him, before kissing her on the lips, more passionately this time. She writhed and moaned as his hand now caressed her thighs right up to the top of her legs. That feeling is incredible. I really hope that he doesn’t stall here as well.


A few minutes later, Sara felt James’s right hand move up to between her breasts and gently undo the front clasp on her bra, causing it to fall down and expose her breasts. James now softly caressed the mounds of Sara’s breasts with his fingertips, making her shiver with delight. Soon, he was also gently caressing her nipples, and Sara felt the fire within her grow further.


James now stopped kissing Sara on the lips, and then lowered his head to plant gentle kisses on the mounds of her breasts. She moaned loudly as she felt his right hand now place the softest of touches on her womanhood. Oh, that feels so good from you, James. The biggest test will be later though, in the final stage. Sara again gasped as she felt James kiss her softly on her nipples, as well as experiencing the sweet caresses of her intimacy.


James now lifted his head up and gave Sara a long, passionate kiss. “Just one last kiss.”  He kissed her on the lips, and now said. “Open your mouth wide.” Sara did so as James picked up the ball-gag. He inserted the ball into her mouth, and then tied it firmly at the back of her neck. James has total control over me now, and it’s just made me even more aroused. James now made Sara stand up while he took all of the cushions off the couch and laid them on the floor. Then he laid Sara on her back on top of the cushions on the floor.


“I am going to untie and retie your legs now.” James then removed the ties at her ankles and knees. Sara gasped as her panties were gently slid off her bottom and down her legs, leaving her essentially naked to James. Next, he bent Sara’s right leg so that her heel pressed into her bottom, and wrapped one of the ties around Sara’s ankle and thigh before tying it securely. This was repeated with Sara’s left leg, leaving her helpless on the floor.


“It’s called a frogtie, which is a little obvious.” James said. Sara giggled. It seems that my legs are bent like a frog’s now. I feel very vulnerable like this, as I can be taken at any time. James now lay on top of Sara, kissing her neck and breasts, while he was providing more sweet touches to her mound of desire. Sara now moaned and writhed with her passion growing inside her.


James was kissing and sucking her nipples by this point, and the caresses on her womanhood became strong and fast. Sara began thrusting her hips up, pressing her most intimate place into James’s hand, while she arched her back, eager for the touch of his lips. Her moaning and writhing were almost constant now, as she approached the moment of fulfilment.


I’m nearly there, just a little more, James, please.Yephs” started coming out of Sara’s mouth as she was nearly at her peak, and her whole body seemed to be aflame with need. “Are you about to explode?” James asked. Sara nodded her head. I am ready James, oh I am ready!


Then James stopped completely and pulled back.


Noph, Noph, NOPHHH!!” No James, please no! You can’t do this to me, this is pure torture, and I can’t stand it! Sara screamed and struggled as her desire was denied to her. “Pleph, pleph, pleph!” she cried out.


“Beg me to take you then. Beg me to give you what you need.” James said.


Denial! You’re practising denial on me! What sort of eighteen year old practises denial on a woman he’s making love to! You must be the most extraordinary person in the world.Pleph Japh, pleph taph meph! Pleph maph meph coph!” Sara now begged and pleaded for James to take her and provide her with what she needed.


James leant over Sara, softly and gently kissing her breasts and nipples. Sara moaned and writhed again, enjoying every delicious feeling given to her by James. Then James unzipped his trousers and Sara gasped as she felt the gentle filling of her womanhood by his manhood.


The thrusts were slow and gentle at first. You are even taking your time with this part, I don’t think that there is anyone like you in the world. Then they quickened in speed and were harder. Sara thrust her hips up in synch with James’s thrusts, maximising the pleasure from each movement.


Sara was again approaching her peak, moaning and calling out again in her pleasure and desire. At this, James actually slowed down a little, teasing Sara one last time, forcing her to cry out to be fulfilled. Then James thrust at his quickest and hardest.


 Sara finally received her peak of pleasure and emitted a long cry as her body started shaking and quivering, overcome by the pure pleasure of the experience she was feeling.


When her body had clamed down, Sara realised that James was still holding and cuddling her. He hasn’t run off or anything. It must have all been my imagination then. It has been a wonderful night. Sara lay there in James’s arms, both oblivious to anything else, especially the turning of a key in a lock...


“Hi Sara.” Simone said “We finished early so we- OH MY GOD! What have you done to her!


Sara looked up into the faces of a furious Simone and Andrew, his craggy features and wild brown hair adding to the expression of anger on his face.


“James, get up to bed right now! And don’t even say a thing! GO! Simone, follow him and make sure that he goes there!” Andrew shouted. James went straight out of the room without a word, with Simone following him, with even her gentle almond face showing a fury within.


How am I ever going to explain this situation to them. They will never want to see me again!


Andrew now walked over to where Sara was lying helplessly on the floor, bound, gagged and essentially naked. She noticed that he was wearing the usual suit and black tie. He knelt down in front of her.


“Did my son tie you up this way?” he asked. Sara nodded, her cheeks flooded with embarrassment at her situation of being in naked bondage in front of her best friend’s husband.


“Can you get out of this?” Andrew asked. Why would he ask that, of course I can’t. Sara had brought herself to a sitting position by now, and shook her head. Andrew brought his right hand up to her chin and said “That is not going anywhere either.” What is Andrew doing? Why isn’t he untying me? Then Andrew pulled at her bonds, almost as if he was checking that they were secure.


Sara then got an almighty shock as Andrew pushed her so that she was lying on her back. “Now, that you are immobile and helpless, I can give you what you want and need.” Oh no, it can’t be! It just can’t! “As you cannot kill me and eat me, I will mate with you and pleasure you.” He now leaned over a very frightened Sara.


Please God, no! You’re the husband of my best friend. You can’t! Please NOOOOOO! “NOPH, PLEPH, NOOOOOOPH!” Sara cried, shaking her head. With horror, she suddenly realised that although James was immune, Andrew was not.


The nightmare was starting all over again...






Sara struggled as much as she could, but she knew that James’s knots would hold her fast. All she could do was plead at Andrew with her eyes, and beg though her gag at him. Stop it! Your wife is my best friend, and if she catches us like this, there will be hell to pay! She knew though, that anything she did would be useless. He had probably been affected just like the two people on Tuesday. The worst part was that her womanhood was glowing with need again.


I suppose that at least helps to protect me psychologically against the onslaughts that I have suffered. But the results on my assailants are far worse.


Sara squirmed as Andrew softly kissed her neck. “Your body tells me that I must pleasure you.” he said. That’s not you, that’s the whatever it is that’s affecting you. She squealed as his hands started to caress and smooth her breasts. Sara also felt as weak as a kitten again, and her struggles hardly even caused her to move.


Andrew kissed her on her cheeks and gagged lips. “I have never wanted anyone more than I have wanted you tonight. I need to pleasure you and mate with you.” Sara now felt Andrew touch and caress her nipples, making her writhe with pleasure. That feels good, maybe there’s no point in fighting the feeling any more. No! I have to keep fighting, these are my closest friends!


Sara again shook her head and protested against his behaviour. Andrew had started kissing her breasts and softly caressing her womanhood. She began to involuntarily thrust her herself at Andrew, her body feeling the pleasure that her mind was rejecting.


Then, Sara heard the sound that she was dreading to hear. It was the sound of a zip being pulled down. You don’t have to do this to me! Andrew, just leave me alone! She cried out in protest as she felt him enter her womanhood. Andrew thrust slowly and gently into Sara at first, and then started to speed up.


This is worse than on Tuesday. At least the intruder was a total stranger, but this is you Andrew. Soon though, I know that I’ll lose any resistance I have to your actions, and even enjoy the pleasure that you will give me.


Andrew’s thrusts became faster and stronger, and Sara knew that she was going to surrender to him and to the bliss that awaited. She was thrusting herself up as much as she could, needing the fulfilment that was soon to be hers. The thrusts speeded up to a point where Sara was on the edge and nearly ready to explode.


Yes, oh YESSSSSSSS! Sara screamed out with the joy of the orgasm, her body bucking and twisting from the pure feeling of pleasure.


Sara recovered quickly and opened her eyes. Andrew was already looking at her in shock and fear. “No, please no! Don’t eat me! Don’t kill me and eat me!” Andrew then ran out of the room.


Right past Simone!


She looked at Sara with a look that mixed shock, horror, disgust and pure rage.


“You Whore! You Slut! You stole my husband from me! Oh, I saw you enjoy yourself, you little tramp, taking your pleasure from him! You were my best friend, and you got Andrew to cheat on me! I should kill you for what you done to me!” Simone ran over to James’s bag and took out a long tie. “I’ll make sure that you never do this to anyone else, ever again.”


Sara screamed at Simone’s actions, and struggled in her bonds. Please, Simone, it’s not what you think! I’m not responsible. Please, Simone! Simone walked up to Sara, knelt down, and wrapped the tie around her neck.


“At least you can’t get away from me, Bitch! I’ll teach you never to do this to anyone else!” Simone now pulled the tie tight around Sara’s neck, causing her to choke. Please stop Simone, you’re going to kill me! No! I can’t breathe!


Sara wondered if she was going to die at the hands of her best friend…




“I’ll kill you, you evil slut! I’ll-” Simone stopped speaking and sniffed the air. “I’ll give you what you want. I’ll pleasure you and make love to you.” Simone loosened her grip and pulled the tie away from Sara’s neck.  Sara was almost gulping down air into her lungs.


I never thought that I would be thankful to hear those words. You would have condemned Andrew too, had you killed me, and this state carries the death penalty. Sara sighed with relief as Simone now hugged her.


“I’m so sorry, Sara, I could have killed you! I will make it up to you by pleasuring you and mating with you.” Sara was relieved that Simone was now ‘under the influence’ rather than trying to kill her. Trying to protest against anything you do to me may not be a good idea.


“I’ll be back in a minute. I just have to get a few things for your pleasure.” Simone left the room and returned a few minutes later with a shoe box. “Now to get you better secured. I saw a picture on James’s PC that has given me an idea.”


Simone took some ties out of the bag, and placed Sara in a kneeling position on top of the cushions facing the door. The end of one of the ties was tied to Sara’s elbow bonds, taken around her body from right to left, and then the other end was tied tightly to the elbow tie, binding Sara’s upper arms to her chest. A second tie was tied to Sara’s wrists, taken around her waist, and then tied firmly back at her wrists. Then a third tie was bound to Sara’s wrists, taken between her legs, looped over the waist tie at the front, and then passed back between her legs and the other end tied at her wrists again.


This is pressing on my womanhood. What does Simone have in store for me?


Sara was now forced to lie with her body on her right side on the floor, with her legs alongside her body. Simone now got a tie, and threaded it inside the bend at Sara’s knees before tying the ends to the tie around Sara’s chest, leaving her unable to move. Simone now took a final tie, tied one end to the gag at the back of Sara’s neck, pulled Sara’s head back and tied the other end to her elbow bindings, leaving Sara helplessly strained.


“Now for your pleasuring.” Simone said, opening the shoe box and picking up a fresh pack of four batteries. Oh no, Simone, you’re not going to- Sara watched in shock as Simone took out a jar of some kind of lubricant. Next to come out was some kind of metallic bullet shaped object. Sara struggled helplessly as Simone opened the battery pack, removed two batteries, and put them into the back of the vibrator. Then Simone opened the jar, and spread lubricant over the vibrator. “Time to put in your fun.”


Simone now went to Sara and inserted the vibrator into Sara’s helpless womanhood. The crotch-tie was then placed over the vibrator, preventing it from being dislodged.


Sara watched in sheer horror, and then shook her head and screamed as Simone now picked up another vibrator from the box. You can’t! Oh please Simone, you just can’t! Simone placed batteries into the second vibrator, before applying lots of lubricant. Sara struggled like crazy, but was unable to stop Simone from pulling her bottom cheeks apart and inserting the vibrator in a way which shocked Sara to the core.


“The best bit about this is that I don’t have to do anything to you now. I only have to watch.” Simone now switched on the vibrators, leaving Sara to struggle helplessly as the feelings of pleasure built up rapidly inside her.


Oh my God. Oh My God! OH MY GODDDDD! The first wave of pleasure now overtook Sara, making her shake from the experience…




Sara now looked up at Simone. Her appearance was changing from happiness to fear, just like the others. “Oh no, don’t, Sara. Please don’t eat me!” Simone then ran out of the room, closing the door behind her.


Sara was already feeling another orgasm building up in her.Oh this is just great, I have two vibrators inserted into me, and with fresh batteries! I am going to suffer this for hours! Sara cried out as the second wave hit her, and she realised that she had no choice but to resign herself to her pleasurable torment…


“Auntie Sara, what have they done to you!” James knelt beside Sara in a pair of blue pyjamas. He had a pair of emergency scissors and cut through the tie that held her ball-gag in.


Sara spat out the ball. “Turn them off! TURN THEM OFF!” James went around to Sara’s rear end and switched off the vibrators. He then rapidly cut off all of her bonds, leaving the vibrators for Sara to remove. Sara pulled them out and put them back in the box. Looking at the clock, Sara noticed that it was one o’clock in the morning.


While she got dressed, Sara quickly explained to James what had happened after he went upstairs, concerning the actions of his father and mother. “My mother was going to kill you! Sara, I know that they’re my parents, but you need to call the police. What they did to you is unforgivable, and they should be punished for it!” James headed over to the telephone.


“Wait a moment, James. Maybe this is not the way to deal with this. Plus, why did you come down? I thought you were supposed to be in bed?” Sara asked.


“I needed to use the bathroom, and heard my parents whimpering about you being downstairs and possibly coming up and eating them. I realised that you were still downstairs and needed help, so I came down immediately. It was a good thing that I did. What is this about though, you eating them?”


Sara recounted what had happened in the office on Tuesday with the intruder and her best friend. “I thought it was something used on me by the intruder, but I’m not so sure now, if it worked tonight.”


“Sounds almost like insect reactions, mating in insects can result in the approaching creature being eaten. I’ll check with Chloé…” James’s face grew very sad.


Chloé? Is that the name of the French lady?” Sara asked.


“Yes, that’s her name. She’s five foot three inches tall, with gorgeous, shoulder length red hair. I forgot that I can’t see her.” James said.


“I’ll fix that for you, James. Just follow me.” Sara walked upstairs to Simone and Andrew’s bedroom door, before knocking on the door.


“Are you two in there?” Sara shouted.


“Please Sara, please don’t eat us!” Simone said.


“The only reason that you two haven’t been eaten is that because I care for James. Listen to me, both of you. James is allowed to see Chloé anytime he wants. When he brings her here, you are to show her every courtesy, and you will not object to anything that they do! Do you understand?”


Sara listened as both Andrew and Simone answered “Yes.”


“Do not even think of going back on this, you two.” Sara said “If you do, I shall hunt you down and extract the fluids from your still-beating hearts.”


Sara had never heard such loud screams before.


“I am going now. Think about what I have said.” She then walked back downstairs, with James following her. Sara picked up her handbag and headed towards the front door.


“James, it may be a good idea not to contact your friend just yet. We’ll have to see how your parents behave tomorrow. Whatever happens, contact me first, okay.” Sara instructed.


“Yes, Sara. Thank you for helping me.” James warmly embraced her.

Sara opened the door. “I’ll hopefully hear from you in the morning then, James. Bye for now.” she said, before walking to her car.


Bye Sara, and thanks.” Sara heard the front door close as she walked away. Her journey home was uneventful, and she entered her apartment, went to her bedroom, lay down on her bed, and then fell asleep still fully clothed, exhausted from the evening’s drama…




“BEEEP BEEEP!” Sara was suddenly woken up by the phone at the side of her bed. She picked up the phone, noticed that the clock on it showed the time at 9 am, took a deep breath and said “Hello, Sara here.”


“Good morning Sara, it’s James here. How are you?” James asked.


“I just woke up, and I feel okay at the moment. How is the situation at the house?” Sara asked now.


“They’ve gone, Sara. They decided to take a two week holiday, just travelling around. They said sorry about the way they reacted to Chloé and that given their own behaviour last night, they have no room to pass judgment. Andrew said that I can bring Chloé around any time I like, she will be treated well and that we can do what we want, so long as it’s kept to my bedroom when they are back. My parents mentioned that they also have a lot to discuss, as they have ended up cheating on each other with the same woman. My father then went upstairs to finish packing while my mother asked me a few questions.”


“What kind of questions?” Sara was suddenly intrigued.


“Well, she wanted to know if there were any websites on how to tie someone up. She said to me ‘If Andrew can get so passionate in making love to a tied up woman, then that tied up woman is going to be me!’. I gave my mother a few pieces of information, and I told her that if she needs any more, just to get in contact with me or Chloé. Chloé would probably be the better person to speak to though, I explained.”


Sara thought for a second. “Well it seems that they have been converted, so they should be no problem from now on.”


“They did seem genuinely guilty about the way they acted towards Chloé, and about last night.” James said. “Sara, how should I go about speaking to Chloé? Should I go over there or speak over the telephone.”


“I think it would be best if she was at your house, James. In cases like these, speaking face to face is far more effective than over the telephone. Where will she be at this time?” She asked.


“I think that she will be in the house. Her parents, no, they’re not her parents, she’s actually on a student exchange. Her guardians, then, will have gone to work by now. She’ll be in the house with her friend Angela.” James answered.


“Give me the address and I’ll head over there immediately, James.” Sara then wrote down the address that that James gave her on a small notepad. I’ll instruct you on what to do then. Bye for now.”


“Bye, Sara.” Sara now put the phone down. It should take about a ten minute drive to get there...



“There is still nothing from James.” Chloé said tearfully. “You would have thought that his parents would have relented by now.” She was sitting on the couch with a handkerchief in her right hands, dabbing at her eyes. Chloé was wearing a black sweater with denim shorts, black cotton tights, white sports socks and Doc Martin boots.


“Give it time, Chloé.” Angela said, cuddling and comforting her friend. “I am sure that this will be resolved.”


“I hope so Angela, but it is Thursday now, and we were caught on Saturday night. I think that I will never see James again.” Chloé started to sob again. Fichtre! Fichtre, Fichtre, Fichtre!”


“Please don’t cry Chloé, I hate to see you like this. Maybe I should contact James.” Angela said.


“Don’t Angela. All that you will do is get both of us into more trouble.”


Please call to let me know that you are okay, James, please...



Sara pulled up outside the address, another detached house with the same picket garden. She then took out her cell-phone and called James. “Okay, James, this is what you are going to text.” Sara gave James the necessary instructions before ending the call, getting out of the car and walking up to the front door...



Chloé nearly jumped out of her skin as her cell-phone rang, with a distinctive tone. “It is James calling! What has happened?” she said picking up the phone. She checked the phone and it had a single message.


There is a woman outside called Sara. Please follow her instructions and don’t ask any questions.


“That is a very cryptic message, Chloé. Are you sure that it is wise to do this?” Angela said.


“It is from James. I just hope that everything is okay, or at least that I can see him.” responded Chloé.


Chloé went to the front door, followed by Angela. She opened it to see a mature, blond-haired woman in a black mini-dress, calf length boots and fishnet stockings, standing there on the doorstep.


“Good morning, I am Sara, and you must be Chloé, I take it.” Sara said.


“Yes. I am Chloé.” a hundred questions raced through Chloé’s mind at this point. Who is Sara? What has she got to do with James? Is she here to kidnap me?


“Will you please step into the passenger seat in my car, Chloé?” Sara asked. Chloé closed the front door behind her as she walked to the car. She opened the passenger side door and sat in the seat, before closing the door.


Sara now sat in the driver’s seat in the car, and started to drive to James’s house. I hope that Chloé won’t be angry at me about last night. Looking at her, I can see what James saw in her. She is absolutely stunning, and seems to be very mature in thought. If I ever thought that I had a chance with her-, but even if she liked females she would never be interested in an old hag like me, plus she’s James’s girl and probably straight as anything.


Chloé glanced at Sara as they drove along. Sara is a very beautiful and attractive lady, but I can see the self-doubt in her eyes. If I thought that I had any chance, I would tie her up, make her helpless and convince her how wonderful she is by making love to her. But, she looks like the kind of woman who would only be interested in men though, and would hate to be tied up.


Soon, the car stopped outside James’s house. “Go up to the front door and knock three times.” Sara said. Chloé opened the door and exited the vehicle. As soon as Chloé stepped out, Sara drove off. I have to go to the lab today. After last night I think I should at least give them a blood sample.


Chloé walked up to the front door, and knocked three times. The door swung open and James was standing there. Chloé trembled with uncertainty, until she felt James’s strong yet gentle arms embrace her. Then she sobbed in his arms, thankful that she was with him.


“Oh, James! I thought that I would never see you again! What has changed?” Chloé asked, being gently cradled by James.


“Last night changed everything but it’s a very long story. But Sara is the one you need to thank.” James brought Chloé inside, closed the door, and led her to the couch.


Chloé sat down on the left side of the couch, and then James sat to her right. “Okay, the basic situation is that you can come over anytime that you want, and you will be treated well. My parents are now away for two weeks, so that means the house is ours. When they come back, we are expected to keep our games to the bedroom.” James explained.


“How? Why? What happened?” Chloé asked. If Sara did this, I owe her everything. I have a debt that I can never repay.


James tried to explain, but he seemed to jump all over the place, making no sense at all. I need to get him to start at the beginning. “Just take this from the beginning please, James.” she requested.


James then explained about how his parents had to go out and decided to bring in a babysitter to keep an eye on him, and how he asked if it could be Sara because he preferred that it was someone that he knew. Then he talked about playing the kidnap game with Sara, how Sara offered him anything she had, and then described the tie that she was put in and how she struggled to get free.


You actually had your babysitter hogtied and gagged on this very couch, struggling to get free? I wish I could have done that to her. Chloé imagined being there and tying Sara up like that. If she had let me do that to her, I would have given her an exquisitely pleasurable torment. Chloé now found herself growing aroused at the idea of having Sara tied up and at her mercy. She now shifted her position and sat on the couch facing James, with her knees brought up to her chin and her arms wrapped around her legs.


“So what happened next?” Chloé asked. James then described the offer to set Sara free after her failure at freeing herself. That was very kind of you James, I’m not sure that I would have let her go so easily.


Then James said “I hope that you can forgive me for the next part, Chloé.” Then he went on describe the talk between him and Sara, before going onto the kissing, caressing and undressing of Sara on the couch. I am annoyed at what happened James, but not for the reason that you think. Chloé was even more aroused as James recounted what happened on the couch, imagining herself in the place of James, kissing and caressing Sara’s helpless body.


James now continued on and was now at the point where he and Sara were on the floor. Chloé felt herself blush as she heard how Sara was touched and teased by James. She gasped as James covered the final part of the lovemaking and the pleasure that Sara finally received. I wished I was that one who could have pleasured you, Sara. It would have been wonderful. I do have a bone to pick with you though, James. Chloé was now pouting.


“I’m so sorry, Chloé, I got carried away with Sara and I can see that you are angry with me.” James said. “I only hope that you can forgive me someday.”


“Forgive you? You had a beautiful, attractive, mature woman at your mercy, bound and helpless, and you took advantage of her. There is nothing to forgive in that. I would have done the same.”


James looked puzzled. “Then why are you angry with me?”


“I am angry because you have not met Sara for one and a half years, and your first action is to ‘kidnap’ her, tie her up and gag her, and then make love to her.” Chloé said “You have tied me up many times and not even caressed me. That is why I’m angry.”


“But Chloé, you said when we started that you didn’t want to ‘be taken’ while you are tied up. That’s why I didn’t want to do anything to you.” James said hurriedly.


“Mon Dieu! Do you think that all lovemaking is about ‘in out, in out?’ You can easily bring a woman to pleasure without that! Men!” Chloé stopped and thought for a moment.


“James, are you saying that the only reason that you have not done this to me, is that you assumed by the comment that I did not want to be made love to?” she asked.


“Yes Chloé. Otherwise I would have spent my time loving and pleasuring you.” James answered. “You would have spent hours, tied, teased and tormented.”


“In that case James, I think that you owe me a game of ‘Kidnap’ at the very least. Wouldn’t you agree?” Chloé asked. “You can leave the rest of your tale until later.”


“I think that I owe you many games of Kidnap, Chloé.” James answered. He rose off the couch, prompting Chloé to do the same. They then embraced each other, and James softly kissed Chloé on the lips.


“Shall I go upstairs and collect my items, then?” James asked.


“Yes, and I shall get ready down here. Close the door behind you and do not come back in until I say ready.” Chloé answered.


James now left the room and closed the door behind him. Chloé sat down on the couch and unlaced her boots before sliding them off her feet. Next, she pulled her sports socks down and off and then unbuttoned and slid off her shorts. She then lifted her black sweater up and off, unclasped her black bra, removed it and put her sweater back on. She picked up the items and put them in a neat pile in a corner of the room.


Chloé could already feel the effect of the fibres as they softly caressed her breasts when she moved. She sat down on the couch, and it was then that she heard a gentle knock on the living room door.


“Ready.” she said, her heart racing in anticipation of what was to come...


Meanwhile, Sara had just pulled into the front gates of GEN-DAWN to give a blood sample...




Sara showed her ID to the guard at the gate, who seemed surprised to see her.


“I thought after your ordeal, you’d still be at home.” he said.


“I need to see someone, because it seems that I’m still being affected by it.” Sara replied.


Sara drove to her usual space, and then walked into the offices. She spoke to Jane at reception, mentioning that something happened last night and that she needed to see someone about getting blood tests.


“I need to check if what is happening to me really is from that intruder.” Sara said. “If it isn’t, then it must be something from here, and the only way to find a cure is to find out what’s wrong.”


Sara waited in reception, until a resident doctor had time to see her. She then went to his office and was invited to sit down, and explained what was going on. The doctor thought for a minute and suggested that not only should Sara take a blood test, but it might be advisable to take any other tests that can be performed in the building.


“After all, the more information that we have, the sooner we can work out what is happening to you, and then we can find a cure.” The doctor explained. “It might take some time to find out what the cause is, though.”


“My biggest worry though is if it could be cyclic. It didn’t affect anyone after the initial incident until last night. Could it start up tonight?” Sara asked.


“It could reoccur tonight, so I would suggest that you stay at home, and not let anyone in. If your door is locked, they won’t be able to get to you. I’d better take you to the test laboratory now, so that we can get started.”


Sara followed the doctor to the laboratory, so that they could perform as many tests as they could. Several blood and sweat samples were taken, along with small pieces of hair and skin. They then ran her through every kind of scanning device that they had, before she was questioned in detail. Next, she was poked and prodded in places that she didn’t even know existed.


At the end of it all, Sara felt that she needed to get some rest. She made her way to the parking lot, and went shopping before returning home. I’m glad this is not on 24 hours a day, that would be disastrous for me. Sara carried her shopping back to the apartment and got ready for resting. If I stay on my own, hopefully I might have a quiet afternoon and evening.


While all this was happening with Sara, however...




James opened the door and brandished the toy gun.


“Please don’t hurt me monsieur, I’ll do anything you want!” Chloé said in a melodramatic voice, standing up and putting her hands in the air at the same time.


“Turn your back to me and put your hands behind your back.” James said menacingly. “And don’t try any tricks, I’m not afraid to use this thing.”


Chloé turned her back to James as she sat down on the couch, before putting her hands together behind her back, with her palms flat against each other. “You don’t have to do this, monsieur, I promise that I will keep still and quiet.”


James sat on the couch behind Chloé, picked up a tie from the bag that he carried, and then wrapped, cinched and tied Chloé’s wrists firmly. “I believed that once, then the girl tried to bury a knife between my shoulder blades. I find that this way is much safer.”


James picked up another tie before bringing Chloé’s elbows together. “Ow! Why do you have to pull my elbows together?” she asked


“It is to restrain you more. It stops you from being able to free your hands.” James answered, wrapping the tie around Chloé’s elbows, before cinching and tying it tightly.


“I cannot free my hands anyway, you brute. What are you going to do to me?” Chloé asked, with a tone of mock fear.


James picked up two more ties. “It depends if there are any valuables in the house. If there are, I just leave you tied and gagged and call the police.” James bound Chloé’s ankles and legs below the knees in the same manner. “If not, well, I’m sure that you can provide me with suitable compensation.”


Chloé managed to look shocked. “You don’t mean, you can’t, NO!” Chloé cried. James picked the ball-gag out of the bag and placed the ball in Chloé’s mouth as she called for help.


“Please, someone he-lph!” Chloé whimpered as James tied the ends of the gag at the back of Chloé’s neck. For some reason, this feels so much better than before.


“Now, be a good mademoiselle and stay quiet. I don’t want any trouble.” James pulled Chloé’s legs onto the couch, rolled her onto her front and then her left side. Chloé struggled against the bonds that held her helpless.


Noph pleph leph meph goph!” Chloé shook her head at what was being done to her. James tied one end of a tie to Chloé’s elbows and then brought her heels up to her bottom. He managed to arch Chloé’s body slightly, looped the tie around her ankles and tied the other end back at her elbows. This is really strict, I think that you have my body bent backwards slightly, just like Sara’s was. James turned Chloé back onto her front, took a final tie and bound Chloé’s wrists to her ankles, with her ankles directly on top of her wrists.



“Now, my captive mademoiselle, I am going to search for your valuables. If I can’t find any, then I will have to entertain myself, using you.”James said.


Pleph noph!” Chloé cried out as James left the room. She noticed that the feeling inside her, especially in her womanhood was growing. She struggled experimentally against her bonds, knowing that such an action was futile. I’m bound very strictly by you and I don’t think that I can even move, let alone get free. I’m just going to have to wait for you to finish your ‘search’ of the house.


She started to writhe and pull gently at her bonds, but even this simple action just served to get her more aroused, along with the thoughts anticipating James’s actions when he comes back in. I’m starting to just drive myself crazy, just by struggling. I should try to stay still and wait for you. I hope you don’t take long.


A few minutes later James walked back into the room. Chloé found that her heart was racing again, as she awaited James’s next action. He removed the tie around her wrists and ankles, and then the tie that bound her ankles to her elbows. He then placed Chloé in a sitting position, before removing the gag and sitting on the couch to her right.


“Please monsieur, please tell me that you found enough in the house.” Chloé said with an almost pleading voice. James gently took hold of Chloé and pulled her onto his lap, with her facing to his right.


“I did not, mademoiselle, which means that you have to pay off the rest.” James said evilly.


Chloé struggled in James’s arms. “Please no, you can’t! I am just an innocent girl!” Chloé begged.


“Innocent girls are the best kind.” said James, just before he planted tender kisses on the left side on Chloé’s neck. “I will enjoy corrupting you then.”


The kisses sent a shiver down Chloé’s spine, and made her heart race even faster. Mon Dieu! This is wonderful! “No monsieur, please. When you take me, you will leave evidence.”


James stopped kissing Chloé and started to caress her wonderful red hair with his right hand, eliciting a sigh from Chloé. “I never take my helpless mademoiselles, I just pleasure them. It is hard to mention this to the police, as it is too embarrassing.” He then went on to kiss Chloé gently on the cheeks, making her writhe a little.


You know how to take your time with a woman, James. I can understand why Sara didn’t want you to stop this. Chloé felt James’s right hand start to caress her left side and she would feel him embrace her as well. She turned her face to the left, closed her eyes and parted her lips slightly.


The feeling that she received from James kissing her gently on the lips was incredible. Chloé couldn’t help but respond to his soft touch, kissing him back. “No, please don’t, monsieur.” she said, without any conviction at all.


“I see that my innocent mademoiselle is faltering. Soon you will desire my touch all over your helpless body.” he said, leaning down to plant more kisses on her lips.


Soon? I want your touch all over me now, James. I need your soft kisses and your sweet caress. Chloé experienced what was almost like a jolt of electricity, as she felt James’s right hand softly touch her tight-covered thighs. He was caressing her softly with his fingertips, while still tenderly kissing her lips.


Chloé sighed and moaned at this latest touch, prompting James to start kissing her neck. Then to her surprise, he started to kiss her shoulders through the sweater, which caused the sweater to touch and caress her skin underneath.


She gasped as she could then feel the light touch of his fingertips on the mounds of her breasts through her sweater. His fingers glided slowly and gently over her soft skin, causing her to push her body up towards him slightly.


James returned to kissing Chloé on the lips, while his fingers traced delicate circles around her nipples. Then Chloé gasped through her kiss and arched her back as she felt her nipples being smoothed and caressed. Her hips started to twitch and writhe from the kisses and touches that were adding fuel to the fire of her womanhood.


She then noticed that James’s hand was slowly and softly moving down her body and she kissed James passionately in response, and then felt the shock of pleasure through her body as she experienced the gentle caress of his hand upon her intimacy. Oui! Oui! James, please do this!


James continued to softly caress Chloé’s intimacy, and she responded by gently thrusting herself into James’s hand. He pulled back from kissing her.


“I think that my captive mademoiselle is now sufficiently corrupted for the final stage.” James said softly.


“Please don’t, monsieur, I don’t want to be pleasured against my will.” Chloé said feebly. “I shall have to call for help. Please! Someone help me-ph.” James quickly picked up the ball-gag and placed it into Chloé’s mouth, before securely tying it in.


Pleph, pleph!” she said, writhing in her captivity. James pulled Chloé to his left off his lap, stood up and then helped raise Chloé off the couch into a standing position. “Stay there while I take the cushions off the couch.” James removed the cushions from the couch and arranged them so that Chloé would be able to lie on them.


Chloé watched for a second, and then slowly shuffled to the living room door while James was occupied. Last chance for the helpless damsel, I think.


Within a minute though, she felt James’s warm embrace around her body and a kiss upon her neck. “Trying to escape, my sweet mademoiselle?”


Chloé shook her head in mock protest. Pleaph, sophomph helph meph!” James half carried her to the cushions and then made her sit on the floor.


“I shall have to ensure that you cannot get away now, my captive.” James removed the ties around Chloé’s ankles and knees. Then he bent Chloé’s right leg until her heel touched her bottom, took one of the ties, and then wrapped it around her thigh and ankle, before tying it off firmly. He repeated this with Chloé’s left leg, before placing her into a kneeling position.


Chloé watched as James went over to the bag of goodies, wondering what he was up to. She gasped as she saw him take out a length of soft cotton sash rope. What do you plan to do with that?


James knelt behind Chloé. “I’ve been keeping this for some ‘special’ fun.” She noticed him double stranding the rope, before she felt James tying one end to her wrist bonds. Then she watched as he then firmly looped the rope around her waist, before tying it back at her wrists. There is still some rope left, so where is it going?


Chloé then gasped through her gag as James threaded the rope between her legs, before looping it over the rope at her front. He then tied a series of knots into the rope, before taking it back between Chloé’s legs and tying it off at her wrists. She then cried out as he gently pressed his fingers against the knots, dramatically increasing the flame in her womanhood. Please, pleasure me James, I’m so full of desire for you.


James brought Chloé down onto her back, and then he lay gently on top of her. She sighed as he placed kiss after kiss on her gagged lips, while he softly teased her breasts with his right hand.


Then James started to kiss Chloé’s breasts and nipples while his right hand began to caress and press against her womanhood. Chloé found herself constantly moaning and writhing now, needing her fulfilment from James. She cried out every time that he stroked and pressed against the knots, teasing her womanhood to an unbearable degree. I feel so close now! Please James, take me to my peak! “MPH! MPH!” Chloé cried through her gag and nodded her head to show that she wanted more.


Then James stopped the kisses and caresses, lifting himself up off her.


“NOPH! NOPH!” Chloé screamed as James, as she struggled wildly. You cannot do this to me James! I need you to finish pleasuring me, and I am in torment like this!


James gave a little wicked smile. “All you have to do is to get free, and please yourself.” Chloé again cried out and struggled harder, attempting to free herself from her helplessness. Please James, have mercy. There’s no way that I can free myself. I am truly in bondage, and cannot get free! She begged and pleaded at James to continue and end her torment of pleasure.


“Do you understand that you are completely in my power, my helpless mademoiselle?” James asked. Chloé nodded in her struggling. Don’t leave me like this, I can’t bear it!


James lay down on top of Chloé and then caressed her womanhood and the rope as quickly and as intensely as possible. Chloé soon felt the build up of her desire’s release within her.


Oui! OUI! OUI- Chloé screamed and then lost awareness as it felt like a dam of pleasure had burst inside her, and the wave of joy swept through her being. She lay on the floor, engulfed in this feeling and knew nothing else...




Chloé had the feeling of lying on her right side and that she was lying against James. She could feel his left arm around her in a cuddle, his right hand was softly caressing her hair, and he was gently kissing her gagged lips and whispering sweet nothings.


She opened her eyes and blushed deeply. I feel so wonderful at the moment James, and your affectionate treatment of me makes this even better.


James whispered softly “Shall I untie you? If you don’t, we can stay like this for a while.”


Chloé just shook her head and snuggled into James’s tender arms.


I just want to feel this moment for a while longer...







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