(Forward: this story was written and is dedicated to the wonderful creators and players of the MMO Damsel and villains abduction game, Nabbers Empire .  Whose amazing players and moderators helped give me inspiration and most of all courage to finally post my first ever story. Nabbers Empire is a browser based massively-multiplayer online (MMO) game, about Damsels in Distress. The main themes of the game are Bondage and Kidnappings in a fantasy environment. In NE the player may either take on the role of an archetypical Villain character, running an underground 'evil empire' based around kidnapping for ransom. Or be an alluring Damsel, snooping their way into danger and the clutches of these villains.  The game is meant as a simple pastime at the player’s leisure. It's 'Action Point' system allows the player to play at his or her own pace without the stress of having to be constantly logged in.)





Amanda Jean Noland was 24 years old, born in North Carolina to Irish American parents.  Always very musical at school, after graduation she formed her own little rock band.  Life was pretty good she had a good body, a musical voice, a moderately successful career.   Her music was very like Amy Lee’s Evanescence style and her looks similar - apart from the fact she was a slightly larger framed girl with very curvaceous figure.


It was a Saturday night and she was playing a gig in Missouri near fort Leonard wood.  Having eaten out she went back to her hotel to get ready for the nights entertainment.  Another day another dollar, Amanda had received word that her band had a gig at a local bar/club.



I headed home and showered, luxuriating in the water, eventually stepping out and grabbing a nearby couple of towels, one for my body one for my long tinted hair.  I towelled myself off, dried my hair as best I could and wrapped it in the other towel and headed to get dressed for the evening.

I had already laid out my clothes on my bed and proceeded to get dressed.  Starting with my bright red silky satin thong panties and matching bra soft and gentle to match my supple moisturized skin.  Then the matching garter belt, as I took out a pair of sheer black nylon stockings and rolled them up my smooth supple legs.
Clipping them on I admired myself in the mirror.

Large framed but not fat at all at 5 foot 8 inches not short either but tallish and curvy at 145 lbs.  Not to heavy either mainly muscle not fat, a shapely luscious behind men drool over, toned legs flat tummy and firm rounded 34D breasts gave me quite a curvaceous figure and my long mid back length mahogany tinted hair a contrast to its natural honey ginger color ,my skin light colored and slightly freckled .  I smiled as I looked myself over.

Next I picked up my fire engine red supple soft leather corset and pulled it around my waist, clipping it in front to give my figure a great hourglass look -  my breasts in their bra pushed up into the corsets cup`s making them show up and out even further, its lacy edgings along the lower curve of my boobs and at the bottom of the corset along my panty line.

Next I take my black soft leather knee length skirt sliding up my legs and zipping it up the side, then my lacy see through black blouse with long sleeves and buttoned down the front, its neckline plunging to top of my boobs followed allowing all to see the corset beneath and my full luscious figure.

The long black knee length leather boots followed.  Smooth shiny soft kid leather zipped on the inside of the calves with small sharp 6 inch stiletto heels.  Yes this would drive the crowd wild while I sang.

I sat at my make-up mirror and added mascara to accentuate my grey/green eyes and bright red lipstick on my full soft lips with a touch of foundation.  To finish I tie my hair into a ponytail little black bows at top and bottom.  And grabbed my shoulder purse and headed for the door.

I hopped into my Mercedes and drove towards the club the place was packed and all nearby parking was taken so I headed down a few block to find a parking space.  “Finally, I thought as I found one - I parked up, gabbed my purse and headed for the bar.  It was dark and quiet this far from the bar but unconcerned I wandered along the pavement singing one of my songs under my breath.  I passed an alleyway noticing the van parked there - a black transit its rear and side doors open no sign of any driver or occupant.

As I stood there looking down the alley I suddenly feel a arm snake around my waist, the owner’s other hand moves in front of my face covering my nose and mouth with a white cloth.  I struggle and mewl into the cloth as he lifts me up, holding me tight to him and the cloth tight over my mouth moving us into the alley towards the vans rear door.  I struggle and kick as best I can, the cloth is wet with a sweet smelling liquid and as I struggle, as I breathe, I feel my limbs getting heavy... my head foggy... my struggles weaken as I slip into unconsciousness.


He had been watching Amanda for days now, waiting eagerly for the right moment to strike.  He followed her from the motel to the club, saw she had to drive on and look for parking and knew the time had come as he saw her park down the street.  He pulled his van into the alley and opened the doors then moved quietly into the shadow of the shop front next to the alley. 


He patted his pocket making sure the soaked chloroform cloth was there in its zip bag.  The rest of his gear was waiting on the front passenger seat of the van in his snatch bag.

He couldn't believe his luck the street was empty most further down at the bar district and she had taken the bait completely.  As she stood there staring down at his van he slipped behind her, took the cloth out of the bag and struck wrapping his arms around her engulfing her face in the rag lifting and carrying her towards her fate and the chloroform did its work.  A few light scrapes and bruises from her heels but worth the prize he now held.

By the time he reached the van she was limp in his arms.  He lifted her and placed her face down in back of the van, picking up her purse and throwing it in as he climbed in and shut the doors.  He retrieved his bag and went to work, taking her wrists he crossed them then wrapped the rope around 3 twist’s figure eight around then 4 twists through the middle and tied it off he repeated this on the ankles also wrapping the rope around her heels tying them tight on her.

Then her thighs just above her knees, and finally her arms above the elbows and around her amble chest above and below her cleavage, trying not to get distracted at her beauty.
Now it was time to silence her - he pulled the old pair of panties from his bag.  A trophy from a previous victim, she had worn them a few days and they were cum and juice soaked by time he removed them.

He pushed them into her mouth working them past her lips and teeth making sure they were well in.  Then he retrieved a large piece of white micro foam tape and smoothed it over her lips and lower face making sure it was well on even seeing her lips form through the tape.

Last of all came the black satin bag that he slipped over her head.  It was light enough to breathe through but not see through.  He tightened the string around her neck.  Satisfied he stared down at her bound form -  yes she was perfect, just what he had been looking for.

He climbed into the front of the van and started the engine and head off down the alley out onto the street towards his place.



I awoke - it was dark and my muscles felt cramped.  I tried to stretch but found I couldn't - my feet were bound together and my arms tied behind my back then to my body.

I cried out only to hear a muffled mewl as something was inside my mouth it tasted acrid and strange.  Using my tongue I tried to eject it but something sealed my lips shut, I feel my breath through my nose - something is covering my face, no, not my face - my head!

I start to struggle and call though my gag bashing my ankles and feet on a metallic floor.

A male voice calls “sshh we will soon be in your new home “.

I now realize I am in a moving vehicle quite likely that black van I saw.  Fear washes over me, I have been abducted - why, what does he want from me.  Ransom, rape, murder, I don’t know.  I twist and writhe in my bonds mewing calling for help but the gag silences me well.

Eventually the van stops and I hear a garage door open then the van moves forward and stops and the door closes. I hear the door open and close footsteps and the side door open.  I feel his hands on me dragging me out of the van.  I feel my skirt ride up my stocking covered legs most likely giving him good view of my garters and red panties.

I grunt as I am lifted up into the air and over his shoulders, my body landing on his back, cushioned by my bosom hitting his back and one hand across my bum.  I feel his hand on my flesh, confirming my skirt is now more of a belt as his other hand holds me at my knees.  I am carried like a sack of potato’s inside somewhere along a corridor and down some stairs.

“Here we go baby your new home for a while - let me get you comfy then I have some business to attend to”

He lowers me off his shoulder and I teeter there on my bound legs and heels.  He undoes my wrist ropes - I moan as blood returns to my hands and pins and needles set in.

I feel the touch of cold metal on my left wrist and hear a ratcheting sound and metal enclosing my wrist - the same for my right and I realize he’s handcuffed my wrists behind me.

I call out - I plead for him to let me go but all that comes out is intelligible mewing sounds.

I feel the rope on my thighs released then something leathery on my left ankle strapped tight around it.  My ankle ropes are then released, but before I can move or kick he grabs my right ankle and leg and pulls it away from my left, spreading my legs wide.  Another leather cuff follows this one tight and the sound of a padlock closing after, then he adjusts my left one, tightening it after the rope and locking it too.

I try to pull my legs together but something stops me a bar between the cuffs hold my legs stretched wide.

“Nearly done sweetheart” - his hand wonders up my stockinged legs, brushing gently up them, making me tremble - then continues up over the stockings, up my bare inner thigh and rubs the outside of my panties.

As I scream NO into my gag, my body betrays me and I feel my juices soak into the front of my panties at the attention of his fingers over my clit.  He chuckles “I thought so - my you’re a horny little slut, training you is going to be fun”

His fingers move away my body trembles and shakes in fear and in heat and lust.
He comes behind me and undoes my arm ropes again - the pins and needles as blood returns.

I feel something attached to my cuffs and the sound of a chain passing through a cog wheel as my arms are raised behind me, forcing me to bend over at ninety degree angle.

I hear a click between my feet and realise he’s attached the bar there to the floor.  His hands start exploring me first, groping my tits though my top corset and bra and to my shame my large nipples harden and pop out poking into the bra as he massages my breasts.

I twist in my bonds mewing in fear as my body becomes aroused.  Then his hands go around my body and down my back, one hand pushing the skirt up over my backside exposing my bare bottom and the thin material up my bum crack as his hands play with my bottom feeling how round my cheeks are and how soft my bum is.

Then I squeal and jump in my bonds as he slaps one arse cheek, then the other, 3 or 4 times each making them sting.  Then the hands move inside the top of my thighs and strokes them from groin to the top of my boots a few times.

I blush into my hood as I smell my arousal in the air knowing he surely must, knowing my panties are soaked with my juices and realizing the acrid taste my mouth is the rag in it.

No - It’s not a rag but someone else’s dirty panties that I have been sucking and chewing on all this time.

With a final slap to my bum I hear him walk away.

“Be a good girl Amanda and well play later after I finish my work”.

Fear again grips me as he calls my name so this wasn't a random abduction he meant to take me.  And I still don’t know what he plans for me what my fate will be.  I start to sob quietly as I stand there in my chains in my darkened world of the hood and the gag.

Awaiting his return………








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