I stand there for what seems like an eternity crying and moaning into my gag.

My arms ache and my legs are sore - these boots feel like torture after so long held in them.

My misery is interrupted by the sound of footsteps on the stairs.

“How’s my little slut doing”, I hear him say as he approaches.  I actually jump and squeal as he slaps my bum yet again - a hard slap, and I know he will have made my cheek red as I feel the warm sting.

“Let’s get a good look at you shall we”.

I feel him pulling at the zipper of my skirt, undoing it as he slips it from my body, I tremble and plead into my gag as I feel something cold, metallic and sharp on my blouse sleeves as he cuts them from wrist to shoulder both sides, then rips the front open and pulls that away too.

His hands start to unclip my corset, and that too soon is gone - followed by my bra, cut from me  and letting my large tits hang down.

His hands play with them for a few minutes - squeezing them, kneading them and pinching the nipples, and to my shame they become hard and stick out.

I moan and plead into my gag, my hooded head shaking from side to side, my body twisting in my bonds trying to avoid his attentions.

“Slut learn your place, you will learn to do as you’re told and behave trust me”.

His hand slides down my belly over my soft smooth skin, and over my panties.  I can feel him stroking my panty covered snatch, the tips of his fingers working it again, and my skins burns with shame as fresh juices soak into the panties.

“Ok slut this is how it goes - you’re going to give me a blowjob and it had better be good.  If it’s good you will be rewarded, if not punished - do you understand”.

Fear grips me at the thought of his demand but helplessly chained in this place I know I have no choice and reluctantly nod with my hood covered head.

“See, I knew you could be a good girl”.

He pulls the hood off making me squint in the light after my prolonged darkness and fear makes my stomach churn as I look around.  I knew I was underground but this place was a chamber of horrors.

I was standing in middle of a room - a large cellar like room, on one side I can see a shower, toilet and wash basin.  Next to it was a cell - a barred area with a bed riveted to the wall with a mattress on and a bucket and small door in middle.  On the right wall was a large wooden cross with straps at each corner, next to that a wooden beam jutted from the wall on a runner in the wall its height adjustable and I could see holes along the top and ring bolts in the floor along its length.

Next to that a smaller metal cage just big enough for someone to sit/lay on all fours in.

And finally a closet.

On the right side of the stairs were some chests of drawers two sets and another closet.

To the left of the stairs stood what looked like a pole dancer’s pole, and a wooden device with 3 holes.  It looked like a picture of stocks that I had seen in a history book.

Then the left wall. I could see a piece of strange looking BDSM furniture consisting of two sheets of wood coming together at a sharp angle with the edge facing up, allowing someone to straddle the point of the triangle like a horse.

And a modified gynaecologist chair with straps all over it .

The middle of the room, where I was had plenty of chains hanging down.  The floor had fitted into it many ring bolts as well as these items interspersed with wall chains and bolts.

As I took all this into my frightened mind, I felt the tape peeled from my lips and the sodden panties pulled out.

“Please, please let me go please don’t to this... “


”Did I give you permission to talk slut”

He whacks my arse causing me to cry out in pain, as I do he pushes something into my mouth a large metal ring stopping me from being able to close my mouth.  The ring has straps attached to it, which he used to buckle the gag around my head tightly.

“There - that’s just to be sure.  I don’t want you biting now do I?”

He undoes my handcuffs from the supporting chain and pushes down on my shoulders, making me kneel down.  He then attaches my cuffs to my spreader bar keeping me in a knelt position.

“Ok, slut - get sucking, and remember your own comfort is based on your performance”.

He unzips his fly and his already semi rigid cock pops out.  I can see the smile on his face as he grabs the sides of my head, guiding it to his cock as he forces it through the ring.  I start to gag a little, but get my reflex under control as he slides it all the way in with his balls touching the ring and I feel him deep in my throat.

He guides my head back and forth a few times as he slides in and out without my lips playing a part, but I use my tongue as best I can.

He then lets go of my head, and I bob and weave my head, feeling his cock grow in my mouth as I allow it to slide down deep.  He seems impressed at my control of my gag reflex as he moans his pleasure, while I work him with my mouth and tongue feeling him build and harden.


Realizing he is about to cum, I draw him right down and hold him there as his load shoots into my belly, then lick at it as he withdraws.  Unfortunately, I am not used to this - I cough and splutter after he comes out and cum leaks from my mouth.

“You filthy whore” he says as he picks up the discarded panties and wipes himself off with them.  He then wipes my face and pushes them through the hole, filling my mouth as he walks away.  He then comes back with another strip of tape that he puts over the ring.

He walks away again and returns with what looks like a leather dog collar and buckles it around my neck.

Pulling a digital camera from his pocket, he encircles me taking snaps.   “These will go with the ones from earlier” he says as i look at him.  Earlier - I didn’t hear him take ones before but then I was hooded.

“You’re a naughty slut - a good slut doesn’t waste food so you will have to be punished”

He walks to the drawers and selects several items.

First he applies leather fingerless mitts to my hands - they’re small and make me bunch my hands as they are put on, while a clip attaches them together.

Then he removes the gag and replaces it with a panel with a large protrusion on the inside shaped like a penis.

Finally a leather hood is brought to my face, a hole in back which my ponytail is forced through before it is pulled down over my eyes and face and gag. I can’t see but there’s holes for my nose to breathe through as it is buckled around my head.

I hear his cell phone ring.  ”Yeah I have another one - will be posting her soon she’s in training right now but should be ready for sale shortly yeah I will be there shortly just got to put her away then be over”.

He undoes my spreader bar and replaces it with hobble cuffs with a small 6 inch chain in the middle, allowing me to take only small steps.  Helping me to stand, he then walks me to some point in the room.  I plead and moan into my gag fearful as my movement is restricted and unable to see where i am going.

He forces me down onto my knees again, then on all fours and tells me to shuffle backwards.  In my bondage it is hard - my skin brushes against metal and I realize he is placing me in the small cage.

I moan and plead into my gag for him not to, but I am forced back and hear the door slam.

“Rest slut I will be back “

I lay there shivering and trembling making small plaintive noises into my penis gag.

Now I know my fate - I am to be sold like meat to be used as someone’s sex toy.








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