The Abduction of Amanda - Part 3









As I lay there, my body is twitching inside the cage as I cry and plead and moan into my gag locked in my small prison.

I lost all concept of time trapped in my dark prison, the only sounds the squeak of metal as I pressed against the sides of the cage and my plaintive moaning.

Finally the sound of footsteps came to my ears.  I heard him unlock the door, and he walked over to me, dragging me from my cage.

“Ok slut,” he snarled, “let’s get you cleaned up.  I have a guest coming to view you in a bit.”

Taking me by the arm, he half dragged, half carried me across the room.  He removed my hood, making me blink as he rapidly removed the last of my clothing, the mitts pulled away and finally a second cuff secured to my left ankle.

This one was then attached to the wall by a long chain, before saying ”ok slut - go shower.  I want you clean and your hair too.  There is shampoo there.”

Still gagged, and sore from my cramped conditions I robotically obey his command, my resistance so low at that moment.  I wash and scrub and clean myself as best I can, the ankle chain holding me there, the gag keeping me silent.

When I had finished, he said “Over here slut”, watching as I walk towards him. 


“Please let me go please” I plead as I look at him.  I see his face grow dark, as he spins me around facing away from him.  He was clearly angry, as he yanked my hair sharply, making me cry out.  As I do he shoves a large red ball between my lips and buckles it tight - very tight behind my head, making me cry out in pain as the straps dig into the corners of my mouth.

“Did I give you permission to talk stupid slut?  NO - so as you can’t be quiet on your own I think you will have to be gagged most of the time unless I need that stupid mouth of yours”.

He then buckles a leather belt with O rings attached to it around my belly.  Leather cuffs are attached to my wrists, my will too worn down to resist as they are attached to the belt holding my wrists to my hips.

“Spread your legs cunt”. I stand there numbly, unable to move or respond.

“I SAID SPREAD YOUR LEGS - DO I HAVE To DO EVERYTHING FOR YOU!!!”. He shouts and yanks my ankles, pulling my legs apart and re attaches the spreader bar.

As I stand there whimpering and crying, my body shivering, he moves in front of me and kneels down taking a pair or electric hair clippers he removes my pretty honey colored muff.  He smiles as he shaves me, making me bald between my legs, my vagina clearly visible.

“Now bend over, DO IT”.

Reluctantly I bend my waist raising my rump into the air and letting my tits hang down.  I feel cold cream around the openings of my bottom a cold object touches the skin of my anus.  Firm pressure begins on my rear, spreading the opening and I scream into my gag as I feel something penetrating the opening as he forces the butt plug in.

It spreads me wide, and I felt like my tissue was about to rip apart.  Tears streamed down my face and I moaned loudly.  My bowels felt stuffed as my ass began to close around the base of the plug.

I could feel a leather strap fastened to back of my belt.  I felt violated and stuffed, my ass hurting - but then I feel his fingers on my vagina working into my hole.  He then slips a large dildo into my twat, filling it, making me feel violated and invaded and stuffed as he uses the strap to seal the butt plug and dildo in attaching it tightly to front of my belt.

He undoes one ankle and slides a pair of red latex panties up my body.  They fit tightly around me, and force the intruders deeper, outlining my hips and body closely.

He stands me up straight and plays with my nipples tweaking and twisting them to make them come out.  Then a clamp is depressed over my nipple!  I cry out in pain and my legs buckle slightly as I cry deeply into my gag, my tit feeling like its on fire, wracked with pain through my chest as he does the other one .

My whole body is shaking as I stand there, whimpering crying and pleading into my gag for this to stop.  But it doesn’t stop, as he attaches a leash to my collar and I am led to the wooden cross ,walking hard with my legs spread by the bar.

He turns me and undoes my spreader, before he lifts me onto the cross.  There are foot rests at bottom, as with my back to the beams he secures my ankles one to each bottom corner.  I stay still, letting him uncuff my wrists and securing to the top corners.  When he has finished, I am left  spread eagled on the cross, my belt attached to o rings at that level.

He then takes a riding crop and brings it down on one tit, then the other.  I jump and jerk in pain from the blows and the clamps, screaming into my gag for him to stop.
He lashes my belly, my thighs, my tits some more until my body is covered in sweat and red stripes.

“Next time learn to do as you are told - understand?” 

I nod as I hang there, too weary, too exhausted, too numb with fear to even cry anymore.  He lifts my chin up in his hand and looks deep into my eyes as I stare weakly back.

“Good “

He take more photos of me, then before he leaves he takes something out of his pocket and presses it .

A buzzing starts in my ass and my twat - I feel them vibrating inside me, exciting my body even as my mind crumbles.  I feel my body building to orgasm but still they don’t stop as my body shakes as wave upon wave of orgasm hits me.

As I hang there, awaiting his return and what he will do to me next……………………………







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