A Quick End









I awoke and wanted to yawn, but it was when I could not move my lips that I recognised that there was something sticky on my mouth. No wait, the stickiness was over my lips. I was tape gagged?!!!!

"Hi Julianne," my ex-boyfriend breathed, his face inches away my face. "Sorry we had to meet under these circumstances." The shock of seeing him was bad enough, but when I widened my eyes and found that I was bound spread-eagled to my bed!

"Mmmmppggg," I retorted, trying to say, “what the heck are have you done? You're going to pay for this.” It was as if he was reading my gag speak, he continued, "We'll worry about payment later honey."

I'm no longer your hon,  I tried to growl at him, but he then  said, "Now, I know your morning routine so here's what's going to happen. I'm going to release you from the bed but you're going to behave. Unless to want to feel the touch of this."   He held up some device that made a hissing noise. Though he did not name it, I suspected it was some sort of stun device. "Ok?"

I groaned an affirmative, since I was all sticky from last night's party. I felt a relief as the rope bonds holding my arms in a spread eagle were released. My relief was short-lived however as he yanked them in front of me and I felt the feeling of cold steel as they were handcuffed in front of me. My leg bonds were released and he wrapped my nude body in the bed sheets, before I was guided out of bed.

"Ok," he continued, as he literally stood me up. "You're allowed to shower, unfortunately restrained. Now, tape gags won't work when you shower so..."  He gently peeled of my gag. "A..." before I could talk, my nose was pinched, keeping my jaws open and my dry mouth exposed. "Ahh....." I yelped as I saw a weird object being pushed into my oral cavity. Was he trying to suffocate me?

"Relax, breathe normally," I felt my cheeks being pinched as straps from the object were tightened against my cheeks; it was being secured behind my head! "This is a panel gag." "Mmmmm," I groaned through it. "Yup,  it masks sound much better and won't peel off when wet." He further attached leg irons to my ankles. "Now, off you go to the  shower.  You have ten minutes."

I struggled forward towards the open bathroom door and finally inside, I dropped my bedsheets. Getting into the shower cubicle was probably the trickiest thing I've ever done and in the process of doing so, the manacles strained against my skin. Finally in, it took me another while to use my handcuffed hands to work the water dial and I yelped as the icy cold water hit my naked body. Finally adjusted to a warm flow, I attempted to scrub myself. Even if I used liquid soap, it was a huge obstacle trying to clean myself, especially my private area. I didn't scrub my back; that was impossible!

Finally, I managed to turn the water off and soaked like a fish out of water, I slowly eased out of the shower. It was then I tripped over the cubicle edge and fell sideways on the ground. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMppppph!!!" I screamed through the weird gag. I screamed again and again, both from the pain of the fall and the pain that my chains and gag created. Wait a minute, where was my evil ex?

Suddenly, I heard thumping and shouts. The next second, the bathroom door was knocked down and two men dressed in black clothing, ski masks and carry light assault weapons burst in. "Oh...." both of them explained. "Mmmmmpppphhh," I groaned again, feeling my skin turn red with embarrassment. I would later learn that my ex boyfriend was after my current boyfriend who was not a banker but working for a government intelligence agency. While that was a quick end to a nasty morning surprise, the outstanding memory was always going to be this -  I still could not help but remember being restrained gagged and naked in front of the police SWAT team.








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