A Secured Weekend







Sixteen Year Old Olivia Blackworth bounded up her home steps with glee. It was Easter Break and she could not wait to see her mother. Olivia, or Liv to her friends, had studied at a boarding school ever since her parents divorced when she was ten. She alternated between her two parents but generally preferred her mother. Of course, her dream was to get both her parents together again. Liv was dressed in her navy blue blazer, white blouse, blue pleated skirt and blue tights. Slipping off her shoes, she twisted the door and was about to shout "Mom, I'm back!" when a gloved hand covered her mouth as she walked in.

"Silence and don't struggle. Your mother is in the living room, why don't we join her?" a voice hissed into Liv's ear. Shocked, the teenager was half dragged into the room and saw her mother sitting on a sofa with another masked man pointing a silenced pistol pointing at her.  She was wearing a pair of slacks and a white blouse.  "Liv, are you alright?" she cried.

"Silence both of you. You will speak when we ask you to do so. Consider your weekend plans altered. We are here not to harm you, but if you do anything funny, you'll regret it," the man holding Liv said as he pushed her down on another seat, next to a vase. Both ladies nodded and he was about to continue when Liv picked up the vase and threw it with all the strength she could muster. However, both men easily dodged that and the second fired his weapon, hitting Liv straight at her breasts with a dart.

"NOO!!!!!" Liv's mother, Hannah cried. She couldn't believe her daughter had been shot.

"SHUT UP!" The first man screamed. "She's only paralysed, Ms. Webster. Now, do as I say within the next five minutes." Produced a crinkly white package from a bag, he continued, "Put this nappy on her. The stun has rendered all her muscles useless so she will soon be wetting herself so put this on her quickly."

Shock by the series of events over just a few minutes, Hannah gingerly took the adult nappy and unfolded it. It had been years since she placed a nappy over her daughter, although she herself had changed other girls and boys during her short nursing stint. Reaching forward, she lifted her daughter's skirt and lowered her dark tights, exposing her pink knickers underneath. These too were drawn down until the girl's legs could be parted sufficiently. "Three more minutes," came the reminder and with sweating fingers, Hannah lifted up her daughter to slide the diaper under her buttocks and tape them in place. Sure enough, the incontinence brief was stained.

"Ca...an...I speak?" She said hesitantly.

"NO." came the reply. "But since your daughter tried that stunt and is now in a nappy, here's one for yourself."

With a gun trained on her, Hannah received another nappy. She turned around--the man didn't seem to object--and lowered her slacks, exposing conservative white knickers. Those she lowered and she parted her legs, inserting the unfolded diaper between them with some difficulty. She pulled the tapes on, one side at a time and the result was a awkwardly wrapped nappy.

"Never mind, that would do," the voice said as she turned back. Hannah noted that the other man had removed her daughter's knickers, tights and skirt, and the teen had her hands bound behind her with the thug binding her legs. "Kneel Ms. Webster," came the command and she did so. The plastic handcuffs dug deep into her wrists and ankles and she tried her best not to cry out. The next noise however, came from the paralysed girl--she was stirring.

"Ah, you’re awake." Liv was told to be silent and briefed on why she was clad in a nappy now. "As we said, both of you are subjects of our little quest this weekend. No more sudden moves or attempts to escape or you'll get more than just nappies on. In any case, you won't be able to use your limbs for the rest of the day so the nappies will come in handy. For defecating, we will allow you to use the toilet but other than that no. Now," he said, "We have to silence your mouths. Number 2," he said, "take the young lady to her bedroom and silence her as planned. If the objects aren't there, they should be in her bag," he indicated to Liv's suitcase still near the doorway.

Nodding, Number 2 scooped up the just awakened teen in a fireman's lift and hefted her suitcase in his other hand with ease. He immediately knew where Liv's room was; both men had done their research. "Stay still," he commanded the girl, settling her down on her bed. Proceeding over to her drawer, he found (thankfully) what he was looking for and bundled it up.

"Open wide sweetie," he said. Liv shook her head furiously, knowing what was going to happen. Sighing, he pinched her nose and with her mouth gaping open, her pushed her cotton knickers in. Liv fought back the immediate choking as she felt the ultra sticky tape over her mouth, securing it inside her oral cavity. In the larger bedroom across the hall, her mother was more receptive and did not resist receiving her own bigger knickers as a mouth stuffing. Perverts, both women thought.

"You're a naughty girl, Olivia, so you'll be getting something extra," Number 2 said, extracting a syringe from his backpack. Liv's eyes widened in fear.




"Bring! Bring!" the call tone went.

"Eric Sanders here," the answer said.

"Mr. Sanders, you know who I am. You failed to complete the transaction I told you to do last month. Now, I have something, or someone of yours whom will speed things up. Scream, Ms. Webster," Number One said.

Hannah omitted a muffled noise through the panty gag.

"Please, leave my secretary alone. I can't...."

"You have until Saturday afternoon to do so, Mr Sanders. Or Ms. Webster will be mentioned in the papers, in the obituary page. I will be in contact."

Hannah wanted to scream again, knowing what she was used for now. But she stopped, thinking of her daughter instead. What is the other guy doing to Liv?




"Bring! Bring!" the call tone went in Liv's room.

"Charles Blackworth," the answer came.

"You know who this is Mr. Blackworth. You failed to complete the transaction I told you to do last month. Now, I have something, or someone of yours whom will speed things up. Scream, Olivia," Number Two said. Liv did so through her gag, more due to the fright of her bladder uncontrollably emptying its contents onto the rather thick nappy.

"Please! Don't hurt my daughter! I won't..."

"You have until Saturday afternoon to do so, Mr Sanders. Or Olivia will be mentioned in the papers, in the obituary page. I will be in contact." Number Two ended the call.

"Liv, why don't I make you more uncomfortable?"

Three hours later...

Number One released Hannah from the hogtie she was placed in after he terminated the call. Her hands here still secured behind her back but additional bonds came in the form of criss crossing rope surrounding her 32B breasts. She shivered as she was marched down the stairs, though the house was centrally heated, she had never walked around with her legs exposed. Certainly, not wearing adult nappies...

Hannah gasped at her daughter. Liv was seated in a chair, her school blouse undone to expose the girl's beige bra and wide cleavage; she's a 34C, larger than her mom. Liv was secured to a chair and it was clear that her diaper was getting thicker. After securing the mother similarly, Number One announced, "We'll make you dinner but when we remove your gags, not a single word or you'll go hungry."

Within thirty minutes, a simple stew was placed on the table. Both men ate first, and then removed each girl's panties, placing the soggy underwear on the table. Number One fed the mother, while number Two fed the child. By the end of the hour, both ladies had their underwear secured back in their mouths.

"By the way, in case you are wondering, we've notified your friends that you'll be visiting your sister, Ms. Webster, no there won't be any calls in, As for you Liv, we've texted and emailed your friends here and changed your Facebook update. So not to worry." Both mother and child’s hearts sank; there was little hope of rescuing now.

"Number Two, Liv has not showered since she came home. Why don't you take her upstairs while I let Ms. Webster watch her normal soap opera?" Hannah's heart sunk again as her daughter was "removed" from her. She just could only hope that other man would not commit any act on her daughter....

"I will release your bonds but any sudden moves and I'll stun you even harder, got it?" Number Two said to Liv. The sixteen year old considered this for a couple of seconds and nodded her head, this time in full agreement. These perverts really have the upper hand...Once free, she was told to head behind the open closet door, strip and wrap a towel around her body. With that done, the thug exchanged her panty gag for a panel gag buckled behind her head. "You don't need to speak while bathing. Now, you have eight minutes. I will have the door open but will not peek. If you try anything stupid, you'll regret it."

Liv was too exhausted to argue or change her mind and so that went off without a hitch. Wrapping herself in the towel, the panel gag was removed and again, her really soggy underwear entered her mouth. "Change into this," the man said, handing her only one of her black lacy bras. Really, a pervert, she thought, snapping it on and re-taping the half used incontinence brief back up. It was lucky she did so as the drug caused her to pee yet again.

"Well, Liv, excuse me for a while; I need to get something from downstairs," he said, leaving her back in a hogtie. As soon as he was gone, Liv struggled furiously, attempting yet another chance to break free from her bonds. The only result was forcing the plastic bonds to dig deeper into her skin. That plus the increasing dampness around her crotch was simply torturing her...

"Well, we1l, you can see that struggling is futile," Number Two said, with something in his hand. "Now to test how effective you gag is,"

"MMMMHHHHmm!!!" Live cried as an ice cube was placed directly on her left breast. It was of course a cry of shock but muffled by her knickers and the tape against her lips.

Meanwhile, Number one was also touching the breasts of Hannah, seductively as they both watched the evening show. Hannah could only moan in despair as the man stroked her right breast and then pinched the areola or her other the next moment. "Bet your ex-husband was never like this was he, Ms. Webster?"

"Mmmmwwwaa...." She wailed, both from the arousal she got and the need to see if her daughter was safe or also molested like this...
Three hours Later...

Liv's crotch was feeling extremely damp and her breasts were too from all the ice cube torture. "Aw, I think you need a change,” Number Two said, producing another nappy.

"I'm sure you are old enough to figure out how to wear this. I'll release you again; go to the corner to change. No tricks. The put on just your baby doll nightie," he instructed.

Liv sighed and accepted the new nappy and wipes and took her time to clean herself up. Unhooking her bra, she placed on her night wear.

"Good. Now, I guess this will be the first time you'll be sleeping bound and gagged no?"

Actually, Liv had been tied and gagged before in boarding school. It was a secret slumber party in boy's wing and due to a forfeit, she had to be bound and gagged to sleep. But that was with duct tape and done by a hot rugby player...

Number Two used a new binding material: metal handcuffs and leg irons. "These shouldn't kill your blood circulation like plastic cuffs, but we'll see," he said.

Across the room, Number One was also putting Hannah to bed, similarly cuffed and still in her panty gag. Hannah wore a conservative pair of pyjamas to sleep, but Number One made her wear the jacket only. “Please, let this end quick,” she thought again as he clicked leg irons around her ankles

In the morning...

Liv was woken up by the extreme wetness around her. Oh gosh, she thought, did the drug make her make her wet the bed? No, she found out, it was just a super soaked nappy. "Good Morning," Number Two said, "better change young lady."

Number One brought Hannah down to the kitchen, this time bound back in plastic ties and handcuffs over her jogging suit. Liv was already there, dressed in a tracksuit, with Number Two dishing up some bacon and eggs. "Good morning, hopefully our demands will be met and you two will be free. If not, things may happen," he said, and both of them started cackling.

After breakfast, both mother and child were secured to chairs again and the long wait began. Finally, the clock chimed.

"Brring Brring...."

"Yes, I've done as you have. Please release my secretar...." Number one checked a device, nodded and cut off the line.

"Brring Brring...."

"Brring Brring..."

"Looks like someone's going to get it...." Number Two said, moving over to Liv.

Suddenly, the wail of sirens blared outside. "Cops!!" Both made yelled in unison and dropping everything else, they darted out of the house in separate directions. Number One however was unlucky and was pounced upon by two hiding policemen.

"MMmmmmpph!!! "Liv cried, not at the sight of the policemen bursting in, but at the figured that followed, her father!!!

"Dad! I missed you!!!" she cried, once she was released from everything.

"It's ok honey, they've got at least one of them." Turning to his wife, he continued, "I'm sorry, I just.."

"No, it's ok. Why don't you stay for a while? It's good to see you, let's start over..."

"Yes, Hannah, I've changed. I've some more money now for both of you...."

The next day....

Number Two scribbled his name and dropped the pen. "Half," he stated. "That's all I get, half?"

"Well, my half is going to be used to treat my daughter. You said the drug would only make her lose control for only a few hours, not for so long..."

"Yeah, but you said you always wanted to discipline your child, I've gotten your family back anyway."


"Well, since Number One is gone, why not join me as...."

"Number Three?" Mr. Blackworth shook hands and left.




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