Babysitter in Trouble






Chapter 1

Sixteen year old Zoe Ride arrived at Sara Phillips house at around six thirty the pretty brunette was going to babysit Sara’s twelve year old twins Jack and Olivia as she does regularly when Sara goes out.

“You look stunning Sara. Where are you going anywhere nice?” Zoe asked the tall attractive thirty six year old blonde.

“A guy from a dating agency is taking me out to dinner” Sara replied.

“Well you look amazing in that dress is it new?” Zoe asked commenting on the low cut long blue dress Sara was wearing.

“Yes I bought it especially for tonight.”

“He must be some guy if you’ve gone to all this trouble.”

“Let’s just say I like it him a lot I think I may have hit the jackpot this time.” Sara said feeling herself blush.

“Well you have good night, and don’t worry about the kids they’ll be fine with me.”

“I know they will Zoe you’re a good girl. That must be my taxi, I‘ll see you later. Good Bye kids - be good for Zoe.”

“Good bye mum have fun.” The twins called out from in front of the television.

Not long after Sara had left the twins turned off the television.

“Zoe we’re bored, there’s nothing on television. Will you play a game with us?” Jack asked.

“Sure what would you like to play?” Zoe replied.

“Can we play that tie up game we played last time that was cool?” Olivia asked.

“I don’t know you’re mum nearly caught us last time didn’t she?”

“Please Zoe; we’ll make sure mum doesn’t catch us we promise.” Jack begged.

“Go on then, just make sure you untie me before your mum gets back.”

“Goody, come on Jack lets go and get the stuff.” Olivia cried with joy.

“While you get your things I’ll just go to the bathroom it may be a while before I get chance to go again.” Zoe told them.

Zoe went upstairs to the bathroom and returned a short while later.   As she entered the lounge she found the twins both wearing stocking masks over their heads and both pointing one of Jacks toy guns at her.

“Oh my god. Who are you?” Zoe cried raising her hands in the air trying not to laugh.

“We’re the babysitter bandits.” Olivia replied.

“Not that couple of crooks that go around tying babysitters up, before stealing all the valuables in the house?”

“That’s right honey.” Jack replied.

“Please don’t tie me up.” Zoe said pretending to cry.

“Stop ya crying and sit down over here.” Olivia told her pointing to a wooden chair they’d placed in the centre of the room.

“Please don’t hurt me.” Zoe said as she sat on the chair.

Zoe felt Olivia pull her arms behind her back over the back rest of the chair, and Jack began tie bind her wrists together.

“God that’s tight.” She thought to herself as she flinched as he tightened the knot.

While Jack was binding her wrists Olivia started binding her ankles just as tightly together over her white ankle socks. Zoe began to regret wearing her denim shorts and not her jeans as Olivia tightly bound her knees together the rope dug deep into her soft flesh. Jack starting wrapping more rope around Zoe’s upper body above and below her rather large breasts which bulged beneath her white t-shirt securing her to the back of the chair, while Olivia wrapped rope around her lap securing her to the seat of the chair.

“You kids get better and better at this.” Zoe said with smile as she tested the tightness of her bonds.

“We’re not kids we’re the babysitter bandits, the kids are asleep in bed.” Jack said.

“We’re going to have to gag you now or you’ll wake them up.” Olivia said taking a balled up scarf and holding it up to Zoe’s mouth.

“Please don’t gag me I’ll be quiet I promismmmmpppphhhh.” Zoe’s mock protests were cut short as Olivia stuffed the scarf in her mouth.

Jack took another scarf which was already rolled into a long band and had a large knot tied in the centre of it, he forced the knot into Zoe’s already full mouth and his sister tied the two loose ends tightly behind the babysitters head over her short brown hair. Jack then took a roll of silver duct tape and cut a number of strips off which he stuck over Zoe’s lips. Zoe couldn’t believe they’d done that - she hadn’t taught them to gag her that way. Once the twins were satisfied with their work Jack said to his sister.

“Come on babysitter bandit lets go and find the valuables.”

Zoe watched helplessly as the two masked kids left the room, once they had left she struggled and tugged on the ropes trying to free herself but it was useless they’d done an expert job of tying her up, she was just going to have to sit and wait for them to come back and set her free.

“How do you fancy playing that new game mum bought us for the wii Olly?” Jack said to his sister once they had helped themselves to crisps and coke.

“Sure but what about Zoe?” Olivia replied.

“Leave her for a while she likes it.” Jack told her.

The two kids went into the back room where the wii was already set up on the spare television and began playing their new sports game.

Zoe watched the time pass on the clock; it was now nearly ten thirty she’d been left tied up for over two hours Sara would be back soon and she began to panic.

“MMMMMPPPPPHHHHHH. MMMMMMPPPPPPHHHHHH” She screamed into her gag trying to get the attention of the twins, but they had the volume on the television turned up loud and couldn’t hear her.

Zoe head a taxi pull up outside “MMMMMMMMPPPPPPPHHHHHHHH MMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHHH” She screamed again.

This time Jack heard her.

“Oh my god look at the time we’d better untie Zoe before mum gets back.”

“Bloody Nora I’d forgotten about her.” Olivia cried.

The two twins dashed into the lounge but it was too late Sara walked in at exactly the same time accompanied by her new boyfriend who she’d invited back for drink.


The twins begin to untie Zoe.


“But mum we were only playing babysitter bandits.” Jack said.


“Err look Sara I think I’ll give the drink a miss if it’s all the same.” The boyfriend said.

“Stephen please don’t go.” Sara begged as the guy turned and walked out.

“I’ll phone you sometime.” Stephen said as he left closing the front door behind him.

“DON’T BOTHER.” Sara called after him.

Sara turned and looked at Zoe who eyes were filled with tears.


“Don’t expect me to untie you young lady.”

Zoe watched as Sara walked over to the table and picked up a telephone, she dialled a number and walked back behind Zoe and clasped her hand tightly over her already heavily gagged mouth.

“Hello Mrs Ride, its Sara Phillips here I’m sorry to call you at such a late time, but Zoe isn’t feeling too well, she may have caught a bug off Jack he’s been ill today. I think it may be best if she stayed here tonight............. No, no there’s no need to come for her I’ll take good care of her and she’s sleeping right now anyway it would be a shame to wake her wouldn’t it?.......... Alright I’ll call you again in the morning and let you know how she is. Good night.”

Sara took her hand away from the crying frightened babysitter's mouth.

“Now then you little bitch what I am I going to do with you?”


Chapter 2

Sara began untying Zoe from the chair.

“I don’t know what Stephen must have thought when he walked into my house to find this; he must think we’re a family of freaks or perverts. Now I’ll never see him again I really enjoyed his company too, and it’s all your fault. I don’t know what’s been going on in here tonight but what I do know is you’re going to regret it young lady.” She said as she worked on the tight knots.

Eventually Zoe was untied from the chair but Sara kept her hands tied behind her back and kept her gagged.

“Come with me you little bitch.” Sara said grabbing hold on the frightened girl’s arm.

Zoe squealed into her gag and struggled as Sara roughly pulled her out of the lounge and up the stairs to her bedroom. She threw the girl down onto the large double bed.

“Don’t you dare move.” She barked pointing her finger menacingly at Zoe.

Zoe watched as Sara took a key from her dressing table draw and opened a large wooden chest.

“It’s been a while since I’ve had chance to play with my toy box, I always knew they’d come in useful again one day, but first I need to get out of the dress and into something more comfortable, and I don’t want you having dirty thoughts as you watch me change.”

She took a silk scarf from her dresser and tied it tightly over Zoe’s eyes plunging her into a frightening darkness. Zoe lay quietly on the bed trembling with fear as she worried about what was in Sara’s toy box. Suddenly she jumped with shock and began to struggle as she felt her shorts being unfastened and pulled down.

“Stop that struggling you little bitch.” Sara snapped giving the girl a couple of hard stinging slaps on her bare legs to calm her down.

But her calmness didn’t last long as she felt Sara begin to cutaway at her t-shirt with a pair of scissors.

“Keep still or I’ll cut you.” Sara said again slapping Zoe’s legs.

Once Sara had cut off the crying girl’s t-shirt, she place the scissors in-between the cups of her white lace bra and cut, then she cut the straps of the bra and removed it. Zoe was left wearing only her little white cotton panties. Sara then untied the blindfold from Zoe’s eyes once her eyes had adjusted to the light again, she saw that the tall attractive blonde was now wearing nothing more than a black bra and panty combo set. She watched as Sara went over to her box and took out a large red ball gag.

“I must say the twins did an excellent job with your gag, but I much prefer one of these myself.” Sara said holding the large ball gag up in front of Zoe’s face before she quickly ripped the tape off her lips causing Zoe to scream into her gag, which made Sara smile. Sara then untied the knotted scarf and removed it from Zoe’s mouth before helping her spit the balled up scarf out.

“Please Sara let me go home, it was only a game, I’m sorry it got a little out of hand please let me go.” Zoe begged once her mouth was free.

“Did I give you permission to speak?” Sara snapped grabbing hold of Zoe’s face around her mouth and digging her sharp nails into her cheeks.

“Your so called game has ruined my relationship with Stephen, I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life and for that you’re going to pay dearly sweetheart.” She continued shaking Zoe’s head as she spoke.

“Now open your mouth bitch.” Sara said holding the big red rubber ball gag up to Zoe’s lips.

Zoe clamped her mouth shut and shook her head

“I see, we’re going to have to do this the hard way are we?” Sara said pinching Zoe’s nose tightly stopping her from breathing.

“Alright , alright.” Zoe cried gasping for breath as she finally gave in and opened her mouth allowing Sara to ram the huge mouth filling foul tasting rubber ball between her teeth. Zoe’s jaws were already beginning to ache and strain as Sara buckled the leather straps tightly at the back of her head. Zoe could only watch as Sara returned to her box again and took out two little silver objects, she also took a couple of tissues from a box on her dresser and wiped Zoe’s drool covered chin before showing her the little silver objects.

“Any idea what these little babies are?” She asked.

“NOMMMPPPPHHHH.” Zoe cried into her gag shaking her head as more drool began to roll down her chin.

“Nipple clamps my dear. Yes painful little nipple clamps. Sara laughed again wiping Zoe’s chin as she screamed into her gag.

Zoe screamed and struggled as Sara tried to attach the nipple clamps on her nipples but that only earned her more slaps on her legs from the older woman.

“There now aren’t those pretty?” Sara mocked once she’d managed to attach the painful clamps.

Zoe moaned into her gag as Sara roughly rolled her over onto her tummy, so she was now lying on the painful nipple clamps which added to her discomfort. Sara then took more rope from her box before untying Zoe’s arms. Zoe tried to rub her wrists once they were free but Sara wasn’t going to allow that, she quickly pulled the girl’s arms above her head and tightly bound her wrists together, before securing them to the headboard of the bed, next she bound Zoe’s ankles tightly together and tied them to the footboard of the bed, more rope was then tied tightly around Zoe’s knees binding them together. Sara then pulled a drool covered pillow from under Zoe’s face and stuffed it under her midriff raising her bottom in the air slightly, she then did the same with two more pillows so Zoe’s bottom was raised right up in the air. Zoe began to panic as she felt Sara’s fingers reach inside the waistband of her panties and pull them down to the rope around her knees. Zoe strained to see what Sara was bringing out from her box next and was shocked to see her bringing out small whippy cane, she was no position to resist this crazy woman all she could do was close her eyes and bite down on the ball in her mouth and wait for the first stinging stroke of the cane to land on her bottom. But to her surprise the first stroke didn’t land on her bottom it landed on the soles of her feet, and god it stung like hell, causing her to scream with pain into her gag, this was followed by several more in quick succession each one stinging more than the previous one. Once the foot caning had finished Sara grabbed hold of huge handful of Zoe’s hair and pulled her head back as far as she could and looked into her tear filled eyes.

“How was that for you?” She teased.

Zoe screamed and tried to shake her head in protest but Sara just laughed at her.

“Ready for some more?” She asked letting go of the girl’s hair so her face dropped onto the drool covered mattress.

Again Zoe closed her eyes and bit down hard on the ball in her mouth waiting for the first stroke of the cane which this time did land on her bottom, and it stung like hell, Sara then expertly landed another nine stinging strokes all on the same mark each one was followed by a gagged yelp, Sara paused for a short while to get her breath before landing ten more stinging strokes on the tops of Zoe’s legs, these were followed up by ten more on her bottom, and finally ten more on the soles of her feet. Zoe who was now crying uncontrollably was relieved when the caning finally stopped but her relief was only short lived as Sara when back to her box and took out a wooden paddle similar in shape to a table tennis bat only slightly bigger. Zoe cried with pain as Sara began to repeatedly paddle her bottom as fast as she could, the constant paddling lasted two or three minutes before the exhausted woman stopped much to Zoe’s relief. As Zoe felt her panties being pulled back up she breathed a huge sigh of relief knowing her beating was over, but Sara still had one more surprise in store for her. She returned to her box and took out large flesh coloured vibrator which she plugged into the electric socket on the wall.

“Let’s see if this old thing still works.” She said as she switched it on.

Sara smiled as the vibrator began to buzz, she switched it off and taped it in-between Zoe’s legs so it touched her panties covering her pussy, and she set the power setting to its lowest setting which would be just enough to pleasure the girl without making her orgasm she knew this would cause Zoe great discomfort and frustration during the long night hours ahead. Finally she removed the pillows from under the girl and switched the vibrator on.

“Enjoy your little friend sweetie, I’ll be back to check on you later and by the way if you were thinking about going home tomorrow think again honey I’m going to ensure you stay here as my guest for the whole weekend.”

Zoe cried as Sara turned and walked out of the room locking the door behind her


Chapter 3.

The room was dark and the only noises that could be heard were the buzzing of the vibrator and Zoe’s gagged moans and sobs. Zoe began to panic when she heard the door being slowly opened. “Had Sara returned? What was this evil bitch planning to do to her know?” All these thoughts raced through her mind as she heard footsteps on the wooden floor approach the bed.

“Don’t worry Zoe; we’ll soon have you free.” A child’s voice said.

“OLMMPPIVHHIA.” Zoe screamed into her gag.

She felt the twin’s small hands begin to unbuckle her gag.

“Leave me, get out you are both in enough trouble already.” Zoe told them fearing Sara would come back any minute.

“We’ve been lying in our room listening to what mum was doing with you, it isn’t fair it’s not your fault we just want to put things right.” Jack told her.

“Quickly then untie my arms and I’ll help you.”

Jack began working on Zoe’s arms while his sister began untying her legs, but before they had finished the door burst open and the light came on.


“Please mum let her go.” Olivia begged.

“I SAID GET BACK IN YOUR ROOM.” Sara screamed at the twins, who stopped what they were doing and ran out of the room.

“So you thought you could escape hey?” Sara hissed grabbing hold of Zoe’s hair and pulling her head back.

“AARGH!!! Let go you’re hurting me.”

“This is only a taste of what’s to come you little bitch.”

Keeping hold of Zoe’s hair Sara climbed on top of her and sat straddled across her back.

“What you doing? Get off me you crazy bitchmmmpppphhhh.” Sara stuffed the ball gag back in the girl’s mouth cutting her off in mid sentence.

Finally she let go of Zoe’s hair so she could buckle up the leather strap. Sara then took the scarf she had used to blindfold Zoe with earlier which still lay on the bed next to her and retied it tightly over her eyes. The darkness was frightening Zoe had no idea what this crazy woman was doing. Sara climbed down off the bed and Zoe felt the ropes around her wrists and ankles being tightened.

“Just making sure the little darlings didn’t loosen them too much.”

Zoe then guessed that Sara was rummaging around in her box, but what was she looking for? Zoe jumped as something touched her back just above her panties and slowly moved up her body and touched her face.

“This my dear if you haven’t guessed is a riding crop.” Sara said teasingly running the tip of the crop slowly up and down Zoe’s body from the soles of her feet to her face. Suddenly the teasing stopped and hard stinging stroke of the crop landed on the tops of girl’s legs, causing her to scream into her gag, again Sara began teasing running the tip of the crop slowly up and down Zoe’s legs before she stopped and another stinging blow landed on Zoe’s calves again causing her to scream into her gag. The teasing then started again.

“Up and down the crop goes where it stops no one knows.” She laughed as she again run the crop up and down all of Zoe’s body, again she suddenly stopped and another stinging blow landed this time on Zoe’s panty covered bottom, again Zoe screamed into her gag loudly. Once more the torment started as she began to run the tip of the crop over Zoe’s body.

“Up and down the crop goes where it stops no one knows.”

Sara was so engrossed with punishing Zoe that she never heard the door slowly opening; suddenly the twins dashed in and pushed her away from the bed.

“LEAVE ZOE ALONE.” They cried as they ran in.

Sara lost her balance when the twins pushed her and she toppled over hitting the side of her head on her wooden toy chest, and she slumped to the floor in a heap, Sara lay on the floor motionless, the twins watched in horror a patch of blood began to appear in her blonde hair.

Zoe screamed and thrashed about in frustration not knowing what had happened.

“We’ve killed her.” Olivia cried.

“Come on help me untie Zoe she’ll know what to do.” Jack told his sister.

The twins removed Zoe’s gag and blindfold.

“Zoe we’ve killed mum.” Olivia sobbed

“I’m sure you haven’t; untie me quickly before she wakes up and I’ll take a look.” Zoe told them.

The twins worked quickly to untie the babysitter, all the time keeping one eye on the their mum who still wasn’t moving. Once Zoe was untied she told the children to look away while she removed the nipple clamps and vibrator and covered herself up with one of the bed sheets, Jack smiled as he could still see Zoe’s nice big boobies through the mirror on the dresser. Once she was covered up Zoe took a look at Sara.

“Don’t worry you’ve not killed she’s still breathing.” She told the worried twins.

“Do you have a first aid box?” Zoe asked.

“I think so.” Olivia replied.

“Well go and fetch it, Jack you bring me a bowl of hot water.”

While the kids were gone Zoe looked through Sara’s wardrobe and found a sweatshirt which she put on, along with her shorts and trainers which were laying the bed. Once she was dressed Zoe took some rope and tied Sara’s hands tightly behind her back. The twins returned just as Sara began to wake up.

“Where am I? What happened? She said groggily as she regained her senses.

“You bumped your head mum?” Jack replied.

“Who tied my hands? Untie me at once.”

“I tied them, and you’ll stay tied up while I look at that head of yours.” Zoe told her.

Zoe took a firm hold of Sara’s head and wiped her wound with the water and towels.

“It looks like it’s going to need a stitch or two, but I’m sure the police will arrange that.” Zoe said as she began to bandage Sara’s head.

“The Police?” Sara cried.

“Of course don’t think I’m going to let you get away with what you’ve done.”

“What about the twins?” Sara sobbed.

“Mum and I will look after them until we can contact their father.”

“You can’t do that?”Sara screamed.

“Try and stop me.” Zoe said picking up the ball gag that had been used to gag her and forcing it into Sara’s mouth despite her protests.

“That should keep you quiet while I call the police. Come on Kids.”

Zoe and the twins left the room locking the door behind them.

Sara was later arrested and charged with false imprisonment and cruelty and is waiting sentence, the twins now live with their father and his new wife and all are very happy together.






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