Background Check

Transcript of interview with Marjorie Krepspa (MK) and Sgt Hillary Kennedy (SK), Anoka County Sheriffís Office

SK: Thanks for coming in Mrs Krepspa. I know that it must have been horrible for you, but the more information we have the sooner we can catch these people.

MK: I just feel so stupid and so bad for what the others went through

SK: No, no Marjorie, may I call you Marjorie

MK: Please do

SK: Thanks, Donít feel bad, or stupid, if somebody showed me what looked like FBI identification and asked for my help I would probably believe him. So donít beat yourself up because you were fooled.

MK: Thank you

SK: Letís start at the beginning

MK: OK, well that Tuesday it was Bettyís turn to host the monthly ladies fellowship meeting.

SK: Thatís a group from your church?

MK: Yes, we meet once a month at a memberís house to discuss what is going on in the church and how we can help.

SK: Are the meetings publicized at all outside the church?

MK: Come to think of it I think they are listed in the ĎWhatís Happeningí section of the Anoka Sun.

Do you think that is how they knew about it?

SK: Could be, I find that more agreeable than a member of your church group being involved

MK: Yes, it certainly is.

SK: And you were getting ready for the meeting when he showed up.

MK: Yes, Betty and I were getting the coffee stuff out, chairs set up, flowers into vases, those kinds of things, when there was a knock on the door.

Betty answered and I continued to get ready.

After about fifteen, or twenty minutes, Betty called and asked if I would come into the living room.

She introduced him as Agent Green of the FBI, and he showed me his badge and identification.

His badge looked so real and his picture was there on his identification,

Oh I just feel so stupid for falling for that.

SK: Now donít feel like that Marjorie, Iím sure that it would have fooled anybody but a real FBI Agent.

MK: Really?

SK: Yes, those replica FBI badges are 90% accurate; you have to know what to look for to spot it as a fake.

MK: Well, that helps a little,

He asked me if I knew a Randall Cunningham who used to live nearby.

I told him no, and he said that it was fine, just checking.

He thanked us, and casually asked if we were expecting company.

I told him that there was going to be a church meeting in about an hour and that Betty and I were getting ready for it.

He asked if we would do a favor for him.

We both said yes, and he pulled this giant gun from his brief case and told us to do what he said, and everything would be just fine.

SK: Do you have any idea what type of gun ??

MK: There was one just like it on some show last night, I think they said Glock.

SK: This guy knows his stuff, many FBI agents carry Glocks.

What happened next ?

MK: He told us to take him to the master bedroom, and we did.

Once we got there, he told Betty to get some sheets and to hurry up about it.

He asked me how many were coming to the meeting, and I told him usually between eight and twelve.

Betty came back with sheets and he told her to get all of her pantyhose out.

After she got them out, he looked at the pile and told us to take ours off.

We both just stood there, until he raised the gun, pulled back the hammer, and again told us to take our pantyhose off.

We did.

He told me to kneel by the bed and Betty to bring him her pantyhose.

He took her pantyhose, put one leg over her head, told her to open her mouth, wrapped the other leg across and into her mouth several times, and tied it off.

He then sent her to get two pairs of scissors.

While we waited for her to get back, he had me unfold the sheets.

Betty came back with the scissors and he untied the pantyhose and took them off her head.

He had her cut the pantyhose in half so there were two separate legs.

As he pulled one leg over Bettyís head, he told me to come to him.

After pulling the other leg down over my head, he told us to cut up all the other pantyhose the same way.

When we finished that he told us to cut the sheets into one inch strips.

Betty had just grabbed a pile of sheets out of the linen closet and there were some pillow cases also.

He saw that and had me cut those into two inch strips and to make the strips as long as possible,

As soon as I had the first strip cut, he wrapped it around and in Bettyís mouth, like he had done with the pantyhose, and tied it off behind her head.

As soon as I had the second one cut he did the same to me.

Then he just stood there watching as we turned the remaining sheets and pillowcases into strips.

SK: So he made the two of you make what he used to tied you up with.

MK: Yes.

After we had everything all cut up, he had us separate it out into fourteen piles, and then cut one long strip from each pile in two.

He put a pantyhose leg on each pile and had us make them all into nice neat bundles.

By then it was less than half an hour before people would start showing up.

He marched us downstairs into the living room.

He took the pillowcase strip and pantyhose off of Betty and told her to go fix her hair, put her shoes on, and not to try anything funny, or I wouldnít like what happened.

He told me to strip, twice, but let me stop when I got down to my bra and panties.

He had me fold my clothes while we waited for Betty.

As soon as she came back, he had her sit down, tied me up, put me on the floor, and hogtied me.

About ten minutes later the first guest knocked on the door, Betty let her in, brought her into the living room, mumbled how sorry she was, and went back to the front door.

It took just a few minutes, and there were two of us on the floor, pantyhose over our heads, gagged with strips of pillow case, hands tied behind our backs, and hogtied.

This probably sounds strange, but it was really very impressive how fast and efficiently he worked.

I could see pretty well through the pantyhose, and even when three showed up at once, they were all packaged in a matter of minutes.

And he did know what he was doing.

Our wrists werenít just sort of wrapped, they were crossed and tied both ways, and then tied against our backs by another strip of sheet around our arms and waist.

He didnít just wrap a strip around our upper arms and chests, he first tied our elbows as close together as he could, and then wrapped the strip around our upper arms and chests.

After he hogtied us by going between our feet and the gags. We were pretty helpless.

SK: He ran the hogtie to your gag ?

That must have been uncomfortable.

MK: Yes it was, really pulled my head back and put a strain on my neck.

Is that unusual ??

SK: Yes, usually your average burglar runs the hog tie rope between the ankles and the hands, or maybe the rope around the elbows, if there is one.

And usually the victim isnít hogtied at all.

MK: Are you saying this guy was some kind of bondage freak, or something.

SK: Not necessarily, but his method of tying you up may be unique and can help us identify him.

MK: I had no idea that the police kept track of how burglars tied up their victims.

SK: Every little bit of information helps.

MK: I guess so.

What about the pantyhose, is that unusual ??

SK: Very. I have never heard of a victim being gagged like that before.

MK: Iíve never seen it on TV, or in a movie, either, thatís why I asked.

SK: Thatís good Marjorie, if you think of anything else please bring it up.

MK: I will.

Now where was I ?

Oh, he was securing the other women as fast as they arrived.

It was a little after three and he had eleven of us helpless on the floor.

He asked Betty if more were coming and she said probably not.

He waited maybe five minutes, told her to lock the door and come in.

As she stood there trembling, he pulled the pantyhose over head and gagged her, while he said that she had really been a huge help, that he couldnít have done it without her, and asked us if we thought she should get a special reward for it.

You couldnít really tell what any of us were trying to say, but he said special reward it is.

He told her to strip and when she got to her bra and panties told her to keep going.

After she was naked, he tied her hands, elbows and arms like the rest of us.

The he got a chair, sat down, pulled her across his lap, and spanked her hard, really hard.

Her butt cheeks were beet red when he finally stopped.

Is that another unique trait ??

SK: Yes it is. Many times a female victim will be sexually abused, but I have never heard of one just being spanked before.

MK: Sounds like all you have to do when you find a suspect is have him tie somebody up and that will identify him.

SK: That would really be an interesting ID.

MK: After he spanked Betty, he put her on the floor and hogtied her.

SK: Definitely sounds like it must have been terrifying.

MK: Yes it was, the whole thing was, but strangely the more of us that were captured, the less the next ones resisted, even Margaret, who has two artificial knees joints, just accepted it.

Maybe seeing their friends stripped nearly naked, gagged and hogtied on the floor, just stunned them into compliance.

SK: That was probably it.

MK: And his telling us that all he wanted was our ATM Pin numbers, and wouldnít hurt anybody if everybody cooperated, may have had something to with it.

After making sure that the front door was locked, he got all the purses and dumped them onto the dining room table.

While he was methodically going through them, some of the girls actually tried to get loose, but soon gave up.

He then came back to the living room with a stack of ATM and Credit cards.

He would call out a name, when she answered, he would haul her to her knees, ungag her, get her PIN numbers, regag her, and put her back on the floor.

It had been a little before one when we were marched up to the bedroom, and at three forty five there was a knock on the door.

He answered it, relocked the door, came back in the living room, and told us that it was almost over, it would just depend on traffic.

He got the half sheet strips and blindfolded us all.

He helped himself to the goodies Betty had made, did some channel surfing, while we all lay there, hoping that there wasnít any traffic.

A little after six, the channel eleven news had just started, there was a knock on the door, he dropped all the cards on the hall floor, and said goodbye as he left.

At six twenty, the weather part of the news had just finished, the police arrived in response to an anonymous call about shots fired.

SK: Quiet an experience

MK: Yes it was, but thankfully nobody was really physically hurt, we were all scared, but only Betty suffered from anything other than being tied up, and Bettyís homeowners insurance will reimburse all the money stolen.

SK: Was Betty actually hurt ??

MK: I personally think it was a pride thing, being spanked in front of your friends while naked and tied up had to be just a little humiliating.

SK: He probably did it to scare the rest of you, and make sure that nobody would try anything while he went through your purses.

MK: Hadnít thought of that, but except for a few very brief struggles, we all just lay there.

SK: One thing, how long do these meetings usually last ??

MK: They are usually over by five.

SK: And nobody called wondering why at least one of you was over an hour late.

MK: OH, well, we are all empty nesters, and widowed, or divorced, so there just wasnít anybody at home to wonder where we were.

SK: Is that well known outside the church ??

Is the group somehow identified as being made up of single unattached women living alone.

MK: Not that I know of, people probably know it, but it isnít in the group name or anything, and it isnít any kind of requirement for belonging.

SK: Anybody new to the group, or any of the members have a new male friend ??

MK: No, not that I know of.

SK: Maybe he just got lucky.

MK: I hope so !!!!!!!!!!

SK: One last thing.

Did any of the women act strangely afterwards ?

Something like a that went well, or something other than what you would expect from a bunch of women who had just been brutally tied up and robbed.

SK: Well we were all certainly glad that it was over and even gladder that nobody was assaulted, or molested, though Eve, Joan, and Mary all remarked that it would be a long time before they would play cowboys and indians, or cops and robbers, with their grandkids, but it was clear that they were as shook up as the rest of us were.

Iím sure that it will be a major topic at the next meeting and if anything strange comes up, Iíll let you know.

Oh, one more thing, and Iím not even sure if I actually heard it, what with the TV on and everything.

SK: And what is that ??

MK: He may have tickled some of the girls while he was waiting.

But it might not have been muffled suppressed laughter that I heard, was just something on TV mixed in with the noise of us trying not to cry.

SK: That is interesting and actually happens to tied up female victims more often than sexual abuse.

MK: Really ??

SK: Yes sometimes it is even used to force somebody to give up information.

Iíll be sure to ask the others if he tried to get any other information out of them.

MK: Amazing

SK: No, I think it is pretty amazing that you, and Betty, are in such good shape mentally after what you went through.

I hope that the other ladies are as well off emotionally as the two of you are.

MK: Thank you, I hope that they are too.

SK: And one final thing, donít discuss what you said to me with anybody who I havenít already interviewed.

We donít want their accounts influenced by what others say happened.

MK: I understand.







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