Becky The Detective

Chapter 1

For the third night in a row Becky had woken in the middle of the night with sweat pouring from her brow and breathing heavily her night dress and bed sheets were wet through with sweat. It was third night in a row she’d had the same dream.

 A blonde haired girl possibly in her late teens, dressed in a uniform like the ones from St. Bernadettes, a private girls school on the other side of town.

The girl was in some kind of dark room possibly a cellar or a basement.  She was tied to a high back wooden chair, her hands were tied behind the back of the chair, more rope was wrapped around her upper body above and below her breasts pinning her to the chair her knees and ankles were also tied together. A woman dressed in a dark blue dress was stood behind her tying a white cloth gag in the girls’ mouth. The girls’ big blue eyes were bloodshot red though crying, black mascara was beginning to run down her cheeks.

Sadly the woman’s face was never visible in the dream, but Becky did remember clearly seeing a distinctive birthmark on one of her hands.


The next morning after taking a shower Becky switched on the radio to hear the eight o’clock news on the Radio Leeds her local radio station while she did her hair and got ready for college. Eighteen year old Becky was in her final year of a BTEC course in Child care at Fielden Park College in Denton near Leeds.

At the start of the news was the top story about a teenage girl who had been missing for the last two days.  Upon hearing that, Becky quickly turned her full attention to the news and raised the volume higher.  This was too much of a coincidence, she thought. She dropped what she was doing a rushed over to switch on the t.v. hoping there may something on the local news channel, Channel L about this story. She switched on just in time to catch the report.

“Police are concerned about the safety of Amanda Leacock, daughter of business tycoon David Leacock who never arrived home from school on Monday evening, friends of the missing girl say she was last seen getting into a blue car possibly a Peugeot outside the school gates at St. Bernadette’s school in Denton if you have any information call Leeds police station on 234 3269”.

A picture of the girl in question was shown on the screen, and Becky’s eyes bulged out in shock, it was the same girl from her dreams.

  She rushed to the phone and dialled the number on the screen.

“Hello, police station,”

  “Hello, I’m calling about the missing girl Amanda Leacock; I believe she’s been kidnapped

“Miss, did you witness the abduction take place?” the officer asked.

 “Sort of, I can tell you she’s been abducted by a woman, and she has a very distinct birthmark on her left hand.”

“Can you give me any more details like her height, approximate age, hair colour, clothes she was wearing?” the officer asked

“All I know she is she was wearing a dark blue dress and she’s got a birthmark on her hand.”  She said rather dejectedly.

 “Let me get this straight, you saw this birthmark on her left hand, but you didn’t see anything else at all about her? Is this some kind of sick joke, because I’m in no mood; a girl’s life is in danger.”

“Okay Okay! I saw it in a dream I’ve had last couple of nights.   You’ve got to believe me this is for real!”  The officer then hung up on her.

“Hello?”  Becky then shut the phone off; she was not pleased “Dammit, I knew this would happen if I told the truth.

“If the police won’t listen maybe the girls father will.”

 Becky grabbed the phone book luckily there was only David Leacock in the phone book and she began to dial the number, but stopped before she reached the end.

“It may be better to go in person then he can’t hang up on me.”

She scribbled down the address on the note pad her parents kept by the side of the phone.

She quickly finished off drying her hair, threw on the first pair of jeans and a jumper that came to hand grabbed her car keys and left for the Leacock’s home.




It took Becky about ten minutes to reach the Leacock’s house.  The house was very large by her standards, and the grounds were gorgeous. 


Becky parked her car across the street, and walked toward the house.  To her surprise there were no police cars about or no sign of any police officers. She reached the front door and hesitated on ringing the doorbell.  “Stay calm and relax, he’ll believe you.”

Becky rang the bell and waited.  The door opened quickly and a woman wearing a dark blue dress kind of like a uniform answered.  She was fortyish, tall and slim with short black hair, “Can I help you?” she asked.

The woman then placed her hands in front of her, and Becky noticed a birthmark on her left hand.  The exact same birthmark she saw in her dreams!  This was again too much of a coincidence.  Her eyes started to go wide.


Come on Becky, say something.  “Sorry to trouble you, I’m new around here and I’m lost, could you tell me where the shopping centre is?

 The woman just looked at her and then replied, “Just keep going down the road you’re on, turn left at the traffic lights, go about three miles, and you’ll see it on your right.”


“Thank you.”  Becky quickly turned and walked off.  Directions to the shopping centre, how feeble was that, she thought to herself as she walked down the long drive.  The woman watched her very carefully walk off and then closed the door.


Becky couldn’t believe it; the kidnapper is at the girl’s house.  She must be a friend to the family, and he obviously doesn’t suspect her.  She couldn’t tell him about what she saw with that woman present, he wouldn’t believe her, and besides it could put Amanda’s life in greater danger.  Becky had only one choice, follow that woman to wherever she’s holding Amanda.  With that information, she would really have something to say to police this time.

She got into her car and drove out of view of the house and parked it, and then the waiting began…



It was almost two hours before Becky saw the woman leave the house driving a green Ford car. She started her car and followed the woman keeping a safe distance between them.

They drove for about ten minutes until the green Ford slowed down and pulled onto a driveway of a small house.  The car drove up to the driveway and into a double garage via remote control. There was another car parked in the garage a blue car. Could this be the car the missing girl was seen getting into Becky thought? 

She parked her car two houses down and continued watching.  Lights came on in two rooms, and then soon after, a light was tuned on in the basement.

The girl must be in the basement Becky thought to herself or why else would the woman go down there so soon after coming home.

She needed to find out for sure so she decided to take a closer look. As she walked down the path to the house she noticed a small fence which ran around the garden. Becky carefully climbed the fence good thing she was wearing jeans and trainers. Once over the other side she headed for the basement window the light had been turned off so she couldn’t see inside, she tried to open the window but it was locked.

Just then, a loud dogs barking was heard, and Becky spun around to see a big German shepherd heading right for her!

Becky stood there frozen with fear her back to the wall as the large dog continued to run towards her.  A woman’s voice was then heard, shouting at the dog just in the nick of time.  “Rocky, stay!”  The dog obeyed and stopped right in front of Becky.  She breathed a sigh of relief

The woman walked over from the rear of the house and immediately recognized Becky from Mr. Leacock’s house.  She reached into her jacket pocket, pulled out a gun, and pointed it at her.

  “Don’t make a sound girly, and walk slowly to the back door.”

  Becky walked ahead of the woman, who followed closely behind keeping the gun pointed at the girl, the dog was left outside.

Once inside the house, the woman went to the kitchen draw and grabbed a large white linen napkin while keeping the gun pointed at Becky all the time.

 “This way,” she said, waving the gun toward the hallway. 

Near the end of the hall, was a door.

 “Open the door,” she ordered.

 Becky opened the door and flicked the light switch; both women walked downstairs into the basement.

Becky gasped when she saw Amanda sitting on a chair, bound and gagged.  She had tears streaming down her cheeks. 

The woman grabbed another chair and placed it in the centre of the room next to Amanda.

“Take a seat missy. “ She signalled towards the chair with gun.

The woman grabbed some rope that was lying on the ground next to Amanda. Becky sat on the chair. The woman walked up behind her and grabbed her wrists pulling them behind the chair. She began wrapping the rope around Becky’s wrists before securing them to one of the wooden slats on the backrest of the chair.

 “Ow! Not so tight.”  The woman ignored her. 


“Why are you doing this?” Becky asked.


“Isn’t it obvious? Too take every last penny from that filthy cheating bastard David Leacock.

Turning her attention to Amanda for a moment

 “That’s right dear; your father cheated my husband out of a fortune. A fortune that was rightfully mine!” 

She then knelt at Becky’s feet and began to bind her ankles tightly together.

“So this is some kind of revenge?  Becky asked. 

“That’s right; her father is nothing more than money grabbing cheat and a liar”

As she spoke she started to wrap more rope tightly around Becky’s upper body above and below her breasts securing her to the back of the chair.

“After my husband lost everything it drove him to suicide”

 Becky was testing the ropes around her wrists; they were tied really tight.

“Years later, I moved to this town, used my maiden name, and applied for a job as David Leacock’s housekeeper, so someday, I could get my revenge.” The woman continued

“When her mother died, I knew the best way I could get his money was by taking his little brat she’s the only family he’s got left, and he’ll pay anything to get her back.”

“So you pretended to be nice to them, so you can gain their trust? That’s disgusting!”

The woman had heard just about enough.  She approached Becky, rolling up the napkin, and tying a knot in the center of it.  Becky guessed what that was for.

  “Wait, please don’t gag me, I promise to be… MMMMPH!!”  The woman shoved the napkin into Becky’s mouth, and tied it tightly behind her head.


The woman looked down at her two bound captives with an evil grin on her face.

“You two aren’t going anywhere for a while” She gloated as she started to move towards the steps.

“Good bye girls, I have to get back to work before I’m missed I’ll be back in a few hours to check on you.”

She continued up the steps, when she reached the top she flicked the light switch plunging the basement into virtual darkness apart from the little bit of light that came through the tiny window near the ceiling. Becky and Amanda heard door being locked from the outside.

Amanda started to sob again. Becky again tried to break free from her bonds but they still didn’t budge. She had to figure out a way to save Amanda and herself.



Some time had passed by since the woman left Becky and Amanda bound and gagged in her basement.  During that time, Becky continued struggling to free herself, but it was no good the ropes were just too tight.  She didn’t even know what time it was; with her hands tied behind her she couldn’t see her watch.  Amanda had given up awhile ago just a faint sobbing sound could be heard through her gag.

After what seemed like an eternity the door at the top of the steps opened and the woman switched on the light.

“Still here then?” She teased, as she walked down the steps.

She walked over to the two girls and inspected their bonds in turn making sure they were still as secure as when she left.

“I guess you’ll both be needing the bathroom by now?”

Both girls nodded.

“Ok I’ll take you one at a time but no funny business or else” She said pulling the pistol from her pocket.

She went behind Amanda and untied her from the leaving just her hands tied behind her back, she helped Amanda to her feet and pushed her towards the steps. Becky watched them both leave the basement, thinking this could be her moment to get free; she was pretty sure with all the hours she spends in the college gym that she was much stronger than their captor and would easily be able to take her out if the opportunity arose. After about five minutes the door opened and Amanda walked back in her hands still tied behind her back, but her white gag had been changed for a new red and blue patterned scarf. Amanda was marched back to her chair and retied the same as before. The woman then switched her attention to Becky.

“Remember no funny business.” She said has she untied the rope around Becky’s upper body. Like with Amanda she helped Becky to her feet and pushed her towards the steps.

“Move it missy”

She escorted Becky down the hallway and up another flight of stairs, they stopped outside the bathroom.

“I’m going to untie your hands so don’t try any funny stuff, you then have two minutes to do what you have to then I’m coming in, understand?

 Becky nodded.

 “By the way forget about the window it’s locked as are all the other doors and windows in the house and I have the keys.” She said taping her pocket.

This bitch has thought of everything Becky thought to herself.

The woman untied Becky’s hands; she rubbed her wrists trying to work some circulation back into her hands before reaching up to untie her gag.

“Did I say you could untie that? Leave it!” The woman snapped.

The woman opened the bathroom door and pushed Becky inside.

“Remember two minutes”

Becky used the toilet, after flushing she looked around the room on top of the bathroom cabinet she spotted a deodorant aerosol.

This will do nicely she thought.

“Thirty seconds missy then I’m coming in”

I’ll be ready for you bitch. Becky could feel her heart pounding has she nervously waited behind the door with the aerosol poised. Her heart was in her mouth as she watched the door handle turn. The door burst open before the woman could do anything Becky hit her full in the face with the sweet smelling deodorant spray from the aerosol.

“ARRGH.” The woman screamed as the deodorant immediately stung her eyes leaving her blinded. She fired a shot from the pistol which narrowly missed Becky hitting the wash basin. Becky charged at the helpless woman knocking her to the ground as she fell her head cracked against the toilet bowl, knocking her out cold. She lay on the floor unconscious with a trickle of blood running down the side of her face.

Becky turned and ran out of the room and back down to the basement as fast as she could untying her gag as she ran.

Amanda’s eyes lit up and she breathed a huge sigh of relief when she saw Becky enter the basement alone.

Becky started to untie Amanda beginning by removing her gag.

“Are you ok? I heard a gunshot. Where’s Lisa?” Amanda asked

“I’m fine and don’t worry about Lisa she won’t be troubling us again” Becky replied.

“Who are you? And how did you find me?”

My name is Becky Watts I’ll explain everything to you once we’re out of here and safe, now let’s get you untied so we can get out and call the police from my car......






The two girls ran up the stairs and out of the basement.


“Quickly let’s see if we can get out through the back door” Becky said as she grabbed hold of Amanda’s arm and pulled her down the hallway to the kitchen. Becky noticed the key had been left in the lock on the back door.

“Not so perfect after all is she?” She said turning the key in the lock.

She opened the door and then quickly slammed it shut again after seeing the snarling German shepherd dog on the other side.

“Dammit! I’d forgotten all about the bloody dog.  We’ll have to try the front door come on”

“Won’t it be locked” Amanda replied.

“If it is I know where to find the key, come on.”

The two girls ran back down the hallway to the front door, Becky turned the handle and just as she expected it was locked.

“What now?” Amanda asked.

“You wait here I’ll get the key”

“Where is it?”

“It’s in Lisa’s pocket and she’s out cold on the bathroom floor it won’t be problem.”

Becky ran up the stairs to the bathroom.

“Hurry up Becky” Amanda cried.

Becky stopped when she reached the open door of the bathroom. She didn’t want to go back inside but knew that if she didn’t they had no way of getting out of the house.

“Be brave Becky you can do this” She said to herself.

She nervously peeped around the door.

“OH MY GOD!” She cried out, because instead of finding Lisa on the floor where she had left her the room was empty.

“Amanda!”  Her stomach churned at the thought she’d left Amanda alone. She turned and dashed back to the stairs. She had got halfway down when she was stopped in her tracks by a familiar voice.


She looked to Lisa standing behind Amanda one hand firmly clamped over the terrified girls mouth and the other holding the pistol to her head.

Becky stopped. “Please don’t hurt her I’ll do whatever you say.” She said raising her hands in the air.

Why the hell didn’t I take the gun when I chance? She thought.

Lisa removed her hand from over Amanda’s mouth and grabbed her tightly around her slender waist. She then moved the pistol that was still pointing at Amanda’s head and aimed it in Becky’s direction.

“You are becoming to be a real thorn in my plans, missy. Place you hands on top of your head, turn around and slowly walk back up the stairs stop when you reach the top keep your hands on your head all the time.”

Becky did as she was told.

Lisa turned her attention to Amanda.

“Now you, hands on your head and up the stairs,”

Once at the top of the stairs Lisa pushed past the two girls and opened one of the upstairs doors.

“Quickly in here” She ordered signaling the direction with her pistol.

Both girls nervously entered a bedroom, wondering what Lisa was planning to do with them.

The room was very dimly light; it was very basic with just a single bed in the centre, and chest of drawers against one wall and a small wardrobe against another.


Lisa wasted no time in pushing Becky face down on the bed, she then open a draw a pulled out a huge handful of silk scarves.

“I always knew mums old collection of silks would come in useful one day”

She handed one of the scarves to Amanda.

“Tie your friend’s hands behind her back.”

Amanda paused.

“I can’t do that.” She said has tears began to stream down her cheeks.

“Do it and tie them tight” Lisa snapped pointing the pistol at Becky’s head.

“I’ll be ok Amanda do as you’re told, good girl.” Becky said trying to hide her fear.


Lisa smiled as Amanda walked over to the side of the bed and pulled Becky’s arms behind her back. She began wrapping the scarf around her new friend’s wrists.

“Nice and tight or else.”

“Ow! Becky flinched as Amanda knotted the scarf as tight as she could.

“Sorry Becky”

“It’s ok dear you’re only doing what you have to.”

“Now I want you to tie her arms together.” Lisa said, handing Amanda another scarf. “I want them tied so tightly that her elbows touch, got that?”

Amanda nodded.

Becky looked up to see Lisa grinning like a cat that had got the cream at the pained expression on her face as Amanda tied her elbows together.

“Fucking psycho bitch!”  Becky screamed trying to fight back the tears that were starting to well up in her eyes.

Lisa ignored her and coolly handed Amanda another scarf.

“Now for my favourite bit, roll it in to a ball and stuff it in your friend’s filthy little mouth.”

Again Amanda did has she was told but Becky refused to open her mouth as she tried to stuff the scarf in. Lisa quickly grabbed hold of Amanda and held the gun to her head.

“Open up missy or you know what will happen.” She snapped.

“Ok ok don’t hurt her” Becky reluctantly opened her mouth allowing Amanda to stuff the scarf.

The foul tasting musty old scarf made Becky want to heave; it must have been in the draw for years she thought

“Now tie this one tightly over her mouth” Lisa said handing Amanda yet another scarf from the pile.

Amanda obeyed placing the centre of the scarf in the Becky’s mouth and tying the two ends behind her head over long brown hair.

“Very good, now tie her ankles tightly together.” All the time Lisa kept her pistol pointed at Becky’s head as she passed Amanda another scarf.

She smiled again when saw Becky flinch as Amanda pulled the scarf tight.

Becky stared back at her in an act of defiance.

This time Lisa handed two scarves to Amanda who looked puzzled.

“Tie them together making sure they can’t be pulled apart”

Amanda did this.

“Now hogtie her”

“What?” Amanda asked. “I don’t understand”

Becky knew what a hogtie was and tried to protest but all came out of her gagged mouth was “MMMPHH!  MMMPHH!” which amused Lisa.

“Secure one end of the scarves to the scarf binding her ankles and the other end to the one binding her wrists, no better still tie it to the scarf around her elbows.”

“That’s just cruel” Amanda protested.

Lisa grinned evilly.

“Do it!” She snapped moving the pistol closer to Becky’s head.

“Sorry Becky” Amanda said as she started to tie one end of the scarves to her elbows.

Becky tried her best to give her a reassuring look back.

“The scarves aren’t long enough you’ll have to pass me another.” Amanda said realizing the other end was a good way from Becky’s feet.

“No, you make them reach, bend her legs up.”

Becky made it easier for Amanda by bending her legs herself so she could finish off the hogtie. With her back now arched and legs bent upwards the bottom of her back was already beginning to ache she tried to squirm about to find a more comfortable position, which brought a roar of laughter from Lisa as she watched the helpless girl struggle.

I’ll get you for this bitch Becky thought to herself as she rolled onto her side which helped take some of the pressure off her back.

Lisa grabbed hold of Amanda “Now what am I going to do with you?”…………..

Chapter 6


Lisa grabbed one of the remaining scarves and used it to tie Amanda’s wrists tightly together behind her back; she then pushed Amanda out of the bedroom and followed her out picking up the remainder of the scarves as she left.

“Down the stairs.” She said pushing Amanda in the small of her back with her gun.

At the bottom of the stairs in the hall Lisa ordered Amanda to stop.

“Get down on the floor.”

Amanda did as she was told. Lisa bent down and tied the terrified girl’s ankles together with another one of the scarves. She then tightly pinched Amanda’s nose forcing her to open her mouth as she did Lisa stuffed a balled up scarf in it. She then rolled another scarf into a thin band and tied a knot in the centre of it, she smiled as she forced the knot into Amanda’s already stuffed mouth before pulling it tight and tying the two ends behind her head, she then took a third scarf and folded that into a wide band and tied it over the top of the knotted scarf.

Lisa then opened a very small triangular shaped door under stairs.

“In you go.” She said pointing the way with her pistol.

Amanda shuffled across the floor the best she could, her short grey skirt lifting up as she did revealing her blue lace panties. She stopped at the entrance to the tiny dark cupboard and shook her head in protest, but Lisa ignored her pushing her in.

The cupboard was small and cramped Amanda sat with her back to the wall and had very little room to stretch her legs out, not that it mattered because Lisa hadn’t finished with her yet. She tied another two scarves together and passed them under Amanda’s knees before tying the two loose ends around her neck pulling her knees right up under her chin in the process. Lisa then slammed the small door shut plunging Amanda into darkness she then pulled a large heavy trunk from the other end of the hall and placed it in front the door blocking it.


Upstairs in the bedroom Becky had given up struggling to get free realizing it was useless she was tied too well and decided to save her energy for what lay ahead, her only hope now is that her parents would contact the police and declare her missing but she knew that would be unlikely because she regularly stays over at friends houses without letting them know where she is.  Despite her discomfort exhaustion finally got the better of her and she nodded off, only to be woken by someone tugging at her bindings she opened her eyes to see Lisa standing over her.

“Just checking up on you before I go to bed, I don’t want any sleepwalking tonight we have a busy day tomorrow.”

“ARRMPPHHH!” Becky screamed into her gag as Lisa pulled the scarf binding her wrists tighter than ever.

“Good night missy, sleep well” Lisa teased as she left locking the door behind her.

Both girls spent a long uncomfortable night drifting in and out of sleep.


Becky woke to the sound of the door opening.


“Good morning, I trust you slept well, I’m sorry we don’t have time for breakfast in bed this morning dear.” Mocked Lisa, who was dressed in all in black, black jeans and polo neck jumper with matching black boots.

Becky guessed today was the day the ransom was to be paid.

Lisa bent over and cut the scarves that formed Becky’s hogtie with a knife, but before she could work and kind of circulation back into her body, Lisa grabbed her bound arms and pulled her off the bed onto the floor, Becky squealed and struggled as Lisa dragged her along the floor and down the stairs, she continued down the hall and into the kitchen and out the back door, she dragged her struggling captive across the yard to the garage. Lisa dragged Becky over to the boot of the blue car that was left open, as Becky was lifted to her feet she spotted Amanda lying in the boot struggling against her bonds. Becky was placed in alongside Amanda.


“Make yourselves comfortable girls, in a few hours time I’ll be starting my new life.”

 She slammed the boot silencing the muffled protests of her captives. Lisa climbed into the driver’s seat and within minutes she was driving out of the drive and down the street. She coolly waved at a couple of the neighbours kids who waved back on their way to school, unaware she had two bound and gagged girls struggling in her boot……




Chapter 7


After some time had passed, Lisa drove the car to a deserted road.  She got out and walked a couple of hundred feet to some railroad tracks.  She turned on her mobile phone and placed a little voice box she used to disguise her speech on the phone. She then pulled a ski mask over head.  She saw a train approaching in the distance.


She dialled a number and waited.  “Are you on the train?”

“Yes, and I’m in the first carriage like you instructed,” replied the voice of David Leacock. 

“Good now open the window on your left and throw the bag out when I say so.”

David Leacock opened the window and waited for the signal from Lisa.

“Now throw the bag”

The black duffle type bag landed close by, Lisa ran over and inspected the contents her eyes lit up at the sight of one million pound in bundles of fifty pounds notes.

“Hello, hello, are you still there? I’ve kept my part of the deal now where’s my daughter?” David Leacock asked.

“When you arrive home, your daughter will be there waiting for you.” 

She hung up the phone and pulled off the ski mask.

  “Actually, your daughter will be dead by the time you arrive home.” She said chuckling to herself.

Lisa grabbed the money and ran to her car.  She then drove off in a direction leading out of town.  A banging sound was coming from the boot.  She turned her head to the noise and smiled wickedly. 

The time that Becky and Amanda had spent in the boot seemed to go on forever it was now a red hot day and both girls were hot sweaty and very uncomfortable cramped up in such a tiny space with no room to move.  Where is she taking us? Becky wondered to herself, and what was is going to do with them. 


Finally, the car stopped and the sound of the driver’s door was closed.  Footsteps were heard toward the boot.  This was it!  Amanda started to cry again, fearing it was the end for her.  Becky couldn’t help but feel the same way. 

The boot opened and Lisa stood over them, holding a pocketknife.  She pulled both girls out and sat on them on the ground.  Becky could see they were on a small deserted road in the middle of the Yorkshire moors.  Lisa used the knife and cut the scarves that bound their ankles.  She then took her gun out.

“Get up.”  The girls struggled to their feet which wasn’t easy with their hands tied behind their backs.

  “This way,” she motioned the gun to a small path leading into a wood.

  Becky led with Amanda following, and Lisa bringing up the rear.

Up ahead, Becky noticed the path ending to what appeared to be a cliff edge. She guessed that Lisa was planning to throw the two of them over the edge.

Her guess was right as Lisa instructed the girls to walk over to the edge.

I’m really sorry I have to do this, but I can’t have any witnesses,”

Becky and Amanda didn’t believe her apology for one second.  That woman was just plain evil

Just as the girls were preparing themselves for the worst they heard a loud voice coming from the wood.


A startled Lisa looked around taking her eyes off the two girls; Amanda saw an opportunity and rammed herself into Lisa knocking both of them to ground. Becky noticed the gun fly from Lisa’s hand and land close to the cliff edge she quickly ran to it and kicked it over the edge.

Lisa threw Amanda off her back and slapped her across the face causing her to grunt with pain through her gag. She started to look for the gun when Becky smashed into her knocking her to the ground she kept kicking Lisa to keep her down.

“OK miss we’ll take it from here” Becky was relieved to see two police officers standing behind her with their guns firmly pointed at Lisa, and a female officer who was untying Amanda.

“Lie face down on the ground with your hands behind you back” One of the officers shouted to Lisa.

“You’ll never take me alive” Lisa screamed as she rolled the few feet to the edge of the cliff and dropped off screaming all the way down.

The officers rushed to the edge of the cliff and looked down it must have been over a fifty foot drop. Lisa lay motionless at the bottom.

Becky started to breathe normally again their ordeal was over.

“How did you find us?” She asked the female officer once she was untied.

“We followed the car at a safe distance from the ransom drop off.” The officer replied.


Becky and Amanda were taken to Leeds police station where they were checked over by a police doctor once they were given the all clear a relieved and overjoyed David Leacock was reunited with his daughter.  He couldn’t believe that Lisa was responsible for all that, he trusted her.

 Lisa had died from her fall, a fitting end to someone who had no regard for human life.


Becky was a hero, and Mr. Leacock offered her a reward, which she refused; she was just glad to be alive and to have made a new best friend in Amanda.