The Bikini Bandit - Part 2










Hilton Hotel, Gateshead

Wednesday 5th August


“All right, all right, I’m coming...”


Slowly awoken by the constant pounding on the door of his hotel room, Texas Ranger Derrick Grainger shook himself down and as a force of habit in that situation withdrew his 9mm Beretta from its holster. Still half asleep and dressed in the dusty, muddy faded out Levi jeans and crumpled white shirt he'd worn when he collapsed on the bed 11 hours earlier the Ranger stiffly walked over and opened the door gun in hand.


The sight that greeted him however certainly took him by surprise - but not as much as the surprise he gave the attractive brunette standing looking down the gun’s barrel. She stood there before him - dressed all so formally, her black suit jacket and matching pencil skirt clearly tailor made, her long toned legs covered by a pair of dark black pantyhose.  Whoever she was, she made for quite a sight.  So quickly, with an old fashioned gun fighter’s spin, Derrick re-holstered the chrome plated semiautomatic pistol and waited for the women there before him to speak.


"Well Ranger you certainly know how to leave a lasting impression on a person, I'm DCI Claire Abbott and I've been sequestered to accompany you through this investigation."


Derrick was not used to working with anyone, but he had to admit the tall, incredibly busty brunette stood there before him was certainly a beautiful woman, and he was sure her help and skills would prove to be very valuable.  After all as the saying goes, he's not in Texas anymore.


Stepping to one side to allow DCI Abbott inside before grabbing his carry bag and heading to the en suite bathroom, Derrick called out, "I'll be a few minutes - I hope you have got the files I need to study."


Smiling, Claire realised what her Superintendent had meant when he told her, "you'll find this Texas Ranger is rather old fashioned." After all there was no-one who used files anymore, that's what laptops are for.


Hearing the shower running Claire took a seat by the room’s large plate glass window.  Gazing over the River Tyne, she pondered just where her latest assignment would take her. Yes the gorgeous 25 year old wanted to capture the so called Bikini Bandit - after all it would do wonders for her career - but could the Ranger with his ways of the past really do that much?


After all he looked like a burnt out tramp when she first laid eyes on him, all be it down the barrel of a gun. So imagine her shock when finally the door to the en suite bathroom opened again. Gone was the month old beard, scruffy faded out jeans and crumpled shirt. There in their place stood a mountain of a man, clean shaven, with an ironed crisp white shirt, and new faded out Levi's, with fire burning in his eyes and determination written all over his face.


Standing slowly and walking to where Ranger Grainger stood waiting, Claire felt a shiver run up her spine as she looked directly into his steely eyes. No-one would have missed the chill in the air right then, and finally it had dawned on Claire there was a lot more to the man whose eyes remained locked on her as she approached. He was a lot more than just some sort of blast from a terrible '70's B-movie, yes he was a cowboy but Claire realised right then it was more much more.


Yes the Ranger was armed and clearly ready, but yet it was clear even there in the silence that he intended to find his goddaughter, the one person in his life that had never let him down, never hurt him and that he'd always loved. It became clear to DCI Abbott that the mountain of a man there in front of her would do what ever it took to get her back, bring down the Bikini Bandit and anyone who was involved in whatever was going on, and nothing or no-one would stop him.



Just outside Alnwick

August 5th


As she slowly awoke from a dreadful night’s sleep, Emma was at least grateful for one over riding relief. For the first time since her abduction the sexy young blonde had been freed from the body aching hogtie.


Sadly for Emma, however, that was the closest to freedom she'd been allowed when it came to sleep. Even when she'd been allowed to use the toilet the young blonde student had remained bound tightly around the wrists and elbows while constantly ball gagged.


If Emma thought she was receiving extra cruelty compared to those before she'd have been wrong though. In fact the sexy blonde was undergoing the same level of restriction, cruelty and humiliation as all those before her. Yet as she looked around the small windowless room she'd been moved to the night before, the darkness robbed her of any certainty other than her own discomfort and fear.


Except one thing, that is, for the first time since she'd been abducted, tasered, dressed up in a tiny bikini, tightly trussed up and gagged Emma was all alone. Gone was the fellow young blonde who'd been bound to the cross, the twins. Well she thought they were twins anyway, after all the both had the same curly strawberry blonde hair and figures. Emma vaguely remembered reading in a news paper about some abducted twins anyway.


She'd only seen them briefly the day before as they were being lead by dog leads through the basement. Emma could still picture the first, dressed in a shinny yet tiny silver bikini, her mouth rammed full by a matching coloured ball gag. While her wrists, red raw from the extremely tight metal handcuffs, and ankles were shackled, linked by a short chain.


Then there was her sister, dressed in a brightly printed strapless bikini, again as with everyone else at least a size to small. Emma couldn't help but think the top in fact was so small it might as well have been a belt. Again like her sister the other twins wrists were red raw from the painful looking handcuffs, while the ankles were shackled the same way.


Feeling her eyes well up with tears again at the thought of the others she'd seen, Emma had just clenched them closed when she heard the door to her little cell unlock. When again Emma opened her eyes the early autumn sun that blazed past her abductor stung. It was a feeling almost as bad as the rope binding her.


However as Emma's eyes adjusted to the light streaming in through the door she realised her assumption was wrong. In truth it wasn't her abductor at all but yet another poor unfortunate girl. This one a stunningly attractive brunette, yet again squeezed into a bikini at least one size to small. The shiny gold Lycra literally only covered where it touched and that wasn't very much at all.


Emma couldn't really make out how the newcomer’s arms were bound, but judging by the way her shoulders were pulled back and her chest stood out the sexy blonde guessed it was the same as she experienced. So if she was right that would mean the brunette had her wrists and also her elbows bound very tightly together, with what Emma assumed would be more of a brown shaded rope rather than gold. After all, up to then, the very thing the young blonde had seen proved that all the girls were bound with rope of a similar colour to the skimpy bikini's they wore.


As her eyes worked their way downward Emma almost nodded to herself, seeing first the light brown rope wrapped around her fellow captive’s waist before being pulled cruelly between the brunettes crotch. Emma could clearly see how it passed between the brunette’s lips and guessed it also split her butt cheeks as well. In fact, if her own experience was to be replicated, that same rope would be holding a torturously slowly vibrating bullet in place. So slow in fact it held her on the edge of climax yet never allowed the sexual release needed, possibly even longed for.


Then there were the brunettes legs, clearly lashed tightly together, the brown rope biting into the soft flesh of her fellow captives ankles, calves and two places on her toned thighs. Emma simply didn't know who to feel most sorry for right then herself or the brunette before her.


Finally, though, the silence was broken by a strangely calm, sweet sounding female voice, "now my little playthings listen very, very carefully I shall say this only once." Words that straight away left Emma rolling her eyes as she thought about the reruns of the old BBC sitcom Allo, Allo she'd watched with her father when younger.


Yet still the sweet quiet voice continued.  "Very soon I will be leaving you two together, if you wish to eat and drink this morning you will work as a team to free each other once the door bangs shut. However hear this now - if only one of you is free when I return later today my wrath will be great and you'll both suffer. Oh yes and one more thing - I expect to find you both naked and ready for you new bikinis then as well."


No sooner had the talking finished with those worrying words then a loud smack, landed expertly on the pert butt of the young brunette, followed by a well muffled yelp. Emma watched on as carefully her new cell mate hopped forward. As a second loud smack landed followed by another yelp Emma quite rightly guessed the helpless brunette simply wasn't hopping quick enough.


She was right in was mere seconds before the young brunette lost her balance, stumbled, and fell. Naturally being so tightly bound there was no way she could break her fall, so it came as quite a relief to both when with a loud "mmmppphhh" the young women landed on the mattress beside Emma.


It was there the pair lay as lights flickered off and the door slammed shut plunging them into near silence. A silence only broken by the poor brunettes faint whimpering and Emma's deep exasperated breathes.




End of part two








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