The bikini bandit - Part 3









Lunch time

Richmond, North Yorkshire

August 5th


As she stood waiting for the final member of the local college swim team to arrive, the now prolific Bikini Bandit couldn't help but smile broadly. What was for her understandable, for everyone else would appear twisted, how she was simply enjoying the sight of the first three 18 year old girls helpless on the floor before her.


There at her feet lay two slim young brunettes, and a strawberry blonde, all dressed in their shiny blue and silver Knights one-piece swimsuits. Obviously it wasn't as simple as that as the trio also sported huge navy blue full harness ball gags, with further strips of silver duct tape layered on top. Then there was the rope, neat, tidy and very, very strictly tied in so many places on the girls bodies.


Even though all three lay unconscious, having been tasered as they arrived, there was no mistaking how biting and effective their bindings were. Each girl sported dark blue nylon climbing rope tightly holding their wrists and elbows together, not to mention the stylish, yet time consuming breast harnesses. A binding that only served to extenuate the trio’s reasonably small yet firm pert breasts to their fullest.


Then of course there was the lower part of the trio’s bodies.  First of all, the three young girls had very strict tight crotch ropes tied between their sexy toned legs. It had been pulled so tight that it was clear how much of the swimsuits soft sensual Lycra was pushed into their pussies and butt cheeks. 


This had been followed next by their legs, encircled around the ankles, calves, just below the knees and finally just above the knees and below the butt cheeks. Very effectively clinched off by the rope being ran in the opposite direction, it was plainly clear escape would be impossible even before the final length of matching blue nylon rope was added.  Although it was short in length, it was the rope that held the young trio’s heels to their wrists in the strictest of hogties.


It was into this scene of pure helplessness that the forth and final member of the swim team entered. This one was a tall, slim blonde, with a small yet firm butt, very small yet noticeable breasts - she was certainly stunning and just what the Bikini Bandit liked. Naturally it was a scene the young blonde had little time to absorb as within seconds her body convulsed from the immense shock dispensed by the taser in her attacker’s hand.


With a barely audible gasp the young blonde slumped into the experienced hands of the Bikini Bandit as her world went black. It was the same professionalism and experience that soon saw the sexy young blonde stripped then redressed in a swimsuit that matched those worn by her friends. Then of course it came to the binding and gagging - but sadly thanks to her late arrival time was pressed. Something that angered her attacker, hence in response the furious Bikini Bandit resorted to using several thick, long black zip ties out of her kidnap bag.


She was so furious and frustrated over the delay in fact that no mercy was shown to the sexy blonde.  Round the wrists went the first harsh black plastic tie. Pulled so tight it bit into the young girls wrists to the point where red marks appeared almost instantly, yet for her it got worst. A second thick zip tie bit into the thin flesh just below the blondes elbows pulling them together whether the poor victim could normally manage to get them to touch or not.


There was no sign of calm when it came to the slim gorgeous blondes legs either when the harsh plastic of the zip ties bit into the flesh of her ankles, calves and thighs. Again red marks were visible, even before just like her friends the young swimmer, with the help of a final black tie was placed in the cruellest of hogties. So hard a hogtie that the blonde’s heels physically touched her small, firm, pert butt.



15 minutes later

Richmond North Yorkshire


With the four helpless, unconscious 18 year old students hidden in the back of her small yet perfectly sized Ford Transit Connect van, the Bikini Bandit slipped back into the swimming pools changing room. She made one final check round before heading to the little office belonging to the girls’ coach, where faint moans could be heard.


With photographs in hand, one for each of her new victims she looked over towards the coach’s desk. A desk where a now conscious 40 something brunette lay in just a pair of plain black satin panties, tightly spread-eagled with her wrists and ankles secured to the table legs. Her mouth was packed full and her cheeks bulging, thanks to the three sets of worn panties once belonging to the trio who were captured first - the poor brunette was well gagged. Even without the way silver duct tape had been wrapped both over her mouth and round her head half a dozen times, she have never got the panties out herself.


Struggling to turn her head as the women entered, the same women who had overpowered and left her in such a humiliating position as she spoke the brunette moaned out loud. "Well my helpless little coach I must congratulate you on your choice of pupils.  They really do look so cute all tied up and gagged as they are, but sadly we have to go now. Oh have no fear - I have a couple of things to keep you busy starting with these."


The 40 something coach’s eyes shot wide open as she pulled and strained against the effective restricting ropes holding her in place.  She shook her head wildly, the sight of the two crocodile clips held in her tormentors hands terrifying her. However, all she saw in response was an evil smile from behind the mask the Bikini Bandit wore as she walked ever closer.


With a loud gasp the coach felt the latex gloved hands of her attacker begin caressing her soft 34 d-cup breasts, the fingers twisting and tweeting her nipples. Try as she might the brunette coach was unable to resist and it wasn't long before her nipples became hard just as the Bikini Bandit wanted. It was only then, with a well muted scream, the coach felt the hard metal teeth of a clamp bit into her left nipple.  This was followed moments later by the exact same feeling in her right nipple.


Yet still her suffering and torment wasn't over as she felt something hard and egg shaped being pushed deep inside her pussy. Then came the next shock when the wicked device started to slowly vibrate, gently speeding up till soon the coach couldn't help but moan and gasp. It wasn't long before the first waves of climax began to sweep over the helpless, convulsing coach. With her eyes glazing over from the sexual torment, the powerless coach watched as the Bikini Bandit wandered out locking the door behind her.




Richmond North Yorkshire

August 5th


She could only describe the journey as the wildest white knuckle ride of her life, sitting in the passenger seat of an ancient yet highly modified 1970 Plymouth Barracuda as it travelled at speeds of up to 130mph down the A1 from Newcastle. DCI Abbott had no idea where this old American muscle car had come from, let alone how it had blue and red lights with a siren but there it was. Under the escort of several clearly identified police cars they had made their way some 60 miles down the road and all in under 45 minutes to end up in a comfortable room in the Richmond police station.


It was after that terror ride that Ranger Grainger and DCI Abbott sat with a clearly troubled and upset swim coach. It was obvious to Derrick and Claire that despite the Ranger’s rather gruff and direct attitude care would have to be taken, but still the fact that this attractive 40 something brunette was his first link to finding his goddaughter hadn't been missed.


Likewise the shaken yet determined coach knew all too well she was the best hope of finding the 4 girls she had supported and cherished until they reached such a high standard. Having identified themselves to the women, still wrapped in the soothing red blanket issued by the ambulance crew that had checked her over, the coach went through the basics.


Slowly in a faint quiet voice born as much out of the two and a half hours she spent being sexually tortured, suffering orgasm after orgasm to the point where she fainted with exhaustion, and the after effects of the mouth parching gag the coach began. Firstly confirming that she was indeed 42 year old Julia McLean and that she lived in the Richmond area.


Obviously shivering at the thoughts going through her mind Julie began the detailed account of what she knew had happened and just how things had unfolded. She explained how she'd arrived at the swimming pool next to the old train station, that now contained a restaurant and art gallery, approximately an hour before she expected the four main members of the area’s swim team.


Then after a pause she continued, her eyes clenched closed as she fought back tears, telling how within seconds of entering her office she'd felt a latex gloved hand clamp over her mouth.  Julie explained it was in fact a blue latex surgical glove and how while the grip was firm the hand inside felt soft. However it was such a brief encounter at that time as Julie's world was plunged into darkness.


Julie recounted how for the slightest of moments she'd felt the shock of electricity course through her entire body before that darkness closed over her. It was a fact that wasn't missed by Derrick as he quickly inquired just where the brunette coach had felt the shock and asked if he could see. It was with an understandable hesitation at first, but finally after a minute or so of consideration and silence the coach agreed and stood.


Turning around she moved the warm soothing red blanket not only revealing her wonderful round arse covered only by a pair of black satin panties but also to red marks that Derrick recognised all too well. Moving closer he briefly examined the marks - not much bigger than the heads of a pair of needles, in fact some would say they looked like the fangs of a vampire.


Knowing of course just how uncomfortable Julie must be feeling after such a terrible ordeal Derrick quickly, and yet with strange gentleness for someone as large and strong as he was, covered her again with the blanket and helped her to sit back down. Heading back to where Claire sat the Ranger quickly scribbled down, "old and basic taser used."


Then it was on with the telling of the events that followed, starting with how the attractive coach found herself once consciousness was regained. Julie continued by explaining that when she awoke she'd already been stripped to just her panties and was incredibly tightly bound to the table. It was in fact the exact position she'd been in when finally rescue had arrived.


Julie admitted she instantly began to panic her arms and legs lashed tightly down to her desk, being spread so wide it was a terrible feeling. Then she continued - there were the straps ratcheted so harshly around her waist, just below her bare, naked breasts and just above her spread knees, meaning movement was impossible. The 42 year old brunette continued explaining how a soft, well spoken female voice greeted her as she awoke, and how it explained who she was and what she was about to do. Naturally Julie had attempted to scream, yell and get attention but was unable to even as she heard the first of her young charges enter the changing room.


Continuing even as her eyes welled up and her already weak voice began to break ever so slightly, the coach explained how from the voice she'd heard call out the first girl that had arrived was the taller of the two brunettes. Julie told how she was unable to warn her, and how moments later she'd heard the girl she identified as Victoria Ford let out a gasp before silence descended again.


As the coach talked Ranger Grainger scribbled down brief notes, but key points none the less, it hadn't been missed how the Bikini Bandit had used a taser, nor that the person they were looking for was female. It was also evident that the women in question was very efficient when it came to binding and gagging her victims, not to mention well prepared to do so. Both Derrick and Claire knew it wasn't much to go on but it was at least a start even as the coach continued.


On Julie went explaining how she'd heard strawberry blonde Fiona Burns arrive next, the familiar gasp and rustling sounds coming within seconds till again silence. Then the pair were told how the second of the two brunettes Angela White followed only what Julie guessed was minutes later. Till finally, late for some reason, the last of the four girls, Natalie Sykes joined her helpless unconscious friends.


Nodding as he heard this account Derrick finally understood why unlike the others tightly bound with rope Natalie was trapped by evil looking, viciously tightly fastened zip ties. Her late arrival had robbed the Bikini Bandit of the time she's wanted.


Standing as they thanked Julie for her time and going through her ordeal so soon after it happened, Ranger Grainger and DCI Abbott turned and left the room. Hearing Julie cry as two other female police officers went to comfort the coach Derrick turned to Claire and said, "well it wasn't nice to hear but at least we finally have a starting point, let's get back up to Newcastle and make a start on what we now have."


End of part 3








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