The Bikini Bandit part 4








Just outside Alnwick, Northumberland

2 hours and 30 minutes later


By the time she arrived home with the now full conscious yet securely trussed up and gagged quartet, the Bikini Bandit was well aware that she'd taken a huge risk leaving behind the rather stuck up snooty coach. However, she also knew how careful she had been, staying out of the view of the handful of rather dated unimpressive security cameras, and ensuring no physical evidence remained.


She couldn't help but smile to herself, and why not - after all as she remained in the little white van the sweet sounds of four helpless girls moans and whimpers filled her ears. Yet there was more as she knew all too well, as inside she would be greeted by 11 girls, all bar one naked and waiting for her orders.


As for the odd one out...  Well, that would be her first ever victim, her own little brat of a sister, the most despised person in her life. To her parents, the very parents that had after a major family falling out disowned her, the brat was the most perfect girl in the world - yet to the Bikini Bandit she was the bitch from hell. As such, unlike the others, Zoe as her parents had named her would never stop suffering, never be granted so much as a minutes freedom and most of all never see the light of day again. Well at least that was the Bikini Bandit’s plans...


Yet for now the woman in the front seat of the van had to dismiss these thoughts and get down to the business in hand – namely, the frantic, struggling terrified girls helplessly hogtied and gagged in the van with her. Oh but what a wonderful distraction without a shadow of a doubt in her mind they all were.


Even as she exited the van and headed towards the rear doors the Bikini Bandit couldn't help but ponder the events that had lead to the abduction of each and every young woman.  Well, she wasn't mulling over the actual events, oh no she was debating just why she'd done what she had.


She thought back to her second abduction - the very busty, very curvy, very sexy brunette Isabella Mind, the girl she'd been in love with, all be it secretly since they were both 16 and in college. In fact it was the way her horrid sister had told their parents she was a lesbian that had destroyed her life as she knew it. Yet now, even as she stood over the quartet struggling against their bonds, wearing only the skin tight Lycra swimsuits, the Bikini Bandit paused long enough to enjoy the memory.




Morpeth, Northumberland

June 23rd


As she sat outside the home of the girl she'd dreamt of for over 6 years, the young woman stopped and for a moment pondered over what she was about to do. After all she knew all too well that this 23 year old curvy brunette, Isabella Mind, had no interest in her.



Well, not the way she wanted anyway. Yes they'd been friends for a few years but Isabella was 100% straight and had a very nice, very sweet boyfriend who she'd met while away at university, but that only increased her lust and wanting.


It seemed like forever before finally she exited the car and crossed the road, all she needed crammed into her rather large shoulder bag, but the Bikini Bandit as she was about to become know was suffering from nerves. She knew how big a risk she was taking only 24 hours after finally snapping and grabbing her despised sister, but as she walked up the path, she had one thought in her mind.


“In for one, in for more” she whispered before she went after the girl she wanted just as much.


With a deep breath and large sigh she knocked on the door, well aware that the curvy, sexy brunette she lusted after was home alone.  As she waited, she shuffled around while fumbling with the taser in her pocket.  Eventually Isabella, her curvy body seemingly covered by just a simple white towelling dressing gown answered the door.


Not even given time to greet the women she saw as a friend, however, Isabella was instantly hit by the high voltage of the taser in her attacker’s hand. As, with a faint groan she slumped to the floor the woman stepped inside, closing the door behind her. It had been such a sudden start to her new career as a twisted abductor...   The shaking woman paused for a moment before removing the unconscious women's gown.


Her eyes opened wide from the incredible sight before her on the floor. A sexy curvy body clad in only in a small black satin thong and flesh coloured padded uplift bra. An accessory that only served to increased the awesome appearance of her large soft mounds rising and falling with her slow gentle breathing.


Standing there, rather in awe, the woman could oh so easily have moved straight to the binding and gagging, yet it wasn't quite what she wanted. Knowing that in her mind and with a swiftness she was come to emulate in the future, she plunged her hand into the shoulder bag, producing something she'd held onto for years. Even as she felt the soft sensual Lycra in her hands she smiled, her mind drifting back to happier times.


As she looked down at both the bikini in her hands and the helpless girl on the floor it quickly became apparent that time had ensured the two would not fit as they once did. Yet strangely that was all the more erotic to the twisted dominating woman there this day, even as frantically she yanked Isabella's underwear off.


Her mind racing, so unsure of herself and the effects of the taser, she got to work.  It was surprisingly difficult, yet she was full of glee as she began forcing the black and white leaf patterned bikini bottoms over Isabella's curvy sexy arse. Loving both the way the helpless woman's smooth cool legs felt on her hands and the bottoms ended up squeezing that perfect arse.


Yet there was still the bra style top to deal with. It, like the bottoms, had clearly become too small for the sexy brunette and once in place lead to quite an amazing sight. As the top squeezed and fought against Isabella's large soft mounds of pleasure, the struggle to contain them became clearly evident, something that would also become a trait of the Bikini Bandit in the future. Yet for now she was only thinking of the present.


However she was broken from her revelry by a soft moan - it was becoming obvious the taser’s effects were slowly wearing off. Again something she would understand better in the future, yet right now she had to move on and quick.


Shaking her head in disbelief with the immense effort it was taking, she forcedthe 3" bright pink ball gag she'd gone all the way to a specialist shop in Blaydon to purchase into Isabella's lovely, kissable mouth. Yet more importantly, the time she was wasting with the effort was time she could not spare.  So she made a special mental note, "in the future pick a smaller, easier to use size."


It was now as she heard the faint weak moans and saw the flickering of Isabella's eyes that the Bikini Bandit quickly rolled her former friend but now captive over onto her stomach. Still too nervous and mistrusting of her binding skills, and while taking the opportunity with one hand to rub and caress the lycra clad arse she'd loved from a distance for so long, the Bikini Bandit reached over to her bag.


Producing ten thick 18" long black zip ties, she was ready for the penultimate action of Isabella's abduction. With surprising ease as the sexy brunette continued to regain consciousness the now panicked and sweating woman pulled Isabella's arms behind her back. As she expected, despite her slight fumbling first one then a second of the zip ties, one directly above the other, pinned the groaning brunette’s wrists together, her hands palm to palm. Yet with wicked glee, as she knew the rather wonderful side effects, the Bikini Bandit wasn't done with Isabella's arms. As with a little effort and by now a lot more moaning two of the plastic ties slowly but surely pulled the elbows together.


Yet even though she wished so much to savour Isabella, that incredible curvy arse and those awesome breasts, the twitching of the legs of her victim told the still inexperienced Bikini Bandit she needed to move quicker, much quicker. So without further hesitation it was onto the leg binding, minus the caressing and groping she'd so waited for.


It was only minutes later, with a now full conscious and aware Isabella fighting and struggling against all the tight zip ties holding her arms and legs together that the Bikini Bandit finally added the last tie. It was the very tie that forced the sexy brunette into the strictest possible hogtie.



Back in Alnwick.


Broken from her flash back before she could picture all the groping, caressing and pleasure she'd taken with Isabella by the loud moaning of her helpless new arrivals, the Bikini Bandit nodded slowly. Knowing all too well in her secluded location no-one would hear their muffled yells and screams, it was still time to move them inside.




End of part 4







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