Chapter 1

At The Hollies Academy for Girls, a very exclusive private boarding school for gifted teenage girls. Sixteen year old Lucinda Prior-Palmer and her seventeen year old friend Rebecca Phillips sat outside the principal’s office waiting to be called in. They had been taken to the principal after the gym teacher Miss. Harrison caught them smoking behind the gym.

“What are they doing in there we’ve been waiting ages?” Lucinda asked.

“I don’t know lou.” Rebecca replied.

“Right you two in you come Principal Matthews will see you now.” Miss Harrison said poking her head around the office door a good while later.

The girls entered the office where the grey haired, spectacled principal was sat behind her desk. The girls stood in front of the desk with Miss. Harrison standing behind them. Principal Matthews looked up from the folder she had open on her desk and looked at the girls over the top of her glasses.

“I have a problem with you two girls don’t I? How many times is this now I’ve had to punish you this term for smoking? Well can one of you tell me?”

“Two maybe three times, Marm.” Lucinda answered.

“What about you Miss. Phillips can you tell me?”

“No, Marm.” Rebecca replied.

“I’ll tell you shall I? Eight times, yes that’s right eight times you’ve brought to me for smoking.” The principal said showing the girls her records in the folder.

“Obviously I’m wasting my time with you any punishment I issue you with has no effect, so with your parent’s permission I’m sending you away for a short while to a place where you will learn some discipline. First thing in the morning you will be collected from here and taken to Camp Beaufort.”

“Brat Camp? No please don’t Marm.” Rebecca tearfully begged.

“I’m sorry Rebecca you girls give me no other option if you wish to stay at this school and finish your education you are going to brat camp as you call it. Miss. Harrison take these two to the detention room until morning and make sure they stay there I don’t want them disturbing the rest of the school.”

The blonde haired gym mistress took hold of the arms of the two shocked girl’s and led them out of the office. On the way across the school grounds they met Miss. Bradley a young strict English teacher who wasn’t very well liked by all the girls at the school.

“Miss. Bradley could you spare a few minutes to help me with these two young ladies? They have to spend the rest of the day in the detention room before going to Beaufort in the morning; Principal Matthews doesn’t want them disturbing the rest of the school.” Miss Harrison explained.

“Of course Miss. Harrison I have no class this period.”

The girls thought it was odd they’d been put in the detention room many times before and it had never taken two teachers to take them there.

The detention room was just a bare room with a few desks and chairs where girls that had done wrong were sent to spend a very boring few hours as a punishment in what should be their own free time. Once inside the room Lucinda and Rebecca where ordered to take a seat behind one of the desks, the desks were always kept locked and the girls were about to find out why as Miss. Harrison unlocked the two desks. Inside each desk were a number of coils of white rope and scarves.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve had to use these.” Miss. Bradley remarked.

“What are you going to do to with those? You’re going to tie us up aren’t you?” Lucinda nervously asked.

“Give this girl a merit mark for observation Miss. Bradley.” Miss. Harrison mocked.

“Please don’t, you’ve no need to do that.” Rebecca begged.

“You’d better get used to it girlie if you’re going to Brat Camp.” Miss Bradley replied grabbing hold of Rebecca wrists and pulling them behind her back over the back of the chair.

Miss Bradley began then to tie Rebecca’s wrists tightly together while Miss. Harrison did the same to Lucinda.

“OUCH! It’s too tight.” Lucinda cried as Miss. Harrison pulled the rope as tight as she could before knotting it.

Miss. Harrison ignored her and took one of the scarves from the desk and rolled it into a ball, she pinched the girl’s nose tightly together so she couldn’t breathe through it, when Lucinda opened her mouth to breathe the scarf was stuffed in her mouth, another scarf was folded into a band the centre of the band was pushed into her mouth and the two loose ends tied behind her head over her long blonde hair. Rebecca was gagged by Miss. Bradley in a similar way with the scarf being knotted under her long black ponytail. Both girls then had their ankles and knees tied tightly together, finally the teachers tied rope around their upper bodies passing it above and below their breasts to secure them to the back of the chair.

“A job well done Miss. Bradley thank you for your help.” Miss. Harrison said stepping back to admire their handy work.

“It was a pleasure Miss. Harrison. Thank you for asking me, I’d better run I have a class in five minutes.” Miss Bradley replied looking at her watch before leaving the room.

Miss. Harrison sat on the large teacher’s desk at the front of the room, looking at the two bound frightened girls. She pulled a packet of cigarettes that she had confiscated from the girls earlier from her pocket.

“Anyone care for a cigarette?” She mocked holding the packet out in front of the girls.

“Ciggie Miss. Prior-Palmer? How about you Miss. Phillips I’m sure you’d love a smoke right now.”

“MMMPPHH! MMMPPPHHH!” The girls protested.

“Silly me I forgot you’ve already got something in your mouths, what shame. I’ll just have to destroy these lovely cigarettes that I’m sure you’re both craving for right now.” The teacher mocked as she dropped the packet of the floor and crushed it with her foot.

“Right I’ll have to love and leave you; I have a class of girls eagerly waiting to go on a cross country run.”

The teacher left locking the door behind her, after turning off the lights in windowless room plunging the two girls into almost total darkness.







Chapter 2

After what seemed an eternity locked in the dark room the girls heard the door being unlocked, to their surprise when the lights were switched on it wasn’t one of the teachers that had tied them up or Principal Matthews that had come into the room it was Nurse Dawson the school nurse.

“My my, Miss. Harrison and Miss. Bradley certainly wanted to make sure you two weren’t going anywhere today didn’t they?” The nurse said with a smirk on her face seeing the two tied up girls, who were still wearing their school uniforms.

“NNNNNMMPPPPHHHH! MMMMMMPPPPHH!” The two girls cried struggling against their bonds.

“I’m sorry I can’t untie you if that’s what you are trying to say.” The pretty young nurse told them.

“Miss. Harrison has asked me to pop in and give you something to help you sleep tonight.”

The two girls looked at each other nervously.

“Don’t look so worried girls they’re only sleeping tablets they won’t do you any harm. I’m going to take those gags out of your mouths for a few moments please don’t call out, I’d hate to have to hurt you.”

The nurse stood behind Lucinda and untied her gag helping her to spit the balled scarf out, then from the pocket of her crisp white uniform she took a small bottle and emptied two little tablets on to her hand.

“Open up a hold out your tongue Lucinda.”

“Please nurse I’d rather not take the sleeping tablets if that’s ok.”

“No girl it isn’t ok, you can either take the tablets or I have something in my bag I will inject you with to make you sleep, the choice is yours.”

“Ok I’ll take your tablets.” Lucinda replied not liking thought of being injected with something.

The girl held her tongue and the nurse placed the tablets on it. The nurse then held a bottle of water to the girl’s mouth.

“Have a drink to wash them down.”

Lucinda’s mouth was terribly dry from the gag and she wanted to drink all the water but the nurse pulled the bottle away after one mouthful.

“Not too much or you’ll want to pee.” The nurse told her.

The nurse then finished with Lucinda by re-gagging her the same way as before. She then switched her attention to Rebecca and removed her gag.

“Please Nurse Dawson why can’t you untie us? You can keep us locked up in here we can’t go anywhere.”

“That isn’t possible Rebecca; anyway girls that smoke deserve everything they get. Now be quiet and hold out your tongue.”

Rebecca did as she was told watched by Lucinda who was already beginning to feel sleepy. Once Rebecca had taken the tablets she too was re-gagged like before. The nurse stayed with them for a short while making sure both girls fell into a deep sleep before picking up her bag and leaving locking the door behind her.

The next morning the girls were woken up by Miss. Harrison, and Nurse Dawson to their relief and surprise they had already been untied apart from their hands which were still bound behind their back and their gags had also removed.

“Nurse Dawson, would you please take them one at a time to the toilet block across the hall and help them to freshen up?” Miss. Harrison said.

The young nurse took hold of Rebecca and helped her to her feet and led her away, after a while they returned and Lucinda was taken away. While she was away a member of the kitchen staff arrived with a tray containing two bowls of cereal and a jug of orange juice. Once Lucinda had been brought back the girls hands were untied and they were allowed to eat breakfast at their desks in silence.

Not long after breakfast was over Miss. Harrison received a call on her mobile.

“The bus has arrived.” She told the nurse after ending the call.

The two frightened girls looked nervously at each other knowing this was it they were about to leave for Brat Camp.

Miss. Harrison passed Nurse Dawson a pair of handcuffs.

“Put these on Miss Phillips please nurse.”

The nurse stood Rebecca up and pulled her hands behind her back and locked the cuffs on her wrists, while Miss. Harrison did the same to Lucinda.

Next the teacher past the nurse a red ballgag.

“Fasten this in her mouth and then they’re ready to go.”

“NOOOOOMMMPPPHH!” Rebecca protested shaking her head as the nurse held the ball up to her mouth before forcing it in.

Lucinda was a bit more cooperative knowing it was hopeless to resist Miss. Harrison who was much bigger and stronger than her.

Much to the girls embarrassment they were led through the school where they could hear the other girls laughing and talking about them, out to the waiting bus. The black mini bus with blacked out windows with Camp Beaufort wrote on the side was parking outside the entrance to the school. Principal Matthews was already outside chatting to a tall well built dark haired woman possibly in her early thirties dressed in some kind of uniform not unlike a police uniform, when the girls arrived.

“Ladies let me introduce Officer Chambers from Camp Beaufort, Officer Chambers this is Lucinda Prior-Palmer, and Rebecca Phillips.” The principal said

The stern looking woman looked the two girls up and down before saying.

“From this moment onwards will be known as Palmer and Phillips and nothing else. You will address me as Officer Chambers at all time and my partner who you will meet once we’re on the bus, as Officer Clarkson. Now get on the bus.”

The girls struggled to climb on the bus with their hands cuffed behind their backs but were roughly pulled on board by an even bigger identically dressed woman with short cropped blonde hair who looked to be roughly the same age as Officer Chambers.

The girls looked down the bus and couldn’t believe the frightening, sickening sight before them. Four more girls were also on the bus all heavily strapped to their seats but the most frightening thing of all each girl had some kind of black cloth bag or sack over her head and tied around her neck. The officers took a girl each and pushed her down the bus. Chambers pushed Lucinda down on to a seat near the front of the bus while Clarkson took Rebecca nearer to the back. Once the girls were seated keeping theirs hands cuffed and their mouths gagged the officers began strapping them to the seat with a number of leathers straps with were fixed to the seats in various positions The first strap was buckled tightly around their waists, the second went under their arms and was buckled very tightly below their breasts, the third went also went under their arms and buckled very tightly above their breasts, a fouth strap was buckled around their neck like a collar but it was fixed to the seat, the fifth strap was fixed to the seat under their bottom and was pulled very tightly between the girl’s legs before being locked onto the buckle of the strap around her waist, the officers then took a leather belt like strap from a pocket on the backrest of the seat in front and used this to very tightly bind the girl's knees together and finally two small straps fixed to the bottom of the seat were fastened around the girl’s ankles. It was now impossible for the girl's to move any part of their body. Now the moment both girls had been dreading.

“The location of Camp Beaufort must remain a secret to you in order to hinder any thought of escape you have in your pretty little heads, therefore your journey to the camp will be in darkness.” Chambers told them.

The officers again reached into the pocket on the seat in front and pulled out the black bags which were placed over the sobbing frightened girl’s heads and tied tightly under their chin. After a short while the bound, gagged and blindfolded girls heard the engine of the bus start up.

“Next stop Brat Camp.” Clarkson laughed as the bus pulled away.








Chapter 3

The journey to the camp was a long frightening, uncomfortable, silent one for the girl’s the silence only being broken by the sound of gagged sobs coming from some of the other girls on the bus. After what seem like hours the bus came to a halt.

“Ok Ladies we are now at Camp Beaufort.” Officer Chambers shouted down the bus.

“One at a time you will taken in to see the camp doctor who will give you a full strip search and brief medical examination after which you will be issued with your camp uniform before being taken to base camp where you will meet your instructors. Officer Clarkson free the first girl please. The rest of you will remain here on the bus as you are now until it’s your turn to be taken in.”

Lucinda being at the front of the bus was the first to go in, after all the straps were unbuckled she was roughly pulled to her feet and dragged off the bus with the bag still tied over her head and her hands still cuffed. She felt herself being dragged across what felt like grass and up a small flight of steps into some kind of building. Once she was outside the doctor’s room her hood was removed, and the gag taken out of her mouth and she was pushed down onto a chair. The bright lights hurt her eyes, and she struggled to see at first after being in darkness for so long but after a short while her vision return to normal. She was in what looked a large wooden cabin. The door across from where she was sat opened and middle aged dark haired woman in a light blue nurse’s uniform came out.

“Doctor Ward is ready for the first one now.”

“In you go, Palmer.” Officer Clarkson said pulling the girl to her feet and pushing her towards the door.

Once inside Lucinda was shocked to see Doctor Ward was a man, grey haired balding, spectacled man, wearing a grey suit. He wasn’t going to be allowed to strip search her surely, that’s not right. She thought to herself.

The nurse moved Lucinda so she stood in front of the doctor’s desk.

“Name?” The doctor asked without looking up from his computer screen.

“Lucinda Prior-Palmer, doctor.” Lucinda nervously replied.

“That isn’t the name the officer gave you is it young lady?” The doctor snapped.

“No, she said I would be known as Palmer from now on.”

“Then why didn’t you say that? In future when you are asked your name you will reply Palmer do you understand?”

“Yes Doctor.”

“Age?” The doctor continued.

“16, Doctor.”

“Look at the sheet of paper on the desk and tell me if you have any of the medical conditions listed on it.” The doctor said placing a sheet of A4 paper in front of the girl.

“No doctor I don’t have any of those.”

“Are you taking any medication at the moment?”

“No doctor.”

“Do you smoke or drink alcohol?”

“Both doctor.”

The doctor looked up shaking his head before typing the answer into his computer.

“Nurse will take your hand cuffs off now, and you will go behind the screens with her where you will be strip searched.”

Lucinda breathed a huge sigh of relief, relieved that the doctor wasn't doing the strip search. Once her hands were free she rubbed her wrists trying to rub some circulation back into to them, while nervously watching the nurse who was smiling has she put on a pair of white latex gloves.

“Before we go if you have any body piercing take them out now, that includes those earrings you are wearing you will get them back when you leave the camp.”

Lucinda removed the gold and diamond studs from her ears and opened her blouse to remove a diamond stud from her belly button.

“Is that the lot?” The nurse asked placing the jewelry into small brown envelope and writting Palmer on it..

“Yes, please don’t lose them they were a present off my boyfriend.”

“We’ll take good care of them don’t worry; now go behind the screen and you can strip for me.” The nurse said grabbing hold of Lucinda’s arm.

After a short while Lucinda was brought out from behind the screens wearing only her little white bra and panties.

“She’s clean Doctor.” The nurse said.

The doctor spun his seat around turning away from his desk and looked the girl up and down over the top of his glasses making Lucinda feel uneasy, she tried to cover herself up with her hands the best she could.

“Put your hands by your side girl I need to take a good look at you or I’ll have the nurse put the cuffs back on you.” He barked.

“Fucking dirty old pervert.” Lucinda thought to herself as she did as she was told.

“Turn around girl.” The Doctor ordered.

The nurse took hold of Lucinda and turned her around.

“Very well nurse take her next door and have the next one brought in.” The doctor said after a long pause.

The nurse took Lucinda through another door where she was handed over to a large overweight grey haired middle aged woman, who had a tape measure hanging around her neck.

“I’m going to issue you with your uniform.” The woman told her.

“What’s your name?”

“Palmer.” Lucinda replied.

The woman made a note on a clipboard on her desk.

“What’s your bra size Palmer?”


“Thank you. What size knickers will you require?”

“12’s please”

“Thank you. And your shoe size?”


“Thank you. I’ll get those for you now.” The woman said after makings notes on her clipboard.

The woman returned not only carrying the underwear and a pair of white training shoes; she was also carrying a bright orange boiler suit style pair of overalls.

“Put these on.”

Lucinda looked around the room

“What’s the matter Palmer?” The woman asked.

“Where’s the changing room?” She replied.

“You’re already in it girl. Don’t mind me I’ve seen it all a million times before, now get changed or I’ll call the officers”

Reluctantly Lucinda removed her own expensive designer underwear and replaced them with the pair of old fashioned white cotton knickers and sports style bra issued to her, next she put on the horrible orange boiler suit followed by the training shoes. The woman then issued her with a bag containing two spare sets of underwear and few basic toiletries.

“Take a seat over there Palmer I’ll call an officer and come and collect you.” The woman said pointing to a single chair up against the wall.

After a short while an officer Lucinda hadn’t seen before arrived. Once again she was a big strong looking woman who wasn’t to be messed with. The officer never spoke she just walked in and roughly pulled Lucinda to her feet, quickly and efficiently she cuffed the girl’s hands behind her back, before Lucinda knew it she was having a ballgag forced into her mouth and fastened behind her head, like before a black bag was placed over her head and tied under her chin before she was led out to another waiting bus. The officer threw her bag onto the luggage rack above her head and strapped her in like before, to wait for the other girls before being taken to base camp.






Chapter 4

Once all six girls were secured on the bus, it drove away, this time the journey only lasted about ten or fifteen minutes mostly over rough bumpy ground before coming to a halt.

“Ok ladies this is as far as we go, your instructors are waiting outside, and you will continue your journey to base camp on foot with them.” The officer shouted down the bus.

All the girls were un-strapped and taken from the bus, where their hoods were removed and the supply bag they were given was hung around their necks. They were in some kind of wooded area surrounded by trees, three young women stood before them all dressed the same in a khaki coloured button up short sleeved shirt, and matching khaki shorts, all three of them wore hiking style boots, but what took the girls attention the most was the leather tipped riding crops they were all holding.

“No time for introductions now girls we have a four hour walk to base camp, so we’ll have to get a move on if we are to get there before dark.” A dark haired woman who looked a little older than the other two said.

All six girls looked at each other in shock were they going to be made to walk through the woods for four hours with their hands cuffed behind their backs and a ballgag in their mouths? The answer was yes, as the older woman who seemed to be in charge told them to form a line and follow her. She set off walking at fast pace the six girls followed in a line with Rebecca at the front and the other two instructors followed on at rear. The afternoon sun was hot and the walk was hard going over the rough terrain at such a fast pace set by the woman, and it was long before one of the girls a little plump girl who looked like she didn’t do much exercise began to lag behind the other five slightly.

“Keep up girl.” One of the instructors barked in her ear, giving her a hard crack on the bottom with her crop, which shocked and angered the other girls.

It wasn't long before Lucinda too was finding the pace too hot and began to slow up leaving a gap between her and the girl in front which the other instructor spotted straight away and she ran up alongside Lucinda.

“Catch up girl, close that gap.” She shouted pushing Lucinda so hard in the back she nearly fell over.

Soon they reach an open area in the woods where a couple of fallen trees lay on the ground.

“Ok ladies some of you look like you need a break so we’ll have five minutes, take a seat on that tree trunk over there.” The leader said pointing to one of the fallen trees.

The relieved girls took a seat the leader unscrewed the top of a water bottle she was carrying around her neck, the girls thought they were going to get a drink but their disappointment she took a couple of mouthfuls and replaced the top, the other two instructors also took the opportunity to take a drink from their water bottles, one them walked over to the plump girl who was sat breathing heavily, her orange boiler suit was already covered in sweat.

“Need cooling down girl?” She asked pouring most of the contents of her bottle over the girls head.

“Right ladies on your feet lets go or we’ll be out here after dark and you won’t like that.” The leader called out

The instructor that shouted a Lucinda for slowing down picked her up and placed her at the front of the line.

“Now keep up or else you lazy little bitch.”She hissed into Lucinda’s ear.

Rebecca this time was near the back one place in front of the little plump girl.
After they had been walking for a while Rebecca heard a commotion behind her, the plump girl had stopped unable to carry on

“Walk you lazy fat bitch.” One of the instructors shouted giving the crying a hard crack with her crop.

The girl dropped to the floor

“Get up and walk.” She screamed trying to pull the exhausted girl to her feet while the other instructor hit her again and again with her crop.

Rebecca hated what she was seeing and ran over and barged into the instructor that was beating the girl knocking her to the ground. By this time the rest of the group had stopped and the leader had run back and took hold of Rebecca and dragged her away putting her back in line, telling her

“You will be punished for that when we get to camp young lady.”

“Now you girl get up and get back in line or you’ll be punished too.” She shouted at the plump girl

The girl did as she was told and rejoined the others.

“Now we’re only about two miles from camp anymore trouble from any of you for the remainder of the journey and you’ll all be punished when we get to camp now let’s go.”

As they walked the instructor Rebecca had knocked to the ground march up alongside her and grabbed a handful of the girls hair

“You are going to regret that for the rest of your stay at camp.” She snarled giving Rebecca’s hair a good hard pull causing her to scream into her gag.

The rest of the walk was uneventful and the group of exhausted girls finally reached a clearing in the woods with a number of large log cabins in it. The instructors went among the girls and removed their cuffs and gags.

“You stand over there.” The leader said to Rebecca pointing to an area away from the rest of the group.

“The rest of you go into that cabin and get yourselves a shower, you’ve all got clean underwear in your bags, use it. In the cabin you’ll find a selection of clean boiler suits find one your size and put it on. Then you’ll be brought back out here and we’ll have a short introduction session. In you go.” The leader instructed them.

The five girls went into the shower room watched nervously by Rebecca who was wondering what was going to happen to her. The other two instructors followed the five girls into the shower room.

“You young lady are coming with me.” The leader said taking hold Rebecca’s arm.

Rebecca was taken into another cabin.

“Take your boiler suit off.” The woman instructed the frightened girl.

While she stripped Rebecca watched the woman throw one end of a length of rope over a wooden beam near the ceiling. Rebecca stood nervously in her bra and panties as the woman told hold of her and moved her towards the rope that was dangling from the beam.

“Please Miss don’t tie me up, I’m sorry.” Rebecca sobbed as the woman began tying the rope around her wrists.

“It’s too late to be sorry girl, you girls are here to learn discipline, and it’s my job to teach it to you.” The woman replied.

Rebecca screamed with pain as the woman yanked on the rope pulling the girls hands high above her head making her stand on the very tips of her toes, before tying the rope off on a metal ring fastened to the wall.

“What’s you name girl?”

“Phillips.” The sobbing girl replied.

“Well Phillips this cute little bottom of yours is about to get a stinging.” The woman said pulling the girls panties down around her ankles and taking them off.

She rolled the panties up into a ball and held them up to Rebecca’s mouth

“Open up Phillips”

“Noooo” Rebecca screamed shaking her head before clamping her mouth shut.

“The more you resist the more severe your thrashing will be, now open up.” The woman warned her.

Rebecca saw sense and opened her mouth allowing her panties to be stuffed in.

“Don’t you dare spit them out.” The woman warned her before going over to a cupboard and taking out a piece of white cloth which she tied in the girl’s mouth to hold the panties in place.

The woman took more rope and tied the girl’s knees and ankles tightly together. Rebecca jumped as the woman took her by surprise landing a hard slap on her bare bottom with her hand, followed by another and another the woman continued alternating which buttock the slaps landed on. Tears rolled Rebecca’s cheeks as the spanking lasted a few minutes before the woman finally stopped, but it was only brief rest bite as the woman returned with her riding crop landing a hard stinging blow to the tops of the girl’s legs causing her to scream into her gag and thrash about with pain, four more stinging blows landed on her legs followed by another five on her bottom, and then five more on her legs followed by a final five on her bottom.

“Let this be a lesson to you Phillips, if I have to punish you again during your stay here it will be far worse for you.”The woman said standing in front of the crying girl.

“I’ll leave you to spend the night like this before joining the rest of your group in the morning. I must go and meet the other girls now.” The woman said before leaving and locking the door behind her.





Chapter 5

Once all five girls were showered and changed, the two instructors brought them back outdoors, where they were made to stand in a circle, the leader walked into the centre of the circle of girls.

“Right ladies just a brief introduction before bedtime, my name is Miss. Hannigan and these are my two assistants Miss.
Cody and Miss. Coxon. While you are here at base camp you will do whatever we tell you, or you will be punished, I’m already having to punish one of your group, don’t let yourselves be next. Let me explain a little bit about Camp Beaufort. Your stay at the camp will be split into four different stages, Base Camp or stage one, then you’ll be moved up to stage two, but only when I think you are ready. Once your leader on stage two is happy with your progress you will move on to stage three and then finally up to the summit camp or stage four where you will complete your training before being taken back to your schools. You are probably wondering why the orange boiler suits? Well the answer is simple if any of you are thinking of escaping you will be easily spotted from the air by our helicopter. Escape isn’t recommended as we are over thirty miles away from civilization and you will be caught and severely punished on your return, after which you will be made to start the whole training program again from scratch. Any questions?”

All the girls had a hundred and one questions they wanted to ask but were afraid so they all remained silent.

“Very well now all I need to know now are your names and ages starting with you and we’ll go around to the left.” Miss Hannigan said pointing to the little plump girl.

“Dobson 16.” The girl replied.

“More like bleeding Dobber.” Miss Cody whispered in Miss. Coxon’s ear which made her laugh.

“Quinn 17.” The next girl called out

“Palmer 16.” Lucinda called out.

“Walsh 17.” The next girl called out

“Kay 17.” The tallest girl of the group called out.

“Does anyone know the other girl’s name and age?” Miss Hannigan asked.

“Phillips 17.” Lucinda replied.

“Miss Cody, and Miss Coxon will take you to your rooms now and you will be brought food before being put to bed. Get a good night’s sleep because you will be assembled out here at day break to start your training.”

The girls were taken into another one of the log cabins and each locked in a tiny little room which just a sleeping bag on the floor. After a short while a flap at the bottom of the door was lifted up and tray containing a plate with a few dry biscuits and beaker of milk was passed through. Lucinda was starving she hadn’t eaten since breakfast neither had all the other girls, so she quickly scoffed the biscuits which tasted better than they looked and drank the milk. No sooner had she finished her food than the door opened and Miss. Cody walked in, Lucinda couldn’t help but notice the rope and pieces of white cloth she was carrying.

“Boiler suit and trainers off and be quick about it, I don’t have all night.” The woman barked.

Lucinda slowly and reluctantly began to unfasten the press studs on her boiler suit

“Hurry up, Palmer or you’ll be joining your friend in the punishment room.” The woman snapped which made Lucinda speed up.

One she had removed her suit and trainers the woman told her to get in her sleeping bag but not to zip it up, which she did. Miss. Cody then knelt down beside the girl and told her to roll onto her stomach when she did the woman reached inside the sleeping bag and pulled Lucinda’s arms behind her back and began to tightly tie he wrists together.

“Why do you have to tie us up, the door is locked we can’t escape.” Lucinda asked finding courage from somewhere.

“All part of your training my dear.” The woman answered before rolling Lucinda back on her back and zipping up the sleeping bag.

“Next she began to tightly tie rope on the outside of the sleeping bag around the girls feet, after which she worked her way up the girl’s body tying another five evenly spaced length’s of rope around her body completely mummifying the girl up to her head. Next she took one of the pieces of white cloth and neatly folded it into a wad.

“I always love this bit. Open up Palmer.” The woman said with an evil grin on her face holding the wad of cloth to the girl’s mouth.

Lucinda was in no position to offer any resistance and did as she was told allowing the cloth to be stuffed in her mouth, another piece of cloth was folded into wide band and over Lucinda’s mouth before knotted behind her head, and finally three layers of black tape were stuck over her gag. The woman finished off by tying another piece of cloth tightly over the girls eyes plunging her into frightening darkness. When Miss. Cody had left locking the door behind her, Lucinda lay listening to the sound of the other girls who had been tied the same way sobbing in the other tiny rooms, and thinking and worrying about the day ahead tomorrow and what was happening to her friend Rebecca.

Rebecca’s body was now beginning to ach like it had never ached before as she hung suspended from the beam in the punishment room. When the door began to open she hoped it was the leader woman come to set her free, but to her disappointed it was wasn’t. Miss. Coxon the assistant she had earlier pushed to the floor entered the room and stood before her.

“Comfortable bitch?” She sneered.

“NOOMMPPPHH!” Rebecca screamed into her gag struggling and thrashing about.

“No? Oh dear what a shame. Because I’m going to add to your discomfort.” Miss. Coxon said pulling down the cups on the girl’s bra.

“Nice little titties.” The woman said pinching one of Rebecca’s nipples between her fingers and twisting it as hard as she could, causing the helpless girl to cry out in pain. Miss. Coxon then reached into her pocket and pulled out two little silver objects joined by a silver chain.

“Do you know what these are?” She asked holding them up to the girls face.

Rebecca shook her head.

“Nipple clamps my pretty, very painful little nipple clamps.” Miss. Coxon said with huge grin on her face.

“NNOOMMPPHHH” Rebecca screamed struggling the best she could.

“Keep still you little bitch.” Miss. Coxon snapped giving the girl a couple of hard slaps on her already sore bottom.

Once Rebecca had calmed down the woman fastened the cruel painful nipple clamps on to her nipples and gave the joining chain a hard tug causing Rebecca great pain. The woman took a scarf from around her neck and tied it over the girl’s eyes.

“I wonder what the boys from the boys camp next door would say if they could see you like this. How about I ask Darren my boyfriend to send a couple over as a special treat for them.”

“NOOOMMPHHH.” Rebecca protested.

“Very well I’ll go and fetch them; in the meantime don’t you be going anywhere now.” Miss. Coxon said giving the chain on the nipple clamps another hard tug.

Rebecca, who was sobbing her heart out, heard the evil woman leave and nervously waited for her return with the boys. It wasn’t long before Rebecca heard the door open.

“Come on in boys this is the little bitch I was telling you about, have fun.”

But there wasn’t any boys just Miss. Coxon and Miss. Cody. The two of the began rubbing their hands all over the terrified sobbing girls body fondling her breasts, tugging on the nipple clamp chain, running their fingers between her legs, and spanking her bottom. The women struggled to retain their laughter as the poor girl moaned, screamed, struggled, and cried as her torment continued for a good while, before Miss. Coxon called out much to Rebecca’s relief.

“OK boys playtime over, maybe she’ll let you play again another day.

Miss. Cody opened and closed the door.

“Enjoy that bitch.” Miss. Coxon said pulling hard on the nipple clamp chain.

“NNOOMMPPHH” Rebecca who felt dirty and violated sobbed.

“Get used to it bitch, we’ll meet again tomorrow.” Miss. Coxon said before the two assistants left leaving the frightened sobbing girl alone to spend a very uncomfortable night.



Chapter 6


Despite being tied up and uncomfortable the five girls did manage some sleep unlike Rebecca who spent most of the night crying. The following morning they were woken up before dawn and released from their sleeping bags, after being allowed to use the bathroom and freshen up they were taken to breakfast which they were made to eat in silence where they were joined by Rebecca who had been set free by Miss. Coxon.
After breakfast the girls were taken outside where daylight was just breaking, and they were made to stand in a line to wait for Miss. Hannigan. After a few minutes Miss. Hannigan came out of her cabin and stood in front of the girls.

“Good morning girls. I trust you all sleep well? Because today we start your training for real. In a moment you will be taken into the next field where you will find a number of circles made of stones, you will each go to a circle and sit in it, as this is going to be your home during daylight hours while you are here at base camp. In your circle you will find a small box with a bottle of water and few food simple items in it those are your supplies for the day so don’t use them up all at once. You will each be allowed four toilet breaks a day if you wish to leave your circle for a toilet break you must raise your hands and ask one of the trainers. You must remain silent at all times while you are in your circle unless spoken to by one of your trainers. You may only sit or stand in your circle you must not lie down, anyone breaking these rules will be punished. Any Questions ladies?”

Quinn raised her hand

“Yes Quinn.”

“What if it rains will we be allowed to go indoors?” The girl asked.

“No Quinn, you will remain in your circles whatever the weather. Any more questions?” Miss Hannigan asked.

Lucinda raised her hand

“Yes Palmer.”

“What if for some reason we need more than four toilet breaks?”

“One of the trainers will take you into the bushes and you can pee in there, you will not be allowed into the cabin more than four times, I forgot to mention your toilet breaks will be timed and you must be back in your circle within five minutes or face being punished. Anymore questions?”

The girls all looked at each other but no one raised their hand.

“Very well, Miss. Cody and Miss. Coxon will take you into the field.”

The girls were taken through a gate into the next field where they saw number of circles only a couple of metres in diameter made from white stones.

“Right ladies find yourself a circle and make yourself at home.” Miss. Coxon called out.

“Remember the rules. No talking and no lying down, other than that you may do as you wish.” Miss. Cody reminded them.

Once in their chosen circle all the girls checked their supply box which their disappointment contained only a few energy bars and a two litre bottle of water.

After a short while the two trainers got up from their seats and left the field leaving the girls alone much to their surprise. Lucinda saw this as an opportunity to speak to Rebecca who was in the next circle to her.

“You look terrible Bex are you alright? What did they do to you?” She whispered.

Rebecca told her all about her punishment and how Miss. Coxon had brought boys from the boy’s camp into to her.

“You poor thing, that’s disgusting.” Lucinda replied wanting to give her friend a hug but knew she daren’t leave her circle.

The girls were left alone for what seemed like hours and Dobson who had been sent to brat camp by her teachers for being lazy in class decided to lie down while they were alone, but quickly sat up when she heard the trainers coming back accompanied by Miss. Hannigan who stood in the centre of the ring of circles.

“Ladies that was your first of many tests you will be taking at base camp. The trust test, which three of you passed and three of you failed showing us you can't be trusted to be left alone. Quinn, Walsh, and Kay well done you are now a step closer to leaving base camp. Dobson, Palmer, and Phillips, you failed and will all be punished."

Rebecca began to cry fearing another brutal whipping.

"Let me explain there is a hidden camera directed on every circle in this field, so even though we weren’t here we were still watching you like hawks.” Miss. Hannigan continued.

While Miss. Hannigan was speaking to the girls, the other two trainers were knocking four wooden stakes into the ground in one of the empty circles.

“Dobson if you wish to lie down, then you can spend the rest of the day lying down.”

The two trainers took the girl over to the wooden stakes and made her lie spread eagled on the floor where they bound her wrists and ankles to the stakes, before fastening a ball gag in her mouth.

“Palmer and Phillips you know the rules about talking in the circles but you decided to have a nice cozy little chat didn’t you?”

“I was just asking if she was ok Miss she doesn’t look well.” Lucinda replied.”

“Silence girl or you’ll be taken to the punishment room.” Miss Hannigan snapped.

“The two of you will spend the rest of the day with a gag in your mouth.” She continued.

Rebecca breathed a huge sigh of relief knowing there wasn't going to be a repeat of her previous nights punishment.

Miss. Coxon took hold of Rebecca’s arms and pulled them behind her back and tightly tied her wrists together with cord, while Miss. Cody did the same to Lucinda.

“I’m going to enjoy this.” Miss Coxon whispered in Rebecca’s ear as she forced a ball gag into the girl’s mouth and fastened it extra tight, straining to pull on the strap until the buckle moved on one extra hole on the strap, causing Rebecca to moan with pain. Lucinda too was gagged by Miss. Cody but to her relief her gag wasn’t fastened so cruelly tight.

The three girls being punished watched enviously as the three other girls used their toilet breaks mainly to relieve their boredom, and ate and drank their supplies, eventually Miss. Hannigan allowed, Lucinda, Rebecca and Dobson a brief toilet break and few moments to grab an energy bar and a drink before they were bound as gagged as before, for the remainder of the daylight hours.
When the sun began to set the three girls were untied and all six girls were taken back to their cabin where they were told to shower and change into clean underwear ready for bed, again they had to do this in silence watched all the time by the trainers. Bedtime was the same as the previous night each girl being given a snack in her tiny room before being tied up in her sleeping bag.
Miss Hannigan spoke over the tannoy system as the girls were being put to bed.

“Get a good night’s sleep ladies tomorrow you have another day of tests ahead of you.”




Chapter 7

The following morning the girls had to follow the same routine of being untied and taken to the bathroom before breakfast. By now all the girls were starving due to the lack of proper food they’d been given, they sat at the breakfast table all hoping for a nice big breakfast but were disappointed when the trainers brought them each a plate containing a tiny amount of scrabbled egg and half a slice of toast. The disappointed starving girls were taken out to the circles once breakfast was over. Once again the first thing the girls did once they were in their circle was check their supply box which this time to their horror contained only a bottle of water.

“What no fucking food? What are you bitches trying to do starve us to death?” Dobson cried out.

Miss. Cody and Miss. Coxon dashed over and wrestled the girl to the ground while Miss. Hannigan walked up coolly behind them tapping her riding crop on her the palm of her hand.

“Do you have a problem Dobson?” Miss Hannigan asked the struggling girl as the two trainers pinned her to the ground.

Dobson wanted to reply but one of the trainers kept her hand tightly clasped over the girl’s mouth.

“Your little outburst as just failed you another test Dobson, not doing very well are you girl? You’ll never get the five passes you need to get out of base camp at this rate, and for your outburst you’ve earned yourself another punishment, girls take her boiler suit off and lash her to one of the posts. The rest of you well done you’ve passed the starvation test and you will all eat well this evening while Dobson remains out here lashed to that post.”

The other five girls watched in horror as the two trainers quickly and efficiently removed Dobson’s boiler suit despite her struggles. They then dragged the struggling girl over to one of three wooden posts positioned at the edge of the field she was made to stand with he back to the pole and the trainers pulled her arms behind and tied them tightly together, more rope was wrapped around her upper body securing her to the pole, and then around her knees and ankles securing her legs to the pole. Miss. Hannigan stood before the bound girl saying

“You really must learn to control that temper of yours Dobson if you don’t want to be punished again.”

Miss Hannigan raised her crop and brought it down with a hard whack on tops of the girl’s bare legs, causing her to cry out in pain, another hard whack followed by five or six more in quick suggestion which sickened the five other watching girls and made Quinn call out.

“Leave her alone, you’re always picking on her.”

Miss. Hannigan stopped and turned to face the other girls her face was blood red with anger.

“Who said that?” She screamed.

No one answered.

“I’ll ask you one final time, and then you’ll all be severely punished if the culprit doesn’t come forward. Who called out?

The other girls all looked at Quinn to try and make her own up, and much to their relief she reluctantly raised her hand.

“I’m surprised at you Quinn I thought you were one of the brighter girls in the group, your little outburst as just cost you the mark you earned for passing the starvation test, and earned you a punishment. Girls lash her to one of the other posts. Ladies we still have one empty post and if you want it to remain empty then we won’t have any more silly outbursts.”

The two trainers moved in and expertly removed Quinn’s boiler suit and lashed her to the post next to Dobson in a similar fashion, while they did this Miss. Hannigan continued with Dobson’s punishment landing more hard stinging blows with her crop on Dobson’s legs each one greeted with a scream or a cry. Miss Hannigan then switched her attention to Quinn by placing the leather tip of her crop under the trembling girls chin.

“Girls that call out should be gagged Quinn but not until I’ve heard you squeal like your little fat friend here.”

Quinn bit hard on her bottom lip not wanting to give the woman the satisfaction of hearing her scream as Miss. Hannigan landing the first stinging blow to the tops of her legs, tears were beginning to well up in Quinn’s eyes as Miss, Hannigan landing more cracks of the whip to her legs but still she didn’t cry out which infuriated Miss. Hannigan who pulled down the cups of the girl’s bra exposing her large breasts before landing three hard whacks with her crop across them which finally caused the girl to cry out with pain, this brought a smile to the evil woman’s face and she landed another six lashes of her crop on Quinn’s breasts each one greeted with a scream from the sobbing girl. Finally the beating stopped and Miss. Hannigan switched her attention to the other four girls.

“Anyone else care for thrashing while I’m in the mood?”

All the girls remained silent.

“Good then let’s keep that way, I don’t want to hear a peep out of any of you for the rest of the day or won’t get fed tonight as promised. Girls cover Quinn up and gag those two, on second thoughts gag all six of them they all need to be taught a lesson in behavior, I’m going for a lie down they’ve given me a headache.”

All six girls spent the rest of a very long boring; uncomfortable day with a ball gag in their mouth Dobson and Quinn remained tied to the posts while the other four had their hands tied behind their backs and remained seated in their circles. After what seemed like an eternity to the girls Miss. Hannigan came out of her cabin and stood in the centre of the ring of circles.

“I’ve been thinking long and hard about what to do with you girls I’m far from happy with the behavior of this group, so I’ve decided that in future if any of you step out of line the whole group be punished, starting this evening thanks to your two friends over there dinner is cancelled, you will all remain out here until bedtime and don’t be expecting your bedtime snacks either. Yes ladies I am a bitch I know that’s what you’re all thinking right now, but believe me ladies I haven’t started with this group yet.”

All of the starving girl’s were shocked by this especially Kay and Walsh who hadn’t done a thing wrong since they arrived. Why were they being punished like the others?




Chapter 8

After another uncomfortable night the starving girls were untied from their sleeping bags and were taken to breakfast where at last they were given a proper meal of cereal and fruit followed by scrambled eggs on toast. Once breakfast was over the girls were again taken outside where it was raining heavily but the girls were still made to go to their circles, the ground was too wet for them to sit so they had to remain standing, watched by the trainers who remained dry under a shelter. After a while Lucinda who couldn’t stand any more of this raised her hand and asked if she could go to the bathroom just to relieve her boredom more than anything else.

“Very well but remember you only have five minutes.” Miss Hannigan reminded her.

“Thank you Miss Hanningan.” Lucinda replied before leaving her circle and heading off inside one of the wooden cabins.

Once inside the cabin she walked past Miss Hannigan’s office with its door open where she spotted a telephone on the desk. After checking no one was around she entered the office and picked up the telephone and dialed the number of her home. The recording on the answer phone at the other end asked her to leave a message after the tone.

“Mum, Dad, you’ve got to get us out of this hellhole please I'm begging you get us out I stand any more, these people are evil and insane, they keep us tied up and gagged most the time, even at night they keep us tied up and gagged in sleeping bags, they beat us with whips and other things, and they aren’t feeding us. Mum, Dad please help us please helpmmmmmpphhhh!”

The phone went dead and Lucinda was grabbed from behind and a leather gloved hand was clasped tightly over her mouth. Lucinda was surprised to see Officer Chambers walk from behind her and stand at the other side of the desk.

“It looks like we arrived just in time Officer Clarkson doesn’t it?” She said.

“It certainly does.” The woman that was holding Lucinda replied.

Lucinda watched helplessly as Officer Chambers took a mobile phone from her pocket and called Miss Hannigan and explained what they had caught Lucinda doing.

Miss Hannigan was furious.

“Take her to the punishment block and wait for me there.” She screamed down the phone.

All the other girls heard this and guessed Lucinda was in trouble for something.

Miss Hannigan stood up and addressed the five other girls her face was blood red with anger.

“Your friend Palmer has been a naughty girl again and needs to be punished severely, as I warned you yesterday if I have to punish anyone of you again you all will be punished. Girls prepare them for the cross country run.” She said turning to Miss. Coxon and Miss. Cody.

Lucinda felt her arms being pulled behind her back and pair of steel handcuffs snapped on her slender wrists. Officer Chambers took a ball gag from a draw in the desk and passed it to her colleague.

“Best put this on her, her mouth has got her into enough trouble as it is.”

Lucinda knew it was hopeless to resist and allowed herself to be gagged before she was led to the punishment block.

Back outside the girls had been ordered to removed their boiler suits they all stood there wearing only their bra and panties as the trainers tied their arms behind their backs with rope, each girl then had the ends of a length of rope tied around each ankle leaving around eighteen inches of slack between her ankles to allow her to walk in little steps, finally a white ball with holes in it like a practice golf ball was tied in her mouth, this allowed her to breath easily but not speak. Once all the girls were ready Miss Hannigan stood before them.

“Right ladies you are going on a run, you will run around the perimeter of the camp until I tell you to stop. Anyone that stops before I say so will join your friend in the punishment block that includes you Dobson. Right ladies off you go.”

The five girls set off running the best they could it wasn’t long before Kay tripped and fell over, Miss, Coxon picked her up and sent her on her way again with a hard crack on her bottom with her crop. Much to the girl’s embarrassment the run took them along the fence which separated the girls and boys camps they were greeted with by a chorus of wolf whistles and cheers from the boys who were sat in their circles on the other side of the fence as they passed.

“Silence or you’ll all be joining them.” The male trainer shouted.

They’d only been running for a few minutes and Dobson was already beginning to lag behind the others Miss. Cody ran alongside her and gave her a hard crack on her bottom with her crop.

“Keep up Dobson” She shouted in the girl’s ear before giving her a hard push in the back which caused her to stumble and fall over.

Miss. Cody roughly pulled the sobbing girl to her feet and sent her on her away with another hard crack with her crop telling her to catch up. Rebecca tried to slow the others down to allow Dobson to catch up so she didn’t get into more trouble but Miss Coxon noticed this and rushed over to give her a crack on her bottom with her crop.

“Don’t slow down keep going.” She screamed.

Finally the girl’s finished one lap of the camp any hope of a rest were dashed as Miss. Hannigan called out.

“Don’t stop, round you go again.”

The boys in the boys camp couldn’t believe their the eyes as the five bound and gagged girls in the underwear passed them for a second time, this time there was no wolf whistles but the embarrassed girls could hear sniggers of laughter as they passed. The make things worse for the girls the rain began to fall heavily again and the grass became slippery which made running with a rope tied between your legs even more difficult. Walsh who was always at the front of the group approached a small steep slope which was very slippery by now and she couldn’t keep her feet as she went down it and fell all the way to the bottom which the trainers thought was very amusing as they picked her up and sent her on her way again with a hard crack on her bottom from Miss. Coxons crop. All the other girls made down the slope apart from Dobson who stopped at the top.

“Dobson What have you stopped for? Keep going.” Miss Hannigan shouted from her shelter.

The two trainers ran over to Dobson and took an arm each and dragged her down the slope once at the bottom Miss. Cody gave her a couple of hard cracks with her crop and sent her on her way again telling her.

“Don’t you dare stop again.”

The wet, tired girls completed the second lap

“Don’t stop keep going around you go again.” Miss Hannigan shouted out much to the girl’s disappointment.

Dobson couldn’t carry on it was all too much for her and she slumped to the floor in front of Miss. Hannigan.

“On your feet Dobson no one told you to stop.” Miss Hannigan screamed hitting the exhausted crying girl with her crop.

“On your feet or I’ll have you taken to the punishment block.”

Miss. Hannigan pulled the girl to her feet.

“Now run or I’ll make you all do another lap.”

Dobson set off at nothing more than walking pace.

“I said run Dobson.” Miss Hannigan shouted as she gave the poor girl another hard crack on her legs with her crop.

Dobson increased her pace the best she could

“That’s better now keep that up for one more lap or you’ll all go again”

As the four other girls passed the boys camp one of the boys shouted out

“Where’s the fat bitch?”

This earned him a hard smack around the head from his trainer before he was taken away to be punished.

The four other girls all finished the third and final lap and the two trainers pushed Dobson along to the finish with the help of their crops, where she collapsed in a heap on the floor.

“Right ladies return to your circles you will spend the rest of the day as you are. I have your friend to deal with now” Miss Hannigan told the shattered wet girls.

Miss. Coxon and Miss. Cody dragged Dobson into her circle where she recovered from her ordeal.

Lucinda sat on a chair in the punishment room watched by the two officers nervously waiting for Miss. Hannigan to arrive and wondering if her parents got her message and if they’ll do anything to get her out of this hellhole. After what seemed an eternity the door opened and Miss. Hannigan entered.

“Thank you, officers that will be all I take over now.”

The two officers left the room and Miss. Hannigan switched her attention to the frightened trembling girl..

“Now what am I going to do with you?”



Chapter 9

Lucinda struggled and squirmed in her seat as Miss. Hannigan paced up and down in front of her tapping her crop in her leg as she walked.

“I don’t know what to do with you Palmer no one has ever pulled a stroke like this before.” Miss Hannigan finally told her.

She finally stopped walking and approached Lucinda and loosened her gag allowing it to hang loosely around her neck.

“So you called your parents tell me girl what did they say?” Miss. Hanningan asked holding the tip of her crop under Lucinda’s chin.

“They didn’t say anything Miss the phone was on answer machine.” Lucinda tearfully replied.

This brought a smile to Miss. Hannigan’s face.

“So you don’t know if they’re going to take you out of here or not.”

“No Miss but I’m sure they’ll come and rescue me once they hear my message.”

“You can forget about them coming here to rescue you young lady the location of this place is top secret only a few people know of its whereabouts.” Miss. Hannigan told her.

Just then a message came over the loud speaker system

“Telephone call for Miss. Hannigan. Miss. Hanningan telephone call.”

“I’ll be right back.” Miss. Hannigan told the sobbing girl as she put the ball gag back in her mouth before leaving.

After a long nervous wait for Lucinda Miss. Hannigan returned her face was blood red with anger.

“Well Palmer it’s your lucky day that was your principal on the phone. Your parents called your school and you and your friend Phillips will be leaving this evening.”

Lucinda breathed a huge sigh of relief expecting to be untied, but her hopes of being set free were dashed as Miss. Hannigan told her.

“But not before I’ve issued you with your punishment young lady.”

Miss. Hannigan smiled as Lucinda began to cry again

“You didn’t really expect me to let you get away with what you did, did you?”

Miss. Hannigan released Lucinda from her chair and ordered her to remove her boiler suit. Once she had done this Miss. Hannigan told her to remove the ball gag from her mouth.

“Now remove your panties and put them in your mouth.”

“What? No way.” Lucinda protested.

“Do it or I’ll do it for you.” Miss. Hannigan shouted giving the girl a hard crack on her legs with her crop.

Reluctantly Lucinda did as she was told not wanting another crack from Miss. Hannigan’s crop.

“Hands behind your back girl and keep them there.” Miss. Hannigan barked as Lucinda tried to cover herself up with them.

Miss Hannigan walked over to the cupboard on the wall and took out a role of shiny black tape. She returned to the trembling crying girl and began wrapping the tape around her wrists, before wrapping more tape over her hair around her head over her mouth to hold the panties in place.

“Don’t you dare move.” Miss. Hannigan then told her as she walked over to a tall wooden stool in the corner of the room.

She placed the stool in the centre of the room, she then walked over to the girl and took hold of her arm and dragged her over towards the stool.

“Over you go.” She said pushing the girl over the stool.

Miss. Hannigan then began to wrap tape around Lucinda’s body and the stool securing her to the stool leaving her bare bottom exposed. Lucinda bucked and jumped as Miss. Hannigan slowly rubbed her hands over her buttocks digging her razor sharp nails into the girl’s bottom as she did, causing her to moan into her gag and kick out at Miss. Hannigan who was stood behind her.

“Stop that.” Miss. Hannigan screamed giving Lucinda a hard crack on her legs with her crop.

She then picked up the tape again and began wrapping it around Lucinda’s ankles taping them to together before taping them to one of the wooden supports joining the legs on the stool.

“Try and kick me know bitch.” She laughed.

Again she dug her sharp nails deep into the flesh of the helpless girl’s bottom causing Lucinda to cry out into her gag with pain.

“Enjoying it bitch?” She laughed as she ran her nails once more down the girl’s bottom and continued down the backs of her legs, she repeated this a number of times each time digging her nails in harder as she did. Miss. Hannigan noticed Lucinda breath a huge sigh of relief as her tensed up body relaxed when the scratching finally stopped.

“I’ve not finished with you get girl, that was just to warm your bottom up for the real punishment.”

Outside the rain was still pouring down and the soaking wet girls were still bound and gagged wearing only their bras and panties in their circles they’d all decided that they were already wet so it didn’t matter if they sat on the wet ground or not. The two other trainers sat under their shelter warm and dry drinking hot coffee and eating sandwiches which they teased the girls with.

Lucinda watched as Miss. Hannigan walked over to the cupboard and took out a thin flexible cane, she walked slowly back to the girl bending and swishing the cane as she did.

“Oh my god this is going to hurt.” Lucinda thought to herself as Miss. Hannigan took up her position behind her.

Lucinda tensed up her body and bit down hard on the panties in her mouth bracing herself for the first stinging blow, but to her surprise Miss. Hannigan landed the first blow with her hand it was still hard and stung like hell and caused her to cry into her gag. This followed by a number of other hard slaps to her already sore bottom once the spanking had stopped Lucinda guessed the cane was coming next, her guess was right as first painful stinging blow landed on the tops of her legs followed by more and more each one landing in exactly the same place at the tops of her legs the caning seemed to go on forever as Miss. Hannigan landed blow after blow to the crying struggling girl’s legs. Finally she stopped but it was only for a short breather before she started again this time landing the blows on Lucinda’s bottom again the caning seemed like it was never going to end, Lucinda was in agony but Miss. Hannigan still continued now alternating between the crying, sweating girl’s bottom and legs. Eventually much to Lucinda’s relief the caning stopped. Miss. Hannigan walked around and stood in front of the crying girl and lifted her head up by placing her hand under her chin.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had that much fun.” She teased before removing her hand letting Lucinda’s head flop back down.

Lucinda watched as the evil woman walked back to the cupboard and replaced the cane she then took out a small jar and returned to the girl.

“A little something for your pain.” She said as she took the lid off the jars and scooped out a handful of white cream.

“AARRHHMMMMPPPHHH!” Lucinda screamed into her gag whatever Miss. Hannigan was massaging into her bottom was making the pain at least ten times worse as it stung like hell.

Miss. Hannigan knew the cream would sting and laughed out loud as she continued to massage more on onto the girl’s legs causing her to cry out again.
She then washed her hands and replaced the jar of cream in the cupboard, before returning to Lucinda who was in agony from the caning and stinging cream and lifted her head again.

“Now you’ll stay like this until your transport arrives to take you home.”



Chapter 10

Rebecca and the other girls outside were cold wet uncomfortable and very miserable as the rain still poured down. They watched as Miss Coxon received a call on her mobile phone after she ended the call she stood up and walked over to Rebecca who began to struggle and panic fearing some other kind of punishment as the woman roughly pulled her to her feet.

“It’s your lucky day bitch; you and your friend are going back to school. Shame because I was especially enjoying watching you suffer.”

She took a tight hold of the girls arm and took her inside one of the cabins.

It seemed like hours since Miss. Hannigan had left Lucinda taped to the stool, eventually the door opened and Miss. Cody entered.

“Your transport will be here in half an hour, I’m to prepare you for your journey.” She said with a smile on her face as she found Lucinda’s predicament very amusing.

She began cutting the tape that was securing the girl to the stool and helped her to her feet.

“Here put these on until we get to the shower room.” She said pulling a pair of paper panties from her pocket and holding them out for Lucinda to step into. Lucinda winced as the woman pulled the panties up over her tender bottom.

“MMMPPPPHHH! MMMMPPPHHH!!” Lucinda protested as the woman took hold of her arm and began leading her towards the door without removing her gag.

Miss. Cody knew exactly what she wanted and told her.

“Patience dear all in good time, the gag will come off when I’m ready to remove it and not before.”

Miss. Cody took the girl outside but instead of taking directly to the shower the block she decided to take the girl the long way around the perimeter of the camp passing the boys camp because she missed out on the humiliation of cross country run which passed the boys the camp.
Lucinda felt herself blush embarrassment as she was slowly walked past fence where all the boys were staring and sniggering at her, once they had passed the boys camp Miss. Cody turned her around and walked her back again before taking her to the shower block. Once inside the shower block her gag was cut away and the tape painfully ripped off pulling her hair which caused her to moan out loud and the panties were removed from her mouth, the tape around her wrists was cut away too.

“Get yourself undressed and get a shower you’ll find towels and clean clothes waiting in here when you’ve finished.” Miss. Cody told her.

Lucinda walked into the showers where Rebecca was already taking a shower. Rebecca rushed over to her friend and gave her a big hug and a kiss.

“I guess I’ve got you to thank for getting us out of here, what did you do?”

“I sneaked into Hannigans office and phoned my parents, but the officers caught me, it was worth taking a beating for.”
She said showing her friend her red bottom.

“OH my god that looks so painful Haningan must have really gone to town on you.”

“I’ll live, what about you what did they do to you?”

Rebecca started to tell her about the run when a voice called into the showers

“Hurry up you two your transport is here.”

The girls returned to the drying area where Miss. Hannigan had replaced Miss. Cody.

“Get a move on ladies get yourselves dry you’ve clean underwear over there too. She instructed them.

Once the girls were dry they put on their clean bras and panties and waited.

“Aren’t you going to give anything else to wear?” Rebecca asked.

“Miss. Coxon, tell the officers we’re ready at last.” Miss. Hannigan said ignoring Rebecca.

Miss. Coxon walked over and stuck her head around the door.

“They’re ready now” She called out.

Officers Clarkson and Chambers entered the room each carrying a black leather garment in their hands. Miss. Coxon took a tight hold of Rebecca while Miss. Hannigan took hold of Lucinda, as the officers approached they held out what the girls immediately recognized as leather straight jackets.

“What are those for? We’re going home you don’t need those.” Lucinda protested.

“Silence.” Miss. Hannigan barked. You’re still the property of Camp Beaufort until you arrive back at school and until then we can do whatever we want with you. Now hold out your arms in front of you, you as well Phillips.”

It was a useless situation the girls were in,with four much bigger stronger women against the two of them they were left with no option but to obey. Clarkson put Lucinda’s arms into the straight Jacket while Miss. Hannigan began fasten the numerous buckles up the back as tight as she could. Chambers and Miss. Cody were doing exactly the same to Rebecca.

“Cross your arms over your chest.” Clarkson ordered Lucinda.

As she did Miss. Hannigan took hold of the straps attached the sealed cuffs and fastened them tightly behind the girls back not allowing any movement what so ever. Clarkson then took hold of the final strap and passed it through Lucinda’s legs to Miss. Hannigan who took get pleasure in making Lucinda cry out as she pull the strap as tight as possible hurting her still tender bottom and secured it to a buckle on the back of the jacket.

The door to the shower block opened and Miss. Coxon brought in the four other still bound and gagged girls who were cold, wet and very miserable for their nightly shower.

Lucinda felt sorry for the four girls who they were leaving behind and called out.

“Be brave girls my father is very powerful will have this hellhole closed down once I tell himmmppphhhh” She was cut off in mid sentence by Miss. Hannigan who forced a black ball gag into her mouth.

Miss. Cody gagged Rebecca too; finally each girl had a short length of chain secured to her ankles with steel cuffs this only allowed them to walk with short steps as they were lead outside where a Range Rover type vehicle with blacked out windows was waiting. The officers helped the two girls onto the back seat and strapped them in with the standard fitted safety belts.

Once they were secure Miss. Hannigan stuck her head into the vehicle.

“I hope you’ve enjoyed your stay at Camp Beaufort I’m sorry it wasn’t for longer because I’ve enjoyed your suffering, I hope one day you’ll return for more.”

Finally both girls had a leather blindfold fastened over her eyes in order to ensure the location of the camp remained a secret before the officers got into the front of the vehicle and drove away Lucinda and Rebecca’s Brat Camp nightmare was finally over.

The End.





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