Brat Camp II






Chapter 1

Sixteen year old friends Jenny Bond and Becky Story along with pretty twenty year old student teacher Jackie Mitchell had been kidnapped by their headmistress Mrs Thompson and teacher Miss Pringle. Mrs Thompson has arranged for the girls to disappear, they were being sent to Camp Beaufort otherwise known as BRAT CAMP a punishment camp for unruly young people, owned by an old friend of Mrs Thompsons, Greta Sternson on a remote island about a one hundred and fifty miles off the west coast of Scotland.

Jenny, Becky and Jackie, were now onboard a small ship which was moored in a small fishing port Scotland, they were sitting on the floor of small cabin with their hands tied tightly behind their backs, their knees and ankles were also bound very tightly together, each of them had a large ball gag strapped in their mouth and piece of black cloth tied tightly over their eyes.

“We're just waiting for one more to arrived and then we can set sail.” They heard a female voice say from outside the cabin.

After a short while they heard someone else being brought into the cabin with them, and the noise of the ships engines got louder as it began to move. After they had been moving for a few minutes the girl’s blindfolds were removed. They saw another girl sitting alongside them bound and gagged in a similar fashion, she was a small thin girl, with chestnut brown hair which had blonde highlights in it, Jenny and Becky guessed she was older than them she was probably about the same age as Jackie. In front of them stood two women dressed identical light brown shorts and light brown button up long sleeved shirt, both women wore matching brown walking style ankle boots, but the scariest thing of all about them was the riding crops they were holding. One of the women was tall with long blonde hair which was tied back into a ponytail, she looked to be in her early twenties; Jenny couldn’t help but stare at her stunningly beautiful big blue eyes. Her shirt was unbuttoned at the top revealing a very large cleavage. Next to the tall blonde stood an equally tall coloured woman, with short black tight curly hair and big brown eyes she was possibly in her late twenties but it was difficult to tell.

After a few seconds the blonde woman spoke

“My name is Miss Ali and this is Miss Kirsten, when you eventually get the use of your mouths back you will address us as Miss Ali and Miss Kirsten at all times anything else and you will be punished. We will be your instructors during your first few weeks stay at Camp Beaufort. You will find us strict but fair, you will do whatever we tell you at all times without any questions or back chat failure to do so will result in punishment. Alright Miss Kirsten I think we’re far enough out of port to gave them the use of their mouths back, be warned any abuse or crying out by any of you and you will all be gagged again and punished. Is that clear?”

The four frightened girls all nodded.

The girls were all relieved to finally have the horrible ball gags removed from their mouths.

“The journey to Camp Beaufort will take about four hours in this old ship, you girls all look like you could do with some sleep, so we’ll take you down below to the sleeping quarters.” Miss Ali continued.

The four girls were untied and taken down below deck to small cabin which contained two small beds.

“There are only two bunks so you’ll have to share, but first all of you must strip down to your bras and panties.” Miss Kirsten told them.

“And be quick about it unless you want to feel my crop on your backsides.” Miss Ali barked with menace in her voice.

The four girls quickly did as they were told

“You two come over here with me.” Miss Ali said grabbing hold of Jenny and Becky’s arms.

“Stand there face to face.” She said positioning the girls

“A little closer.” She said pushing the girls so close their breasts touched.

“Now put your arms around each other’s back like you were giving each other a hug.” She continued

Once the girls had done this Miss Ali began binding Jenny’s hands together behind her friend’s back, and then Becky’s behind Jenny’s back, while she was doing this Miss Kirsten was doing exactly the same to Jackie and the new girl. Once all four were tied Miss Ali and Miss Kirsten together helped Jenny and Becky lie down on their bunk, and then Jackie and the new girl. Miss Ali then passed a length of rope under Jenny and Becky and couple of times before tying it tightly around their waists binding their bodies together, and then did the same to their legs binding their thighs, knees, and ankles to each others. Miss Kirsten did exactly the same to Jackie and the new girl.

“We’ll leave you now to get some sleep.” Miss Ali said switching off the light and the two women left leaving the girls alone.

“What’s your name?” Jackie asked the new girl after making sure the two women were long gone.

“Meredith, but my friends call me Meri.” The girl tearfully replied.

“How come you’re here Meri?” Becky asked.

“The bitch I worked for had me kidnapped and brought here, I worked as a live in nanny for a very wealthy couple, she accused me of sleeping with her husband while she was away, she wouldn’t believe me when I told her wasn’t true.”

“Did you sleep with him?”Jenny asked

“Of course not.”Meri snapped

“What about you what are your names and how come you’re here?” Meri asked

Jackie introduced them all and between them they told her about Miss Pringle and Mrs Thompson.

“Oh my god that’s terrible.” Meri replied when they’d finished their story.

Just then the door opened and Miss Ali walked in carrying a roll of silver tape in her hand

“There is too much chat in here; we brought you down here to sleep.” She snapped

She began tearing strips of tape off the roll; beginning with Meri and then Jackie she smoothed pieces of tape over each of the girl’s mouths until all the lower part of the face’s were covered, and she did the same to Jenny and Becky.

“Now sleep - if I have to come back in here again you’ll all regret it.”


Chapter 2

The events of the last twenty hours had been exhausting for all four girls and despite their bound and gagged uncomfortable state they all eventually managed to fall asleep. Their sleep was cut short by the two instructors waking them up by hitting their legs and panty covered bottoms with their riding crops.

“Wakey wakey sleeping beauties.” Miss Ali called out.

The four girls slowly woke up and regained their senses remembering where they were and the terrible situation they were in.

“We’ll be shortly docking on Beaufort Island.” Miss Ali told them.

“Once we are docked you will collected from the ship the nurse and taken to see the camp doctor for a medical examination, after which you will be taken to matron and issued with your camp uniforms, before being taken to the new girl’s dormitory. You will do everything they tell you to do or you will be severely punished. Miss Ali continued.

Miss Ali and Miss Kirsten untied the four girls from their sleeping positions and made them sit on the edge of their bunks where their hands were tied tightly behind their backs; the tape remained over their mouths.

“Please Miss Ali why do you keep tying us up all the time, we’re on an Island we can’t go anywhere?” Becky nervously asked finding courage from somewhere.

“Because I like tying girls up.” Miss Ali replied with an evil grin on her face as she tightened the ropes around Becky’s wrists extra tight causing her to cry into her gag.

Once the ship had docked Miss Kirsten left the cabin leaving the girls alone with Miss Ali who continued bark more Camp Beaufort rules and regulations at them. After a short while Miss Kirsten returned with young blonde haired woman dressed in a crisp white nurse’s uniform.

“Take your pick of which of these lovely ladies you want first.” Miss Kirsten told the nurse.

“This one.” The nurse replied taking Meredith by the arm and pulling her to feet.

Jenny, Becky and Jackie watched as Meri was taken crying from the cabin by the nurse. She was taken off the ship and into a small stone building where they stopped outside a door.

“I’m going to take that tape off your mouth before we go in to see the doctor, speak out of turn and you’ll regret it.” The nurse warned her before quickly ripping the tape off her face causing Meri cry out in pain which brought a smile to the nurse’s face.

“What’s your name?” The nurse asked.

“Meredith, nurse.” The girl nervously replied.

The nurse knocked on the door

“Come in.” A female voice called out from inside the room.

The nurse took hold of Meri arm and took her into the doctor’s room, where an attractive brown haired woman possibly in her late thirties sat behind a desk. The woman wore big horn rimmed glasses; she was also wearing a white doctor’s coat with a stethoscope hanging around her neck.

“This is Meredith, doctor.” The nurse said positioning the girl in front of the doctor’s desk.

“Thank you nurse untie her hands if you will and then we’ll have a good look at her.”

Once the nurse had untied Meri’s hands the doctor ordered her to remove her bra and panties.
Meri hesitated for a few seconds much to the doctor’s annoyance

“Quickly or I’ll have the nurse remove them for you.” She snapped.

Meri began to unfasten her bra

“In future Meredith when you are told to do something jump to it straight away or you’ll be punished.” The doctor continued.

Meri now stood naked in front of the doctor

“Stand on those scales for me.” The doctor instructed her pointing to a set of scales by her desk.

“Hmm just as I thought you’re a slightly under weight, but that won’t be a problem.” She told the rather thin girl.

Next the doctor took a torch from her desk and checked Meri’s ear’s nose and throat, before checking her heart and breathing with her stethoscope.

“Everything seems in good order, one final thing I need you go with the nurse for a cavity search and I need you to do a urine sample for her while you’re in there, if that comes out clear then I’m finished with you.”

The nurse took a pair of latex gloves from a box on the doctor’s desk and pulled them on then she took Meri’s arm and took her into a room next. After a short while they returned the doctor could tell Meri had been crying.

“Is everything ok nurse?” The doctor asked.

“Yes doctor she got a little upset, but she’s all clear.”

“Thank you nurse, take her through to matron and then bring me the next one.”

Meri was taken into the next room, where a little plump grey haired woman wearing a navy blue nurse’s uniform sat behind a desk.

“This is Meredith, matron.” The nurse said before leaving them.

“I’m going issue you with you Camp Beaufort uniform Meredith. My god there isn’t much of you is there girl? What I have in stock will bury you but there is nothing I can do it about that. Let’s start by finding you some underwear.”

Matron took a tape measure and measured Meri’s small breasts.

“Do you know your cup size?” She asked.

“B matron” Meri nervously replied.

“That’s a 30b then” Matron said scribbling on a note pad.

“Panty size?”

“8 Matron.”

Meri watched as Matron went to a number of cupboards in her room and took out the items she needed

“I nearly forgot. What’s your shoe size Meredith?” Matrons asked as she opened one final cupboard.

“4’s Matron.”

“Very well.” Matron said taking a pair of white training shoes from the cupboard.

Matron returned carrying a bundle of clothes and placed them on her desk.

“Put these on.” She said passing Meri a white bra and white cotton brief style panties.

Once she had done so Matron passed her a pair of white shorts and white round neck t shirt to put on, both the shorts and t shirt where miles to baggy for her but matron told her that’s the smallest size she had and she’d have to make do. Next Matron gave her a pair of white ankle socks and the trainers to put on. Once Meri was fully dressed Matron took a length of white cord from a draw her in her desk, she pulled Meri’s wrists behind her back and bound them tightly together.

“Why am I being tied up again?” Meri asked

“Camp rules dear.” Matron replied

Next Matron took a big red ball gag from desk and strapped it in Meri’s mouth. She also took another length of cord and put it in her uniform pocket before taking Meri's arm and leading her into a tiny room with no windows; in the room were two wooden benches which ran full length of two of the walls.

“This Meredith is holding cell where you will wait for the others before you all go to your dormitory together.”

Matron pushed Meri down onto one of the benches and used the cord from her pocket to bind the girl’s ankles tightly together, before leaving locking the door behind her.

After a while Meri heard the door being unlocked and Jenny was brought into the cell she too was bound and ball gagged she was also dressed in white shorts and t shirt, Matron pushed her down next to Meri and bound her ankles before leaving. Becky was next to be brought in, and finally Jackie, they were dressed, bound and gagged exactly the same as the other two. It wasn’t long before Miss Ali and Miss Kirsten arrived to collect the girls and take them to their dormitory, all the girls had their ankles untied and were led out to waiting seven seat four wheel drive vehicle, the four girls were strapped into the back seats and Miss Ali and Miss Kirsten got into front with Miss Kirsten driving.

“You girls a lucky, normally we’d make you walk to the dorms but it’s getting late and Greta Sternson wants to meet you all before she leaves the Island this evening.”Miss Ali told them.

The journey to the dormitory was rough and lasted around fifteen minutes all the girls were relieved they didn’t have to walk. Finally they stopped outside a wooden building and the girls were taken inside. The dorm room was bare it only contained four beds and nothing else. Once inside the girls hands were untied and their gags removed.

“Right find yourselves a bed and stand by it.” Miss Ali barked.

Jenny and Becky took the two beds on one side of the room while Jackie and Meri took the two on the opposite side.

“Go and tell Madame we’re ready for her.” Miss Ali told Miss Kirsten

While she was gone Miss Ali took a sheet of paper and marker pen standing front of Jenny she said “Name?”

“Jenny Bond, Miss Ali.” Jenny replied.

Miss Ali wrote Jenny’s name on a sticky label and stuck it on her t shirt on her left breast, she then repeated this process with the other three girls. Miss Ali then spoke out loud to all the girls.

“Very shortly Camp owner Greta Sternson will be joining us, you will only speak when spoken to, and you will address her as Mrs Sternson or Madame and nothing else failure to do so will lead to a most severe punishment. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes Miss Ali” The girls replied as one.

The dorm room door opened and Miss Kirsten walked in followed by a tall woman very attractive woman possibly in her forties she had long jet black hair, and was wearing a black leather jacket and skirt with knee length black boots like the instructors she too was carrying a riding crop but hers was twice as long. She walked slowly down the dorm taping her crop on her boot looking at the girls and reading their name badges.

“Jenny, Rebecca and Jackie, you must be the three girls we’re looking after for Mrs Thompson?” She asked.

None of the girls replied

“Cat got your tongues?” She screamed.

“That’s right Madame we were sent here by Mrs Thompson.” Jackie nervously replied.

“And Meredith you’ve been sent here to be punished for sleeping with your employer’s husband is that correct?”

“I didn’t sleep with him why won't anyone believe me?” Meri cried.

Well Greta Sternson’s face went blood red with rage she’d never been spoken to like that by any of the girls.

“Miss Ali, Miss Kirsten restrain and gag this girl, she needs to be taught some respect, I’ll personally deal with her in the morning.” She raged before turning and storming out of the dormitory.

Miss Ali grabbed hold of Meri and took a ball gag that was fastened on to her belt and forced it into the crying girl’s mouth.

“The rest of you lie on your beds and bury your faces in your pillows or you’ll be joining her.” Miss Ali screamed.

Meri was forced face down onto her bunk, where the instructors cruelly and tightly hogtied her.

“You’re going to regret that little outburst missy” Miss Ali hissed into her ear.

“The rest of you get yourselves up and out of here, Miss Kirsten will take you to the dining room for supper.”

The stunned girls left the dorm to the sound of Meri’s gagged sobs.


Chapter 3

“Poor Meri what do you think will happen to her?” Jenny asked as she Becky and Jackie were led across a court yard to another building by Miss Kirsten.

“I don’t know but I sure wouldn’t like to be in her knickers right now.” Becky replied.

“Your little friend is gonna be in big trouble in the morning.” Miss Kirsten said after over hearing their conversation.

“What while happen to her Miss Kirsten?” Jackie asked.

Miss Kirsten never replied she just ushered the girls into the building where inside they could hear other girl’s voices.

“In here new girls must be kept separate from the others.” Miss Kirsten said opening the door to a small separate dining room.

Back in the dormitory Miss Ali sat on the bed next to Meri who was still hogtied and crying, she took a huge handful of the girl’s hair and roughly pulled her head back as far as she could causing Meri great discomfort.

“You stupid little bitch, I warned you before she came in didn’t I? I bet you’re so hungry too aren’t you, you’ve not eaten all day.”
Meri was starving she moaned into her gag as drool ran down her chin dripped onto her pillow.

“Well that’s just too bad your friends are over there in the dining room tucking into a nice big supper before bedtime while you are lying here trusted up like Christmas turkey, and in the morning provided they are good girls tonight they’ll be going back over there for nice big breakfast before they begin their first day of training, while you’ll be still lying here all trusted up.”

Miss Ali then let go of Meri’s hair and roughly pushed her face down into her drool covered pillow and held it there, Meri began to panic and struggle as breathing became difficult but Miss Ali was too big and strong for the slight girl and easily held her face down in her pillow.

“You little bitch how bad did you make me look in front of Greta Sternson, I don’t know what she’ll think of me now. The rest of your stay at Brat Camp is going hell I will personally make sure of that.”

Finally she released the pressure on the back Meri’s head allowing her to gasp for breath which wasn’t easy with a huge ball gag in her mouth.

In the dining room the other three starving girls were enjoying supper which was cottage pie when they heard the sound of a helicopter taking off close by.

“What’s that Miss Kirsten?” Becky asked.

“That is Greta Sternson going home to the mainland she will return in the morning.” The instructor replied.

Becky was surprised Miss Kirsten seemed quite pleasant when she was by herself away from the evil Miss Ali, but she still wouldn’t like to get on the wrong side of the huge Amazon like coloured woman.

After supper the girls were taken back to the dormitory where Meri was still lying hogtied and crying loudly into her gag. Miss Ali ordered the girls to use the adjoining bathroom one at a time and get undressed ready for bed.

“I want you naked apart from your panties.” She instructed them.

While they were doing this Miss Kirsten wheeled a large wicker basket into the room.

“Here at Camp Beaufort you girls have earn the trust of your instructors and at the moment we trust you about as far as we can throw you, which means you can’t be trusted to be left alone at night without being restrained.” Miss Kirsten told them.

The three girls stood at the side of their beds all nervously waiting to find out what was going to happen to them.

“I hope you all used the toilet because it will be a while before you get chance to go again, and be warned if you soil your bed during the night you’ll spend all day tomorrow lying in your mess.” Miss Ali told them.

Miss Kirsten rummaged through the basket and pulled out the items they needed which all the girls instantly recognized, strait jackets.

“I think these three should fit perfectly.” She told Miss Ali passing her the smallest of the three jackets which she took over to Jackie, while Miss Kirsten took another jacket and approached Jenny.

Miss Ali held the jacket open in front Jackie and ordered her to put her arms in the sleeves once she had done so she tightly buckled up the five straps up the back another strap was buckled so tightly between Jackie’s legs it dug painfully into her crotch, finally Jackie’s arms were crossed across her chest before the buckles at the ends of the sealed sleeves were fastened behind her back. Miss Kirsten did exactly the same to Jenny and Becky. All three girls then had a sponge ball stuffed in their mouth which was held in place by a number of layers of tape which stuck over their lips, next they were laid in their beds and the instructors bound their ankles and knees together with soft white rope. Each girl was then covered up with a thick blanket which was tightly tucked under her mattress. The dorm room was hot and the combination of the thick heavy uncomfortable strait jackets and the thick blankets was already beginning to make the girls sweat, they all knew they were in for a long uncomfortable night. Finally each girl had a sleeping mask placed over her eyes plunging her into total frightening darkness. The room was silent apart from Meri’s gagged sobs.

“This isn’t good enough she’s going to keep the others awake all night, we’ll have to put her in solitary for tonight.” Miss Ali told Miss Kirsten.

The two large instructors had not trouble picking the tiny hogtied girl up between them and carrying her out of the dorm, to a small wooden shed type building next to the main dormitory, the crying frightened girl was taken inside and dropped roughly on the wooden floor, and the instructors left locking the door behind them.

The three girls in the dormitory spent a long night drifting in and out of sleep until the morning when the instructors returned, they were all relieved to have their strait jackets, gags and blindfolds removed and be allowed to freshen up in the bathroom, once they were freshened up and dressed Miss Kirsten escorted them to the dining room for breakfast was consisted of cereal followed by scrambled eggs and toast, during breakfast they heard Greta Sternson’s helicopter arrive. After breakfast they were escorted back to the dormitory they were shocked to see a wooden frame had been erected at one end of the room, and Meri stood naked tied spread eagled to the frame, the huge red ball gag still filled her mouth. Miss Ali ordered the girls to stand by their beds.

“You are going to witness your friend’s punishment so you will all see for yourselves what happens if you disobey Greta Sternson or any of the instructors, but first we must make sure you don’t disturb Madame during your friend’s punishment.” Miss Ali told them.

Each of the girls was made to sit on their bed with their backs up against the metal framed headboards they were made to hold their hands out wide the instructors took hold of the hands and tightly lashed their wrists to headboard, finally each girl had a ball gag strapped in her mouth and her ankles bound together.

There was a long wait Meri’s gagged sobbed filled the otherwise silent room, finally the door opened and Greta Sternson entered the dorm she was dressed exactly the same as the day before and she still carried her long riding crop.

“Good morning ladies I trust you all slept well.” She said as she walked slowly down the middle of the dorm inspecting the three bound girls on their beds as she walked.

“Good morning Madame.” Miss Ali and Miss Kirsten replied.

“Right then let’s get right down to the business in hand I’m sure these lovely young things can’t wait to begin their training.” Greta Sternson said removing her leather jacket and handing it to Miss Kirsten revealing a tight fitting white blouse which showed off her ample bosom.

She also handed Miss Kirsten her long riding crop and took the instructors shorter one from her.

“In all my years working with unruly young people I’ve never been spoken to in that way, let this be a lesson to all over you I will not tolerate that kind of behaviour and neither will my staff.” She said holding the tip of her crop under Meri’s drool covered chin.

She then raised her crop and landed a number of hard stinging blows to the insides of Meri’s thighs on tops both legs causing her to scream into her gag with pain.

“Oh my God that must hurt like hell.” Jenny thought to herself.

After landing at least two dozen blows to the tops of the screaming girl’s thighs she stopped and walked slowly behind Meri and took her long crop back from Miss Kirsten before landing a series of stinging blows to Meri’s bottom, Becky counted twenty five strokes.

“This woman is sick.” Becky thought to herself, while Jackie closed her eyes unable to watch.

The girls watched in horror and disbelief as the beating didn’t stop there and Greta continued by landing more hard stinging strokes of her long crop on the backs of Meri’s legs again Becky counted twenty five. Finally the cruel beating stopped and Greta took her jacket back from Miss Kirsten.

“I hope you girls have learnt from this if I have to come in here again for a repeat performance you will all suffer.” She said standing and facing the girls on the beds

“Leave her like this for few hours to recover then she can rejoin the others, get the rest of them outside and on the field to start their training.” Greta told the instructors before leaving.

“Right ladies you heard Madame day one of your training the physical fitness tests is about to begin.” Miss Ali said out loud.


Chapter 4

Jenny, Becky and Jackie were led out of the dormitory Miss Kirsten

“I’ll be right with you.” Miss Ali called out as they left the building

Once they had left Miss Ali walked over to Meri who was still crying after her severe thrashing and grabbed hold of huge handful of her hair pulling her head right back as far as she possibly could, causing Meri to scream into her gag.

“I’ll be back for you later bitch, don’t go away now.” She hissed into the ear of the bound crying girl.

Meri was relieved when Miss Ali finally released her grip on her hair she tearfully watched the evil instructor walk away towards the door where she stopped and turned around.

“Remember I’ll be back for you bitch.”She said before blowing the crying girl a kiss and leaving locking the door behind her.

Miss Kirsten had already sent Jenny, Becky and Jackie off on a jog to warm up for the fitness tests ahead when Miss Ali turned up.

“How far are they going?” She asked as she watched the girls jog around the perimeter of the field.

“Four laps.” Miss Kirsten replied.

The girls hadn’t even completed the first lap and Becky was already beginning to lag behind the other two.

“Come on Rebecca catch up.” Miss Kirsten called out.

Jenny is very fit she goes to the gym three or four times a week with her mum, plus she plays hockey and netball for the school team, student teacher Jackie despite being a science teacher one day hopes to be train as a gym teacher too and is also very fit, so the run was no problem for them, where as Becky who hates any form of exercise was already beginning to struggle keeping up with the fast pace set by the other two. As they past the instructors to complete the first lap Becky was already over one hundred metres behind.

“Come on catch up girl.” Miss Ali screamed into her ear as she ran alongside her sending her on her way with a couple of hard whacks on her bottom with her crop.

“Don’t stop or you’ll be punished,” Miss Ali called out as Becky slowed right down to almost a walk.

As Jenny and Jackie passed Becky, Jenny could see her friend was obviously in distress and slowed down to help her.

“Come Becky you can do this, you have to do carry or that bitch will punish you.”

“Leave me Jen I can’t go on I’ve had enough.”

“I’ll run with you for a while come on we’ll do this together.” Jenny said taking hold of Becky’s hand.

Miss Ali was furious seeing this

“JENNY BOND WHO TOLD YOU TO SLOW DOWN?” She screamed as she run across the field to Jenny and Becky.

“I’m helping Becky can’t you see she’s struggling?” Jenny replied in an angry tone.

“How dare you answer me back in that tone of voice, go and catch your friend up again, I’ll deal you with later young lady.” Miss Ali snapped giving her three hard stinging whacks on her bottom with her crop.

Jenny left Becky with Miss Ali and sprinted to catch Jackie up, while Miss Ali took Becky to one side.

“Your obviously not up to this, I don’t want to kill you, go and stand over there with Miss Kirsten for now.”

Finally Jenny and Jackie completed all four laps and the three girls stood in front of the instructors.

“Well done Jackie and Jenny that was a good run. Rebecca I see we need to work on your fitness don’t we? Starting this evening you will do this run by yourself twice a day every morning before breakfast and every evening before supper until we are satisfied with your fitness.” Miss Ali said.

“Jenny I think you need cool down a bit after your little outburst out there, Miss Kirsten take her to the post, but first remove her t- shirt and bra. You two come with me for the next test the gym test; I think we’ll collect your friend Meri on our way.” She continued.

“You heard Miss Ali take your t-shirt and bra off.” Miss Kirsten instructed Jenny.

Jenny paused for a moment not knowing what to do.

“Don’t make me use this Jenny.” Miss Kirsten told her waving her crop menacingly

Not wanting a thrashing Jenny did as she was told once she was topless Miss Kirsten took her arm and walked her over to a large wooden post and stood her with her back to it, taking a length of rope off the floor close by Miss Kirsten bound Jenny’s wrists tightly together before tying them to a metal ring fixed to the pole above her head, more rope was tied tightly around Jenny’s waist legs and ankles securing her to the pole, finally Miss Kirsten took a ball gag from her belt and fastened it in Jenny’s mouth.

“You girls really must learn to control yourselves if you want to avoid regular punishments.” Miss Kirsten told her.

It was only when the large woman moved away from in front of her that Jenny realized she’d been tied topless to a pole next to fence separated the girls camp from the boys and she was being watched and leered at by a number of sex starved boys on the other side of the fence.

“Nice tits.” One of the boys called out much to Jenny’s embarrassment.

“Alright the shows over carry on with your run.” A male instructor called out to the boys sending them off on their run again.

“You been a naughty girl?” The male instructor called through the fence with huge smile on his face staring at the semi naked young girl.

“Fucking old pervert.” Jenny thought to herself as she squirmed with embarrassment.

“Every time the boys past her on their run they greeted her with a chorus of wolf whistles and cheers.

Miss Kirsten joined up with Miss Ali, Becky, Jackie and now Meri who was still very sore from her punishment in the gym.

“I want you each to take a mat, and find a space on the floor.” Miss Ali called.

The three girls did as they were told each taking a rubber mat from a pile in the corner of the gym.

“Miss Kirsten is going to supervise you during a series of exercises, you will all do as she tell s you I don’t want to see any slacking or you’ll be punished, that includes you Rebecca, ok Miss Kirsten over to you.” Miss Ali called out.

“Alright girls a nice easy one start off with one minute of star jumps exactly like this.” Miss Kirsten called out demonstrating a star jump by jumping and spreading her arms and legs as she did so.

“One minute starting now.” She called out before blowing a whistle that hung around her neck.

As the girls began to exercise Miss Ali sneaked out of the gym unnoticed, she went to the pole where Jenny was tied.

“Cooled off yet Jenny? Having fun with the boys are you? It certainly looks like those boys are having fun doesn’t it?” She teased as another chorus of wolf whistles filled the air.

“Are you going to give her a thrashing miss?” One of the boys called out.

“You mind your own business and carry on; I’ll have your instructor give you a thrashing.” Miss Ali replied.

“They want to see you get a thrashing Jenny, it would be a shame to disappoint your new friends wouldn’t it? Miss Ali said flicking Jenny’s nipples with the tip of her crop.

Jenny shook her head and moaned into her gag.

“Yes but you’ve been a naughty girl Jenny and naughty girls must be punished you know that.” Miss Ali said raising her crop and giving Jenny a hard whack across her breasts with it, this was followed by another five or six stinging blows all landing on Jenny’s breasts causing her cry into her gag in pain.

The boys watched through the fence in horror a couple of them cheering when each blow landed but most felt sorry for the poor girl.

“Need a hand Alissa?” The male instructor called out from the other side of the fence.

“You can help by taking those boys away.” Miss Ali replied.

“You heard the lady, get away from the fence.” The guy called out to the boys.

“You know where I am if you need me.” He called out to Miss Ali.

“Fucking creep.” Miss Ali said in low voice before switching her attention back to Jenny.

She switched her attention to Jenny’s legs landing a number of stinging blows to her thighs, before returning to the crying girl’s breasts landing another series of hard strokes of the crop on them before moving back down to her legs again, finally the thrashing came to an end much to Jenny’s relief.

“Those tits look so sore let me rub them better for you.” Miss Ali said with an evil grin on her face.

She began to massage and fondle Jenny’s breasts it actual felt nice relieving the pain until she stopped and dug her sharp finger nails deep into the flesh of Jenny’s breasts causing her to cry out in pain into her gag.

“Let that be a lesson to you. Don’t fuck with me bitch” She hissed into Jenny’s face.

“I’d better get back to the gym before I’m missed.” The instructor said leaving Jenny alone and crying still bound to the post.


Chapter 5

Miss Ali rejoined the others in the gym

“Sorry Miss Kirsten I had some urgent business to attend to.” She said as she entered.

Miss Kirsten knew exactly where she’d been.

“How are they doing?” Miss Ali asked.

“Meredith is struggling I don’t think she’s ready for this yet.” Miss Kirsten replied.

“I decide whether or not she’s ready.” Miss Ali snapped.

“Alright girls take a five minute breather.” Miss Ali called out.

“Not you Meredith, Miss Kirsten tells me you’ve been slacking.”

“No Miss Ali, it’s just that it hurts so much.”

“Give me twenty push ups.” Miss Ali said pushing Meri to the floor.

“Please Miss Ali it hurts.” Meri sobbed.

“Give me twenty push ups or you’ll hurt even more.” Miss Ali replied giving Meri a kick in the back.

Meri knew it useless to argue and began the push ups she keeps herself in good shape and normally twenty push ups wouldn’t be a problem, she was in so much discomfort from her injuries she had to stop after ten.

“No one told you to stop did they?” Miss Ali screamed as she towered over the girl giving her a hard whack on her already sore bottom with her crop.

“Give me ten more and make them good ones or you’ll be sorry.”

Becky was furious at what was happening to Meri and wanted to call out, but Miss Kirsten stopped just in time her by clasping her hand over her mouth.

“Don’t be silly Rebecca; you’ll only earn yourself a punishment.”

Meri bravely and tearfully struggled to complete her push ups

“Alright get yourself up and go over to the bars. Quickly.” She snapped giving Meri another whack as she slowly got to her feet.

“I promised you I was going to make the rest of your time at Brat Camp hell didn’t I bitch?” She hissed into Meri’s ear as the girl got to her feet.

“The rest of you join her on the bars.” Miss Ali called out pointing to the wall bars.

“Two minutes nonstop chin ups off you go.” She called out

“Miss Kirsten go and fetch Jenny Bond I’m sure she’s fully cooled off by now, it’s a shame that she missing out on all this.”

Jenny was still being stared and jeered at by the boys when Miss Kirsten arrived, she knew straight away from Jenny’s tears and the redness of her breasts and legs that Miss Ali paid her a visit. To the disappointment of the boys Miss Kirsten untied Jenny from the post removed her gag and helped her put her bra and t shirt back on again.

“Come and show us your tits again very soon darling” One of the boys called out as Jenny was led away, to which she replied with a one fingered gesture behind her back as she walked.

Jenny and Miss Kirsten returned to the gym to find that Miss Ali had tied Meri face first to the wall bars with skipping ropes taken from the equipment cupboard; she lashed the girl’s hands to the bars above her head and bound her ankles together before lashing them to the wall bars.

“Welcome back Jenny I trust you’ve cooled off now?”

“Yes Miss Ali.” Jenny replied

“Good now take a skipping rope from the cupboard and join the others.”

Jenny did as she was told and joined Becky and Jackie who were stood by Miss Ali both holding skipping ropes

“Why have you tied Meredith up again Miss Ali?” Miss Kirsten asked.

“Little bitch tried to kick me when I tapped her legs for stopping during the chin ups”

“Please Miss Ali I wasn’t trying to kick you, I wouldn’t do that honest.” Meri sobbed.

“Silence I will not be lied to. You saw her try to kick me didn’t you Rebecca?”

Becky paused for a moment not knowing what to say

“I asked you a question Rebecca; you saw her try to kick me didn’t you?” Miss Ali asked again this time holding the tip of her crop menacingly under Becky’s chin.

“Yes Miss Ali.” Becky sheepishly replied

“And you saw her too didn’t you?” Miss Ali asked Jackie again holding the tip of her crop under the girl’s chin.

“Yes Miss Ali.” Jackie replied not wanting to feel Miss Ali’s crop.

“You see even your friends saw you try to kick me.”

“Noooooo” Meri cried.

“Silence.” Miss Ali snapped taking a small rubber ball from the equipment cupboard and forcing it into Meri’s mouth before sealing her lips with a number of layers of black tape.

“Oh my god this woman is such a bully.” Jenny thought to herself.

“Right you three I want you skipping on the spot, but be warned the first one to stop will have to administer your friend’s punishment. Right off you go.” Miss Ali said blowing her whistle.

The three girls looked at each other in disbelief

“I said off you go.” Miss Ali snapped giving each of them a hard whack on the legs with her crop.

Jenny was first to start skipping followed by the other two, Becky hadn’t used a skipping rope since she was at junior school and was already struggling to find a rhythm where as Jenny and Jackie were making it look all so easy. Becky was determined not to be the one that gives poor Meri a thrashing and bravely battled on eventually getting the hang of it and finding a rhythm. The girls had been skipping for nearly five minutes now and Becky’s lack of fitness was beginning to show as she began to tire, she tripped and fell over her skipping rope landing in an exhausted heap on the floor. Miss Ali smiled and pulled the exhausted girl to her feet.

“I hope you’ve saved enough energy to give Meredith her flogging.” She said taking hold of Becky’s skipping rope and folding it in half and then in half again to make a simple whip.

Jenny and Jackie stopped skipping and watched in horror as Miss Ali said to Becky.

“Go and pull down Meredith’s shorts”

Tears rolled down Becky’s cheeks as she knew she had to do as she was told.

“Sorry Meri.” Becky sobbed as she took hold of Meri shorts and pulled them down around her knees.

“Her panties too.” Miss Ali who was loving this called out.

Becky put her fingers inside the waistband of Meri panties and pulled them down to her shorts.

“I’m so so sorry.” She sobbed patting Meri’s bottom.

“Take hold of this.” Miss Ali said passing Becky the rope whip.

“Twenty five lashes make them good ones or you’ll receive the same punishment.” She continued.

“I can’t.” Becky sobbed dropping the rope on the floor.

“You can and you will, now pick that up and get on with it.” Miss Ali snapped giving Becky a number of hard stinging whacks with her crop.

“Alright, alright I’ll do it.” Becky tearfully replied before Miss Ali whacked her again.

“She’s such a bitch.” Jackie said Jenny, which was heard by Miss Ali.

“Yes girls I am a bitch, and who told you to stop skipping carry on or you’ll both be joining Meredith lashed to those bars.

“Sorry Miss Ali.” Jenny sheepishly replied as they began skipping again.

“Right Rebecca twenty five lashes in your own time off you go.” Miss Ali told the sobbing girl.

Becky swung back the rope and landed a blow on Meri’s bottom

“Good grief girl, that’s nowhere near hard enough.” Miss Ali said snatching the rope from her.

“Like this.” She continued landing two stinging hard blows on Meri’s bottom in quick succession causing Meri to cry into her gag.

“Now you or you’ll get the same.” Miss Ali said passing the rope back to Becky.

Becky was left with no other option but to whack Meri as hard as she could with the rope whip, each stroke was followed by a gagged cry which made Becky feel so bad, finally the twenty five lashes were complete and Becky slumped to the floor upset and exhausted, Meri hung from the bars crying uncontrollably.

“You’ve not finished yet.” Miss Ali said picking Becky up off the floor.

“Replace her panties and shorts and then rejoin the others.”


Chapter 6

The girls spent another hot uncomfortable night restrained in their beds in strait jackets, and gagged as the previous night Meri actually found it quite comfortable compared to what she had been used to since she arrived at the camp. At 5.30am the girls were woken by Miss Kirsten who had come to get Becky up for her morning run.

“Rebecca you’ll be pleased to know you’ll have company on your runs from now on, Meredith you got no exercise yesterday tied to those bars all day so Miss Ali says you‘re to join Rebecca.

Miss Kirsten got both girls up

“Don’t bother getting dressed it will be a shame to get your clean uniforms sweaty so early in the day you’ll have to do the run in just your panties.”

Miss Kirsten lead both girls outside, where it was a freezing cold crisp early spring morning, a heavy overnight frost covered the ground.

“Don’t worry you’ll soon get warm. Four laps quick as you can off you go.” Miss Kirsten told the trembling girls as she zipped up her nice warm fleece jacket.

Both girls set off on their run around the frost covered field, Meri’s body was aching all over after her punishments and being left hanging on the wall bars for hours, she hadn’t completed a lap when she began to struggle. Miss Kirsten was joined by Miss Ali.

“Meredith isn’t putting much effort in is she?” She said upon arrival.

“Faster Meredith, unless you want to feel my crop on your backside again.” Miss Ali called out.

Becky too was struggling but Miss Ali didn’t seem to care about that all she was bothered about was Meri who had slowed right down to walk; she grabbed hold of Meri as she passed the instructors on the completion of her first lap.

“If you don’t want to run then maybe you’d like to spend some time on the pole?” Miss Kirsten watch the other one while I deal with this one.”

“You can’t take her to the pole dressed like that she’ll freeze to death.” Miss Kirsten protested.

Miss Ali’s face went blood red with rage

“Don’t you dare tell me what I can and can’t do, I run this section not you just remember that or I’ll report you to Greta Sternson. Now watch the girl look she’s already slacking.” She snapped.

Miss Ali took hold of Meri who was trembling with both fear and cold and led her away.

“Get a move on Rebecca we haven’t got all day you lazy little bitch.” Miss Kirsten snapped taking anger out on the girl by giving her four hard stinging whacks with her crop on her freezing cold legs as she passed.

Miss Ali tied Meri to the pole in a similar way Jenny was tied to it, and fastened a ball gag in her mouth. Meri feared another beating as Miss Ali raised her crop and run it slowly over hard nipples.

“I don’t think the floggings are having the desired effect on you are they Meredith? In fact I think you’re a kinky little bitch who rather enjoys being whipped is that right?”

Meri moaned into her gag and shook her head

“Well let’s see how you enjoy these little beauties.” Miss Ali said reaching into her jacket pocket and pulling out two silver objects.

“Do you know what these are Meredith?”

Again Meri moaned and shook her head.

“Painful little nipple clamps my dear.”

Meri screamed with pain as Miss Ali tightened the first clamp on her hard nipple, she screamed again as the second clamp was tightly fastened.

“Painful little feckers aren’t they Meredith?” Miss Ali laughed.

“One last thing before I leave you for the boys to enjoy.” She continued.

She took a packet from her pocket and opened it she took hold of the waistband of the front of Meri’s panties and pulled it forward so she could empty the contents of the packet down the front of the girl’s panties. Once she had emptied the packet she held it up for Meri to read. Extra Strong Itching Powder.

“Have fun with the boys my pretty.” Miss Ali said patting Meri on the head before walking away laughing very loudly.

Miss Ali returned to Miss Kirsten and Rebecca who was just finishing her run when they heard a helicopter coming in to land.

“Madame’s early this morning.” Miss Ali said.

“Wait that isn’t Greta Sternson’s helicopter.” Miss Kirsten replied.

“There’s another one behind it.” Miss Ali said.

“And another behind that.” She continued.

“Rebecca inside now” Miss Kirsten said grabbing Becky’s arm and running towards the dormitory.

They reached the dormitory only to find the entrance blocked by a number of armed police officers, who had dashed out of the first helicopter on landing. Very soon the whole camp was flooded with armed officers; female officers went into the dormitory and set the girls free.

“What about Meri that bitch took her to the pole.” Becky said

“The pole where’s that?” One of the female officers asked.

“I’ll show you.” Jenny replied.

She and Becky led a couple of officers to the pole on their way they passed Miss Ali and Miss Kirsten who were standing handcuffed to a couple of female officers.

“Fucking psycho bitch.” Becky screamed running over and giving Miss Ali a hard punch in the face causing her nose to bleed.

“Alright Miss calm down it’s over now your all safe now.” One of the officers said putting her arm around Becky and leading her away.

Jenny took the other officer to the pole where Meri stood crying and fidgeting like crazy.

“Oh god you poor thing. What have they done to you?” The officer asked as she Jenny quickly worked to free the crying girl.

“That bitch put itching powder in my panties.” Meri said pulling her panties off and throwing them to the ground.

The officer gave Meri her jacket to cover herself up with before taking her inside to the showers.

Jackie spoke to a plain clothed officer who looked to be in charge of the operation and asked her how they found them.

“We always suspected Mrs Thompson and Miss Pringle were behind your disappearance finally Mrs Thompson cracked under interrogation and told us everything all about Mrs Sternson and her camp, sadly Mrs Sternson had vanished when we raided her home but her housekeeper who is also her pilot gave us directions to the camp.”

All Four girls were flown back to the main land and after being checked over at the local hospital they were reunited with their families.

The woman that had Meri kidnapped and sent to camp was later arrested and is awaiting to go on trial along with Mrs Thompson and Miss Pringle. Miss Ali and Miss Kirsten are also in police custody due to appear in court the next morning.





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