Carol's Big Break (but not before some adventure first...)

Carol reached over and hit the ‘snooze’ button on her alarm clock. The sun was peeking through her window as she groggily looked to see that it was 6:30 AM and time to get up and get ready for work. After taking a shower, Carol laid out her work outfit. First, she put on her Victoria’s Secret’s red matching bra and panties, and then she slid white stockings up her sexy legs and attached them to her garter belt. She then put on a crisp clean white blouse, complimented with a long tan pleated skirt, matching double-breasted blazer and high-heeled shoes. Carol finished off her outfit with a light-colored scarf. Attired in her usual stunning fashion, Carol went off to her job.

Carol worked at the local news station, but not as a reporter. She did background prep work for news stories for the news anchors. Carol hoped that one day, she would be the one who would break and report a major news story.


It was near the end of the work day and Carol was the last person in the office.  She was ready to go home when the company phone rang. The woman on the other end spoke quietly and quickly, saying there was suspicious activity at the warehouse near the waterfront and someone needed to come out and investigate. Before Carol could say anything, the line went dead. Carol knew the location of the warehouse and started to call her boss about the tip. “Wait a minute,” Carol thought to herself, “this could be a huge story. Why should I give it to anyone? This could be my big break!” Carol hung up the phone and headed toward the warehouse. She planned to do a little reconnaissance to see what was going on and if it was too much for her to handle, she could always call the police. Confident her decision was sound, she approached the warehouse with caution.

Carol walked around the warehouse and saw nothing suspicious from the outside, so she peeked though the small glass pane imbedded in the door. As she leaned forward, the door creaked open. Carol dashed inside, hoping no one saw her. She was standing a few feet away from the main office when she saw moving shadows and heard what sounded like a muffled voice. Having seen and heard enough, Carol made her way back to the door when she was grabbed from behind. Her arms were pinned to her sides while a strong hand clamped over her mouth. The man dragged her into the office where he and his accomplice tied Carol’s hands and legs together. When she began to scream, a rag was shoved in her mouth. They carried Carol over to a chair, sat her down and tied her to it. Carol struggled to free herself, but it was no use…she was going nowhere.

Carol looked across the room and saw another woman tied to a chair just as she was, her mouth covered with duct tape. She was dressed in a plain t-shirt, jeans and sneakers and it was apparent by the dirt on her clothes that she had been skulking around the warehouse before she was caught.  Carol realized that she must have been the woman making the muffling sounds. Carol wondered, “what was going on?…who are these men?…who is that woman?  She must have been the one who made the call, but why were they holding her prisoner?” Carol’s silent questions were interrupted as the men stood over her.

“We’re going to take the rag out and ask you some questions.. If you scream or give us the wrong answers, we are going to silence you again. Do you understand?” Carol nodded her head and the rag was pulled from her mouth.

“Now, who are you and why are you here?”

“I’m a worker at the local news station.”

“Liar! A mere worker could not afford the nice clothes you are wearing. Most likely, you are a reporter spying on us to get a story about our illegal drug smuggling.”

“No, that’s not true. I was just following up on a call…”

“Yes, I know about the call. We caught her before she could tell you much about our operation. We don’t know who she is, but we suspect, by the way you and her are dressed, that she is your ‘mole’ gathering information about us.” Carol and the gagged woman exchanged glances.

“I’ve never seen her before today. I don’t…MMPPHHFF!”

“I’ve heard enough lies. I warned you that you would be silenced again if you lied.” He took duct tape and covered Carol’s mouth so that both women were now matching in their bondage, attire and gags. “Since you won’t talk, you are of no use to us. We will be back shortly to dispose of the two of you.” As the men left the room, Carol knew she had to act fast. She was able to inch her chair across the room toward the other hostage. Seeing this, the other woman did the same thing. They both quickened their struggles and soon their chairs were side-by-side. They pressed their faces together and tried to rub the tape off each other’s mouths, but it was too adhesive. Frustrated but determined, Carol moved her chair so now they were back-to-back. She was able to reach the rope around the other woman’s wrist and tried to untie her wrist ropes, but they were too tight. The other woman picked up on Carol’s attempt and pulled at the end on Carol’s rope and began to loosen the knot. Carol wriggled her hand and almost freed herself when the men came into the room and separated the women. Carol whined in frustration as they re-tied her wrists. “We heard the commotion going on in here and it looks like we came in just in time.” The women moaned as the men taunted them. “We have had enough of your games. It’s time to get rid of our loose ends. We’re going to start with our star reporter..” The men untied Carol from the chair and carried her to another room, leaving the other woman tied and gagged to the chair.


They left Carol tied and gagged as they carried her up a flight of stairs. Below the stairs was a six-foot long glass tube with an opening at the top. They slowly lowered Carol into the tube until her feet touched the bottom. There was six inches between Carol’s head and the top of the tube, which had a hose attached to the lid. Before they closed the top of the tube, they tore the tape off Carol’s mouth. Her screams could be heard as the hose was turned on and water slowly filled the tube. Carol struggled and tried to break the glass, but it was too thick to break. She then tried to tip the tube over, hoping it would break on impact, but her weight combined with the weight of the water made the tube too heavy to move. The men laughed as the water slowly submerged Carol’s body, making its way up her legs, waist and chest. Carol began to panic as the water reached her neck and reached the bottom of her nose. Carol gasped for air and held her breath as the water passed over her head and now completely filled the tube. The water had softened the ropes around Carol’s wrists and she was able to free her hands and push against the top of the tube. She was good at holding her breath, but her time was running out. The top of the tube didn’t budge and Carol began to lose consciousness, knowing the end was near.

Suddenly, a shot rang out, shattering the glass but missing Carol. She fell to the floor and quickly filled her lungs with fresh air. Rushing to Carol’s aid was the man who shot the tube. He gently but firmly carried Carol away as men with guns burst into the room and fought with Carol’s captors. One of the men was caught while the other escaped. Carol’s breathing returned to normal as her hero comforted her.

“Miss, are you all right?”

“Yes, I’m fine now. Thank you for rescuing me. Who are you?”

“I’m the Special Agent in charge of breaking up this drug ring.”


“Relax miss. She is part of our team. We freed her and she told us where you were.”

“Oh, I’m glad she is safe.” Relived, Carol began crying and, out of gratitude, kissed her hero.  He gently held her and kissed her back.

“I don’t normally kiss on the job, but it’s not every day I am holding a well-dressed beautiful blonde in my arms.” Carol blushed as he escorted her to an ambulance for medical care.


The lead story that night on the news was a raid on a drug warehouse and Carol was the lead reporter. Life was very good. Carol had survived her ordeal and she had her dream job.

However, one of her captors was still on the loose. Was Carol really out of danger, or would he seek revenge?