Castle Bond – Day 1







The car finally braked to a stop. "Yay," My younger sister Jocasta exclaimed as she opened the door on her side. "Just about time to stretch my numb legs and arms."

"You better stretch well," my younger brother and the youngest in the family remarked. "It'll be your last stretch for a long time...ow!" Jo pinched his arm.

"Stop it you two, this is a holiday, can't you keep the quarrels away?" My mother remarked.

Both my siblings glared at each other, then turned their backs as they helped pull out their luggage. A sudden breeze swept through the carpark and I furiously rubbed my bare arms and legs.

"Told you to dress warmly," mum said. Hey, this was supposed to be a holiday away from the dreary British winter, not one where the weather was still cold. Not replying, I yanked out my suitcase and followed my family towards the sign saying "Mandatory Registration Centre." It was a short queue and in front of us was a burly man in uniform. The whole place looked like that of an immigration centre.

"Ladies to the side," he barked in a thick accent. "All ladies to the side, hands on your head." 

With our bags left with the men, we did as we were told. Nearly half an hour later, dad motioned us to a side room and simply said, "Ok, it's time. Assume the position."


We each turned around and placed our hands behind us. As soon as I did, I felt soft nylon rope draw them together and in just over a few minutes, my hands were bound behind my back. "Open wide," I heard my brother say and as soon as I did, a thick cloth was inserted between my teeth and secured behind the back of my neck. 

Ok, I'll have to explain. This is not some weirdo family or punishment for me. Rather it's a family vacation to a mystery castle called Castle Bond in a small landlocked country in Europe near the Alps. The whole castle was built in the 16th Century and today is a famous holiday resort with a twist: All female guests must be restrained and gagged while in the castle. This dates back to the history of the castle where women staged an unsuccessful rebellion and were bound and gagged as a punishment for months after. The owners of this castle, the Bond family, latched on to the history and visitors across the many decades accepted the idea.


My family, well particularly my sisters, used to play lots of tie up games with the boys my eldest sister knew. My youngest brother was only just introduced to TUGs when our parents caught us in the act. Instead of punishments, they admitted to us that they too played TUGs when they first met. A quick Google search revealed this place so it seemed perfect.

I tried to balance myself but it wasn't easy, wearing heeled boots. "Ok," my father announced as he secured the knot behind my mother's head--all three of us were bound and gagged in the same fashion. "Jon, grab their bags. Let's go, the main meeting will start soon." My brother gave a remark that we over packed but dragged both our bags. Outside, other families and couples were streaming out of the centre. All ladies were definitely bound and gagged in various ways with different accessories. All of them were in the company of some male. Luckily there was a lift; I didn't fancy trying to use the steps in my condition.


The room or rather suite we were allocated was huge, well, my family is huge. I've three other older sisters who would only be joining us tomorrow. That's Avena, 25, Imogen, 29 and Sayle, 31, the oldest and the only sister married--she would be joining us with her husband, Martyn. Jo is 20, I'm 22, Jon just turned 18.

"Ok, we don't have time to unpack now." He reached over and undid my bonds. "You may just want to wash your hands and change your footwear." I brought my hands to my gag but he waved. "No, gag stays, remember our agreement." Ok, another explanation: Castle rules state that all women must be bound and gagged when outside, unless they have medical issues. But in the rooms it is optional. Since our family has played TUGs, dad ruled that we would still be bound and gagged while inside our guest room.


I headed to my allocated bed and unzipped my bag, exchanging my boots for dark tights and sensible flat heeled shoes. After a quick handwash, I was back in the main common area to see my brother retying my sister. "Hands, Freyja," Jon said.


“I'm sure you're enjoying this,” I thought as he tied my wrists again. That was not the end as I saw both them pull up black cloths from the packets they were given.

"Whmmm?" I queried.

"They said all have to be blindfolded for the introductory meeting," dad said and applied the blindfolds. They looked like ordinary black cloth but boy it immediately blocked out my vision. Unable to speak properly, move my hands or see, I was at the mercy of my brother as he guided both me and my sis back down. It was a short walk through a corridor, and then my ears heard the noise of more individuals. Next, I felt a hard surface as I was helped down on a chair. That was far from the end as I felt my stockinged ankles bound and more rope secured me to a chair. Then, someone tested the microphone and I heard a voice boom. "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Castle Bond...."


The next two hours was an introductory speech about the castle and the main rules and regulations. Usually, I would read the powerpoint presentation or slides on the screen but without proper sight, I was forced to listen instead. "Ladies and gentlemen, please remember to sign up for the sessions tomorrow. We understand many of you have experience, but it is still compulsory to attend. With that, I wish you all an enjoyable stay." Finally, we were released and soon back in our guest room. Since we all wanted to shower, it was bonds, blindfolds and gags out which was a welcome relief.

But soon enough, it was dinner and that was down at the restaurant below. I sauntered over to the partitioned side of the room and looked at my suitcase. I picked out another strapped dress--I arrived in one--but this time added a thick cardigan, kept the tights on and same shoes. I wasn't about to wear heels for my first day.


"You look stunning sis," my brother commented as he yanked my hands behind me. "," I grunted at his comment and the tightening of the new ropes around my wrists. Another one of rope ropes went around my waist, pinning my arms to my back. Once again, I was guided by him and my father took my mother and Jo.


In the lift, we were joined by a guy and what looked like his girlfriend in a strapless black and patterned dress. She was extensively wrapped with ropes all over her arms, wrists and breasts and had a cleave gag. My father and brother greeted him and I initiated eye-to-eye contact with her. I could sense she was saying, you're lucky girl, look at how much I'm trussed up. 

A few more steps and we were at the hotel's restaurant. "Good evening sir," the maître d greeted my father. "Table for five? Will your wife and daughters be using their hands or require assistance?"

My father immediately replied, "We will be feeding them." WHAT?

"Very well sir. Margo," he called. Suddenly, a waitress with a rather short skirt came up to us. What surprised me was that she was gagged with a red ball gag protruding out of her mouth. Her hands were cuffed in a rather long set of handcuffs in front of her and looking down, her ankles were also encased in leg irons.


"Thsmwy," She spoke through her gag and guided us to a table. As she handed out menus only to the men, I noticed that other female staff were similarly dressed, bound and gagged. Oh my gosh, they really were serious about this!

Usually, I could engross myself over the various dishes on offer but being bound and gagged and with my brother sitting opposite me, I was deprived of that. Instead, he just read out the dishes. We ladies settled on the local river fish in breaded form while the men got steak. Margo, the waitress arrived with bread and expertly placed the rolls on our side plates despite her fetters! Only after my brother buttered the roll did he reach over and lower the cleave gag.

"Open wider sis," he said and boy did it feel humiliating being fed by the baby of the family. The melting butter dripped down my chin.

"Jonathan, wipe it off." No response. "Jonathan!"

"Yes, dad." Idiot, I thought silently. Just you wait when this is over.

Our main courses came and the spoon feeding continued with us ladies suffering. What was a simple dinner was our first main exercise with hands secured. Finally, the last piece was swallowed. Dad held up my glass and I gratefully drank since the dish was quite salty. "That's enough, you would be using the loo too much." Oh man, are you going to restrict our toilet usage just because we have to be bound?

"Thnku, syammh," our waitress said. Back in our room, dad allowed us to just be wrist bound but said no talking to us ladies. He gave a quick call to the remaining family members and then mum open her mouth and spoke silently.

"Your mother wants to retire soon. The TV can stay on, but not too loud. Don't stay up too late; the sessions start at 10."

"Night dad," my brother said then turned to us girls. "Time for the gags again sisters."

We shook our heads but gave in. That was far from the end as he tackled both of us down and tied both our ankles and knees. "Hmmmpph!" Jo cried.

"Oh come on, you had it worse before."

"Thmisthmfird," I cried through my gag.

"Tomorrow is. Now, what's on...." Surprisingly, all channels were in English. We suffered more than just the bindings and gags as we watched some average action movie before we all felt sleepy. We may be helpless but our modesty was kept as he let us change into our pyjamas. The cleave gags were exchanged for just a single strip of tape over our lips and our wrists were bound in front with cloth. "Good night sisters," he said, after securing my ankles. Thus ended the first evening in Castle Bond.








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