Castle Bond – Part 11







I thought it was another generic game but dad continued, "You remember that medical centre-like arena? Well they've started a contest named 'who can take it?" and 'it' refers to a straitjacket. The girl who can withstand wearing a straitjacket for at least 48 hours gets a monetary reward and more bondage equipment."


"Stmmtjmmkt," I said not asked. I saw them once at a Fetish Society in a West Midlands university but never got to try them throughout my history of being bound and gagged.


"Whmy Mmm?" I asked, looking at my other older sisters and Jocasta.


"Well Sayle actually tried it once with Martyn, Avena tried it with her friends," I was surprised to hear that. "And Jocasta has a medical condition in her… well you know where." My dad never like to mention female private parts.


"Amm Immmgm?" I turned to my second oldest sister.


"She'll be bound and gagged in different ways," Dad replied then gestured to me. Jon and my brother flanked me, and I spotted Jaigo naturally excited over the prospect of seeing me in a straitjacket. I wasn't sure what my boyfriend was thinking about me wrapped up tightly.


We arrived at the fake medical centre and found a queue which included my new friend Claire whose brother James also wanted to have her to be straitjacketed. Melissa as usual was bound to an outside railing since it as an over 18 -year-old activity. While we were queuing up, officials came to brief us on the general rules:

  1. All female participants must wear the straitjacket and associated gag for forty-right hours straight. This includes them both in public and back in their hotel rooms. Any girl who breaks the rule across the time allocated will be disqualified.
  2. Male relatives or friends must send officials pictures of the girls via WhatsApp every hour to the team officials to acknowledge the girl is still always straitjacketed. This continues at midnight and every few hours in the early morning.
  3. Each girl must take off clothes down to their underwear, and they can choose to be topless. Given the dropping weather of the Castle, girls may wear tights or stockings but no other clothes will be allowed--the jacket is thick enough to act as a jumper and coat.
  4. Due to the rule that girls must always wear the straitjacket, they can wear a nappy or a diaper - American English - instead of their underwear.

Those were the main rules when I found myself at the front of the queue. Dad went to register himself as the 'guardian' and after he signed up, I was led into another room where a lady without restraints introduced herself as 'Nurse Deborah', and asked me if I understood the rules. I responded yes through my present gag. I took off my clothes as instructed.


"Do you want to wear the nappy instead of your knickers?" She pointed. I decided not to, but she still placed that nappy in a bag. She then held up a mass of thick canvas, straps and buckles. It was modelled on the Posey straitjacket model, with several modifications. Instead of the usual four straps holding the back closed, there were 10 straps. There were two of them at the end of the sleeves instead of the usual one and the front loop was a good six inches wide. The side loops were the same as on the standard Posey.


Nurse Deborah advanced with the straitjacket and swiftly grabbed my elbows. She slid the jacket sleeves over my forearms, holding the jacket then quickly pulled it back over my upper arms and shoulders. She held the jacket firmly with both hands and walked behind me, pushing my hair over my right shoulder, and began fastening all the back straps. I looked at the sleeves covering my arms noting both extended a few inches beyond my fingers and were sewn tightly shut at the ends. Two long straps extended from one of the sleeves, while two short straps with metal buckles came from the other. I surreptitiously rubbed the inside of one sleeve with my fingers, noting the rough texture of the canvas. I definitely couldn't spread my fingers apart more than an inch or so and was starting to, to shiver.


Nurse Deborah continued and pulled the top two straps through the buckles to keep my arms inside the sleeves, and then started from the bottom of the jacket, pulling individual straps snugly to fit my torso properly. Once she was satisfied with her work, she again re-tightening each strap. I looked in the mirror as the bright white canvas tightly hugged my broad shoulders, chest, and abs surprisingly without cutting off any circulation.  After readjusting the bottom strap, the nurse crouched down and reached through my bare legs to a wide strap dangling from the bottom of the jacket. The nurse yanked it back between my legs and fastened it to a buckle sticking out between the two bottom back straps. I inhaled sharply as I felt the thick strap press against the front of my knickers and separating my buttocks.


Nurse Deborah walked back around in front of me and instructed, "Freyja please lower and bend your right arm at the elbow." As I did, the nurse pulled the right sleeve through the wide loop below my boobs and fed it through another, thinner loop on the side, and she somehow grabbed the sleeve as it came to my back. She did the same process for the left arm, adjusting my arms straight.


Next, she went around my back and fastened the two sleeve straps, then placed one hand on each of my elbows and pushed them towards each other, to reduce as much slack as possible. My forearms seem to disappear behind the wide front loop and my hands were on opposite sides of my body. The nurse then took each strap on the jacket, stuck it through the belt loop on the corresponding buckle strap, and threaded it back though the buckle, to further make them even more difficult to loosen.


The wide crotch strap now started to rub against my clit, the feeling being exiting and yet painful. Nurse Deborah noticed but just retrieved the bag on the desk, revealing a plug or muzzle gag.


"Freyja, the ball here is hypoallergenic so there won't be any oral infections." She removed my present cleave gag and secured the medical gag. I could only move my jaw an inch or so as straps ere buckled behind my head, securing the thick gag firmly in place. After the muzzle gag was secured, the nurse made me walk around to get used to the cocoon my upper body was wrapped in.


"Perfect," She declared but I wasn't sure that moment. She led me back, out. Dad now had a timer with the clock ticking down. So, I'll be in a straitjacket from 1pm for two days. Jon held me on the left and we walked out for a late lunch.


I next learnt he had told Dad we had started dating. I tried to talk through the new gag but all that came out was a really muted speech. "Hold your words," Dad remarked as we queued up. There were many options and being straitjacketed and muzzled, I fumbled to indicate my choice of Fish and Chips. As we sat down to eat, Dad raised his mobile phone and took a picture of me for the challenge. I was glad Jon was the one unbuckling my new gag.


With my arms and wrists tightly secured against my upper torso, Jon had the duty of feeding me. I did enjoy it even though he got tartar sauce all over my lips. Lunch finished, the gag was locked back on. We discovered the temperature was dropping by then. I managed to mouth "Dmd, mmy lgs are fremmmg." My parents escorted me back to our room where dad unbuckled the teasing crotch strap. Mum, with her hands know free, helped me into one of the few 40 denier beige tights I brought along.


Back outside, I found surprises. Imogen was now in a sheer skin-tight body suit, bound in chains and a black panel gag. What was in addition was a black metallic chastity belt locked around her crotch. "Uh, Wmm!!!" I tried to exclaim through my gag as her new male friend Scott guided her. Avena and Sayle decided to explore the island Immy and I were at earlier. Being the one of the restrained, I told them would refrain from any more games in the afternoon. After a few hours, a dreaded signal arrived - I had to answer the call of nature!


"Dmm, I nmmd tm gmt thm toimt," I tried to cry to my medical-like gag. I repeat that twice but he was looking elsewhere. "Jnn, I nmmd tm gm to thm toilmt," I tried to call to my boyfriend. After another few calls, then men noticed and I was escorted to the nearest loo. It was mum's duty so her handcuffs were removed. I won't describe the process, but definite it was weirder and more difficult to pee and clean up while straitjacketed.


At dinner time, Dad invited Jon and Melissa to dine with us at another of the Castle's restaurants, featuring free-range, organic and fusion food. If the Maître d' had views on seeing me straightjackets and plug gagged, his face didn't give it away. As we pondered over the menus, the darn crotch strap gave me multiple arousals and I just couldn't concentrate. Could I last through this challenge for the next day?








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