Castle Bond - Part 12A


If you don't like the nappies/diapers parts, you can skip it and just read the b&g or bondage parts.


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So, where I left off, I was wrapped tightly in a straitjacket for some contest and pondering over a menu full of free-range, organic and fusion food. I finally settled on pan-fried trout with mashed potatoes. Sayle and her husband Martyn shared half an organic roast chicken, my second oldest sister Imogen also chose chicken but breaded cutlets, the next sister Avena, also chose a fish dish - a breaded whiting with roasted sweet potatoes, my younger sister Jocasta chose a mix vegetable salad with minute scatterings of white meat and shrimps. My ever mischievous and excited brother chose a large steak while my parents shared a medium-size goose.


Our dishes came rather quickly and my medical gag came off, hanging again around my neck. Jon was assigned to feed me. In any other scenario, I would have been excited but the first swallow was weird given the strong restriction from the jacket. Bit by bit, I was spoon-fed, a cloth wrapped around my neck in case food would drop on it. Suddenly, I shouted "bone!" and Jon quickly extracted it out. He carefully deboned the rest of my trout and continued to feed me, including trying some of his venison filled with red wine sauce. The meal finished with not much talking but again, I needed to pee - my dish was rather salty.


Once more, it was my mother's job to help me in the loo. It was harder this time and even through her thick cleave gag, I could hear her annoyed tone. Back at the table, dad had already paid the bill and as soon as my gag was secured, he took another picture to send to the team officials via WhatsApp. I decided to return to our hotel room with my parents.


Still bound like an Egyptian mummy, legs bound with leather ankles cuffs and a medical gag, I barely made it to the nearby chair and slumped on it. I smelt chocolate and mum, now un-gagged but her hands handcuffed in front, placed a mug of hot chocolate in front of me. She un-did my gag and help me drink the warming drink. As with the food, it was weird with the hot liquid flowing down my throat and only partly warming against the chilly weather.


With the gag back on, I headed to watch TV. The show was in French and I never was strong in that language. Just as adverts were broadcast, my bladder signalled again. I tried to get up but instead lost my balance and fell on the carpeted-floor.

"Mmuum, Dammmd!" I yelled through the gag, but neither of my parents came. I cried again and again and managed to crawl towards the toilet. After another call, my mother finally appeared but just before I reached door, my bladder emptied itself. I yelped immediately, but my mum, who had some nursing training, immediately drew me back to into the bedroom. and removed the straitjacket, my tights and my underwear. Suddenly, wet wipes appeared in her hands and my crotch and even my buttocks.


I expected her to dress me back again, however, she turned away but came back within a minute with something wrapped up in her hand. I knew what it was before she unfolded it: An adult nappy. Alright some background here, I worn a nappy not just as a baby and toddler but as a young girl and teenager due to bladder incontinence. No, I could wear pull ups quickly as I peed through them. It definitely was a pleasant experience and I definitely got teased, especially in the changing room. The bladder weakness only stopped a year before this trip to Castle Bond.


I should also add that Jo also had to wear nappies due to bladder weakness but she only wore that during her mid-teens for a very short term. Anyway, back to the present. Mum was very convincing, stating my incontinence history, that even if she could hear my gagged calls, I might still wet myself before we both reached the toilet.


"You'll be sleeping straitjacketed and gagged, so if nature calls, this might be better."

With my gag removed, I launched into a tirade why a nappy wouldn't be necessary. Dad suddenly appeared and agreed with mum's weak arguments, then left. I was allowed to have my final toilet use as a big girl and then laid back on the bed.


Resigned to what was happening, I stood while she wiped my area with anti-rash cream then I lifted my legs obediently and she taped the darn adult nappy over me. The straitjacket came back on and just on cue, dad returned, snapping a picture, thankfully not catching my now padded area. Just then, I heard Jo, Avena and Jaigo returning and instead of heading out to expose my nappied crotch I decided to sleep early. Mum's last task was to exchange the medical gag with a light white tape gag to prevent me from choking on the former.


To say my cocooned sleep was uncomfortable was definitely an understatement. I rolled around until I found a more comfortable position. As I slept, I again recalled how I started wearing a nappy as a child, first for constant bedwetting, then for day wetting. I remembered how I had to adjust my clothing to prevent the nappy from showing under my clothes. I tried to ignore the restrictiveness as I slept and then much later woke up. 


Just after 10:30 am, I groaned. Mum suddenly appeared and her first words were "you're wet!". Oh my gosh, I actually when the nappy when I was asleep. After my straitjacket was off, she gestured for me to use pee to fill up more the nappy before that came off. "Remember to scrub yourself well," she called I as I headed to the shower. That was easier said than done with my wrists cuffed in front of me with a short chain and my ankles chained with leg irons. Back, wrapped and gagged again but this time in big girl knickers and tights, dad once more entered and took pictures.


In the dining area, I was surprised to see my three siblings still there but a glance at the window revealed the answer: it was raining cats and dogs. Instead of breakfast, mum laid down canned minestrone soup with several pieces of warm toast. As with previous meals, it wasn't easy to eat - spoon-fed - while straitjacketed, but I managed. While my siblings headed to the TV room, I stayed at the table, trying to convince myself I could withstand this challenge and win.


Time flew by fast and the weather cleared. I requested dad not my brother accompany me outside. As soon as we stepped in the castle courtyard, we encountered Jon my boyfriend. After exchanging greetings, I learnt that Melissa was recovering from a cold but would be re-joining Jon later. I naturally decided not to participate in any activities while straitjacketed and strictly gagged. I however tried to get closer to my boyfriend rather than being next to my dad and successfully managed to within ten minutes.


The sky turned dark again and thunder roared so we three headed to shelter quickly, which was yet another cafe. After a quick discussion, dad allowed us lovers to stay there on condition that we wouldn't move and he would find us much later in the afternoon. Great I silently cheered, then started talking to my boyfriend through the gag. I told him about wearing the nappy last night. I expected him to laugh or tease, but he just stated 'cool' and did say anything when I told him about my previous nappy or diaper wearing.


We then chatted about what sort of bonds and gags I preferred and disliked, his history such activities with Melissa and some female friends whom stopped playing with him quickly. We both declared that our relationship won't be a dominant-submissive one even with adult gear and after a short cold coffee drink with me using a straw, he kissed me on the lips before re-gagging me. That sent a chill through my body and aroused my bra-less nipples. Dad arrived in time and with a delightful grin, informed us that many other female contestants had dropped out from this straitjacket challenge, with me and that Taiwanese-American girl Claire tied in the lead. Jon and Melissa were again invited to dinner, this time at our hotel room.


Dinner was cooked by mum - chicken casserole for all. My boyfriend arrived with Melissa in a T-Shirt with Taylor Swift's picture of the front and rope binding her all over and a simple cleave gag. Dinner passed by much faster this time, with less talking and it was Jon who spoon fed both me and his cousin. They both left immediately once the meal was over, not before I received another couple of kisses and Melissa's gag was switched to a light tape gag. I again decided to turn in early and accepted my mother's suggestion to wear a nappy to sleep.


I woke up the next day much earlier at 8 am and rolled around in my bed, careful not to fall over. This time, I managed to eat my scrambled eggs without any trouble and with my parents on both sides, we headed out again. As we mingled around the courtyard, the only signals I got was from the tight crotch strap but I told myself that it would be all over soon. A few hours later, we entered the 'medical centre' and I was first in line.


With my parents take aside, I entered the next room and naturally met Nurse Deborah. She kept me to one side and we both stared at the clock. The minute hand moved slowly in my view but soon enough, it reached 1pm. No sign of anyone else, no sign of the girl Claire. "Congratulations Freyja, you won the challenge!!!" The nurse, patted my jacketed back but took her time to undo the restrictive jacket and gave me a drink once the medical gag was removed. I remained semi-naked in the room as she retrieved my clothing from my folks outside.


Back outside, my parents were elated and told me a 1000 equivalent was deposited in my bank account. With my wrists taped behind my back and a long piece of tape stuck over my lips, we headed out. Apparently, Claire fell flat down as she headed to the centre explaining why she was late. I did feel sorry for her but still was elated than the challenge was over and I won. "What next?" Dad asked. I just wanted a relaxing time now but he pulled out a map of the castle and he pointed. "Want to try waitressing at the restaurant we ate the first evening?"



To Be Continued








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