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Tape bound and gagged, I followed my father across the courtyard, through several corridors before we returned to the restaurant our family first found. We were met by two staff, the male maître d' and the head waitresses. The latter was in the same bonds as the waitresses I recalled the first day -- hands strongly cuffed in front her and the cuffs linked to a belly chain. There was a chain linked from the belly chain to her ankles locked in leg irons. She also wore a red ball. My father quickly conversed with them and I was led to a side room and given a paper with a set of questions to answer. With my writing hand freed but the other taped to the arm of a chair, I wrote down my experiences with waitressing and related activities. Afterwards, the pair moved away to discuss my answers. Their reply came back rather quickly.


"Yes, we can take you in; we do need extra waitressing staff right now," the maître d', Will, remarked as my wrists were both taped to the arms of the chair. "Your experience fits in and Madame Donna here will train and fit you out." My hands were then released, before they were taped back behind my back and I was led into a side room.


"Hemmres yourm uniformm," She handed me an a bundle. "Wemm all girmms herme, come ommn." The uniform was a pink blouse and a maroon blazer and matching mini-skirt. Hosiery wasn't tights but instead sheer stockings that warmed my legs just enough. I wasn't a fan of stockings but I managed to clip them on and the lacy garter belt that showed just below the hem of the skirt. She remarked the outfit was such not really to attract men but I suspected that how it was. She left and Will entered with my fetters and gag. I was quickly chained and the dreaded ball gag was locked on. It was black, signifying I was junior. "It's hypoallergenic," was the comfort I heard.


With two-inch heels on, the training started. I was shown the menu for the lunch which consisted of dozens of modern European and some fusion dishes. I had to quickly learn how to write down the various names with both my wrists cuffed. I made mistakes initially but got the hang of it. I next was trained how to write the orders by table position and enter it in the machine that would both send it to the cashier and the kitchen. I was further trained how to converse with customers, especially demanding or unruly ones through gag speak. I actually found that speaking through this ball gag make my voice clearer than with previous ball gags I've worn. Even so, I was thankful it could be lowered for staff lunch but us waitresses could speak much.


It was lunch service and I was under the watchful eye of Madame Donna and her deputy Ms Catriona. I was assigned Table 5, which was a three-seat table. The customers, one man, his wife and an eighteen-year-old daughter rope-bound and cleave gagged, ordered steak and chips with pepper sauce, chicken salad and pan-fried bream with also chips. "Thammk u, comming righm up," I manage to speak through my gag and walked as best I could with the heels and the leg irons. The orders came around ten minutes and the father finished his dish and managed to spoon feed his ladies. Meanwhile, I helped clear the dishes from the nearby table. The kitchen naturally was in full swing and the female chefs were also lightly chained up - missing a belly chain but with longer handcuffs - and some wearing face masks so I couldn't tell if they were gagged. I love cooking but I didn't think I could manage cooking trussed up and gagged for hours.


Back in the dining area, my table customers had finished and as I tried to work the guy's credit card, I dropped it. "Hermm," Ms Catriona picked it up and helped me. The man smiled and gave me a €5 tip, too small but I was thankful. There was no rest in the post-lunch period as we had to clean up. Then Donna and Catriona trained me again how to hold plates and cutlery with my cuffed hands as they thought I wasn't proficient during lunch. I nearly dropped a pile of plates but luckily the head waitresses caught them and I wasn't given a black mark. We waitresses were given a ten-minute break and I made a dash as best as I could to the loo.


With my hands still chained up, I look longer to remove my skirt and knickers. Can I manage this unusual waitressing? Can I? I washed my faced after lowered my ball gag secretly. Outside, there was a thankful spread of water and non-alcoholic drinks. Discreetly, I chatted with some of the other permeant waitresses - Emma, Karin, Michelle and Wei Ming, commonly known as Ming.


It was near dinner time, and it was staff dinner time and we were informed it was full with three covers per table. Worse, I was assigned table 6 as well. Mentally preparing myself, Table 5's customers quickly entered. This time it was two muscular six-foot guys with tattoos with an almost equally tall girl in chains and muscular harness ball gag. The two leered at me and took their time before ordering the daily roast and a small chicken for her. "Hurry up," was their last statement.


The dishes came and they immediately complained they came late and the dishes were too salty. I brought it back but their again repeated their complaints. Luckily the heads took care of the matter while I tended to Table 6. It was Claire, Leanne and their brothers James and Paul. The girls were all tightly black tape bound and gagged with even their ankles bound. All ordered from the fusion section plus rich chocolate cake to share. That looked really sumptuous but I had to tend to the duo at the cleared Table 5.


It was my new boyfriend Jon and his cousin Melissa. He was in a shiny blazer and matching trousers while she was scarf bound and gagged in a sleeveless top, exposing her beige bra straps and a skirt reaching below her knees. "We'll take the dinner set for two," he immediately ordered, adding a beer and a fruit juice. "Rmmm awamy sir," I also tried to smile with my eyes. Their dishes took time but unlike the first trio, my boyfriend didn't complain and Mel obediently sat gagged her buttered bread half-eaten.


The dining room was certainly busy, and I once nearly collided into fellow waitress Ming. Order after order came, plate after plate was sent in and out of the kitchen and finally the last order was made, thankfully not for either of my two tables. I was naturally exhausted but happy to pocket more than €60 that evening, the most coming from my boyfriend. After another clean up, Madame Donna praised me in the post-dinner review and allowed me to head back.


The next day, I stayed back in the hotel until my brother for once guided me to the restaurant with no annoying remarks. "Lunch crowd will be full," announced the maître d'. I was assigned the same tables and the first two covers were pleasant and moved fast. The next for table six was again demanding - two teenage boys and a twelve-year girl. I didn't think such youngsters could afford the restaurant's prices but they did and their demands went away as they found their organic quarter-pounder burgers delicious. Dinner service was equally hectic, but I managed to even help Ming clear her table and got tips from her customers.


On day three, the heads taught me how to mix cocktails at the bar and you can expect it being difficult with handcuffs on but after time I got it. Still, I mixed the up the formulas several times, but resulting in the male customers laughing and actually tipping me for my mistakes. I quickly asked to be re-assigned back to the floor and was grateful. By day four, I was simply gelled to the team - able to rapidly take orders from a variety of customers, able to converse well through the ball gag, walk properly with the leg irons on and aid any other staff beyond my duties. I didn’t even bother to change out of my bonds and gag as I was escorted back to our hotel. On the last day, I put up my best show, even taking over from Ms Catriona in handling bookings.


The night ended with my family, sisters and my mother all bound with handcuffs and chains to show unity and me tending to their every wishes. Jon and Melissa, she was rope bound and thickly cleave gag, appeared ordering a pretty sugar-free dessert but him clapping as I poured his drink. Should I take up waitressing full time back home? Well, I definitely won't be chained and gagged.


What next? Oh, some official announced 'sports!'









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