Castle Bond – Part 4







Finally, it was lunch time and it was a good selection of bite-size food and international fare to choose from. Of course, it was boy-feed-girl - but unlike my brother, Carter was much more careful not to get any sauce or liquid on my face or chin. He gave me a short introduction to himself -- German on his mother's side, American on his father's side, taking a gap year before taking a physics degree at a top Ivy League university. Interesting but well, not really one for immediate dating.


Lunch over, the stuff tape gag went back on. The afternoon was for more advanced bondage and several younger girls politely dropped out.

"Breast bondage time," Erik announced. Ok, that's not too bad if done properly. My partner failed to do so properly and caused me to moan (not erotic moans) from the pain. Finally, with Erik's help, he got it right and boy did that also push my 34B boobs out.


Just when I thought it was over, Erik said, "Ok now we'll try that again, with just underwear on."


What?! But he wasn’t joking, as all the female folk were untied and took off their outer clothing. Oh well, they did say this was the more advanced TUG/bondage part. With my hands undone, I dropped my dress to the ground, revealing my black lingerie underneath.


I heard a typical boy's "woohoo" from Carter as he rebound my wrists and started work on the second round of breast bondage. He was a little faster this time. As he finished, Erik and Karin, wearing a silky red lingerie set with exquisite breast bondage and thick OTM gag, approached.


"No, this rope goes here, and tighten that knot," he told Carter. As Carter re-did the corrections, my boobs really protruded out. I also became a little unbalanced and would have fallen down, had Carter not caught me.

"Okay, I see you all are alright with this,” Erik said.  “Now boys, tie an overhand knot on a very long piece of rope." Oh, what now?


Next, the boys soon tied the rope over our bare stomach area and I knew what this meant: crotch rope!  I was made to lie on my side and then…  "Mmmp!" Eric yanked the rope between my buttocks and pulled it tight against my knickers-clad crotch, fastening it again the waist rope.


"And girls, relax."


But that was hardly an order to be followed since almost immediately, the knot pressed hard against my clitoris and it soon swelled. Very quickly, it started to react to the pressure and I gave a short grunt through the gag. Then I believe the muscles began to contract there and my vagina juices started to flow out.


Before long, and with a call of “Mmmmahmm," the orgasm came. It lasted for a few minutes and I rolled about on the matted floor as did other girls. The resolution phase came - but the crotch rope did its work again and the cycle repeated itself.


All the women were rolling on the floor and we couldn't help but collide into each other. I then spied mum in her high waist white knickers. Her breast bondage appeared looser but she had two knots instead of one for her crotch rope and boy was she moaning a lot!



Erik left us girls in this erotic stage for just over an hour before he instructed the boys to remove the crotch rope. My knickers were soaking wet with all my vaginal juice and I myself was soaked with sweat. A quick drink and our breast bondage was removed and our outer clothes were back on.


Then it was more advance gags time and they gave a series of ball gags, penis gags, butterfly gags, ring gags, Jennings gags, harness gags and all the other various adult gags to try for around five minutes each. Erik finally said that the girls could indicate their preferred gag and I nodded to the panel gag.


As soon as Carter secured it in place, Erik said, "now it's chains time." Oh yeah, handcuffs and leg irons! Those that they provided here felt lighter but firmer than the ones I've used before in my TUGs involving my sisters.


Then finally it was on to leather cuffs and then to plastics ties/handcuffs.


Before we knew it, it was dinner time. It was pretty rapid feeding and then the gags came back on with only a small sip of water.


"Ok, we'll let you girls pee, in various groups."


If you think this was normal – well… no. Our wrists were handcuffed to our front and our legs were still locked in leg irons. If you wore a not too long dress or skirt, it might be easy to lift it up or drop it down and wipe your female private part. But for most of us ladies it wasn't the case, so it was a huge challenge just to answer the call of nature.


Back in the main room, the last session was test time. Carter still struggled with the various forms of ropes but scored high with basic gags especially tape gags and the more advanced bondage. Prizes were given out and we got runners up for zip ties and panel gags combo.


Imogen got her prize from earlier and that was the end of it. "Alright, enjoy yourselves for the remainder of your stay here. If there's any questions you can Whatsapp me at..." He gave a number and all the men folk clapped.




We were soon reunited with our own family members and retied and re-gagged in the same manner. Back in the sanctuary of our guest room, we ladies changed into casual wear. Mum as she was the night before, turned in earlier, while the male folk had to unpack the suitcases of the new arrived sisters--perks of being bound and gagged!


The TV was turned on and somehow the channel was a local programme from the Castle itself. On it was a newscaster, ball gagged and handcuffed, reading in gag speak!!! We all watched before we all called it a night. This time, it was a thick tape gag, and tape around my wrists--thankfully in front--and ankles. "Night sis," my brother greeted and then it was darkness.


Sweet, blissful darkness…









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