Castle Bond – Part 5






I woke up to the feeling of both a dry throat and a hand roughly shaking me awake.


“Whtssttt,” I mumbled.


"Get up sis, it's bright and early," I heard my brother call. I managed to sit myself up, but no sooner had he removed my gag than he clamped his hand down on my mouth.


"No talking," he hissed, and I gave my best glare at him. Why would I, I thought. He roughly made me stand up, dragged me to the bathroom and told me to brush my teeth. Giving him a quizzing look, I did as I was told, and then suddenly spied the red ball gag in his hands. "Wh..." I began but he clamped his hand over my mouth.

"Dad's orders. Every lady must be ball gagged for breakfast." I shook my head, not believing him.

"It's true," my brother growled and pinched my nose, allowing him to push the dreaded ball in and fasten the straps around my head to secure the gag. "Ten minutes for you to bathe. Don't you try to remove the gag."


Shaking my head in amazement, I managed to shower and clean myself up.  I dried myself off and stepped outside, where I found my brother had laid out the shortest skirt I brought and a tube top on my bed.

"Nmmm," I shook my head. I'm not letting you dictate my dress code so early on.

"Ok, but you won't be so lucky later on. I'll turn around." I made sure he did, then pulled on a fresher pair of knickers, a plain beige bra and normal T-shirt and jeans.  We then walked to the table.


I saw when we got there all the women were similarly gagged with either red or ball black gags and wrists bound with tape. "Alright,” Dad said, “from now on, morning shows will be taken with ball gags unless you feel ill. There's no reason for you to talk there."


He finally removed our ball gags and the men--dad, my brother, my brother-in-law--fed us a cold cereal breakfast. "Today it's a day long tour of the castle,” he said. “We'll all go and at different stages of the tour, you ladies will get to experience different types of bondage."


The first one was tape. The tape was wound over not just my wrists, but my elbows as well, really restricting my arm movement. The tape was further secured around my body – and a strip held a piece of clean cloth in each of our mouths. My brother was watching over me and my other sister Avena. Dad took Jo and Imogen, my brother in law took mum and Sayle.


In the lift, we met an elderly couple who looked as old as my grandparents. The lady was in a loose cleave gag and cloth bindings. The boys greeted them and downstairs, we all headed for the quite long queue. Everywhere, women and girls of all ages were bound and gagged in different ways.


The young children were either cloth gagged or had loose wrist bindings or light duct tape gagging and bindings. Some young teenagers had bulging mouths, indicating that they were stuffed like us daughters. Those around our young adult age had more secure rope or even leather ties. Some chose to use plastic or metallic handcuffs, while other just did all rope.


Gags for late teens and above included all kinds, from the cleave gag to the Jennings or ring gags which really tortured your jaw. Not a single girl was left unbound or ungagged. Even if girls travelled in all female groups, male staff from castle would escort them.

Dad got the tickets for the tour and us girls even had badges pinned to our breasts as we waited for our turn.



"Welcome to Castle Bond's day tour, I'm your guide Johannes," a tall lanky man with a slight German accent greeted us. "Men, please ensure that your ladies are securely bound and gagged, especially those 12 years and above. Also, do not lose sight of your ladies. Alright, follow me."


As we did so, he pointed out areas which we had seen the day before. "That's the main entrance of the castle completed in 1600. The gate is still visible but hardly lowered and raised due to need for repair; we've constructed doors instead. Over there is the conference room. It was the main meeting room for King Bond and his inner council during his year of reign. Major planning and dinners have occurred there."


We moved further past the restaurant my family had dinner the first night. That wasn't around in those days. We passed by several arch ways and I was surprised to see a moat running near our feet.

"Yes, this is a moat. King Bond instructed that they channel the moat within, not around the castle," Johannes explained. But our gagged cries were more directed towards the wooden gallows structure in the middle.


"Oh, yes, that's the King's main display, but not if you guessed, for hanging. Rather. women would be secured to poles over there and made to stand for hours while water or dirty stuff would be thrown at them.” Our menfolk guided us closer and the small notice did indeed mention that ladies would be bound to poles - there where several poles sticking out from the structure, making it not like a normal gallows. "Today, female guests can be secured to the structure but only regulated water sprays and wet sponges will be thrown at them."

"Cool thingy. Can't wait to try it out," my brother commented. Asshole, I thought. You just love to see us sisters suffer.

Johannes then led us inside a small door where I nearly bumped my head.  Inside was a narrow corridor with rooms, no they were jail cells, but the bars were shiny.

"The King and the knights would bring captive girls, and sometimes men, and lock them up in the cells, still bound and for the ladies, gagged.  Cuffs were rare in the early days, but soon iron fetters were available." As we moved closer, we saw the inside of the cells contain either a plain wooden bed with metallic cuffs on four corners or a single chair, also with cuffs at the front legs and arms rests.

"These are modern tables and chairs, but yes, if the women had committed serious crimes, there was no need to go through court, they would be sent down here and locked to either the chair or table. This would happen for nearly 24 hours, seven days a week, with only breaks for food and the toilet. Today, females can either be restrained to the table or chair for a period of time, or you can request them to be removed and try your own different restraints and gags there."

"Great!" My brother said and Jo and I gave him an annoyed glare.

"Break time," Johannes said. "Five minutes and we'll resume the tour."








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