Castle Bond - Part 7







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Caution: Young damsel but nothing adult-like done to her.


The two figures were a guy and a young girl, perhaps a pre-teen or young teenager. The guy who spoke was one huge chunky person. I judged him to be at least 1.85 metres tall with muscles bulging out from his short sleeve shirt–not exactly what most men and boys were wearing here–and faded jeans. He was a blonde guy with blue eyes, the stereotype. His female companion was in floral dress with white bra straps visible and wearing three-quarter leggings. As with all girls here, she was bound and gagged with a simple grey duct tape gag and hands bound with similar material behind her back.


“Hi, I’m Jonathan Powers, but everyone calls me Jon. You alright?” He asked.


Mmm,” I said through the stuffing and the gag. I was more mesmerized by his looks and my response was rather thinking, ‘wow, you’re damn hot boy’.


“Oh, this is my cousin Melissa,” he pointed at the girl who tried to smile using her eyes. My brother, father and brother-in-law introduced themselves while we gagged ladies just gave muffled replies. Johannes interrupted us, guiding the group into what definitely looked like a maze. “This is the castle maze, grown out of one side of the main garden. It’s not just any maze but for men and ladies to play cat and mouse or cops and robbers or whatever you call it. Basically girls, naturally bound and gagged, with have head starts ahead of the men–these head starts may vary according to agreements between teams and our officials–and will move through the maze. The men, or ‘cats’ or whatever you wish to call them, will have to find their girls under a given time.”


“What if you fail to capture your girl or get lost?” Some guy asked.


“Then you get penalty points. There are cameras in the maze so no one, male or female, can be truly lost” Johannes replied.


“What if you capture the wrong girl?” I heard Jon ask.


“Then you’ll receive penalty points but you can still remain in the game,” came the reply. I don’t mind if my brother misses and you capture me, I though, straining my head to get a better look at my new crush. Johannes interrupt my thoughts as he suggested to all of us to look at a demonstration. Even from the starting point and a horizontal view, the maze looked terribly complex and it didn’t seem easy for the girl’s to be captured. That’s great, I thought, at least we restrained and gagged ladies could stand a chance.


After the demonstration, we found ourselves in, as you might expect, a huge garden, but still within the castle grounds. It was magical and picturesque with various flowers growing, trees or different height and kind within eyeshot and a whole lot of flora. What was interesting were the various wooden structures within walking distance. “As with those you saw early, these wooden structures are for the girls to be bound to. Some of them again were originally build by the king for ladies to be bound to during the spring to autumn months. Over the centuries, many rotted away so only a few could be restored. I’ll let you to relax and look around.”


My family and I did so and incidentally, so did Jon and Melissa. Jaigo, being naturally fascinated, dragged me and Jocasta towards a certain structure, but I resisted wanting to head towards Jon and his cousin. “So, you lot from the UK?” I heard Jon ask. My father nodded and I heard Jon reply that he was taking a gap year from studies at some college in the east coast of the US.


“Some of us are gap yearing as well,” Jaigo remarked pointing to Jocasta and myself. I instinctively tried to smile but the duct tape’s adhesive was too strong so I just nodded and tried to smile with my eyes. “Hey, this is rather cool,” Jaigo remarked, finding a wooden ciruclar board. “The girl is locked to the board and spun around?”


Johannes said he was right though the girl could also face water balloons or wet rags thrown at her. “Mmmmnt,” I heard the young Melissa wailed and saw her shake her head. “Don’t worry Mel, I don’t think they’ll allow you to,” Jon reassured her. Johannes confirmed his statement, but pointed towards another set of wooden structures which looked like a playground. Well, childish equipment isn’t exactly what a pre-teen girl would like to be bound to but naturally Mel couldn’t reply. After around 10 minutes of gazing at these devices, Johannes gathered the group and moved us to surprisingly a medium-sized lake. There were several boats tied to a dock and we could easily spot a small islet or lake island.


“That’s the Isle of Bond, one of the properties of Prince Bond, the king’s son,” our guide commented. “It’s a wonderful islet, and groups of twenty can easily fit on each boat to reach the island. There’s a great hiking trail leading all the way to the top of the hillock, even more flora there, and several animals there, some tame others wild–those are locked up. You can do any activity you like there, but please clean up after yourselves; we didn’t place any bins there.” All of us stared at the islet for a while when suddenly a gush of wind blew some of water on us and we gagged ladies naturally yelped. Dad, Martyn and Jaigo quickly brought out hankies and tissue to wipe off the moisture, but there wasn’t enough.


“Here you go,” I heard Jon said as he wiped away the droplet running down my nose.


Thmmkph,” I said, again smiling with my eyes and thinking silently, man you are such a gentleman. Again my thoughts were halted as Jaigo steered me away and Johannes brought us through an archway, back towards the main castle. After a tiring walk, we reach a cafeteria.


“This is one of the several cafeterias around the castle. There’s of course the restaurant which some of some may have tried earlier, but of course, nothing beats cheap food. Ok, lunch time. But first, some rules. One, naturally the men will buy the food. The ladies will be bound to the benches over there. Actually, if you see the red colour benches across the grounds, these are benches where girls can be left bound. Our male staff will always come by so that no bound lady is really left unguarded. Two, there are discount meals for those who booked their meals. Three, the toilets are there,” he pointed, “but ladies must be at least gagged when entering. Alright, let’s return an hour and fifteen minutes from now.”


To Be Continued







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