Claireís Submission - Part 1


It had only been a few days since Claire had entered a how new chapter in her life. Had only been a few days since her world had turned upside down. Had changed forever. She'd seen herself submit to another person. She'd allowed herself to be controlled and dominated for the first time ever. She had for the want of a better description given up a large part of her independence. And yet it had been a strange and exciting experience. For she had fought against confusion in her mind. Had battled with her own body to get the pleasure she yearned for. She had given herself to man for the first time since her divorce.

To Claire it had started as a way to live out a fantasy. To fulfil a dream that she'd held for many years. But it had become more much more. It was meant to be a one off experience. And yet she'd willingly agreed it had to continue. It simply wasn't to stop. It might only have been a few days since she surrendered herself to his every wish and desire. But it was also only a few days since the best sensual, sexual experience of her life. He had listened to herÖ he had felt her longing. He had in fact surpassed even her deepest, darkest dreams and fantasies. 

She'd found herself being swept along on the wave of emotion. The wave of torment. The wave of excitement. The wave of satisfaction. Never before had Claire believed she'd call any man master. And yet she had. She was. She'd surprised even herself when. Having it has only just begun. Had only just started to do his bidding. Those words escaped from her mind and mouth. Finally, at the age of 42 the sexy mild felt herself reach a new level of calmness. Had seen what contentment and happiness could be coursed by her submission. There was a strange serenity and peace within her mind, body and soul. A faith in others once more. Or at least a faith in the man she was calling master. She believed in him. In his actions. In his words. 

Claire wasnít stupid. Was anything but silly. Wasn't naive. Yet those events had changed her view on life. On sexuality. On everything. Of course her drive and determination had provided well for herself and her daughter. A daughter she was so incredibly proud of. But she knew that finally she'd discovered something very, very special. That she'd found the right man. Had discovered the perfect man. Had opened up to the greatest of man. Who from there on in would dominate her. Would control her. Would, she guessed, own her. And yet as she'd sat on the sofa. All be it dressed and restrained as he'd ordered. As she'd lain in bed wearing only the littlest of clothing with wrists cuffed and ankles shackled. Claire was ready to be his slave. 

Of course she'd allowed herself to be sexually tormented, teased and even delightfully tortured. She'd willingly rendered herself helpless, silent and blindfolded. All at the demand of a virtual strange. But as she'd sat there. As she'd lain there. Still following his orders Claire knew she was doing the right thing. Claire was feeling content. For she had seen for herself that the man she called master. The man she was proud to call master. Was a man of his word. That he did indeed have principles. Principles that could be accepted and trusted. He was honest and open. And yet was domineering and controlling. 

Claire had done much more than just see it of course. For she'd felt it. She'd experienced it. Right from the start. Right from the very moment she'd regained her senses and self-control. Right from the moment she'd woken from her sexual exhaustion. Her sexual gratification. Her multiple orgasms. For she may well have found herself naked beside him. May well have been relieved of all restraints. And even her swimsuit but he'd simply been beside her on the bed. He'd kept his word. He'd not attempted to become intimate. He didn't. Even when she looked up and smiled. Even when she rolled over and draped her arm over his strong confident body. He didn't. Even when she cuddled, snuggled and squeezed him tightly. He'd reframed himself. He'd controlled himself. He'd respected her. He'd kept his word. And that had meant so much to her. 

Oh yes he'd leaned over and they'd shared a passionate kiss. A kiss Claire had found herself longing for. Of course he'd responded to her cuddling. Her snuggling. Her squeezing him tightly. Naturally he'd responded. He'd delighted her by running his fingertips up her toned thighs. Sending a renewed tingling sensation through her body. He's caressed and squeezed her firm pert arse. Only making her picture another dream. A dream that saw him yank her over his knee. Saw him tell her she was a dirty bitch. Saw him spank her hard and long. But of course he hadn't. Yet somehow Claire honestly believed that time would come. And boy would she enjoy it. 

It hadn't stopped there. For she partially purred when his finger ran up her spine. She felt a sudden shiver hit her hard. She felt herself melt into him. Claire knew it was all what she wanted. She had found herself waiting for his next command. Found herself longing to please him. Found herself longing to feel the ecstasy of his control. She had purred like a kitten when he'd smiled at her. Had purred and moaned at his every touch. Hand hung ever word he'd whispered in her ear. 

Oh yes Claire had been powerless as he'd delighted her by running his hands up and down her toned tanned legs. Had succumbed to his power when he'd caressed her bare vulnerable arse. She'd trembled uncontrollably as he'd traced a finger up her spine and sent a wave of ecstasy through her sexual content body. Of course she'd purred like a kitten when he'd smiled at her. Had buckled to his every wish when he'd whispered sweet words of love and kindness in her ear. To be told after so long she was gorgeous. That she was sexy. That she was beautiful. Had felt so good. 

But she had to admit even those words hadn't meant as much as those of his dominance. Of his control. She'd loved how he'd told her she was dirty. Naughty. Slutty. And even a whore. All while remaining kind and caring. All while becoming more dominate and controlling. Just as she wanted. Claire could feel. Could sense how respectful of her he was. Could tell that being his slave girl. His naughty slut. His willing whore. Would see her being protected. Being safe. Being cared for. And once more she loved that.

And yet with all that said. All that pleasure in her mind. All that lust and desire. Try as she might. In those first few days Claire couldn't remember how long she'd laid there beside him. How long she'd pressed, snuggled and squeezed her naked body against his. While for his part he'd been so tender and kind. While he had allowed her to see her inner self. She couldn't remember how long they'd stayed like that. Stayed together even after she was free of her bonds. Free to call an end to it all. How long she'd been free of those very thoughts and doubts. Hell she couldn't even remember when he'd finally risen. When with a couple of quick actions, he'd locked away all her clothing. Locked them away so securely. It was as if he wished to emphases how she'd given herself to him. As if he was ensuring she understood. Wanted to be convinced she was happy with her decision. 

She had no recollection of when he'd picked out the pair of pink satin panties she would wear. Nor about the time he took out the pink shear babydoll nightie she'd find herself in. The only sexy nightie she owned. She simply couldn't recall when he'd taken the coded bicycle chain. A chain that had denied all access to her bedroom draws. When he'd slipped the small padlocked chain through the handles of her wardrobe. Or even when rather embarrassingly he'd even locked away her dirty washing. Yet even days later. Even after so many other things had happened she could remember the pleasure she'd felt while dressing for him.

She could remember how she'd enjoyed letting a man watch her dress to please him for the first time in so many years. She could remember how she slipped the soft pink satin panties up her toned legs. How she'd playfully wiggled her firm pert arse as she pulled them on. She'd delighted as she ran her hands over the soft material as she made sure they fit perfectly. Not a crease in sight. She could remember facing him as the shear babydoll fell over her head and body. How she'd smiled as the soft nylon had cupped her ample breasts and nipples still hard from the hours of torment and arousal. 

But best of all as she sat on her sofa. Or laid in her bed after another day waiting for. Long for. Wishing for his contact. His arrival. Claire could remember how much he'd smiled as she put on her impromptu show. How he'd stood up and walked over to her. The way he'd pulled her close and shared another passionate kiss. While whispering in her ear. Telling her what she was to do next. Telling her she was to order a pizza for her dinner. She was to answer the door. And yes she was to be wearing just her panties and babydoll. Of course she would send a photo to show the pizza box. A photo to show her obedience. 

Claire had been a little shocked. Had been a little nervous. The thought of exposing herself to a stranger like that. It was humiliating. It was wrong. Her mind screamed at her, "don't even think about it." And yet it also told her how sexy she was. How he was making her show the beauty. How he was making her feel aroused and naughty. Of course she'd obeyed. Of course the delivery guy had coped an eyeful of her amazing body. Of course she'd blushed. But most of all she'd felt so hot and aroused. Felt so dominated and controlled. Felt so wanted and longed for. 

They were the memories that mattered to Claire the most. Thoughts of a wonderful time. Thoughts of how she'd obeyed even the most humiliating of orders. How she'd sent the pizza guy away with a smile on his face and a story to tell. But just thinking about it helped the sexy MILF recall how incredible that day had been. Yet it hadn't ended there. For there'd been more. She'd stopped by flaunting her sexy body. She hadnít stopped by eating her pizza. For the man she called master had wanted more. Had wanted her to shackle her ankles once more. Had wanted her to cuff her wrists again. All be it in front this time. Had expected her to sleep like that. 

And of Claire had. All she'd been able to think about was pleasing him. Was being ready and practically helpless when he arrived the next. All she could think about the next day was the way the cold steel of the cuffs had held her wrists closely. How the cold steel of the ankle shackles had pinched her skin. How the chain had rattled as she moved around. How wonderful it had felt being so controlled even as she slept. The way it had kept her waiting. Kept her wanting her masterís arrival. It had been thrilling. It had been naughty. It had been wonderful. 

Every detail of the first day was burned into Claire's mind. Every detail of what had followed when she saw her master. When she heard from her master. When she obeyed her master was as vivid as the minute it happened. While to many some of those memories would be insignificant. To Claire they had become her world. She'd loved how having risen early she waited for his arrive. Waited in the hallway. On her knees no less. 
Not that she knew why she'd knelt. She just had. Just like she'd delighted when the door opened and he'd smiled his approval. Just like she'd melted into his arms as he held her tightly. Just like she'd responded in kind as he kissed her passionately. Just like she'd followed him around like an obedient puppy. 

So yes I guess you could safely say Claire could remember how it made her feel. How she had loved letting her master watch as she dressed. How he'd walked over and held her tight. How he'd kissed her passionately once more. How he'd told her she was a sexy slave. A naughty girl. A little minx. She could remember how the eyes of the young delivery boy had burnt a hole in her body exposed as it was. For she had felt wanted by her master. Had felt humiliated. Had felt sexy. Had felt strangely aroused. God he was good at knowing how to make her feel dominated. How to make her feel wanted. How to make her feel controlled.

Those were the memories that stayed with the sexy 42 year old. Those were the memories that she remembered so vividly. Along with the memories that relived every second of her first time. The way she'd stripped for him. How it had made her feel. The way she had begun her own sexual torment using the bullet. How that had coursed the most amazing feelings ever. The way she'd picked up her own panties and crammed them in her mouth. How that had left her feeling a wonderful kind on humiliation. The way she'd slowly restrained herself. How she'd love the feeling it course. And best of all how her master had come into her life and turned her into his willing, wanting slutty slave.

Oh so many times Claire had found her mind wandering back to all the events of that first day. Oh so many times she'd felt her body become aroused. Oh so many times she'd wanted to rush off to the bedroom to pleasure herself. Yet for one reason or another she hadn't. A couple of times she'd been with a rather boring client. A couple of times she'd managed to control herself. But for the most part it was because her master had the perfect timing. Her master seemed to know when she was about to be a naughty slave. Seemed to know when she needed his attention. Seemed to know how much she missed him.

She found herself waiting and longing for his special ringtone. Had found herself waiting for that unique pinging of his texts. Had found herself waiting for the turn of his key in the door. Had found herself longing to see the door open. To feel his loving embrace. Hear his voice. To hear what he wanted of her next. Had found herself longing to do his every wish. Had found he could make every minute of her day special. From being with clients. To doing the housework. From watching the tele alone on a night. Even when sleeping.

Every morning since that first day had seen her rise early. Had seen her freshen up the best she could while cuffed and ankle shackled. Had seen her rush downstairs. Had seen her kneel in the hallway. Had seen her make sure the first sight her master saw was his restrained scantily clad slave awaiting him. She loved how it made her feel. How it would increase her longing. How it would make her so anxious. How it would leave her feeling so wanted. 

The first morning she had been there in the pink panties and shear babydoll nightie. Her ankles shackled and wrists cuffed in front. That had delighted the pizza guy so much. But by the second morning they'd been replaced. Replaced by only a skimpy white lace thong. Yet of course her ankles had remained shackled. Her wrists had remained cuffed in front. By the third day. Well let's just say she'd been completely naked. Her ankles once more had been shackled. But no longer had she felt the ability to use her wrists as they'd made they were behind her back. 

Claire knew it was all about the control. About the domination. About slowly introducing her to the world she'd agreed to enter. But she loved how it felt. How she felt. How her master reacted. She loved how he would greet her with a smile. How he would tell her how good a slave she was. How he would tell her how beautiful and sexy she was. Loved the way he always walked up to her. Held her close. Kissed her passionately. Caressed her tenderly. Everything made her mornings feel perfect. Made them feel special. Made her feel controlled. Dominated. Wanted. Humiliated. Loved. And of course aroused.

And she really would have told anyone that asked it meant everything to her. From the way he held her and touched her. From the way he would lead her back upstairs before releasing her. To the way he'd listened to her plans for the day and dressed her accordingly. From the respectful. Tasteful business attire of that second day. Which had seen her visit clients in a short tight black skirt and matching tailored jacket. Black seamed pantyhose. A blue lace thong and matching bra. With a blue blouse. 

To her attire for the third day. Home alone. House work day. And oh what a difference that had been. To be sent to shower after the morning greeting. To be sent to shower after the morning cuddle. Passionate kiss and walk upstairs. To return to her bedroom to see only her cuffs. Her ankle shackles. And her black toeless heals. Her 6" stiletto toeless black heals. 

It had been a sight that shocked Claire. It was a sight that filled the sexy mild with nervous excitement. It was a sight that had thrilled the gorgeous 42 year old. But when her master had told her he wanted to picture his slutty slave in all her naked glory. Wanted to imagine is dirty girl dusting and vacuuming in all her naked beauty. Wanted to fantasy about his willing whore seeing, feeling and holding her clothes unable to wear them as she did the laundry. She had melted into his arms once more. She had rushed to kiss him. She had gasped at his touch. 

But he wasn't finished his little speech. Wasn't finished thrilling her. Wasn't finished explaining why she would be naked. For he had one more surprise. Had one more thrill. For his sexy slutty slave discovered she was also naked as her wardrobe was due a change. Was due to be filled with new sexy clothing. Was due to be filled with new toys. New restraints. New gags. And a lot more besides. For the next day was shopping day. Was a very special shopping day. Was about changing everything. Was about to change her life forever....


Part 2

As the third day of her submission past by Claire found her mind wandering. Over and over again her thoughts drifted back to the events of the previous day's. Her thoughts pondered over all that she'd experience. Just like her body had been left feeling during that time. So had her mind. For it too felt dominated. Felt controlled. And felt strangely aroused. To be expected to spend the day naked had been a shock. Had made her feel her masterís domination. But it had also been so thrilling. It amazed her how she'd been expected to dust, vacuum and even do the laundry naked. How she'd been expected to do so much not only naked but cuffed and shackled. Her body had been so aroused. As again so had her mind. Both had worked in unison to see her spend the whole day aroused. Every time she heard the clicking of her heels on the hard wooden flooring of the dining room. The clicking of them on the stone tiles of the kitchen floor. Had heard the chain connecting her ankle shackles rattle. Claire felt so hot and horny. So warm and wanting. So sexy and sensual. So dirty and dominated. So controlled. 

Never before had the sexy blonde 42 year old dreamt of cleaned the house while naked. She didn't believe she ever would have. But it made her feel so good. Never before had imagined doing her chores wearing just high heels. But it felt so freeing. Never before had it occurred to her to be restrained while home alone. But it felt so controlling. It was indeed a whole new experience. Yet Claire absolutely loved it. Loved the constant feelings it gave her. To feel dominated by a man for the first time ever. Matched a long running fantasy. Left her so aroused and longing. More than once Claireís hands had slipped down to her exposed. Neatly trimmed, wanting bud. More than once she slipped a finger inside herself. And began to pleasure herself. Of course she knew it was wrong. Knew only her master had the right control her in such a way. Oh how she hoped he'd find a way to stop should bad behaviour. Strangely though it was the thought that her master could walk in at any time. Could step through the front door as she was gasping and moaning. Might find her playing with herself that sent a thrill through the sexy milfs body and mind. Coursed her to feel excited. Made her wonder what punishment she may receive.

As Claire had walked around the house. Only the sound of her heels and shackles for company. As she'd moved her hands as one. As she'd felt her wrists pinned so closely together by her masterís cuffs. Claire had discovered what was meant by feeling like a million dollars. For despite the restraints she seemed to be free. Free from the daily worries life threw her way. Free of the stress such worries may course. Her mind was strangely free to think clearly. To think of only her own pleasures and submission. Claire certainly had a yearning deep within herself. She found herself deliberately pulling on the cuffs. Deliberately walking around. Just to hear and feel her masterís domination. It had certainly proved to be arousing. And had seen her play with herself. But it had proved to be more. Much more. As finally at the age of 42 Claire felt happy and content. For the first time in oh so many years she felt confidence and trust. Trust in a man no less. She felt a constantly desperation. A desperation to hear from her master. To read his texts. To hear his voice. She'd even begun to carry her mobile phone with her everywhere. 

Her nakedness and restraints ruled her body and mind. Yet there was more to it. For Claire was puzzled. Was finding any idleness dragged up thoughts of the next day's activities. Thoughts of just what her master planned to take her shopping for. She knew her wardrobe was rather prime, proper, boring, and yes frumpy. But just what the man she called master have her buy. Would it see her future filled with only the sexiest of lingerie? Lingerie that only seemed to live on the pages of glossy magazines and top shelf publications. The lingerie she never believed anyone would like her wearing. Did it mean an end to her frumpy comfortable panties? If so what would it mean for her more than ample 34d-cups. They were already so prominent. But if they were then to be constantly pushed up. Always squeezed together in those bras. Corsets and basques she'd seen advertised how would she cope. Cope with the attention they'd draw.

What else would her master want her to see. To buy. For it had been so clear how much he'd loved her shear babydoll nightie. Yet since then he'd had her wear less and less. From the babydoll to just panties. From panties to naked. Oh naked. Even when she heard the word. Thought of the word she was aroused and controlled. And yet he had been so respectful. Had been so careful when he'd dressed her for work. His choice had been perfect. Had mixed a little hidden sexiness and sensuality with dignity and professionalism. Her black pencil skirt had fallen about halfway down her toned thighs. Maybe a little shorter than she'd worn in the past. But at least it had hidden her stocking tops. Stockings she would never have worn before. Pantyhose maybe but never stockings. She'd felt so naughty. Her blouse had been a little tighter than in the past. And certainly showed her ample breasts. But at least she'd never flashed the red lace thong and matching bra that lay beneath. It was an outfit that left her feeling sexy that couldn't be denied. Yet more over had left her feeling in charge of the day. In charge of the situation. Had empowered her. 

But ever since she'd been naked. Oh there was that word again. Claire wanted hear it. Say it. Read it over and over. For she'd never believed it would give such a thrill. That anyone would want to see her like that. That would tell her how beautiful and sexy she was. Not at 42. But her master did. And she saw the honesty in his eyes. In the way he looked at her. Yet she couldn't help but wonder what else he'd want her to buy. Want her to wear. She'd already decided it wouldn't be most of what her draws and wardrobe contained. It wouldn't be her baggy tops and boring old jogger bottoms. Possible wouldn't even be her t-shirts and jeans. From the way he spoke Claire could picture herself always wearing skirts and dresses. Showing her toned legs. Could picture the tightness of their fit. How any tops would cling to her breasts and flat stomach. How the dresses or tops would feature a plunging neck line and display her ample cleavage. 

Then in her moments of idleness. The moments when she had a break from her arousal. From the feelings of sexiness. Claire puzzled and pondered over more than just the outfits her master would have her buy. She found the thoughts left her excited. Aroused. And thrilled. Claire would focus on the word toys. Remembered how it had calmly rolled of his tongue. How she had hung on. How she had wanted her master to explain more. But he hadn't. He'd made sure it would tease and torment her whenever she thought about it. For until that first day. Until the day she surrendered herself to him. The day she slipped that bullet shaped toy inside herself a vibrator had been a thing of wonderment. The sort of thing she'd heard about but never dared buy. Oh she wasn't naive. Claire knew there were different kinds. Different shapes. Different sizes. But did other toys exist. Would her master expect her to choose? Could she expect his help and guidance? Should she look on the net? Should she investigate for herself? The questions seemed to run on and on. Without an answer in sight. 

Once again that sexy milfs mind was in a spin. Was tormented by whirlwind of different thoughts. All of which. Did eventually return to two things. Two emotions. Excitement and arousal. By the time Claire had heard her masters key in the door. By the time he'd stepped inside her home. She couldn't hide how those thoughts had driven her wild. She was sure he'd seen the state she'd worked herself into. Could see her lust and longing. He must have. But maybe that's exactly what her master had wanted. As oh so swiftly he'd lead her trembling body to the bedroom. So quickly he'd had her stand naked between the pillars of her queen sized four poster bed. Incredibly rapidly she'd found herself bound spread-eagled with rope. Spread-eagled so tightly she could barely move her limps. Couldn't offer any resistance to her masters control. Was unable to stop him as he plunged the all so familiar bullet deeply inside her wet wanting bud. Found herself loudly gasping as he had tied yet another delightfully tight crotch rope in place. For he was so strict. Her restraints were so tight. Was strict. They sent waves of pleasure and passion threw her sexually aroused body. Oh how Claire had gasped. How loudly she'd moaned. How she had sweetly purred with delight. And how quickly her master had muffled her sounds. Muffled them before the real fun started. 

Claire had watched from her helpless position. Had seen him unlock her underwear draw. She had seen him take out the red cotton granny panties. Seen him ball them up as he walked calmly, and confidently back towards her. Oh how willing she'd been to open her mouth. To accept her own sexual humiliation. How she'd savoured the feel of the black duct tape against her skin. The way it pulled against her skin. She loved it. She wanted it. He was so dominating. So powerful. So incredible.

Claire had felt her masters bullet slowly build up its torturous vibrations. Slowly building up to an assault on her already aroused. Naked body. Gradually its intensity grew ever greater. Gently it increased the torture on her helpless body and mind felt. It was so intense. It was shear unadulterated torment. It was absolutely delightful. She'd seen her master had smile tantalisingly. Seen the wicked grin spread across his face. A grin that made her feel like his slutty slave once more. Had made her want to please him once more. Claire had seductively pulled and twisted in the tight ropes. Had struggled playful despite the fact movement was almost impossible. Her master couldn't help but laugh. Laugh like a villain in a cheesy old b-movie. It had just helped the sexy mild feel the approach of her first orgasm. Had just seen her buck and sway in the ropes as the wave grew. Had seen her scream loudly past the granny panties taped in her mouth. Had seen her body tense as it hit her hard. It had been wonderful. It had left her feeling like a slut. Like a whore. Like his dirty girl. And Claire loved it.

As that first climax had approached Claire had prayed to anyone that might listen. Prayed her master wouldn't prove to be in an evil mood. That her master wouldn't hold her on the edge again. They were thoughts that had seen the sexy 42 year old blonde so wrapped up in her own pleasure and excitement. In her own longing and wanting. That at first she'd failed to notice something new. Something very special. Something absolutely amazing. For her master had moved oh so closely to her. Had leaned in close. His lips had touched her tenderly. Heíd begun to gently kiss her ample heaving breasts. Each kiss had sent convulsions of pleasure though her helpless body.It seemed to Claire. As that first climax swept through her naked body. That her master had the touch of an angel. Or maybe it was the touch of the devil. She just couldn't decide. For she'd been trapped in a world of ecstasy. A world of delight. A world of submission. 

Having spent the day naked and restrained had led to yet another amazing orgasm. But the sexy mild had learnt by then every orgasm her master allowed would be incredible. Would build up slowly before sweeping through her body like a tidal wave. That they would be explosive in their nature. Would leave her exhausted but wanting. And most of all would lead straight into a second. A third. A fourth. Until she couldn't take it anymore. She had quickly been cover by little beads of sweat. Felt the goose bumps on her soft skin. Her masters touch. His caress. His kissed. Had ruled her mind. The orgasms had indeed left her hanging exhausted in her masterís ropes. Feelings of wanting, lust and longing controlling what remained of her thoughts. Wanting to be held in her masterís arms. Lusting after his touch. Longing to surrender everything to him. No-one had ever made her feel so special. Had spent day after day slowly making her feel loved, wanted and sensual. For the first time in oh so many years Claire believed in her sexuality. Believed she was sexy. Was beautiful. Claire admitted. All be it only to herself. That her master had found a way to drive her to the point of madness with his control and domination. Madness coursed by her own sexuality and arousal. With her own emotions and thoughts. Had learnt how to keep her hanging and not just in his ropes.

Yet again the man she called master had sent waves of pleasure. Sexuality and satisfaction through her body and mind. A body and mind heíd released from its invisible bonds. To have experienced such control and dominance. Such tenderness and love left Claire feeling wanted. To spend time wrapped in his arms after so much amazed her. Sitting still naked as they ate had released her inner self. For hours afterwards they talked. They kissed. They held each other close. But still the man who kept her restrained. Kept her longing. Gave away nothing about the next day's activities. Wouldn't say what the shopping trip would entail. Where they'd be going. What she'd be expected to buy. See. Experience. Not that it would have mattered to Claire in reality she was too happy. To exhausted. And way, way too tired. She had been so exhausted and tired in fact that the sexy mild headed straight to bed after he left. Had taken her naked, shackled body off to rest. 

For Claire had believed she'd sleep well. Was so exhausted that she'd be in the land of nod before her head even hit the pillow. That there'd be a risk she'd displease her new master by sleeping in. And would finally face his be punished for real. For the first time. But oh how wrong Claire had been. Oh yes by the time she'd climbed into her large empty bed Claire had been exhausted. Had been at the point of no return. She might have showered. But that hadn't revived her failing strength and energy. Neither had her masters touch and caress as he cuffed her wrists snuggly behind her back. Had shackled her ankles once. Had kissed her passionately before wishing her a goodnight. And yet despite her tiredness. Her exhaustion as she settled into bed alone once more. As she felt the shackles restrict her legs. Felt the cuffs hold her wrists tightly. Tightly behind her back. Claire had found it almost impossible to unwind and relax. Impossible to catch anything more than a quick catnap. For her mind just wouldn't shut down. Wouldn't rest. It simply kept her on edge. Kept her wanting and kept her longing for morning to arrive. It had felt like the longest night of her life. For she was as giddy and excited as a teenager on the eve of prom night.

Claire hadn't been that excited in her life. Hadn't been so nervous yet eager even on her wedding day. Hadn't felt so wanted and loved even in her marriage. So it hadn't surprised her when she before the first rays of the morning sun. Before they'd flickered in through the bedroom curtains. Had been up and about before her alarm chimed 6am. She'd listened to the shackles rattle. Looked over at the silent assailant that tortured her body and mind. Knowing only her master could control it and her. Even cuffed as she was she'd managed to get a drink. A cool refreshing drink. All be it through a straw. She'd even managed to watch the rather poor early morning television. But all the sexy mild wanted was the time to come. The time when her master would arrive. When he would find her kneeling naked in the hall. Kneeling waiting and longing for his dominance. 

The minutes had past so slowly as the sexy blonde sat watching the clock. Sat waiting for the time to come. Waiting for her masterís arrival. Oh Claire knew she was acting like a big kid. Knew she was being foolish by letting her emotions run wild. But all that pent up nervousness. All her eagerness and excitement simply couldn't be controlled. For her master wasn't there. Wasn't dominating her as she wanted. Her emotions had taken over. Had overruled her more reliable. More controlled. More settled side. Strangely as she sat waiting Claire began to dream once more. But no longer were her dreams about being dominated and controlled. For finally she'd found the perfect man to do that. Now her dreams were filled with images of her effectively gagged. Of her tightly lashed down to the bed. Of her master caressing. Kissing. Tormenting and even making love to her. Claire wondered what her dreams could mean. Did she really want him to tie her down? Ravage her helpless body. Take her fully. Was she really falling in love with him. Or was it just lust. Had he coursed all these thoughts. Were they his doing. Were they her own. She didn't have an answer. Or at least not yet. 

With such a mixture of thoughts and emotions Claire couldn't believe she even had time to fixate on the day ahead. On the shopping trip to come. On the hours and hours they would spend together. For she couldn't remember the last time she'd wanted to spend a day with a man. Any man. But her master was different. Very different. He'd spoken about her special day. Had teased her about it. Given her no idea what to expect. Did he plan on having her restrained and gagged? Would she be seen in public in such a way? Surely not. So what was going to make it special. What was he planning for her? Once more the sexy milfs mind was battered. Left confused and exhausted. All Claire could do was wish he'd arrive soon. Arrive and explain his plans. 

But as the clock turned 7. As she knelt waiting naked and restrained. His key didn't turn in her door. His confidence and domination didn't appear. Her master didn't arrive. She felt a sudden feeling of disappointment. Of fear. Of dread. Where was he. When would he be there. First 7am past. Then 7.30am. And still she knelt on the floor. Claire felt herself begin to panic. Begin to become concerned. To become scared. So boy what a relief she felt when the key turned in that front door. What a sigh she'd given when the door opened. And then what sudden anger she'd felt at his lateness. She wanted to scream. Wanted to yell at him for leaving her that way. Wanted to tell him what an arsehole he was. But she didn't. Instead she just smiled. Just wished him a good morning. That was the moment Claire realised she wanted to be his. For he'd even learnt how to control her temper. Control her rage. Have her behave as she should. No-one had done that before. All the bad thoughts were gone. Had been replaced by the lust and excitement of before. He had, she realised ensured she would be desperate for his touch. His love. And his control. As her master had helped her stand. Had held her close. So close she could feel his heart beat. Claire's fury had dispelled completely. Just to feel him hold her. To have him kiss her passionately. It meant so much to her. 

Few words needed to be spoken between them. Their closeness was enough. To Claire his touch and control was all she needed. The way he would lead her upstairs. Still cuffed and shackled. Would release her and playfully smack her pert firm arse when she heads off to freshen up and shower. How she would return to find what he wanted her to wear. Left her in little doubt over who was in charge. Who in her mind had become the only person that mattered. To find him waiting downstairs filled her heart with joy. Left a yearning in her mind. It was like a magic spell had been placed upon her. She wanted him. She lusted after him. All she wanted was the day to start right there and then. It had to be perfect. Had to please her master. Maybe that's why it had been such a quick shower. Why she'd taken less time than normal to apply her make-up. What little she used anyway. To apply the blusher to her cheeks. Already flushed from the shower and hours of pent up excitement. To highlight her lips. The lips she loves her master kissing. That she blessed with just the right shade of red. That glistened from the lipsticks glossy finish. Oh how Claire had ensured her eyes. Once void of passion and love twinkled with anticipation once the perfect shade of eyeliner had been used. Finally. After what seemed like an age in the bathroom Claire felt ready to please him. Felt ready to make him proud.

Claire had felt a lightness in her walk. Had felt like she was being swept along on a wave of emotion as she headed from the bathroom to the bedroom. She could hear he master moving around downstairs. Could hear the kettle boiling. She felt like presenting herself to him. Wearing nothing but her makeup. Felt like telling him she wanted to be ravaged. Wanted to be his forever. That she loved him. But she still wasn't sure if it was love. Or just lust. She'd never felt like this before. Her ex-husband had never instilled such feelings and emotions within her. So she held back. She looked at what lay waiting for her on the bed. Saw how her master wanted her to dress. Couldn't miss how he'd already been shopping. Already replaced her dull and boring outfits for something racer. Something more sexual and sensual. For Claire saw the shimmering white silk bikini style panties. They looked so perfect. With just a small triangle of silk to cover her already wanting bud. A second for her pert firm arse. And of course only the two little bits of ribbon to hold them up. She saw the matching bra with its padding and bust boosting design. The suspender belt and the shear white seemed silk stockings. They felt to good in her trembling hands. Felt so good against her warm freshly showered skin. They held her enthralled with their touch.

Claire had felt such a thrill. So alive as she slipped the shear white silk stockings up her legs. They'd tingled at the sensations coursing through her freshly showered body. Her anticipation levels had shot through the roof. For first time Claire felt sensual and sexy as she to please a man. Was it the control. The domination. Or the way her master made her feel. She couldn't answer one way or another. But as she slid into the suspender belt. As she felt the silk against her bud. Against her ample heaving breasts. Claire felt alive once more. Like something deep inside her had been unlocked for the first time. It was oh so obvious to Claire what her master wanted of her. From the soft silk of the panties and bra. Designed surely to make her feel sensual and sexy. To the shear white silk of stocking to leave her feeling naughty and mischievous. 

As she picked up the little black skirt her master had left on the bed. A skirt shorter than any she'd worn for year. Claire wondered if it would even hide the tops of her stockings. For even before she stepped inside it. Before she wriggled into it. She knew it would be tight. Very tight. It would short. Oh so short. The man she was allowing to control her. To dominate her was opening up her sexuality. Maybe what she'd heard other say was true. She was a sexy woman. They were right she was sensual. But was she really a mild. Did others really she her like that. Clearly her master did. He wanted everything she wore to feel special. To make her feel hot and steamy. From the lingerie. To the skirt. Even to the incredibly tight white sleeveless top. That with its plunging neck line flaunted her ample cleavage. With its tightness leaving her bra clearly visible. Claire felt sexy and wanted. But she also felt a little exposed and humiliated.

Oh what a mixture of emotions that sexy mild felt as she added the little strappy heeled sandals that finished her new outfit. She felt as she headed downstairs. For yes she was a little uncertain. A little humiliated by the way she revealed more than she ever had done before. But she also felt so sexy and wanted. So naughty and slutty. Felt so embarrassed and hot. Her body and mind were consumed by nervous and excited. Oh how amazing it had been to see the smile on her masterís face. To feel his arms around her trim waist. Have him hold her close as they shared an early morning coffee. Claire knew he was admiring how she looked. Was loving the way her toned legs looked covered by the thin layer of white silk. She could see the yearning in her masterís eyes. They burned with a renewed intensity. With love and lust for her. And her alone. It thrilled and excited Claire like nothing before had ever done. Her body and mind were already aroused. Were already eager and willing. If he'd told her she was to be cuffed and shackled. Was to be gagged and lead out into the street. The sexy mild wouldn't have resisted. Wouldn't have refused. Would have obeyed her masters every wish. 

But that wasn't her masterís intentions. He didn't want that from his sexy, slutty slave. He wanted her to step outside with her head held high. With her glowing in confidence and sexual belief. Wanted them to be seen hand in hand. Claire had felt him take hold of hand. Heard him tell her she was so beautiful. That she was sexy. That he was proud he was of his slutty little slave. They were word designed to take her breath way. To make her pulse race. Make her heart pound ever harder. Were words that left her trembling with excitement. Claire couldn't explain how she'd gone from a strong independent woman. To one that was weak and submissive. Couldn't explain how she's gone from a successful, feisty business woman. To one that was controlled and calm. How her once reserved nature had given way to the playful, mischievous woman she was becoming. Or how she'd gone from a woman that was rather sexually prudish. To one that was a sex craving wild animal. Oh yes she was living out a dream. A fantasy. But it had proved to more. Much more. As her world. Her life had changed forever. For the better. Yet at the same time Claire didn't feel she had to explain. After all the man she called master. The only person that mattered could see that himself. Had created that himself.

As she stepped out into her street. Stepped out into public for the first time since her transformation. Claire was proud to be there hand in hand with the man she's begun call master. At 42 years of age she felt sexy once more. Felt just as beautiful as he told her she was. It was as if she was floating on cloud nine. She'd not felt like that since being giddy teenage girl on her first date. Oh she'd seen the curtains twitch next door and in houses up and down her little street. But that just encouraged the sexy mild. Saw her hold her head up high. Flash the smile of a confident woman. For she felt safer and better protected than ever before. Was proud of her sensuality. Her sexuality. But more over was proud to be there with her loving master. She had felt his strength and confidence spread through her yearning body. When he'd lovingly escorted her down the short drive. Past her little red Fiat. Had seen his intense smile when mischievously she'd flashed the top of her silk stockings. And of course the white silk panties when he helped her into his large black Jaguar XF sport. She felt wanted. Felt loved. She felt her heart skip a beat as he eased in beside her and whispered

"Oh you're such a naughty little slave. I saw what you did. You bad, bad girl. Whatever were you thinking flashing me like that. I can see a good spanking in your future."







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