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Suggested by the Ďchallengeí videos on YouTube, especially




As I came in from the garage, I heard my oldest daughter say "Two minutes left Gramma"


As I got into the family room I heard her say "One minute Gramma" and saw my mother lying on the carpet, her hands duct taped together behind her back and pulled back towards her duct taped ankles with more duct tape.


There appeared to be several pieces of duct tape covering her mouth.


Just as I was about to say something my daughter said "Time up Gramma" and cut the duct tape between her wrists and ankles with a scissors.


"OK, just what is going on here ??? Patty untie your grandmother this instance !!!!"


"Thatís what Iím doing Mom"


"Tell me just what is going on young lady and get that tape off your grandmotherís face !!!!!"


"OK OK, here"


"Was that a sock in her mouth ??"


"Calm down dear, and Iíll explain everything."


"Somebody better. I come home and find my mother"


"Patricia Marie !!!!, I said calm down, and I will explain !!"


"Yeah, Mom, it is just a game, let Gramma explain."


"OK, explain, and it had better be good."


"A few hours ago I noticed that Patty was watching the challenge videos on the computer."


"YouTube, Mom"


"It was a pretty new sock or handkerchief challenge, wasnít it?"


"Posted this morning Gramma."


"Sock/handkerchief challenge ??


and that is why you tied up your Grandmother with duct tape ??"


"No dear. Iíve seen them myself before."


"Really Mother"


"Well actually they all made it look so easy, it took longer to tie them up than it did to get loose."


"All except that one mom, Gramma, remember she had to be cut loose too."


"Forgot about her"


"Wait, did you say mom ??"


"Yes dear, most of the people in the video are young teenage girls, but there were, what four women, who they said were their mothers."


"Yeah, four"


"OK, just what is this sock/handkerchief challenge ??"


"Let me explain Patty. Somebody puts a sock, or handkerchief, into your mouth, covers mouth with duct tape, ties you up, and then sees how long it takes you to standup and get the sock, or handkerchief out just using your hands."


"And this is fun how ??"


"Itís a race Mom, you see who can do it faster."


"So did your Grandmother do it to you ??"


"Of course !!!!!"


"I watched Patty get Sue taped up and then I did Patty."


"Sue ?? I donít see Sue."


"That was three days ago Mom."


"Three days ago !!!!!"


"Yes dear, three days ago."


"Were you tied up then too ??"


"Yes dear, today was sort of a rematch."


"Didnít do any better this time did you Gramma ??"


"No, you seem to be much better at it than I am."


"I know, letís have Mom tie us up, that way who is the better tier will be out of the equation."


"I like that, it would be just who is the better escaper."


"Now wait just a minute, If you think that I am going to tie up my mother and oldest daughter youíve"


"Didnít think that you would dear. Maybe we can get Sue to do it ?"


"Oh, Iím sure that she would, sheíd probably even record it and put it on YouTube."


"Really, that almost sounds exciting."


"Stop, there is no way that I am letting my mother and daughter be tied up and recorded in my house."


"We could go over to Sueís house Patty."


"Sure, her mother helped Sue, and Ann, and me last time. Sheíd probably get a kick out of tieing you up Gramma."


"NO, NO, youíre not telling me that Mary tied up her daughters and one of their friends so they could race each other."


"Yes Mom. I bet if you called her, sheíd tell you all about it."


"OK, Iíll call your bluff.


Hello Mary, this is Pat. Fine, and you, good.


This is a little embarrassing, but I need to ask you something,


I just found my mom and Patty doing something they call the sock, or handkerchief, challenge, and...


oh, you know what it is


good, because Patty says that you helped her and your girls do it,


You did, just harmless girl fun.


Say, could you come over so we could really sit down and talk about this ??


Sure your girls can come along.


About an hour ??


See you then."


"Well dear ??"


"Well what ??"


"Maybe you had better go get some duct tape dear."



Forty-five minutes later.


"OK, Iím back. That stuff sure is expensive, almost ten dollars a roll."


"The stuff we had was only a dollar a roll at the Dollar Store."


"Bet your mother went to the hardware store and got the best stuff they had."


"3M Professional Contractor Grade, sixty yards a roll, three of them."


"Boy Mom !!!, sounds like you are planning something,"


"I still want to talk to Mary about this."


"I wonder if the girls could break it so easy because it was just lousy cheap tape ??"


"I bet that weíll see, wonít we Mom ??"


"I still want to talk to Mary about this."


"Theyíre here."


"Hi Pat, Hi Florence. So what do you want to talk about ??"


"Iíve changed my mind Mary."




"Mom !!!!!!"


"Patty says that you helped them try this challenge thing."


"Yes I did and if you have "


"No, nothing like that. But I would like you to demonstrate on the girls for me."


"OK, if the girls are willing."


"And then if it is as harmless and fun as you all say it is, Iíd like to challenge you and my mom."


"Whoa Mom"


"What you say Mary ?"


"OK, but one thing, the starting conditions have to be as equal as possible."


"OK, how ?"


"We all have to be tied up by the same person the same way"


"The first one of us to get our sock out will get to tie up you three, give us more of an incentive."


"OK, thatís that, and the three of them, and the three of us, should all be dressed the same."


"No problem, I can go put on shorts and a tee"


"Pat and I can put on a skirt, blouse, pantyhose, and shoes like you."


"Letís get started."


"How about a time limit ??"


"Good idea."


"Fifteen minutes, if nobody has her sock out, the one closest wins."




"Boy, this is heavy tape."


"They said it was the best they had."


"Going to need a scissors, or something, to cut it. It wonít tear like the last stuff."


"Here you go."


"Patty back ?


OK, letís start.


Floís an old hand at this so she can help with the scissors, Pat you just watch."




"First you take the sock, or handkerchief, and roll and wad it up as much as you can, then stuff it her mouth."




"Then have her close her lips and put three pieces of tape over them.


Make sure each piece is an inch or, so, longer than the preceding one.


Putting shorter pieces on top of longer ones is just stupid."


"That makes sense."


"OK, all the girls have the socks taped in.


Now the hands. Have each cross her hands behind her back, so they make an X."


"That was kinda hard for me."


"I know what you mean, it was the first few times for me too.


Now wrap tape around her wrists four times, two vertical and two horizontal."


"Oh, I didnít do that, just wrapped it all in the same direction. Maybe it wasnít just cheap tape ?"


"Getting all this Pat ??"




"Now to make it really difficult, I could put a couple of pieces around her hands and waist, a couple more around here her arms above the elbows, and a couple around her arms and chest."


"That might be too much, none of the videos I saw did all that, and the winner would get to do the same thing to us."


"Good point, Iíll just put a couple of wraps around her upper arms and chest."


"Canít really understand what they are trying to say, but they seem to agree."






Ten minutes later.


"OK, now we have all three sit on the floor and do their knees and ankles."


"Still four wraps ??"


"No, three should be good."


"After I finish each one, you can help her roll onto her stomach"




"Now Iíll connect her hands and ankles."


"Thatís called a hogtie, right ??"




"Is it uncomfortable as it looks ??


"Not really, but Patty might not have pulled my legs up that much."


"Now, after running a couple of pieces around her wrists and ankles, I could wrap more tape around that and make it a duct tape rope, but I donít want them to do that to me, so, Iíll just sort of press the tape together."


"OK, now we have all three hogtied. Remember girls, you have to be standing before you can use your hands to get your sock out. Winner gets to tie the three of us up.


OK, Pat, start the timer."


"Look at them go, come on Patty, hereís your chance to get back at me.


OK, Mary tell me something, honestly."


"OK, what ?"


"Youíve done this more than once, or twice, havenít you ?"


"Honestly ??"


"Yes, honest injun"


"OK, the girls and I belong to the Challenge Mom Group on YouTube."


"Does that mean what I think it means ??"


"Yes it does Flo"


"UH OH, Janeís hogtie is starting to give. Come on Patty, donít you want to be the first one to gag your mother ?"


"OK, missed that, what is this Challenge Mom Group on YouTube?"


"Well basically Moms and Daughters do various challenges to see who can do it better."


"So you and your girls tie each other up and see who can get free the fastest ?"


"Well, Huh Oh, Ann has gotten out of her hogtie."


"Come on Patty, donít let somebody else be the first to tie up your dear mother."


"Well, not all the challenges involve being tied up, there was the eat a spoon of cinnamon, that was huge mess to clean up after. The say the alphabet backwards, while blindfolded one,was really hard for some reason..


The put makeup on somebody while blindfolded was pretty funny.


In fact most of the challenges, didnít involve being tied up, but the ones that did got a lot more views."


"OH NO, both Sue and Ann are standing and Sue almost has her hands free. Come on Patty !!!!!!!


"Pattyís out of her hogtie and her hands are free dear."


"Comeback Comeback"


"Told you, harmless fun"


"I win !!"


"Just barely, what was the time ??


"Oh, eleven minutes fourteen seconds."


"Wow, thatís over three times as long as usual !!!"


"Guess your expensive tape and Maryís experience really made a difference."


"OK, you three recover while Mom and I go change, then Sue will tie us up so Mary can show me how its done."


"OK, you three all ready ??"


"I guess."


"Here Patty, you can put the sock in your momís mouth."


"Is that cle arrrggh"


"Ths wrd, rlly wrd"


"Yll gt sd t"


"Hlp Hlp nt m"


"Are you OK Gramma ?? This is the sock challenge not the burglar escape challenge."




"OK, this is important, if you want to stop and quit at any time just say UNCLE, understand just say UNCLE, and weíll get you free.


Now each of you say it a few times"


"NCL Ncl"








"Nnccl, nccccll"




"See Patty, your mom got her wrists crossed just like mine did, and your Grammaís are closer than last time.


There, their arms are all nice and secure. Help them sit down.


OK, after I do her knees and ankles, help her roll over onto her stomach."


"Boy that tape sure is sticking to her pantyhose, donít think that it will come off."


"Can you understand what they are trying to say ??"


"Canít tell but its not uncle"


"OK, the hogties look the same. Got the timer ??


Remember ladies you have to be standing before you can use your hands to get your sock out.

Go !!!!!!"


"Come on Mom, Come on Gramma !!"


"Come on Mom, you can beat these two rookies !!"


"Come on Mom, pump your legs, thatíll loosen your hogtie,"


"Your Gramma has a hand loose, but she is still hogtied"


"UH OH, your Gramma has both hands loose, but still canít get out of her hogtie."


"Thatís probably because you couldnít cross tie her wrists, but she still has to get out of her hogtie and stand up."


"Wow, your mom actually broke the duct tape. Did you really press it together like you did momís and grammaís ??"


"Are you say I cheated so my mom would win ??


Here, Iíll show you that my mom doesnít need any help.


There both grammaís and your momís hogties are cut.


Now all they have to do is get their hands free and stand up, and your grammaís hands were already free."




"See, our mom got her hands free already."


"Come on mom, just keep twisting your hands, the tape will loosen up. Come on just scoot over to the chair and use that to help you stand up."


"Too late, our mom is already standing."


"I win, whatís the time ??"


"Twelve minutes twenty three seconds"


"Thatís over twice as long as last time"


"I cry foul !!!!!! "


"Foul ???"


"Yes foul, when Maryís shoe came off it almost hit me in the face and that broke my concentration."


"Sounds serious dear, but lets see what the tape shows."


"I did record it, did you ??


"No I thought you had it set up"


"So did I."


"Well since we canít see what Pat is talking about, we canít really say if it was a legitimate win for Pat."


"And in all fairness, Ann did cut my and Patís hogties "


"I guess we canít really give the win to any of us."


"Same time tomorrow, same place, and donít wear pantyhose Mary, these are going straight in the trash."


"Right, and this time make sure that you record things girls. Now cut the tape at our ankles and knees, front and back, so we can walk, and weíll go see if we can get out of this pantyhose and duct tape mess."


"OK, theyíre gone. You know when gramma suggested this I never thought it would work."


"Now all you have to do is get your mom to agree to join the Mom Challenge Group."


"Actually it is a good thing we didnít record them, Iím sure that my mom would never allow a video showing herself and her mother rolling around hogtied like that with their skirts up around their waists and their butts showing to be posted."


"Yeah, ours too, probably, but she did do the ninja challenge by the pool, in her bathing suit and that got posted."








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